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Untreated Seed
of Highest Quality
for 64 Years.
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The Importance of Soil
Soil gives us life; it is one of the fundamental building blocks of growing, and the basis of Agricul-
ture and Organic growing. As well as offering untreated seeds, part of our philosophy is caring for
the soil that gives us life. Part of our cultural mandate as a Christian company is that we are given
the earth to care for- not to treat it our own- but as a gift entrusted to us. As a former University
of Guelph student, I have always been intrigued by the complexity of the soil that we grow our food
in; how wonderfully it is created and how easy it is to misuse. If there is one course of study that I
could recommend to all growers and gardeners, it is The Fundamentals of Soil Science.
The effect of soil health on plant health was especially noticeable in a drought year like we just expe-
rienced. Areas with poor organic matter suffered when it was hot and dry, more so than areas with
good soil health. One of the challenges we have with organic matter is having a balance between
growing crops and rebuilding the soil. Part of our summer trials is looking at high soil-building green
manures. We comparison trialed over 20 types: some added nitrogen, some smothered weeds, while
others scavenged for nutrients. All of them improved soil tilth,
and increased organic matter and microbial activity. Check out
our website and Facebook pages for pictures of these trials. This Bill (William Jr) Dam evaluating Pea covercrop
year we have added more than a dozen new green manure crops,
all of which benefit the soil by planting before or after vegetable crops. We have researched a lot
during the course of these trials, so if you have questions or comments about growing green manures
and cover crops, please send us an email. If I dont have the answer, I will contact others to find it.
In this years catalogue you will find a new fresh look. We hope that it is easier to navigate, and for
those like myself, easier to read. Even though many people are using online media, our print cata-
logue is still relevant and important to many of our customers. At the same time we are improving
our online presence by adding social media elements for even more information and resources.
Thank you again for your continued support
of our company. We look forward to serving
Christine Dam and Alexa looking at tomato trials you in the coming year!

Summer polebean and chard trials Planting late summer trials Fall greens and lettuce trials under rowcovers Edward Looking a Mustang pumpkin trial
Milestones and Mementos About our trials
We have 10 acres of vegetable and flow-
As many of you know, we are a family business. This year we have 4 generations work- er trials. Every year we try over 1000
ing, filling seed packets and orders, planting gardens and evaluating trials. We have varieties, matching introductions with
been raised with the Christian work ethic of working hard and serving others. Many older, proven ones. These are carefully
of our fundamental ideas come from learning from past generations and from our watched from germination through
Father in Heaven. harvest to evaluate their usefulness.
It is not very often in the business world when you Our gardens also keep us in touch with
can honour an employee that has worked for 50 years, the land and the art of gardening. If you
and another who is celebrating her 100th year of life. are in our area, you are welcome to visit
This year my father, Rene, has worked here for 50 and give us your comments. Best dates
years. While he has retired from his presidential role, for viewing are July 15-Sep 15.
he still works an average work day. We are thankful
for his continued participation in seed preparation
and quality control. My grandmother (Oma) Maria
turns 100 this coming year. She, along with her hus-
band William, started the business 64 years ago, in
1949 after immigrating from Holland post World War
II. She is still joyfully active; in the winter working for
half days, and in the summer gardening- of course!
Although her body is slowly adjusting to becoming
100, her mind is as quick as when she first retired Rene Dam harvesting Hunter slicing beans
at 70; keeping up with her many grandchildren, great
grandchildren, and a great-great grandchild. It is a blessing to have her here, remind-
ing us of our history, and how many things continue to happen since the hustle and Part of our All America Selection display garden
bustle of the 1920s.

Connie reviewing supplier trials in Europe

Picking and assessing cutflower trials Maria (Oma) Dam at Fleuroselect booth in Holland

Quality Control
We are part of the Canadian Authorized Importer program , which uses ISO type stan-
dards. All of our seed lots have been tested by our suppliers for germination, weed
content, and varietal purity to Canadian standards before being shipped to us. But
thats not the end of our quality control: we grow out many of the lots in our green-
house and gardens to look at continuing germination rates, vigour, and purity. Any
lots of seed remaining in our climate controlled warehouse after our selling season are
tested again, using industry procedures. Basil (herb pot) evaluations in the greenhouse

Germination Testing Greenhouse grow outs Falll direct seed fall grow out trails Part of our annual flower trials
New Flowers

1405 Beg. Santa Cruz Sunset 2721 Scabiosa Fama Dp Blue 1435 Calendula Lemon Cream 1535-1 Euc. Lemon Bush 1546 Gomphrena Hot Mix
Versatile; grows vigorously in Beautiful on its own or as Attractive yellow double Lemony fragrance and hairy Drought loving! Creates a
sun or shade right to frost. part of a mixed bouquet. flowers, suited for cutting. texture a sensory delight. sizzling combo until frost.

2438-1, 2 Imp. Tumbler Series 1576 Malcolmia Sp. Sparkle 1450 Canna South Pacific 1958 Poppy Bridal Silk 1972 Portulaca Happy Trails
Trails out of container, spills Easy to seed dwarf plant Continuous burst of tropical Dazzling as a mass planting! Earlier to bloom than older
colour into shady areas! covered with delicate flowers. colour for the sunny garden. types in a vivid colour range.

2693 Primula Victoriana XL 1559-6 Hel. Lemon Aura 2003 Salvia Summer Jewel Pk 1470 Celosia Sunday Orange 1765 Pansy Wonderfall Rose
Striking flowers and good Early bloomer and longlasting Soft pink combines Eyecatching orange plumes! New type that trails for
garden performance. in the vase. A staff favourite. beautifully with other colour. planters or landscapes.

Why Organic?
In the late 1960s, William Dam decided not to sell chemically treated seed due to a reaction he had to
the chemical treatments. This was a radical change, since most seed was covered with a thiram/captan
treatment. Fellow seedsmen viewed it as crazy, and initially it probably was! Over the years, we have
developed a loyal clientele of sustainable and organic gardeners. In the past five years we have been
increasingly able to provide organically grown seed of quality that matches our company philosophy.
We, at William Dam Seeds, believe in sustainable agriculture: improving the soil that gives us life. This
encompasses using plant varieties that decrease pesticide use, using organic based fertilizers that
balance soil life, and using products that have benefit to both the manufacturer and the user (fair trade).
It always has been our company motto to supply seeds of highest quality. This means that we look at
viability and purity of our seed, and also that the selection is one of the best available. We will only supply
Our Organic seed that meets or exceeds Canada No 1 requirements. Our current challenges include getting enough
seed to sell and getting it of an acceptable quality. We know that using inferior seed and varieties can
Certification: not only put a farming operation into financial difficulty due to crop failures, but also can introduce and
promote new disease pressures into the soil. We are constantly trialing organic seed varieties; interested
We are certified by CSI (Centre for Systems people are welcome to visit our trials.
Integration) for the NOP and Canadian Standards. Safe Seed Pledge:
Agriculture and seeds provide the basis upon which our lives depend. We must protect this foundation
GMO Note: as a safe and genetically stable source for future generations. For the benefit of all farmers, gardeners
and consumers who want an alternative, we pledge that we do not knowingly buy or sell genetically
It is our company policy to not sell Genetically engineered seeds or plants. The mechanical transfer of genetic material outside of natural reproductive
Modified Organisms. It is a highly regulated methods and between genera, families, or kingdoms, poses great biological risks as well as economic,
industry and the products are not available to political, and cultural threats. We feel that genetically engineered varieties have been insufficiently tested
home gardeners or small market farmers. If prior to public release. More research and testing is necessary to further assess the potential risks of
your certification board needs assurances, a genetically engineered seeds. Further, we wish to support agricultural progress that leads to healthier
letter is available. soils, genetically diverse agricultural ecosystems and ultimately healthy people and communities.
New Vegetables

1855 Pet. Hurrah Berry Tart A429 Coriander Calypso 23 Maxi Organic 7 Atlantis Hybrid 12 Bay Meadows Hybrid
Early to bloom with lasting Most bolt resistant. Ideal for Easy to pick, sets long pods Mini broccoli that produces Best broccoli in the heat.
garden performance. summer growing. above plants. small well-formed heads.

1959 Argemone Prickly Poppy 0443 Hibiscus Red Drops Org. o105 Nautic Hybrid Organic A171Tarifa Hybrid 146 Sprint
Attracted attention and many Fruits used in tea or tropical Best main season spouts for Best tasting fall cauliflower. Earliest maturing carrot.
bees in our trial gardens. drinks, stems used for fibre. Organic Growers. Exceptional quality & taste.

2707 Ech. Cheyenne Spirit 0425 Stevia Candy Organic 191 Spring Treat Hybrid o196 Luscious F-1 Organic 216 Perlita Organic
A variety of colours and Organic version of Stevia, the Earliest yellow for northern Main season Bicolor available Exceptional Endive from
remarkable vigour. Sweet Herb. areas. Good cool soil vigour. as Organic. 75 days Germany. Will not bolt.

More New Varieties... ABOUT OUR SEEDS:

Our seed is not chemically treated. This has been confused with organic seed, which to our knowledge
1222 Blue Hawaii 5.0 Ageratum pg. 74 it is not in all cases. For the past 60 years we have been purchasing our seed from the most reputable
sources available. These companies have growing fields (some of which use pesticides to maintain
1470 Tornado Red Celosia pg. 81 crop purity) all over the globe and do research to maintain their high standards of quality and new
1490 Classic Artistic Mix Centaurea pg. 82 developments. These progressive seed companies maintain a large genetic stock of parent lines (many
1515 Sun Ball Craspedia Organic pg. 85 are heirlooms) for breeding work. We have visited some of the world's foremost seed companies and
were impressed by the level of commitment to seed purity and research to bring the best varieties to
2587 Volcano Mix Dianthus pg. 87 home gardeners. We are proud to be associated with our suppliers and are confident that the seed we
1560 Kamome Mix Flowering Kale pg. 90 receive reflects their high standards and ours.
1540 Kiss Mix Gazania pg. 91 We promote sustainable agriculture: that is maintaining healthy soil with natural means so that we
1546-1&2 Cool Series Gomphrena pg. 92 don't deplete the soil that we rely on to grow our food. Healthy soil produces healthy plants that can
withstand disease and insects so that pesticides are not needed on a regular basis. Hybrids are also
1559-7 Chianti Helianthus pg. 95 beneficial to increasing disease and insect resistance, while providing the gardener with increased
2715 Merleau Blue Salvia pg. 109 yields, flavour, and nutrition.
2722 Pixie Yellow Scabiosa pg. 110 GROWING GUARANTEE
2017 Montego Mix Snapdragon pg. 111 Seeds are living things that are subject to growing methods and conditions for their performance,
2103 Desert Jewels Verbena pg. 113 therefore we cannot guarantee their results. If you have troubles germinating our seed within
the year printed on the package, please contact us so that we can help you with a solution. As
2299 Fairy Mix Flower Mixture pg. 115 gardeners ourselves, the germination rate and purity of the seed are of utmost importance to
2950 Formula Mix Asarina pg. 118 us. The germination rate and purity of our seed exceeds the requirements set forth in the Canada
2940 Sunrise Mix Thunbergia pg. 120 Seed Act. It is our policy to notify you if a problem exists or develops with any particular lot of seed
The seed that we sell is meant to be grown in soil or professional media, using good farming practices.
2839 Lime Millet pg. 121 We are not a source for seeds meant for human or animal consumption.
B465 Speedy Arugula pg. 66 If you are not satisfied with any of the other goods that we sell, please contact us so that we can arrange
to exchange or refund it within the year of purchase.
New Flowers

223 Calliope Hybrid A604 Red Frills Organic o604 Lahav Organic 97 Winterbor Hybrid o231 Lettuce, Sylvestra Org
Striped baby fruits. Deeply notched purple-red Reselection, more upright Most winter hardy kale. Best quality, European
serrated leaves. and uniform serrated leaves. butter-head for summer.

238 Relay Organic 241 Kaiser D279 Guardsman Organic 269 Jambalaya Hybrid C321 Zesy Hybrid
The best lettuce in our 2012 Extra early crisphead with Earliest bunching onion in New extra early, dark green Improved Hot Banana
trials. heat tolerance. our trials. Bred in England. okra for the north. pepper.

324 El Jefe Hybrid o344 Radish Patricia Organic 353 Meres A357 Spinach Imperial Green A94 Peppermint
Our best Jalapeno in trials. New, early maturing French Improved Blackrooted Salsify. Most bolt resistant Asian Unusual pink and white
Extra large, perfectly shaped. Breakfast type. Bred in Holland. spinach. chard.

Number of plants per acre Number of feet of row per

at spacings commonly used acre. Distance between
Inches or ft Plants Inches or ft Plants rows ft in row
12 x1 522,720 36 x 3 58,080 12 43,560
12 x 3 174,240 36 x 6 29,040 15 34,848
12 x 6 87,120 36 x 18 9,680
12 x 12 43,560 36 x 24 7,260 18 29,040
20 26,136
15 x 1 418,176 42 x 6 24,891
15 x 3 139,392 42 x 18 8,297 24 21,780
F368 Sarina Hybrid Organic E368 Esternia Hybrid Organic 15 x 6 69,696 42 x 24 6,223 30 17,424
Organic Red Cherry for Organic Yellow cherry 15 x 12 34,848 42 x 36 4,148 36 14,520
greenhouse and field. tomato.
18 x 3 116,160 60 x 12 8,712 40 13,068
18 x 6 58,080 60 x 24 4,356
48 10,890
18 x 12 29,040 60 x 48 2,178
18 x 18 19,360 60 x 60 1,742 60 8,712
24 x 3 87,120 6ft x 1ft 7,260 72 7,260
24 x 12 21,780 6ft x 6ft 1,120 84 6,223
24 x 18 14,520 7ft x 3ft 2,074 96 5,445
24 x 24 10,890 7ft x 7ft 889
108 4,840
30 x 3 69,696 8ft x 2ft 2,722 120 4,356
30 x 12 17,424 8ft x 5ft 1,089
261 Faerie Hybrid C261 Tiger Eye Seedless 30 x 18 11,616 10 x 6ft 726
AAS 2012 winner. Unique lt. Best seedless watermelon! 30 x 24 8,712 10 x 10ft 435
yellow striped icebox type.
Everbearing Artichoke Asparagus
Strawberry The globe artichoke is a thistle-like veg-
etable plant native to the Mediterranean
Asparagus is a long lived perennial prized
for its tender shoots. Originating in the
Similar to regular strawberries, but has a region. Although the leaves and stems of Mediterranean sea region, it was made
stronger more refined taste and smaller artichokes are palatable, it is the bud that popular in American cuisine by immigrat-
berries. is valued. ing Europeans.
CULTURE: Start indoors early in Feb- CULTURE: Artichokes are cool season SOIL: Prefers a sandy-loam well drained
March. Seed is small and needs light to plants. SOIL: Will grow in a variety of soil. Clay soils with poor drainage should
germinate. Press seed into sterile seed- soils but prefers deep, fertile, well-drained be avoided or modified and drained.
ing medium and keep moist until growth soil. The plant is deep rooted and requires FERTILITY: Slow release organic based
is seen. Germinates in 21-28 days at adequate growing room. FERTILITY: fertilizers are recommended. Side dress
65F/18C. Transplant to larger containers Enrich the soil with manure or compost established plants with a good balanced
when 6 weeks old. To overwinter, mulch before planting. Sidedressing with a bal- fertilizer in the spring and again in the
with straw prior to winter and after the anced fertilizer at the time of bud set summer. GERMINATION: Can be start-
plants stop growing. will be beneficial. GERMINATION: Sow ed indoors in large plugs 10-12 weeks
indoors 8-10 weeks before last frost. before last frost. Germinates in 10-21
Germinates in 14-21 days at 21-27C. days at 70F/21C. Can be sown outdoors
Expect around 70% germination. Grow on when soil is warm to touch. SPACING:
at 15-20C. TRANSPLANT: Allow plants sow: 2cm/3/4 apart. Transplant 30-
to have a cold treatment (8-10 days at 45cm/12 16 apart in rows 1m/3ft apart.
10C) before transplanting out to induce HARVEST: Can begin harvesting 2 years
earlier bud formation. SPACING: Space after seeding. Cut young shoots when they
seedlings 2-3 ft. apart in rows 3-4 ft. appear in mid-spring until late spring.
apart. HARVEST: Should start to produce Approx. 45 sds/gm.
buds in early September. Cut firm buds by
cutting stem 1-2 below bud. Removal of
old stems after harvest will promote more
stems. Store cut buds at 32F/2C with 2 GUELPH MILLENNIUM F-1
407 Temptation high humidity. New all-male hybrid developed by the University
406 MIGNONETTE Approx. 25 sds/gm. Normal germina- of Guelph for professional market growers.
Fragaria vesca. An everbearing alpine/woodland All-male varieties produce more spears and live
tion for artichokes is 60-70%. longer than male-female cultivars. Millennium
strawberry. Intense flavour.
Pkt (125-150sds) $2.25 | 1Msds $7.25 will produce more spears per plant for a longer
5Msds $21.95 3 IMPERIAL STAR (TAVOR)F-1 period than other all-male varieties. Millennium
Organic has strong uniform spears with
407 TEMPTATION Imperial Star is the most reliable annual little curving.
An improved strawberry from seed. Excellent for artichoke for northern climates. Producing Seeds:
hanging baskets as it is compact and produces artichokes the first season from seeds is a Pkt (25sds) $4.95 | 200sds $21.95
few runners. Compared to Ruegen and other major advantage for people growing in colder 1Msds $72.95 | 2500sds $135.00
alpine types, Temptations berries are larger (1 areas where artichokes will not normally survive
1/2"-3cm) and appear all summer long. Roots
the winter. Plants grow to 1m/3ft under ideal
1500-2000 sds/gm. 10 roots $11.50 | 25 roots $23.50
conditions, producing 5-7, 8-10cm/3-4 buds.
Pkt (30-35 sds) $2.75 | 250sds $8.95 50 roots $37.95
Pkt (15-20sds) $3.25 | 5g $13.95 | 25g $46.75
1Msds $21.95
Flower colours of white, pink, and hot pink
produce large sweet fruits. Ideal for containers
and hanging baskets. Largest berries of the
seed types.
Pkt (10 sds) $4.95 | 50sds $13.75
150sds $26.75

408 Rainbow Treasure F-1 3 Imperial Star (Tavor) F-1 Organic 2 Guelph Millennium F-1

Vegetables 7
Bush Beans
Haricots Nains - Buschbohnen - Cornetti Nani - Stamsperciebonen
Probably the most common vegetable in the garden. Beans are a tender, warm season plant.
When eaten fresh, canned, or frozen, beans are an excellent source of vitamins A & C and
dietary fibre.
CULTURE: Warm temperatures are necessary for beans to germinate and set flowers. Soil:
Beans prefer loam soil with moderate amounts of organic matter. FERTILITY: Do not fertil-
ize beans or add manure the year of sowing. Excessive fertilizing will make for large plants
with little pod set. GERMINATION: 7-10 days at 18-26C. Sow in warm, well-drained soil.
Sowing below recommended temperature will result in poor germination. Do not soak your
seeds before planting. SPACING: Sow seeds 2cm/3/4 deep 5-10cm/2-4 apart.
Tip: To prevent the spread of fungus, rusts, and virus, avoid cultivating or walking through
bean plants when plants are wet or in the early morning.
19 Montano
Sowing rate: Pkt sows approx. 7m/20ft; 125g sows 16m/50ft; 450g sows 70m/210ft; 25Kg/acre

European Dwarf French French Filet Bean

European varieties are consider to have Favoured in the specialty restaurant trades.
the real bean flavour. Excellent for freezing The varieties we have listed have excelled in
and canning. High yields but smaller our trials. Similar in quality and taste to the
pods. They will set new flowers to produce Dwarf French types but are picked at a much
pods for continuous picking after the thinner stage.
first harvest. These varieties do, however,
require more care when seeding: sow only 21 Delinel
in warm soil. Delinel is consistently the earliest variety in
our trials. Excellent taste and holding quality.
15 Record HL This type of bean produces an abundance of long
The Dutch Princess type with excellent flavour (6-7), slender pods that can be picked at a young
and freezing qualities. This is the bean referred stage (14 thick) for the filet bean. Multi-disease
to as dubbele witte and is the reference for resistant. Excellent specialty market bean. Black
Dutch Beans. Produces an abundance of seeded (avg 1800sds/lb) 45 days
10cm/4 medium-light green, mostly stringless
pods. Freezer (avg 1700sds/lb) 49 days 22 Oceanis
22 Oceanis Oceanis is a new European filet bean that
19 Montano holds its thin size longer than any bean weve
We consider this bean the premium Dutch seen. It produces thin, 12-14 cm/5 long,
Bean. An improved Dutch Princess variety with straight, medium dark green pods. Along with
erect plant habit and concentrated pod set. Pods producing some of the nicest pods, Oceanis
are medium-dark green, round, very straight plants are very healthy, tolerant to Halo Blight,
and smooth, and about 13cm/5 long, with slow Anthracnose, Common Bean Mosaic 1 and
seed development. Yields more beans than most Rust. Excellent market variety. Replaces
other varieties. Resistant to most bean diseases. Straight & Narrow. (pkt contains 30 g, avg
Great for canning. (Pkt contains 30g; avg 1900 1800sds-2100/lb) 53 days
sds/lb) 53 days
NEW 23 Maxi Organic O
Easy to pick, sets long pods above
plants. Maxi is an extra early European bean
producing long 6.5 medium green pods
above strong healthy plants. Excellent taste
15 Record and quality can be picked as a young fillet or
allowed to mature to diameter. Organically
grown seed. (Pkt contains 25g) 43 days

Note: Our seed is not treated. Due to

unpredictability of soil temperatures and
moisture, we cannot be held liable for
germination failure when soil is too cool or
wet. For early crops we suggest seeding
only part and covering with a row cover.
23 Maxi Organic
Cat# Description Pkt 125g 450g 2 kg 5 kg 10 kg* 22.5kg
(30g) 1lb 4.4 lbs 11 lbs 22 lbs 50 lbs**
15 Record (Pkt=40g) $1.85 $3.95 $8.95 $29.50 $57.00 $100.00 ask
19 Montano 1.95 4.25 11.25 39.50 88.50 145.00 ask
21 Delinel 1.95 4.25 10.95 36.50 78.50 135.00 285.00
22 Oceanis 1.95 4.75 13.95 42.95 91.50 159.50 325.00
21 Delinel 23 Maxi Organic(Pkt=25g) 3.95 9.75 28.95 89.50 189.00 325.00

8 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

39 Royal Burgundy 43 Valdor 28 Igloo 41 Goldrush

American Varieties Yellow Podded

The common, large podded bean variety 40 Carson PVP
types. They can be seeded at cooler
A much improved Bush Blue Lake! OSU5630 Improved, high yielding yellow. Carson produces
temperatures than the European varieties. medium yellow, fancy beans with good flavor.
is a new variety with traditional Blue Lake
24 Jade II taste and colour, but a better plant and pod. Its 5 slim pods are held high on strong,
It produces 5.75 long straight, dark green pods healthy upright plants. Pods are tender and slow
Improved dark green Jade. Jade has been to produce fibre. White seeded. 2-3 days earlier
that are held high on strong bush plants. Pods
one of our longest and darkest green American and slimmer than Indy Gold. Resistant to BCMV,
are a traditional large sieve size and are great
varieties, but lacked plant height causing curling. Anthracnose, Curly Top. 43 days
for freezing. Resistant to BCMV, Curly Top and
Jade II has improved plant habit, its upright
Rust. Tolerant of Root Rot and Brown Spot. 41 Goldrush
structure minimizes curling and tip rot. Jade II
(avg 1200-1500sds/lb) 57 days Long pods with dark yellow colour. While
produces abundant yields over multiple harvests
of 7 long, straight pods with the exceptionally o31 Slenderette Organic O Goldrush is not new to the seed industry, it
is now available as quality, untreated seed.
sweet flavor, tenderness and dark green color Slender, dark green, stringless, 5 pods on
that consumers demand. Harvest continues vigorous 16-20 plants. Pods set on upper half Goldrush produces 14cm/5.5 long slender
over extended period with multiple picks. of plant for easy picking. Slow seed and fibre pods on strong dark green plants. It is an
(avg 1700sds/lb) 45 days development for extended harvest. Organically excellent and dependable choice for fresh
Grown Seed. 57 days market as well as for freezing and canning.
26 Derby Resistant to BCM and Curly Top, tolerant to
Consistently one of the best all round beans. 32 Provider root rot. 45 days
Bears long straight smooth pods on sturdy Popular common green bean widely grown in
upright plants. Its slow seed development the North Eastern USA and Canada. Heavy yields 42 Rocdor
produces tender, 6.5 long, medium light green of medium green, straight, long pods (15cm/6). Extra fancy, rich yellow bean, originating
pods. Continuous flowering provides harvests Tender with slow seed fibre development. in Europe. Better bean taste than other yellow
throughout the growing season. Resistant to Purple-brown seed. Germinates in cooler soil. types. Produces long, slender, stringless,
Common Bean Mosaic Virus. (avg 1500sds/lb) (avg 1500sds/lb) 50 days oval-round pods, 6-7 in length. Beans grow
57 days on upright plants that keep bearing if picked
regularly. Black seeded. (pkt contains 100sds,
28 Igloo Purple Podded avg 1800sds/lb) 45 days
New bean for cool seasons! Igloo is known for 39 Royal Burgundy
its outstanding early vigour making it an 43 Valdor
An interesting novelty bean that tastes great. Premium petite French yellow. Exceptionally
excellent choice for early and late season Kids love to grow this bean and watch it turn
planting when soil and air temperatures are tender. Similar in habit to our French dwarf
green when it cooks. Royal Burgundy produces types. Valdor produces an abundance of
cooler. It produces 5 -6, slender, medium long 6, round, slender purple pods on upright
dark green, stringless pods with excellent bean 12.5cm/5 long, stringless, round, small sieve
plants with bright green foliage. It has the best pods. White seeded. (pkt contains 30 g, avg
flavour. Good for freezing as well as a whole taste freshly cooked. (avg 1600sds/lb) 50 days
bean for Fresh Market. Slow seed development 1800sds-2100/lb) 52 days
and excellent holding abilities make for a very Cat# Description Pkt 125g 450g 2 kg 5 kg 10 kg 22.5kg
forgiving harvest window. Healthy tall plants (40g) 1lb 4.4 lbs 11 lbs 22 lbs* 50 lbs**
tolerant to most bean diseases. 28 Igloo 1.85 3.75 8.95 26.50 49.00 85.00 165.00
White seeded. (avg 1500sds/lb) 50 days 31 Blue Lake OSU5630 $1.85 $3.65 $6.75 $21.50 $42.50 $75.00 $155.00
o31 Slenderette Organic 3.95 5.95 17.25 62.50 115.00
32 Provider 1.85 3.65 6.75 21.50 42.50 72.00 145.00
39 Royal Burgundy 1.95 3.95 7.65 25.50 47.50 82.50 162.50
41 Goldrush 1.95 3.75 8.95 26.50 49.00 85.00 165.00
43 Valdor (Pkt=30g) 1.95 4.25 11.25 36.50 83.50 149.50 295.00
By Seed Count pkt 500sds 2000sds 5M 20M 40M* 80M **
approx weight 125g 1 lb 3.3lbs 13lbs 25 lbs 45-50lbs
24 Jade II PVP $2.35 $3.95 $10.95 $22.95 $73.50 $123.50 $229.00
26 Derby 1.95 3.95 10.95 22.50 69.50 118.50 215.00
40 Carson PVP 2.15 3.95 11.75 23.95 73.50 118.50 223.50
42 Rocdor (Pkt=100sds) 2.45 5.95 16.25 41.50 129.50 212.50 392.50
24 Jade PVP

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 9
Dry & Shell Beans Broad Beans European
Primarily used for dried beans. High
source of protein and fibre.
Fava - Tuinbonen Slicing Beans
CULTURE: Start outdoors April-May as Snijbonen - Schnitt-Bohnen
CULTURE: Sow: the same as green bush soon as soil can be worked. Comes up
beans. Allow the pods to mature and in 5-10 days at 50F/12C. Space seeds The original French-style slicing bean
the plants to die off. Harvest the plants 10cm/4 apart and 2cm-1 deep. To in- with broad flat pods. Superior in taste and
then hang them to dry for proper curing. crease yields, start indoors 4 weeks earlier yield to regular beans.
Pick pods off when they are hard and the and transplant outdoors in early spring. CULTURE: Sensitive to cool wet soil and
beans shake in the pods. Thresh or shell Tip:We mist the plants in the heat of the weather change. Sow when soil tempera-
the seeds. To control insects in storage, day to cool the plants and improve pod ture is above 20C. Seed requirements
place seeds in the oven for 10-15 minutes set. Control black mites in mid-spring and spacing are the same as Green Bush
at 250F or freeze for 3 hours. with Trounce or Insecticidal Soap beans. HARVEST: Pick when 3/4 wide.
Slicing beans get fibrous when they are
48 Lima Fordhook 242 75 Witkiem - Matina Strain
too mature. Test: Wrap bean around
Improved variety with slow fibre development your finger, if it breaks, its over-ripe.
The earliest and most uniform broad bean.
compared to other lima varieties. Plump beans
This variety is preferred by our Italian and P.Y.O
of fine quality on 2ft bushes, 3-4 beans per pod.
customers. Inedible pods contain up to 6 large, Bush Type
Good for fresh and dry use. 70 days
flat beans. Excellent fresh or frozen. Pick when 59 ADMIRES
50 Dutch Brown Bruine Bonen HL pods are plump. Some of our customers note The best Dutch bush slicing bean! Superior
Produces a heavy yield of brown beans for dry success with autumn seedings for fall harvest. in taste and yields. Produces 6 long, 1 wide
use. Can be eaten fresh, like green beans, having Broad Windsor type. 75 days early, stringless beans. Resistant to Common
a stronger bean taste. A popular Dutch variety Bean Mosaic and Anthracnose allowing for
for baking and boiling or for use in soups and healthier plants and beans. (avg 800-900sds/lb)
stews. Pkt = 30g 90 days 50 days
54 Walcherse White Pole Type Slicing
A popular European white variety. Outstanding
flavour for soup, stews, and baking. Similar 62 HUNTEr
to the navy bean grown in Southern USA. Popular with our gourmet chefs and specialty
Walcherse matures easily in northern climates. market gardeners. A strain that is more disease
100 days resistant, producing healthier growth and
promoting higher quality and yields. Long flat
Romano Types stringless 8 pods. Suited for greenhouse and field
production. (Pkt = 20g, avg 1000sds/lb) 55 days
35 Roma Ii Pvp PvP
A true high quality bush Romano bean with 64 GOLDFIELD
good flavour and tenderness. Produces high Bright yellow pods that do not fade. Goldfield
yields of large, long (14cm/5), medium green, produces 11 long and 1 wide pods that are
smooth, flat pods that have slow seed fibre fleshy, straight and stringless. Goldfield has that
development. Many of our Italian customers great European flavour sought after by chefs.
consider this the only bean to grow. (avg 900- 75 Witkiem Strong plants have improved disease resistance
1000sds/lb) 59 days to virus. Good for outdoor and greenhouse
cultivation. Whiteseeded. (avg 1000sds/lb) 55 days
Red Flamed Podded
51 Taylor Horticultural
Flame-red dried beans for winter use. Excellent
taste and picking quality. Pick as a Romano
bean or allow to develop as a semi-dried bean.
Striped red seeds. (avg 900-1000sds/lb) 70 days

Edible Soybeans
52 Beer Friend
Early, heavy yielding variety, even under cool 48 Lima Fordhook 242 35 Roma II PVP 64 Goldfield
conditions. In our 2009 bean trials we tested an Cat# Description Pkt 50g 125g 450g 2 kg 5 kg 10 kg 22.5kg
number of edible soybeans, in which Beer Friend (40g) 1lb 4.4 lbs 11 lbs 22 lbs* 50 lbs*
was our top choice. Edible Soybeans (edamame 48 Lima Fordhook 242 $1.95 $3.95 $7.65 $29.50 $62.00 $96.00 $195.00
beans) originate in the orient, so it is fitting that 50 Dutch Brown (Pkt=30g) 1.95 3.95 7.95 29.50 52.50 98.50 205.00
Beer Friend comes from Japan. Sets fruit early
and has a high percentage of 3 beans per pod. 51 Taylor Horticultural 1.85 3.75 7.45 22.00 46.00 78.50 156.00
Good shelf life for both pod and beans. Excellent 52 Beer Friend (Pkt=10g) 2.85 6.95 14.95 39.50
taste. Comparatively bushy plant habit reaching 54 Walcherse White (Pkt=30g) 1.95 3.95 8.95 33.50 64.50 99.50
a height of 22 inches. Deep green, large-size 59 Admires (Pkt=30g) 1.95 4.75 10.95 36.50 69.50 125.00
pod with white pubescence. Can be grown in
greenhouse and tunnels. 70 days 62 Hunter (Pkt=20g) 1.95 3.25 5.95 12.95 45.00 99.50
Pkt (10g) $2.85; 50g $6.95; 64 Goldfield 2.25 4.95 9.85 26.95 92.50
125g $14.95; 450g $39.50. 75 Witkiem-Matina 1.85 3.95 6.75 23.50 47.50 76.50 175.00
By Seed Count pkt 500sds 2000sds 5M 20M 40M* 80M **
approx weight 125g 1 lb 3.3lbs 13lbs 25 lbs 45-50lbs
35 Roma II PVP $2.25 $3.45 $10.45 $23.95 $72.50 $128.95 $235.00

10 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

Pole Beans
Haricot Grimpant - Stoksperciebonen
Pole beans differ from bush beans in that they can be grown in confined areas, in contain-
ers, and can be picked over a long period. However, they do require a longer growing season.
CULTURE: Sow outdoors in warm, moist soil when the temperature is above 20C. Cold
soil temperatures will decrease germination. Comes up in 5-10 days at 70F/21C. Sow 5 or
6 seeds around each pole or every 10cm/4 for nets. Seeding depth 2cm/1 deep. Seed can
be damaged by maggots in the soil.
Tip: To prevent disease and poor germination associated with sowing in cooler temperatures,
start seeds indoors 3-4 weeks before last frost. Seed 3 beans in 3 peat pots. Plant entire peat
67 Neckarkonigin
pot outdoors when the soil is warm. Sowing rate: varies depending on type of training.

Scarlet Runner Beans 66 Neckargold 68 Isabel

Long, oval, stringless yellow pole beans. Slender, French fancy type pods with excellent
65 AINTREE Neckargold is the same type of bean as taste. Isabel is an improved Westland prized by
When our 99 year old Grandma says this is Neckarkonigin but bears a heavy crop of deep-
the best she has ever grown, we listen! Bred the Dutch, producing 16cm/6, slender, medium
yellow pods. White seeded. 60 days green pods on 6-7ft vigorous healthy vines.
to produce under heat stress and longer day
conditions when other varieties fail. Aintree 67 Neckarkonigin White seeded variety is stringless and is excellent
produces 12-14 long, 1/2-3/4 wide, medium Best oval-round podded variety for freshmarket for freezing/canning. Medium-early maturing
dark green beans with great flavour and lower and preserving. This German pole bean variety for outdoor production. 55 days
fibre. Its scarlet red flowers stand out making an produces an abundance of extra long (10-11) 71 Emerite
excellent flowering climber. (avg 300sds/lb) fleshy, oval, stringless, medium-green beans. A productive French Filet bean, producing
54 days The slim, firm pods can also be used for French- long (7-8), round, straight, stringless beans
style slicing. Best taste of any in our trials. with real filet taste. Emerite has a slow seed
Plants are resistant to Bean Common Mosaic development for extended harvest. It can be
Virus. 60 days picked as short as 4 for a premium filet bean or
o67 Neckarkonigin Organic O left to grow past the filet stage for use as
Same as above but organically grown seed. a stringless green bean. 55 days

74 Blauhilde 72 Blue Lake S-7

A stringless, deep purple pole bean with long, Vigorous strain for northern gardeners. Unlike
fleshy, oval pods of 9-11 length. Higher yields other popular Blue Lake pole beans, this one
and healthier than other purple pole types. grows when it is cool as well as hot. It produces
Beans turn green when cooked.65 days pods up to 10 days earlier than other strains
and sets more pods for bigger yields. Traditional
Blue Lake quality, 6-7 long with slow fibre
development and dark green stringless pods.
71 Emerite
(avg 1500sds/lb) 60 days

62 Hunter
68 Isabel 74 Blauhilde 72 Blue Lake S-7
Cat# Description Pkt 50g 125g 450g 2 kg 5 kg 10 kg
(15g) 1lb 4.4 lbs 11 lbs 22 lbs
65 Aintree $2.25 $3.95 $8.45 $24.50 $89.00
66 Neckargold 2.45 4.95 8.95 27.00 85.00
67 Neckarkonigin 2.45 4.75 8.75 26.00 84.50
o67 Neckarkonigin Organic 3.45 6.45 11.95 32.85 131.40
68 Isabel (Pkt=25g) 2.25 4.65 14.95 46.50 98.50
74 Blauhilde 2.45 4.95 9.95 29.85 105.00
By Seed Count Pkt 100sds 500sds 2000sds 5M 10M
approx weight 50sds 125g 1 1b 2.5 lbs 5lbs
71 Emerite $3.95 $5.95 $11.95 $34.65 $76.50 $144.50
65 Aintree
72 Blue Lake 2.25 3.95 12.45 26.95 44.50

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 11
Table Beets
Betteraves- Kroten - Rote Ruben - Barbabietola
A staple vegetable for many cultures in the world; native to the Mediterranean Europe. Beets
are primarily a source of carbohydrates with low levels of vitamins and minerals.
CULTURE: Beets are easy to grow and can be sown outdoors from mid-spring to
mid-summer. SOIL: Loose and deeply tilled, prefers mucky or sandy loam. PH 6-7, not higher.
FERTILITY: Till in slow release fertilizer or organic matter prior to seeding. Use a fertilizer
low in nitrogen, but high in potassium and phosphorous. Keep even moisture throughout
growing season. GERMINATION: 7-15 days at 55-70 F/12-21C. SPACING: Seed 2cm/ 3/4
apart and 1cm/ 1/2 deep. Thin out to 7cm/3. PESTS: Beets are relatively free from insects
and disease.
Tip: Mid-season planting for harvest in late summer or early fall will result in a sweeter
and more tender beet.
87 Kestrel Hybrid Pkt contains approx. 175-200 sds; 3Kg/Acre; 30-50 sds/gm.

Leaf Beets Round Red Beets

The ultimate beet top. Dark red leaves and Superior strain of the Detroit Dark Red variety. High quality, round beet for precision seeding.
stems add colour and zest to salads and cooked Medium sized, firm beets are good for main Moneta requires less thinning than other beets
top recipes. Beets are flat globed and have and fall crops. Good fresh and frozen. Medium because it does not have multiple plants in one
alternating red-white zones. Tops are 10-12 in sized top. This strain produces the best seed. Its roots are smooth, deep dark red in
height and hold up well in the heat. 60 days green - red veined leaves for baby greens. Not colour, and have deep green 30cm/12 tops.
recommended for Baby Beets. 60 days Uniform and excellent for bunching. 52 days
o82 BULLS BLOOD Organic O
As above but Organically grown seed. o85 DETROIT DarK RED Organic O o88 RED ACE F-1 Organic O
Old heirloom variety which many others reference. High quality main season hybrid. Produces
86 early wonder Produces medium large round roots with good round, smooth, deep red roots that are very
Tall green tops good for bunching. Green leaves colour and taste. Organically grown seed. uniform resulting in a high yield potential. Retains
contrasted with red stems. 55 days sweet and tender flesh after it is mature. Medium-
86 early wonder tall red veined tops. Widely adapted to most
Golden Beets Our earliest non-hybrid variety. Produces a growing regions.Organically grown seed. 53 days
semi-globe shaped, blood-red root for all
83 TOUCHSTONE GOLD purposes. Tall green tops good for bunching.
Improved Burpees Golden type. Touchstone 55 days
Cylindrical Beets
Gold offers very uniform root shape and vibrant 89 CYLINDRA
interior colour with almost no zoning. Its 87 KESTREL F-1 Old heirloom variety. A long, dark red, sweet
seedling vigour and germination is much better Exceptional flavour! Kestrel is one of the nicest cylindrical beet. Uniform 5 long x 2 diameter,
than Burpees Golden. The strong, medium hybrid beets we have grown. It produces beets are great for slicing and dicing. Excellent
green tops have contrasting petioles. Seed is perfect, dark red round roots with excellent for winter storage. 65 days
clean and sized. 55 days interior color (no zoning) and has very sweet
flavour. Kestrel can be harvested as a baby beet A89 TAUNUS F-1
o83 TOUCHSTONE GOLD ORG O or allowed to mature to a 2-3 storage beet that Improved Cylindrical beet. much more uniform
As above but Organically grown seed. stays tender. Strong fresh green tops. 53 days in shape and colour and retains its smooth
texture well after being mature. Its flesh is deep,
Striped beets o87 KESTREL F-1 Organic O purple red and is free from zoning. Taunus
As above but Organically grown seed. produces very cylindrical beets with no cracking.
Improved Chiogga selection. Unlike standard Excellent for slicing and chipping. 60 days
Chioggia, Guardsmark is much more uniform in Cat# Description Pkt 25g 100g 450g 2 kg 5 kg
root shape and colour. It produces beautifully 2-5g 1lb 4.4 lbs 11 lbs
contrasting zoned roots with pink-red skin that 82 Bulls Blood $1.85 $5.75 $13.95 $24.50 $84.50 $174.50
can also be used as baby beets. 55 days
85 Detroit Supreme 1.85 3.85 8.45 21.50 62.95 129.50
o84 CHIOGGA GUARDSMARK Org O o85 Detroit Dark Red Organic 2.35 5.35 16.85 55.00 175.00
As above but Organically grown seed. 86 Early Wonder 1.85 3.85 8.45 21.50 62.95 129.50
o87 Kestrel Hybrid Organic 2.45 6.95 19.95 59.95 209.50 455.00
89 Cylindra 1.85 3.95 7.95 16.95 52.00 99.50
By seed Count Pkt 1000sds 5000sds 25Msds 100M 250M
o82 Bulls Blood Organic $2.05 $6.95 $17.95 $56.50 $195.00 $425.00
83 Touchstone Gold 2.85 11.25 39.50 145.00 395.00
o83 Touchstone Gold Organic 46.50 155.00 495.00
84 Chiogga Guardsmark 1.95 5.75 15.95 36.50 121.00 255.00
o84 Chiogga Guardsmark Organic 2.45 6.95 18.95 65.95 229.50 495.00
87 Kestrel Hybrid 1.95 5.25 15.45 34.50 105.00 235.00
88 Moneta Hybrid 2.45 5.85 21.50 61.95 189.50
o88 Red Ace Hybrid Organic 2.35 5.75 19.25 59.95 182.50 435.00
84 Chiogga Guardsmark A89 Taunus Hybrid 1.95 4.75 14.95 45.50 73.50 135.00

12 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

83 Touchstone Gold
108 Jade Cross Hybrid o105 Nautic Hybrid Organic 105 Capitola Hybrid

Brussels Sprouts
Choux De Bruxelles- Sprossenkohl - Spruitkool
Originating from Belgium in the 1200s, Brussels Sprouts are a European delicacy. When
cooked right they will melt in your mouth. They contain good amounts of vitamin A, vitamin
C, folic acid, sinigrin, and dietary fibre.
CULTURE: Grown mainly for fall and winter crops. Will over winter in mild areas. For early
crops start indoors 4-6 weeks before planting out. For late crops, seed in June. SOIL: Sprouts
like a deep moist loam. PH 6.5-7 FERTILITY: Ensure adequate levels of nitrogen. Keep a
regular watering schedule so plants do not wilt in heat. GERMINATION: Sow in plugs at
86 Early Wonder 86 Early Wonder - Leaves 70F/21C for 7 days, or outdoors in warm soil. SPACING: Transplant or thin seedlings out to
40-45cm/16-18 PESTS: See cabbage section.
Tip: Harvest in fall after first frost for maximum flavour. To ensure uniform maturity nip off
growth point in late summer when first sprouts are forming.
Pkt contains approx. O.P. 225-550 sds; Hybrid 25-75 sds; 200-300 sds/gm.

Hybrid Sprouts
Easy to grow variety for short season areas.
Recommended variety in many areas where
normal results are discouraging. Uniform 2ft tall
85 Detroit Supreme o88 Red Ace Hybrid plants with heavy production of firm sprouts of
excellent quality. Market, Freezer. 95 days
NEW o105 Nautic F-1 Organic O
Best main season spouts for Organic
Growers. Nautic is a Dutch bred cool season
performer, excelling in wet cool falls. Great
taste and high yields of top quality, medium
sized spouts. Large strong plants bear uniform 106 Red Ball
sprouts spread out to allow airflow, reducing
disease and allowing for an easier harvest. Red Sprouts
Tolerant to Powdery Mildew Organically grown.
105 days 106 RED BaLL
A unique, red, specialty sprout from Europe.
82 Bulls Blood A89 Taunus Hybrid
105 CAPITOLA F-1 Excellent flavour. A beauty in your garden.
Mid-early, very uniform, high quality sprouts. Late variety. Improved Red Rubine selection.
Capitola is a leading commercial sprout variety Pkt contains approx. 40-50 sds. 120 days
adapted to most growing regions. Capitola
produces heavy yields of uniform, medium- Open Pollinated
green, 1.5 round sprouts with a small end.
Sprout set is excellent and very uniform on tall 107 CATSKILL
plants. Resistant to Fusarium yellows. 105 days Old open-pollinated variety. Produces large,
dark green sprouts on 2ft plants. 120 days
Cat# Description Pkt 5g 25g 100g 450g/ 1lb 2kg/4.4 lbs
107 Catskill $1.75 $5.95 $19.50
By Seed Count Pkt 500sds 1000sds 2500sds 5M 10M 25M
o105 Nautic Hybrid Organic $4.95 $43.95 $72.50 $135.00 $235.00 $440.00
105 Capitola Hybrid 3.45 17.95 29.95 53.95 96.00 165.00 365.00
106 Red Ball 2.95 14.95 18.95 34.75 52.50 88.50
88 Moneta Hybrid 108 Jade Cross Hybrid 2.65 6.95 11.95 22.50 38.50 62.50 132.50

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 13
Chou Brocoli
Broccoli is considered the super vegetable. It is high in Vitamin A+C, a good source of B vita-
mins, phosphorus and potassium. Broccoli can be eaten raw with a dip, stir-fried, cooked or
frozen for later use.
CULTURE: Broccoli is easy to grow. For early crops, start indoors 4-6 weeks before planting
out. Transplant when soil is 50F/10C or higher. Cold weather will cause premature flow-
ers. For late crops, seed in June-July. SOIL: Broccoli will tolerate a broad range of soils, but
prefers sandy loam. PH 6.5-7 FERTILITY: Ensure adequate levels of nitrogen for proper bud
formation. Excessive fertilizing will cause hollow stems. Keep a regular watering schedule
so plants do not wilt in heat. Broccoli likes its leaves wet. GERMINATION: Sow in plugs at
70F/21C for 7 days, or outdoors in warm soil. SPACING: Transplant or thin seedlings out to
40-45cm/16-18. PESTS: See cabbage section.
Tip: Harvest just before the beads on the head break open into flower, hot temperatures will
accelerate this, so check often.
7 Atlantis Hybrid - Mini Broccoli Pkt contains approx. O.P. 200-400 sds; Hybrids 50-75 sds; 200-300 sds/gm.

