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Personal information:
Name: Erika Trzsk
Place of birth: Kassa - /Kosice/ - Slovakia
Date of birth: 08.06.1942.
Contact address: 1115 Budapest, Szentptery u. 10.
Phone, Fax: 36-1-7889693,
Mobile: +36 30 904 6163

Faculty of Sociology, Etvs Lornd University, Budapest
1977: Doctor of university from Institute of Sociology, Etvs Lornd University, Budapest

1970-1982: Institute of Sociology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
1982-1989: Institute of Economics
1990: Hungarian public opinion research institute
1990-1994: Free Democrats Party, Director of Minority policy,
1994-1997: The Government Office for Hungarian Minorities Abroad, Vice President
1997-1998: The Government Office for Hungarian Minorities Abroad, President
1998-2011: Bureau for European Comparative Minority Research, Director 20052006: Foreign Office, Minority Policy Adviser
2007-2009: Office of the Prime Minister's National Political Affairs, Director
2011- Civitas Europica Centralis Foundation, President (curator, and initiator from1988)

Research at:
Institute of Sociology, subject: poverty and contribution in researches about gipsies

Selected works available in English:

Autonomy Challenge and/or solution (1994) Book Author

Caught in the Trap of Integration, Roma problems and prospects (2000) Book
Editor, Co-author
A Romas life in Hungary (2004) Book Editor, Foreword Released from the prison of
fear (2005) Book Author
Principles and institutions of a renewed nation policy (2006) Study Author Seamless
Europe? (2009) Book Editor, Co-Author
A comparative analysis of the evolution of EGTCs at the Hungarian-Slovakian border
(2015) Book Editor, Co-author
Churches Holocaust (2016) Editor