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5 Mock Exam
HCS-field-V2.5 Mock Exam
1.(Single Answer) Which function does Intel QPI support? ( )
A. Data transmission between a hard disk and a northbridge
B. Connection between a processor and a chip
C. Connection between a hard disk and a RAID controller card
D. Connection between a RAID controller card and a mainboard
2.(Single Answer) Which descriptions are NOT true about a BMC? ( )
A. The BMC allows you to start or shut down a server.
B. The BMC operates based on the system power.
C. The BMC sends fault log records over SNMP.
D. You can access the BMC by using a system serial port.
3.(True or False) The DIMM operating voltage affects its operating frequency. ( )
4.(True or False) IPMI is a open free interface standard. Users can use the IPMI to monitor physical server
features, such as fan module status.Users can also use the IPMI to monitor memory usage for one process.(
5.(Single Answer) How many IP addresses on the network segment where is located may
be allocated to hosts? ( )
A. 254
B. 510
C. 766
D. 1022
6.(True or False) The RH2288 V3 server supports at most 2 hot-swappable counter-rotating fans in N+1
redundancy mode.( )
7.(True or False) When replacing the LOM of a RH2288 V3 server the mainboard of the server should be
replaced.( )
8.(Multiple Answer) Which statements about the PCIE cards of a RH5885H V3 are correct? ( )
A. Only the PCIE cards in special slots can be hot-swapped.
B. All PCIE cards are hot-swappable.
C. All PCIE cards are not hot-swappable.
D. The PCIE hot-swappable features need the support of OS.
9.(Single Answer) Which description is false about the RH5885H V3 memory system? ( )
A. Each processor supports at most one memory risers .
B. A server does not support mixed use of RDIMMs and LRDIMMs.
C. Each channel supports a maximum of eight ranks.
D. The RH5885H V3 supports up to 96 DIMMs.
10.(Multiple Answer) Which RH5885H V3 components support hot swap? ( )
A. RAID controller card
B. Fan module
C. PCIe expansion card
D. Memory riser
11.(Multiple Answer) Which components does the RH8100 V3 provide? ( )
A. Memory riser

B. Processor board
D. Front I/O module
12.(True or False) The RH8100 V3 provides eight fan modules. The fan modules support hot swap. When
one fan module fails, the other fan modules run at full speed to dissipate heat for the system.( )
13.(Single Answer) Which description is false about the X6000 heat dissipation system? ( )
A. The X6000 provides three fan modules, supporting one-fan failures.
B. The X6000 implements forcible cooling by drawing air in from the front and exhausting air out from the
C. The X6000 supports hot-swappable fan modules.
D. The MMC controls the fan speed based on server blade operating status to implement intelligent heat
14.(True or False) If we need swap a computing node of X6000,we need poweroff the whole X6000
system.( )
15.(Single Answer) Which of the following server has highest density? ( )
A. X6800
B. RH8100 V3
C. RH5885 V3
D. RH1288 V3
16.(Multiple Answer) Which systems does the X8000 consist of ( )?
A. Computing system
B. Switch module
C. Management system
D. Electromechanical system
17.(Single Answer) Which operations is NOT supported by the iMana? ( )
A. Install an OS by using a virtual image.
B. View alarm information.
C. Monitor the operating status of PSUs and fan modules.
D. View the health status of all service networks.
18.(Single Answer) Which command is used on the iMana CLI to query the system health status? ( )
A. ipmcget -d health
B. ipmcget -d healthevents
C. ipmcget -d sel -v list
D. ipmcget -d healthstate
19.(Single Answer) What are the default user name and password for logging in to iMana 200? ( )
A. admin/Huawei12#$
B. root/Huawei12#$
C. admin/admin
D. root/Huaweiosta
20.(Multiple Answer) Which operations can be performed by using the toolbar on the remote control
screen of iMana? ( )
A. Record information on the remote desktop screen.
B. Synchronize the local mouse with the remote mouse.
C. Mount the local DVD-ROM drive or ISO file.
D. Send Ctrl+Alt+Del combination-key commands.
21.(Single Answer) In full screen or split-screen mode, which combination keys can be used to show the
toolbar on the remote control screen of iMana? ( )