Mini Heads Early Types Main Season Types

A non-hybrid variety great for dips and stir-fries Early hybrid with large, semi-domed, dark Old heirloom variety with good cold
due to its long stalks and open-head habit. green heads. Vigorous side shoots provide resistance. Produces numerous side shoots.
Large heads mature at different times for steady harvest until hard frost. Heat and disease Recommended only for fall crops. Organically
a widely spread harvest. 60 days resistant. Most dependable variety for home Grown Seed. 70-80 days
gardeners and market growers. 57 days
NEW 7 Atlantis F-1 o8 BELSTAR F-1 Organic O
Mini broccoli that produces small 9 Chief F-1 Specialty crown cut variety. Heads are cut
well-formed heads. In our 2012 trials Atlantis Extra early variety from the Orient. Chief has without the stem to resemble a mushroom
produced the biggest yield of all the sprouting/ produced some of the earliest heads in our cap. Tight, blue-green beads on a high dome
mini broccolis we trialed. Atlantis produces trials. Its plants tend to be shorter and more head with almost no stem base. Highly popular
small 2 blue-green heads with a nice broccoli frost tolerant than other varieties, which in Asian cultures. Tolerates both hot and cold
taste great for dipping. It will produces many contributes to its early maturing in spring weather. Organically grown seed. 67 days
usable side shoots for 6 weeks after the first seedings. Chief produces large green-blue
head is picked. Cross between broccoli and heads with medium-small bead size. 52 days 10 Gypsy F-1
gailon, also known as Broccolini. 65 days Gypsy excels in hot, dry summers producing
11 EVEREST F-1 heads when all others bolt. Produces medium
Best broccoli for late summer and fall harvests. sized, high domed, blue green heads with tight
Everest produces well domed, 6, blue-green beads that will produce side shoots after main
heads with small beads. What sets Everest head is cut. Large, healthy plants tolerate heat
apart from other broccolis is its resistance to and are resistant to downy mildew. Suitable
Downy Mildew, a high yield potential, and a for bunching or crown cuts. Not for certified
concentrated harvest period. 65 days Organic growing. 70 days

NEW 12 Bay Meadows F-1

Best broccoli in the heat. Bay Meadows
produces 6-8 well domed, attractive blue
green heads. Performs very well in spring and
summer with excellent holding ability in warmer
harvest periods. Strong plant habit similar to
Gypsy with better head formation. 70 days

9 Chief Hybrid

11 Everest Hybrid
Cat# Description Pkt 5g 25g 100g 450g/ 1lb 2kg/4.4 lbs
5 De Cicco $1.85 $4.95 $15.95 $32.50
o7 Calabrese Organic 1.95 3.75 9.85 27.50
By Seed Count Pkt 500sds 1000sds 2500sds 5M 10M 25M
6 Packman Hybrid $2.95 $9.75 $15.95 $33.95 $56.95 $98.50 $215.00
7 Atlantis Hybrid 4.25 26.50 43.50 85.00 142.50
o8 Belstar Hybrid Organic 3.95 18.95 27.50 56.95 98.95 179.50 405.00
9 Chief Hybrid 2.25 5.95 7.95 19.50 29.50 44.50 94.50
10 Gypsy Hybrid 2.25 6.95 11.65 22.50 37.50 63.50 148.50
11 Everest Hybrid 2.35 7.45 12.35 24.50 38.50 64.50 149.50
08 Belstar Hybrid Organic 12 Bay Meadows Hybrid 2.95 8.75 12.95 26.95 42.95 72.50 155.00

14 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

B138 Beira Tronchuda Hybrid

A143 & B143 Kongo and Kolibri Hybrid
Kohlrabi CULTURE: Treat similar to cabbage. Does not
10 Gypsy Hybrid Choux Rave form heads but will form a cluster of leaves.
Rapini Popular European specialty. Similar in cul-
Collard variety. Non-heading, blue-green,
ture to cabbage, but forms a bulbous growth
4 SORRENTO juicy leaves. Plants grow 2 to 3 feet tall. Mild
above the soil. Excellent for vegetable trays cabbage-like flavour. Cook clusters from top.
Developed to meet the demand for large floret
broccoli-raab during the shorter, cooler days Culture: Similare to cabbage. Transplant or 65 days
of fall, winter, and spring. Sorrento is an early thin out to 6 to 8. Harvest when bulbous
growth is 2-4 for best eating quality. Kohl- A138 GRONINGER BLUE
maturing, top quality raab for the specialty Heirloom Old Blue Leaf Cabbage from Holland.
market grower. Florets are larger and mature rabi can be stored cool 3C for upto 3 weeks. A lesser known green, it has been cooked like
earlier and more uniformly than traditional Pkt contains approx. O.P. 200-400 sds; Kale or Collards for centuries. Groninger Blue
Spring or 60-Day raabs for higher yields and Hybrids 50-75 sds; 200-300 sds/gm. has attractive wide leaves with purple mid-ribs.
lower harvest costs. Excellent for growing in When braised lightly, it has a sweet spinach like
cold frames or under fleece. 35 days flavour. Can be used as a baby green, micro
4A ZAMBONI 143 PURPLE VIENNA green, or bunched. Frost hardy. 50 days
Bulbs have a purplish skin with white flesh.
Bred for late spring and summer growing in Popular for mini and micro mixes. Small seed B138 TRONCHUDA-Beira F-1
which spring rapini tends to not work. Zamboni leaves are fluorescent purple and tasty. Unusual loose head cabbage also known as
is a slow maturing, top quality raab for the 55-60 days Portuguese kale. Tronchuda is composed of
specialty market grower. It produces very large, wide-spreading leaves and thick, white,
uniform stems and florets that are larger and A143 KONGO F-1 fleshy ribs. Leaves are sweet and tender having
mature later than Sorrento and more uniformly If you have trouble growing Kohlrabi in the better flavour and taste than collards. We have
than traditional Spring or 60-Day varieties. summer, try this one: it has excelled in our trials braised it with Kielbasa: the pan is always empty
Excellent market variety. 45 days producing quality bulbs from spring through after dinner! We grow Tronchuda the same
autumn. Kongo is a uniform, early white hybrid as fall cabbage. It is frost and cold weather
that resists splitting. Its smooth, white, sweet tolerant. Harvest the leaves and keep the centre
flesh does not become pithy. Can be picked as for continued growth or harvest the whole plant
a baby buncher or allowed to mature into a full at once.
size. 45-55 days
Top quality purple variety. Kolibri is a much
improved hybrid which can be picked when
small as a bunching Kohlrabi or as a large bulb.
Very uniform dark purple bulbs with white,
smooth, sweet flesh. Resists cracking and going
pithy like O.P varieties. 45-55 days
4 Sorrento
The common kohlrabi with light green skin
and white flesh. 55-60 days
A138 Groninger Blue
Cat# Description Pkt 5g 25g 100g 450g/ 1lb 2kg/4.4 lbs
4 Sorrento $1.85 $5.25 $17.95 $57.50 $172.00
4A Zamboni 1.95 5.95 18.75 58.95 179.00
138 Collards, Champion 1.85 3.95 8.95 16.95
A138 Groninger Blue 1.85 5.95 11.75 32.50
143 Purple Vienna 1.85 4.25 8.95 22.50 72.50
144 White Vienna 1.85 4.25 8.95 22.50 72.50
By Seed Count Pkt 500sds 1000sds 2500sds 5M 10M 25M
B138 Beira Hybrid $2.45 $8.95 $14.95 $36.50 $57.95 $225.00
A143 Kongo Hybrid 2.75 12.95 43.95 72.50 112.50 265.00
6 Packman Hybrid B143 Kolibri Hybrid 2.95 13.95 46.50 76.50 118.50 282.50

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 15
Choux- Weisskohl - Cavolo Cappuccio - Kool
Popular fall and winter vegetable native to the Mediterranian region, but is a staple
vegetable in most countries. Good source of Vitamin C, glutamine and amino acids
CULTURE: Sow early varieties in succession from early spring (indoors) to mid-sum-
mer for continual harvest of fresh cabbage. For fall produce sow outdoors in early sum-
mer. SOIL: Cabbage will tolerate a broad range of soil, but prefers sandy loam. PH 6.5-7.
FERTILITY: Ensure adequate levels of nitrogen. Keep a regular watering schedule so
plants do not wilt in heat. GERMINATION: Sow in plugs at 70F/21C for 7 days or
direct seed outdoors in warm soil. SPACING: Transplant or thin seedlings out to 30-45cm/
12-18 for small head varieties; 45-75cm/18-30 for large head varieties. PESTS: Flea
beetles attack young seedlings and strip the leaves - control with placing row cover or in-
sect netting over young plants. Cabbage worms attack as plants get older and invade
buds - control with BTK.
Harvesting fall leeks and cabbage
Pkt contains approx. O.P. 225-600 sds; Hybrid 30-75 sds; 200-300 sds/gm.

Early White Cabbage

Early pointed cabbage variety. Old English All new, lettuce-like, cabbage type called
variety dating back to the early 19th century. Lettage. Tiara is a very good tasting cabbage;
Dark waxy green leaves shaped like a upside- crisp, tender and juicy, and is best used as
down cone. Produces heads weighting 1kg/2- lettuce. It is much easier to grow in the heat of
3lbs. 65 days summer than most lettuce, producing medium
size (6-8), 4 lb round heads. Tiara also works
o110 CARAFLEX F-1 ORGanic O very well as a mini-cabbage (about the same
Fresh, sweet, and tender cabbage leaves. Why size as a head of Iceberg Lettuce) when spaced
grow pointed cabbages? They tend to be milder 12 apart. 60 days
and sweeter, and have more tender leaves than
round heads. Also, they are easier to braise and 116 Farao F-1
make an excellent alternative to lettuce. Caraflex Excellent early season hybrid with a sweet spicy
is an improvement on older pointed types taste. Produces medium sized, 3-5lb, dense,
112 Tiara Hybrid because of its holding capability and firmness. green-blue heads with small cores. Holds very
It produces 1.5-2 lb heads that can store up to well in the field for weeks after it is ready. Very
8 weeks. Also presents well as a baby cabbage. uniform and disease resistant. Recommended
Pointed cabbages are quickly becoming more for market. 65-68 days
popular than round cabbages in Europe.
Organically grown seed. Pkt contains 25-35 sds. o116 Farao F-1 Organic O
Same as above but organically grown seed.
Early standard open-pollinated variety with oval
heads weighing about 1kg. Performs well under
most conditions. Golden Acre has compact
plants so can be grown close together. Plant
for early and late crops. Resistant to bursting
longer than other O.P. varieties. 70 days

116 Farao Hybrid

Early Red Cabbage

o110 Caraflex Hybrid Organic
Deepest red colour and best quality of early
cabbages we have tried. Forms a tight, dense
round-oval head with a small core. Uniform and
resistant to bursting. Produces 7 1/2 3-4lb
heads at 18-20 spacing. Recommended for
131 Primero Hybrid
market. 70 days
Cat# Description Pkt 10g 25g 100g 450g/ 1lb
110 Early Jersey Wakefield $1.85 $4.95 $14.95 $29.50
111 Golden Acre Y.R. 1.85 4.95 14.95 29.50
By Seed Count Pkt 500 sds 1000 sds 2500 sds 5M 10M 25M
o110 Caraflex Hybrid Organic $4.95 $39.75 $59.95 $135.85 $247.65 $429.50 $997.00
112 Tiara Hybrid 2.25 7.95 13.95 26.95 45.65 78.95 175.00
116 Farao Hybrid 2.15 7.25 11.95 24.95 42.95 68.95 142.50
o116 Farao Hybrid Organic 3.95 34.75 48.95 99.85 147.65 259.50 567.00
Early Summer Chinise Cabbage and Broccoli trial 131 Primero Hybrid 2.45 9.65 16.95 36.50 59.95 99.50 215.00

16 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

120 Bronco Hybrid 118 Reaction Hybrid 117 Lennox Hybrid 119 Krautman Hybrid

Main Season Cabbage Main Season Red Cabbage Late White Storage
Top quality freshmarket cabbage from Holland. One of best quality main season red cabbages. Old Dutch variety with excellent keeping
Bronco has consistently been the best quality Cario produces very uniform, round, dense qualities. Winterkeeper has large, almost round
main season cabbage in our trials. It produces a heads with intense red colour with white veins. firm heads. Retains its light green colour in
medium sized, 4-5 lb, blue-green, round, dense Cairo can produce 3-4 baseball sized heads storage. Start in late spring for full season
head with a short core and fancy waxy wrapper at high density plantings (12-13) or 7 5-6 lb growth. Matures in 120 days.
leaves. Excellent yields and shipping quality. regular sized cabbage when spaced 18-20.
Tolerant to Fusarium Yellows and Medium sized healthy plants are resistant to Tip 114 GLORY OF ENKHUIZEN
Tip Burn. 78-82 days Burn and Black Speck. 75 days (60 baby) Popular open-pollinated variety originating in
Enkhuizen, Holland. Late fall variety with large
o133 Buscaro F-1 Organic O 4-5lb, oval heads. For the best taste, plant in
Versatile main season red that holds well early summer for late fall harvest. 95 days
in the field. Buscaro produces very uniform
5-6lb, dark red, round, oval cabbages with 117 LENNOX F-1
great internal colour and sweet flavour. Large Industry standard, long term, storage variety.
framed plant is resistant to Tip Burn and has We have already sold Lennox for a number of
a distinctive silvery sheen. Moderate storage. years to cabbage growers. It is a very productive
Organically grown seed. 80 days storage type that holds its green colour long
into spring. Lennox produces medium-large, 5-6
137 RUBY PERFECTION F-1 lb, slightly flattened, round heads with a short
Strong performer for fall harvest. Solid deep- core. Grey-green plants are tolerant to Black
red head weighing about 2kg/5lb. Slow to burst Speck, and Tip Burn. Pkt contains 45-55 sds.
and vigorous. Stores and ships well. Is larger, 105 days
o133 Buscaro Hybrid Organic more uniform and has deeper red colour than
Langedijker Red. 85 days 118 REACTiON F-1
Excellent storage cabbage with small-medium
132 LANGEDIJKER LATE RED sized round heads, on a small frame. Produces
Popular European open-pollinated variety. 3-5 lb blue green heads with a nice sweet
Re-selection of the original red winterkeeper we taste in storage. Excellent for narrow spacing,
have sold in past years. Heads are 15cm/5-6 when spaced 12 apart it should yield perfect
oval round with good red colour. 110 days 18-20 box size heads. Classy wrappers, nice
blue green colour. Very healthy, vigorous and
136 RED ACRE uniform; easy grower. Store with wrappers on.
Hard round heads (2-4 lbs) on compact, Long-term storage. Yellows Resistant.
short-stemmed plants. Solid in early stages of Pkt contains 45-55 sds. 100 days
heading. An open pollinated variety resistant to
splitting and Yellows disease. 77 days 119 KRAUTMAN F-1
133 Cairo Hybrid Industry standard for sauerkraut production.
Cat# Description Pkt 10g 25g 100g 450g 2kg One of the earliest, most uniform varieties. 7.5%
1lb 4.4 lbs dry matter content is ideal for sauerkraut use.
Dense, tight, round heads with a short solid
132 Langedijker Late Red $1.85 $4.25 $8.45 $28.95 core. Excellent resistance to splitting.
136 Red Acre 1.85 3.95 8.95 18.95 62.75 Pkt contains 45-55 sds. 92 days
113 Langedijker Winterkeeper 1.85 6.95 11.95 31.25
114 Glory of Enkhuizen 1.85 6.95 17.95 37.50
By Seed Count Pkt 500 sds 1000 sds 2500 sds 5M 10M 25 M
117 Lennox Hybrid $3.45 $16.95 $27.95 $52.95 $89.95 $164.50 $345.00
118 Reaction Hybrid 3.45 17.95 28.95 54.95 95.95 172.50 375.00
119 Krautman Hybrid 3.65 17.95 28.50 53.95 89.50 166.00 365.00
120 Bronco Hybrid 2.35 9.25 15.75 31.95 53.95 87.95 184.95
133 Cairo Hybrid 2.45 8.95 15.95 34.95 56.95 96.50 210.50
o133 Buscaro Hybrid Org 4.25 32.00 51.00 94.75 175.00 315.00 735.00
137 Ruby Perfection Hybrid 2.35 7.95 13.95 28.45 47.50 69.50 145.00 132 Langedijker Late Red

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 17

o123 Famosa Hybrid o142 Bilko Hybrid Organic

Savoy Cabbage Chinese Cabbage 174 Minuteman Hybrid

Choux De Savoie - Cavolo Verza - Choux Chinois

Savooie Kool Chinese cabbage and greens have in-
Retains its green colour when cooked and creased in popularity over the last few
has better flavour than white cabbage years. Chinese cabbage is sweeter than
white, red and Savoy types.
CULTURE: See description under Cabbage.
CULTURE: See description under Cabbage.
123 ALCOSA F-1
Improved, early maturing, deep green savoy to 141 MONUMENT F-1
replace Comparsa. It quickly produces heavily Preferred variety for commercial production.
crinkled, small-medium, round heads that hold Tall barrel shape. Produces highly uniform 2
well after maturing. Great for spring to summer kg/4.5lb heads under most growing conditions.
production does well in the heat. 65 days Resists bolting and bursting. Bright green outer
leaves. 75 days
o123 Famosa F-1 Organic O 142 BLUES F-1
A171 Tarifa Hybrid
Excellent mid season savoy. Famosa is a top
quality deep blue green savoy from Holland. Widely adapted, bolt tolerant Napa type.
It produces 3-4 lb dense round heads with an Produces medium-sized 4-5lb heads with
excellent cream-yellow tinted interior. Very good improved sweet, juicy flavour. Tolerant to
flavour and tender texture. Holds well when Alternaria, Black Speck, Soft Rot and Downy
mature. Organically grown seed. 80 days Mildew. 57 days
o142 Bilko F-1 Organic O
High quality, dark green Napa type with
improved disease package. Bilko is an improved
early season napa type that is slow to bolt when
going from spring to summer. It produces
11-12, heavy 6 lb heads that have dark green
outer leaves with a soft creamy yellow centre
with sweet mild taste. Resistant to Club Root,
Fusarium Yellows, and Black Speck. Sow from
early spring to early summer. Organically grown
171 Amazing
seed. 54 days

123 Alcosa Hybrid

142 Blues Hybrid & 141 Monument Hybrid A173 Cheddar Hybrid
By Seed Count Pkt 500 sds 1000 sds 2500 sds 5M 10M 25 M
123 Alcosa Hybrid $2.95 $14.25 $21.95 $42.50 $69.65 $126.50 $275.00
o123 Famosa Hybrid Organic 3.85 31.75 48.95 89.75 168.00 275.00 545.00
141 Monument Hybrid 1.95 5.25 16.95 27.50 49.95
142 Blues Hybrid 1.95 5.25 16.95 27.50 49.95
B174 Snow Crown Hybrid o142 Bilko Hybrid Organic 2.95 12.75 19.25 36.75 62.95 113.50 245.00

18 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

Chou-Fleurs - Blumenkohle - Cavolfiore - Bloemkool
Cauliflower is a cool season vegetable, easiest to grow for harvest in the late summer or fall.
Its success often depends on a slow steady growth that is difficult to achieve in mid-summer.
Cauliflower does best in humus-rich, moist soil.
CULTURE: For early crops, start indoors 4-6 weeks before planting out. For fall crops, plant
in early to mid summer. Transplant when soil is 50F/10C (early May). SOIL: Cauliflower will
grow in many types of soil, as long as it is not depleted of organic matter. FERTILITY: Open-
pollinated varieties use twice as much nitrogen as hybrid varieties. Use moderate amounts
of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potash. GERMINATION: 7-10 days at 70F/21. Do not allow
seedlings to get old in packs as this causes them to button up. Only plant fresh stock. SPACING:
Space rows 32 to 36 wide; 45cm/18 between plants. PESTS: Same as broccoli & cabbage.
TIP: For blanched white heads, tie wrapper leaves together forming a dome as the head is
beginning to form. Pick when head has completely formed.
Pkt contains approx. O.P. 125-400 sds; Hybrid 30-75 sds; 200-300 sds/gm. A172 Veronica Hybrid

Early White Types Coloured Types Romanesco Cauliflower

Earliest maturing variety. Standard variety Improved lime-green Cauliflower. Produces Unusual, lime-green spiked Italian cauliflower.
grown for years in the North. Produces uniform large 6-7, uniformed heads that hold well in the Better tasting than regular cauliflower with a
2lb heads of excellent, snow-white quality. field. It tolerates cold weather stress. Medium- distinctive nutty taste. Grown as a fall crop,
Snow Crown has vigorous growth habit with large open plant habit is easier to grow than it withstands heavy frosts better than other
long wrapper leaves for protection of the Brocoverde which it replaces. For best quality cauliflowers. Veronica is a uniform variety that
well-rounded, smooth curd. Recommended for grow to mature in fall under cool weather. 72 days requires minimal nitrogen. Pkt contains approx.
spring and fall crops. 48 days 20-25 sds. 72 days
174 MINUTEMAN F-1 Crop failure o172 VERONICA F-1 Organic O
Our best cauliflower variety for spring and Rich, royal-purple cauliflower. Produces quality Same as above but organically grown seed.
summer growing. Exceptionally uniform plant heads. Best used for Autumn-Fall plantings. Pkt contains 20-25 sds. 72 days
growth and curd formation.Produces 2-3lb, Improved purple colour and plant vigour.
pure white, dense heads that do not become Beautiful in salads with broccoli. Heads will look
ricey or purple under adverse conditions. more like broccoli when under heat stress or
Excellent leaf cover in the heat of summer. when left too long in plugs before transplanting.
Adapted to most growing regions. 53 days Pkt contains approx. 40-50 sds. 75 days

Late White Types A173 CHEDDAR F-1

Novelty cauliflower with attractive orange
170 IMPROVED SNOWBALL HL heads. It has a medium-size plant that produces
Old heirloom variety best when planted for early smooth, domed heads with medium weight and
and late crops. Large white heads with good firmness in the curds. The orange colour is due
taste and freezing quality. Not very uniform or to elevated levels of beta-carotene which may be
heat tolerant. 75 days more intense if the plant is not tied.Pkt contains
approx.10-15 sds. 80 days
Uniform, main season, non-hybrid variety.
Amazing is as close to hybrid quality as we
can find. Strong plants with thick leaf jackets
withstand summer heat; producing quality,
tight white curds. Provide extra nitrogen when
growing. Recommended for fall. 75 days
NEW A171 Tarifa F-1
Best tasting fall cauliflower. Exceptional
quality and sweet taste. Tarifa is an all new fall
maturing cauliflower out of Holland. Bred for 172 Panther Hybrid Looking at fall cauliflower trials at the Betzner farm
fall production Tarifa is a strong self wrapping Cat# Description Pkt 5g 25g 100g 450g 2kg
variety that protects the curd from wet weather 1lb 4.4 lbs
and freezing. It produces large white heads, with 170 Improved Snowball $1.85 $3.95 $8.25 $23.50
fine beads, resisting black spots that plague Cat# Description Pkt 150 sds 500 sds 2500 sds 5M sds 10M sds 25M
other types. Vigorous, erect plants withstand 171 Amazing 2.75 9.95 35.50 53.50 99.50 215.00
windy fall weather and summer heat. 80 days
A171 Tarifa Hybrid 3.95 8.95 22.50 78.50 135.00 235.00
172 Panther Hybrid 3.95 10.95 29.50 92.95 165.00
A172 Veronica Hybrid 3.95 10.95 29.50 92.95 165.00
o172 Veronica Hybrid Organic 5.25 15.95 44.50 137.50 232.50
173 Violet Queen Hybrid Crop Failure
A173 Cheddar Hybrid 5.95 24.95 49.50 192.50
174 Minuteman Hybrid 3.95 15.95 64.50 93.95 175.00 382.50
A171 Tarofa Hybrid (cover leaves)
B174 Snow Crown Hybrid 2.35 9.65 34.50 58.75 86.50 195.00

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 19
Carotte - Mohren - Karotten - Wortelen
An indispensable vegetable in the garden. Carrots are easy to grow and provide vegetables
from late spring to early winter. Use raw, cooked or juiced. Carrots are an excellent source of
beta carotene and Vitamin A.
CULTURE: Can be sown from early spring to mid summer. Seed directly into deeply worked
soil for optimum root growth. SOIL: Deeply tilled fertile sandy loam with good organic mat-
ter content. PH 6-7 FERTILITY: Do not apply manure in the year of sowing, as it causes
carrots to become hairy. Carrots like moderate amounts of nitrogen and higher amounts of
phosphate. Keep even soil moisture for high grade carrots. We have found that carrots prefer
overhead watering, lightly misting their foliage, instead of drip irrigation. Adequate moisture
is essential for good root formation, texture, and flavour GERMINATION: 6-15 days at 60
145 Amsterdam Maxi F/16 C. Keep soil moist until growth is seen SPACING: Seed depth 1cm/ 1/4-1/2.Seed spac-
ing: 1cm/1/2. Thin out to 3-5cm/1 1/2-2 for proper root development. Closer spacing will
result in smaller, shorter carrots. PESTS: Carrot Rust Fly-control: plant carrots early to mid
summer to miss its cycle; Wireworm control: use a 3 year rotation and do not use soil that had
grass on it the year before; Carrot Caterpillar control: spray with Ambush or BTK. HARVEST:
Baby carrot types - harvest when carrot is about finger size 2cm/3/4 wide. Fresh eating types
-dig as mature. Storage types - Dig up carrots after the first hard frost before the ground
freezes. Place in a cool, dark location or a fridge to keep fresh until late winter. In areas where
snow fall is heavy, carrots can be covered with straw and dug up throughout the winter.
TIP: Cover with burlap or a wooden plank for 7 days after seeding to retain moisture and
improve germination.
Pkt sows 25-35ft and contains O.P. 600-1500 seeds; Hybrids 400-500 seeds; 25g sows
147 Mignon 100m/300ft; 1-1.5kg/acre; contains approx. 400-500 sds/gm

Amsterdam / Baby Types Nantes Types

NEW 146 Sprint o150 NANTES II Organic O HL
Earliest maturing carrot. Sprint is a Organically grown seed. Re-selection from the
Amsterdam type maturing 5-7 days earlier than Original Nantes. 6-7 long, 1 1/2 blunt roots.
Maxi in the spring. Excellent for coldframe and Not as uniform or as high quality as the newer
tunnel growing, Sprint excels in cool conditions. Nantes Selections. Not recommended for
It produces 5-6 bright orange uniform roots market use. 70 days
that are alittle shorter and heavier than Maxi.
Coreless and sweet. 42 days 154 Nelson F-1
Sweet and smooth. Our most popular Nantes for
145 Amsterdam Maxi fresh market use. Produces sweet carrots in the
The standard for Amsterdam types. Maxi heat when other Nantes go bitter. Very uniform
produces roots that can be harvested as an 15cm/6 roots are crisp and deep orange in
baby carrot or allowed to mature for long colour. Healthy 10 tops are good for bunching. 154 Nelson Hybrid
slender roots that store and freeze well. 6-8 Recommended market variety. 59 days
x 1 wide, coreless, orange-scarlet roots are
tender and sweet. Healthy tops. Suited for o154 Yaya F-1 Organic O
outdoor seeding and cold frames. 45-55 days Very similar to Nelson. Yaya has improved root
quality with uniform shape and length. Flavour,
147 Mignon texture, and bright orange colour is excellent
Stays as a baby carrot. Mignon is a mini nantes almost as good as Nelson. Organically grown
type that keeps its small 2-3 long roots long seed. 62 days
after maturity, unlike other baby types. Good
colour and sweetness. Very short (6) fine tops. 155 Forto Selection
45 days Improved Open Pollinated Nantes selection from
Europe. Produces good quality eating carrots
148 paris market Atlas that are 20cm/8 and deep orange that store
Gourmet round carrots. Paris Market Atlas is well. More uniform than other O.P. types. 69 days 146 Sprint 155 Forto Selection
a improved selection of the old Paris Market
heirloom from the 18th century; chosen 161 BOLERO F-1
because of fewer offtypes and smaller core. Best Storage Nantes. Bolero produces its
This European selection produces uniform golf excellent flavour and sweetness when in
ball sized carrots with nice orange colour and storage. It keeps that quality for many months
excellent carrot flavour. 55 days when stored, not loosing texture and sweetness
like many other carrots. Smooth, slightly
tapered, blunt ended 7-9 roots with strong
tops and good rich orange colour. Developed
for the European markets. Tolerant to Alternaria
Yellows. 75 days

148 Paris Market Atlas o154 Yaya Hybrid Organic 161 Bolero Hybrid

20 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

Other Types
163 DANVERS #126
A productive variety with heavy roots suited for
heavy soils. The well-known Danvers Halflong
variety with real carrot flavour. Produces 6-7
broad tapered roots with strong tops and good
interior colour. Good for storage. 65 days
A longer Chantenay red cored type for bunching
and winter storage. Light orange flesh. Royal
Chantenay is a 5-6 heavy rooted carrot with a
2 shoulder, suitable for clay soils. 65 days
157 Ibiza Hybrid 160 Rainbow Hybrid 158 Purple Haze Hybrid Large, strong carrot that is red-cored and
stump-rooted. Produces 12 long by 3 wide.
Imperator Types Autumn King is an improved strain with high
yields and good taste. Widely used in Europe for
157 Ibiza F-1 human use and animal feed purposes. Excellent
Sweet and flavourful Imperator carrot. Ibiza is
for storage. 75 days
brand new breeding out of Holland crossing the
Imperator shape with the quality of a Nantes,
comparable to SugarSnax but with better
Berlicummer Types
tipfill. Produces very uniform 12 long tapered, 167 BALTIMORE F-1
smooth roots, 1 shoulders, with very dark Large early maturing Berlicummer with
orange color. Good carrot flavor and strong exceptional taste and quality. In our taste test
healthy tops, roots resist shattering. Exceptional Baltimore was second to Nelson (our standard
variety for Cello bag use. Holds well in storage. favourite) for smoothness, colour, tenderness,
75 days 168 Berlicummer sweetness and flavour. Baltimore is a carrot for
158 PURPLE HAZE F-1 people who need large carrots but do not want
AAS winner 2006. Unique coloured carrot for to sacrifice quality. It produces 22-28cm/9-11
gourmet gardeners: a purple carrot with a long, 3.8-5cm/1.5-2 diameter stump rooted
striking orange core as well as excellent flavour carrots with healthy large tops. Excellent for
and appearance, unlike other coloured carrot fresh sticks, soups, stews, roasting, and carrot
varieties. Purple Haze produces uniform, 7-9 juice. Short term storage. 65 days
pointed carrots which store very well. This has 168 BERLICUMMER II
been an outstanding item in our trials for the Excellent keeper and juicer. One of the best
last couple of years. 65 days late, open-pollinated varieties; growing up
to 10 in length with blunt ends. Coreless,
159 NUTRI-RED orange colour, with exceptional flavour.
The healthiest carrot you can grow! It has
Improved strain. 75 days
unusually high amounts the antioxidant-
Lycopene. Besides being nutritious, it has
exceptional carrot taste, strong - not sweet.
o168 BERLICUMMER Organic O
167 Baltimore Hybrid Similar to above but organically grown seed.
Nutri-Red produces long 8 pointed, Imperator
shaped roots that have a red skin and red inside, Cat# Description Pkt 10g 25g 100g 450g 2 kgs
which turns deep red when cooked. Strong tops. 145 Amsterdam Maxi $1.85 $3.25 $5.25 $16.95 $37.50 $120.00
Sow in late June to avoid bolting. 75 days 146 Sprint 1.95 3.95 6.45 17.25 44.50 129.50
160 RAINBOW F-1 148 Paris Market #4 1.85 3.95 5.95 16.95 39.50 136.50
Very unique multi-line hybrid. This is not a o150 Nantes II Organic 1.95 4.95 8.45 17.25 54.50 195.00
mixture of seed, but is a single variety. Colours
range from oranges to yellow to white, each
163 Danvers #126 1.85 6.95 18.95 49.95
having a different sweet flavour. Roots are top 165 Royal Chantenay 1.85 6.85 19.85 59.50
quality, smooth, and coreless. Carrots are 7-9 166 Flakkee Autumn King 1.85 3.65 5.95 16.95 37.50 120.00
long tapered to a point with healthy 12 strong 168 Berlicummer II 1.85 3.65 5.95 14.95 37.50 120.00
tops. 70-75 days
o168 Berlicummer Organic 1.95 5.25 8.45 21.25 61.95 195.00
162 WHITE SATIN F-1 By Seed Count Pkt 2500s 10M 25M 100M 250M 1,000M
Finally a quality pure white carrot. White carrots 147 Mignon $1.95 $5.95 $12.65 $39.50 $72.50 $265.00
are native to northern Europe, but were used 154 Nelson Hybrid 2.35 6.25 16.95 34.95 91.50 215.50 765.00
primarily for cattle feed due to having a woody
core and not being very sweet. White Satin o154 Yaya Hybrid Organic 3.65 9.95 32.50 66.95 210.50 465.00 1595.00
produces long white 7-9roots with a slight 155 Forto Selection 1.85 3.95 7.25 24.95 49.50 162.50
green shoulder. Its flesh is crisp, sweet, and 157 Ibiza Hybrid 1.95 5.95 15.95 27.95 79.50 184.50 655.00
completely white. 65-70 days 158 Purple Haze Hybrid 2.65 8.95 21.95 46.50 157.00 345.00 1225.00
159 Nutri-Red 1.95 4.95 15.95 32.50 98.50 226.00 795.00
160 Rainbow Hybrid 2.65 8.95 24.95 56.75 167.50 345.00 1295.00
161 Bolero Hybrid 1.95 5.65 13.50 26.25 72.50 162.50 495.00
162 White Satin Hybrid 2.45 7.95 23.95 45.50 152.50 310.00
167 Baltimore Hybrid 2.25 6.25 17.95 34.95 109.50 235.50 815.00

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 21
Celery / Celeriac
Celery originated in European and Mediterranean marshes where it was first used as a fla-
vouring for foods. It is now a main salad crop grown world wide. Leaf types are widely used in
European and Asian cultures for flavouring in soups and salads.
CULTURE: Start indoors in March, 10-12 weeks before last frost. Transplant into large paks
to keep plants from becoming root bound. Do not set out or allow temperature to dip below
50F/10C as this will cause the plant to bolt. SOIL: Celery needs a loamy or mucky soil with
high amounts of organic matter. FERTILITY: Apply liberal amounts of nitrogen. Keep mois-
ture constant to reduce chances of bitterness. GERMINATION: 10-21 days at 85F daytime,
65F/18C at night. Cover seed lightly and keep moist until growth is seen. Alternating warm
days and cool nights will increase germination. SPACING: Plant in blocks 6-8 apart, 12
width. This will make watering easier. PESTS: Tarnished Plant Bug - stings celery and stunts
it. Control by covering plants with a row cover or insect netting.
TIP: Celery is a demanding plant. To keep it from going bitter, keep soil rich and moist.
o177 Tango Hybrid Organic Pkt contains approx. 750-1200 sds; Organic types 65-100 sds; 1000-2000 sds/gm.

Celery Celeriac
175 UTAH 52-7OR 182 GIANT PRAGUE Dolvi
The standard stalk celery grown for many Improved Giant Prague selection. A turnip
years by growers and homegardeners. 11-12 rooted celery used in stews and soups as a
compact plants produce broad, thick, crisp vegetable. Dolvi produces large roots. More
stalks with a sweet, rich celery flavour. 52-70R uniformed than the orginal strain. Start early
is a improved selection of Utah, being more indoors. 120 days
uniform and easier to tie. 100 days O
A182 PRINZ Organic
176 GOLDEN SELF BLANCHING Light skinned, bunching celeriac with high
Heirloom variety from Europe. Stalks are heavy, tolerance against bolting. Use for early plantings
easily blanched. Stalk and heart are tender and under cover and also later in open field
crisp. Light yellow in colour. 90 days production. Prinz has a round bulb, comparably
smooth, with little tuberous base. Bulbs have
o177 TANGO F-1 Organic O white interiors with firm quality, even at a large
High quality, early maturing celery. Tango is size. Plants are 40cm/16 high with dark green
176 Golden Self Blanching
a early, very uniform, vigorous growing stalk foliage. Organically grown seed. 110 days
celery that produces smooth, non stringy,
medium green stalks that have good sweet o182 MARS Organic O
flavour. Its self blanching plants stand 18-20 Crop failure
tall and withstand heat better than other celery Mars is an elite German variety good for
types. Organically grown seed. 85 days bunching and large bulb culture. Light coloured,
high round roots with creamy white interior.
180 CUTTING LEAF-AMSTERDAM Plants are robust with dark green leaves. High
Amsterdam Strain. A dwarf, darker green tolerance to Septoria which causes browning in
variety from Europe. Leaves mainly used for the bulb. Organically grown seed. Pkt. contains
flavouring soups and stews. Stronger taste than approx. 60-75 sds. 120 days
stalk celery. Recommended for drying. This
is the celery referenced by many of our Dutch
customers as Soup Celery. 80 days

A188 Catalogna Laguna B188 Italiko Rosso

189 Greenlof (Sugarloaf) A182 Prinz Organic

Cat# Description Pkt 10g 25g 100g 450g
175 Utah 52-70R $1.85 $4.95 $8.25 $25.95 $72.50
176 Golden Self Blanching 1.85 4.95 8.25 24.95
180 Cutting Leaf-Amsterdam 1.85 4.95 9.75 32.00 48.95
182 Giant Prague Dolvi 1.85 5.95 9.85 29.95 98.95
By Seed Count Pkt 500sds 1000sds 2500sds 5000sds 25Msds
o177 Tango Hybrid Organic $3.25 $7.95 $12.25 $23.95 $39.75 $148.50
A182 Prinz Organic 3.95 14.95 19.95 41.95 71.50 295.00
180 Leaf Celery o182 Mars Organic Crop Failure

22 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

Chicory - Witloof - Radicchio
Chicoree A Racines -Cichoriensalat - Cicoria - Brussels Witlof
Prized for its bitter taste, Chicory is a popular salad ingredient. Radicchio, Chicory, Witloof, or
Belgian Endive is a European delicacy.
CULTURE: Traditionally chicory was direct seeded outdoors and then thinned out. If
transplanted they would produce 30-40% misformed heads. Newer hybrid varieties can be
transplanted with little problems. SOIL: Rich, sandy loam with good drainage. FERTILITY:
Adequate fertility and uniform amounts of water is essential for quality heads. GERMINA-
TION: 7-12 days at 70F/21C. Keep moist until growth is seen. SPACING: when seeding out- o189 Leonardo Hybrid Organic
doors sow like lettuce. Thin or transplant to 15cm/6 for chicory and 30cm/12 for Radicchio.
HARVEST: Pick when heads are tight, peel away outer leaves to expose red and white heads.
CULTURE: Direct sow into warmt soil in May-June. Do not allow night temperatures to dip
below 5C as cold nights can cause bolting. Thin out to 15cm/6. After first hard frost cut leaves
to 1 of base. Roots should be removed to outdoor or indoor forcing pit. Cover with 6 sand
or soil, with roots upright. Keep dark. Forcing time depends on temperature and variety used.
Ready when tips show through the soil. The green dandelion leaves are an excellent addition
to salads.
Pkt contains approx. O.P. 500-1000 sds; Hybrids 200-300 sds;400-600 sds/gm. D189 Fiero Hybrid

Forcing types Leaf types Radicchio

185 MECHELSE PPZ STRAIN 186 Galatina A189 Rita
An improved variety from the popular Witloof Unusual chicory type from Italy. This chicory Traditional open pollinated Radicchio from
growing region, Mechelen in Belgium. The PPZ forms voluminous heads with long, indented Italy. Many customers have requested a more
strain makes very uniform roots which will leaves, dark green with pronounced white ribs. economical Radicchio for direct seeding. Rita
produce 5 heads of high quality. For indoor and At the base of the heads short, wide cusps forms medium sized, well wrapped, concave
outdoor forcing with soil cover. grow, giving it a shape similar to a pine cone. heads with bright red leaves and white crisp
When the leaves are cut off, young shoots from ribs. For direct seeding only, will not form heads
188 FLASH F-1 the inside are often cut and used like asparagus, from transplant like the Hybrid types. 85 days
More uniform variety for early forcing. Flash this is an Italian specialty known as puntarelle.
needs a shorter dormant stage before forcing 70 days B189 INDIGO F-1
than Mechelse and can be stored longer before Early variety for spring and summer production.
forcing than other varieties. Best variety for A188 CATALOGNA SPECIAL, LAGUNA Produces #1 quality heads with 90-100%
hydroponic forcing. This variety can be forced Italian dandelion type. Deeply serrated forming. This variety produces large round
without cover which produces cleaner better dandelion-like leaves used many ways in Italian heads with improved firmness, internal colour,
quality witloof. Roots can be set in soil, moist Cuisine. Can be picked as a baby salad green or and heat tolerance. Can be grown in plugs unlike
perlite or water, using trays or pails. Market allowed to grow for bunching. the older types. 68 days
Red stalked and red veined broadleaf. Italian Attractive red/white heads for late summer and
dandelion type. fall harvest. Leonardo produces large, round,
189 GREENLOF (Sugarloaf) tight heads that withstand cool weather better
A vegetable combining the qualities of Endive than other varieties. Can be started in plugs
and Witloof. Can be used raw in salads or without twisting problems. Organically grown
cooked as Endive. Seed May-June for heads in seed. 81 days
the fall. 70 days
Tall Trevisio type
D189 FIERO F-1
This is the fanciest type available. Produces the
most uniform, deep coloured, 8-9 cylindrical
heads. Better bolt resistance and heat tolerance
then O.P. types. 70 days
188 Flash Hybrid

Cat# Description Pkt 5g 10g 25g 100g 450g

185 Mechelse PPZ Strain $1.95 $9.45 $32.50 $88.50
186 Galatina 1.85 6.95 19.95
188 Flash Hybrid 2.25 5.95 9.50 19.50 62.50
A188 Catalogna Special Laguna 1.85 4.95 16.25 42.50
B188 Italiko Rosso 1.85 4.95 16.95 39.95
189 Greenlof (Sugarloaf) 1.95 4.95 13.95 29.50
A189 Rita 1.85 4.25 9.50 22.50 78.50
By Seed Count Pkt 100sds 500sds 2500sds 5000sds 25Msds
B189 Indigo Hybrid $3.45 $5.95 $18.95 $64.50
o189 Leonardo Hybrid Organic 5.25 8.95 27.95 93.50
D189 Fiero Hybrid 3.45 6.45 21.95 68.50 B189 Indigo Hybrid

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 23
Sweet Corn Bi-Colour Types
Mais Sucre - Zucker - Suiker Mais B192 VITALITY f-1
Our best early, bicolour, triplesweet variety.
Sweet corn has become more popular over Vitality combines sweetness, cob quality, and
the last 15 years due to improved varieties early maturity, which is difficult to find in early
that mature earlier and stay sweet longer. sweet corn. It performs well in cold soil and
Most varieties are hybrids because of the is well-suited for the early market. The 8 ears
intense breeding done on sweet corn. have 14-16 rows with good husk protection and
CULTURE: Sow outdoors in late spring outstanding eating quality. Recommend market
variety. 66-68 days
when soil is warm, usually 2-4 weeks af-
ter field corn is planted. Cool weather and 192 PEACHES & CREAM EARLY f-1
excessive moisture will cause poor seed Also known as Honey and Cream. The traditional
emergence. SOIL: Corn can be grown in a early bicolour for most areas, having improved
wide range of soil types. Opt. pH 6.0 to 6.8 cob quality over Quikie. Pick when ready for it
FERTILITY: Corn thrives on liberal B192 Vitality Hybrid will not hold long in the field. Cobs are 12.5
amounts of Nitrogen. Apply part before long with 12-14 rows. 70 days
planting and again when corn is about Yellow types A192 PEACHES & CREAM MID f-1
2ft high. For proper ear placement and NEW 191 Spring Treat F-1 The original bi-colour variety. Produces kernel
fill out, corn requires adequate moisture. Earliest yellow for northern areas. Spring on 20cm/8 cobs of 16-18 rows. Old corn taste
GERMINATION: 5-7 days at 70 F/21C. Cool Treat produces 7 cobs with 14-16 rows that in a bi-colour package. 85 days
soil will decrease germination. SPACING: have great flavor and a sugar enhanced package
Sow 6-10cm/2-4 (6-8 machine seeding) for longer harvest. Plants are short 5 in height 196 JACKPOT F-1
apart and 1cm/1/2 deep in rows 75cm/30 and have tolerance to NLB, SW and rust. Good Excellent main season variety. Jackpot produces
apart. Thin out to 20cm/8. PESTS: Main cool soil vigor. 66 days uniform 16-18 row, 8-9 blunt ended cobs with
pests are ear worms & corn maggots. improved white and yellow kernel placement.
Control earworms with BTK applied to 193 KANDY KING F-1 Sweet and tender kernels are suited for on-
Outstanding eating quality. Kandy King is our the-cob eating, cutting and freezing. Plants are
husks at time of pollination and 1 week second best yellow. While it is not as early as strong and healthy with little to no tillering, often
after. Corn maggots can be controlled by other early yellows, it is much better quality producing 2 cobs per plant. One of the best
seed treatment. Untreated sweet corn seed than Seneca Horizon, but only a few days later. varieties for later sowing due to its resistance to
is more susceptible to temperature change It produces attractive top size 23cm/9 cobs Rust and Stewarts Wilt. Pkt = 35g. 78 days
and insect damage. In our area, rusts are the with 16 rows of sweet juicy kernals. Excellent tip
main disease problem in late summer. Use fill and easy to pick plus it holds the sweetness NEW o196 Luscious F-1 Organic O
tolerant varieties if growing in late summer. for extended harvest. Shows tolerance to rusts Main season Bicolor available as
and Stewarts Wilt. 73 days Organic. Luscious produces large 8 blunt ears
TIPS: For proper pollination plant the are easy to pick and are filled to the tip, even
same variety in blocks of 4 rows or more. 199 KANDY KORN F-1 under adverse conditions. 16-18 rows of white
Pkt contains 35g (unless otherwise Beautiful crimson-green husks with bright and yellow kernals packed with real corn taste.
indicated) and sows approx. 50ft; 125g yellow kernals. Kandy Korn was one of the Strong healthy plants have tolerance to NLB,
sows 120ft; 450g sows 450ft; 5 kg/acre; first sucessful yellow SE types and as its name SW and rust. Average soil vigour. 75 days
suggests, the 8-9 cobs contain sweet yellow
4000-5000 sds/kg kernels, delicious for fresh eating and also 201 SERENDIPITY F-1
for freezing. Kandy Korns crimson stalks and The first Triplesweet corn. Exceptional eating
red-green husks give extra colour to the garden. quality, Serendipity has high sugars with
Freezer 85 days real corn taste and excellent field holding
capability. Good vigorous plants produce 8
200 HONEY SELECT F-1 long cobs with 16-18 rows of tender kernels.
Always the real winner in our garden. It Highly recommended. Extended harvest ability.
is the sweetest yellow corn we have tried. Triplesweet. 82 days
Honey Select features tenderness, flavor, and
sweetness, and tends to produce large 8-9, Note: Our seed is not treated. Due to
refined ears with medium green husks and unpredictability of soil temperatures and
good flags. High sugars with real corn taste moisture, we cannot be held liable for
plus excellent field holding capability. Highly germination failure when soil is too cool or
recommended and award winning (AAS winner wet. For early crops we suggest seeding
2001). Triplesweet. 78 days only part and covering with a row cover.

