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Gregory A.

24 Levingston Circle
Lancaster, PA 17601

June 10, 2010

Dear Committee Member,

After careful consideration, discussion and encouragement from Republican Committee

members, elected officials, community and business leaders, I am happy to announce my
candidacy for Chairman of the Republican Committee of Lancaster County. Coupled
with an unwavering commitment to the core values of our party, I bring to the
chairmanship an array of varied experiences and qualifications.

My experience in serving in all three branches of government, judicial, legislative and

executive and my grassroots experience in leading political campaigns demonstrate the
kind of interpersonal and leadership skills which will effectively serve our party. Having
17 years experience in the financial services industry and 6 years in the banking industry
is a real asset for our next Chairman to possess for raising funds for our candidates and
Party. With many strong relationships within the county and state, I am a consensus
candidate who represents the best Lancaster County has to offer for such a significant
leadership position.

Foremost, I recognize committee persons are the foundation of our vibrant, active
Party, and I sincerely thank you for your tireless work on behalf of our GOP.

As we continue to face growing challenges from the Democratic Party it is necessary to

clearly articulate the Republican message. My goals and vision for the next two years are
ambitious, yet they can be accomplished. In order to continue to win elections and
effectively govern our communities, we must work to re-unite all of the many factions
into a strong governing coalition. Pursuant to the rules of the Republican Committee of
Lancaster County I would appoint the following standing committees.

1. Finance Committee – the purpose of this committee would be to evaluate

current finances, assist with preparation of our budget, increase our
fundraising efforts to ensure the election of quality Republican candidates and
the necessary funds needed to maintain an effective Republican Headquarters.

2. Voter Registration Committee – the purpose of this committee would be to

pro-actively register Republican voters by increasing our grassroots outreach
efforts to include minority communities, increase voter turnout; and develop a
winning plan.

3. Chairman Advisory Council – I believe it is necessary in a changing,

prosperous and ever more complex community such as Lancaster County to
demand leadership of the highest quality. Therefore I would appoint to the
Advisory Council individuals representing the business, agriculture, retired
community, minority communities, Young Republicans, Women’s
Republican Club and TARs (teenage republicans). Additionally, I will meet
quarterly with our State/County elected officials, and former county chairmen
for their ideas and input. I will make myself available to any republican
official to discuss issues and concerns they may have.

The success of any organization is measured by its members. I am committed to

working with each area chairperson and each committee member to accomplish greater
success by ensuring that all voting districts, if possible, are covered by our committee
members and/or other volunteers and renew our efforts to fill vacant committee seats.

In my view, in leading our Party it is important to recognize that if we are not moving
ahead, we are falling behind. If, among other things, we fail to register more Republicans;
fail to fill committee positions; fail to cover our polls on election day and fail to raise
sufficient funds for our Party and our candidates going forward, then we will fall behind
in terms of getting our message out to the voters and getting our candidates elected. It
concerns me that we only outnumber the Democrats 54% to 32% in voter registration

If elected as your next chairman, with your help, I pledge to do all I can to increase our
Republican numbers and percentages of registered voters and to serve with excellence
and with the best interest of the Republican Party as our guiding principle. I ask that you
assist me in this effort by giving me your input, ideas and support.

Enclosed please find my resume for your review of my credentials. Thank you for your
consideration and I ask for your vote to serve as County Chairman. I would be happy to
answer any questions you may have and look forward to meeting with you to further
discuss my candidacy.

Sincerely yours,

Greg Sahd