A. Ctrl+Alt+Shift
B. Ctrl+Alt+Enter
C. Ctrl+Alt+Del
D. Ctrl+Shift
22.(True or False) The iMana and iBMC WebUI can capture the screenshot during the latest video
interruption and the video interruption time. ( )
23.(Single Answer) Which power-on policy iMana200 does NOT support? ( )
A. Stay off
B. Turn on
C. Restore previous state
D. Intelligent restoration
24.(Single Answer) Which description is false about the private and shared modes of the remote virtual
console on the iMana 200 and iBMC? ( )
A. In shared mode, two users are allowed to log in to the remote virtual console at a time.
B. In private mode, only one user is allowed to log in to the remote virtual console at a time.
C. In shared mode, two users are allowed to use the virtual DVD-ROM drive at a time.
D. In private mode, only one user is allowed to use the virtual DVD-ROM drive at a time.
25.(True or False) By default setting, the iBMC account will be locked when it reached 5 unsuccessful
attempts, but you can run the unlock command to unlock the account in an emergency.( )
26.(Single Answer) What is the default BMC network port IP address of a RH2288 V3 server? ( )
27.(Multiple Answer) Which function modules do the iBMC have? ( )
A. IPMI module
B. Command line module
C. Remote control module
D. Web module
28.(Multiple Answer) If you perform the Restore Factory Settings on iBMC webUI, which of the following
items will be restored to default settings? ( )
A. User name
B. Password to login iBMC
C. IP address of iBMC management network port
D. Power capping settings
29.(Single Answer) On which page can the server name be changed? ( )
A. Network Settings
B. System Settings
C. Information
D. User Settings
30.(Single Answer) On which page can you configure iBMC to send trap properties to a third-party server
by trap?( )
A. Events Logs
B. Alarm Setting
C. Network Settings
D. System Settings
31.(Single Answer) Which is the command for checking FRU information in iBMC CLI? ( )

A. ipmcget -d fruinfo
B. ipmcget -d frus
C. ipmcget -d allfru
D. ipmcget -d serverinfo
32.(True or False) One can use RAID configuration tool to install Window Server 2008 without the need to
prepare a RAID controller card driver.( )
33.(Multiple Answer) Which of the following tasks can be performed by uMate? ( )
A. Batch firmware upgrade
B. Batch BIOS setting
C. Batch BMC setting
D. Batch MM setting
34.(Multiple Answer) which OS can the FusionServer Tools-uMate can run on? ( )
A. Windows system
B. Suse Linux
C. Apple OS
35.(Multiple Answer) Which of the following logs can be collected by FusionServer ( )
A. Windows system logs
B. Linux system logs
C. BMC logs
D. MM logs
36.(Multiple Answer) Which of the following functions are supported by FusionServer ToolsServiceCD2.0? ( )
A. RAID configuration
B. Load Windows OS installation
C. Fault analysis
D. Load VMware series OS installation
37.(True or False) The operating temperature of a server is the environment temperature.( )
38.(Single Answer) To prevent damage to core wires, when bending an optical fiber or SFP+ cable the
bending radius should be ( ) at least.
A. 2cm
B. 4cm
C. 6cm
D. 8cm
39.(True or False) Engineer should wear an ESD wrist strap to avoid electric shocks during the power-on
process.( )
40.(Single Answer) If a Huawei server is powered on and operating properly, what is the status of the
power indicator? ( )
A. Steady yellow
B. Blinking yellow
C. Steady green
D. Blinking green at 1 Hz
41.(Single Answer) For a Huawei V3 server, what is the default password for entering the BIOS? ( )
A. root
B. huawei
C. Huawei12#$
D. huaweiosta

42.(Multiple Answer) Which description is correct about the software-based RAID function of a Huawei
FusionServer? ( )
A. To set the software-based RAID function, set the working mode of a hard disk controller to RAID in the
B. Press CTRL+M to enter the software-based RAID configuration page.
C. A RAID key must be inserted, otherwise, the software-based RAID function is not available.
D. If a RAID key is inserted, software-based RAID supports RAID 0, 1, 10, and 5.
43.(Multiple Answer) Which of the following description about the hot spare disk function of LSISAS3108
raid controller are correct? ( )
A. Global and dedicate hot spare disk are supported.
B. The capacity of hot spare disk should not less than the member disk who has the largest capacity.
C. RAID0 doesn't support hot spare disk.
D. One LSISAS3108 raid controller only supports one hot spare disk.
44.(Multiple Answer) Which of the following medias can be used to install OS to a RH2288 V3 server ? ( )
A. Virtual DVD-ROM
B. Local physical DVD-ROM
C. Remote DVD-ROM
D. U-Disk
45.(Multiple Answer) Which methods can be used for checking server running status ? ( )
A. Server indicators
B. Server health status on iMana
C. Virtual DVD tool
D. MM health status
46.(Multiple Answer) Which server hardware information can be collected using iMana\iBMC? ( )
A. iMana\iBMC and BIOS versions
B. Server hardware specs (models and quantities) for CPUs, DIMMs, and RAID controller cards
C. OS health status
D. RAID group information (level, VDs)
47.(Single Answer) Which command can be used to generate a log package over the CLI of a VMware
host? ( )
A. vm-collect
B. vm-support
C. collect
D. vm-collect -d log
48.(Single Answer) For a FusionServer,when a disk is under reconstruction,what is the status of the LED? (
A. The fault indicator is blinking yellow.
B. The fault indicator is red.
C. The fault indicator is green.
D. The fault indicator is steady yellow.
49.(Single Answer) Which command can be used to query the iMana and BIOS versions over the CLI? ( )
A. ipmcset -d version
B. ipmcget -v version
C. impcset -t version
D. ipmcget -d version
50.(Single Answer) When replacing a CPU, wear ( ) to avoid ESD damage to the CPU.
A. ESD wrist strap
B. ESD gloves