200 Honey Select Hybrid

Cat# Description Pkt 125g 450g 2 kg 5 kg 10 kg 22.5kg
(40g) 1lb 4.4 lbs 11 lbs 22 lbs* 50 lbs**
192 Peaches & Cream Early $3.85 $6.25 $15.95 $55.95 $115.50 $219.00 $465.00
A192 Peaches & Cream Mid 3.75 5.25 16.25 52.95 115.00 210.00 435.00
193 Kandy King 3.95 5.95 17.95 59.85 121.95 221.00 425.00
196 Jackpot Hybrid 3.95 6.95 18.95 64.95 135.00 245.00 495.00
199 Kandy Korn Hybrid 3.95 5.95 16.75 59.50 118.50 221.00 445.00
200 Honey Select (Pkt=25g) 3.45 7.95 19.50 71.50 158.00 265.00 545.00
201 Serendipity (Pkt=25g) 3.25 7.95 19.85 69.85 142.50 263.95 545.00
By Seed Count Pkt 500sds 2000sds 10Msds 25Msds 50Msds
191 Spring Treat (125sds) $2.95 6.95 16.95 66.50 135.00 265.00
B192 Vitality (125sds) $4.95 $8.95 $25.95 $89.50 $195.00 $345.00
A192 Peaches & Cream Mid Hybrid o196 Luscious Org (125sds) $4.95 8.95 26.95 89.50 195.00 345.00

24 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

201 Serendipity Hybrid
A214 Corentine Hybrid B212 Eureka Hybrid

Pickling Cucumbers
CULTURE: See Cucumbers SPACING: For hand harvest plant 4 seeds per hill 18-24 apart in
rows 4-5 feet.
Tip: When harvesting pickles, pick when young. Do not allow pickles to mature or your yield
will be dramatically reduced. Many growers have shown interest in Patio Pickle which is a
true bush hybrid type and can be planted in high densities.
Seed requirements: 25g-100ft; 1-2 kg/ 2.5-4 lbs/acre.
Pkt contains approx. O.P 40-120 sds; Hybrids 20-60 sds; 30-40 sds/gm.


Extra early, heavily productive pickle. An Grows to 6 in length, for use in all types of
196 Jackpot Hybrid early-maturing parthenocarpic hybrid pickling pickling. Light green in colour, 3 long x 2 thick
cucumber developed for northern climates 55 days
where temperatures are cool or pickles need to
be grown under cover. It is not dependent on B212 EUREKA F-1
insect pollination. Mathilde produces 6-7 fruits Excellent dark-green main season variety.
at each node. Spined fruits have an attractive Considered the industry standard, Eureka is
dark green colour, good consistency, and one of the nicest pickling varieties. Produces
no bitterness. Suitable for fresh market and quality pickles with an excellent length-diameter
processing. Like Cool Breeze, it can be grown ratio of 3:1. Eureka is very disease tolerant and
in tunnels and under cover without needing to consistently out yields all other varieties.
allow bees to pollinate. Resistant to Cucumber 54 days
Mosaic Virus, Cladosporium, and Powdery
Mildew, tolerant to Downy Mildew 42 days
o212 SUMTER Organic O
One of the darker green, better quality open
A214 CORENTINE F-1 pollinated varieties. Sumter produces good
Very early, improved European Gherkin. quality blocky fruit, its plants have a better
Developed for the eastern European market, than average tolerance to PW, ALS + SLAB.
which demands high quality, early gherkins with organically grown seed. 55 days
slow seed development. Corentine is a smooth 214 WISCONSIN SMR 58
skin gherkin that stays crisp long after picking. The standard home garden pickle. Has
192 Peaches & Cream Early Being parthenocarpic, it does not require vigourous vines producing medium green
pollination and is suited to tunnel growing, blocky fruit ( length-diameter ratio of 2.5) with
where conditions do not allow for mechanical black spines. Developed by the University of
pollination. Strong plants with good vigour have Wisconsin. It is resistant to Scab and Cucumber
the ability to set fruit under cool conditions. Mosaic. 56 days
Good for use as pickles or mini cucumbers.
45 days

Cat# Description Pkt 5g 25g 100g 450g 2 kg

1lb 4.4 lbs
210 National Pickling 1.85 4.25 8.45 26.75 78.00
o212 Sumter Organic 2.05 7.95 15.95 42.50
214 Wisconsin SMR 58 1.85 4.95 8.45 25.50 75.00
By Seed Count Pkt 150sds 500sds 2500sds 10Msds 25Msds
211 Mathilde Hybrid 2.75 6.95 17.95 62.50 178.95 365.00
B212 Eureka Hybrid 2.45 6.95 17.45 52.95 153.50 335.00
211 Mathilde Hybrid A214 Corentine Hybrid 2.65 6.95 18.45 63.95 225.00 485.00

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 25
Concombre - Gurken - Cetrioli Komkommers
For many years Cucumbers have been a main item to many home gardens. The cucumber is na-
tive to India and western Asia where it has been cultivated for over 3000 years. In the early 9th
century it was introduced to Europe. Cucumbers are high in purified water, contains numerous
minerals particularly magnesium and phosphorus, and Vitamin A&C. Today, many types of
cucumbers are available each having its distinct growing form and ethnic use.
CULTURE: Cucumbers are warm season plants, temperatures under 55F/10C can severely af-
fect plants. Can be started indoors or outdoors. SOIL: Cucumbers prefer well drained, light
textured soils, but will grow on almost every type of soil. FERTILITY: Apply a slow release,
well rounded fertilizer before planting. Cucumbers require even moisture especially when
fruits are forming. GERMINATION: 5-7 days at least 70 F/21C. If soil is cool, cucumber
seeds will not germinate. SPACING: Sow seeds 3-6cm/1-2 apart and 1cm/ 1/2 deep in rows
4-6 feet apart. Thin out to 20cm/8 or plant 3-4 seeds in hills 24 apart. PESTS: The main
pests are the striped cucumber beetle (which attacks young plants and spreads Mosaic), and
the squash vine borer (controls moths). Control with Rotenone, Ambush, Diatomaceaous
Earth, or row covers. Many diseases can attack cucumbers. The best controls are using
resistant cultivars and crop rotation.
Tip: We prefer starting cucumbers indoors in 4 pots (3-4 seeds/pot) for even germinating
temperatures. When transplanting, plant as a clump - do not break apart.
o202 Flamingo Hybrid Organic
Pkt contains approx. O.P. 40-125 sds; Hybrids 6-35 sds; 30-40 sds/gm.

Greenhouse Types Extra Long Types

Needs warmer soil temperature (75F/24C) for A206 TASTY GREEN F-1
proper germination. For other types that can Powdery & Downy Mildew Tolerant! Re-
also be grown in the greenhouse, see variet- introduction from the 90s. Tasty Green was
ies #A209, #A203, A207, and A214. always one of our favourite Japanese style
burpless cucumber, but was unavailable
o202 FLAMINGO F-1 ORGanic
Greenhouse slicing variety for year round
O untreated until recently. Tasty Green produces
10-12 slender, bright green cucumbers. For
growing. Produces straight 14-16 dark green, optimum taste and tenderness pick when
smooth skinned, seedless fruits. Flamingo 1/2-1 thick. Suitable for greenhouse culture if
can be grown in soil or substrate media. It is pollinated. Grows straighter when it is trellised.
a hardy plant, resistant to Powdery Mildew, 65 days
Pythium Rot, Corynespora Blight, and Scab. A209 Sweet Success Hybrid
Parthenocarpic Organically grown seed. B206 PROGRESS F-1
Pkt (7sds) $11.95; 25 sds $33.50; 150sds Improved Tasty Green. Better colour and
$149.50; 500sds $395.00 improved straightness. Same high quality
taste and texture. Highly recommended for all
e202 PALLADIUM F-1 ORGanic
Greenhouse slicing variety for growing in
O purposes. Crisp, tasty, burpless, 10-14 slim
fruits of dark green colour. Easy to digest for
soil. Palladium is meant for production in those who have problems with other types. Pick
summer and early autumn, as it does well in young when 1 thick for best quality. Early and
the heat. High yielding plants with uniform long bearing. 60 days
35-40cm/14-16 dark green fruits. Resistance to
Corynespora Blight, Scab, Powdery Mildew, and C206 SWEETER YET F-1
Heat Scorch. Parthenocarpic. Organically grown. Better tasting, burpless cucumber. Great
Pkt (7sds) $12.95; 25 sds $35.50; 150sds flavour-fresh and sweet. It produces 10-12
$153.50; 500sds $395.00 long, smooth dark green fruits on vigorous,
healthy plants. Sweeter Yet can be trellised for
A202 TELEGRAPH IMPROVED straightest fruit or allowed to crawl on ground.
Long, dark green, smooth, mostly seedless fruits. Best picked when 1 1/2-2 in diameter. Multiple
Crisp, fresh 15-17 long fruits yield prolifically. disease tolerances. Gynoecious - requires a
A203 Salad Bush Hybrid
More economical for outdoor culture. Best grown pollinator. 55 days
on a trellis system. Needs to have pollination to
produce fruit. Pkt contains 20-30sds. 57 days A209 SWEET SUCCESS F-1
This is the earliest yielding cucumber. Being an
all-female flowered, parthenocarpic (type not
requiring pollination to form fruits) slicing table
cucumber, it can yield almost a week earlier than
other types. Grows well outdoors on the ground
or on a trellis. In the greenhouses it produces an
abundance of long, dark green, bitterfree, 9-11
fruits. Disease resistant.
48 days

C206 Sweeter Yet Hybrid B206 Progress Hybrid

26 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

204 Iznik Hybrid 209 Sweet Slice Hybrid 208 Fanfare Hybrid 207 Babylon Hybrid

Bush Types Mid-East Types Standard

203 SPACEMASTER 80 207 BABYLON F-1 American Slicers
Good quality, open pollinated semi-bush variety. Rich green Middle Eastern cucumber. Babylon 205 STRAIGHT EIGHT HL
Produces a good yield of medium green, 6-8 is the most popular variety in the Middle East, Popular, light green cucumber. Produces 6-8
fruits. Not for container growing because where it was sold exclusively for the past 5 long by 2 1/2 -3 wide fruits. Widely adapted
Spacemaster requires more plants for proper years. Babylon produces a more consistent and used for salads and pickling purposes.
pollination. 60 days length x diameter ratio than Amira, which it 68 days
replaces. Like Amira, it is an extremely heavy
A203 SALAD BUSH F-1 yielder with a good tolerance to Downy and 206 MARKETMORE 76
One of the heaviest yielding cucumbers Powdery Mildew. Best picked when 3-4 long. Best open pollinated variety for market use.
available. Produces an abundance of 8-9 55 days Before the introduction of hybrid varieties,
straight dark green fruits on healthy compact Marketmore was the industry standard. It is
plants. Being parthenocarpic, it does not A207 DIVA F-1 a productive slicing cucumber variety with
require pollination and produces fruits early. AAS winner 2002. Crisp bitter free cucumbers. dark green 20cm/8 fruits. More tolerant to
Excellent variety for container growing. Disease One of the sweetest in our tests. Divas fruits Cucumber Scab, Mosaic, Powdery Mildew,
resistance and tolerant to: Powdery Mildew, are 4, slender and smooth, glossy green in Angular Leaf Spot and Aanthracnose than
Downy Mildew, Cucumber Scab, Mosaic Virus, colour. Plants are healthy, semi-bush habit and other O.P.s. 65 days
and Target Leaf Spot. 50 days are adapted to most growing areas in North
204 iznik F-1
America. Diva is a parthenocarpic (female o206 MARKETMORE 70 Organic O
flowered) Beta Alpha type which does not need Similar to above, but organically grown seed.
Excellent mini cucumbers for container pollination and contains few seeds. Tolerance to 68 days
gardens. Iznik produces shiny green finger Heat, Powdery Mildew and Scab. 52 days
length (4/10cm) cucumbers with smooth 208 FANFARE F-1
skins that make a crispy fresh snack. Since it is One of the heaviest yielding slicing cucumbers
parthenocarpic and high yielding (up to 5 fruits in our trials. Produces smooth, cylindrical, dark-
per leaf axil) it is perfect for container cultivation green, 8-9 fruits on healthy, semi-dwarf vines.
or in small gardens. 48 days High quality uniform fruits, and with a longer
harvest period. Fanfare is resistant and tolerant
to many diseases such as: Powdery Mildew,
Cat# Description Pkt 5g 25g 100g 450g 2 kg Downy Mildew, Cucumber Mosaic Virus, Ang
1lb 4.4 lbs Leaf Spot, Anthracnose, and Scab. 55 days
A202 Telegraph Improved $1.95 $6.95 $18.50 $51.50 $185.00 209 SWEET SLICE F-1
203 Spacemaster 80 1.85 3.25 5.95 12.25 39.75 Burpless and bitterfree! Sweet Slice was the
205 Straight Eight 1.85 4.95 8.95 23.75 74.50 first American cucumber to be burpless. Fruits
are 9 long and 2 wide, can be picked thinner;
206 Marketmore 76 1.85 5.25 8.95 26.50 88.50 no need to peel skin. Healthy plants are one of
o206 Marketmore 70 Organic 2.25 3.95 9.45 26.95 75.50 the earliest field cucumbers. 52 days
By Seed Count Pkt 150sds 500sds 2500sds 10Msds 25Msds
E202 Palladium Hybrid Organic S ee below description for prices
o202 Flamingo Hybrid Organic See below description for prices
A203 Salad Bush Hybrid $4.95 $24.95 $58.95 $199.50
204 Iznik Hybrid 6.95 94.95 238.00 825.00
A206 Tasty Green Hybrid 1.95 6.95 16.95 58.50 182.50 425.00
B206 Progress Hybrid 2.45 12.50 32.50 125.00 345.00
C206 Sweeter Yet Hybrid 2.85 8.25 20.95 74.50 215.00
207 Babylon Hybrid 2.35 7.95 19.95 69.95 205.00 495.00
A207 Diva Hybrid 1.95 5.95 12.45 32.95 91.25
208 Fanfare Hybrid 2.35 6.95 18.75 72.50 245.00 495.00
209 Sweet Slice Hybrid 2.95 9.25 23.95 84.50 292.50
A209 Sweet Success Hybrid 6.95 38.95 73.50 335.00 A206 Tasty Green Hybrid

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 27
Native to India, the eggplant has been cul-
tivated for 1500 years in Asia. It is known
as Aubergine or Brinjal in many countries,
it adopted the Eggplant name from early 215 Batavian No. 5
American settlers because early variet-
ies resembled goose eggs. It is a member
of the Solanium family in close relation to
Endive - Escarole
peppers, potatoes and tomatoes. Eggplants Chicoree Scarole-Endiven-Cicoria -Scaro-
come in many different shapes and colors, la-Andijvie
relative to the ethnic groups. Eggplants are 221 Black Enorma Hybrid Endive originated as a staple vegetable in
a source of folic acid. Europe. Presently it is one of the main salad
CULTURE: Eggplant is a warm season plant greens in the world. Endive can be eaten
similar to Tomatoes. Start indoors in April- in a salad or cooked like spinach. It has a
May or 8 weeks before planting in the gar- bitter-sweet taste.
den. Transplant outdoors after danger of CULTURE: Start outdoors in June to avoid
frost is gone and night time temperatures bolting in cold weather. Curled types: Sow
are above 50F/10C. See Tomatoes for more outdoors early spring to July. Sow like let-
cultural information. tuce. Thin or transplant 30cm/12 apart.
Blanch heads by tying leaves up to produce
Tip: Harvest before becoming fully mature a milder flavour.
for longer storage.
Pkt sows approx. 30ft row; and contains
Pkt contains approx. O.P. 70-200 sds; 900-2000 sds; 600-1000 sds/gm.
Hybrids 40-50sds; 150-300 sds/gm 223 Calliopie Hybrid
Broadleaf Escarole
Striped Fruits Dark Purple fruits
o222 Rosa Bianca Organic O 221 BLACK ENORMA F-1 Traditional Dutch endive for blanching and
Midseason, open- pollinated, Italian heirloom. Very early with extra large fruits. Black Enorma cooking. Forms an extra large, well filled head
3 to 4 inch by 5 inch, 2 to 4 pound white fruit produces traditional eggplants long before which readily blanches itself to a creamy yellow
with lavender streaks and a creamy, pudding- other varieties start setting. Medium sized plants inside. Fullheart strain. 85 days
like flesh. Fruit is narrow at the top, widening are strong and suited to outdoor and cold frame
with indentations almost in folds like fabric. growing. Fruits are 500-680g, long oval shaped, NEW 216 Perlita Organic O
Organically grown seed. 80 days with attractive shiny dark black colour and green Exceptional Batavian type from Germany.
calyxes.Shown to have tolerance to Bacterial It will set heads under adverse conditions
NEW 223 Calliopie F-1 Wilt. 59 days-baby, 65 days because it has a very good bolt tolerance.
Striped baby fruits. Calliope produces Unlike other broadleaf types it can be planted in
beautiful purple striped with white fruits with 222 VITTORIA F-1 the spring for summer harvest. It produces full
green calyx. Asian style fruits that can be Improved dark purple, extra long tear-drop Batavian heads that are tight, self blanching with
picked as 2 baby or left to mature to 3-4 size. Italian eggplant. Vittoria can be picked as small a soft yellowish green heart and full of flavor.
High yielding under cool conditions. Plants are baby tear-drop eggs, which are preferred in For open field and green house production.
nearly spineless. 64 days Middle Eastern cuisine, or allowed to mature to
10 in length. Early and vigorous grower. Green Frilly - Frisee type
calyx. 60 days
A224 MILLIONAIRE F-1 Shoe-lace leaf frisee. Compared to Neo, Rhodos
Long slender oriental type. Millionaire is extra is more of a serrated type with less curls. It
early and produces 200g brilliant black 11 produces a dense self blanching head that is
fruits with a dark purple calyx. Its plants are excellent in salad mixes. Both heat and cold
upright, medium in height and suitable for tolerant. 50 days
greenhouse and open field culture. Millionaire is 220 GREEN CURLED RUFFEC
one of the best quality oriental long types that
Frisee type' crisp and tender. For salads
we have tested. 60- 65 daysand garnishing. Rich green, finely cut,
curled leaves which can be blanched to
A224 Millionaire Hybrid creamy white by tying. 70 days
Cat# Description Pkt 5g 15g 25g 100g 450g
215 Batavian #5 $1.85 $4.65 $9.95 $28.00
216 Perlita Organic 3.95 14.65 32.95 39.95 99.95
217 Rhodos 2.25 9.65 23.95 34.25 99.50
220 Green Curled Ruffec 1.85 4.25 9.25 28.00
o222 Rosa Bianca Organic 2.45 6.45 14.95 19.95
By Seed Count Pkt 250 sds 1M 5M 10M 25M
221 Black Enorma Hybrid $1.95 $4.95 $12.95 $44.50 $69.50 $142.50
222 Vittoria Hybrid 1.95 4.95 12.95 51.50 83.50
o222 Rosa Bianca Organic
223 Calliopie Hybrid 2.95 10.95 32.95 92.95
A224 Millionaire Hybrid 1.95 5.95 13.95 52.00 78.00
28 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom
Foeniculum vulgare
Popular European and Mediterranean
bulb vegetable. The bulb, stalks and leaves
are used in recipes having an annise like
flavour. Fennel is a great source of vitamin C
and phytonutrient Anethole.
Foliage types
Recommended for foliage use. Will form a bulb
(100 days) at the base of the stem which has
435 Orion Hybrid B139 Mei Qing Choi Hybrid A139 Joi Choi Hybrid
a sweet anise flavour. It can be eaten raw or
cooked. The seeds are used for flavouring.
Pkt=150-200 sds. Pak Choy
Red tinged foliage with a distinct liquorice Highly regarded in Asian cuisine. Used in
flavour. It produces a strong tap root rather than stir fries, casseroles, soups and salads. Easy
a bulb. Foliage is useful in cooking and salads, to grow.
and as a filler in flower arrangements. It is a
hardy perennial in our area. Pkt=150-200sds. CULTURE: Sow in spring to fall in succes-
sion for constant yields. Sow bolt tolerant
Bulbing Types varieties from June to August.
o433 FINALE ORGANIC O Pkt contains approx. O.P. 500-600 sds;
Hybrids 100-150 sds; 250-300 sds/gm.
Healthy upright growing foliage and firm,
uniform bulbs. Resists bolting in heat for earlier 139 CANTON WHITE STEM
summer production. Matures in about 80 days. 434 Bronze Fennel Smokey Preferred type for baby greens. Common, open
Organically grown seed. Pkt=100-150 sds. pollinated type. 50 days
435 ORION F-1 A139 JOI CHOI F-1
Superior selection of Florence Fennel for market Best all-round pak choy for both baby production
growers. Baseball-sized, (3 1/2) flat-round, and harvesting full sized. Joi choi produces a
white bulbs that mature in about 80 days. Orion heavy bunch with snow white petioles and dark
is bolt resistant and tip-burn tolerant. green, well rounded leaves. Its strong plants
Pkt=40-50sds. resist bolting both in cold and heat unlike other
varieties. Very well rounded base gives an
excellent presentation at market. 50 days
The preferred green stemmed Pak Choy. Mei
Qing Choi produces small compact vase shaped
plants that can be picked both as a baby and
o433 Fennel, Finale Organic 433 Finnochio/Florence as a full sized bunch. Its petioles are light, pale
green and flat with rich green leaves. Like Joi
Choi, it is very uniform and slow to bolt under
heat and cold stress. 45 days
C139 Ming Choi F-1
Ming Choi is a brand new dwarf pak choi that
has outstanding bolt resistance. In the past
couple of years we have trialed many dwarf
varieties, of which many bolted too soon.
Similar to Joi Choi, but growing only 2/3rds
216 Perlita Organic the size, very compact, and heavy. Ming Choi
produces sturdy snow white petioles with dark
green slightly savoyed leaves. For mini- size
C139 Ming Choi Hybrid space plants 2-3 apart. 35-40 days
Cat# Description Pkt 2g 10g 25g 100g 450g
139 Canton White Stem $1.85 2.95 $5.25 $12.50 $21.50
433 Florence Fennel 1.95 3.25 4.95 12.95 32.50
o433 Finale Organic 2.95 5.95 17.95 35.75 105.95
434 Smokey-Bronze Fennel 2.25 3.95 11.75 21.50
By Seed Count Pkt 250 sds 1M 5M 10M 25M
A139 Joi Choi Hybrid $1.95 $5.95 $17.95 $29.95 $62.50
B139 Mei Qing Choi Hybrid 1.95 6.25 18.25 29.50 59.75
C139 Ming Choi Hybrid 1.95 6.75 19.75 34.95 62.50
217 Rhodos
435 Orion Hybrid 2.45 5.85 17.95 64.95

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 29

612 Red Flash Orach 607 Green Wave 609 Tsoi-Sim

611 Red Leaf

Specialty & Choho Garland

Oriental Greens 600 CHOHO F-1
Hybrid cross between Tatsoi and Komatsuna.
601 Chrysanthemum coronarium
Garland. Aromatic greens. Round, serrated,
The market for specialty & Japanese greens Used in Japanese cooking. Dark green leaves large, thick leaves with attractive bright green
has increased rapidly in the past few years are thick and semi-savoyed; plants are upright colour. Vigorous grower when planted in spring
due to public interest in salads, salad mix- and uniform. Highly tolerant against Downy and late summer. Used in Japanese cooking
tures, and international cuisine. Please find Mildew, White Rust and Heat. Pkt=1gm. and salads.
listed below our selection of greens, most of
which grow best in the spring and fall. Pkt Claytonia Komatsuna
contains approx. 2 gm. 613 MINERS LETTUCE 602 KOMATSUNA
Cold hardy. Heart shaped leaves are used to give Easy to grow. Upright, fresh green plant
Amaranth salads a fresh taste. Grows best in cool weather. produces tender, mild stalks with dark green
Also known as winter purslane. 1200-1500 sds/ rounded leaves. Good for salads and braising.
611 RED LEAF gm. Pkt=3/4gm.
Interesting red leaves with soft texture. Used to Mibuna
brighten up salads. 800-1200 sds/gm. Pkt=1 gm.
Cress 603 MIBUNA - Green Spray F-1
614 HU HSIEN 630 GARDEN CRESS Vigorous, high yielding variety with slender,
New vegetable amaranth from the Orient that is smooth, non-lobed leaves. Mild taste for use in
very attractive in a salad mix. Large light green Peppergrass. A quick growing, extra curly
cress that is ready to eat in two weeks. Tasty on salads and stir fries. Pkt=1/2 gm.
round leaves with distinct burgundy centres
and veins. Also known as Calaloo in Caribbean sandwiches or in salads. Pkt=5g. 10 days
cultures. 25 days 632 UPLAND CRESS
Barbarea verna praecox. An alternative to 604 MIZUNA
Atriplex Watercress, more pungent than regular cress, Very prolific, bolt tolerant green producing up
but suited to dry areas. Barbarea has dark green to 200 stems with holly-like serrated leaves.
612 Red Flash Orach rosettes of leaves that are used in salads and Excellent in gourmet salads and stir-fry.
New vigorous Atriplex with outstanding colour.
braising. Annual; 450-600sds/gm.
Colourful salad ingredient from Europe. Reddish NEW o604 Lahav Organic O
arrow shaped leaves with fuschia undersides. 635 WATERCRESS, AQUA Reselection, having more upright and
Can be picked off allowing plant to continue Nasturtium officinale. Succulent, pungent leaves uniform serrated leaves. Mild spicy flavor. Holds
growing. Similar in culture to spinach. Bred in that grow best in or next to water. Harvest when well after harvest. Organically grown seed.
Europe for the baby and cut greens industry. plants are 10-30cm/4-12. Aqua has a larger
300-400 sds/gm. Pkt=1gm. leaf and is higher yielding than other types. NEW
a604 Red Frills Organic O
Recommended for professional use. Perennial. Deeply notched purple-red serrated
3500-4000 sds/gm. Pkt=3/4gm. leaves. Great filler in baby salad mixes. Medium
hot spicy mustard flavour. Organically grown.

620 Healthkick Salad Blend

Healthkick Salad Blend

Serve up a bowl of phyto-nutrients, attractively
packaged in an assortment of greens and
lettuces. Contains varieties of kale, mustard,
lettuce, etc. High in folic acid, antioxidants, and
beta carotene. For braising or salads.
Pkt (2g)$1.85; 10g $3.95;
25g $6.95; 100g $21.50; 450g $62.00 o610 Green Coin Organic 614 Hu Hsien 630 Garden Cress

30 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

Purslane -Pourpier
A popular European vegetable prepared as
a cooked green or used raw in salads like
spinach. High in omega-3 fatty acids and
Vitamin E (7X that of spinach).
CULTURE: Purslane likes warm soil to ger-
minate. SOIL: Greens will tolerate a broad
range of soils, but prefers warm sandy loam.
PH 6.5-7 FERTILITY: Ensure adequate lev-
els of nitrogen for proper leaf color. Exces-
sive fertilizing will cause rapid growth and
weak stems. GERMINATION: Sow out-
603 Mibuna 605 Fun Jen A604 Mizuna Red Frills Organic
doors in warm soil. SPACING: Seed thick
Mustard like spinach. 3 seeds per inch. PESTS: Few
known other than some molds that form
Popular oriental green used to add zest to under high humidity.
salads. Can also be served lightly cooked.
Contains 2500-3500 sds/gm.
Fast growing, productive Pai-Tsai green from 330 GREEN
Taiwan. Fun Jen is a sweet tasting, mild Upright growing. Cut when about 4-6 tall. A
mustard with crisp tender leaves and stems. cultivated form of wild purslane (Portulaca
Produces smooth, white petioles with slightly oleracea). Seed June-Aug. 20-30 days
wrinkled light green broad leaves. Plant is semi- 331 GOLDEN
spreading and is tolerant to both heat and cold. Large, medium-green with golden tinge with
Can be picked as a bunch as soon as 35 days 601 Garland 602 Komatsuna upright growth habit for easy picking. Adds a
from sowing. 35 days crisp and lemony flavour to salads. High in anti-
606 Deep Purple oxidants. 20-30 days
New purple mustard. Produces top quality
mustard greens that turn purple earlier and
deeper than other varieties. Outstanding colour
in our spring, summer, and fall trials. Excellent
for baby greens and full sized heads.
Light green frilled leaves with pungent flavour.
Can also be used as trap crop for flea beetles.

Tsoi-sim 600 Choho 613 Miners Lettuce 330 Green 331 Golden
609 TSOI-SIM Cat# Description Pkt 5g 25g 100g 450g 2kg
Flowering brassica. Thick shiny leaves on tender 1 lb 4.4 lbs
stalks. Eat when young stalks get flowers. 330 Purslane Green $1.85 $2.95 $6.95 $19.95 $42.50
Chinese origin. 331 Purslane Golden 1.95 3.75 10.95 31.50
Tatsoi 600 Choho Hybrid 1.95 4.65 13.95 44.50 135.00
601 Chry. / Garland 1.85 4.95 16.95 56.50
610 TATSOI 602 Komatsuna 1.85 3.25 5.95 14.95 39.50 155.50
Popular oriental vegetable used for cooking and
as a salad green. Spoon shaped, thick green 603 Mibuna-Green Spray 1.95 5.45 16.95 45.95 128.50
leaves form a compact rosette growth. Tender 604 Mizuna 1.85 4.95 14.95 28.50 99.50
and flavourful. High vitamin content. o604 Mizuna -Lahav Organic 1.95 3.95 6.95 17.95 42.95
NEW o610 Green Coin Org O A604 Mizuna-Red Frills Org 1.95 4.95 9.65 21.95 59.95
Top quality Tatsoi, bred and reselected 605 Fun Jen 1.85 3.45 5.95 9.50 38.00 132.00
for colour and strong leaf structure. Mild 606 Deep Purple 1.85 2.95 4.75 13.95 39.50 139.50
mustard flavor. Great for salad blends.
607 Green Wave 1.85 3.95 12.95 24.25 68.50
609 Tsoi-Sim 1.85 6.95 18.95 48.50 178.50
610 Tatsoi 1.85 4.95 15.95 38.50 128.50
o610 Tatsoi-Green Coin Org 1.95 3.95 6.95 17.95 46.95
611 Amaranth Red leaf 1.95 3.75 8.95 24.50 84.00
612 Red Flash Orach 1.95 5.95 16.95 48.50 158.50
613 Claytonia Miners Lettuce 1.95 5.75 17.50 44.50 145.00
614 Hu Hsein 1.95 3.65 8.95 17.95 46.50
620 Healthkick Salad Blend see description for prices
630 Garden Cress 1.85 2.95 6.25 16.50 49.50
632 Upland Cress 1.85 4.25 10.95 36.50
606 Deep Purple 610 Tatsoi 635 Watercress, Aqua 1.85 4.25 15.95 45.95 179.50

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 31
Poireau - Poree - Porro - Prei
A valuable garden vegetable that originated in the Mediterranean and has been used since
Roman times. Leek has a mild, sweet onion taste and is used raw in salads or cooked in soups
and stews.
CULTURE: For extra early leeks start indoors Feb-April sowing directly into final containers.
Summer varieties can be started outdoors in early spring. SOIL: prefers sandy loam soil rich
in organic matter. pH 6 -7. FERTILITY: adequate moisture is needed for optimum quality.
Generally leek requires added nitrogen. GERMINATION: 10 days at 50-70F/10-21C. Clip part
of the top off to keep from getting floppy. SPACING: Thin or transplant to 15cm/6 in rows
18-32 apart. DISEASES: Control Downy Mildew with Serenade Gardens (see insecticides sec-
tion of catalogue).
Tip: To get longer and larger leeks, hill up or plant in a 15cm/6 deep furrow and fill it in as
the leek grows.
Pkt. contains approx. 150-250 sds; 300-350 sds/gm. o228 Catcher Hybrid Organic

Summer / Fall Types Winter Storage Types

225 LANCELOT 228 Bandit
One of the nicest fall leeks in our trials! Lancelot Improved winter type. Bandit is a great variety
produces high quality, long (8), slender, white for late fall where freezing can burst other leeks.
shafts with perfect blue-green, upright leaves. It is considered a traditional winter or storage
Uniform plants with little to no bulbing. Good leek. Bandit produces nice long shanks without
frost tolerance. 95 days hilling. Flags are blue-green and very healthy.
Replaces Sheriff in our selection. 110 days
Always first to mature. Jolant is an improved o228 Catcher F-1 Organic O
summer leek with a long white shaft with green Best quality leek in our trials! Catcher is our
blue leaves. Its large stems are very white first Hybrid leek, having much improved vigour,
and mild. Jolant is best used for early harvest uniformity, and shank quality over non-hybrids. 228 Bandit
because it does not have as good of frost The hybrid leeks in our trials were tall and thin.
tolerance. 75 days Catcher was the only one that produces tall
heavy white shanks about 8-10 long combined
227 AUTUMN GIANT with a 2-3 shaft diameter. This is a nice and
A giant strain for fall. A vigorous grower with tall variety with blue-green upright leaves, for
large creamy white shanks and green leaves. fall and early-winter production. Good storage.
Preferred leek for boxplant growers. 85 days Organically Grown Seed. Pkt contains approx.
o227 HANNIBAL Organic O 35 seeds. 110 days
Improved Autumn Giant Selection. Hannibal is
an autumn-fall variety, producing long (6) white
heavy shafts with upright, green-blue leaves.
We have tested Hannibal for the last number of
years and have been satisfied with its uniformity o227 Hannibal Organic 101 Red Russian
and colour. Not as winter hardy as Sheriff.
Organically grown seed. 85 days

96 Darkibor Hybrid

226 Jolant 225 Lancelot

Cat# Description Pkt 5g 25g 100g 450g
227 Autumn Giant $1.85 $5.95 $17.50 $55.95
Hannibal Organic 2.45 10.95 28.75 82.95 315.00
By Seed Count Pkt 250sds 1M 5M 25M 100M
225 Lancelot $2.35 $6.85 $23.95 $76.50 $255.00
226 Jolant 2.35 6.95 24.95 77.95 256.00
228 Bandit 2.35 6.75 22.65 75.95 253.95
o228 Catcher Hybrid Organic 5.25 19.95 51.95 234.50 745.50 2575.00 102 Redbor Hybrid 98 Nero Di Toscana

32 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

Kale - Borecole Corn Salad
Choux Frises- Grunkohl - Cavalo Riccio Verde - Boerenkool Maches
Grown for its greens, Kale can be used to dress up salads, in stir fries, as a garnish, or mashed Popular European and Russian vegetable
with potatoes and sausage (German and Dutch delicacy). Rich in Vitamin C and other miner- that is cooked like spinach. In North Amer-
als. Frost improves flavour. ica it is increasingly being used as a salad
green in mixed salad blends. Corn Salad has
CULTURE: Mainly grown for fall and winter crop. Will remain alive into winter and over win- a soft, thick, spoon shaped leaf.
ter in mild areas. For early crops start indoors 4-6 weeks before planting out. For late crops,
seed direct in June-July. SOIL: Kale will tolerate a broad range of soil, but prefers sandy loam. CULTURE: Corn Salad is a cold toler-
PH 6.5-7 FERTILITY: Ensure adequate levels of nitrogen. Keep a regular watering schedule so ant green that cannot stand much heat.
plants do not wilt in heat. GERMINATION: Sow in plugs at 70F/ 21C for 7 days. Or outdoors Best direct seeded in the spring. Some
in warm soil. SPACING: Transplant or thin seedlings out to 40-45cm/16-18. PESTS: See cab- success can be had by dormant seeding
bage section of catalogue late in the fall or in early spring as snow
is disappearing. SOIL: Corn salad prefers
Tip: For continuous picking, harvest leaves just below the growth point. light fertile soil. pH 6.5-7.0 FERTILITY:
Pkt contains approx. O.P. 400-600 sds; Hybrid 20-50 sds; 200-300 sds/gm. Corn Salad requires moderate amounts of
nitrogen, phosphorus, and higher amounts
potash. Adequate moisture is important
95 SEMI DWARF WESTLANDSE HL 101 RED RUSSIAN especially in the last 4 weeks before harvest.
The Orginal Dutch variety used for Borecole. Specialty green for salad mixes and bunching. GERMINATION: 7-21 days at 45-65
Fine curled medium green leaves on 32-40 Red Russian produces red stems with grey-
plants. Most widely used variety in Europe. green deeply lobed flat leaves. When picked
F/5-18 C. Higher temperatures inhibit
Excellent taste. Freezer. young its leaves have soft tender texture when germination. Sow 6-12mm/ 1/4-1/2
braised. Leaves turn red as temperatures deep. Keep moist and cool (shaded) until
96 DARKIBOR F-1 decrease. Very winter hardy. growth is seen. SPACING: Thin out to 8-15
The darkest blue-green variety that we have cm/3-6 spacing.
tried. Improved plant health and color but the 102 REDBOR F-1
same intense flavour as Westland. Darkibor Dramatic deep, reddish-purple kale. The first Tip: For areas with a shorter and warmer
is more appealing for garnishes. Uniform, tall true frilly purple kale, whose colour intensifies spring, we recommend using Medallion
plants can be harvested successively due to as temperatures get cooler. Good ornamental which has more bolt tolerance.
its ability to generate new growth. Dutch bred plant and perfect for gourmet garnishes. Turns Pkt contains approx. 600-900 sds;
variety. green when cooked. Organic 400-500 sds; 200-300 sds/gm.
NEW 97 Winterbor F-1 PEACOCK F-1 SERIES
Most winter hardy kale. We have Narrow heavily serrated leaves. Plants have pure 249 LARGE LEAF ROUND
tested Winterbor for the past number of coloured centres. Will produce stems for cutting Old original corn salad variety. Special distinct
winters with great success. It will continue when planted close together. Excellent in salads. flavour for salads. Forms rosettes of round, dark
to produce young leaves under cool and low Pkt contains approx. 30-40 sds green leaves. Sow in early spring or sow in fall
light conditions, so it is great for cold frames 1562 WHITE PEACOCK for winter and spring use. Not heat tolerant like
and tunnels. In the field it can with stand 1563 RED PEACOCK newer types. 250-300 sds/gm. 30-40 days
-15C and will continue to grow in the spring,
yielding young tender leaves packed with flavor. B249 MEDALLION ORGanic O
Winterbor produces medium dark green foliage Corn salad for the spring, summer and fall.
on tall plants. Medallion is an improved variety that is more
suited for spring and summer growth than
98 NERO DI TOSCANA HL other types because it is more heat tolerant
Old fashioned heirloom variety originating in and resists becoming elongated. Broad-round,
Italy. Also known as dinosaur kale, strap kale glossy green leaves begin at the base of the
and black kale. Toscana produces long, dark stem. Suitable for open field and greenhouse
green, blistered leaves from the center of cultivation. Organically grown seed.
each plant. Plants are tolerant to hot and cold
weather. This type of kale is becoming popular o249 Vit Organic O
in the bunching and baby leaf market and is Long, glossy, leaves form heavy bunches
excellent in kale soups. with mild, minty flavor. Vigorous variety for
249 Large Leaf Round o249 Vit Organic spring and fall crops as well as over wintering.
Resistant to Mildew. Organically grown seed.
Cat# Description Pkt 25g 100g 450g 2kg 450-500 sds/gm. 25-35 days
1lb 4.4 lbs
95 Semi Dwarf Westlandse $1.85 $5.95 $11.95 $34.50 $76.50
98 Nero Di Toscana 1.85 5.95 15.95 32.95 98.50
101 Red Russian 1.85 5.95 14.95 33.95 93.50
249 Large Leaf Round 1.85 4.25 9.95 29.50
By Seed Count Pkt 250 sds 1000 sds 5000 sds 10M sds 25M sds 100M sds
96 Darkibor Hybrid $2.35 $6.95 $16.50 $56.95 $96.50 $195.95
97 Winterbor Hybrid 2.65 6.95 17.95 55.95 98.50 215.50
102 RedBor Hybrid 3.25 9.65 32.95 119.65 205.00 445.00
1562 White Peacock Hybrid 2.75 9.25 28.50 93.50
1563 Red Peacock Hybrid 2.75 9.25 28.50 93.50
B249 Medallion Organic 1.95 6.95 10.95 22.95 67.50
o249 Vit Organic 2.25 8.95 12.95 26.95 72.50 B249 Medallion Organic

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 33
Laitue - Kopfsalat - Lattuga - Kropsla
Lettuce is generally a cool season plant, but with new types you can successfully grow lettuce
in the heat of the summer. One of the easiest greens or vegetables to grow. By using different
types of lettuce, you can have fresh salads year round.
CULTURE: Lettuce can be started indoors for early spring lettuce or for better germination
in the heat of the summer. Start outdoors in the spring and fall. Indoors: Sow into final con-
230 Kendo MI
tainers (we use Cell-Paks) 4-5 weeks before planting outdoors. SOIL: Lettuce will grow well in
most any soil. For early crops use light soil. pH 6.5-7.0. FERTILITY: Lettuce requires moder-
ate amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and higher amounts of potash. Adequate moisture is
important especially in the last 4 weeks before harvest. GERMINATION: 7 days at 65-70F/18-
21C Light. Higher temperatures inhibit germination in some varieties. Sow 6-12mm/1/4-1/2
deep. Keep moist and cool (shaded) until growth is seen. SPACING: Thin or transplant out to
20cm/8 spacing. MI = Mosaic Indexed Seed: our supplier has performed a grow-out test to be
sure that the Mosaic disease is not present. This is of special importance to commercial and
greenhouse growers.
Pkt contains approx. 500-1000sds; MI types 200-300sds; 650-750 sds/gm.
234 Larissa

Green Butterhead Types Red Butterhead Types Sucrine Types

The original Dutch butterhead lettuce. Giant Red butterhead from France. Sangria has Improved, red sucrine type from France.
white type. Hilde is a time proven spring Boston performed better than any other red butterhead Combination of a red bibb and a butterhead
type producing large, light green heads with varieties through the summer. Produces lettuce, Kendo produces a small, tight, 8
creamy green insides. Nice soft butter texture. medium sized, thick leaves, rosy-red, fancy upright head with thick leaves. One of the most
Used for spring and fall crops. 48 days butterheads. Light green insides. Slow to bolt flavourful and sweet varieties you can grow.
and resistant to tip burn. 55 days 45 days
Improved medium-dark green butterhead type. o232 MARVEL 4 SEASONS Org O HL 232 PEARL
Versatile for growing from spring to fall as An early medium-large butterhead with Bite-sized heads with excellent flavour and
Optima tolerates both cool and hot conditions. red-bronze leaves. Low resistance to bolting. quality. Pearl is an improved Little Gem, which
Excellent tolerance to tipburn and bolting. Thick, Recommended only for late spring and fall is a combination of romaine and butterhead
leaves form a large frame and dense head with growing. Old heirloom variety. Organically types. It has uniform compact growing habit
excellent shelf life. 52 days grown seed. 55 days and well-filled hearts that make it excellent
for small gardens or containers. Those same
NEW o231 Sylvestra MI OrG O qualities also make it desirable to fresh market
Best quality, European butterhead growers. Replaces Baby Star. Tolerant to Mildew
for summer production. Bred in Germany, and resistant to Bl 1, 5. 50 days
Sylvestra has been the top performer in our
trials producing large, medium green heads
with soft flavourful cream coloured interior.
High disease resistance to DM 1-17,19, 21 and
23 and also LMV. Can be used in greenhouse
production. 52 days

Time proven variety producing thick, green
outer leaves giving way to sweet, creamy
colored, compact head. Good tolerance to
bolting in summer heat. Also known as bibb
lettuce. AAS Winner 1963. 50 days

Short day - Winter types

229 Hilde II Improved 231 Optima MI 233 Sangria MI
234 LARISSA Short Day
Very soft white boston type for greenhouse Cat# Description Pkt 2g 5g 25g 100g 450g
growing in the winter. An early medium-sized 1lb
butterhead type. Sow from September to 229 Hilde II Improved $1.85 $3.45 $10.95 $27.50 $48.50
January in greenhouses and coldframes or 230 Kendo MI 2.25 8.95 14.25 34.50 105.50
outdoors in milder regions. Will bolt if grown in o231 Sylvestra MI Organic 2.95 16.95 38.95 126.50
the spring and summer.
Pkt contains approx. 95-110 sds 232 Pearl 1.95 4.95 10.75 37.50 98.95
o232 Marvel 4 Seasons Organic 1.95 3.95 8.95 23.75 63.25
234 Larissa 2.95 16.95 34.85 118.50
236 Buttercrunch 1.85 4.85 11.95 29.50
By Seed Count Pkt 1000 sds 5000 sds 10M 25M 100M
231 Optima MI $1.95 $4.95 $15.95 $25.95 $52.95 $152.95
233 Sangria MI 1.95 4.95 15.95 25.95 49.95 142.50

34 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

241 Kaiser MI C248 Jericho Organic B248 Cimmaron A248 Dixter MI 239 Sierra MI

232 Pearl o235 Ice Queen Organic 248 Parris Island E248 Pinares A239 Nevada MI

Romaine Types Crisphead Types Batavian Types

248 PARRIS ISLANd Well folded heads of crisp, brittle leaves. Batavian lettuce is a cross between a leaf
Most popular dark-green strain of Cos lettuce. Popular in North America. Will form large lettuce and a head lettuce, resembling a loose
Developed by the USDA and Clemson Univ. in round heads, with creamy white inside, Romaine. Withstands hot, humid weather and
1952. Parris Island forms 10 to 12 heads of which do well in late spring to late summer. produces tasty, bitterfree, juicy leaves until 3
slightly savoyed, dark green leaves with a creamy Great Lakes and Summertime show excellent weeks after maturation.
white heart. lt has resistance to tipburn, tolerance resistance to heat.
to Mosaic, and has medium resistance to bolting. 239 SIERRA MI
We find Parris Island excellent for spring and fall 235 GREAT LAKES 659 Medium tall loose head with thick, red-green
growing. 66-70 days Traditional iceberg lettuce variety. Great Lakes tinged leaves. Tolerant to bolting, tipburn,
659 produces large loosely formed heads that Downy Mildew, and Lettuce Mosaic. Highly
A248 DIXTER MI with stand heat better than other old varieties. recommended for summer growing when
Burgundy romaine for heart and baby leaf Nice fresh medium green inside colour others bolt. 65 days
production. Tall, cylindrical tight heads are slow with darker outer leaves. Does well under
to bolt even under heat and cold stress. Dixters unfavourable conditions. Keeps well in the
bronzy red colour extends well into the heads Widely used in the prepared lettuce industry.
garden. 85 days Rich, fresh green, upright leaves on 9-10 tall
and deepens with cool temperatures. Produces
dark burgundy colour when young, making it o235 ICE QUEEN Organic O plants. When cut up it will not go brown or limp
excellent for baby leaf production. 50 days An unusual specialty crisp head variety having like other lettuce types. Similar to Sierra, but
spiky exterior leaves. Ice Queen produces all green leaves. Tolerant to bolting, Tip Burn,
B248 CIMMARON medium to large heads with notched, bright Downy Mildew, and Lettuce Mosaic. Highly
Tall, cylindrical heads with red-green leaves green outer leaves. Good resistance to bolting. recommended. 65 days
tinged with dark red. Has very deep, intense red Organically grown seed. 85 days
leaves when head is small and temperatures are NEW 238 Relay Organic O
cool. Standard variety for baby leaf production. NEW 241 Kaiser MI The best lettuce in our 2012 trials.
60 days Extra early crisphead with heat tolerance. Relay is a red Batavian bred in Germany that
has strong resistance to bolting and disease,
C248 Jericho Organic O Kaiser excels in early summer to fall growing,
producing high quality, medium sized, bright standing up well under insect pressure and heat.
A slow bolting, sweet light green romaine with It produces a large framed open head with crisp,
green heads 7-10 days earlier than other
excellent taste. Jericho produces tall, heavy juicy, thick leaves that have a nice sweet flavor.
varieties. It has high heat tolerance and is very
heads with a fresh light green colour very Dark red-bronze colour outerleaves, contrasted
slow to bolt. Replaces Summertime.
similar to Olga. French cuisine prefers a sweet, with lime green centers. Can be grown year
light green, crunchy romaine, which Jericho round, great for loose head production.
delivers. Organically grown seed. 57 days
Cat# Description Pkt 2g 5g 25g 100g 450g
Classy romaine for spring, summer, and fall.
Braveheart is a well adapted, tall, large, heavy
235 Great Lakes 659 $1.85 $5.25 $11.95 $32.50
romaine that has rich green, smooth leaves with o235 Ice Queen Organic 2.25 3.95 8.95 22.50
strong ribs. It has many disease resistances 238 Relay Organic 2.95 18.95 39.45 126.50
such as Corky Root and has intermediate 248 Parris Island 1.85 2.95 4.95 12.95 31.50
resistance to Downy Mildew. It is well-suited for
hearts, fresh market, and home garden use. A248 Dixter MI 1.85 6.85 22.95 42.95 115.00
B248 Cimmaron 1.85 4.95 11.95 32.50
E248 PINARES C248 Jericho Organic 2.35 7.95 26.75 88.50
If you only have space for one romaine, Pinares
is the one to grow! It is an improved Paris E248 Pinares 1.85 5.25 12.25 38.95 108.95
Island with better colour and more tolerance to By Seed Count Pkt 1000 sds 5000 sds 10M 25M 100M
heat and adverse weather conditions. Nice crisp, 239 Sierra MI $1.95 $4.95 $15.25 $22.50 $39.95 $114.50
sweet flavour. It produces a uniform, dark green A239 Nevada MI 1.95 4.95 15.45 24.75 42.75 124.00
head averaging 30cm-12 tall that has a good D248 Braveheart MI 1.95 4.95 14.95 22.95 42.95 126.95
weight. Very adaptable throughout the season
with good flavour. Some Tip Burn tolerance. 241 Kaiser MI 2.25 3.95 14.95 21.50 46.50 145.00

