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PG Diploma Community Learning and Development


Course Title

Ethical Relationships in Practice

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Dawn Brown

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08/03 21/03/16

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Course Tutor

Rachel Shanks

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Aileen Ackland

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Your submission will be judged using the Common Grade Scale (CGS) descriptors and grades.

Only two attempts are allowed.

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Specific Criteria and Feedback Comments

Evidence will be apparent of a transformative relationship initiated and
monitored by the participant


Not Met


You wrote extremely well about the relationship between you, as a Community Learning and
Development practitioner, and the community group and the different roles you undertook, for
example as a catalyst, while being aware of not taking over. You integrated your reading of
academic literature throughout the work to illuminate and show reflection on what you were
writing and on what you had done.


Links will be made in the model to the professional value base, ethics,
knowledge and attributes


You made many links to professional values, ethics and the wider reading you had engaged in,
for example the Community Learning and Development Standards Councils Code of Ethics.


Links will be made critically to the wider social and political context of the


You also made links to the wider social and political context of community engagement in terms
of Community Learning and Development practice, for example how this related to working with
excluded groups.


Professional competences used in the relationship will be apparent


You did not explicitly refer to the professional competences but throughout the assignment what
you wrote covered several of the competences.

General Assessment Criteria:

Advanced knowledge, understanding and enhanced capacity must be demonstrated in work
which should exhibit the these qualities of postgraduate performance:
ability to address all parts of the task and to synthesise ideas and information
analysis that goes beyond description and demonstrates critical thinking
exploration of underlying assumptions, theories, perspectives and policy foundations
ability to make insightful links between theory and practice, to direct and support change
and development
impartiality and balance in argument and inference
sharpness and appropriateness of judgement when dealing with complex issues or
clarity and coherence through the effective and critical selection and presentation of
accordance with academic writing conventions

General Comments on this Course Submission

You used the model of the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly to represent the work you had done
with a community group who are trying to access extra funding with representations of this in the
sections of your written work, in a poster and a model of the stages of development from larva to
butterfly. The model is illustrative, but does not add a great deal to the text. You could have gone into
greater detail in this metaphor was your work the cocoon that the community members were protected
by, were you feeding them or were they too hungry for help at the beginning?
There was a very good synthesis of your reading, your reflections on your practice and how these fitted
together. You wrote well about the relationship between yourself and the community group you
supported, identifying the variety of roles you undertook in this work. The analysis of the practice
experience is informed from relevant reading, which is integrated well into the text of the assignment.
You demonstrated your ability to critically reflect on your own role in relationships in practice and to
recognise your own learning through practice.
While the text of the assignment is structured and flows well though there is quite a heavy reliance on
quotations and criticality would have been strengthened by more explicit comparisons between
alternative theoretical perspectives.

Ethical reflections:
Your three reflections were of the same high standard as your essay and made links to the CLD Code of
Ethics and other literature.The reflections demonstrate your ability to reflect critically on practice and to
appreciate the ethical issues and tensions in practice.
Comments on Student Next Steps Statement from Previous Course
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Keep reading and reflecting as you have done for this assignment. For referencing, consult the
Education guide and give year and then page number for direct quotations.

Thank you for submitting your online SCEF evaluations form. We value your constructive comments which
are vital to the development and improvement the learning experience of future participants.