51.(Single Answer) For a Huawei server, if all disks cannot be detected by raid controller, which of the
following troubleshooting operations are correct? ( )
A. Check if the hard disk active indicator is on, make sure the hard disk is installed properly.
B. Check if the SAS cables connected properly.
C. After all checking steps are performed and the problem still exist, then replace the RAID controller,
SAS cables and HDD back plane in turn.
D. All hard disk can not be detected means this a hard disk problem, replace all hard disk directly.
52.(Multiple Answer) When there are problems in login to the KVM of a Huawei server BMC, Which of
the following troubleshooting method is correct? ( )
A. Exceed maximum number of users: Check if there has other user using the KVM, you can reboot the
iMana200 or force other user offline in the iBMC WebUI.
B. Illegal User: Clean the cookies of browser and Java, close all browsers, reboot BMC.
C. Input signal out of range: Check if the resolution of OS runs on X86 platform larger than 1280*1024.
D. Caused by X86 platform: reboot the OS runs on X86 platform.
53.(Single Answer) When you see the alarm message on iBMC WebUI with an uncorrectable error occurs
on a DIMM, which of the following troubleshooting methods are correct? ( )
A. Install the DIMM that generate the alarm to another DIMM slot and test it using testing tool:
1If the problem followed the DIMM, replace the DIMM
2If the problem still happens in the original slot, check the DIMM slot.
B. With the alarm information, this problem can be located to the mainbord, replace the mainbord to solve
this problem.
C. With the alarm information, this problem can be located to the CPU that controls the fault DIMM,
replace the CPU to solve this problem.
D. With the alarm information, this problem can be located to the DIMM that generated the alarm, replace
the DIMM to solve this problem.
54.(Single Answer) What is the possible cause if the server where Windows Server 2008 R2 is installed
automatically shuts down at intervals of 1 hour and services cannot be accessed? ( )
A. An informal license is used for Windows Server 2008 R2.
B. The mainboard is faulty.
C. Windows Server 2008 R2 is not in the compatibility list of the server.
D. The CPU is faulty.
55.(Single Answer) Which option can NOT rectify the fault if "No Devices Found. Hit any key to return to
Adapter Properties" is displayed when you configure the LSISAS2308 controller card for the RH2288 V3
server? ( )
A. Restart the server.
B. Remove the miniSAS cable from the RAID controller card and reconnect the cable.
C. Replace the miniSAS cable with a new one.
D. Replace the RAID controller card with a new one.
56.(Multiple Answer) What can you do using an LCD in the lower part of the front panel of the E9000
chassis? ( )
A. View chassis information, such as the location and name.
B. View alarm information.
C. Configure IP addresses for management modules.
D. Configure management IP addresses for compute nodes.
57.(Multiple Answer) Which switch modules are single-plane switch modules? ( )
A. CX610
B. CX911
C. CX912
D. CX317

58.(Single Answer) What is the recommended depth of a rack holding E9000s? ( )

A. 1 m
B. 1.2 m
C. 1.4 m
D. No requirement
59.(Single Answer) Which switching plane provides management links between CX911s and MM910s? ( )
A. GE switching plane
B. 10GE switching plane
C. FC plane
D. Onboard switch chip
60.(Multiple Answer) Which modules can be upgraded by using the MM910 WebUI? ( )
B. Compute node
C. Fan module
D. Switch module
Correct Answer
1. B
2. B
3. T 4. F 5. D 6. F 7. F 8. AD 9. A 10. BC 11. ABCD 12. T 13.
C 14. F 15. A 16. ABCD 17. D 18. A 19. B 20. ABCD 21. A 22. T 23. D 24.C
25. T 26. B 27. ABCD 28. ABCD 29. A 30. B 31. A 32.F 33. ABCD 34. AB 35.
ABCD 36. ACD 37. T 38. B 39. F 40. C 41. C 42. ABD 43. ABC 44. ABCD 45.
ABD 46. AB 47. B 48. A 49. D 50. A 51. D 52. ABC
53. A 54. A 55. A 56. ABC
57. AD 58. B 59. A 60. ABCD