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 35

E245 Ashbrook MI B246 Rushmore MI A240 Simpson Elite 243 Red Sails

Green Oakleaf & Red Oakleaf & Salad Bowl Waldmann & Frilly Types
Salad Bowl B246 rushmore mi 240 BLACK SEEDED SIMPSON
244 ROYAL OAKLEAF Deeply cut oak leaves with beautiful dark cherry Old favorite for first seedings. Produces large
More heat tolerant and darker green than the red colour. Rushmore produces baby leaves or lightly crumpled, light green leaves suited for
standard Oakleaf. Produces medium green, large traditional oakleaf/salad bowl heads. Holds early crops and cold frame culture. 40 days
thick, succulent, oak shaped leaves that form a very well in cool conditions and in summer heat.
It is our most highly mildew resistant variety; A240 SIMPSON ELITE
loose upright head. Royal Oakleaf can be picked Extra slow bolting leaf lettuce for summer
from outer plant for continual harvest, or the suited for field and greenhouse culture. Mildew
resistance: Bl 1, 5, 7, 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, & 23-25. growing. Simpson Elite produces large,
entire plant can be used at once. Excellent for crumpled, light green leaves with a soft,
baby leaves. 45 days A246 RED SALAD BOWL tender texture that does not go bitter. Major
B244 BRIDGEMERE Intense red salad bowl selection. Produces improvement over Black Seeded Simpson,
A fast growing, bright green oakleaf type medium to large open heads with deeply lobed lasting over 3 weeks longer in the heat. 45 days
with thick, well lobed leaves. Bridgemere is leaves of blood red colour. Slow to bolt in
summer heat and keeps its mild, non-bitter A243 Australian Yellow
an improved Bambino, having better texture, Very slow bolting summer leaf lettuce.
flavour, and disease resistance. Does well flavour. Colour is best in cooler weather but
stands up well in summer also. 50 days Australian Yellow excels in dry, arid countries.
under heat and stress conditions. In our trials Produces large, slow-bolting, loose leaves
it worked well both as a baby leaf and as a full
loose head. Mildew resistance: Bl 1-12, 17, 18,
o246 RED SALAD BOWL Org O with a neon yellow colour. Stays sweet and
As above but Organically grown seed. 50 days tender and will add plenty of colour to salads.
22, 24 & 25 and LMV resistant. Australian heirloom. 50 days
Crop failure The most popular variety for early outdoor
AAS winner 1952. Salad Bowl produces a bowl planting, greenhouse, or cold frame. Medium
shaped head with flavorful, tender, soft, medium green, curly leaves with good taste. For spring
green, deeply notched, frilled leaves. Slow to and fall culture. Tip burn resistant. 45 days
bolt. Popular leaf lettuce for baby salad blends.
50 days C245 Green Star MI
An Improved Shining Star. Green Star has the
F244 TANGO same great shiny look with Superior tolerance
Fall-winter frilled Oakleaf. Slow to bolt under to hot weather, bolting and tipburn. Resistance
short day and cool weather conditions. Medium to DM races 1-18. Green Star produces medium
green frilled leaves can be used as full head or sized bright green heads that make a great retail
baby leaf. 40 days (25 days baby leaf) appearance. Sizes up quickly, faster than Two
E245 ASHBROOK MI Stars. 45 days
Unusual medium-green serrated leaves o245 Tari Organic O
resembling frisee endive, but with sweet mild Medium dark green leaf lettuce. Tari is a
flavour. A novelty in our lettuce trials. Produces Waldmann type producing broad, frilly leaves in
an upright, small loose head when mature. a full loose head which is excellent for bunching.
40 days (25 days baby leaf) Very slow to bolt. Organically grown seed. 45 days
B244 Bridgemere

246 Salad Bowl & A246 Red Salad Bowl 245 Grand Rapids TBR A243 Australian Yellow C245 Green Star MI

36 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

242 Ruby o245 Tari Organic o243 New Red Fire

250 Mesclun Salad Mixture

Salad Mixtures
C244 Lollo Bionda E244 Selway D245 Rosemoor MI INDOORS: Sow into desired containers
242 RUBy at any time with sufficient lighting to pre-
Bright, ruby red leaves with red-green mid ribs. Lollo Rossa Types vent stretching. Cut when about 3-4 tall.
Ruby is an excellent leaf item for baby salad C244 LOLLO BIONDA OUTDOORS: Early spring through fall:
growers, producing small leaves with good loft. This is a true lollo for outdoor production. Sow thinly in rows; cut when about 4-6
Grand Rapids type. 45 days Bionda produces large, loose heads with very tall. If you want regrowth, cut off only the
243 RED SAILS frilly light - medium green leaves. Very uniform upper part of the plant leaving the heart
Very slow bolting! Red Sails produces attractive and slow bolting. Excellent for baby leaves and so that it can grow on for further cuttings.
deep bronze-red loose heads with a soft green garnishing. 50 days
Pkt contains approx. 400-1500 seeds;
centres. Sweet, non-bitter leaves. AAS winner E244 SELWAY 650-750 sds/gm.
1985. 45 days Finally a replacement for Atsina! Selway is a
o243 NEW RED FIRE Organic O ruby coloured lollo with good size and texture.
The leaf is light green in the centre and becomes
Slowest bolting red Waldmann type in heat Mixture of hot weather lettuce types. Blend of
and cold. Replaces Royal Red for full head dark red at the edges. Ideal for baby leaf specially selected leaf lettuces which are tolerant
production. New Red Fire produces professional production. 45 days to the heat. Colour range from light green to
quality medium sized heads with strong upright bronze red. 650-750 sds/gm. 25-30 days
broad leaves. Attractive dark red colour even Pkt (2g) $1.85; 10g $3.95; 25g $6.95; 100g
under hot summer conditions. 45-50 days $18.95; 450g $54.95; 2kg $192.50
Intense cherry red to the core. Rosemore has Mesclun is a French word meaning mixture.
the shape and upright growth of a Romaine We have blended the various ingredients of the
with the wavy leaves of a Batavian. The growth traditional Southern France salad including:
habit is open, making it excellent for small leaf curly endive, lettuces, chervil, arugula, chicory,
production. Holds up very well in hot and cool and other greens. 25-30 days
conditions. 25 days (baby leaf) F244 Tango Pkt (2g) $1.85; 10g $3.95; 25g $5.95; 100g
Cat# Description Pkt 5g 25g 100g 450g $18.35; 450g $52.50; 2kg $165.00
240 Black Seeded Simpson $1.85 $3.95 $8.95 $28.95 Serve up a bowl of phtyonutrients, attractively
A240 Simpson Elite 1.95 3.95 11.95 29.95 96.50 packaged in an assortment of greens and
242 Ruby 1.85 4.25 9.75 27.50 lettuces. Contains varieties of kale, mustard,
lettuce, etc. High in Folic Acid and antioxidants
243 Red Sails 1.85 2.95 7.95 21.95 68.50 and Beta Carotene. For braising or salad use.
A243 Australian Yellow 1.85 3.95 9.95 29.50 200-300 sds/gm. 25-30 days
244 Royal Oakleaf 1.85 3.45 6.95 18.50 48.50 Pkt (2g) $1.85; 10g $3.95; 25g $6.95;
B244 Bridgemere 1.85 4.95 10.95 37.50 98.95 100g $21.50; 450g $62.00
F244 Tango 1.85 4.95 10.75 33.95
C244 Lollo Bionda 1.85 4.95 13.50 42.00
E244 Selway 1.85 4.75 9.75 28.75
245 Grand Rapids TBR 1.85 3.95 8.95 27.95
o245 Tari Organic 2.65 12.95 48.75 148.50
D245 Rosemoor MI 1.95 5.85 16.95 38.95 95.00
E245 Ashbrook MI 1.95 6.95 18.65 39.45 116.45
246 Salad Bowl 1.85 4.25 8.95 29.50
A246 Red Salad Bowl 1.85 3.95 9.25 29.95
B246 Rushmore MI 1.85 4.95 10.95 37.50 98.95
By Seed Count Pkt 1000 sds 5M 10M 25M 100M
o243 New Red Fire Organic $2.25 $4.95 $8.95 $16.75 $28.95 $84.95
C245 Green Star MI 1.95 4.75 12.65 19.75 41.50 126.50 247 Bon Vivant

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 37
Melonen - Meloenen
Nature does not produce anything sweeter than a ripe exotic melon. Being a favourite item to
grow, we have tested various melon varieties over the years. We have had great success produc-
ing quality melons here in Canada due to good varieties and use of IRT mulch.
CULTURE: In Canada, melons are best started indoors 3-4 weeks before last frost. Start 3-4
seeds in a 3-4 pot. Transplant to the below plant spacing, do not break clumps apart. SOIL:
Melons like well drained, sandy-silty loam, high in organic matter pH 6.0-6.8 FERTILITY:
Enrich with compost or well rotted manure in spring. Melons are heavy users of nitrogen, po-
tassium and calcium. GERMINATION: For proper germination soil must be at least 72F/22C
for 5 days. Cooler soil temperature will result in poor germination. SPACING: Plant in clumps
3-4 seeds per clump, 24 apart in rows 4-7 ft apart. Close planting will result in smaller fruit
size. PESTS: See Cucumber section.
Tip: We have had great success using IRT plastic mulch which warms up the soil, retains
moisture and reduces weed competition. See Hardgoods section of catalogue.
Pkt contains approx. O.P. 75-100 sds; Hybrids 5-25 seeds; 25-35 sds/gm.
252 Earlichamp Hybrid

Muskmelon - Cantaloupe French Charentais Types Honeydew Melon

252 Earlichamp F-1 o259 Sivan F-1 Organic O 258 Diplomat F-1
Early cantaloupe with excellent size and quality. A netted French Charentais with swet aromatic Best melon in our 2009 trials! Diplomat is a
Produces some of the largest and heaviest flesh. Sivan forms a nearly round, uniform fruit testament to good breeding, producing extra
melons 1 week earlier than Athena. Earlichamp with slight ribbing and a fine net. 1-2 lb fruits early honeydew/ galla melons a week before
is a new melon from breeder Hollar that has with deep orange, sweet flesh. Organically others. Along with excellent tolerance to Mildew
excellent resistance to Powdery Mildew and grown seed. 82-85 days and Anthracnose, Diplomat produces market
Fusarium Wilt 0 & 2. Produces large 2-3kg/ 20 x quality 4-5 lb round fruits with exceptional taste!
18cm oval melons with slight sutures and heavy 259 Rubens F-1 Replaces Earli-dew. 64 days
netting. Thick orange flesh with a sugar brix of New extra early Charentais for short seasons.
12-14%. Replaces Earliqueen and Fastbreak. Ruben is a smooth skin Charentais bred in o258 Arava F-1 Organic O
70 days France and sought after by discriminating chefs Galia honeydew type with a finely grained
and gardeners. Produces perfect 2.2 lb, round lime-green flesh and netted skin with a strong
255 HALONA F-1 grey green, smooth skinned melons with good aroma. Perfectly 3- 4lb round fruits. Ready to
Very early, productive, and disease tolerant firmness for shipping. Deep orange, extremely harvest when skin turns light yellow to golden.
Muskmelon for Northern areas. Produces sweet and aromatic flesh. Healthy strong plants Powdery Mildew resistant. Organically grown
market quality muskmelons earlier than most with multiple disease resistances. 62-65 days seed. 77 days
other varieties. Halona is a very flavourful and
aromatic cantaloupe with rich orange, sweet
flesh. Produces 6-7 globe shaped, 4-5 lb fruits
with a well netted rind and deep sutures. Rind
is strong and melons ship well. Tolerant to
Powdery Mildew and strains of Fusarium.
68 days
257 ATHENA F-1
Our most popular, best tasting and producing
muskmelon. Athena is the reference for all
other melons producing 5lb oval fruits, slightly
sutured, with medium netting. Bright orange
flesh with small seed cavity. Excellent variety for
the market grower due to its exceptional quality
and firmness. Tolerant to both races of Powdery
Mildew, and all three races of Fusarium. 78 days 259 Rubens Hybrid 252 Earlichamp Hybrid 258 Diplomat Hybrid
256 Hales Best HL Cat# Description Pkt 5g 25g 100g 450g
Standard open pollinated melon for boxplant 1lb
growers. Hales Best produces 5-6lb round- 213 KY Pickles Hybrid $1.95 $8.95 $29.50 $85.00
oval melons with a medium suture and net.
Good flavour and orange flesh. Not as early, 256 Hales Best 1.85 6.45 18.95 48.65
productive, or disease tolerant as hybrid o258 Arava Hybrid Organic 2.75 14.50 25.95 78.95
cantaloupes. 85 days C259 Brilliant Hybrid 2.95 15.95 52.50 148.50
F259 Jade Dragon Hybrid (Pkt=10sds) 3.95 6.95 24.75 76.50
o259 Sivan Hybrid Organic 2.65 9.50 32.95 88.95
By Seed Count Pkt 150 sds 500 sds 1000 sds 2500sds 5000sds
252 Earlichamp Hybrid $2.95 $14.95 $36.50 $59.50 $121.50
255 Halona Hybrid 2.45 13.95 32.95 46.95 94.50 155.00
257 Athena Hybrid 3.25 17.50 44.95 73.50 159.50 255.00
258 Diplomat Hybrid 2.45 14.95 33.50 52.50 94.50
257 Athena Hybrid
259 Rubens Hyb (Pkt=10s) 4.95 42.75 79.95 139.50

38 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

Specialty melons
New tropical type melon from Taiwan. Brilliant
is very similar in shape and texture to a Canary
melon, but is much sweeter and aromatic.
Brilliant produces 4lb oblong fruits with a
smooth yellow rind. Flesh is tender, white and
very sweet with exotic flavour. 75 days
Zehneria scabra or Melothria scabra. Heirloom.
Marbled skin, tiny fruits with sour cucumber 285 Music 283 Multipliers
flavour. Native to South America, the common
name sandia de raton describes the fruit
as mouse-sized watermelons They are
Onion Sets Oignonets
useful in stir-fries, pickling, salsas, or for the 269 Jambalaya Hybrid Due to increased shipping costs we must
adventurous: eating raw. Can be grown on a charge a $7.95 shipping fee on Onion bulb
trellis for ease of picking. Dark green leaves will
form a dense covering. 270-310 sds/gm.
Okra - Gumbo and spring garlic orders. Orders will be
shipped after danger of frost in transit is
Pkt (1/4g) $1.95; 1g $4.25; 5g $12.95; 15g Okra is a warm season vegetable native to past (between March-May).
$29.50 North East Africa and Central America that is For Music Garlic #285, please add an extra
primarily used in soups, stir fries, and salads. $7.95 shipping charge as it will be shipped
CULTURE: Start indoors 4-5 weeks before in late summer.
last frost or outdoors when soil is warm. 282 YELLOW DUTCH SETS
Germinates in 7-14 days at 70-80F/21- Stuttgarter Strain. Grade No.1 for excellent
26C. Start in peat pots as Okra does not cooking onions and green onions. Also an
transplant well. Sow outdoors in Mid-June. excellent storage onion. 1Lb = 100-120 bulbs.
Space seeds 3cm/1 apart and 1cm/1/2 1Lb $3.25; 5Lbs $14.95 10Lbs $24.00;
deep. Thin out to 30cm/12. 50Lbs $82.50 **
o259 Sivan Hybrid 213 KY Pickling Melon 12-18 sds/gm. A282 YELLOW SPANISH ONION SETS
Onion sets of yellow sweet spanish type.
269 Jambalaya F-1 1Lb = 90-100 bulbs
New extra early okra. Jambalaya 1Lb $3.95; 5Lbs $16.50 10Lbs $27.50;
produces perfect dark green, shiny, 4 okra 50Lbs $92.50 **
with very slow fiber development, prolonging
harvest. Plants are compact, dark green and
Yellow (Shallots). Produces clusters of strong
sturdy producing the heaviest yields in trials.
flavoured onions of good keeping quality. Will
Ideal for Canadian growing conditions.
overwinter for early green onions. *only sold in
C259 Brilliant Hybrid F259 Jade Dragon Hybrid Pkt (20-25sds) $3.25; 10g $10.25; 25g $21.95;
the spring.
100g $62.50; 450g $242.00
Oriental Pickling Melon 250g $3.95; 450g $6.25; 2kg $24.00
213 KY Pickles F-1
Oriental pickling melon looks and tastes like The first truly dwarf red okra. Mature height of Garlic
a sweet cucumber, but belongs to the melon the plants is only about 24 by 12 wide. This 284 ARGENTINE WHITE
family. This variety comes to us from a breeder hybrid produces creamy yellow/purple 8cm/3 (Spring Shipping only)
in Taiwan where it is used for salads, due to its flowers about 50 days from sowing, and the Plant early spring as with onion sets. Each bulb
excellent flavour and texture. Young fruit can be ornamental foliage is a striking green color with has 5-7 parts which are separated for planting.
eaten raw or mature fruit can be baked, stuffed maroon veins in the leaves. The red/burgundy Does not consistently produce bulbs. Greens
with meat, or in a stir fry. KY Pickles is an early, pods are tasty, and do not build up fibre. Being used for seasoning soups, stews, etc. Also used
high yielding variety that grows well in our part of the Hibiscus family, the plants fit well in for insect control, as a companion plant, or as a
climate. It produces an abundance of medium tropical gardens. 50 days component in home-made sprays.
green striped fruits. Used for fresh when 10- Pkt (15-20sds) $3.45; 10g $10.95; 25g $22.50; 125g $2.95; 250g $5.00; 500g $9.00;
12cm long. Excellent specialty market item. 100g $72.50 1kg $17.00; 2 kg $32.00

Bitter Melon 285 MUSIC Organic

(Fall Shipping only) O
F259 Jade Dragon F-1 Organically grown stock. Large cloves, with
A true ethnic vegetable eaten in many Middle purplish tinge to skin, and pungent odour. An
Eastern and Oriental cultures. Bitter melon is essential for seasoning. Excellent variety for
also known as Balsam pear in Asian cultures overwinter growing. Must be planted early
and as Carilla in the Caribbean. It is used in enough to establish good root formation and
many dishes, salads, and stir fries plus it to avoid frost heave (In our area this is by
has medicinal properties. Its flesh is crunchy, about Oct. 15th.) This is also the best way to
watery, and has a bitter taste. Bitter melon is a produce large bulbs. Available end of August to
tropical vegetable, but breeding has improved beginning of October.
varieties so that they yield better in our climate. Add $7.95 shipping for fall shipping.
Jade Dragon is an early, productive variety For Bulk Orders, please place orders
producing bright green, blocky fruit 30-40cm by mid July. 25kg maximum limit/customer.
long and 6-7cm in diameter. It has a warty skin 250g $6.95; 500g $13.95; 1 kg $26.50; 2 kg
texture with firm white flesh. It can be harvested $52.75; 5kg 114.25 *extra shipping applies.
A269 Little Lucy Hybrid
at about 62 days after sowing. ~4-6 sds/gm.

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 39
Onions - Oignons
Zwiebeln - Cipolla - Uien
Believed to originate in Asia, onions have been used in every day life for centuries. Considered
a cool season biennial, onions prefer to grow at cooler temperatures. Higher temperatures
promote bulbing and curing. Plant onions early after the last hard frosts so that they can grow
during the spring and early summer, producing bulbs as the temperature increases.
CULTURE: For most onions, start indoors in late February to mid-March. SOIL: Fertile,
well drained non-crusting soil. Onions will adapt well to muck soils. pH 6.0-6.8 FERTILITY:
Onions use high amounts of nitrogen and potassium. Even moisture is required throughout
277 Copra Hybrid
its growth period. GERMINATION: 7-10 days at 70F/21C. Sow directly into final container
(we use P-101 cells and sow in 3 rows) 6mm/1/4 deep. Trim tops to 10cm/4 every week until
transplanting. SPACING: Space transplants 6-8 apart in rows 16 apart. HARVEST: When
onion tops start to fall over and bulbs have begun to form skins, pull up and allow to sun cure
for at least one week. Do not leave out if theres a chance of frost. STORAGE: When onions
are dry, clip off the tops and place them in shallow boxes or onion bags. Place in a cool (a few
degrees above freezing) somewhat humid place, 65-75% humidity.
Pkt contains approx. 300-500 sds; Hybrids 125-200 sds; 200-275 sds/gm.

Yellow Sweet Onions Yellow Cooking Onions

272 CANDY F-1 270 NORSTAR F-1 A276 Red Wing Hybrid
Large, mild and sweet. Candy is a Spanish type, Popular direct seeded onion for short storage.
consistently producing the largest and sweetest Norstar is a vigorous growing onion producing Red Onions
onions in our trials. Day neutral variety that bulbs faster than other varieties in our trials. Its 276 RED OF FLORENCE
continues to size up after the longest day of the bulbs are round-globe shaped, 300g very firm Open pollinated red globe variety from Italy. Red
year, unlike long day types. Light golden yellow with good colour. Ideal for short season areas. of Florence produces good quality, medium to
skins with small necks. Good for short term Can be pulled as fresh onions with a tight white deep red, top globe shaped bulbs that store well.
storage. Comparable to the Vidalia types for bulb. 85 days Good selection for bedding plant growers.
sweetness. 90 days 110 days
280 SWEET SPANISH UTAH Short storage yellow cooking type. One of the A276 RED WING F-1
Popular O.P. variety for large, mild flavoured earliest open-pollinated varieties that produces Excellent deep red exterior and interior rings.
bulbs. Yellow skinned with white, sweet flesh. good quality bulbs. Can be direct seeded. Redwing is our best performing red onion! This
Should be started indoors early. Can be seeded 98 days variety produced the earliest red interior rings
outdoors in early spring but size will be smaller. of all the varieties we have tested. Excellent size
115 days 277 COPRA F-1
One of the leading long term storage onions. and uniformity. Red Wing is the best red storage
Full, round bulbs with dark yellow skin and onion keeping into the spring. 105 days
white flesh. Thin necked with vigorous tops.
Consistent, high yields and excellent uniformity.
o276 RED WING F-1 Organic O
Same as above but organically grown seed.
Stores well into late spring. 110 days
o278 STURON Organic O Earlier red onion with excellent colour and ring
Improved storage type. Produces big round formation. While Ruby Ring colours up earlier
bulbs that store well. Strong yellowish-brown than other types, it is also useful for long term
skin with tight necks enhance its suitability for storage. It produces firm, tall-globe shaped
storage and processing. Can be used for onion bulbs with a high percentage of single centres.
272 Candy Hybrid 270 Norstar Hybrid set production. Suitable for spring and summer Excellent dark red external and internal colour.
production. Organically grown seed. 110 days 100 days


Long, red torpedo onion prized in Mediterranean
273 Sierra Blanca F-1 cultures, and in speciality cuisines. This strain
Large, mild, sweet white onion. Improved bulb produces a redder version of the Tropeana type.
quality over other early types. Perfect for fresh Specialty variety from Italy that is adapted to
eating or grilling. These grew over 5 in diameter growing in the summer above the 35th parallel.
in our trials. Tops die off complete, unlike other Not for storage. 90 days
sweet white types. Day neutral. 92 days
273 Sierra Blanca Hybrid 280 Sweet Spanish Utah

B276 Ruby Ring Hybrid 287 Red Tropeana Lunga 290 Barletta & 286 Red Creole D279 Guardsman Organic B279 Ramrod

40 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

Bunching Onions Cippolini Onions
A staple item in American culture. In 291 BORRETTANA
Canada and northern USA these types The true Italian cippolini or button onion. This
produce a bulbless scallion that is used variety produces flat yellow-skinned 1 -2
fresh as green onions. They have less diametre onions that store well. Pure white flesh
pungency than regular onions is pungent and sweet. 75-80 days
289 Ambition Hybrid
Culture: For fresh greens through A291 RED MARBLE
the summer and into the fall, sow every
second week starting in April and continu-
Deep red cippolini type. Red Marble produces
small 1 diametre by high bulbs with deep
French Shallots
ing until September. Sow seeds in well red colour throughout. Suitable for long term French shallots are prized among gourmet
tilled soil. Space seeds 6mm/1/4 apart and storage. Can also be grown as a small pearl chiefs for their sweet, mild white-pink flesh.
6mm/1/4-1/2 deep. Keep moisture con- onion when seeded at high density. 75-85 days Originally, French shallots were only avail-
stant and even for the best results. able from vegetative growth (bulbs), but the
Pkt contains approx. 150-500sds; 275sds/gm
Mini Onions (Pearl) Dutch seed breeders de Groot en Slot & Bejo
have developed a line of seed varieties. See
CULTURE: Sow in May-June for pickling size onions for culture.
A279 RED BARON onions in August. Pick for mini
Red shanked bunching onion. Red Baron onions when small bulb forms. 288 Camelot F-1
produces quality purple-red skinned bunching High quality with intense red colour. Camelot
onions. Red shaft length is 3-4 long when 286 RED CREOLE produces heavy crops of 2 elongated-globe
grown without hilling. 70-75 days Red skinned mini onion, picked when young. shaped bulbs with great internal colour and mild
Reddish-purple colour with dark green leaves. flesh. Firm bulbs store well. 95 days
o279 RED BARON Organic O Pick when golf ball size. Can be used for full Pkt (40-50sds) $2.35; 250sds $6.95;
Same as above but organically grown seed. sized onions in the deep south. 60 days 1000sds $16.25; 5000sds $56.50;
B279 RAMROD 290 BARLETTA 10Msds $99.50; 25Msds $215.00
A. Cepa. Improved Lisbon type that does not Silver white. A round pickling onion excellent for 289 AMBITION F-1
bulb in the summer. Lisbon types are the fastest whole pickling. Delicious flavour. 60 days High yielding, very uniform bulbs. Ambition
growing spring seeded bunching onions, but produces 2 high round, brownish red bulbs
they tend to bulb very easily. Ramrod is an erect that store well. 100 days
Lisbon type that is suited for spring, summer Pkt (40-50 sds) $2.25; 250sds $6.95;
and autumn pulling. More winter hardy than 1000sds $17.95; 5000sds $56.50;
White Lisbon. 65 days 10Msds $89.95; 25Msds $215.00
A. Fistulosum. New Japanese bunching type
that does not bolt or bulb up under summer
conditions. Healthy green foliage with long
white, sweet shanks. Summer Isle has a sweet
flavour with very low pungency. For summer
and fall production. Easy to clean. 70 days 288 Camelot Hybrid
291 Borrettana A291 Red Marble

D279 Guardsman OrG O Cat# Description Pkt 10g 25g 100g 450g
Earliest bunching onion in our trials. 1 lb
Bred in England, Guardsman combines the non 275 Early Yellow Globe $1.85 $4.95 $11.95 $39.95
bulbing qualities of A.fistulosum varieties and
the reduced pungency qualities of A. cepa types. 276 Red of Florence 1.85 2.95 5.95 14.95 46.50
A vigorous root system helps to maintain the o278 Sturon Organic 2.25 6.25 13.75 36.95 129.00
strong, upright, dark blue-green leaves which B279 Ramrod 1.85 5.95 15.95 49.95
make this variety not only very suitable for the C279 Summer Isle 1.85 5.25 15.95 49.50
summer cropping period, but also ideal for
autumn crops when disease can be a particular D279 Guardsman Organic 2.25 6.95 12.95 32.95 99.50
problem. 55 days 280 Sweet Spanish Utah 1.85 5.95 13.95 42.95
281 EVERGREEN LONG WHITE 281 Evergreen Long White Nebuka 1.85 4.95 11.95 34.50
NEBUKA 286 Red Creole 1.85 5.95 14.95 46.95
Hardy, long, slim, white stems. Very hardy for 287 Red Tropeana Lunga 1.95 6.95 18.50 53.50
overwintering. Little to no bulbing. 70 days 290 Barletta 1.85 5.95 15.95 53.50
291 Borrettana 1.95 10.95 32.50 98.95
By Seed Count Pkt 1000 sds 5M 10M 25M 100M
270 Norstar Hybrid $1.95 $5.95 $23.95 $33.50 $59.50 $185.00
272 Candy Hybrid 2.35 8.95 29.95 49.95 88.50 295.00
273 Sierra Blanca Hybrid 2.45 9.95 32.95 42.50 92.95 345.00
A276 Red Wing Hybrid 2.75 8.65 32.95 53.50 96.50 365.00
B276 Ruby Ring Hybrid 2.45 8.95 23.95 41.50 75.00 225.00
o276 Red Wing Hybrid Organic 4.25 10.95 44.95 69.95 132.50 445.50
277 Copra Hybrid 2.35 6.95 25.95 41.50 79.50 255.00
A279 Red Baron 2.45 6.45 23.95 36.50 67.50 236.50
o279 Red Baron Organic 2.75 7.65 27.95 43.95 88.50 325.00
A279 Red Baron C279Summer Isle A291 Red Marble 1.95 4.95 15.95 27.50 42.50 145.00

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 41

293 Aladdin 295 Sabre 296 Lincoln 297 Iona

Garden Peas Early Types Main Season Types

The edible garden pea dates back to the 16th
292 Strike 293 ALADDIN PVP
The standard early garden pea. Strike was Replaces Northfield and Novella. Aladdin is
century originating in England. Most of the developed for first seedings and will produce the preferred processing pea of canners. It
varieties that we see today were developed peas earlier at cool temperatures than other produces high yields of 3 long pods with dark
in the last century. Fresh peas contain mod- types. Produces 2 -3 blunt ended peas with green medium sized peas, concentrated in
erate levels of Vitamin A and C, calcium, 7-8 medium large dark green peas. 22-24 dark one to two pickings. Plants are semi-leafless
phosphorus and iron. The garden pea is pri- green vines do not require trellising. Replaces and dwarf growing 18-28 high, depending
marily a hardy cool season annual that pro- Early Freezer. Tolerant to W & PY. 55 days on time of year. Aladdin is heat tolerant, so it
duces its flowers as the days lengthen. Peas can be grown as a summer pea in many areas.
are a relatively easy crop to grow with few 295 Sabre (PLS116) Resistant to PM, W, EMV. 67 days
diseases or bug problems. Heavy yielding and early! All new garden pea
developed for fresh market and freezing. Not 296 LINCOLN HL
CULTURE: Sow peas when soil is cool, not only is Sabre early, but it produced well under The old homestead type. Produces medium sized
cold. SOIL: Prefers well drained loams with hot weather conditions, making it a good multi- pods with 7-8 small peas. Holds well in hot weather.
good amounts of organic matter; delay planting variety. Sabre produces an abundance Large plant protects peas. 72 days
planting on heavy soils. Grow early varieties of 3 - 4 long, dark green, taper ended pods
on sandy soils due to the fact they heat up with 9-10 medium sized dark green peas that Petite Pois
quicker. PH 6-7 FERTILITY: Peas respond are very sweet plus hold their colour when
well to moderate amounts of nitrogen, frozen. Vines are 20-24, very healthy, dark 297 Iona (PLS92)
green and produce double or triple sets. This The perfect French Petite Pois. Iona was
phosphorus, and potassium. Excessive ni- developed for the French pea market which
trogen will cause plants to become viny and variety tended not to go bitter due to its good
resistance to W, PV, & PM. Replaces Straight prefers small, sweet, tender peas about half the
will reduce yields. GERMINATION: Opti- size of a regular garden pea. Iona has longer
mum Temp. 60F/10C. Peas should emerge Arrow. 61 days
pods and is more heat tolerant and disease
in 5-7 days. SPACING: sow peas 1 deep, 2 Climbing Peas resistant than older types, plus yields 2-3x more
between seeds in rows 30 apart. Often they pods. Sets 2 dark green pods on 24-28
are seeded in double rows 8-10 inches apart, 298 TALL TELEPHONE healthy green plants. Tolerant to FW 1&2, PM,
32 between double rows. PESTS: Relatively Large podded climber. Produces heavy yields of LRV. Excellent specialty market item! 64 days
free, most problems come with hot weather. dark green peas with large pods. 8-10 peas per
Disease abbreviations: W - Fusarium Wilt; pod. Popular home garden variety for multi-
PM - Powdery Mildew; LRV - Leaf Roll Vi- picking. Grows 5ft tall. 72-77 days
rus; YM - Yellow Bean Mosaic; EMV - Ena- Cat# Description Pkt 125g 450g 2 kg 5 kg 10 kg 22.5kg
(40g) 1lb 4.4 lbs 11 lbs 22 lbs* 50 lbs**
tion Mosaic Virus; PY - Pythium Root Rot
292 Strike $1.85 $2.85 $5.95 $22.50 $32.50 $57.00 $105.00
Pkt sows approx. 20ft; 125g sows 50ft; 450g 293 Aladdin PVP 1.85 2.95 5.95 22.50 32.50 58.00 125.00
sows 200ft; 30kg/acre; 3000-4500 sds/kg.
295 Sabre (PLS116) 1.85 2.95 5.95 22.50 33.50 51.00 107.00
296 Lincoln 1.85 2.95 5.95 22.50 34.50 52.00 105.00
297 Iona (PLS92) 1.85 3.25 7.25 26.50 41.50 65.50 119.50
298 Tall Telephone 1.85 2.65 5.95 21.50 31.50 55.00
301 Alaska Round Green 1.85 2.95 5.95 22.50 32.50
302 Blue Pod Capucijners 2.75 4.95 10.95 36.75
306 Record (Pkt=30g) 2.35 3.65 9.25 33.50 69.95
307 Desiree 2.65 4.25 10.95 39.75
308 Norli (Pkt=30g) 1.95 3.95 8.95 33.75 64.95
o308 Norli Organic (Pkt=30g) 3.65 7.95 19.75 58.75 126.50
A308 Avalanche Sno 45 1.85 2.95 6.45 22.95 34.95 59.50 119.00
309 Oregon Sugar Pod II 1.85 2.95 5.95 21.50 33.50 59.00 115.00
A309 Cascadia 1.85 3.25 6.95 21.50 36.50 66.50 145.00
B309 Super Sugar Snap 1.95 3.65 7.95 26.95 51.95 87.95 178.50
C309 Sugar Ann 1.85 2.95 6.95 23.95 44.65 79.95 166.00
292 Strike D309 Sugar Sprint 1.95 3.95 8.95 28.95 58.95 99.50 205.00

42 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

306 Record 308 Norli A308 Avalanche Sno 45 B309 Super Sugar Snap

Snow Peas / Sugar Peas Sugar Snap Peas Dry Peas

Pick when thin - eat shell and all. Used in stir A relatively new type of pea. Produces full Dry peas are traditionally used as a winter
fries and Oriental dishes. sized fleshy pods of which both the pod and staple. They contain the highest amounts of
peas are edible. protein and carbohydrates of any vegetable.
Sweet, heat tolerant, long vined variety for Harvest when the vines are dry and the seeds
multi-picking. White flowered, 2 1/2 pods. Dwarf Vined rattle in the pods.
Does better in the heat than Norli. Plant height A309 CASCADIA
4-5ft. 65-75 days Very sweet, round, plump pods that withstand 301 ALASKA ROUND GREEN
heat. After a number of summer trials we have The traditional variety for soups. Produces early,
307 DESIREE found Cascadia to be the best in summer heat. smooth round green peas that can be picked
Beautiful purple poded novelty. It is harvested fresh or allowed to dry for soup.
as a purple snow pea, a novelty popular with While the plant is larger and more vigorous than
culinary chefs. It is not really a snow pea Sugar Sprint, it suffers less from heat and tends 302 BLUE POD CAPUCIJNERS HL
because it tends to be fibrous and not sweet. to produce a larger plumper pod with sweeter Produces early blue pods that are known for dry
Improved dwarf vines. 60 days taste than other summer types. We suggest use in mixed casseroles. Peas dry to a grayish
planting it to mature after Sugar Ann. Cascadia colour. Dwarf type.
308 NORLI produces 8cm/3 medium green pods on strong
Extra early and sweet. This is the traditional 60-70cm/24-28 plants. Developed by Oregon
Dutch variety. Norli is the earliest pea we know State University. Resistant to Fusarium Wilt,
and is one of the sweetest, tenderest varieties Powdery Mildew and Pea Enation Virus. 68 days
available. Produces 2 1/2 dark green slender
pods on short vines. Pkt = 30g 47 days C309 SUGAR ANN
Earliest, best tasting dwarf variety. Plump edible,
o308 NORLI Organic O light green, 2 1/2 long pods are held high on
Extra early European Snow Pea now available 18 vines that require no support. Heavy first and
organic! Organically grown seed. 47 days second pickings. Grow for first crops and for fall
crops. May contain 5-10% offtypes. 55 days
Large flat pods that mature early. Avalanche is D309 SUGAR SPRINT
a compact, earlier, better quality Oregon sugar Main season heat and disease tolerant. We
pod. It produces 3 1/2 medium green, 1 recommend Sugar Sprint for growing after Sugar
wide pods on 24-28 vines that need minimal Ann as it is best to seed when the soil is warmer. A309 Cascadia
support. Plants are semi-leafless. Avalanche is Sugar Sprint is almost completely stringless, a
easy to pick and stays crisp, tender, and sweet big plus for fresh market growers. Healthy, dwarf
after picking. Matures after Norli but earlier plant yields 2 dark green pods per node. Improved
than Oregon sugar pod. Foliage is tolerant to germination quality. Tolerance to PM, EMV. 63 days
Powdery Mildew and Leaf Roll Virus. 55 days
Large, sweet pods. One of the most heat B309 SUPER SUGAR SNAP
tolerant sugar peas. Produces heavy yields of 3 Improved yields and disease resistance. Super
1/2 long and 3/4 wide flat pods. Large vines Sugar Snap produces #1 quality, medium dark
(2-4ft) protect tender pods from the sun. Also green 3-31/2long pods. Our favourite for taste
known as Ho-lan-dow. 63 days and tenderness. Shorter growth habit, earlier and
heavier first set than the original Sugar Snap.
Reduced strings. Resistance to PM, LRV. 66 days
305 Winged Asparagus Pea


Heirloom. Tetragonolobus purpurea. Unique
plant with cinnamon red flowers and prostrate
growing habit. The fruits are winged pods that
can be eaten if harvested at 2cm stage. Also
known as Asparagus Pea for its faint similarity
in flavour. It has been listed in colonial seed
catalogues from the 1700s and has its origin in
the Mediterranean area. Ht. 20cm/8 24-30sds/gm.
309 Oregon Sugar Pod II C309 Sugar Ann
Pkt (70-90sds) $2.15; 10g $3.95; 25g $6.95

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 43
Piments - Paprika - Peperoni
Peppers have gained popularity in North America over the last few years. Along with peas,
peppers are one of the oldest vegetables in the world (3400 BC). Peppers add taste and texture
to many dishes as well as providing high amounts of vitamin A & C, especially when fully
CULTURE: Peppers are warm season plants, sensitive to cold temperatures and drought con-
ditions. Start indoors 8-10 weeks before last frost date. Transplant outdoors after danger of
frost is gone and night time temperatures are above 50F/10C. Cool night temperatures will
delay growth and fruit set. Temperatures below 40F/5C can stop growth permanently. SOIL:
Almost any warm soil can be used to grow peppers. pH 6.5-7.2 FERTILITY: Peppers need
constant moisture and uniform nutrients for good yields. Excessive nitrogen can cause large
plants with no fruit. We recommend using a slow release 4-10-12. Calcium can reduce blossom
end rot. GERMINATION: 7-10 days at 75-85F/25-30C. Poor germination is a result of too
B315 Albion Hybrid cool or erratic temperatures. Grow on at 70F/21C. SPACING: We use twin rows 40 apart with
plants spaced 14-16 apart. PESTS: Tarnished Plant Bug - stings the blossoms causing fruit
Parsnip to drop when forming. Cover with a row cover or insect netting when flowers begin to bloom.
Peppers do not require insect pollination. See Tomato section for additional pests.
Panais - Pastinaken - Pasinache
Tip: Do not plant too soon in the spring, cool temperatures will delay fruit set. Wait until
Popular English vegetable since the middle night temperatures are above 50F/10C.
ages, but originating in the Mediterranean
during the Roman period. Parsnips are Pkt contains approx. O.P. 70-200 sds; Hybrids 10-20 sds; 140-400 sds/gm.
cooked like carrots and have a sweet pleas- ToMV=Tobacco mosaic virus; TMV= Tobacco Mosaic Virus; PVY= Potato Virus Y Vir
ant taste.
CULTURE: See Carrots. Parsnip requires a Green to Red Bell Types
long growing season. Cover and keep moist.
Parsnips are slow germinators. Tip: Qual- A316 MiniApple F-1 A318 NORTH STAR F-1
A mini pepper requested by many of our First large bell type to turn red. Very sweet and
ity is enhanced by cooler growing tempera- customers. MiniApple produces small 2 bell flavorful when mature. Recommended for short
tures in late summer. Best root quality is shaped peppers that are bright red with an season areas, featuring the ability to continually
obtained after a few nights of frosts. excellent crispy sweet taste when mature. Its set fruit even under adverse conditions. North Star
175-225 sds/gm. medium plant is strong and healthy producing produces 3-4 lobed sweet, blocky bell peppers.
over 40 fruits in our trials. Fruits are a short Matures green to deep red. Tolerant to TMV. 65 days
315 HARRIS MODEL apple shape and are very firm, very good
White, well formed,10-12 smooth roots with shipper and are predominantly 4 lobed. 60 days A319 KING ARTHUR F-1
The King of the bell peppers! Extra large 5
small core. More cylindrical variety with narrow
white shoulders. Tends to be easier to grow on
318 ACE F-1 square, consistently 4 lobed peppers with thick
Extra early, Ace is always the first pepper to walls. Turns crimson red when ripe. Not the
coarser soils due to being shorter and stockier earliest but definitely the best 4 lobed variety.
yield in our gardens. Ace is high yielding,
than other varieties. 120 days Semi-Dwarf plants with excellent leaf cover.
producing 55-60 gram medium sized, 3 lobed,
Pkt (650-850sds) $1.85; 25g $4.25; Tolerant to TMV, PVY, TEV. 72 days
glossy green tall bell peppers that mature red.
100g $8.95; 450g $22.85
Holds blossoms in adverse weather conditions
B315 Albion F-1 allowing it to produce peppers when other 320 CALIFORNIA WONDER
varieties do not. Resistant to TMV and ToMV. The standard open-pollinated pepper. Medium
Very uniform, long white hybrid parsnip. 4 fruits with thick fleshy walls and mild flavour.
Albion is a improved variety having noticeably 55 days (green to red)
Turning to crimson when ripe. 76 days
whiter skin than other varieties we have trialed.
Nicely tapered long white roots that are slow to Organic Tip: o320 CALWONDER Yarden Org
The pepper maggot comes from eggs laid by
discolour. It also has a better refined shape with
good resistance to canker. High vigour, sized the adult fly. Covering the plants with a row
Similar to above, but organically grown seed. O
75 days
seed. Approx 275 sds/gm. 115 days cover after they start flowering will keep the
Pkt (200-250sds) $1.95; 5M sds $12.95; flies away. Peppers are self pollinators so the
10M sds $19.95; 25M sds $39.95; 100M sds row cover will not interfere.

