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Mojave National Preserve Conservancy

Board of Directors call
September 20, 2016
Present on call: David Lamfrom, Dennis Schramm, Lynn Davis, Paula Jacoby-Garrett, Michael Gordon
Need to make some decisions about the Star Party and how to allocate the funding we received from the
Rose Foundation to support the Centennial celebration. David sent around the grant application and
budget. We also have funding from NPCA for this event. There will be a film crew and news crew at the
party. We should consider providing an honorarium to the Pasadena astronomers to help with their costs
in helping with event. Lynn knows some players in the night sky community working for Chad Moore
who runs the NPS shop. She will contact them and invite them to our Star Party.
We are also reaching out to groups in Las Vegas to sponsor a trip to the Star Party. However, this time
they have a conflict for that date, but are interested in a trip still. Other groups to consider? Lynn and
Paula have a few ideas of groups to contact. Ideal group size would be 15-20 with adult supervision.
Lynn suggested possibly contacting local NPS units and extending invitation to Student Conservation
Association and Great Basin Institute. We have a total of $3500 in transportation stipends to utilize. We
could offer $1200 each to two groups, and then offer $100 each to up to 9 student volunteers.
Food for event. Should we cater some items like appetizers? We have $1250 for food, drink and safety
items. Lynn mentioned serious incident at Great Basin involving a fall. They bought red lights to mark
paths. Should we consider purchasing something similar? David suggested we contact NPS and ask them
to come up with safety plan. We can purchase the supplies. We don’t want to overdo it with lights.
Perhaps buy a few headlamps for folks that show up without something. Perhaps have a botanist and/or
fisheries biologist come out and lead walks/talks. An entomologist would also be good.
Lynn mentioned that we should have a rain/cloudy plan. Reschedule if the weather is looking
uncooperative? Or? Perhaps have our invited speakers be prepared to give presentations. Could we
move event to Kelso Depot and do a night at the museum? What about doing indoor presentations at the
fire center garage? We should continue this conversation on email to try and settle on an alternative plan.
If we need to finalize plans we can have another call in a couple of weeks.
Meeting adjourned at 6:25pm.