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Operation KMO-050-017

Clear Deck Practice

Introduction Clear Deck Practice is applicable to all crew members involved with
deck cargo operations at offshore installations.

Responsibilities The crew shall remove themselves to a safe place away from the open
cargo deck area after they have hooked on a lift of cargo and before a
back-loaded lift of cargo has left the deck of an installation.

During back-loading the crews are to remain in the safe area until the
crane driver has landed the lift on deck and slackened back on the hook /
block pennant before going onto the work deck to disconnect the crane

Designated Safe Area; the safety of the area between the crash barriers
and bulwarks on the Supply Vessels & AHTS or it may be the forward
end of the cargo deck.

Whatever position is designated to be safe shall be such that the deck

crew shall be fully protected at all times from cargo that is attached to
the installation crane.

Cargo Positioning The Master shall discuss with the platform / rig prior to discharging deck
cargo the position on deck of all cargo to be discharged at that location,
the crane driver shall be informed of the deck area onboard the boat
allocated for back-loading cargo into.

Platform Crane The Platform Crane Driver should not hoist on the installation crane
until the ships deck crew have been seen to have left the ships deck and
are safely positioned in the designated place of safety onboard ship.

Exceptions Billy Pugh It will be necessary to support the personnel carriers, while
they are being taken from or landed onto a boats deck. Taglines should
be used to support and guide these personnel carriers to and from there
designated safe landing areas.

Fragile / Awkward cargoes It may require the use of tag lines. The risk
posed by use of tag lines should be assessed. Tag lines must be retrieved
from a suspended load with a hook; such that the deck crew are never
under a suspended load. Additional mitigation steps when using tag lines
can be found in the attached Oil and Gas United Kingdom's (UK's)
publication, Best Practice for the Safe Packing and Handling of Cargo to
and from Offshore Locations 5th Ed., App 11.

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KMO-050-016 / June 30, 2011