315 Harris Model A316 MiniApple Hybrid 318 Ace Hybrid A318 North Star Hybrid

44 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

A319 King Arthur Hybrid B316 Mellow Star Hybrid D323 Aruba Hybrid
323 Gypsy Hybrid
Coloured Bell Types Specialty Sweet Types
316 purple star F-1 B319 PICK-A-PEPPER MIX
Intense lilac fruits, adding colour to your salads Mixture of large hybrid bell peppers in Green, B316 Mellow Star F-1
and veggie trays! Purple Star begins as a unique Red, Yellow, Purple, and Orange. This way you Oriental specialty known as a Shishitou pepper.
shade of purple and matures to deep crimson just have to receive 1 pkt to get giant multi- Unique Baby sized sweet pepper produces
red. The bell fruit is 8cm/3, weighing 170-190g. coloured peppers! 70- 72 days small, wrinkled 3-4 long glossy fruits. Pick
Resistant to PVY . 65 days green for grilling and stir fries for Japanese
cuisine, or allow to mature to a crimson red
NEW A323 Golden Star F-1 pepper with wonderful flavor and sweetness.
The standard for yellow bell pepper This vigorous plant is resistant to PVY and
production. Produces large 4, 4 lobed, glossy yields many fruits per plant. 60 days
yellow peppers with thick walls and sweet
pepper taste. Strong plant with excellent leaf 317 SWEET BANANA
coverage protects peppers from sun scalding A productive, firm and sweet fruit, 6 in length,
when maturing. 1-1/2 wide tapering to a point. Colour turns
70 days (green to yellow) from green to waxy yellow to crimson red
when mature. 75 days
Bright orange fruits with pleasant sweet, crisp 323 GYPSY F-1
flavour. Produces blocky 3-4 mostly 4 lobed Early and productive pepper. Highly
A323 Golden Star Hybrid
fruits weighing 190-230g. Fruits start dark recommended for short season areas. Gypsys
green, and mature to bright orange. Plants are distinctive golden colour (turning red at
resistant to PVY and form strong medium sized maturity) and sweet fresh flavour makes this
bushes. 73 days (green to orange) variety a favourite for salads and frying. Growth
habit is compact but vigorous. Combination
between a bell and an Italian ramshorn type
growing approx. 5 long. Tolerant to TMV.
60 days
D323 ARUBA F-1
Large cubanelle type. Beautiful 8-9 slightly
curved peppers grow on strong plants. Medium
- green fruits turn bright red when mature. Good
flavour and sweetness. Excellent for grilling.
Matures earlier than other varieties in the same
class. Improved disease resistance to TMV, PVY.
65 days
C323 Bright Star Hybrid 316 Purple Star Hybrid

Cat# Description Pkt 2g 5g 10g 25g 100g

317 Sweet Banana $1.85 $3.65 $5.95 $10.95 $28.00
320 California Wonder 1.85 3.65 5.95 11.95 29.50
o320 California Wonder Organic 2.25 7.95 12.95 26.50 74.95
By Seed Count Pkt 100 sds 500 sds 1000 sds 2500 sds 5000 sds 10M sds
316 Purple Star Hybrid $2.95 $7.95 $21.50 $35.00 $79.50 $145.00
A316 MiniApple Hybrid 3.95 18.25 64.95 108.50 192.50
B316 Mellow Star Hybrid 2.65 8.95 24.50 38.95 78.50 133.00
318 Ace Hybrid 2.25 5.95 21.50 38.95 68.50 115.00
A318 North Star Hybrid 3.65 9.65 36.50 59.95 134.50 232.50 Harvesting and evaluating pepper trials

A319 King Arthur Hybrid 3.95 11.95 42.50 69.50 142.95 252.50 Disease Abbreviations
B319 Pick-A-Pepper Hybrid 3.95 14.95 ToMV = Tomato Mosaic Virus;
323 Gypsy Hybrid 3.65 10.85 38.50 61.50 118.50 215.95 XcV = Bacterial Spot
A323 Golden Star Hybrid 2.45 10.95 21.95 34.50 68.50 129.00 195.00 TMV = Tobacco Mosaic Virus;
PVY = Potato Virus Y Virus;
C323 Bright Star Hybrid 2.95 10.95 21.50 34.95 78.50 145.00 TEV = Tomato Etch Virus
D323 Aruba Hybrid 3.65 12.95 44.50 68.50 142.50 232.50

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 45
Hot Pepper Types
Although used mainly ivn Mexican and South
American diets, hot peppers are making their
way into our northern dishes. Hot peppers
are nutritious and packed with vitamins.
With stronger plants, hot peppers handle
colder weather better than sweet peppers.

C321 Zesy F-1 324 El Jefe Hybrid

Other Hot Types

B322 Flame Hybrid B321 HOLY MOLE F-1
Earlier Pasilla pepper for the North. Holy Mole
Jalapeno types has a distinctive slightly spicy flavour but not
hot and is widely used in Mexican cuisine for
o324 JALAPENO raam Org O Mole Sauce, pizza and enchilada casseroles. The
Early Jalapeno selection, producing 5-7 days fruits are 7-9 long x 1.5 wide and are dark
earlier than other strains. Organically grown glossy green. Plants are tall and very healthy.
seed. 65 days We recommend you stake the plants. 80 days
Our best Jalapeno in trials. El Jefe Highly pungent hot peppers for Mexican and
produces extra large, perfectly shaped and Latin American cuisine. Long slim, pencil pod C324 Tajin Hybrid A324 Super Chili Hybrid
smooth, dark green glossy fruits turning deep red peppers borne in abundance turn from dark
when mature. Great pungent taste with medium green to bright red when mature. Can be used
heat. Strong vigorous plants hold up its heavy for hot pepper deterrent sprays in the garden.
yields. Resistant to TEV, Xcv 1-3. 67 days 75 days
c324 Tajin F-1 A322 CARIBBEAN RED
Early Jalapeno hybrid with improved yield for Hottest pepper we can grow in Canada!
Northern climates. Tajin seems to be resistant Caribbean Red is a early maturing habanero
to purpling, which is a major problem when type, with an rating of over 400,000 Scovilles.
growing Jalapenos due to our cool nights. Produce many small 1 1/2 light green peppers
Produces a good, concentrated fruit set on turning red when mature on healthy compact
strong dark green plants. The large, uniform plants. If you want to grow a hot pepper to beat
3.5 fruits are medium to dark green in colour, your neighbours hottest, this is the one. 80 days
with thick walls and a higher pungency level
than Jalapeno Raam. 70 days B322 Flame F-1 A322 Caribbean Red o321 Hungarian Hot Wax Org
New Thai pepper from the Orient. Flame is a
Hot bananna types traditional long slim pepper used both fresh
and dried in orient and Thai cuisine. It produces
o321 HUNGARIAN HOT WAX Org O 12cm long x 1.1 cm wide bright red fruits with
Waxy yellow, 6-8 long, 2 wide fruit. Sets an thin walls weighing 5-6 grams, very pungent
abundance of fruit early. Turns to bright red and hot. Flame has good shipping and storage
when fully ripe. Medium hot fruits are used in properties. If you like to try ethnic food, this is
pickling recipes. Organically grown. 65 days the true variety used in Asian cooking. 73 days
NEW C321 Zesy F-1 A324 SUPER CHILI F-1
Improved Hot Banana pepper. Zesy A red hot chili, 2-3 long pepper. Produces
produces medium pungent 6-8 tapered fruit many green, yellow, and red fruits pointing
on strong vigorous plants. Peppers mature above the compact foliage for easy picking.
from butter yellow to red . The fruits luster is Excellent as an ornamental plant. Can also be
beautiful, the fruit wall is thick, straight, strong used for a deterrent spray in the garden. AAS
pungent. Suitable for roasting fresh or canning. B321 Holy Mole Hybrid
winner 1998. 75 days
Cat# Description Pkt 2g 5g 10g 25g 100g
o321 Hungarian Hot Wax Organic 2.45 6.95 10.95 23.50
322 Cayenne Long Slim 1.85 3.65 5.95 9.50 19.95
A322 Caribbean Red 2.35 9.85 15.95 32.50
o324 Jalapeno Raam Organic 2.45 6.95 10.95 23.50 65.00
By Seed Count Pkt 100 sds 500 sds 1000 sds 2500 sds 5000 sds
B321 Holy Mole Hybrid $3.25 $11.95 $45.95 $76.95 $154.00
C321 Zesy Hybrid 2.45 6.95 16.95 27.95 56.95
B322 Flame Hybrid 2.15 5.95 19.50 28.50 42.50 65.00
324 El Jefe Hybrid 2.95 11.95 33.50 55.00 109.50 195.00
A324 Super Chili Hybrid 2.65 7.95 32.95 46.25 96.50 183.50
C324 Tajin Hybrid 2.95 12.95 49.50 82.50 A327 Aspen Hybrid

46 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

Citrouille - Speise Kurbisse - Zucche - Pompoenen
Related to the squash family. Originally used for cooking similar to squash. Pumpkins are now
used in pies or as an ornamental crop. For kids, the week before Halloween is spent carving
their pumpkins.
CULTURE: In short season areas plant indoors 3-4 weeks before last frost date (4 pots, 3
seeds per pot). Do not pull plants apart, transplant the whole clump. In other areas seed out-
doors when soil is warm and night time temperatures are above 48F/7C. If soil is cool, pump- C326 Lumina Hybrid A326 Spooktacular Hybrid
kin seeds will not germinate. SOIL: Pumpkins like well drained, sandy loam soil enriched with
compost or well rotted manure. FERTILITY: Add manure in the spring or apply slow release
nitrogen at the time of planting. Pumpkins need adequate moisture when forming fruits. Lack
of moisture will produce small fruits. GERMINATION: 70F/21C for 5-7 days. Cool wet soil will
cause seeds to rot. SPACING: 4 seeds in hills, 4 feet apart in rows 8 -12 feet apart. Too close of
spacing will cause small fruits. PESTS: see squash section.
Tip: For extra large pumpkins start indoors in large pots, transplant into manure mix in the
field. Pick all but 2 pumpkins from a plant clump.
Pkt contains approx. 8-30 sds; 3-8 sds/gm; 1kg/acre A329 Jack-Be-Little E326 Jamboree Hybrid

Large Halloween Types Pie & Ornamental Types

Large orange fruits weighing from 10 to 25lbs. Brilliant red-orange pumpkin from France. Pie pumpkin with rich orange flesh. Good for
on vigorous growing vines. Flesh is orange- Produces large, flattened, heavily ribbed fruits. cooking. 7 in diameter. 100 days
yellow colour, with dry sweet flavour. 110 days Prized in France for its yellow-orange flesh,
which is used in soups and pastries. Fruits are A326 SPOOKTACULAR F-1
327 HOWDEN 8-10 high and 24 wide, excellent shelf life. Superior, early, uniform junior-size pumpkins on
The standard Halloween pumpkin. Uniform, tall 100 days vigorous, productive vines. Fine grained flesh
round pumpkin with orange skin and thick flesh. makes delicious pies. Excellent for pumpkin
Highly recommended for carving. 25lb/12kg A328 DILLS ATLANTIC GIANT painting. Rounded fruits 15cm/6 in size,
fruit. 115 days From Howard Dills stock. This variety could weighs about 2kg/4lb. 85 days
grow the largest pumpkin in the world.
A327 ASPEN F-1 Produces huge pale orange fruit that grows on c326 lumina
A Howden type for shorter seasons. Aspen average 100-150 lbs, but under proper growing White ornamental pumpkin. Great novelty item
has what you need in a marketable Halloween conditions could reach over 1000 lbs. This is the for pumpkin patches. Flat oval pumpkins grow
pumpkin: thick stem, large fruit, solid flesh, one to grow for contests. 115 days 20cm/8 high and 45cm/18 wide. White skin is
great orange colour, and high yields. The skin is excellent for painting and carving, deep orange
a burnt orange with some suture. Produces 10- flesh is ideal for pies. Stores well. 98 days
20lb pumpkins depending on planting density.
Aspen has semi-bush plant habit. 95 days e326 jamboree f-1
Exciting blue/grey skinned pumpkin. It can be
C327 mUSTANG F-1 beautifully displayed as a fall decoration, but is
New generation, early, Powdery Mildew also excellent for eating. In many cultures it is
Resistant pumpkin. Great variety for small market used as a squash due to its thick sweet orange
growers and home gardeners. Very productive! flesh. Jamboree has improved uniformity in size,
The fruits are uniform in size and colour. shape, colour, and maturity over similar open-
Produces 12 tall by 10 round fruits on smaller pollinated types. It produces concentrated yields
vines for closer planting. The fruit has smooth, of 7-8 lb flattened round shaped fruits 95 days
straight sutures, a very nice orange colour, and
thick flesh. Long, dark-green sturdy handles A329 JACK-BE-LITTLE
make this pumpkin easy to pick up. 100 days Cute, miniature pumpkins, 8cm/3 in size, used
mainly for fall and winter decorations. When
cured like gourds, they will last up to 8 months.
A328 Dills Atlantic Giant 85 days
Cat# Description Pkt 10g 25g 100g 450g 2 kg 5 kg
1lb 4.4 lbs 11 lbs
325 Connecticut Field $1.85 $4.25 $8.95 $23.50 $71.50 $152.00
326 Small Sugar 1.85 4.50 9.25 23.95 72.50 154.00
C326 Lumina 2.65 6.45 11.95 29.50 89.50
D326 Rouge Vif Detampes 2.35 7.95 22.50 77.50
327 Howden 1.85 4.95 13.25 36.50 138.50 275.00
A328 Dills Atlantic Giant 3.75 14.50 39.50 135.00
A329 Jack-Be-Little 2.25 5.95 12.75 29.50 78.50
By Seed Count Pkt 50 sds 150 sds 500 sds 1000 sds 2500 sds 5000 sds
A326 Spooktacular Hybrid $2.25 $5.75 $11.95 $33.95 $49.50 $113.50 $205.00
E326 Jamboree Hybrid 2.95 5.95 14.95 39.95 69.50 143.50 255.00
A327 Aspen Hybrid 2.35 7.95 21.95 39.95 75.00 135.00
C327 Mustang Hybrid C327 Mustang Hybrid 4.25 8.95 17.95 47.95 79.50 169.50

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 47
Radis - Ravenello - Radijs
Quick growing. Tasty roots add zest to a salad. Popular for children to grow.
CULTURE: Most varieties do best when planted in the spring or late summer. Winter varieties
need to be planted after late June to avoid bolting. Sow direct as soon as the soil can be worked
until June 1st and after August 15. SOIL: Most good garden soil will do. FERTILITY: Apply
moderate amounts of nitrogen and higher amounts of phosphorus and potash. Apply manure
the previous fall as spring applications can cause mis-formed roots. GERMINATION: 5-7 days
at 50-65F/10-18C. Prefers cool soil to germinate. SPACING: Sow seeds 1cm/1/2 apart and
6mm/1/4 deep in rows 16-32 apart. Thin to 3cm/1 1/2 apart.
Pkt sows approx. 25ft and contains approx. 150-450 sds; 25g sows 100ft; 75-85 sds/gm.
335 Sora

Round Bunching Types Oblong - Elongated types

o334 Topsi Organic O NEW o344 Patirica Organic O
Extra early radish for early spring culture. Topsi New, early maturing French Breakfast
has shown to produce excellent quality roots type. Bred in Germany, Patrica excels in early
in coldframe , glasshouses, and under fleece and late seedings, producing marketable
when other varieties grow too slow. It produces roots 5-7 days earlier than French Breakfast.
perfectly uniform 1 scarlet red radishes with Improved plant habit and uniformity for
very healthy foliage, perfect for bunching. excellent bunching qualities. Can be used in
Organically grown seed. 20 days tunnel and fleece culture. Organically grown
seed. 25 days
335 SORA
Early radish with exceptional quality. Sora 345 FRENCH BREAKFAST
produces shiny red, perfectly round 1" roots. Oblong red with white bottoms about 1 1/2
Great for spring, summer, and fall culture. Will o344 Patrica Organic
long. Great taste with firm, white flesh. This is a
not bolt or go pithy in the heat. In our radish re-selection for more uniform color and purity.
trials, Sora had the best bunching qualities with AC Strain. 25 days
fine roots and healthy medium tops. Bred in
Germany by the same company that developed 346 EISZAPFEN
Raxe. 22 days Improved white icicle type from Germany.
Eiszapfen has proven to bolt much slower and
336 CHERRY BELLE produce a straighter, more uniform root than
AAS Winner. One of the most popular radish White Icicle. It produces 10-12cm/4-5 long,
varieties. Excels in early spring and fall culture tapered pure white roots. 30-35 days
and is good for coldframe growing. 26 days
337 RAXE
Our best radish for summer growing! Raxe is
a large round, red bunching type. This German
variety grows 3 times the size of Cherry Belle A347 Easter Egg Mix
and resists becoming fibrous. Unlike winter
types, Raxe can be planted from spring to fall
without bolting. Excellent market item. 27 days
o337 RAXE Organic O
Same as above but organically grown. 27 days
A multi-line hybrid development producing large
round radishes of many colours such as white,
pink, red, purple, etc. Stays firm and crisp for a
long time. Try some for colourful salads.
30 days

346 Eiszapfen o334 Topsi Organic o342 Ostergruss Rosa Organic

Cat# Description Pkt 10g 25g 100g 450g 2kg
1lb 4.4 lbs
o334 Topsi Organic $2.25 $7.25 $18.95 $59.95 $225.00
335 Sora 1.95 5.25 16.95 48.95 163.50
336 Cherry Belle 1.85 4.25 6.95 17.95 53.50
337 Raxe 1.95 5.25 16.95 48.95 159.00
o337 Raxe Organic 7.95 21.95 66.50 235.00
o344 Patirica Organic 2.25 7.25 18.95 59.95 225.00
345 French Breakfast 1.85 4.25 7.25 18.95 59.50
346 Eiszapfen 1.95 5.25 15.95 49.95 168.00
337 Raxe A347 Easter Egg Hybrid Mix 1.85 5.25 11.95 29.85 94.50

48 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

Winter Radish
Radis - Ravenello - Radijs
Popular storage radishes favoured by Euro-
pean and Oriental cultures.
CULTURE: Winter varieties need to be
planted after June 21 to avoid bolting.
SOIL: Most good garden soil will do.
Pkt contains 125-170 sds; 45-85 sds/gm.

350 Round Black Spanish o384 Helenor Organic

German Salad Types Oriental Types Rutabaga

A Popular radish grown in Germany and 339 RED MEAT Rutabaga
Eastern European countries. Not seen much Large round, mild radish with dark pink flesh.
in North America where round radish is Good eaten fresh, in salads or cooked. White Rutabaga originates in Sweden and is
king. German Salad Radishes produce half with green shoulders, grows to about 7-9cm/3. thought to be a cross between a turnip and
long roots with taller and stronger foliage Also known as the watermelon radish. 60 days a cabbage. It is an old main stay storage
more similar to our winter radishes. They vegetable. It is mostly grown commercially
usually do not bolt like winter radishes 340 GREEN MEAT in Canada due to our moderate summer
when sown early. Flesh is pure white with Unusual, half long winter radish. Grows climate. Rutabaga has the highest calcium
a spicy sweet taste. cylindrical, producing a 20cm/8 green and white content of all the root crops.
blunt ended root. Has mild, sweet, crisp green to
white flesh. Excellent specialty type. 60 days CULTURE: Sow outdoors in mid-June.
o342 OSTERGRUSS ROSA Org O Sow into a well tilled seed bed. Rutabaga
Vivid rose-red salad radish. Pure white flesh has 348 SUMMER CROSS NO. 3 F-1
a spicy sweet flavour. Medium long (6-8) roots is a full season crop, unlike the turnip.
Summer Daikon type with long large, white
with strong foliage. This is a standard variety radishes. Uniform in size. Remains edible for
Erratic growth will cause a woody, fibrous
grown by professional growers in Germany. a long time. Seed in spring or summer. Can be texture. SOIL: Most good garden soil will
Organically grown seed. 60-70 days stored. The preferred Japanese radish. 50 days do. FERTILITY: Apply moderate amounts
of nitrogen and higher amounts of phos-
343 WHITE DREAM European Storage Types phorus and potash. Apply manure the
Pure white, long (6-8) pointed roots with spicy previous fall, spring applications can cause
sweet flavour. Shape is very uniform and strong 350 ROUND BLACK SPANISH mis-formed roots. GERMINATION: 5-7
tops are easy to bunch. Can be grown outdoors An excellent black-skinned variety with crisp, days at 65F/18C. Prefers moderately warm
or under cover. 60-70 days mild white flesh. Up to 4 wide. Great keeper. soil to germinate. SPACING: Sow seeds
55 days 1cm/1/2 apart and 6mm/1/4 deep in rows
351 CHINA ROSE 16 apart. Keep moist until growth is seen.
Long rose coloured roots with mild white flesh Thin out to 15-20cm/6-8.
for fall and winter use. Produces pink sprouts 250-450 sds/gm
with a nice spicy flavour. 60 days
Cat# Description Pkt 10g 25g 100g 450g 2kg 384 LAURENTIAN
1lb 4.4 lbs The standard rutabaga variety for storage.
339 Red Meat $1.95 $7.95 $21.95 $72.50 Large, uniform globe-shape with purple tops
and small neck. Light yellow flesh that cooks
340 Green Meat 1.95 8.45 22.95 75.95 to orange. Sow in mid-summer for post frost
o342 Ostergruss Rosa Organic 1.95 8.95 21.75 68.95 harvesting. Good winter keeper. 90 days
343 White Dream 1.95 8.95 21.75 68.95 Pkt (5g) $1.85; 25g $5.95;100g $11.95; 450g
348 Summer Cross Hybrid 2.45 8.95 16.50 48.50 147.50
350 Round Black Spanish 1.85 3.65 5.95 14.95 36.50 o384 HELENOR Organic O
351 China Rose 1.85 3.95 5.95 13.95 36.50 Very uniform, early maturing rutabaga. Helenor
produces a globe shaped medium sized root
with deep purple colour that holds well when
washed. Excellent creamy yellow flesh with a
sweet flavour. Colour is achieved early in root
development, allowing for picking as a baby
buncher. Stores well when harvested mature.
Organically grown seed. 75-85 days
Pkt (80-100sds) $3.95; 1000sds $12.95;
5000sds $51.95; 10Msds $86.50; 25Msds

348 Summer Cross No. 3 Hybrid 340 Green Meat 339 Red Meat 384 Laurentian

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 49
Epinard - Spinat - Spinaci - Spinazie
Loaded with iron and vitamins, spinach is one of the most nutritious green vegetables in the
garden. It can be eaten raw in salads, cooked like Swiss Chard, or it can be frozen.
CULTURE: Sow outdoors from early spring to late summer. There are different varieties for
spring and fall culture than for summer culture. SOIL: Spinach likes moist, fertile soil. FER-
TILITY: Supply medium amounts of nitrogen to produce dark green leaves. Adequate mois-
ture is essential for proper growth. GERMINATION: 5-7 days at 65F/15C. Keep moist until
growth is seen. SPACING: Sow seeds 1cm/1/2 apart and 6mm/1/4 deep in rows 12-18
apart. Thin out to 10-15cm/4-6. PESTS: the main pest is the leaf miner which bores through
the leaves. It is the larvae of the spinach fly, which lays its eggs on the leaves. Control by cover-
ing plants with row covers in mid spring or wait until late summer for a fall crop when miners
are not a problem.
Tip: Plant late summer for a fall or overwintering crop. You can usually get a better crop of
352 Space Hybrid
spinach in the fall than in the spring because heat, weeds, and insects are not a problem in
the fall.
Pkt contains approx. 200-350 sds; 50-70 sds/gm; 5kg/acre
Top quality, vigorous, smooth leaf variety Old standard home garden variety dating back to
from Europe. Space is one of the best smooth the early 19th century. Heavy yielder of glossy,
leaf spinach we have tested. Space produces dark green blistered leaves. Plants are prostrate
strong, medium-dark green, upright, fleshy, in growth and slow to bolt into seed. Plant in
broad leaves that are slow to bolt. Can be used spring or fall. Can over-winter with a minimum
in the greenhouse for winter cropping. Tolerant of cover. 50 days
to Downy Mildew. 45 days
o356 TYEE F-1
a352 C2-608 Speedy F-1 Very bolt resistant savoy type. Tyee produces
Fastest growing spinach we have trialed. dark green, savoyed leaves that are held upright
C2-608 was bred for early spring and late fall for easy harvest. Moderate growth rate yields
culture in coldframes and under fleece. It is lead to top quality leaves with excellent taste.
a fast growing, heavy yielding smooth leaf Resists bolting under heat stress, holds well in
357 Bordeaux Hybrid spinach developed for short day use. Best for field when mature. Only conventional untreated
cool weather baby leaf bunching. Displays seed this year. 52 days
Purple Veined medium green colour, very erect plant habit and
358 GIANT WINTER Viroflex
heavy leaf body. Excellent resistance to Downy
357 Bordeaux F-1 Mildew races 1-7. 38-40 days A special strain of spinach for overwintering
Unique red veined spinach from Denmark. crops. Improved strain has tolerance to Mildew.
Bordeaux produces arrow-shaped, dark green 354 rEFLECT F-1 Viroflex produces large, semi-savoyed, medium
leaves with deep wine-red veins and stems that Early maturing, semi-savoy leaf for all seasons. green, glossy, sword shaped leaves. 54 days
do not turn green when cooked. Sweet, delicate Very healthy, vigourous upright plants produce
flavour, excellent for baby leaf production. Quick an abundance of round-oval leaves that tend
growing, it will bolt, so make sure to harvest it not to cup. Suitable for bunching and also for
when young. clipping as baby leaves. Tolerant to Downy
Mildew races 1-11. 40 days
NEW A357 Imperial Green F-1
Most bolt resistant Asian spinach. Finally
we have found an Asianarrowshaped spinach
that is worth selling. Imperial green produces
dark green succulent, arrow shaped leaves that
have great taste. Unlike other types, Imperial
Green is very slow to bolt under our spring
and summer conditions. Strong leaf structure
is great for bunching. Tolerant to mildew races
1-7, 9, 11, 13. 50 days A357 Imperial Green Hybrid
Cat# Description Pkt 25g 100g 450g 2kg 5kg
1lb 4.4 lbs 11 lbs
355 Bloomsdale Dark Green $1.85 $2.65 $4.25 $12.95 $38.95 $87.95
359 Tetragonia Expansa
358 Giant Winter 1.95 2.65 4.25 9.85 36.95 68.50
359 Tetragonia Expansa 1.95 4.25 7.95 16.95 53.50 89.95
New Zealand Spinach By Seed Count Pkt 1M 5M 25M 100M 250M 1000M
359 TETRAGONIA EXPANSA 352 Space Hybrid $1.95 $3.45 $8.25 $26.95 $71.50 $153.50 $485.00
Different from the usual spinach, it is valuable A352 C2-608 Speedy Hybrid 1.95 2.95 6.25 23.50 74.50 155.00
for culture in hot, dry weather. Produces an 354 Reflect Hybrid 1.95 3.65 8.25 25.95 71.50 166.50 565.00
abundance of fleshy, green leaves which can o356 Tyee Hybrid 2.25 4.95 8.95 36.50 93.50 195.00 725.00
be picked throughout the season. Plants
may grow up to 3ft in size. Seed April-May. 357 Bordeaux Hybrid 1.95 3.25 6.95 23.50 69.50 132.50
Germinates slowly. A357 Imperial Green Hybrid 1.95 3.95 7.95 27.95 69.50 158.50

50 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

90 Lucullus 92 Ruby Red
354 Reflect
Swiss Chard
Bette A Carde- Mangold - Bietole Cos-
tole - Snijbiet A94 Peppermint Chard
CULTURE: See description under Beets. o92 RUBY RED OrGanic O
Pkt contains approx. 60-200 sds; 20-45 s/g. Similar to conventional Ruby Red. Organically
grown seed.
Old Dutch variety noted as the chard with the 93 BRIGHT LIGHTS
best taste. Light green, slightly savoyed leaves AAS Winner 1998. Ornamental quality mixture
with pale green rounded stalk. Tall vigorous 18- of swiss chard. Features stalks of yellow, pink,
22 plants. Makes good baby leaves. white and red stripes with bright green leaves.
Vivid colours do not fade when plants mature.
o90 SILVERADO Organic O Excellent addition to a flower garden. Perfect for
o356 Tyee Hybrid Very slow bolting. Silverado produces tall, salad blends.
broad white stems with dark green, heavily
savoyed leaves. Resists bolting to seed longer 94 ELDORADO
than many other varieties. Plants grow 16-18 Improved Golden Sunrise. Fresh new colour
high. Excellent visual presentation in bunches. for salad blends. Bright orange stalks and veins
Good mild flavour. Organically grown seed. with contrasting dark green leaves. Can be used
as full grown bunches or as baby leaves in
91 green PERPETUAL salads and braising mixes. Good frost tolerance.
A smooth-leaved European variety. Produces Matures at 45cm/18.
large, dark green smooth leaves on thin green
stalks. Very tender and is excellent as a cooked NEW A94 Peppermint
green. Withstands summer heat and frost. Can Unusual pink and white chard. Bred by
be continually picked. Alf Christianson for the full sized and baby leaf
92 RUBY RED market. Peppermint produces tender pink with
Excellent for baby leaves or bunching. Dark white striping petioles with the bottom being
green, crumpled leaves with crimson stalks and attractive pink. Leaves are dark green savoyed
A352 Speedy (C2-608) Hybrid and having good taste when cooked.
veins that are sweet in flavour. Plants grow 18
high. Also known as Rhubarb Chard

358 Giant Winter 94 Eldorado 91 Perpetual Spinach 93 Bright Lights

Cat# Description Pkt 25g 100g 450g 2kg 5kg
1lb 4.4 lbs 11 lbs
90 Lucullus $1.85 $3.65 $7.25 $14.50 $43.00 $92.50
91 Green Perpetual 1.85 3.95 9.85 24.50 82.50 185.00
92 Ruby Red 1.85 3.95 9.25 19.50 65.00 145.00
94 Eldorado 1.95 4.95 11.75 29.50 98.50 195.50
By seed Count Pkt 1000sds 5000sds 25Msds 100M 250M
o90 Silverado Organic $1.95 $6.95 $16.95 $49.50 $155.00
o92 Ruby Red Organic 15.95 56.50 169.50 315.00
93 Bright Lights 2.25 6.95 21.95 88.50 260.00
o90 Silverado Organic A94 Peppermint 1.95 5.95 23.95 79.95 258.50

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 51
Summer Squash
Popular summer vegetable for stir frying, sauteing, and barbecuing. In past decades there have
been many new varieties for gardeners to try.
CULTURE: See Winter Squash. HARVEST: For the best quality, pick when blossoms on the
end begin to wilt. Store at 55F/12C. High humidity and cooler temperatures will cause injury.
For Zucchini bread harvest when 3 thick. Note: Nouveau cuisine uses the blooms from the
squash in salads and appetizers. The blooms have a nice buttery texture. Use #B363 for the
best blooms.
Pkt contains approx. O.P. 15-50 sds (depending on the type); Hybrids 6-25 sds; 4-12 sds/
gm; 2-3kg/acre


Popular English summer squash. Creamy-white
353 Meres A362 EARLY GOLDEN CROOKNECK skinned cylindrical shaped fruits are picked at
Old time favorite summer squash producing
Salsify creamy yellow fruits with a curved neck. When
picked young 4 it has a smooth skin and a
the 10-12 long size. Strong bush habit plants.
50-70 days
Salsfis - Schwartzwurzel - tender interior. Can be used ornamental when H363 EIGHT BALL F-1
Pianta Schorseneren allowed to mature, it then has a warted golden AAS winner 1999. A novelty for your garden.
Popular European vegetable native to south- skin. 45 days Round, dark green zucchinis can be picked as
ern Europe. In North American is a popular babies or at 3-4 size and used for stuffing. If
specialty vegetable for gourmet gardeners
382 SUNBURST F-1 they get too large, hollow them out for use as a
Attractive bright yellow scallop squashes. bowl to hold dips and salads. 48 days
and chefs. Salsify has an distinctive flavour, Compact open habit plants produce heavy
and is grown similar to parsnips. yields. Small blossom end and more uniform 381 DEEMA F-1
CULTURE: Sow outdoors in mid June for yellow than other varieties. Pick as baby New, high yielding, early, virus tolerant Mid-
scallops with blossoms attached or at the 3-4 Eastern summer squash. Deema is an Anita
fall harvest. If seeded too early, cool tem- type squash. The strong plant has a semi-erect
peratures can cause bolting. Salsify likes stage for optimum tenderness and flavour.
Excellent for specialty market. 50 days single stem and open habit for easy picking. The
deeply worked soil. Space seeds 2cm/1 fruit is pale green color with attractive cream
apart and 1cm/1/2 deep. Germinates B382 G-Star F-1 Organic O mottling,a nice tapered shape, and has a small
in 10-15 days. Thin out to 5cm/2. New dark green scallop. Excellent specialty blossom scar. Yield studies have shown that it
HARVEST: Dig and store roots in the fall, market item from Israel ARO breeding. G-Star performs better than commercial varieties by
like carrots. Roots can be stored in moist produces excellent quality fruits that are flatter 30%! 35 days
sand in a cool basement. and more uniform than other dark green scallop
types. Nice open plant habit. Can be picked as A381 Baby Tiger F-1
Pkt sows approx. 15ft; 90-110sds/gm. minis. Organically grown seed. Grow the unusual! New marrow squash bred
in England. Baby Tiger is an attractive striped
NEW 353 Meres o382 Y-Star F-1 Organic O English Marrow producing uniform 3-5 cream
Improved Blackrooted Salsify. Bred in New bright yellow scallop. Similar in size and fruits striped with dark green. Flesh is smooth
Holland for the refined scorzonera production. shape to Sunburst but is flatter in shape and and has a slight nutty flavour. Healthy bush
It produces 9-14 long smooth cylindrical has a pronounced dark green blossom end. plant is suited to both field and container
roots with intense black colour and good Small open plant habit. Not as heavy yielding as production and produces a higher count of fruits
bolting resistance, uniform in length and Sunburst. Developed by ARO Israel. Organically per plant. 35-45 days
diameter. Plants have tolerance against soft grown seed.
top and mildew and will not produce oversized
roots. Improved seed quality. European A382 SUMMER MELODY F-1
delicacy.110-150 days Blend of summer squash types for backyard
Pkt (3g) $1.95; 25g $5.95; 100g $16.95; 450g gardens. Combination of various shapes, types
$47.95; 1kg $92.50 and colours. Perfect for gardeners who want
selection, but not multiple packages of seed.
A353 MAMMOTH SANDWICH ISland 50- 52 days
Easier to grow Salsify having off-white, 8 long
x 1 1/2 tapered roots. Roots are stronger
than Blackrooted Duplex and have a oyster
like flavour. Use in stews, baked or in a cream
sauce. Stores well. 120 days
Pkt (3g) $1.95; 25g $4.50; 100g $13.95; 450g
$43.50; 1 kg $68.00
382 Sunburst Hybrid

A353 Mammoth Sandwich Island A382 Summer Melody Hybrid A362 Early Golden Crookneck o382 Y-Star Hybrid Organic

52 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

N363 Anton Hybrid Organic A381 Baby Tiger Hybrid C363 Partenon Hybrid Organic

Zucchini Types 6-8 sds/gm F363 SPINELESS BEAUTY F-1

Large, open plants with no spines. Important
B363 BLACK BEAUTY to gardeners who want blemish free fruit but
Standard open-pollinated variety also known as do not want aggravated skin. Spineless Beauty
Dark Green. Produces good yields of dark green produces long 7-8, slender, medium green
cylindrical fruits on large bush plants. Pick when fruits with a light speckle. Consistently one of
the fruit is 6-8 long for optimum quality. Not as the heaviest yielders. 43 days
productive or as early as hybrid varieties.
55 days G363 GOLDEN DAWN III F-1
Improved colour and plant health. Consistently
o363 BLACK BEAUTY Organic O K363 Raven Hybrid
the best golden yellow zucchini in our trials.
Similar to above but organically grown seed. Perfect slender fruits which do not discolour
55 days or have green blossom ends like other types.
Increased tolerance to Mosaic. Heavy yielder.
C363 PARTENON F-1 Organic O Recommended Market Variety 52 days
Perfect zucchini for urban gardens and early
spring covered culture. Fruits are medium- M363 PORTOFINO F-1
dark green with shiny skin. Partenon is a Italian zucchini type with distinctive nutty taste.
Parthenocarpic (pollination possible without Produces 12-16 long, ribbed, unusual green
insects) variety from Germany, especially bred mottled fruits on healthy, open bush plants.
for spring cultivation in covered tunnels and This is our staffs favourite in our summer
greenhouses. In trials, it produced the highest squash trials. Adds flavour to stir fries and
early yields when cool stress caused other other zucchini dishes. Also know as romanesco
varieties not to set fruit. It is also very suited for or striata. Great for farmers markets and
home gardens where there may not be enough G363 Golden Dawn III Hybrid M363 Portofino Hybrid restaurants. 48 days
plants normally for pollination. Organically
grown seed.
K363 Raven F-1
Our #1 medium, dark green zucchini in our
trials. Raven produces perfect cylindrical
dark green zucchinis on open, nearly
spineless plants. It produces very high, early,
concentrated yields. For years we have sold this
variety outside of our catalogue to local Zucchini
growers. Has shown some mildew tolerance in
our trials. 43 days F363 Spineless Beauty Hybrid 381 Deema Hybrid
Cat# Description Pkt 10g 25g 100g 450g 2 kg
N363 Anton 663 F-1 organic O 1lb 4.4 lbs
Quality dark green zucchini with Powdery
Mildew resistance. Anton was bred by the ARO A362 Early Golden Crookneck $1.85 $3.95 $8.95 $18.50 $68.00
in Israel, having early heavy yields, but also able 363 Vegetable Marrow 1.85 4.25 8.95 24.50
to be grown in fall when Powdery Mildew is a B363 Black Beauty 1.85 4.25 8.45 22.50 78.00
problem. It produces good quality, attractive, N363 Anton 663 Hybrid Organic 2.95 15.65 31.95 74.50 279.50
dark green fruits which are mostly cylindrical.
Can also be used for mini zucchini. Organically o363 Black Beauty Organic 2.85 4.95 9.95 18.25 55.95
grown seed. 44 days B382 G-Star Hybrid Organic 2.95 15.65 31.95 74.50 279.50
o382 Y-Star Hybrid Organic 2.95 15.65 31.95 74.50 279.50
By Seed Count Pkt 50 sds 150 sds 500 sds 1000 sds 2500 sds 5000 sds
C363 Partenon Hybrid Org $3.95 $12.45 $29.95 $82.50 $135.95 $285.00
F363 Spineless Beauty Hybrid 2.45 4.95 9.25 25.95 41.95 83.50 146.50
G363 Golden Dawn III Hybrid 2.45 4.95 10.45 25.95 42.95 84.50 157.50
H363 Eight Ball Hybrid 2.65 5.25 10.95 28.50 49.50 94.50
K363 Raven Hybrid 2.25 4.95 9.25 25.95 42.95 89.50 155.50
M363 Portofino Hybrid 3.95 8.95 21.95 52.50 85.95 195.00
381 Deema Hybrid 2.75 6.45 12.95 34.50 54.95 115.00 178.50
A381 Baby Tiger Hybrid 2.45 4.95 11.95 32.95 48.95 95.00 169.50
382 Sunburst Hybrid 2.45 4.25 8.95 25.65 41.85 85.95 148.50
H363 Eight Ball Hybrid A382 Summer Melody Hybrid 2.45 4.95 9.25 25.95 41.95

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 53
Winter Squash
Courges dhiver - Speise Kurbisse - Zucca - Kalebassen
Squash is native to North and South America. During the late 1700s squash became an im-
portant staple to New England because it was well adapted to the climate and stored through-
out the winter. Today squash is still an important staple and can be used year round. Winter
squash is an excellent source of vitamin A, carbohydrates and minerals. Seeds are high in
vegetable proteins and fats.
CULTURE: Squash can be started indoors or outdoors. INDOORS: Start in peat pots or 4
plastic pots 3-4 weeks before the last frost. Sow 3-4 seeds per pot. OUTDOORS: Sow direct
when soil is warm to touch and there is no danger of frost. SOIL: Squash likes well drained,
B361 Table Ace Hybrid sandy loam soil. pH 5.5 -7.5 FERTILITY: Enrich with compost or well rotted manure before
planting. Moisture is needed when forming fruit. GERMINATION: 5-7 days at 70F/21C.
Seeds will rot if soil temperature is too cool and wet. SPACING: Plant bush varieties in hills
3-4 feet apart, rows spaced 6 feet apart. Full vined varieties plant hills 4-5 feet apart, rows
spaced 8-10 feet. PESTS: Cucumber beetle will damage young seedlings and flowers causing
disease and poor pollination. Control with a mixture of Diatomaceous Earth, row covers, or
insect netting. Squash vine borer causes wilting of the vine, the stem will be hollowed out. The
only control is spraying for a small black wasp-like moth which lays eggs in a 2 week period
when the plant begins to vine. Broad crop rotation also reduces chance of attack. HARVEST:
Pick after vine dies or rind hardens and dulls in colour. Cure in high temperatures and humid-
ity (80F/27C) for a week, then store at 50-59F/10-15C, humidity of 60%. Most winter variet-
ies can be stored for 6 months.
Pkt contains O.P. 25-50 sds (depending on the type); Hybrids 10-25 sds; 2-3kg/acre
D363 BonBon Hybrid

Acorn Types: 8-11 sds/gm Buttercup - Kabocha

361 TABLE QUEEN Types: 5-7 sds/gm
The original acorn variety we sold. Large,
medium-dark green fruits with thick orange D361 Sunshine F-1
flesh. Productive open pollinated variety with Sweet scarlet Kabocha type. Sunshine produces
a strong full vine. Introduced in 1913. Good bright scarlet orange 3-5 lb flat round fruits. Its
storage. 90 days bright orange flesh is smooth and sweet, great
for baking and soups. Plants are a vigorous
B361 TABLE ACE F-1 semi-bush and produce well in our trials.
High quality, high yielding industry standard. Replaces Ambercup. 95 days
Attractive 5-6 dark green fruits with sweet,
smooth, golden flesh and a small blossom end. A363 BURGESS BUTTERCUP HL
Strong semi-bush vine is vigorous and sets Popular full vined cup variety. Turban shaped,
fruits near the center for easier picking. Best dark green-grey spotted fruits with a distinctive
C361 Honey Bear Hybrid variety for storage. 75 days cup-button on blossom end. Thick orange, dry
flesh has a sweet rich flavour. Good keeper.
C361 Honey Bear F-1 Fruits weigh about 3-4lb each. Has been the
New, small, personal sized acorn. Honey Bear standard storage variety for years. 90 days
combines sweet flesh, good disease resistance,
and high yield into a small 4-5 fruit. Bushy o361 BURGESS BUTTERCUP ORG O
compact plants spread 4-5 feet and yield 3-5 Similar to above, but organically grown seed.
fruits per plant. Good tolerance to powdery 90 days
mildew. Excellent garden item. Bred by Dr Loy at D363 BONBON F-1
U of New Hampshire. AAS winner 2008. 75 days Bonbon has produced the nicest, most uniform
F361 AUTUMN DELIGHT F-1 true buttercup squash. Improved taste,
Classy Acorn with tolerance to Powdery Mildew. uniformity, colour and yield on vigorous medium
Autumn Delight produces large dark green sized plants. Its 4-5 pound fruits have the classic
6-7 fruits with deep ribs. Flesh is smooth with buttercup appearance of dark green, smooth
a rich, butter color. Plant is a healthy, strong skin and a prominent grey button on the base.
semi-bush which holds its foliage long due to The thick, deep orange flesh is smooth, sweet
D361 Sunshine Hybrid
tolerance to Powdery Mildew. 71 days and is not dry. Tolerant of Wart, which is a major
problem with buttercups. AAS winner 2005.
95 days
Semi-bush, cupless Kabocha type. Excellent
storage variety with smooth dark green skin
off-set by lighter green sutures. Fine grained
golden-yellow, sweet flesh. Mature size is
3-4lbs. Produces heavy yields close to the
centre of the plant. Recommended market variety.
85 days

F361 Autumn Delight Hybrid E363 Sweet Mama Hybrid

54 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

A360 Avalon G362 Baby Blue Hubbard F362 Sweet Dumpling D362 Uchiki Kuri

Butternut Type: 9-12 sds/gm Hubbard Type: 4-5 sds/gm

Most popular winter squash variety. Our strain Improved large traditional hubbard. Produces
is very uniformed and productive. Waltham 12 by 9, 10 to 12lb tapered fruits with dark,
produces medium-large, 12, blocky pear bronze-green skin, a hard tough rind, and fine-
shaped squash with tan-yellow skin. Dark grained, dry, orange-yellow flesh. Large vined
orange flesh with fine flavour. Excellent keeper. plants. Exceptional winter keeper. 105 days
95 days
o360 WALTHAM BUTTERNUT Org O A winter squash with reddish-orange, lightly
Similar to above, but organically grown seed warted skin somewhat earlier than Green
and not as uniform. 95 days Hubbard. Golden Hubbard produces 10 lb. fruits
packed with deep orange, dry, fine-grained flesh
A360 AVALON F-1 on full vined plants. Equally tasty when fresh,
Market quality blocky main season butternut. canned or frozen. Good keeper. 90 days
Avalon has been the most productive butternut
in our trials; fruit set is very uniform and D362 UCHIKI KURI
concentrated on healthy vines. The 4-5 lb Unusual bright orange-red skinned squash B360 Early Butternut Hybrid
cylindrical tan coloured butternuts are slightly from Japan. Semi-bush vines bear tear-drop-
larger and much more consistent in shape, size, shaped, 3 to 5 pound fruits shaped with smooth
and maturity than Waltham. 88 days skin with almost no ribbing. Sweet, creamy
yellow flesh with a nutty flavour. Uchiki Kuri is
B360 EARLY BUTTERNUT F-1 a very uniformed strain, also know as Orange
Our best selling Butternut. Very early, productive okkaido. 85 days
and uniform. Compact, semi bush vines bear
a heavy crop of medium 10-12 fruits with tan G362 BABY BLUE HUBBARD
skins. Dark orange fine textured flesh with sweet Miniature blue hubbard; manageable size for
flavour and good storing qualities. 75 days todays families. Small, grey-blue hubbard-
shaped fruits weigh 4-6 lbs. and have fine-
grained, yellow-gold flesh that is nutty sweet
and of excellent quality. Semi-bush plants.
Developed by U of New Hampshire. 85 days E362 Turks Turban
Cat# Description Pkt 10g 25g 100g 450g 2 kg
1lb 4.4 lbs
360 Waltham Butternut $1.85 $4.65 $8.45 $24.95 $85.50
o360 Waltham Butternut Organic 2.25 5.95 15.95 47.50 152.00
361 Table Queen 1.85 3.95 7.95 22.50 78.95
C361 Honey Bear Hybrid 2.35 5.95 9.95 31.50 96.50 395.00
D361 Sunshine Hybrid 3.95 9.65 17.95 59.50 192.50 710.00
o361 Burgess Buttercup Organic 2.25 5.95 17.95 54.25
360 Waltham Butternut 362 Hubbard Improved Green 1.85 3.95 9.95 36.50 115.00
C362 Golden Hubbard 1.85 3.95 9.85 29.95 118.50
D362 Uchiki Kuri 1.95 5.65 9.95 28.95 93.50 345.00
G362 Baby Blue Hubbard 1.95 5.95 17.95 54.50 195.00
A363 Burgess Buttercup 1.85 4.95 11.25 33.50 109.50
D363 Bon Bon Hybrid 2.95 7.95 13.95 37.95 132.50 495.00
E363 Sweet Mama Hybrid 3.25 9.25 18.95 49.50 168.50 645.00
By Seed Count Pkt 50 sds 150 sds 500 sds 1000 sds 2500 sds 5000 sds
A360 Avalon Hybrid $2.25 $4.95 $8.95 $19.50 $29.50 $59.95 $109.50
B360 Early Butternut Hybrid 2.35 4.95 9.25 29.45 39.50 76.50 146.00
B361 Table Ace Hybrid 2.35 3.95 7.95 21.95 36.95 72.50 136.50
362 & C362 Green & Golden Hubbard F361 Autumn Delight Hybrid 2.65 4.95 10.95 28.95 44.95 97.50 185.00

