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Raj K Pandey, GPO Box: 19862, Kathmandu, Nepal,; rajkpandey2000@yahoo.


Dear Sir/Madam,

This is my great pleasure to submit the attached documents for your kind consideration in order to get
admission at the Master Degree Course and for a Scholarship purpose at your reputed institution.
I have completed a 3-years Bachelor’s of Business Studies (BBS) Course. I am also pursuing Master’s
of Business Studies (MBS) Course from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. I have 14 years
community development related working experience in general, as well as project administration and
management in particular with the UNFPA, Norwegian, Japanese and British organizations working in
Nepal for backward community development activities. Both my education and the jobs are full time,
which I carried out together in parallel. I have been attending all my education from a morning collage
and the entire jobs during normal office hours from the age of 16 since 1990.
Regarding my jobs, I have been working with the community developmental projects and INGOs in
Nepal. Consequently, I am involving with the development related issues such as good governance,
human rights, women empowerment, UN Child Rights Convention (CRC), environment, literacy,
income generation, Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR), public health, sanitation, rural
development, disaster preparedness, Child-to-Child, social development, population management and
so on for the most marginalized rural and urban grassroots level societies. For awareness raising and
research purpose among the under privileged communities, I have intensively traveled to the different
rural and urban parts of Nepal and worked with many suppressed groups of the children, women and
minorities. I feel greater satisfaction working with such communities. I, therefore, wish to work for
them all over my life and dream to initiate as a catalyst for change after completion of my studies.
Currently, I am working with the Strengthening Project: Office of the Prime Minister and Council of
Ministers that is based at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers under the UK
Government’s Department For International Development (DFID) funded Enabling State Program-
Nepal. I also used to produce/present society focused informative, educative and advocacy oriented
radio programs on socio-economy sectors entitled ‘Our concerns’ and ‘Development’s Friends’ with
Himalaya Broadcasting Company (HBC) 94 FM Radio. We advocate about public concerned national
burning issues on socio-economy, development, governance, human rights, poverty, gender, minority,
children, etc., which are directly related with the civil societies. My ultimate goal in my life is to serve
the most vulnerable group of people in backward communities through regular advocacy, leadership
and development activities to bring them into the mainstream of national development.
However, when an incapable leads to another, both may fall into ditch because s/he cannot do good for
others what s/he cannot do for himself. If I do not, first of all, develop myself, I won’t be in a position
to help others. To bring suppressed voices into the mainstream of development, a development worker
should have good academic background, clear-cut vision, willpower and commitment. I, therefore, am
desperately willing to concentrate on my higher studies, so that I will be more capable to give better
leadership to these backward societies in the days to come. Due to this main reason, I have keen desire
to pursue my studies from international university, where I can practically learn, understand, observe
and specialize from the chosen course, which I can transfer and apply to my backward communities,
immediately after completion of the course. I think, the course, which I am willing to study, may be
proved very useful not only me but also to the marginalized people of the backward communities for
their community development activities, through my advocacy, awareness raising, leadership and
developmental initiatives. We have comparatively fewer specialized human resources in this particular
field. I, therefore, would like to be an expert and specialist in this chosen subject. And, I wish to
contribute my specialized know-how to the poorest backward societies in our under developed
country-Nepal. For this, I am desperately looking a university, where I can widen my knowledge,
skills, education, competencies and qualities to get better results in my future development profession.

Mobile: (977-01) 9841 210094, Tel: 4260813/4252318 C/o Radha, 5528018/5549629 Narayan, 5528595 Shiva: Page 1 of 4
Raj K Pandey, GPO Box: 19862, Kathmandu, Nepal,;

To materialize my strong academic vision into reality, I am trying my best as much as possible.
Unfortunately, the financial limitation of the working class people like me is the main barrier to pursue
higher studies from abroad. Our nation has no provision for providing education loan to the real needy
student like me. As a result, it is almost impossible to execute my academic plan into reality.
To tell you the truth, I have deep-rooted ambition, dream, keen desire and the specific vision that only
I can offer for my education as tuition fee including my blood, sweat and toil. I am offering similar
properties since very childhood to continue my entire studies from the primary level of schooling. I am
not only an experienced hard-worker but also a self-developed, self-motivated, self-directed who has
long track records of facing many ups and downs for the livelihoods and still struggling for survival.
However, the first prioritized desire for me were/are to concentrate only on studies, even though, the
difficult circumstances caused by weaker financial status are unfavorable to me. In spite of all these
unavoidable difficulties, I am quite optimistic in pursuing my ambitious Master Degree Course from a
good university. On the other hand, it has become a part of my life to kill excellent plans due to lack of
sufficient resources. From beginning of schooling, I have all necessary capacities for good education
such as zeal towards study, devotion, vision and strong determination except necessary study hours
and monetary resources that I could hardly manage. Studying smoothly without financial tensions are
always biggest mirages for my entire studies so that I am humbly requesting you for a scholarship.
Moreover, it is only a dream for me to imagine for an international education, whereas I am also not
able to continue my studies without working, even in Nepal. Consequently, the strongest inner desire
of further study is always a creative tension for me caused by unavoidable gap due to weaker financial
reality and the stronger academic vision of mine. Unfortunately, neither I can totally give up to the
further study desire nor I can self afford it, which makes me more stressed and it is the only root cause
of my tensions so that I am expressing my feelings towards you for a scholarship for higher study.

