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Now ,I going to tell you some activities that we can do everyone not only

I would like to recommend that you invite your parents to plan a healthy
menu for your family. For example you make a pyramid with your food . this
is an excellent instrument to help you make healthy food choices. The
pyramid can also help you choose from a variety of foods so you get the
nutrients you need, and the suggested serving sizes can help you control
the amount of calories, fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sugar or sodium in
your diet.
In addition you can Summarize the health benefits of each food group. Start
to do research on any new finding about food and health. And engage the
members of family for to continue keeping a food diary. You can also to Ask
your school nurse or doctor to visit the class to share facts about food and
health on an ongoing basis.

Other activity that you consider doing its called “ the plate of good food”. This
classifies food into four groups: vegetables and fruits; grains and protein.
It gives recommendations to integrate a correct diet for all groups
population also promotes the variation and combination of foods to ensure
the contribution of nutrients to the organism and prevent diseases such as
diabetes, undernourishment, hypertension, among and others.