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 55

2012 Tomato Trials - Staking types

383 Vegetable Spaghetti / B383 Orangetti / A383 Pinnacle
Tomates - Tomaten - Pomodori
H362 Carnival Hybrid
Tomatoes were unknown to the world un-
Spaghetti Type: 6-8 sds/gm Specialty Types: 8-12 sds/gm til Spanish explorers returned from South
America and introduced them to Spain in
Unusual and interesting squash. Cook whole E362 TURKS TURBAN
fruits when 10 long for about 20 minutes.
the 1500's. For many years tomatoes were
Popular fall ornamental squash. Bright orange thought to be poisonous. It was not until
Cut in half horizontally, remove seeds, and fruits are flat in shape with a prominent button
out comes the pulp, just like spaghetti. Add the 1800's that people started to consume
striped and spotted in green, cream and orange.
salt, pepper, and butter. 8 wide, 3-4 lb fruits have pale yellow flesh that
them as a food. Since then the tomato has
is good for baking and cooking. 4-5 sds/gm. become the second most important vegeta-
383 VEGETABLE SPAGHETTI 85 days ble crop, exceeded only by the potato.
Standard open-pollinated variety. Produces
constant yields of 4-5lb, 6x 10 pale yellow F362 SWEET DUMPLING CULTURE: Tomatoes are a warm season
coloured fruits with yellow flesh. Large vigorous A specialty winter squash that can be used for crop. Best started indoors 6-8 weeks before
vine. Not as uniform as Pinnacle. 95 days both culinary and decorative purposes. Sweet last frost. SOIL: Tomatoes prefer deep, well-
Dumpling produces 4-5 heart shaped fruits. drained fertile loam, but will grow on most
A383 PINNACLE F-1 Exterior colour is ivory-cream with green types of soil free from a hardpan. pH 6-6.5
Improved Pasta type. Pinnacle is a new variety FERTILITY: Tomatoes need moderately
that offers more uniformity and increased yields, stripes, and the smooth flesh is yellow-orange,
tender, and very sweet. Plants are semi-vined, high amounts of fertilizer throughout the
producing 17 x 12cm/7x 5, 3lb/1.3kg fruits that growing season. 1-2-1 ratio for most soils.
ripen to an appealing bright yellow colour. The yielding 5-7 fruits per plant. 90 days
Regular yearly applications of rotted ma-
internal quality is excellent: spaghetti strands H362 Carnival F-1
are fine and have the nutty flavour of true
nure is beneficial. Calcium and magnesium
Unusually coloured Sweet Dumpling. Carnival are usually needed where tomatoes were
spaghetti squash. With a semi-bush growing produces medium sized heart shaped fruits with
habit, it allows for higher planting densities and grown before. Consistent watering reduces
colourful mottling of green, light green, orange,
higher yields per acre. 85 days and cream. No two fruits are the same. Golden
foliar and fruit problems. GERMINATION:
flesh is smooth and has a nutty sweet taste. 5-10 days at 70-75F/21-24C. Keep in light
b383 ORANGETTI F-1 ORGanic Semi-bush plants. Excellent fall display item. to prevent stretching. Transplant at true
Orange skinned and flesh. Finally an 4 leaf stage into bigger containers (P-804
replacement for Beta Gold. Orangetti is a larger 85 days
cell-paks or 4 pots). SPACING: Transplant
version with sweet, delicate spaghetti like flesh. J362 DELICATA JS STRAIN out to 24 between plants, 6 feet between
Fruits are 8-10 long with bright orange colour Very uniform, open-pollinated strain, selected rows. Use wider row spacing when you do
that make an appetizing presentation and also for non-bitter fruits. Also known as sweet not stake or prune the plants. PESTS: To-
have higher beta-carotene content than standard potato squash, Delicata produces 7-9 long, 3 mato hornworm attacks foliage in mid-
spaghetti squashes. Short term storage. wide, 1 1/2-2 lb., cream-colored fruits with dark
Organically grown seed. 90 days
season, stripping the leaves bare. Control
green lengthwise stripes and flecks. Very sweet, worms by removing and exterminating
excellent for stuffing and baking, even right after them or spraying BTK when damage is seen.
harvest- requires no curing. Plants are healthy
and full vined for improved production. Average
To control the various diseases that attack
yield: 5-7 fruits/plant. 100 days tomato plants, try these methods: use resis-
tant varieties (see below); crop rotation-do
not grow tomatoes where there have been
tomatoes, peppers, potatoes or eggplants in
the last 3 years; use stakes and mulches to
reduce the moisture that spreads blight on
the plant leaves.
Tip: Tomatoes need steady moisture and
fertilizer to keep stress & disease away and
A383 Pinnacle Hybrid J362 Delicata JS to produce large fruit. Mulching helps to re-
Cat# Description Pkt 10g 25g 100g 450g 2 kg 5 kgs tain moisture and keep weeds down.
1lb 4.4 lbs 11 lbs Tomato varieties having resistance or toler-
F362 Sweet Dumpling $1.95 $4.95 $8.65 $28.95 $86.50 $310.00 ance to the following diseases will be noted
J362 Delicata JS Strain 1.95 4.95 7.45 17.50 48.50 167.00 with: (V.F.N.) F = Fursarium Wilt race 1;
383 Vegetable Spaghetti 1.85 4.95 13.95 39.50 138.50 V=Verticillium Wilt; F 1+2 =Fursarium races
1+2; N=Nematodes; ToMV=Tobacco mosaic
B383 Orangetti Hybrid Org 2.95 15.65 31.95 79.50 295.00 virus; C = Cladosporium (Leafmold); ASC =
E362 Turks Turban 1.95 5.95 13.95 39.50 146.00 Alternaria stem canker; ST=Stemphylium
By Seed Count Pkt 50 sds 150sds 500sds 1000sds 2500 sds 5000sds
A383 Pinnacle Hybrid $2.65 $4.95 $11.95 $32.50 $52.95 $118.50 $199.50 Pkt contains approx. O.P. 150-200 sds;
Hybrid 10-25 sds; 200-400 sds/gm.
H362 Carnival Hybrid 2.35 5.95 14.95 32.75 54.50 92.50 165.00

56 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

A372 Celebrity Hybrid 372 Mountain Spring C372 Mountain Fresh Hybrid

Patio Tomatoes Standard Bush Tomatoes A372 CELEBRITY F-1

AAS Winner 1984. We have yet to find another
371 TINY TIM 372 MOUNTAIN SPRING F-1 tomato that performs as consistently as Celebrity.
A very early dwarf growing patio tomato. Tiny Our best tasting, early maturing, high yielding Ranked as one of the most flavourful tomatoes.
Tim grows about 15 tall and is covered with bush tomato. In our tests, Mountain Spring Its medium-sized determinate plant sets good
3/4 bright red fruits. Good flavour. Can be was a week earlier than Mountain Fresh and quantities of attractive deep-oblate fruit that
grown in pots, window boxes, or gardens. Celebrity. It produces firm, smooth, medium weigh about 225 grams each. Suited for short
Determinate.55 days sized 200-225g, globe shaped, dark red fruits staking. (V, F 1+2, N, TMV, ASC, St) 70 days
that have good flavour. Unlike other early
A371 TOTEM F-1 varieties Mountain Springs plants are very C372 MOUNTAIN FRESH F-1
Dwarf stalky bush tomato for containers. A good healthy and withstands adverse conditions. Beautiful, globe shaped field tomato with taste.
patio planter choice because it is stocky and Developed by Dr. Randy Gardner at U of NC. Has exhibited early blight tolerance in our trials,
stays compact 12-16. Early and heavy yielding, Tolerance to V,F-1+2,ST. Determinate. 68 days unlike any other main variety. 9oz/250g fruits
with large trusses of 1 1/2crimson fruit are smooth and firm with excellent internal and
produced low down on the stem. Determinate, A373 POLBiG F-1 external colour. Strong, determinate plants good
dark green healthy plants. 67 days Extra early tomato with good flavour. Polbig for field culture and short stakes. (V, F 1&2)
produces medium sized 125-170g globe 72 days
B371 siderno F-1 shaped, dark red fruits. Fruits will set under
Perfect tomato for urban gardens and
containers. Developed in Germany for the
cool conditions and hold for extended periods D372 Perla F-1 Organic O
on vine without cracking. Compact determinate Main season, large tomato available as organic
container markets. Siderno produces many plants are resistant to F1, V, and TMV. Excellent seed. Perla produces deep red, large, globe
golf ball-sized tomatoes with great taste on for northern climates and cold frames. shaped tomatoes on strong, healthy determinate
very compact plants. In our trials the tomato Determinate. 55-60 days plants. Fruits are firm and have good taste.
clusters were more abundant than the leaves! Developed by the ARO in Israel for fresh, open
These tomatoes have great flavour - use them in field production. Shown to have tolerance to V,
salads, on kebabs, or as a snack. Easily grown F-1, F-2. Organcially grown seed. 72 days
in a container - plant grows to about 45cm/18
maximum. 60 days 373 SUB ARCTIC PLENTY
Early tomato suitable for northern climates. Sub
Arctic Plenty produces an abundance of 2-3
100gm fruit in two sets on a strong determinate
plant. Resistant to colder temperatures. 55 days

A371 Totem Hybrid

B371 Siderno Hybrid D372 Perla Hybrid Organic

Cat# Description Pkt 1g 5g 10g 25g 100g

371 Tiny Tim $1.85 $4.95 $7.95 $14.50
373 Sub Arctic Plenty 1.85 4.95 7.95 14.95
By Seed Count Pkt 100 sds 500 sds 1000 sds 2500 sds 5M sds
A371 Totem Hybrid $2.95 $14.50 $54.50 $87.00
B371 Siderno Hybrid 5.95 36.95 114.95 192.00 395.00
372 Mountain Spring Hybrid 2.85 8.25 32.50 52.50 99.50 188.50
A372 Celebrity Hybrid 2.65 7.45 27.95 42.95 81.50 145.50
C372 Mountain Fresh Hybrid 2.75 8.45 34.50 54.50 105.50 188.50
D372 Perla Hybrid Organic 2.95 7.45 21.50 37.50 72.50 135.00
A373 Polbig Hybrid A373 Polbig Hybrid 3.25 10.65 39.50 67.50 139.50 255.00

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 57

B367 Diplom Hybrid Organic C370 Spring Shine Hybrid A378 Big Beef Hybrid B370 Mountain Magic Hybrid

Early Staking Types Main Season Staking Types

B367 diplom F-1 Organic O B370 MOUNTAIN MAGIC F-1 A367 COBRA F-1
Early maturing cluster variety with great old- Super flavour on blight resistant plants! Produces large, firm, uniform (200g/7oz)
fashioned tomato flavour. Diplom produces Mountain Magic produces trusses of 50g deep globed fruits with good taste and crack
clusters have 6-8 fruits that ripen uniformly. Campari-type tomatoes on very healthy, resistance. Especially bred for greenhouse
Fruits are completely deep red, round and firm, indeterminate plants. Fruits are sweet and growing but does equally as well outdoors as
and weigh 90grams. Plants are very healthy flavourful, highly crack resistant, uniformly a stake tomato. Cobra gives excellent results
and vigorous with open habit for easy staking red inside and out, and have a long shelf life. if pruned and raised on one or two stems.
and picking. Developed in Germany for the Mountain Magic also is moderately resistant to Resistant to V, F 1+2, ToMV, ST. Indeterminate.
soil greenhouse market.Resistant to Leaf Mold early blight and highly resistant to late blight. Pkt contains approx. 8-10 sds. 72 days
and Tomato Mosaic Virus. Indeterminate. This was noticeable in our own trials: Mountain
Organically grown seed. 65 days Magic was green and growing while all of the 378 BETTER BOY F-1
other tomatoes were dying. Developed by Extra large beefsteak fruits. Popular home
o367 ALEGRA F-1 ORGANIC O notable tomato breeder Dr Randy Gardner. V garden tomato with consistent yields of large,
Greenhouse Cluster type with exquisite taste 1&2, F 1 &2. . (12 oz.) flavourful, sweet fruits. Vigorous
and perfect colour. Alegra produces deep red, indeterminate vines with multiple disease
perfectly round, 2 fruits, with excellent internal C370 Spring Shine F-1 resistance bear firm, meaty tomatoes.(V-1, F-1,
colour and texture. Developed for the organic Early maturing tomato with pink flesh. Spring N, ASC, St) 70 days
greenhouse trade in Israel by the ARO, but works Shine is a tasty new pink fleshed variety from
just as well outdoors and in high tunnels. Plants Taiwan. The young fruit has a green shoulder, A378 BIG BEEF F-1
have very healthy, strong indeterminate growth but the mature fruit is pink, medium sized, with The perfect beefsteak with excellent taste. Big
with good leaf cover. Organically grown seed fine texture, good flavour, and weighs about Beef produces extra large, smooth beefy fruits
160-190 grams. The fruit shape is round to that are not gnarly like other types. Weighing
o370 MATINA Organic O deep globe, with a sugar content of about 6-8%. on average 10-12oz. up to a pound. Large
Quality small staking tomato with great flavour. Spring Shine has 4-6 fruits in each cluster vigorous indeterminate plants have in-bred
One of the tastiest early tomatoes in our trials. produced on indeterminate plants that are disease resistance. Our trials have shown early
Healthy indeterminate plant produces deep red, tolerant to Fusarium Wilt, ToMV-0 & 1 and cool high yields of large uniform fruits with good
100-140gm juicy fruits. Organically grown seed. temperatures. 65-70 days old-fashioned flavour. (V, F 1+2, ASC, N, ToMV,
Pkt contains approx. 45-50 sds. 65 days St) 73 days
o378 country taste F-1 org O
A hybrid tomato with heirloom flavour. Country
Taste is a juicy beefsteak tomato with very large,
dark red fruits that are packed with real tomato
taste. It produces an abundance of 250g-350g
globe shaped fruits on very healthy large
indeterminate plants. Resistant to: ToMV, and
VFN. Organically grown seed. 72 days
0367 Alegra Hybrid Organic B372 Lemon Boy Hybrid Most popular open-pollinated home garden
variety. Medium sized 6oz/160g, firm fruit with
good taste. Smooth, bright scarlet, flat globe-
shaped fruits on small indeterminate plants.
Heavy cropper. Uniform colour. 70 days

Tomato varieties having resistance or

tolerance to the following diseases will be
noted with: (V.F.N.) F = Fursarium Wilt race 1;
V=Verticillium Wilt; F 1+2 =Fursarium races
1+2; N=Nematodes; ToMV=Tobacco mosaic
virus; C = Cladosporium (Leafmold); ASC =
Alternaria stem canker; ST=Stemphylium

A367 Cobra Hybrid o378 Country Taste Hybrid Organic 376 Golden Shine Hybrid

58 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

Picking Paste Tomato Trial 2012 o364 Amish Paste Organic 364 Viva Italia Hybrid 119 Krautman Hybrid

Yellow Staking Types Paste Types

Exceptional yellow variety that produces large,
Nicknamed the Italian Stallion, this variety
a364 incas F-1 organic
Very early Roma type for organic growers.
classy 6-8oz/ 170g, lemon-yellow fruits on is a winner by many lengths. No other paste Incas produces medium sized 85g fruits that
vigorous indeterminate plants. Early, deep- variety we have trialed has been as early or as are bright red, thick-fleshed, mature at one time
globed fruits with mild flavoured flesh. (V, F1, N, sweet. Its firm fruits hold up better than most (concentrated maturity), and have good keeping
Asc, St.) 72 days other varieties. Smooth skinned, sweet meaty quality. Fruits are suitable for sauce, peeled or
flesh with little liquid and few seeds. 90g/3oz pureed tomatoes. Compact determinate bush
376 GOLDEN SHINE F-1 blocky-plum fruits on vigorous disease resistant plants. Resistant to V, F 1 & 2. Organically
Unusual golden-orange colour with great determinate vines. Great for fresh use and grown seed. 65 days
flavour. Produces large, round fruits (160-200g) tomato paste. Recommended market variety. (V,
that grow in clusters of 4-6. Fruits become F 1+2, N, Asc, St & Bacterial Speck). 65 days 365 SAN MARZANO Organic O
bright golden-orange when mature and are Old Italian paste variety. Produces long 3 1/2
tolerant to cracking. Healthy Indeterminate a365 PLUM REGAL dark red,flat side fruits with very few seeds.
plants. 72- 78 days Large, freshmarket, plum tomato with late Flesh is meaty and mild, good for canning
blight resistance. Late blight is a major disease and for tomato paste. San Marzano is not
in eastern and central Canada that wipes out an early variety, but produces high yields on
tomato crops. It produces high yields of firm, indeterminate plants. Organically grown Seed.
large, plum shaped fruit (95-110g), with bright 85 days
red exterior and interior- excellent for sauces.
Also suitable for vine-ripe or mature green 366 ROMA V.F.N.
harvest. It has very small blossom end scars. One of the most popular paste tomatoes. Roma
Healthy determinate plants are Resistant to produces high yields of 2 1/2 long red, blocky
Verticillium Wilt, Fusarium wilt 1 and 2, TSWV pear-shaped tomatoes, somewhat smaller than
and late blight, with a moderate early blight #365 but productive. Determinate compact
resistance as well. Highly resistant to graywall vines are strong and vigorous producing good
and fruit cracking. Plum Regal was developed cover. Resistant to ASC, F 1 and V. 80 days
by Dr. Randy Gardner and U of South Carolina. o364 AMISH PASTE Organic O
A364 Incas Hybrid Organic 75 days Big, long pointed fruits with juicy flesh. This old
Cat# Description Pkt 1g 5g 10g 25g 100g heirloom produces an abundance of fruits late
o364 Amish Paste Organic $2.25 $6.95 $17.95 $53.50 in the season on massive indeterminate plants.
365 San Marzano Organic 2.25 6.95 17.95 53.50 Organically grown seed. 78 days
366 Roma V.F.N. 1.85 3.95 6.95 11.95 33.50
370 Bonny Best 1.85 5.95 9.25 16.95 51.95
o370 Matina Organic 2.45 8.95 29.50
By Seed Count Pkt 100 sds 500 sds 1000 sds 2500 sds 5M sds
364 Viva Italia Hybrid $1.95 $4.95 $14.95 $26.95 $54.95 $82.95
A364 Incas Hybrid Organic 4.25 21.95 74.75 115.00 215.00
A365 Plum Regal 4.25 19.95 72.95 135.00 265.00
A367 Cobra Hybrid 7.95 45.00 165.00 285.00
B367 Diplom Hybrid Organic 7.95 25.95 116.95 179.50 395.00
o367 Alegra Hybrid Organic 3.45 10.95 39.65 67.95 145.00
B370 Mountain Magic Hybrid 7.95 39.95 165.00 195.00 395.00
C370 Spring Shine Hybrid 1.95 4.95 11.95 21.95 32.95 46.50
B372 Lemon Boy Hybrid 2.45 6.95 29.50 44.75 84.95 151.50
376 Golden Shine Hybrid 1.95 4.95 13.95 18.75 29.95 58.75
378 Better Boy Hybrid 2.35 6.25 24.95 38.95 74.95
A378 Big Beef Hybrid 2.65 6.95 27.95 45.75 88.95 149.95
o378 Country Taste Hybrid Organic 5.45 28.95 105.00 185.00
A365 Plum Regal

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 59

A366 Juliet Hybrid A368 Sun Sugar Hybrid B368 Super Sweet 100 Hybrid B366 Aria Hybrid

Red Salad & Cherry Types Yellow Cherry Types

Our favourite salad tomato. Juliet bears 2 Sweet red grape tomato. Sweet Olive produces Unparalleled sweetness and flavour in a golden
elongated, red, sweet, firm plum shaped superior quality, sweet, 10-15 gm grape shaped cherry. SunSugar rates higher in rich tomato
tomatoes. Good crack resistance and shelf fruits with a strong tolerance to cracking. flavour, and has a better sweet-tart taste than
life. 30-40 gram fruits set 12-18 in clusters The plants are tall, vigorous, and determinate other yellow and golden types. 15-25gm round,
on vigorous healthy plants. Great for salads, with an open growth habit. Tolerates heat and golden fruits with a brix reading of 10, plus 3
stir fries, and salsas. AAS winner 1999. adverse weather. Sweet Olive can be grown times as much Vitamin A than a red cherry.
Indeterminate. 60 days without pruning, but staking is recommended Good resistance to cracking and multiple
for optimum fruit quality. Pkt contains approx. diseases. Indeterminate. 62 days
B368 SUPER SWEET 100 F-1 10-12 sds. 62 days
Our main selling red cherry tomato. Extremely NEW E368 Esterina F-1 Org O
high yields of well rounded, deep red sweet NEW 368 Sweetie Organic O Organic Yellow cherry tomato. High
3/4-1 fruits that are resistant to cracking. ed OP cherry. Very sweet round fruits on
R yields of sweet and flavorful Golden yellow 1
Vigorous indeterminate vine can continue to clusters bear heavy on vigorous Indeterminate fruits. Bears on multi-clusters of 30-40 fruits
grow for extended periods of time, so provide plants. Organically grown seed. 65 days each. Plants are vigorous indeterminate and
good support. F,N, ToMV. LS. 60 days continue to yield huge crops. Plants resistant to
o369 RED PEAR Organic O TMV, V Organically grown seed. 60 days
C368 SWEET BABY GIRL F-1 Similar to Yellow Pear but fruits are red and
Medium-large cherry tomatoes on a small plant. have more acid. Organically grown seed. B366 Aria F-1
Major improvement in cherry tomatoes. Not A delightful oblong golden yellow cherry
only does it have great taste, a deep red colour, Tomato varieties having resistance or
tolerance to the following diseases will be tomato. We were impressed with Aria in our
tolerance to cracking, and many other diseases, trials for both taste and fruit quality. Besides
but Sweet Baby Girl also has a small plant noted with: (V.F.N.) F = Fursarium Wilt race 1;
V=Verticillium Wilt; F 1+2 =Fursarium races Sunsugar, it was our favourite among 10 yellow
habit which many customers have requested. cherry types. Aria produced an abundance of 15
Performs well in a hoop house where the 1+2; N=Nematodes; ToMV=Tobacco mosaic
virus; C = Cladosporium (Leafmold); ASC = gram, grape shaped, sweet, golden yellow fruits
customers prefer compact and multi-disease that were very slow to crack. Early and heat
tolerant plants. Produces heavy yields of 1, Alternaria stem canker; ST=Stemphylium
tolerant. Healthy dark green, semi-determinate
25gm fruits on long clusters for excellent plants are also suited for high tunnel and cold
presentation at market. Tolerant ToMV, F frame growing. 62 days
0,1&2,C5. Compact Indeterminate. 65 days
A369 YELLOW PEAR Organic O
NEW F368 Sarina F-1 Organic O Small fruited yellow salad type. This variety
Organic Red Cherry for greenhouse and bears an abundance of small 1 1/2, pear-
field. Exceptional fruit quality and taste on very shaped, yellow fruits which are used for salads
disease resistant plants. Developed in Israel and preserving. Popular with children of all
for fresh market production. Sarina produces ages for fresh eating. Indeterminate. Organically
heavy yields of clusters containing 14-16 1 grown seed. 65 days
10gram bright red firm fruits. Slow to crack.
Plants are vigorous and resistant to TYLCV, V, C368 Sweet Baby Girl Hybrid A369 Yellow Pear Organic
N, TMV, Fol1, TSWV 5 60 days
Cat# Description Pkt 1g 5g 10g 25g 100g
368 Sweetie Organic 2.25 9.95 22.95
A369 Yellow Pear Organic 2.25 6.95 17.95 53.50
o369 Red Pear Organic 2.25 6.95 17.95 53.50
By Seed Count Pkt 100 sds 500 sds 1000 sds 2500 sds 5000 sds
A366 Juliet Hybrid $2.25 $5.25 $18.50 $34.00 $65.00
B366 Aria Hybrid 2.35 7.95 27.95 49.50 96.50 166.00
A368 Sun Sugar Hybrid 2.95 9.85 36.95 61.95 119.50 225.00
B368 Super Sweet 100 Hybrid 2.35 5.95 22.95 37.95 79.50 132.50
C368 Sweet Baby Girl Hybrid 2.45 8.95 33.95 53.50 108.50 186.00
D368 Sweet Olive Hybrid 5.25 26.95 83.95 128.50 296.00
E368 Esterina Hybrid Organic 2.95 7.95 31.85 55.95 119.50 195.00
F368 Sarina Hybrid Organic 2.95 7.85 29.95 54.95 118.50 194.50
F368 Sarina F-1 Organic E368 Esternia F-1 Organic

60 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

Heirloom &
Unusual Tomatoes
Unusual shaped and coloured tomatoes
with distinctive flavours. Most are old vari-
eties passed down from generations. More
susceptible to disease and fruits are less
firm and production is less and later than
many mainline hybrids. Indeterminate un-
less noted.
C377 Sicilian Saucer
o364 AMISH PASTE Organic O o372 GREEN ZEBRA Organic O A379 Toma Verde
Big, long pointed fruits with juicy flesh. This old
heirloom produces an abundance of fruits late
in the season on massive indeterminate plants.
Light green fruits with dark green stripes.
Emerald green flesh is firm and has a mild tangy
taste. Fruits are 1 1/2 2 1/2 in diameter Husk Tomato. Differs from tomatoes by
78 days
and make excellent salad tomatoes. Pick when having a brownish papery husk covering the
o368 RED CURRANT Organic O light green skin turns a yellow-green shade for green fruit or "tomato". Grown in Mexico
Tiny little fruits with intense sweet flavour. It is an old optimum taste. Determinate plant habit. 72 days and Central America for centuries. Tomatil-
tomato native to Mexico that produces currant sized los are an integral element in many Latin
fruits on clusters. 68 days
A large pinkish-red fruit with mild, low acid American dishes. 200-400 sds/gm.
o373 BLACK KRIM Organic O content. Solid, meaty, flattish tomato for CULTURE: See Tomatoes SPACING: plants
Dark red-purple, medium large fruits with full late season. 3ft apart. HARVEST: when paper husk
flavour. Black Krims fruits are medium large,
globe shaped with reddish purple, delicate skin,
A377 GRIGHTMIRES PRIDE HL loosens from plant and fruits turn from
A large early pinkish-red heart shaped variety green to pale yellow. Most tart and best for
green shoulders and green tinted flesh. 75 days salsa when pale green.
originally from Yugoslavia. Meaty, low seed, low
o374 CHEROKEE PURPLE Org O acid fruit with good taste. Indeterminate, prolific
grower. If tomatoes do not agree with you - this A379 TOMA VERDE
Large flat, purplish-pink tomatoes with real
tomato flavour. Cherokee produces a tomato one will! 65 days This is the prefered Mexican variety for making
with very unusual interior colour that ranges salsa. Toma Verde produces high yields of firm
from purple to brown with green gel. Plants are
B377 BRANDYWINE RED 5cm/2 pale green fruits well covered with paper
Large, ugly red fruits with excellent flavour. husk. Non-pithy when ripe. For best germination
indeterminate with shorter vines. 72 days
Indeterminate type plant with potato-like leaves. results, start indoors. 60-70 days
o375 OLD GERMAN Organic O Produces meaty, flat-round fruits. 75 days Pkt (130-300 sds) $1.85; 5g $7.95;
Large, flat, yellow fruits with a red center that 10g $12.95; 25g $23.50
is visible on the surface and through the core
Unusually large, flat beefsteak/paste type. A
having a marbled look. Fruits have a variable
true heirloom variety originally from Sicily. This
ribbed surface with a full, fruity flavour. 75 days
tomato may be the secret to a good pasta sauce.
o377 AUNT RUBYS GERMAN GREEN If you like to grow competition-sized vegetables,
Organic O this is one to try as it grows to the size of a
Large green bicolour beefsteak type. When ripe small plate. 75 days
are light green with a tint of yellow and pink Prices for all above varieties.
blush underneath with a sweet, spicy flavour. Pkt (50-100sds) $2.25; 1g $6.95; 5g $17.95
78 days 25g $53.50 Ground Cherry
Sweet yellow berries, excellent side tray item
for parties. Can also be used in jams, jellies
and sauces. Very unique garden vegetable.
CULTURE: Similar to tomatoes. Ready to
pick when green husks turn papery brown.
We find the best flavour after they fall off
the plant and the husks become brittle.
Physalis Pruinosa Sweet, small 1/2 yellow fruit
is produced inside a thin papery husk. Produces
o374 Cherokee Purple Organic A377 Grightmires Pride o377 Aunt Rubys German Green 377 Ponderosa Pink Beefsteak a large bush habit plant. 1200 sds/gm. 70 days
Pkt (600-700sds) $1.95; 5g $5.95; 10g $10.75;
25g $21.50
Physalis Edulis An umbrella shaped plant with
cream and red flowers, followed by fruit encased
in papery lantern pods. Sweet golden-orange
fruits add an exotic touch to desserts. Mature
plant height is 30cm/12 by 75cm/30 wide.
Little Lanterns can also be grown in a container
or patio planter. 70 days
Pkt (10-15sds) $2.95; 100sds $9.45; 500sds
o372 Green Zebra Organic o375 Old German Organic B377 Brandywine Red o373 Black Krim Organic $32.75

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 61
Turnips are a popular vegetable in Asian
cultures and parts of Europe. Turnips are in
the brassica family.
CULTURE: Sow in July for fall harvest.
Sow into a well tilled seed bed. Space seeds
1cm/1/2 apart and 1cm/1/2 deep. Keep
moist until growth is seen. Thin out to 15-
C261 Tiger Eye Seedless
Pkt contains 450-1600 sds; 25g sows
385 Milan - Early Italian White Red Top
250ft. 300-400 sds/gm; 500g/acre

Leaf Types Hybrid White Types

An old Dutch turnip top variety, also known as Best white variety for summer and fall growing.
Chinese Leaf Turnip. The plant makes a rosette Both skin and flesh are pure white of finest quality.
of lobed leaves with a tangy spinach flavour. Just Right produces very uniform 4-5 semi-globe
Excellent baby greens item for salads. Can be shaped roots that resist going pithy after mature.
grown early in cold frames. Cold tolerant, so it grows well under cover in late
fall. Leaves are also used for greens. 65-70 days
380 TURNIP TOPS -SEVEN Pkt $2.05; 10g $5.95; 25g $11.25; 100g 263 Sureness Hybrid
Smooth green leaves. Cut at 6" stage. Will grow $34.50; 450g $113.50
back for later cuttings. Raapstelen.
A388 White Lady F-1
Purple top types Early maturing, pure white, mild turnips. White
Lady produces a very uniform root 2-3 weeks
385 MILAN - EARLY ITALIAN before Just Right. Sweet mild roots can be
WHITE RED TOP picked as small baby roots or allowed to mature
Best variety for early turnips. Milan produces to 3-4 flat-round smooth roots. Resists going
flat round white roots with distinctive pink-red pithy even at larger sizes. Bright green foliage is
shoulder. Pick when 3-4" wide for best quality. healthy, vigorous, and resists bolting.
35-40 days 28- 35 days
386 PURPLE TOP WHITE GLOBE Pkt $2.25; 10g $6.95; 25g $13.95;
Our main season turnip. A nearly round turnip, 100g $46.50; 450g $142.50
snow white with purple shoulders . Crisp, mild, B261 Full Lucky Hybrid Seedless
white flesh can be eaten raw or cooked. Young
leaves can be cooked as greens. For tenderest
roots pick when 2-4. 60 days

Golden Types
Re-selected and improved Gold Ball type.
Same great taste, just better looking. Goldana 265 Sangria Hybrid
produces uniform round roots with smooth,
yellow skin and soft, golden-yellow flesh. Grows
to 4 to 5 inches but best harvested at 3 inches
for best sweetness and tenderness. Medium
height with rather broad leaves. 60 days
Above Varieties:
Pkt $1.85; 25g $4.25; 100g $8.95;450g $16.95 388 Just Right Hybrid

262 Jade Star Hybrid 266 New Queen Hybrid

A380 Turnip Top Namenia 386 Purple Top White Globe A388 White Lady Hybrid 268 Sweet Beauty Hybrid

62 Vegetables Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

Melon deau - Meloenen
Nature does not produce anything sweeter than a ripe exotic melon. One of our favorite items
to grow, we have tested various melon varieties over the years. We have had great success pro-
ducing quality melons here in Canada due to good varieties and the use of IRT mulch.
CULTURE: In Canada, watermelons are best started indoors 3-4 weeks before last frost. Start
3-4 seeds in a 3-4 pot. Transplant to the below plant spacing, do not break clumps apart.
SOIL: Watermelons like well drained, sandy-silty loam, high in organic matter pH 6.0-6.8
FERTILITY: Enrich with compost or well rotted manure in spring. Watermelons are heavy us-
ers of nitrogen, potassium and calcium. GERMINATION: For proper germination soil must be
at least 72F/22C for 5 days. Cooler soil temperature will result in poor germination. SPACING:
Plant in clumps 3-4 seeds per clump, 24 apart in rows 4-7ft apart. Close planting will result in
smaller fruit size. PESTS: See Cucumber section.
Tip: We have had great success using IRT plastic mulch which warms up the soil, retains
moisture and reduces weed competition. See Hardgoods section of the catalogue.
Pkt contains approx. O.P. 30-50sds; Hybrids 7-20sds; 15-25sds/gm unless noted otherwise
A261 Felicity Hybrid

Round & Oblong Types Elongated Types Triploid / Seedless Types

260 SUGAR BABY 265 SANGRIA F-1 Seedless watermelons are mostly seedless;
Popular open-pollinated variety for short season Popular elongated variety for the north. Sangria some small white seed hulls are still present.
areas. 8-10lb, round variety, with pink-red flesh consistently produces nice sized, exceptionally Under environmental stress some seeds and
that is sweet and not too seedy. Dark-green thin, sweet oblong melons that hold their quality hollow heart can form. We have found that
tough rind. Ripens almost black. 80 days after picking. Produces medium sized 18lb, growing them on Bio-Film or IRT film reduces
8"x16" watermelons with sweet, bright red flesh. moisture stress and virtually eliminates hol-
NEW 261 Faerie F-1 Strong, dark green rind with broken light green low hearts. Seedless watermelons require a
AAS 2012 winner. Unique light yellow strips. Tolerance to Fusarium race 1. 80 days regular Diploid watermelon for pollination, so
striped icebox watermelon. Yields oblong 7-8 plant one near the seedless types. We have
fruits weighing 4-6 lbs that has sweet pink- 267 SWEET FAVORITE F-1 found Jade Star to be the most compatible
red flesh with a high sugar content and crisp Early maturing, oblong melon for cool climates. for this purpose.
texture. Compact trailing plant stands up well in Sweet Favorite sets quality 10-12lb fruits with
the garden. 60-65 days bright red, sweet crisp flesh. Its bright green A261 Felicity F-1
rind offset with darker stripes is tough and Seedless yellow icebox type. Vigorous, medium-
262 JADE STAR F-1 resists cracking. Not quite as big or sweet as early variety. Felicity has crystal-yellow, tender,
This is our best producing ice box type year after Sangria but ripens 1 week earlier. Tolerant to juicy flesh with excellent eating quality and it
year. It is an early hybrid version of Sugar Baby. Fusarium and Anthracnose. 72 days has a sugar content of 11%. The fruit is uniform
Jade Star produces 8-10lb round fruit with bright and high globe, showing black-green stripes on
red flesh that is very sweet at maturity. Thin, 268 SWEET BEAUTY F-1
Superior red, oblong icebox type. The first of its light green rind and weighs 5-7 kg. Few small
tough black-green rind ships well. 70 days rudimentary seeds and is a good shipper.
type to combine all the best qualities of a large,
263 SURENESS F-1 all-sweet type into a small 3-4kg package. Its 75-80 days
Deep yellow fleshed Icebox melon with tough rind is dark green with light green stripes, Pkt (5-10sds) $5.95; 50sds $18.50; 150sds
exceptional flavour. New from the Orient, this the flesh is deep red and sweet. Sweet Beauty's $42.50; 500sds $132.50; 1000sds $215.00
watermelon stood out as the best yellowfleshed healthy and vigorous vines produce up to 7 B261 Full Lucky F-1
type in our trials. Sureness produces tall round melons per vine. Bred in Taiwan. AAS winner Extra sweet seedless icebox type. Full Lucky
22 x 20cm fruits weighing 3-4 kg. Skin is dark 2004. 75-80 days produces slightly elongated fruits about
green with black stripes and flesh is bright 7-8 kg in weight. Flesh is deep red, tender, juicy,
yellow with a brix of 10.9. Tolerant to Fusarium very sweet (12% brix) and with very little white
Wilt. A real winner! 65 days rudimentary seeds. Rind is green with black-
266 NEW QUEEN F-1 green broad stripes and is strong for shipping .
Bright orange fleshed icebox type. Sweet 77- 82 days
and unique flavoured flesh with few seeds. Pkt (5-10sds) $4.95; 50sds $12.95; 150sds
Produced well under cool conditions. 3kg/6.6lb $27.50; 500sds $78.50; 1000sds $138.50
fruit with light green rind and dark green strips. C261 Tiger Eye Seedless
An attractive show stopping watermelon in our NEW Best seedless watermelon!
trials. 72 days 267 Sweet Favorite Hybrid Finally released for sale in Canada. For the
Cat# Description Pkt 5g 25g 100g 450g past three seasons Tiger Eye has been the
1lb clear winner in our trials. Tiger Eye has bright
260 Sugar Baby $1.85 $4.95 $12.95 $36.95 cherry red flesh that has a wonderful, sweet
263 Sureness Hybrid 3.45 14.95 62.50 205.00 725.00 watermelon flavor. It consistently produced
perfect round icebox sized (10-13 lb) green with
266 New Queen Hybrid 3.25 13.95 56.50 185.00 dark green stripping that did not fade. Strong
267 Sweet Favorite Hybrid 2.95 8.95 34.50 89.50 365.00 medium vines tolerant to FWR 0&1, Ath R 1&3.
268 Sweet Beauty Hybrid 3.45 14.95 62.50 205.00 725.00 75 days
261 Faerie 4.95 21.50 74.50 195.00 795.00 Pkt (5-10sds) $4.95; 50sds $12.95; 150sds
By Seed Count Pkt 150 sds 500 sds 1000 sds 2500 sds 5000 sds $27.50; 500sds $78.50; 1000sds $138.50
262 Jade Star Hybrid $5.45 $34.95 $86.95 $142.00 $279.95 $495.00
265 Sangria Hybrid 3.75 19.85 49.50 77.50 172.00 292.50

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety F-1 Hybrid Vegetables 63
Winter Groundcovers
Using green manure is one of the best
ways to increase soil tilth and add
organic matter to your garden or
field. We use green manures during
the growing season in areas not being
used or being summer fallowed and
also in the fall as an over wintering
cover crop (to hold the soil and or-
ganic matter in place for the spring.)
Using legumes as a green crop allows
nitrogen to be fixed from the air into
the soil for use by a following crop. 564 Crimson Clover
When using green manures, remem-
ber to allow 4-6 weeks for the tilled-
in organic matter to decompose. This
can be sped up by adding nitrogen, or
by spraying a mixture of seaweed and 4010 Pea & Oats 50/50 mix before mowing
compost accelerator on the stubble
before tilling in. Summer Seeded:
Check out our website for information and
June -July
links to research on greencroping. 548 Soybean -Red Milo Mix
Best summer soil builder. Fixes nitrogen while
growing biomass and improving soil microbe
Spring Seeded: activity. Prefers soil temp 60-65F ( June).
March - June Historically soybeans were used as a forage
crop for animals; this mix includes a traditional
546 Oats-Milling -Organic O tall forage soybean with little pod set much 566 Tillage Radish
One of the most versatile greenmanures and different than the common oilseed soybean.
covercrops. We use Oats as a fall covercrop The soybeans complement the Milo (a less Late Summer/Fall Seeded:
where we will be planting into early spring. It
is a quick growing annual greencrop that dies
aggressive type of grain sorghum) by supplying 566 Tillage Radish Organic O
nitrogen to feed its vegetative growth. Mowing Breaks down hard pan with its long tap roots,
in the winter. When planted in late summer it prior to the Milo setting seed heads allows for
scavenges and ties up nutrients for following scavenging nutrients as it grows. Different
ease of incorporation. than traditional oilseed radish because of its
crops, it grows quick and dies over the winter.
When planting in spring, work into the soil 530 Buckwheat Organic significantly longer and thicker tap root which
before heads appear for maximum greenmanure Fastest growing summer covercrop. Buckwheat improves soil tilth, loosens clays and hardpans.
value. Oats is commonly used as a nurse crop out grows everything including weeds, making It can be seeded with oats and white clover for
for grass seed, clovers and alfalfa. it a great short term smother crop. While a complete fall covercrop. Tillage radish will
buckwheat does not yield a large biomass, it winter kill and all residues will break down. A
547 Peas 4010 and Oats 50/50 mix is an excellent scavenger of phosphorus and light spring tillage will result in an ideal seed
Organic O potassium releasing it to the next crop. bed for planting following crops. Best seeded
Best greenmanure for spring seeding. Very in late August to allow roots to grow to the full
effective Nitrogen and biomass builder. 549 Sorghum Sudan grass Org potential.
4010 peas are the best leafy forage peas for
plowdown, producing over 40 of green mass
A highly efficient annual grass that tolerates
hot weather and dry conditions. Produces a
O 545 Winter Rye Organic O
high tonnage of dry matter, ideal for absorbing Jack of all trades as a cover crop, rye will
in 10 weeks. Oats will utilize available nitrogen,
excess nitrogen, building soil Organic Matter, quickly provide ground cover even at cold
building soil structure, suppress weeds and
preventing erosion, suppressing weeds with temperatures. Its extensive root system
provide quick growth while the peas fix nitrogen
rapid growth. Mid season cutting will increase efficiently scavenges excess nitrogen that would
for following crop. Well suited for late summer/
root growth and penetration subsoil penetration. be otherwise lost over the winter months. The
fall seedlings as well. It is best practice to allow
Mow down and incorporate before frost. root system of rye is much more thorough than
three weeks before seeding following crops.
Produces up to10000lbs/acre Organic matter. other cereal crops adding to its desirability as a
Mow down and work into soil at flowering
soil builder, and a means to reduce compaction.
540 Annual RyeGrass 567 Mustard - Bio Gold Mix Rye is among the last cover crop that will
Fast growing annual grass used for full season Often grown for its ability to suppress soil borne germinate and grow below 5C. This means the
covercrops and pathways. We seed annual rye diseases such as Rhizoctonia and Verticillium, planting window is very wide depending on what
and white clover in pathways. Its fibrous root there is research that suggests that the same the intent of the crop is. Mow and incorporate
system supports foot and machinery traffic, bio activity released by the plant matter through before seed is set. After incorporation allow 4-5
reducing compaction and adding organic matter chopping and incorporation also has an effect weeks before seeding into.
back in. Mow periodically to chop down seed on weed control for up to 3 weeks. Although Other greenmanures that can be sown in late
heads before they mature. Allowing a minimum these pest management claims are still being summer:
of 40 growing days before frost will ensure tested, mustard has good potential to build
decent cover but a high probability of winter kill. soil, reduce erosion, fight weeds and grow 564 Crimson Clover
quickly while producing a high amount of
Other greenmanures that can be sown in spring biomass, given adequate time to grow. Mustard
567 Mustard - Bio Gold Mix
562 Berseem Clover residue breaks down quickly and is easily tilled. 546 Oats-Milling
Allow 4-5 weeks before seeding into after
564 Crimson Clover incorporation. Do not allow to set seed. 547 4010 Peas and Oats 50/50 mix

64 Greencrop Garden Performers AAS Winner Container Culture HL Heirloom

530 Buckwheat

Legumes - Clovers and Alfalfa

565 White Clover, Rivendel 564 Crimson Clover
Fast growing, small leaved variety for Fastest annual nitrogen fixer for autumn
interseeding crops and lawns. Excellent nitrogen seeding. Crismon clover has large leaves with a
fixer that will provide pastures and lawns with very showy crimson blooms. Relitively easy to
needed nitrogen when established. Tolerates establish under a variety of conditions. It can be 545 Winter Rye
close cutting and grazing making it excellent for easily interseeded due to its tolerance to shade.
lawn use. We use white clover in our pathways In the north cool weather provides vigorous Other types
and interseed it into our late cabbage trials. growth right until heavy freeze up, fixing up to
Perennial 50lbs N/acre. Annual 400 MAMMOTH RUSSIAN
Large yellow flowers on 8ft tall plants. Great for
562 Berseem Clover 550 ALFALFA fast growing windbreaks and blocks. Besides
Heaviest nitrogen builder of the legumes. Commonly used as a biennial nitrogen fixing being a pretty background plant and favourite of
This clover will produce large amount of greencrop legume. Alfalfas long tap root is children, the sunflower is valued for its seeds.
biomass and up to 200lbs/N/acre depending good for breaking up the hardpan below the It can be used for feed and it is great for eating!
on the purpose. With no frost tolerance this topsoil improving soil aeration and drainage. Large seeded.
rapid growing greenmanure is best drilled or Produces heavy top growth which can be cut 25g $3.25; 100g $5.95; 450g $12.95; 1kg
broadcast in late May early June, often mixed when it flowers. Usually sown in the spring $22.95; 2kg $39.50; 5kg $99.50
with oats. Cutting or incorporation must occur with a nurse crop of oats and plowed down the
prior to seed set, because the plant will not following summer or fall. Perennial 750 DWARF FRENCH MARIGOLD:
recover if cutting occurs after seed has been Insect and nematode control. Reduce nematode
set. Leave three inches of stem if cutting, 2-3 570 SWEET CLOVER: (MELIOTIS) and eelworm damage in crops by using this
cuttings are possible if allowed to grow for the Excellent biennial legume greenmanure and marigold in a rotation every 4-7 years. Produces
full season if moisture is present. Annual honeyplant. Aromatic yellow blooms attract good organic matter and smothers weeds. Sow
bees. Produces foliage capable of growing in early summer when soil is warm, till into soil
560 RED CLOVER and spreading over 2m/6ft. Will re-seed itself. in late autumn after foliage is killed off by frost.
Quick growing biennial greenmanure that fixes Biennial 200-300 sds/gm.
nitrogen. Sow in spring for late fall plowdown, Planting Rate: 50g per 1000sq.ft
or in the fall for following summer plowdown. 25g $4.95 | 100g $11.95
Inoculated Seed. Biennial
Cat # Description Sowing Rates Pricing - large sizes subject to change due to commodity prices
lbs per lbs per acre lbs per acre 450g 5 lbs/ 10lbs/ 25lbs/ approx
1000sqft drilled broadcast 2.2kg 4.5kg * 11kg** 50lbs**
530 Buckwheat - Organic 2-3lbs 50-70 lbs 70-90 lbs $5.45 $13.95 $24.95 $38.50 $72.00
540 Annual RyeGrass 1 lb 10-20 lbs 20-30lbs 4.95 12.50 22.50 44.95 73.95
545 Winter Rye - Organic 2-3 lbs 60-100 lbs 90-160 lbs 8.95 13.85 25.95 44.95
546 Oats - Milling - Organic 2-3 lbs 80-110 lbs 110-140 lbs 9.45 15.85 26.95 52.95
547 4010 Peas and Oats 50/50 mix - Organic 2-3 lbs 80-100 lbs 100-120 lbs 6.95 14.95 26.50 42.50 62.50
548 Soybean -Red Milo Mix 3-4 lbs 100-150 lbs 150-180lbs 6.95 15.95 28.95 46.95 69.75
549 Sorghum Sudan grass Organic 1/2 lb 25-35 lbs 35-50 lbs 8.95 24.95 42.95 74.50 129.00
550 Alfalfa 1/2 lb 10-12 lbs 12-18 lbs 8.95 25.95 44.50 75.95 132.00
560 Red Clover 1/2 lb 8-10 lbs 10-12 lbs 8.95 27.50 45.95 79.50 139.50
562 Berseem Clover 1/2 lb 10-12 lbs 15-20 lbs 12.95 42.95 69.50 139.50 220.00
564 Crimson Clover 2/3 lb 15-20 lbs 22-30 lbs 9.65 26.95 46.50 99.50 145.00
565 White Clover, Rivendel 1/2 lb 5-9 lbs 9-14 lbs 13.95 46.50 82.50 165.00 295.25
566 Tillage Radish Organic 2/3 lb 8-10 lbs 14-16 lbs 13.95 56.50 99.50 166.50 299.00
567 Mustard - Bio Gold Mix 1/2 lb 10-12 lbs 15-18 lbs 12.95 39.50 69.50 139.50 235.00
570 Sweet Clover: (Meliotis) 1/2 lb 6-10 lbs 10-20 lbs 11.95 32.50 48.50 99.50 165.00
*or ** Extra Shipping Charges are based on Province and Postal Code. See order Form for Pricing, for large quantities contact our office

