poorvitha and


1 cup sugar
¾ cup water
2 and ¼ cup powdered milk
1 cup butter
¼ cup cocoa powder
Vanilla Essence
Nutmeg (optional)
1. Put water in a pan on low heat. Now, slowly add sugar while stirring the water. Let it come to boil
till the mixture thickens and acquires a shiny look.
2. Take the sugar syrup off the heat and slowly add butter.
3. Meanwhile, sieve the cocoa and milk powder together in a bowl.
4. Slowly add the butter and sugar syrup mixture to the bowl of cocoa and milk powder. Thoroughly
mix the two with a spatula.
5. Add the vanilla essence and nutmeg powder.
6. Now pour this mixture into a cake mould that’s covered with butter paper.
7. Refrigerate for atleast three hours.
8. Once ready, cut into cubes and indulge the inner chocoholic.

Ingredients :
Chicken legs - 4

little turmeric and lemon juice to it and mix well into a paste.1tsp Ginger Garlic paste .poorvitha and vishruth Yogurt(curd) .1/2 cut into circles Salt to taste Jeera powder .4to5tsp Curry leaves .2tsp Pepper powder .1tsp Coriander powder . Now this paste is stuffed into each piece of leg in that slits and apply the paste to the outer skin of the legs pieces too.2tsp Chilli powder .5 Method: Clean the chicken legs and remove the skin and keep a small slits on each leg piece (around 4-5 slits for each leg piece). Now in a small bowl add chilli powder. .1/2 tsp Oil .1tsp Lemon Juice .2tsp Pinch of turmeric Pinch of red Color Onions . salt.

4. coriander pwdr. cardamom. sugar . Do not let it brown Add pineapple. Dry roast semolina till lightly golden. When you finish pouring the semolina. Now garnish fried curry leaves and serve it with onions and a lemon. IsherAhluwalia on Indian Urban Infrastructure and Services 2011 NIUA/MoUD Ingredients (240 ml cup used)         1 cup dry roasted semolina 1 cup fresh pineapple pieces (fully riped and sweet variety.ginger garlic paste. 7. mix everything well.at medium flame add marinated chicken pieces and fry it. simmer the stove. Add ghee to the water When the water begins to boil rapidly. jeera powder. stirring occasionally.poorvitha and vishruth In a bowl add yogurt. keep covered and cook further for 5 to 7 minutes. stirring with the other hand to prevent lumps. saffron to a blender and blend to a smooth puree Bring 2 cups of water to a boil in a heavy bottom pan. Red color and mix well into a paste. pour the pineapple puree to the cooked semolina. . not very sour)(can reduce if your pineapple is very sour. pepper powder. 6. Now roll the leg pieces in this mixture and refrigerate it around 1-2hrs. Garnish pineapple kesari with fried nuts.. Turn the pieces at regular intervals for around 5-10 mins to avoid blackening so that its cooked inside too. High Powered Expert Report Committee(under chairpersonship of Ms. salt. 1tsp oil. need to increase equal amount of water) ¾ cup sugar (can reduce if you do not like very sweet) ½ tsp cardomom pow ¼ gm of pure saffron strands (250 mg) (soak in 1 tbsp hot water) 2 tbsp solid ghee Nuts for garnishing 2 cups water Instructions 1. pour semolina in a stream slowly. 5. 3. Heat oil in a pan. gently mix till all the water evaporates. 2.

poorvitha and vishruth .