To avoid my daily creative tension of study, I would like to request in your honor for your kind
consideration for a scholarship through your organization on humanitarian cooperation basis. May I,
therefore, at this challenging stage, submit my humble request to your honor for your kind cooperation
and/or scholarship for the Master Degree Course, please? If possible, I expect for a full sponsorship
that may cover tuition fee along with daily maintenance expenses so that I can enthusiastically focus
on studies. If only partial scholarship is available, I have to desperately search other possible income
generating sources such as part-time work to cover additional expenditures during my studies. I expect
full scholarship from your institution and in return I will also be ready to work for you (if necessary)
and your team at free of cost in exchange of your scholarship for my Master Degree Course.
Immediately after completion of the courses, I expect to return towards Nepal and give excellent
leadership to the most backward societies for development activities through some community based
international organizations or INGOs/NGOs working for our communities in Nepal. I wish to use my
specialized knowledge and expertise for the betterment of backward societies because I am also going
through exactly the same difficulties since beginning of my childhood, which is common for all of us.
I therefore, am desperately willing to pursue my higher studies presently, and act as a development
activist in the future. My contributions in developing such societies will activate their highly potential
capacities. I want to prove, how powerful the backward communities are, for their own social welfare,
if we properly mobilize them for a specific goal and their own sustainable community development.
I am desperately looking forward to receive a full scholarship from your esteemed institution!
Yours sincerely,

Raj K Pandey, GPO Box: 19862, Kathmandu, Nepal

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Mobile: (977-01) 9841 210094, Tel: 4260813/4252318 C/o Radha, 5528018/5549629 Narayan, 5528595 Shiva: Page 2 of 4
Raj K Pandey, GPO Box: 19862, Kathmandu, Nepal,;

What, when and how my education will contribute to my societies and nation in the future?

 I have experience, knowledge, skills and positive attitude to work with the marginalized people of
under-developed societies. I want to develop my profession as backward community development
worker. For this, I must sharpen my mind on similar fields by acquiring solid further knowledge
and specialized expertise to act as an effective activist for the community development issues.

 After completion of my Master Degree Course in any disciplines from abroad by 2007, at the age
of 33, I will immediately return Nepal to execute my vision into reality. To implement my plans
into reality, I will either start a job with development related organizations working in Nepal such
as donor agencies, projects, community based INGOs/NGOs or I will initiate to establish a NGO
in a partnership basis with some development professionals and offices working for development.

 I/we will register a headquarters based NGO vision 2030. I/we will also publish a rural community
building proposal in the leading national media with an appeal to patriot people to join in our team
in executing backward community development plans. The NGO vision 2030 will be a paralleled
stakeholder of the government, donors, other developmental organizations and the civil societies.

 For vision 2030, I/we will form and lead a team of development activists, who will be energetic,
visionary, educated, committed, results oriented and join from different backgrounds, casts and
creeds. The team members will be given independent responsibilities with democratic leadership
of different sectors such as watchdog, resources management, coordination and liaison, social
mobilization, good governance and information/media-handling. Team Leaders along with active
members will play nationwide vital roles as an pressure group/activist for better leadership, good
governance, decentralized resources, public awareness, in managing local resources, fund raising,
convincing industrialists for investing resources in the backward communities, coordination with
local government, donors, INGOs/NGOs/CBOs/GOs and private sectors for development purpose.

 These teams will distribute nationwide membership to the general people in accordance with their
interest of association. Moreover, the teams will also advocate and support to the local government
in formulating plans and policies, awareness rising at grassroots about the education, economy,
governance, literacy and sanitation. The stakeholders of the proposed NGO will be civil societies,
local government, donors, development agencies, INGOs/NGOs/CBOs/GOs and the grassroots
level targeted people from the different casts, creeds, sex and the political thoughts for shared goal.