O Organic Seed Short Season/Cold Tolerant PvP Plant Protected Variety Greencrop 65
Herbs A kitchen herb garden is essen-
tial for creating the fresh flavours in
todays cuisine. Many herbs are easily
grown from seed. When grown together
in small beds or containers, they create
a tapestry of foliage that is beautiful
and aromatic. We have improved our
herb selection to focus on good culinary
herbs. Most of the herbs listed here
have been selected for their kitchen
uses, with the exception of a few that
are noted for their ornamental value.
Herbs are rich in minerals and vitamins,
and can be used fresh or dried. For
winter use, grow some inside in a 0465 Astro Organic
sunny window, or dry them in bunch- o465 ASTRO ORGANIC
es in an airy, dry place (cut the plants 465 Rocket
Brassica eruca Organic selection from standard
just before bloom).s arugula. Astro is earlier and more heat tolerant,
Arugula its leaves are less lobed, and it has a milder
LEGEND A464 VOYAGER taste than regular arugula. Works excellent in
Brassica eruca Improved wild rocket. This multiple plantings. Organically grown seed.
Zone -zone variety may be hardy to selection from England is very slow to bolt, Annual | 375-550 sds/gm.
Ht. - mature plant height more vigorous, uniform, and upright than Pkt (750-1100sds) $1.95 | 25g $6.95
Bl. - bloom time of variety common wild rocket. The leaves are thick, dark 100g $18.95 | 450g $ 59.95 | 2kg $189.50
sds/gm - average amount of seeds green in colour with very uniform shape. It also
per gram has a more refined sweet with a punch flavour. A465 SKYROCKET - SURREY
M - Thousand Seeds; Annual | 3000-4000 sds/gm. Brassica eruca A salad rocket with improved
Sds - Seeds Pel - Pellets Pkt (3000-4000sds) $1.95 | 10g $4.25 deeply lobed leaf shape and more tolerance to
25g $7.75 | 100g $22.95 | 450g $78.50 bolting under stress. It is very quick growing,
allowing for harvest 25-30 days after sowing.
465 ROCKET Skyrocket has a stronger leaf which stands up
Brassica eruca The original salad arugula better after harvest. Succulent arugula flavour.
having stronger flavour than newer types. Annual | 375-550 sds/gm.
Common variety used in mescluns. Pkt (560-825sds) $1.95 | 25g $6.95
Annual | Ht. 20-30cm/8-12 | 375-550 sds/gm. 100g $16.95 | 450g $48.50
Pkt (750-1100sds) $1.95 | 25g $3.95
100g $7.95 | 450g $19.85 | 2kg $72.50 B465 SPEEDY
NEW Brassica eruca Fastest growing
serrated leaf. Speedy has very quick growth
with good bolt tolerance: excellent for early
spring, late fall and winter production. It has
the shape of wild rocket with the mild pungency
of salad rocket. 30 days
410 Anise
Annual | 375-550 sds/gm.
Anise Pkt (375-550sds) $1.95 | 10g $5.95
25g $9.95 | 100g $31.95 | 450g $89.50
410 ANISE A465 Skyrocket
Pimpinella anisum Leaves and seed are used
to add a liquorice flavour to meats, salads, and
baked goods. Try it with chicken.
Annual | Ht. 45cm/18 | 150-200 sds/gm.
Pkt (150-200sds) $1.95 | 10g $3.95
25g $5.95 | 100g $8.95 | 450g $34.65

E411 Italian Large Leaf Organic

A464 Voyager B465 Speedy B411 Sweet Dani

66 Herbs
0411 Genovese Organic A411 Minette G411 Aton Organic 467 Siam Queen


Basil O. basilicum A tiny leaved variety that stays O. basilicum Compact, market quality variety
The scent of summer! It is easily grown in warm compact in pots without pinching. Great for for growing in pots and for cutting. Aton has
growing indoors in pots. Good spicy flavour. dark green shiny leaves that are smooth and
soil. Basil is the most popular herb used in all domed. Genovese type. Recommended for
areas of cooking. It can be dried or preserved Annual | Ht. 20cm/8 | 400-700 sds/gm.
indoor growing. Organically grown seed.
in oil. Try growing some in a sunny window to Pkt (200-350sds) $1.95 | 10g $3.50
Annual | Ht. 20-30cm/8-12 | 400-700 sds/gm.
chase away winter blues. 25g $5.95 | 100g $19.75 | 450g $68.00
Pkt (200-350sds) $1.95 | 5g $4.95
411 SWEET BASIL B411 SWEET DANI 25g $7.25 | 100g $19.95 | 450g $75.50
Ocimum basilicum The common large leaf O.b. Sweet Dani AAS Winner 1998. Larger
green basil with sweet flavour. leaf and more vigorous plant growth than other 467 SIAM QUEEN
Annual | Ht. 45cm/18 | 400-700 sds/gm. lemon scented basils. Sweet Dani also remains O.sp. Siam Queen AAS winner 1997. A
Pkt (300-525sds) $1.95 |10g $2.95 green and grows three weeks longer than other liquorice flavoured basil from Asia used in Thai
25g $3.95 | 100g $9.65 | 450g $26.50 lemon basils. cuisine. Siam Queen has purple stems with
Annual | Ht. 35cm/14 | 400-500 sds/gm. large green leaves: The purple flowers are quite
2kg $83.50 decorative. Ideal for patio pot plantings.
Pkt (100-125sds) $2.25 | 2g $5.95
Annual | Ht. 45cm/18 | 400-700 sds/gm.
E411 ITALIAN LARGE LEAF ORGANIC 5g $10.75 | 15g $27.50 | 50g $77.50
Genova strain Commercial selection of Pkt (130-230sds) $2.25 | 5g $8.95
Genovese basil with excellent flavour and D411 CINAMONETTE 25g $36.50 | 100g $115.00
plant habit. Slower to bolt and leaves are more O. basilicum Great sweet/spicy scent: excellent
uniform in colour. Organically grown seed. for chutneys, fruit salads, and dishes that need 468 RED RUBIN IMPROVED
Annual | Ht. 45cm/18 | 400-700 sds/gm. a sweet cinnamon-like flavour. Attractive plants O.b. Red Rubin Improved Dark Opal. Develops
Pkt (300-525sds) $1.95 | 10g $3.95 have purple flowers and veins. its purple colour in less favourable conditions
Annual | Ht. 35cm/14 | 400-700 sds/gm. and is suited for greenhouse growing. Great
25g $5.25 | 100g $12.95 | 450g $44.50 accent plant for containers.
2kg $162.50 Pkt (200-350sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.95 | 25g $9.95
Annual | Ht. 40cm/16 | 400-700 sds/gm.

o411 GENOVESE ORGANIC F411 LETTUCE LEAF Pkt (200-350sds) $1.95 | 5g $6.95
O.b. Genovese Basil for pesto sauce. A large O. basilicum An edible novelty for your garden 10g $11.50 | 25g $17.95 | 100g $49.50
dark green leaved basil with a heavy clove-like or patio planter. Huge sized foliage: 15cm/6 450g $164.00
scent, making it the choice for Italian cooking. Good flavour.
Slow to bolt. Organically grown seed. Annual | Ht. 45cm/18 | 400-700 sds/gm. 469 PURPLE RUFFLES
Annual | Ht. 45cm/18 | 400-700 sds/gm. Pkt (200-350sds) $1.95 | 10g $3.95 O.b.Purple Ruffles AAS winner 1987. Large
Pkt (200-350sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.95 25g $6.25 | 100g $14.95 ruffled purple leaves on bushy plants. A good
accent plant with spicy aromatic leaves.
25g $7.95 | 100g $23.95 | 450g $74.00
Annual | Ht. 37cm/15 | 400-700 sds/gm.
Pkt (130-160sds) $2.25 | 2g $5.95 | 5g $9.95
15g $26.75 | 50g $68.50

469 Purple Ruffles

411 Sweet Basil D411 Cinamonette F411 Lettuce Leaf 468 Red Rubin Improved

Herbs 67

413 Borage 414 Chamomile 416 Chives 0416 Polyvit Organic

Borage Chamomile Chives - Allium Perennial

Borago officinalis An easy to grow plant with Matricaria chamomilla The small white flowers A. schoenoprasum Improved, high yielding
large fuzzy leaves that have a cucumber taste. are steeped to make a soothing tea. Spreading European variety for bunching: early, vigorous
Its blue flowers have been used to enhance plant that re-seeds itself. upright growth. The strong blades are
drinks and salads for centuries. Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 14000-16000 sds/gm.
dark green and uniform with mild flavour.
Annual | Ht. 45cm/18" | 40-50 sds/gm. Organically grown seed.
Pkt (3500-4000sds) $1.95 | 2g $2.75
Pkt (80-100sds) $1.95 | 10g $2.95 | 25g $4.50 Perennial | Ht. 30cm/12 | 200-300 sds/gm.
5g $3.95 |25g $8.50 |100g $22.50
100g $9.75 | 450g $34.50 Pkt (60-100sds) $2.25 | 5g $7.95
450g $85.00
10g $11.75 | 25g $23.50 | 100g $75.00
450g $259.00 | 1kg $491.95

A. schoenoprasum Adds a mild onion flavour to
salads, meats, and soups. The purple flowers
are also edible.
Perennial | Ht. 30cm/12 | 700-900 sds/gm.
Pkt (350-450sds) $1.95 | 10g $3.95
25g $6.95 | 100g $20.95 | 450g $69.50


A tuberosum The flat leaves give a mild garlic
taste to any dish. Edible white flowers can
also be used as a cutflower. It is a long lived
perennial with a late summer blooming period.
Perennial | Ht. 30cm/12 | 200-300 sds/gm.
415 Brussels Winter Pkt (150-225sds) $1.95 | 10g $3.75
25g $6.75 | 100g $20.95 | 450g $67.50
432 Lemony Chervil
Catnip 415 VERTISSIMO A tuberosum Garlic chives for commercial
Anthriscus cerefolium Brussels Winter strain. bunching market. Nira has improved upright
432 LEMONY A preferred selection with darker green leaves. growth with mild garlic flavour. Produces better
Nepeta cataria Lemon Catnip. An attractive Chervil is a delicate leaved herb that enhances cut weight. Organically grown seed.
plant with a pleasant citrus fragrance. The the flavours of other herbs. It is one of the
fine herbs used in French cooking. Best direct Perennial | Ht. 30cm/12 | 300-375 sds/gm.
leaves can be used to flavour teas or as a Pkt (100-125sds) $2.25 | 5g $7.25
seasoning, or as a cat treat. seeded and kept moist until growth is seen.
Annual | Ht. 45cm/18" | 400-525 sds/gm. 10g $10.75 | 25g $21.50 | 100g $67.50
Perennial | Ht. 50-80cm/20-32" | 1200-1500 sds/gm.
Pkt (600-750sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.25 | 25g $9.50 Pkt (400-525sds) $1.95 | 10g $3.45
25g $4.95 | 100g $9.85 | 450g $23.50 B416 WHITE WELSH
A. fistulosum Perennial bunching onion prized
for its white, mild scallions. A number of our
customers have requested this item, so after a
few years of trialing, we offer this variety. White
Welsh is a vigorous, hardy grower capable of
multiplying rapidly giving an abundance of mild,
fleshy white shanks.
Perennial | Ht. 30-50cm/12-20 | 350-450 sds/gm.
Pkt (175-225sds) $1.95 | 10g $4.75
25g $8.25 | 100g $28.50 | 450g $87.50

A416 Garlic Chives B416 White Welsh E416 Nira Organic

68 Herbs
442 Black Cumin

Nigella sativa Also known as Roman Coriander.
Seeds are used for bread topping having a
429 Santo liquorice scent and a peppery-nutmeg flavour.
420 Bouquet
Can also be ground and used like pepper. Direct
Cilantro - Coriander seed in late spring, as soil is warming.
A staple in Latin and Asian cuisine where Annual | Ht. 35cm/14" | 400-500 sds/gm.
the fresh leaves are used and the seeds Pkt (400-500sds) $1.95 | 25g $3.75 The essential pickling herb. Its feathery foli-
are ground into the curry spice mix. Direct age is used to garnish cucumber salads and
100g $9.75
seed multiple sowings every two weeks for other dishes. Can be used as a filler in cut-
continuous supply. flower arrangements.
Cuminum cyminum Part of the curry spice 420 BOUQUET
429 SANTO mixture, Cumin is largely used in Indian and
Coriandrum sativum Santo is an extra slow Anethum graveolens A tall dill producing many
Mexican foods. It can be used to season chili, flowerheads.
bolting selection producing broad, fresh green soups, sausage, and cheese. It has a stonger
leaves on strong stems. Excellent for bunching. flavour than caraway. Start indoors. Annual | Ht. 120cm/48 | 400-600 sds/gm.
Annual | 75-100 sds/gm.
Annual | Ht. 35cm/14 | 200-300 sds/gm. Pkt (800-1200sds) $1.95 | 25g $4.25
Pkt (110-150sds) $1.95 | 10g $3.25 Pkt. (200-300sds) $1.95 | 10g $3.25 100g $8.65 |450g $25.95 | 1kg $46.50
25g $4.65 | 100g $7.25 | 450g $20.95 25g $5.95 |100g $14.95 |450g $39.50 2kg $73.00
2kg $59.50 | 5kg $133.50
o429 RANI ORGANIC Anethum graveolens Market quality variety
Coriandrum sativum Shiny green leaves with producing stems full of dark blue-green ferny
mild flavour. Professional variety for container leaves. Specially selected because it is very slow
or field production. It can be harvested in 50-55 bolting type (about 2 weeks later than Bouquet).
days. Slow bolting in heat. Organically grown. Organically grown seed.
Annual | 100-200 sds/gm. Annual | Ht. 75cm/30 | 500-1000 sds/gm.
Pkt (150-300sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.45 | 25g $6.95 Pkt. (800-1600sds) 1.95 | 25g $7.45
100g $19.75 | 450g $49.50 100g $18.95 |450g $69.95


Coriandrum sativum Most bolt Anethum graveolens AAS winner 1992. A
resistant. Calypso is the slowest bolting beautiful dwarf dill that can be used as a border
coriander we have found, up to 2 weeks later plant as well as for all herbal needs.
than comparable varieties. It produces uniform, Annual | Ht. 45cm/18 | 350-485 sds/gm.
heavy plants with lots of bright green leaves. Pkt (175-240sds) $2.25 | 5g $8.75
Ideal for summer growing.
10g $15.95 | 25g $30.75 | 100g $105.50
Annual | 100-125 sds/gm.
Pkt (300-375sds) $1.95 | 10g $3.95 | 25g $5.95
100g $10.95 | 450g $26.95 | 2kg $69.50 0429 Rani Organic

A429 Calypso A420 Fernleaf 0420 Hera Organic

Herbs 69

0443 Red Drops Organic 461 Lavender Lady 462 Mustead Apex

Hibiscus Lavender
435 Orion Hybrid Grown for its use in sachets and potpourri,
NEW o443 RED DROPS ORGANIC Lavender is a well-loved herb with light purple
Fennel H. sabdariffa Roselle. Fruits used in
making tea blends and tropical drinks, stems spiky flowers and delicate leaves. It is edible
433 FLORENCE were harvested commercially for fibre in past and adds a delightful flavour to biscotti. Half
Foeniculum vulgare Also known as Finnochio. centuries. An attractive tall garden plant with Hardy Perennial - mulch during winter.
Recommended for foliage use. Will form a bulb green leaves, pale flowers, and dark red stems
(100 days) at the base of the stem which has and pods. Start early indoors, as fruit takes 120 461 LAVENDER LADY
days to mature. Lavandula angustifolia AAS Winner 1994. An
a sweet anise flavour. It can be eaten raw or improved lavender, blooming reliably the first
cooked. The seeds are used for flavouring. Annual | Ht.150cm/60 | 25-35 sds/gm. season from seed.
Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 200-575 sds/gm. Pkt (25-30sds) $2.75 | 250sds $9.95 Half-Hardy Perennial | Ht. 25cm/10 | 700-1000 sds/gm.
Pkt (200-575sds) $1.95 | 10g $3.25 1Msds $23.75 Pkt (40-50sds) $2.95 | 250sds $7.25
25g $4.95 | 100g $12.95 | 450g $32.50 1Msds $21.50 | 5Msds $78.50
Foeniculum vulgare Healthy upright growing Lavandula angustifolia This seed is primed
foliage and firm, uniform bulbs. Resists bolting to germinate faster and more uniformly than
in heat for earlier summer production. Matures regular seed. Munstead has good deep lavender
in about 80 days. Organically grown seed. colour and stem length for cut and dried flower.
Annual | 200-575 sds/gm.
Half-Hardy Perennial | Ht. 40cm/16 | 700-1000 sds/gm.
Pkt (100-280sds) $2.95 | 2g $5.95 Pkt (80-100sds) $1.95 | 1Msds $7.95
10g $17.95 | 25g $35.75 | 100g $105.95 5Msds $28.95 | 10Msds $51.75
Foeniculum vulgare Red tinged foliage with a Lavandula angustifolia Has deep blue-purple
distinct liquorice flavour. It produces a strong flowers that are tightly bunched on the spikes.
tap root rather than a bulb. Foliage is useful in Hidcote is more dwarf than Munstead and is as
cooking and salads, and can be used as a filler winter hardy. APEX seed for better germination
in flower arrangements. and quicker plant growth.
Perennial | Ht. 150cm/60 | 200-575 sds/gm.
Half-Hardy Perennial | Ht. 30cm/12 | 700-1000 sds/gm.
Pkt (150-425sds) $2.25 | 2g $3.95 Pkt(80-100sds) $2.95 | 500sds $6.95
10g $11.75 | 25g $21.50 417 Hyssop 1Msds $10.95 | 5Msds $39.95
Foeniculum vulgare Superior selection of
Florence Fennel for market growers. Baseball- 417 HYSSOP
sized, (3 1/2) flat-round, white bulbs that Hyssopus officinalis The leaves can be minced
mature in about 80 days. Orion is bolt resistant through salads, soups, and stews. Can also be
and tip-burn tolerant. clipped or used as border plants a knot garden.
Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 200-575 sds/gm. Perennial | Ht. 45cm/18 | 800-1000 s/g.
Pkt (40-50sds) $2.45 | 250sds $5.85 Pkt (400-500sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.95
1Msds $17.95 | 5Msds $64.95 25g $9.50 | 100g $29.50

433 Florence 0433 Finale Organic 434 Bronze Fennel Smokey 463 Hidcote Blue Apex
434 Bronze Fennel Smokey

70 Herbs
412 Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm 436 Korean Mint 438 Greek Oregano Organic 439 Common Oregano
Melissa officinalis A hardy perennial that can be Mint OREGANO
used wherever a lemon scent is desired. It is an 436 KOREAN MINT o438 GREEK OREGANO ORGANIC
important essence for herbal teas. Agastache rugosa Dark green glossy leaves Origanum heracleoticum This white-flowered
Perennial | Ht. 45cm/18" | 1500-2000 sds/gm. that can be used as a micro salad green or oregano has the strongest flavour of the
Pkt (750-1000sds) $1.95 | 2g $3.25 | 5g $5.95 seasoning. Has strong licorice-mint flavour. oreganos. Can be used fresh or dried in tomato
25g $17.50 | 100g $44.00 | 450g $135.00 Bees are attracted to the blue-mauve flowers. sauces, in marinades or on pizza. Organcially
Perennial | Ht. 75cm/30 | 1200-1400 sds/gm grown seed.
Pkt (300-350sds) $1.95 | 1g $3.25 Perennial | Ht. 45cm/18" | 5000-9000 sds/gm.
5g $6.75 | 25g $22.50 | 100g $65.00 Pkt (1000-1800sds) $2.25 | 1g $3.75
5g $12.95 | 10g $21.75 | 25g $44.50
Mentha spicata A refreshing scent used for teas, 439 COMMON
bath oils, or candies. A hardy invasive perennial, Origanum vulgare Pinkish purple flowers.
it should be contained. Perennial | Ht. 35cm/14 | 6500-7500 sds/gm.
Perennial | Ht. 60cm/24 | 10000-12000 sds/gm. Pkt (2000-2500sds) $1.95 | 2g $3.75
Pkt (2000-2400sds) $1.95 | 1g $3.75 5g $6.95 | 25g $25.00
5g $8.75 | 25g $31.50
o418 Lovage Organic 476 BERGAMOT
Monarda citriodora Lemon Mint. Used for
Lovage flavouring teas, in salads, and attracting insects.
Has lavender-pink flowers in whorls on spikes
o418 LOVAGE ORGANIC and lemon scented leaves. Grows in sun or part
Levisticum officinalis Commonly known as shade. Also see flowers for M. didyma.
"maggi plant". It adds a strong celery flavour Annual | Ht. 75cm/30 | 1000-2000 sds/gm.
to soups, beef, and sauces. An essential in
creating flavourful stock. A slow germinating Pkt (1000-2000sds) $1.95 | 10g $3.95
but hardy perennial for sunny locations. 25g $5.95 | 100g $17.75 | 450g $59.50
Organcially grown seed.
Perennial | Ht. 120cm/48 | 200-280 sds/gm.
Pkt (100-140sds) $1.95 | 5g $5.75
25g $17.95 | 100g $54.50

437 Spearmint 440 Rosemary

421 Sweet Marjoram 440 ROSEMARY
Rosmarinus officinalis As well as being an
Marjoram attractive border plant, Rosemary is a robust
herb that can be used to flavour lamb and
421 SWEET MARJORAM other dishes. Start indoors since it is slow to
Majorana hortensis Sweet Marjoram can be a germinate. To overwinter, take plants indoors or
substitute for Oregano; it can be added to many mulch heavily as it is a tender perennial.
dishes or to flavour sausage. Tender Perennial | Ht. 60cm/24 | 700-900 sds/gm.
Annual | Ht. 45cm/18" | 3500-4500 sds/gm.
Pkt (85-110sds) $2.95 | 1g $8.95 | 5g $35.75
Pkt.(1750-2200sds) $1.95 | 2g $2.95 15g $78.25
5g $4.75 | 25g $12.50 | 100g $30.00 476 Bergamot

Herbs 71

311 Forest Green 0311 Green Pearl Organic 312 Plain Dark Green Italian 423 Sage 0423 Ceres Organic

Parsley Plain Leaf Sage

Parsley is used dry or fresh to garnish almost 312 PLAIN DARK GREEN ITALIAN 423 SAGE
anything. It is high in iron and Vitamin A. Root Large smooth leaved variety with long strong
stems. Not curled like other types. Strong Salvia officinalis Popular for culinary use, Sage
parsley is used to flavour soups and stews. dries very well as it retains its colour and aroma.
flavour that is excellent for seasoning soups and
Annual | 400-600 sds/gm. other dishes. Has spiky mauve flowers and grey-green velvety
Pkt (800-1200sds) $1.95 | 25g $3.95
Curled Leaf 100g $9.25 | 450g $23.50 | 2kg $79.50
Perennial | Ht. 70cm/28 | 135-190 sds/gm.
Pkt (135-190sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.25 |25g $8.95
311 FOREST GREEN 100g $25.75 | 450g $102.75
Excellent buncher. An improved variety that E312 DK GREEN ITALIAN ORGANIC
produces a week earlier than old types, with As above but organically grown seed.
better colour and flavour. Finely double curled, Pkt (800-1200sds) $1.95 | 25g $5.95 O423 CERES ORGANIC
medium green leaves with longer stems for Similar to above, but organically grown seed.
100g $15.95 | 450g $52.95 | 2kg $195.00 Ceres has a high content of essential oils.
bunching purposes. Forest Green recovers
fast for multiple cuttings and is less prone to Perennial | Ht. 70cm/28 | 75-130 sds/gm.
bleaching and browning. Market o312 HILMAR ORGANIC Pkt (50-95sds) $2.25 | 5g $4.25 | 25g $18.95
Gigante dItalia Improved culinary selection with
Pkt (800-1200sds) $1.95 | 25g $4.95 intensely aromatic leaves. Hilmar is a robust, 100g $68.00
100g $10.95 | 450g $27.50 | 2kg $92.00 dark green flat-leaved variety with strong stems
for bunching. Organically grown seed.
o311 GREEN PEARL ORGANIC Pkt (600-900sds) $2.25 | 25g $6.95 Salad Burnet
Top German bunching variety. Produces heavy, 100g $18.95 |450g $66.95 |2kg $255.00 484 SALAD BURNET
densely filled, dark green, double curled leaves
Sanguisorba minor Direct seed for best results.
on strong stalks. Green Pearls slow bolting
quality makes it ideal for forcing and summer
Root Type Add young leaves to a salad for a cucumber
production. Also has excellent cold tolerance for 313 HAMBURG-BERLINER flavour. The pink flowers can also be used as a
over-winter production. Organically grown seed. Half-long roots with white flesh. Slender 7-8 garnish.
Pkt (600-900sds) $2.25 | 25g $11.95 roots have a distinct, fresh nutty flavour used Perennial | Ht. 45cm/18" | 100-180 sds/gm.
100g $32.95 | 450g $99.50 | 2kg $367.00 in soups and stews. Can be stored like carrots. Pkt (100-180sds) $1.95 | 10g $2.95 | 25g $4.75
Sow in late spring for fall harvests. 100g $11.50 | 450g $39.50
314 KRAUSA MARKET Pkt (800-1200sds) $1.95 | 25g $4.95
Market quality, triple curled. Dark green moss- 100g $11.95 | 450g $33.50 | 2kg $78.50
like umbels on top of bunching quality stems.
More tolerant to disease and hot weather than
Moss Curled. Not for bedding plant sales.
Pkt (600-900sds) $1.95 | 25g $6.25
100g $16.95 | 450g $56.80 | 2kg $219.00

314 Krausa Market E312 Dark Green Italian Organic 0312 Hilmar Organic 313 Hamburg-Berliner 484 Salad Burnet

72 Herbs
427 Summer Savory Midget o425 Candy Organic 424 German Winter A424 Creeping Thyme

Savory Stevia Thyme

427 SUMMER SAVORY MIDGET NEW o425 CANDY ORGANIC One of the basic herbs to include in your
S. hortensis An improved selection with higher S. rebaudiana Organic version of Stevia, garden, Thyme can be sheared to harvest and
essential oil content and better foliage mass the Sweet Herb. It is a South American sub- promote fresh growth. It is one of the French
than standard Summer Savory. A favourite for shrub, not hardy in Canada. The leaves may be fins herbes; an essential in the kitchen that can
tossing with beans and adding to soups. dried or processed to use as a sweetener. be used with many dishes. Lovely with seafood.
Annual | Ht. 30cm/12" | 1200-1400 sds/gm. Annual | 2600-3000s/g Best started indoors.
Pkt (1200-1400sds) $1.95 | 10g $2.95 Pkt (25-30sds) $4.75 | 100sds $13.95
25g $3.95 | 100g $9.50 | 450g $28.50
500sds $32.75 | 1Msds $42.00 T. vulgaris Produces a strong aroma and dries
o428 WINTER SAVORY ORGANIC well for culinary use. Pleasing plant form with
Satureja montana A strong-flavoured savory for fine leaves.
seasoning meats and pates. It has glossy green Perennial | Ht. 30cm/12 | 4000-5000 sds/gm.
leaves and purplish flowers, and forms a small Pkt (1300-1600sds) $1.95 | 2g $3.25
bush. Also used as a bee plant. Organically 5g $5.75 | 25g $16.95 | 100g $48.50
grown seed.
Perennial | Ht.15cm/6 | 1000-2000 sds/gm. o424 GERMAN WINTER ORGANIC
Pkt (330-660sds) $1.95 | 2g $5.25 | 5g $9.75 Similar to #424 but organically grown seed.
25g $31.50 | 100g $98.00 Perennial | Ht. 30cm/12 | 4000-5000 sds/gm.
Pkt (1000-1250sds) $2.25 | 2g $4.75
5g $9.25 | 25g $31.95
T. serpyllum A hardy groundcover that releases
a wonderful scent when walked upon. An asset
in the rockgarden, slopes, or in areas of poor
soil. It can be lifted like sod and moved to new
422 Russian Tarragon locations if needed. Blooms of pink and purple
shades during the summer.
Tarragon Perennial | Ht. 20cm/8 | 5000-6000 sds/gm.
422 RUSSIAN TARRAGON Pkt (1600-2000sds) $1.95 | 2g $3.25
Artemisia dracunculus Not to be confused with 5g $6.95 | 25g $21.00 | 100g $70.00
French Tarragon (not available from seed),
which has a different flavour. Russian Tarragon B424 SUMMER THYME
o428 Winter Savory Organic is hardier and grows taller. It can be used T. vulgaris Thym de Provence Grey-green
with many dishes and enhances the flavour of fine foliage with superb flavour. Needs winter
Sorrel mushrooms. protection, or treat as annual.
Perennial | Ht.120cm/48 | 5000-6000 sds/gm. Annual | Ht. 30cm/12 | 4000-5000 sds/gm.
Rumex. Use in salads and soups to add tangy
flavour. Pkt (1600-2000sds) $1.95 | 2g $3.75 Pkt (1300-1600sds) $1.95 | 2g $3.95
5g $6.95 | 25g $22.00 10g $12.95 | 25g $26.50
R. acetosa All green strain with lemony taste.
Perennial | 800-1000 sds/gm | Ht. 45cm/18
Pkt (800-1000sds) $1.95 | 10g $2.95
25g $4.95 | 100g $12.25 | 450g $45.00


R. sanguinea Green leaves with red veins. Also
useful as an ornamental.
Perennial | 45cm/18 | 1600-1800 sds/gm.
Pkt (400-450sds) $2.25 | 2g $7.25
10g $16.95
426 Green de Belleville 426-1 Bloody Dock B424 Summer Thyme

Herbs 73
Flowers have always been included
in kitchen gardens because their
flowers attract beneficial insects
necessary to pollinate and protect
vegetable plants. Some have culinary
and household uses, while others
are simply to be appreciated for
their beauty.
In the changing world of seed breed-
ing and climates, we are now seeing
annuals that overwinter and peren-
nials that bloom first year (acting
like an annual). Both annuals and
1222 Ageratum, Blue Hawaii 5.0
perennials are being selected for use
in garden beds and planters. We have 2500 Achillea, Cassis Ageratum
combined the two sections to reflect Clusters of fluffy flowers on mounded plants are
these changes and hope that you will Achillea excellent for beds and edging. Blooms from summer
experiment freely with incorporating Yarrow. A tall perennial garden plant, adding lacy to fall in sun or light shade. Culture: Start indoors
all flowers into your garden. texture to borders. Achillea can also be used as a 8-10 weeks before last frost.
longlasting cutflower filler.
Note about starting indoors: always Culture: Seed is small and light is needed for good 1222 BLUE HAWAII 5.0
use fresh sterilized seeding medium germination. Start indoors 8-10 weeks before NEW
A. houstonianum Updated Hawaii,
and clean trays, plugs, and pots for transplanting outdoors, or direct seed in late spring now grown from different parent lines to ensure
good results. When room tempera- 2500 CASSIS consistent availability. An excellent performer;
ture is indicated, the temperature the leader in bedding plant Ageratums. Great
A. millefolium Awarded the FSQ for being a garden performance, with uniform, compact
range is 18-21C/68-71F. Tempera- fully first-year blooming Yarrow. Produces many
tures above or below will affect the plants and mid blue fuzzy flowers that appear
blooms on long strong stems in a claret-red early and keep blooming until frost.
speed and rate of germination. colour. Dries to a black currant colour, for which
it was named. Annual | Ht. 15cm/6 | width 30cm/12 |5000-6000 s/g.
If light is needed to help germina-
Pkt (30-35pel) $2.75 | 150p $7.75 | 500p $12.50
tion, a strong light source from full Zone 4 | Ht. 60cm/24" | Bl. June-Aug | 4000-6000 s/g.
spectrum bulbs is recommended. Pkt (400-600sds) $2.25 | 1g $4.25 | 5g $13.95
Perennials are noted by their har- 2502 THE PEARL SUPERIOR A. houstonianum Improved cutting Ageratum
diness zones. All perennials bloom A. ptarmica Double white flowers on dark with more branching and sturdier stems than
green foliage. This cultivar is not invasive, an Florist Blue. It is a perfect blue for balancing
first year, unless indicated in the improvement over other ptarmicas. Blooms first garden bouquets. Also provides long lasting
description. Some annuals have been year. Reaches full height in the second year. colour in the flower bed and can be pinched for
known to overwinter in our trials; these Zone 2 | Ht. 75cm/30 | Bl. June-Aug | 3000-3300 s/g.
a wider plant spread.
are indicated by tender perennial. Pkt (750-825sds) $1.95 | 2g $3.95 | 5g $8.75 Annual | Ht. 65cm/26 | Pelleted Seed.
Pkt (35-40pel) $2.95 | 250p $9.75 | 1Mp $24.95
Zone -zone variety may be hardy to
Ht. - mature plant height
Bl. - bloom time of variety
sds/gm or s/g - average amount of
seeds per gram
M - Thousand Seeds;
Sds or s - Seeds Pel or p - Pellets

Awards for New Varieties: 2510 Agastache, Astello Indigo

All America Selections and Fleuroselect
are organizations that evaluate new flower Agastache
varieties (and vegetables for AAS) submitted 1224 Ageratum, Everest Blue
from seed breeders. The AAS entries Culture: Start indoors at room temperature (18-21C)
are tested in North America, while the at any time. Blooms 12-14 weeks from seeding.
Fleuroselect entries are judged in Europe. Also known as Anise Hyssop.
The winners have proven themselves world- 2510 ASTELLO INDIGO
wide. AAS presents awards and gold medals A. hybrida Anise Hyssop. Fleuroselect Gold
to an outstanding winner; Fleuroselect Medal 2012. Fleuroselect says that it is a
awards medals, quality marks (FSQ) and fragrant versatile beauty with unlimited usage
novelty awards (FSN). Occasionally a variety potential. In our trials it bloomed all summer
is given both awards. Other awards that with deep blue flowers that were enhanced by
we consider when adding new varieties are the dark green foliage. It was outstanding in a
those given by the Royal Horticulture Society mass planting; one of the first flowering plants
(Award of Garden Merit), Perennial Plant in our gardens and had bushy vigorous growth.
Association (Perennial of the Year), American Attracts bees & butterflies.
Garden Award (determined by public voting Zone 6 | Ht. 50cm/20 | Bl. June-Sep | 3000-3300 s/g.
on plants at botanical gardens), and the
Greenhouse Grower Media Awards. Pkt (10-15sds) $2.75 | 100sds $7.95
250sds $14.75 2502 Achillea, The Pearl Superior

74 Flowers Easy to Grow Grows in Sun Grows in Part Sun Grows in Shade
1244 Amaranthus, Green Thumb 1246 Amaranthus, Red Tails 1247 Amaranthus, Green Tails

Popular in the cottage garden, as a cutflower and for
1239 Alyssum, New Carpet of Snow drying. Once flowers develop they hold their colour
for an extended period of time. Quick growing annual
Alyssum that can be direct seeded throughout the season.
Dwarf spreading plants cover the ground with tiny Culture: Direct seed when soil is warm and chance
fragrant flowers all season long. Alyssum can be frost is past.
used for beds, window boxes, ground covers, and
edging in sun or light shade. Has a tendency to
Upright Short Types
reseed itself. Culture: Start indoors for early blooms A. hypochondriacus A fast growing cut or
or outdoors when soil is warm for later flowers. dry flower that can be used as a border plant.
Starts producing plumes 10 weeks after sowing.
1239 NEW CARPET OF SNOW Excellent filler.
Lobularia maritima Early blooming plants
covered with snow white flowers. 1244 GREEN THUMB
Annual | Ht. 10cm/4 | 1500-2500 sds/gm.
Lime green flower spikes on green foliage.
Pkt (750-1250sds) $1.95 | 2g $2.75 | 5g $4.25 611 RED PYGMY TORCH
Crimson, upright flower spikes on top of
15g $11.95 green-crimson foliage. 1249 Amaranthus, Hot Biscuits
1241 ORIENTAL NIGHTS Annual | Ht. 40cm/16 | 1200-1500 sds/gm.
Lobularia maritima Deepest purple available. Above Varieties:
Annual | Ht. 10cm/4 | 1500-2500 sds/gm. Pkt (1200-1500sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.75 | 25g $8.95
Pkt (750-1250sds) $1.95 | 2g $2.75 | 5g $4.95 100g $24.50
15g $12.75
Hanging Types
A. caudatus Trailing ropes of flowers in red or
green can be used fresh or dry. Green and Red
Tails are an old-fashioned country garden item
also known as Love Lies Bleeding.
Annual | Ht. 90cm/36 | 1200-1500 sds/gm
Above Varieties:
Pkt (600-900sds) $1.95 | 5g $2.95 | 25g $8.75
100g $17.50
Upright Tall Types
1241 Alyssum, Oriental Nights A. cruentus Tall cutflower types producing tall
plants and strong feathery plumes.
Impressive burgundy foliage and florets on tall
1250 Ammi, Snowflake
plants that are great in cutflower bouquets. The
flowers have a fine feathery quality which make
them more useable than other cruentus types. Ammi
Laceflower. Culture: Start outdoors when soil is
1249 HOT BISCUITS warm to touch and chance of frost is past.
Great autumn colour for decorating- either fresh
or dryable. Rusty orange spikes on tall plants.
Annual | Ht. 150cm/60 | 1200-1700 sds/gm. Fine feathery foliage with loose flower heads like
Above Varieties: Queen Anne's Lace. Good filler in bouquets, and
Pkt (600-850sds) $2.25 | 5g $5.75 | 25g $22.95 a charming cottage garden plant.
Annual | Ht. 75cm/30 | 1200-1500 sds/gm.
Pkt (1200-1500sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.25 | 25g $8.75
1248 Amaranthus, Velvet Curtains
100g $24.50

Drought Tolerant Cold Tolerant Container Use Cutflower Use Flowers 75


2520 Aquilegia, Mckana Giants Mixed 1307 Asclepias, Silky Formula Mix

1260 Anchusa, Blue Angel

Aquilegia Asclepias
Columbine. A graceful woodland perennial, blooming Exotic ornamental multipurpose plant that attracts
Anchusa in late spring. Attractive lobed foliage stays green butterflies and is good as a cutflower filler. Tolerates
until frost. Needs overwintering to produce flowers. hot, dry weather.
Culture: Sow in early spring when soil can be Culture: Start indoors at room temperature, 8-12
Culture: Start indoors at room temperature, 8-12
worked, or in mid-summer for fall blooms. weeks before planting outdoors. Asclepias seed may
weeks before transplanting outdoors. Aquilegia seed
1260 BLUE ANGEL may need chilling to aid germination. need chilling to aid germination.
A. capensis Marine blue flowers on compact
plants for borders and containers. Prefers full 2520 MCKANA GIANTS MIXED 1307 SILKY FORMULA MIX
sun but tolerates partial shade. Blooms early A. caerulea AAS Winner 1955. Large cup and A. curassavica A filler for cutflower
and has a long flowering period. Cold and saucer-like flowers with long spurs in many arrangements in intense gold, scarlet, and
drought tolerant annual. solid and bi-colours. Graceful cutflowers that deep red shades-combines beautifully with
have long, strong stems. sunflowers. For greenhouse and outdoor
Annual | Ht. 30cm/12 | 300-450 sds/gm. summer cutflower production, and also a good
Zone 2 | Ht. 75cm/30 | Bl.June-July | 700-800 sds/gm.
Pkt (300-450sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.25 | 15g $5.95 garden plant.
Pkt (230-260sds) $1.95 | 2g $3.25 | 5g $5.75
Annual | Ht. 70cm/28 | 300-400 sds/gm.
2522 MISS MI HUISH Pkt (30-35sds) $2.25 | 250s $8.75 | 1Ms $22.95
A. vulgaris Unique flower: double dark violet
(almost black)! The spurless blooms are held on 2530 BUTTERFLY WEED
long stems, making it suitable for mid-border A. tuberosa Loose clusters of bright orange
growing and cutting. flowers attract butterflies to your garden. Can be
Zone 2 | Ht. 60cm/24 | Bl. May-June | 550-650 sds/gm. used as an accent plant for perennial borders.
Pkt (135-160sds) $2.25 | 2g $5.95 | 5g $9.95 Zone 3 | Ht. 60cm/24 | Bl. Aug-Sep | 150-200 sds/gm.
Pkt (30-50sds) $1.95 | 2g $6.75 | 5g $11.95

1265 Angelonia, Serena Mix

Sow indoors 8-10 weeks before last frost. Press 2522 Aquilegia, Miss MI Huish
pellets into the soil. Keep moistened and at warm 2530 Asclepias, Butterfly Weed
temperature (23C) consistently until growth is seen,
then reduce temperature. Light is necessary for Astilbe
good emergence. Plant in a sunny location.
Culture: Start in February for same year blooms.
1265 SERENA MIX Press seeds into soil and grow at room temperature
A. angustifolia Great plant with healthy green with lights. Seed is tiny, so maintaining moisture is
foliage and all season spiky blooms. Previously very important for good germination.
only available from cuttings, this seed variety is
improved because it branches without pinching. 2535 GRANDE
Angelonias love heat and drought and are A. arendsii Beautiful mixture with superb flower
suitable for containers or garden beds. Mix of quality. Tall flower spikes make for a good
purple, lavender, pink and white. Grand Prix landscape feature and for use as cut flowers.
winner at Hortimat 2005. Shades of pink, cream, and carmine.
Annual | Ht. 30cm/12 | Pelleted Seed. Zone 4 | Ht. 60cm/24 | Bl. June-July | 9500-10500 s/g.
Pkt (7pel) $4.45 | 50pel $15.75 | 100pel $27.95 2535 Astilbe, Grande Pkt (80-100sds) $2.45 | 1Msds $9.75

76 Flowers Easy to Grow Grows in Sun Grows in Part Sun Grows in Shade
1322 Aster, Nova Mix
1395 Aster, Milady Mix
Tall Cutting Types
2527 Armeria, Morning Star Rose
Aster 1322 NOVA MIX
Asters are gorgeous garden flowers and excellent Callistephus chinensis An improved needle-
Armeria cutflowers. Flowers from August to frost. petaled double variety for cutting. Large double
flowers in a 9 colour mix.
Culture: Easy to start indoors or outside. For mid
Culture: Start indoors at room temperature, 8-12
summer flowers start indoors six weeks before last Annual | Ht. 50cm/28 | 400-450 sds/gm.
weeks before transplanting outdoors.
frost. For late summer flowers seed in early summer. Pkt (200-225sds) $1.95 | 2g $3.75 | 10g $5.25
2527 MORNING STAR ROSE Asters prefer cool nights and moist soil for optimum 25g $9.75
A. maritima Also known as Thrift. First year flowering and plant height. To avoid Aster Yellows
blooming! Ball shaped magenta flowers control the leaf hoppers. 1325 SUPER PRINCESS CHOICE MIX
appear from spring onwards on sturdy stems- Callistephus chinensis 7 colour market growers
deadhead to maintain bloom. The fine foliage Dwarf Border Type mixture. Large 3" flowers with deeply crested
looks like grassy mounds throughout the year. centres on wiry stems make this mixture superb
1395 MILADY MIX for cutting.
Petite plant habit is perfect for containers. Callistephus chinensis A dwarf aster with fully
Armeria also grows in poor garden soil double, 10cm/4 peony shaped flowers. Well Annual | Ht. 75cm/30 | 200-375 sds/gm.
conditions, but dislikes having its roots wet. branched, compact plants. Useful for borders, Pkt (200-375sds) $1.95; | 5g $3.75 | 15g $7.95
Zone 4 | Ht. 15cm/6 | Bl. May-Sept | 800-1600 sds/gm. edging, and container use. 25g $12.75 | 100g $34.75
Pkt (20-25sds) $2.25 | 100sds $5.75 Annual | Ht. 25cm/10 | 350-550 sds/gm.
Pkt (100-180sds) $2.25 | 2g $5.25 | 5g $7.95 Callistephus chinensis Growing habit allows
10g $12.75 for cutting the whole plant at once making it
suitable for professional market use. An early
New England Type flowering semi double mix in wide range of
2533 LUCIDA solids and bicolours, each with golden centres.
A. novae-angliae As a tall border plant, it Annual | Ht. 65cm/26 | 350-550 sds/gm.
combines well with ornamental grasses. Pkt (80-100sds) $1.95 | 500sds $3.75
Attractive to butterflies. 2.5cm/1 dark red 1Msds $5.95 | 5Msds $23.50 | 10Msds $39.75
blooms appear in late summer. A hardy
perennial that does not bloom until second year. 1355 DAYLIGHT MIX
Zone 2 | Ht. 120cm/48 | Bl. Aug-Oct | 2000-2250 s/g. Callistephus chinensis Dainty (2.5cm/1) single
blooms in sprays on vigorous plants. Growing
Pkt (250-280sds) $2.75 | 1/2g $4.95 | 2g $12.75 habit allows for cutting the whole plant at once,
making it suitable for professional market use. A
7 colour mix in which some colours begin pale
and grow darker as they mature.
Annual | Ht. 70cm/28 | 400-600 sds/gm.
1325 Aster, Super Princess Choice Mix Pkt (65-75sds) $1.95 | 500sds $6.75
1Msds $8.95 | 5Msds $34.50

1350 Aster, Matsumoto Formula Mix 2533 Aster, Lucida 1355 Aster, Daylight Mix

Drought Tolerant Cold Tolerant Container Use Cutflower Use Flowers 77


1407 Bacopa, Snowtopia Improved 1402 Begonia, Super Olympia Red

Bacopa Begonia
1404 Begonia, Non-Stop Mix
Sow indoors 8-10 weeks before last frost. Press Long blooming plant for beds or containers. Seed is
pellets into the soil. Keep moistened and at warm pelleted for easier handling and sowing. Tuberous Types
temperature (23C) consistently until growth is seen, Culture: Start indoors 14 weeks before last
then reduce temperature. Light is necessary for Fibrous Types frost date. Lighting is important for good
good and quick emergence. Culture: Start indoors 8-10 weeks before germination.
1407 SNOWTOPIA IMPROVED last frost date.
Sutera cordata Awarded the Medal of Excellence 1402 SUPER OLYMPIA RED Multi-flora type with large flowers in a mix of
by Greenhouse Grower magazine. Gardeners Early flowering, heat and drought tolerant 13 colours. Compact plants do not become
have been asking us for years about Bacopa fibrous variety with green foliage. Improved leggy like other types. One of the best garden
seed, but it was previously available only as a garden performance. performing tuberous types for shade.
vegetative plant. Grows well in containers or as Annual | Ht. 20cm/8 | Pelleted Seed Annual | Ht. 25cm/10 | Pelleted Seed
a groundcover in the garden. Blooms especially
well when evenings are cool. Pkt (40-50pel) $2.25 | 250pel $4.75 Pkt (30-35pel) $4.95 | 200pel $14.50
1Mpel $12.95
Annual | Ht. 15cm/6 | trails 45cm/18 | multi seed pellets
Pkt (7pel) $3.95 | 50pel $14.95 | 100pel $23.75 1403 FAIRYLAND MIX B. boliviensis Greenhouse Growers
An outstanding new double-flowered begonia! Magazine Editors Choice, American Garden
These outperformed all others in trial; growing Award. First time available from seed! Santa
through a hot, dry summer in full sun. In early Cruz is versatile; growing vigorously in sun
October they were still neatly domed plants, full or shade. Excellent for hanging baskets or
of blooms. A vigorous mix of Red, White, Pink, containers, the fiery red flowers draw attention,
and Coral Picotee colours on green foliage. while the trailing plants keep growing and
Annual | Ht. 25cm/10 | Pelleted Seed
blooming until frost.
Annual | Trails: 60cm/24 | Pelleted Seed
Pkt (25-30pel) $3.25 | 250pel $9.95
1Mpel $27.95 Pkt (7pel) $6.50 | 25pel $11.75 | 100pel $33.95

