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Each question was scored using 1-10. A score of 10 being the highest score. A scoring of “I” was an incomplete or unanswered question. A Scored 10 Answer equals; The most through, complete, thoughtful, specific and responsive answer that demonstrated a strong level of understanding and commitment to constitutional conservative ideas. Answer(s) to Question 1 “What are your reasons for running AND Question 10, “What is your definition of limited government’ ARE THE CANDIDATE’S OWN WORDS Please refer to the M.A.P.S Candidate Questionnaire by clicking the link for the reminder of the questions

Results of M.A.P.S Candidate Questionnaire for Laurie Raines Candidate for 71st District State House of Representatives

1. What are your reasons for running for office? I’m a mom, wife and law enforcement family member and a lifelong resident of Eaton County, Michigan.

I’m very disappointed in the corruption, waste of our tax dollars and out-of-control government that I see in Lansing and Washington, who refuses to listen to the people and who ignore our Constitution. After many prayers and a lot of encouragement from citizens throughout our District, I’m stepping up to the plate to run for State Representative of the 71st District. 2. 10 3. 10 4. 1 5. 10 6. 5 7. 10 8. 6 9. 10 10. What is your definition of “limited government”? The Federalist Papers make it clear, what out founding father’s intent was to ratify a constitution and to limit government through checks and balances, separation of powers and a government “of the people” not over the people, amongst other responsible measures. I believe every citizen has the right to redress if government abuses it authority or oversteps its constitutional limitations. I do not support “taxation without fair or accountable representation” as we see happening today in Lansing and Washington, D.C. I believe limited government means just that…The government’s powers are very limited regarding which areas they are allowed to be involved in. I believe that transparency, independent oversight and accountability are the most fundamental means we have for insuring “honest” government. I fully support these three measures and would encourage others in gov’t. to do the same in order to help insure “limited government.” I believe if they’re not doing anything wrong, they have nothing to hide. 11. 8 12. 10

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