 By 2011, at the age of 37, I/we will register another regional level NGO Poverty Reduction
Program-By Poor: PRP-BP in most backward specific area of Nepal. Some active members of the
vision 2030 will be assigned for new NGO: PRP-BP. The headquarters based vision 2030 will
raise fund, transfer technology, capital and other resources from the developed areas towards the
grassroots. Both NGOs’ strategic working principles will be based on top-down brain: bottom-up
resources (tdb:bur) approach. For this purpose, brains will be used from the central level and other
resources will be mobilized at local level for the grassroots by active community participation.

 The top-level people have sufficient brains, capitals and authority powers but lack other resources
and the bottom level people have men, materials, methods, minutes (resources) but lack others. If
we bring these two resources holders together, both parties will have positive impacts due to
synergy on win-win negotiation basis. Both NGOs are represented for the urban and rural areas for
both the classes. The NGOs will work in reducing the emotional, social, political and economical
gaps between haves and have nots. And, ultimately social problems may be reduced by the poor
and for the poor with joint efforts of all class of people on mutual understanding and cooperation.

Mobile: (977-01) 9841 210094, Tel: 4260813/4252318 C/o Radha, 5528018/5549629 Narayan, 5528595 Shiva: Page 3 of 4
Raj K Pandey, GPO Box: 19862, Kathmandu, Nepal,;

 For this purpose, the vision 2030 members will advocate, negotiate, request and/or act as an
activist or pressure groups. These NGOs will be a platform for all the classes and will act as a
linking facilitator in reducing the existing psychological gaps among haves and have-nots.

 I/we will see the impacts of the tdb-bur approach upto 2016, at the age of 42, if it is positive in
targeted regions as our expectations; the both purposed NGOs will cover the larger areas for
operation. Eventually, illiteracy, poverty, ignorance, frustration, misunderstanding among poor
communities will be reduced because root cause of such problems is poverty. Working in reducing
poverty and illiteracy, then strengthening the backward communities are our vision 2030!

 If my tdb-bur approach is proved to be failure up to 2016, at the age of 42, I will marry with an
intellectual lady and hand over all my missions and visions to her and enroll for PhD.

 After my PhD, by 2021, at the age of 47, I will again return to my country and implement the new
development approaches, which I will learn during my doctoral education.

 By 2026, at the age of 52, I will try to be an emerging and leading best development practitioner or
activist or economist or social-informal leader or professor or writer of Nepal. I will also attempt
for a decision maker position with any development related agencies where I may influence for
favorable plans and policies for the welfare of the poor and uplifting minority, suppressed and
backward communities to bring them into the mainstream of national development.

 After 2031, at the age of 57 and then, I will try to be a national (international?) level advisor and/or
consultant for development practitioners and activists/pressure groups. I will also write experience
based literatures, which might be very useful for the next generations in sharing the practical
knowledge on my whole life’s practices in community development and activist activities.

Why am I desperately willing to pursue my higher studies from the developed countries, at this
particular juncture, why not from my own country?

 I will not only pursue higher studies from a developed country but also observe the existing socio-
economy, political system, governance, technological progress etc. that I want to seriously learn
and transfer these worthy capacities with me to apply for the welfare of our societies, too.

 I can understand and learn from developed countries’ people, cultures, customs, values and the
liberal societies. How and why did they progress? What can we learn from them for our progress?
Where we were/are wrong? These are the fundamental questions, which I can get satisfactory
answers from the developed societies to correct our developmental mistakes.

 The education system in the developed countries is comparatively more practical, research based,
well managed, organized and result oriented. If some visionary, highly committed and devoted
development professionals of backward societies, who have desires to do something for their
communities but lacks financial resources like me, are trained in developed nations, they may be
proved an effective catalyst for positive changes to their societies in a long run.

 World is becoming a common place for all due to globalization and open market economy. Those
countries, which have comparatively good systems, including education, should share its benefits
for the welfare of global people, as they are the equal partners of any positive as well as negative
impacts of the change. I also wish to get benefits from the good education system in developed
countries so that I can not only make myself perfect but also will try my best to spread my wisdom
and know-how to other people of backward societies in my nation. Thank you for cooperation!

Mobile: (977-01) 9841 210094, Tel: 4260813/4252318 C/o Radha, 5528018/5549629 Narayan, 5528595 Shiva: Page 4 of 4