1420 Balsam, Topknot Mixture

Culture: Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost or
outdoors when soil is warm.
Impatiens balsamina Improved, compact, fully
double variety. Topknot produces flowers well
above the foliage unlike other varieties. Blooms
1403 Begonia, Fairyland Mix
all summer, making it a good container or
border plant.
1405 Begonia, Santa Cruz Sunset
Annual | Ht. 50cm/20 | 80-100 sds/gm.
Pkt (35-40sds) $2.45 | 250sds $6.95
1Msds $18.75

78 Flowers Easy to Grow Grows in Sun Grows in Part Sun Grows in Shade
2540 Buddleja, Butterfly Hybrids

1415 Browallia, Marine Bells Culture: Seed is tiny, so start indoors at warm
temperatures (21-24) and press the seeds into the
Browallia soil. Seed in late winter for same year blooms.
Culture: Sow indoors 8-12 weeks before last frost.
Keep soil moistened and at warm temperature (24-
1410 Bells of Ireland, Green Bells B. davidii Butterfly Bush. A shrub-like woody
26C) consistently until growth is seen, then reduce perennial. Fragrant flower spikes attract
Bells of Ireland temperature. Prefers consistent moisture through-
out growing process.
butterflies and bees in late summer. Hardy in
Sow outdoors in early spring when soil is starting southern Canada but it dies back to the ground
to warm up. Can be succession sown until soil 1415 MARINE BELLS each fall.
temperature reaches 71F /21C. Prefers warm B. speciosa major A great plant for anyone with Zone 5 | Ht. 150cm/60 | Bl. Aug-Sep | 28M-29M sds/gm.
days and cool nights for growing. a shady garden. Browallia grows best in shade Pkt (65-75sds) $1.95 | 250sds $3.25| 1Msds $8.95
and semi-shade gardens or baskets. Bushy
1410 GREEN BELLS plants with dark green foliage. Also, the deep
Molucella laevis Interesting plants with spikes blue colour is a good complement to Impatiens!
of green bell shaped flowers each 5cm/2" in
Annual | Ht. 40cm/16 | 3400-4400 sds/gm.
diameter. Turns light brown when dried.
Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 100-150 sds/gm.
Pkt (40-50sds) $2.45 | 250sds $5.95
Pkt (100-200sds) $1.95 | 5g $2.95 | 15g $5.95 1Msds $13.95
50g $12.75

1450 Canna, South Pacific

2537 Bellis, Tasso Canna
Culture: Seed into large plugs or pots 6-8 weeks
Bellis 1427 Bupleurum, Griffiti before last frost. Needs hot temperatures (23-26C)
English Daisy. Culture: Start indoors in late winter to germinate quickly.
for spring blooms, or in summer for following year Bupleurum
blooming. Keep warm (21-24C), moist, and light until Culture: Direct seed in mid-spring when soil is NEW
growth is seen. Can be used in planters with Pansies. workable and starting to warm up. For continuous C. generalis AAS winner 2013 Earlier
to bloom and producing more side branching
2537 TASSO MIX cutting, seed every 2 weeks until summer heat. than other seed grown varieties; South Pacific
B. perennis Large, long blooming flowers on 1427 GRIFFITI is a real winner. Provides a great focal point to
uniform plants. Heavily quilled 3cm/1.2" balls in B. rotundifolium Trendy lime-green leaves with beds or groupings of plants. South Pacific adds
colours of deep rose, red, pink, and white. More contrasting yellow flower bracts. Widely used as a continuous burst of tropical scarlet flowers to
compact, uniform plant habit and larger flowers a filler in the cutflower industry. Easy to grow. the sunny summer garden. Typical germination
than older types. Can be used for a naturalized Add extra nitrogen to increase height. is 75%. Blooms 12 weeks from seeding. At time
lawn - the English lawn. Annual | Ht. 70cm/28 | 300-400 sds/gm. of frost, rhizomes may be lifted for future use.
Zone 4 | Ht. 12cm/5 | Bl. May-June | 3000-5500 sds/gm. Pkt (130-150sds) $1.95 | 1Msds $3.95 Annual | Ht. 120cm/48, 60cm/24 in containers | 3-7 s/g.
Pkt (65-75sds) $2.25 | 500sds $6.75 5Msds $12.95 | 25Msds $41.75 Pkt (8sds) $9.35 | 25sds $18.75 | 100sds $39.50

Drought Tolerant Cold Tolerant Container Use Cutflower Use Flowers 79


1428 Calendula, Fiesta Gitana Superior 1430 Calendula, Balls Orange

Calendula Tall Cutting Types 1440 Campanula, Meteora

Old fashioned annual with delicate scent that was an 1430 BALLS ORANGE
important part of the kitchen garden for its use in C. officinalis A long lasting large, deep orange Campanula
herbal creams. Now also grown for cutflower appeal. double flower. A large species of annuals, biennials, and perennials
It provides colour into fall, as it likes growing in Annual | Ht. 45cm/18 | 90-150 sds/gm. that range from dwarf (carpaticas) to tall (lactiflo-
cool conditions. Tolerates frost. Pkt (90-150sds) $1.95 | 5g 2.95 | 25g $7.25 ras). Campanulas like to grow in sunny to partial
Culture: Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost, or 100g $16.75 shade areas that have average, well drained soil.
outdoors in spring when the soil warms up. Can also Culture: Start indoors 8-10 weeks before last frost,
be sown in succession for continuous cutflowers. 1431 RADIO at 16-20C and with light. Keep moistened consis-
C. officinalis Old fashioned orange blooms with tently until growth is seen.
Dwarf Type quilled petals. An heirloom variety.
1428 FIESTA GITANA SUPERIOR Annual | Ht. 50cm/20 | 90-150sds/gm.
C. ramosissima A quick growing garden or
C. officinalis Excellent dwarf calendula for Pkt (90-150sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.25 | 25g $7.95 container plant for full sun. Covered all summer
flower beds. Improved flower size, heat 100g $18.75 with delicate, light purple, star-shaped blooms.
resistance and blooming time. Fiesta held Annual | Ht. 25cm/10 | Pelleted Seed
up very well in one of the hottest and driest 1432 PRINCESS MIX
summers on record. Its 3" flowers come in C. officinalis An old fashioned type of Pkt (40-50pel) $2.25 | 250pel $3.95 | 1Mpel $9.75
shades of orange, cream, yellow and bi-colours. calendula. Open flowers, some with contrasting 2543 DWARF PINK
Annual | Ht. 20cm/8 | 90-150 sds/gm. dark centres. Mixture of orange and yellow. C. lactiflora Dainty pale pink clusters of small
Pkt (45-75sds) $2.25 | 2g $3.25 | 5g $5.25 Annual | Ht. 45cm/18 | 90-150 sds/gm. blooms appear first year and act as filler in
Pkt (65-75sds) $2.25 | 500sds $3.95 flower beds or bouquets. FSQ winner for its
2500sds $12.95 | 5Msds $24.50 dwarf plant habit, normally lactiflora types can
reach 120cm/48
1433 INDIAN PRINCE Zone 5| Ht. 60cm/24 | Bl. June-Aug | 25000-31000 s/g.
C. officinalis Orange petals backed with Pkt (200-250sds) $1.95 | 1Msds $3.75
mahogany. Double flowered type with strong
stems; developed for cutflower production. 2545 DEEP BLUE CLIPS
Annual | Ht. 45cm/18 | 90-150 sds/gm. C. carpatica Compact, better blooming, with
Pkt (90-150sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.95 | 25g $10.95 improved garden vigour. Clips is a major
100g $37.50 | 450g $120.00 improvement over the common varieties.
Uniform ball shaped plants with dark blue
1435 LEMON CREAM flowers. Blooms the first year.
C. officinalis Attractive buttery yellow Zone 3 | Ht. 15-20cm/6-8 | Bl. July-Aug | 10M-13M s/g.
double flowers, suited for cutting. Pkt (80-100sds) $2.65 | 500s $5.95 | 2500s $19.95
Annual | Ht. 50cm/20 | 90-150 sds/gm.
Pkt (40-50sds) $2.25 | 250sds $4.25 2547 CANTERBURY BELLS
C. calycanthema Tall spikes of cup and saucer
1Msds $10.95 flowers in shades of rose, purple, pink, blue,
and white. Biennial that blooms second year.
Zone 5 | Ht. 90cm/36 | Bl. June-July | 3000-4000 s/g.
1432 Calendula, Princess Mix
Pkt(1500-2000sds)$1.95 | 2g $3.75 | 5g $5.25
15g $10.95

1431 Calendula, Radio 1433 Calendula, Indian Prince 1435 Calendula, Lemon Cream 2545 Campanula, Deep Blue Clips

80 Flowers Easy to Grow Grows in Sun Grows in Part Sun Grows in Shade
1472 Celosia, Romantica 1473 Celosia, New Look 1475 Celosia, Fresh Look Mix 1476 Celosia, Pampas Plume

Celosia Cutting Types

1467 Cardoon 1470 SUNDAY ORANGE
A versatile border plant that can be cut or dried. NEW This is the most vibrant orange that
Cardoon Celosias perform well in our sunny beds, withstand-
ing drought and blooming all season long we have seen in the flower garden. Blooms all
Start indoors in large plugs or pots 6-8 weeks (from July to frost). summer, and sends up side branches when
before planting outdoors. Germinates at room Culture: Seed indoors 4-8 weeks before last frost, main stems are cut. Full plumes of bright
temperature. Plant into good garden soil in full sun; orange add depth to mixed bouquets, or
keep light, moist, and warm (25C) until growth is create a focal point in the garden. Sunday is a
amend the soil if using for edible purpose. seen. If Celosia becomes root bound, the plant professional growers series and is filmcoated
1467 CARDOON health will be affected and it may not bloom properly. for ease of seeding.
Cynara cardunculus A remarkable plant with 1471, 1476 & 1478 may also be direct seeded.
Annual | Ht. 75cm/30 | 1200-1400 sds/gm.
huge grey, deeply cut leaves and purple flowers.
Often seen in public gardens and city plantings. Bedding Types Pkt (10sds) $2.95 | 50sds $7.95 | 150sds $18.75
An edible relative of the Artichoke. Over-winters All American Selections Winners. The Looks 1471 TORNADO RED ORG
in mild climates. have feathery plumes on compact plants. The NEW Loose, large cockscombs with many
Tender Perennial | Ht. 150cm/60 | 20-30 sds/gm. plants produce new foliage and plumes to cover side shoots in the desirable shade of velvety
Pkt (40-60sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.25 | 25g $9.75 old blooms. Perfect for busy gardeners who magenta. Makes an eye-catching combination
want a carefree season of colour. with Sunday Orange. Organically grown seed.
1472 SMART LOOK ROMANTICA Annual | Ht. 75cm/30 | 1700-1900 sds/gm.
A stunning new colour in Celosias: peachy-
pink that becomes more intense as it ages. Pkt (80-100sds) $2.35 | 500sds $5.75
The flowers are nicely accented by dark veined 1Msds $8.95 | 5Msds $21.75
foliage. Try it in combination with New Look for 1476 PAMPAS PLUME
a velvety palette. Huge airy plumes in a wide variety of colours.
1473 NEW LOOK Best for drying and cutting.
Glowing red plumes, with dark bronze foliage. Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 1000-1500 sds/gm.
1475 FRESH LOOK MIX Pkt (500-750sds) $1.95 | 2g $2.95 | 5g $4.95
The AAS winning colours of Red, Yellow, and 15g $9.75
Gold, plus Orange.
Annual | Ht. 35cm/14 | 1000-1100 sds/gm.
Exactly what a cutflower grower desires: an
Above Varieties: economical mix of fan shaped (brain) blooms
Pkt (40-50sds) $2.25 | 500s $7.75 | 2500s $27.95 for filler in mixed bouquets. Features assorted
shades of pink and yellow, but predominantly
2543 Campanula, Dwarf Pink Annual | Ht. 90cm/36 | 1200-1300 sds/gm.
Pkt (1200-1300sds) $1.95 | 2g $2.95 | 5g $4.95
25g $13.75
Unusual pink and white bi-coloured plume on
this spicata type Celosia. Can be grown as an
accent plant or for cut and dry uses.
Zone 4 | Ht. 60cm/24 | 800-1000 sds/gm.
1471 Celosia, Tornado Red 1479 Flamingo Feather Pkt (80-100sds) $2.25 | 500s $5.95 | 2500s $15.95

2547 Campanula, Canterbury Bells 1470 Celosia, Sunday Orange 1478 Celosia, Tall Cristata Mix

Drought Tolerant Cold Tolerant Container Use Cutflower Use Flowers 81


1480 Cerinthe, Pride of Gibraltar

Culture: Direct seed outdoors in spring or summer,
1492 Centaurea, Sweet Sultan maintain moisture until growth is seen.
C. imperialis Unusual sweet scented, fringed, C. major purpurascens Frost tolerant. Exotic
large cornflower type resembling thistles. filler. Fleshy dark foliage with brilliant blue-
Blooms in shades of lilac, yellow, and white. tinged bracts and purple bell-shaped flowers.
1490 Centaurea, Classic Artist Mix Pride of Gibraltar has been selected for
Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 150-200 sds/gm. cutflower use because it has longer stems than
Centaurea Pkt (200-300sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.75 | 15g 6.25 other varieties.
Easy to grow plants produce an abundance of 50g $12.95 Annual | Ht. 90cm/36 | 15-20 sds/gm.
flowers on long stems. Adds colour to the flower 1493 ALOHAROSE Pkt (15-20sds) $2.25 | 5g $5.75 | 25g $17.95
garden and makes excellent cut and dry flowers. C. americana Huge tufted lilac flowers emerge
Culture: Start outdoors in spring. Sow into well from netted buds. Strong plants have long
drained, warm soil for the best results. stems making this a good accent in flower
arrangements and in the informal garden.
NEW 1490 CLASSIC ARTISTIC MIX Annual | Ht. 90cm/36 | 50-70 sds/gm.
C. cyanus We saw this in trial in Holland
last summer and were impressed with the Pkt (50-70sds) $2.25 | 5g $3.95 | 15g $6.95
excellent selection of colours and bicolours that 50g 19.95
make for a complete mix.
Annual | Ht. 80cm/32 | 180-220 sds/gm.
Pkt (180-220sds) $1.95 | 5g 3.50 | 15g $5.75
50g $13.50 | 250g $49.75
C. cyanus Bachelors Buttons. Most popular 1500 Clarkia, Choice Mix
colour for cutting.
Annual | Ht. 80cm/32 | 180-200 sds/gm.
Pkt (180-200sds) $1.95 | 5g 2.75 | 15g $4.95
Culture: Seed direct outdoors in spring to early sum-
50g $10.50 | 250g $34.50 mer. Requires cool soil for optimum germination.
C. elegans Long stems with large fully
double flowers in a range of pink and purple
shades. Good heat and drought tolerance.
Recommended spring cutflower variety.
Annual | Ht. 80cm/32 | 2000-3000 sds/gm.
Pkt (1000-1500sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.75 | 15g $7.95

1493 Centaurea, Aloha Rose

Culture: Direct seed outdoors in spring or summer,
maintain moisture until growth is seen.
C. grandiflora Unusual direct seed garden plant
with rosettes of grey-blue leaves and long
stems of magenta blooms. New buds bloom all
summer long.
Annual | Ht. 75cm/30 | 3200-3500 sds/gm.
1491 Centaurea, Blue Boy Pkt (500-580sds) $2.35 | 1/2g $3.75 | 2g $8.95 1487 Cisanthe, Brightness

82 Flowers Easy to Grow Grows in Sun Grows in Part Sun Grows in Shade
2567 Chrysanthemum, Crazy Daisy 1504 Coleus, Kong Mix

Chrysanthemum Coleus
A group of plants with daisy-shaped flowers. They 1505 Cleome, Colour Fountain Mix Grown for its brightly coloured foliage, Coleus makes
have recently been renamed in the taxonomical a splash of colour in shady areas of the garden.
world, but we have kept them together here, where Cleome Culture: Start indoors at 27C with lights, 8-12 weeks
most people can find them. The types listed here Also known as Spider Flower. A long blooming before planting outdoors. Temperature may be
are perennials that bloom after overwintering. garden plant with pleasant fragrance. reduced after growth is seen.
Culture: Start indoors until mid-summer at room Culture: Cleome needs light and fluctuating
temperature. Cover lightly with soil medium. temperatures to germinate well. Vary temperature
Solenostemon scutellariodes. Monstrous sized
2567 CRAZY DAISY to duplicate spring conditions. We put ours in the leaves for containers or garden use. A mix of
Leucanthemum x superbum Double, quilled greenhouse where it doesnt get below 10C. Be greens, reds, and bicolours.
white flowers with yellow centres. A real novelty careful when transplanting as Cleome doesnt like
Annual | Ht. 45cm/18 | Pelleted Seed.
for the border or cutting garden. Can bloom first its roots disturbed.
year if given a cold period before transplanting. Pkt (8pel) $4.75 | 50pel $13.95 | 100pel $20.75
Zone 4 | Ht. 75cm/30 | Bl. June-Aug | 800-1000 sds/gm. C.hassleriana A spectacular background plant. 1507 GIANT EXHIBITION MIX
Pkt (80-100sds) $2.25 | 1Msds $6.95 Tall branching plants produce flower heads in Solenostemon scutellariodes. Huge leaves of
a range of pink, purple, and white. Has a light varied colours and patterns add a strong foliage
2569 GIANT ROBINSONS MIX lemon-mint fragrance. colour to your containers and flower beds. Pure
Tanacetum coccineum (formerly Pyrethrum) lime, velvety black, rusty red, defined colour
Annual | Ht. 120-150cm/48-60 | 350-450 sds/gm.
Large single daisy-like flowers in a mix of patterns and splashed leaves.
colours, including red and pink. Splendid for 1506 CHERRY QUEEN Annual | Ht. 50cm/20 | 3000-3200 sds/gm.
borders and cutting. C.hassleriana The most requested single colour
from the Fountains Mix: bright pink. Pkt (10-15sds) $2.95 | 100sds $9.75
Zone 4 | Ht:60cm/24 | Bl. June-Sep | 300-370 sds/gm.
Pkt (150-185sds) $1.95 | 2g $3.95; 5g $6.25 Annual | Ht. 120-150cm/48-60 | 350-450 sds/gm. 1508 WIZARD MIXTURE
Above varieties: Solenostemon scutellariodes. A dwarf base
Pkt (350-450sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.95 | 25g $9.25 branching plant in a bright colour range. Ideal
for brightening up shady or dull areas.
1505-1 SPARKLER MIX Annual | Ht. 25cm/10 | 3000-3500 sds/gm.
Crop Failure 2013 Pkt (40-50 sds) $2.25 | 250s $5.25 | 1Ms $14.75

2569 Chrysanthemum, Robinson Hybrids Mixed

1507 Coleus, Giant Exhibition Formula Mix

1506 Cleome, Cherry Queen 1505-1 Cleome, Sparkler Mix 1508 Coleus, Wizard Mix

Drought Tolerant Cold Tolerant Container Use Cutflower Use Flowers 83


1509 Convolvulus, Royal Ensign

Convolvulus 1510 Cosmos, Sensation Mixed

Culture: Start indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost.
Seed 2-3 seeds in 3 pots. Can also be seeded Cosmos 1511 Cosmos, Sonata Mixed
outdoors when soil is warm to touch. A popular annual that is easy to grow. Cosmos are
an excellent cutflower while being a colourful
1514-2 SNOW PUFF
1509 ROYAL ENSIGN Evokes the essence of summer: snowy white
C. tricolor minor A compact Morning Glory type border and background plant for sunny locations. blossoms swaying in the summer winds,
plant, covered with flowers. The blooms are a Culture: Sow outdoors when soil is warm and there gorgeous against the blue sky. Equally lovely in
striking navy blue with yellow and white centres. is no chance of frost. Can also be started indoors 4 a casual bouquet. Snowpuff is a selected colour
Blooms intensify as days get shorter. weeks before last frost. from the DoubleClick Mix.
Annual | Ht. 20cm/8 | 90-100 sds/gm. 1510 SENSATION MIXED Annual | Ht. 90cm/36 | 100-140 sds/gm.
Pkt (90-100sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.25 | 15g $5.95 AAS winner 1936. Spectacular free flowering Pkt (35-40sds) $3.25 | 250sds $8.25
plants for accent gardens. These giant single 1Msds $23.75
flowers bloom in rose, crimson, pink, and white.
Annual | Ht. 110cm/44 | 100-200 sds/gm. Sulphureus Types
Pkt (100-200sds) $1.95 | 10g $3.25 | 25g $5.25 1512 COSMIC ORANGE
100g $16.95 AAS 2000 and Fleuroselect winner. This stocky,
well-branched plant was a real hit in our trials.
1511 SONATA MIXED Bright orange, 2" flowers make it a visible
Premium Grade. A dwarf-free flowering variety. bedding plant.
Covered with flowers from early summer to late
fall. Flower size: 7cm/2.5 Annual | Ht. 40cm/16 | 100-120 sds/gm.
Annual | Ht. 50cm/20 | 100-180 sds/gm. Pkt (40-50sds) $2.45 | 150sds $4.25
Pkt (25-30sds) $2.95 | 250s $11.95 | 1Ms $36.95 500sds $8.75


Unusual tubular shaped petals with frilled edges. Bright orange flowers that are larger than typical
A mix of pink, white, carmine and rose shades. sulphureus types. Carioca is a more manageable
size for smaller flower beds than Bright Lights.
Annual | Ht. 110cm/44 | 100-200 sds/gm. Also blooms two weeks earlier than Bright
1517 Coreopsis, Incredible Mix Pkt (100-200sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.25 | 15g $5.95 Lights. A lovely summer plant!
50g $14.95
Coreopsis Annual | Ht. 90cm/36 | 100-110 sds/gm.
1514-1 DOUBLE CLICK MIX Pkt (40-50sds) $2.35 | 250sds $6.75
Native plant to the Americas, it is a carefree plant for
gardens. Also known as Calliopsis or Tickseed. Impressive double flowers with tubular petals 1513 BRIGHT LIGHTS MIX
Culture: Start indoors in plugs 6-10 weeks before in colours ranging from white to carmine. An Improved 2013! Wider range of gold and orange
planting outside, or direct seed (1517). exciting item for your cutting garden; blooms all shades and earlier blooming time. Use as a
summer until frost. background plant and cutflower.
1517 INCREDIBLE MIX Annual | Ht. 120cm/48 | 100-140 sds/gm. Annual | Ht. 120cm/48 | 100-130 sds/gm.
Easy enough for a novice to grow, but offering a Pkt (35-40sds) $2.95 | 250s $6.95 | 1Ms $20.75
wide selection of colours that even a seasoned Pkt (100-130sds) $1.95 | 10g $3.45 | 25g $4.75
gardener will appreciate. New breeding has 100g $13.50
added more colours to the standard Coreopsis
of yellow and red to increase the range from
burgundy to creamy white, with lots of bi-
colours. Easy to direct seed.
Annual | Ht. 80cm/32 | 3200-3400 sds/gm.
Pkt (640-680sds) $2.75 | 1g $6.95 | 5g $19.75
C. grandiflora AAS Winner 1989. A hardy
perennial easily grown from seed. It is the
earliest Coreopsis to bloom (12 weeks from
sowing) and has semi-double, golden-yellow
flowers. Blooms all summer.
Zone 4 | Ht. 45cm/18 | Bl. July-Sep | 350-450 sds/gm.
Pkt (30-35sds) $1.95 | 250s $5.95 | 1Ms $16.75
2560 Coreopsis, Early Sunrise 1512 Cosmos, Cosmic Orange

84 Flowers Easy to Grow Grows in Sun Grows in Part Sun Grows in Shade
1512-1 Cosmos, Carioca 1514 Cosmos, Sea Shells Mix 1524 Dahlia, Showpiece Mix

1516 Gossypium, Cotton A garden favourite that is easy to grow from seed.
Comes in a wide range of flower colours that are
Cotton good for bedding and cutflowers. Does well in sun
A large garden plant, it can be transplanted or direct and semi-shade.
seeded in areas with longer growing seasons. Culture: Start indoors 8-12 weeks before last frost.
Gossypium herbaceum Levant Cotton An Garden Pride is a dwarf variety with double
ancient plant, native of Africa and written about flowers in many shades. Bloom size is 8cm/3.
by Greek historian Herodotus in 5 BC. Although Perfect for flower beds and containers.
it is the actual cotton plant grown for fabrics, Annual | Ht. 30cm/12 | 100-130 sds/gm.
flower arrangers also appreciate the pods for Pkt (30-35sds) $2.25 | 150sds $4.95
use in floral designs. Creamy yellow or pinkish 500sds $10.95 | 2Msds $32.95
Hibiscus-like flowers are followed by green
seedpods that mature and burst open to reveal 1524 SHOWPIECE MIX
wooly centres. Cutting mix selected for high percentage of
Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 5-7 sds/gm. double blooms. Flower size 8cm/3".
Pkt (15-20sds) $2.25 | 25g $6.95 | 100g $19.95 Annual | Ht. 120cm/48 | 100-120 sds/gm.
1514-2 Cosmos, Snow Puff Pkt (30-40sds) $1.95 | 2g $4.95 | 5g $8.95
15g $22.95
Like the clown they were named for, these
flowers will make you smile with their bright
colours and patterns. Mix of semi-double types
in interesting bi-colour patterns and solids. Well
branched plants that are early to bloom.
Annual | Ht. 35cm/14 | 100-120 sds/gm.
Pkt (15-20sds) $2.95 | 100s $6.75 | 500s $19.95

1513 Cosmos, Bright Lights

1515 Craspedia, SunBall

Craspedia 1522 Dahlia, Harlequin Mix

Culture: Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost.
Sow in large #128 plugs. Apply adequate nitrogen
to get good stem length.

C. globosa Its not often that an
improved or organic variety comes with a price
decrease, but here it is! SunBall has performed
better in our trials than Drumstick, with a
rounder flower head and more vigour. Great as a
fun filler in long lasting arrangements. With this
affordable price, why not grow a patch?
Annual | Ht. 70cm/28 | 900-1400 sds/gm.
Pkt (130-150sds) $2.65 | 500sds $5.75
1514-1 Cosmos, Double Click Mix 1Msds $8.95 1520 Dahlia, Garden Pride

Drought Tolerant Cold Tolerant Container Use Cutflower Use Flowers 85


1528 Datura, Belle Blanche 2576 Delphinium, Summer Colours 1532 Dianthus, Telstar Hybrid Mix

Datura Delphinium Dianthus

Also known as Angels Trumpets or Moonflower; Magnificent spikes for the early summer garden. A large family of plants including Carnation, Pinks,
they are related to Brugmansia. These are compact The hybrida types may re-bloom in late summer and Sweet Williams A versatile group that can be
varieties, suitable for container gardening. if deadheaded, while the grandiflorums bloom all used for ground covers or cutting, they also have
Culture: Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost. season. Both have striking blue shades in their various tolerances to heat and hardiness. Generally
Erratic germinator - fluctuating temperatures to range of colours. they prefer cool evenings for best blooming condi-
mimic spring helps. Sow 2-3 seeds in a 3 pot or Culture: Start indoors in February-April at 15-20C tions. They are easy to grow plants with little insect
large plugs. and transplant into larger containers as needed and disease problems.
because the roots need space to grow properly. Culture: Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost for
1528 BELLE BLANCHE early flowers or outdoors when soil is warm.
D. metel An attractive patio and garden plant 2576 SUMMER COLOURS
with bluish green foliage and upright trumpet A grandiflorum mix including pink- a Dwarf Border Types
shaped white flowers. breakthrough in breeding! Blooms all summer
Annual | Ht. 60-75cm/24-30 | 75-100 sds/gm. on well-branched compact plants with fine
D. chinensis Dwarf, mounding plants produce
Pkt (30-35sds) $2.25 | 250s $5.25 | 1Ms $14.95 dissected foliage. Summer Colours has better masses of blooms. They are excellent for beds,
heat tolerance than other grandiflorums and is rockeries, and edging. Early blooming and heat
1529-1 BALLERINA PURPLE earlier to bloom.
D. metel Double flowered, purple outer petals tolerant. Use both in spring and fall for vibrant
Zone 4 | Ht. 30cm/12 | Bl. June-Sep | 700-1000 sds/gm. colours along with pansies and flowering
with white inner petals. Large plants are quick
growing and long blooming in our trials. Growth Pkt (20-25sds) $2.65 | 150sds $7.25 kale. This mix of red, pink, carmine, picotee,
habit is dwarfed if contained. and white blooms throughout the season.
2578 BENARYS PACIFIC GIANT MIX Fleuroselect gold medal winner.
Annual | Ht. 40-60cm/16-24 | 50-80 sds/gm. D. hybrida This seed has been re-selected from
Tender Perennial | Ht. 20cm/8 | 700-1000 sds/gm.
Pkt (10sds) $4.95 | 50sds $13.95 the classic Pacific Giant series to be first year
blooming and have full-filled spikes. Colours Pkt (30-35sds) $2.75 | 150sds $6.75
in the mix are dark blue, lavender, white, sky 500sds $15.95
blue, pink, and mid-blue with varying bees
(centres). An good tall back or border plant and 1532-1 DIABUNDA PURPLE PICOTEE
professional cutflower. D. x barbatus Purple Picotee won the Fleuro
Star Award for its wow factor; the striking
Crop Failure 2013. This item will be bicolour flowers are visible from quite a
substituted with a similar mix. distance. It blooms abundantly in spring and
Zone 3 | Ht. 180cm/72 | Bl. May-July | 450-550 sds/gm. early summer, survives the heat of mid summer,
Pkt (40-50sds) $2.25 | 250s $5.95 | 1Ms $13.75 and then reblooms when temperatures begin to
cool- even without deadheading. Diabunda is a
2579 MAGIC FOUNTAINS MIX dwarf Sweet William type of Dianthus that has
Crop Failure 2013 been crossbred with the chinensis type, giving
it large flower heads with fine foliage for all
season use.
Tender Perennial | Ht. 20cm/8 W 25cm/10 | 700-1000 s/g.
1529-1 Datura, Ballerina Purple Pkt (15-20sds) $3.45 | 100sds $8.95

2579 Delphinium, Magic Fountains Mix 2578 Delphinium, Benarys Pacific Giant Mix 1532-1 Dianthus, Diabunda Purple Picotee

86 Flowers Easy to Grow Grows in Sun Grows in Part Sun Grows in Shade
1465 Carnation, Chabaud Superb Mix 2583 Dianthus, Sweetness

Tall Cutflower Types 2580 Dianthus, Rainbow Loveliness

D. caryophyllus Standard Carnation. Improved D. plumarius FSQ Cottage Pink with spicy-sweet
fully double, ever-blooming florists strain. Wide perfumed blooms in shades of pink, crimson,
colour range and strong stems for cutting. white, and bicolours. Grey green lance-like
Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 400-500 sds/gm. foliage; just like the old fashioned garden pinks,
Pkt (200-250sds) $2.25 | 2g $3.25 | 5g $5.75 except that it blooms already first year all
25g $21.95 season long.
Zone 2 | Ht. 20cm/8 | Bl. May-Oct | 600-700 sds/gm.
1466 PICOTEE FANTASY Pkt (60-70sds) $2.25 | 1g $8.75 | 2g $12.95
D. caryophyllus Novelty mix of striped and
streaked double carnation blooms with good 2585 MESSENGER MIX
spicy Carnation fragrance. D. barbatus Known as Sweet William. Extra-
Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 400-500 sds/gm. long stems with improved flower set. Earlier
Pkt (300-375sds) $2.45 | 2g $5.95 | 10g $12.95 than other single flowered varieties by up to
10 days with a more uniform blooming time. 2587 Dianthus, Volcano Mix Organic
1531 AMAZON NEON DUO Blooms after overwintering.
Bright coloured blooms in violet and cherry.
Amazon Neon Duo is part of a new generation 2586 SUPER DUPLEX MIX
of first year blooming Sweet Williams. We grew D. barbatus Also known as Sweet William. A
this plant as part of our ASCFG trials and are special florist strain of tall double flowers in a
impressed by the amount of blooms on each good mixture of colours and bicolours. Blooms
plant with useable stem length. The flowers after overwintering.
have surprisingly well-filled flowerheads for Zone 3 | Ht. 45cm/18 | Bl. June-July | 600-900 sds/gm.
extreme heat conditions. Above varieties
Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | Pelleted Seed Pkt (600-900sds) $1.95 | 5g $2.95 | 25g $7.95
Pkt (15-20pel) $4.75 | 100pel $11.95 100g $17.95
500pel $39.95
2580 RAINBOW LOVELINESS D. barbatus Blooms 60 days after
D. x hybridus Mixture of unusual single, heavily planting. Volcano is a scented mix of solid and
fringed flowers with a strong scent. Appreciated bicolours. It has numerous stems, and blooms
for its uniqueness in our trials; looks like a continuously throughout the summer, even in
flower from Dr. Seuss! hot temperatures. Organically grown seed.
2586 Sweet William, Super Duplex
Zone 6 | Ht. 40cm/16 | Bl. July-Aug | 1200-1500 s/g. Tender Perennial | Ht. 50cm/20 | Bl. July-Oct. | 900-
Pkt (600-750sds) $2.45 | 2g $6.75 | 10g $15.95 1200 sds/gm.
Pkt (80-100sds) $2.35 | 500sds $5.75
1Msds $8.95 | 5Msds $23.75

1466 Carnation, Picotee Fantasy 1531 Dianthus, Amazon Neon Duo 2585 Sweet William, Messenger Mix

Drought Tolerant Cold Tolerant Container Use Cutflower Use Flowers 87


2591 Dracocephalum, Blue Dragon

1525 Dichondra, Silver Falls Dracocephalum 2705 Rudbeckia, Primadonna Deep Rose Improved
Culture: Start indoors at room temperature from
Dichondra late winter through mid-summer. Can also be direct Echinacea
Culture: Start indoors in late winter. Germinates seeded into a prepared garden bed. Coneflower , native to North America, a popular
quickly at 74F/23C. Grow in a sunny location. 2591 BLUE DRAGON perennial plant with various coloured petals
D. moldavica Want to grow a dragon in your surrounding a large centre. Easy to care for plant
1525 SILVER FALLS for full sun.
D. argentea Dichondra is an elegant trailing garden? This plant has a very cool name that
plant with silvery-grey fan-shaped foliage. Also means dragonhead because of its flower Culture: Start indoors in late winter for best first year
useful as a groundcover, since it roots quickly at shape. Blooms first year and all summer with blooms, or until mid-summer for transplanting to the
leaf nodes. Can be used as a filler for cutflower fragrant blue spikes that attract beneficial garden. Seed into large plugs at room temperature,
arrangements. Drought and heat tolerant. insects. A medium height plant that can also be covering with soil.
Annual|Trails 90-180cm/36-72 | 175-200 sds/gm. used as a groundcover. 2701 WHITE SWAN
Pkt (7sds) $3.95 | 50sds $14.25 | 100sds $22.50 Zone 6|Ht. 40-60cm/16-24|Bl. June-Oct |400-500 s/g. E. purpurea Graceful white coneflowers with
Pkt (100-125sds) $2.25 | 5g $5.95 | 25g $12.75 green-yellow centres. Flowers are used with or
without petals for flower arrangements.
Zone 3 | Ht. 60cm/24 | Bl. July-Sep | 200-400 sds/gm.
Pkt (65-75sds) $1.95 | 1Msds $4.95| 5Msds $9.25
E. purpurea Large purple-red flowers with
bronze centres on long stems. Common type for
meadow plantings. Blooms second year.
Zone 3 | Ht. 60cm/24 | Bl. June-Aug | 150-250 sds/gm.
Pkt (150-250sds) $1.95 | 10g $3.75 | 25g $7.25
100g $21.75
E. purpurea AAS winner 2010. Outstanding
intense rose colour! PowWow has compact
1533 Dimorphoteca, Choice Mix plant habit, making it suitable for even the
1534 Dusty Miller, Silverdust smallest garden. It is also basal branching,
which means more flowers per plant. Blooms
Dimorphotheca Dusty Miller first year if started by February.
Culture: Sow outdoors in spring in a sunny location, Culture: Start indoors in Mid-Feb. for May planting. Zone 4 | Ht. 60cm/24 | Bl. July-Sep | 225-265 sds/gm.
or indoors 4 weeks before last frost. Seed requires light and warmth for germination. Pkt (10sds) $4.95 | 50sds $11.95| 100sds $18.95
D. sinuata A mix of colours in glowing shades Senecio cineraria A compact strain with fine E. purpurea Much improved Purple Coneflower.
of Orange, Yellow, Cream and Salmon. Blooms leaved silvery-white foliage. Cold tolerant. First year blooming with huge initial blooms.
especially well when nights are cooler. Excellent for edging borders and groupings. Large, rosy-pink flowers on strong stems for
Annual | Ht. 30cm/12 | 350-450 sds/gm. Annual | Ht. 30cm/12 | 1500-2000 sds/gm. cutting or as a tall border plant. Extremely
Pkt (350-450sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.95 | 15g $7.75 Pkt (375-500sds) $1.95 | 2g $3.25 | 5g $5.95 drought tolerant. We were also impressed by
how quickly it grew.
Emilia Zone 3 | Ht. 90cm/36 | Bl. July-frost | 230-330 sds/gm.

Culture: Direct seed outdoors in spring as Pkt (30-35sds) $2.25 | 250s $6.95 | 1Ms $21.95
soil warms. NEW 2707 CHEYENNE SPIRIT
1538 SCARLET MAGIC E. hybrida Fleuro Gold Medal 2012 & AAS
E. coccinea An uncommon summer garden winner 2013 An impressive Echinacea: with
annual that is best direct seeded. Has narrow a variety of colours in the mix: tomato red,
leaves and an airy growing habit with small apricot, gold, cream, and purple, some not
red flowers. May contain orange flowers also. previously seen in seed grown types. It also has
Deadhead for continuous bloom. remarkable vigour; consistently blooming first
Annual | Ht. 50cm/20 | 1300-1500 sds/gm. year and producing a well branched clump that
Pkt (325-375sds) $1.95 | 1g $4.25 overwinters well. Semi-compact plants.
Zone 4 | Ht. 60cm/24 | Bl. July-Frost | 200-250 s/g.
1538 Emilia, Scarlet Magic Pkt (7sds) $6.75 | 25s $12.95 | 100s $35.95

88 Flowers Easy to Grow Grows in Sun Grows in Part Sun Grows in Shade
1536 Euphorbia, Kilimanjaro
1535 Eucalyptus, Silver Drop
2704 Rudbeckia, PowWow Wildberry
Eucalyptus Culture: Direct seed outdoors in mid-spring when
soil is warming up. Does not transplant.
A group of plants in the Myrtle family. In Mediter-
ranean climates, it is grown as a tree, but in our 1536 KILIMANJARO
climate it is best harvested before frost for E. marginata Striking white on green variegated
decorative use. leaves makes this an excellent accent plant in
Culture: Start indoors in March, plant outdoors after the garden. This variety exhibits better shape
chance of frost is past. and form than other Euphorbia Marginatas. Easy
to grow, tolerates hot and dry weather. This
1535 SILVER DROP variety has unusual longevity as a cutflower
E. gunnii Produces smaller leaves which are lasting up to 2 weeks in vases.
better for fine floral work. Annual | Ht. 90cm/36 | 40-70 sds/gm.
Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 1300-1400 sds/gm. Pkt (40-50sds) $2.25 | 250sds $5.95
Pkt (20-25sds) $2.75 | 250sds $13.50 1Msds $15.75 | 5Msds $63.50
1Msds $38.95
2707 Rudbeckia, Cheyenne Spirit Grow these plants for all of your senses; the
leaves have a fantastic strong lemony fragrance
and hairy texture. The young branch tips
are waxy red, making a subtle background
filler in cutflower arrangements. The supplier
recommends them in containers as a foliage
plant for use as insect repellant near patio areas.
Annual| Ht. 120cm/48shorter in containers |150-200 s/g.
Pkt (10sds) $4.75 | 50sds $9.95 | 100sds $16.75

2597 Forget-me-not, Indigo Blue Compact

Culture: Start indoors at room temperature until
mid-summer for following year blooms. Can also be
direct seeded into a prepared garden bed. Does best
in half-shade and well drained soil.
2701 Rudbeckia, White Swan Myosotis alpestris A biennial which can re-seed
itself. Compact plants are covered with small
marine blue flowers. Flowers lighten after
several years of re-seeding.
Zone 3; Ht.15cm/6; Bl. April-June; 1000-1600 sds/gm.
Pkt (300-500sds) $1.95 | 2g $4.75 | 5g $7.50
1535-1 Eucalyptus, Lemon Bush 25g $19.50
Drought tolerance and xeriscaping
This was the second year of extreme heat and drought; less than one inch of rain received in
the summer. The display gardens were not supplemented with irrigation, which allowed us
to study the plants for their ability to survive. Amazingly, many of the plants remained alive,
smaller than usual, but full of colour, and rebounded at the end of summer when dew and rain
came. Here are some plants that love dry conditions and can be useful in your garden as well
as in a rock garden or green roof application: Agastache, Celosia, Coreopsis, Chives, Cosmos,
Dichondra, Dusty Miller, California Poppy, Fescue, Gaillardia, Gazania, Gomphrena, Lavender,
Marigold, Nicotiana, Oregano, Portulaca, Rudbeckia, Sage, Sanvitalia, Sedum, Silene, Straw-
483 Purple Coneflower berry, Creeping Thyme, Vinca, Zinnia

Drought Tolerant Cold Tolerant Container Use Cutflower Use Flowers 89


1560 Flowering Kale, Kamome Mix 1564-1 & 1564-3 Flowering Cabbage, White & Red 1564-2 Flowering Cabbage, Bicolor Crane

Flowering Kale Cutflower types

Flowering Cabbage. Consider Kale as an important CRANE SERIES
part of your landscape. They are popular in mass Brassica oleracera Great fall cutflower suitable for
plantings with Pansies, Dianthus, and Mums. We outdoor or indoor bouquets. Stem can be wrapped
have been using ornamental kale as fall plantings for an avant garde bouquet or cut off for use in
and noticed that they lasted longer than our summer centrepieces. Cranes produce a high percentage of
plantings. They can be used for beds and planters; usable heads.
their size is dependent on how closely together they
are planted. Creamy white with a delicate pink centre
Culture: Start in plugs until July 15 and transplant 1564-2 BICOLOR CRANE: 1564-4 Rose Crane
into larger sizes until planting into fall location. Frost Cream with pink centre
enhances the colours. 1564-3 RED CRANE:
1560 KAMOME MIX Bright magenta centre with darker outer leaves
Brassica oleracera An improved fringe than Rose
type with finely ruffled leaves in a mix of Red, 1564-4 ROSE CRANE:
White, and Pink. For garden or container use. Violet pink centre with grey green outer leaves
1564-5 PINK CRANE:
Annual | Ht. 30cm/12 | 300-500 sds/gm. Light pink-lilac centres
Pkt (40-50sds) $2.75 | 250 sds $5.95 Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 200-250 sds/gm.
1Msds $18.95 Above Varieties:
1561 SONGBIRD FORMULA MIX Pkt (35-40sds) $2.35 | 250sds $7.25 |
Brassica oleracera Full and compact heads that 1Msds $21.95 | 5Msds $79.95 1564-5 Pink Crane
add beauty to the fall-winter garden. Songbird
can also be used in containers of any size. A mix
of 3 colours: red, white pink, that intensify as
the nights get cooler.
Annual | Ht. 25cm/10 | 200-320 sds/gm.
Pkt (35-40sds) $2.75 | 250s $6.95 | 1Ms $21.95
See Vegetable Kale Section
Brassica oleracera Narrow, heavily serrated
leaves. Plants have pure coloured centres. Also
excellent for eating in salads and braising.
1562 WHITE PEACOCK: 1537-1 Four OClocks, Marbles Mix
Green leaves, white centres
1563 RED PEACOCK: Four O' Clocks
Purple leaves, red centres Also called Mirabilis or Marvel of Peru. The trumpet
1561 Flowering Kale, Songbird Formula Mix
Annual | Ht. 30cm/12 | 200-250 sds/gm. shaped flowers open in late afternoon.
Above Varieties: Culture: Easy to grow: direct seed into warm soil
Pkt (35-40sds) $2.75 | 250sds $9.25 in late spring, or start in large plugs up to 4 weeks
1Msds $28.50 | 2500sds $57.50 before planting. The roots can be stored like Dahlias.
Uniform, early flowering, shorter variety.
Improved flowering time and fragrance over the
standard Four O' Clocks.
Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 10-20 sds/gm.
Pkt (20-40sds) $2.25 | 10g $3.50
Novelty 4 OClocks, including the FSN winning
colour White-Red. Striped and streaked
patterned flowers in combinations of yellow,
white, and magenta.
Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 7-10 sds/gm.
1562 & 1563 Flowering Kale, Peacock Series 102 Kale, Redbor Pkt (20-27sds) $2.45 | 10g $4.75 | 25g $7.95

90 Flowers Easy to Grow Grows in Sun Grows in Part Sun Grows in Shade
2600 Foxglove, Candy Mountain 2606 Gaillardia, Arizona Sun 1540 Gazania, Kiss Mix

Foxglove Gaillardia Gazania

Digitalis. A biennual with tubular spikes, suited for Blanketflower. The Arizona Series are perennial A long lasting garden plant that loves full sun and
background in borders or woodland setting. Also a Gaillardias that were bred to act like annuals: they dry conditions. Tolerates most climates, withstand-
long lasting cutflower. grow quickly and bloom within 20 weeks from ing spring frosts and summer heat. Blooms until
Culture: Start indoors in spring or mid-summer for seeding. They are compact for containers or front hard frost in our trials. Dark green glossy leaves
following year blooms. Keep moist, at room of border, and prefer a dry, sunny location. The form a compact rosette.
temperature, and in light until growth is seen. seedheads are also attractive for fall use. Culture: Start 6-8 weeks before frost. Transplant
2600 CANDY MOUNTAIN Culture: Start indoors in spring at room temperature. outdoors after chance of frost is past.
D. purpurea Brilliant magenta blooms, stunning Requires light for good germination. 1540 KISS MIX
in our trials. Candy Mountain has upward facing NEW G. rigens Formula mix of solid
florets (which is unusual for a seed grown G. x grandiflora Fleuroselect Gold Winner. AAS and bi-colours. In our trials, the Kiss series
Foxglove) and shows off the flower form. winner 2005 for being a more reliable first year outperformed others, having bushier plants
Zone 5 | Ht. 100cm/40 | Bl. May-June | 10M-110M sds/gm. bloomer than Goblin. It is a compact plant that with more blooms, and flowers that stayed open
Pkt (40-50sds) $2.75 | 250s $6.95 | 1Ms $19.75 is blanketed with bi-colour blooms. longer on overcast days.
Zone 4 | Ht. 30cm/12" | Bl. June-Oct | 300-400 sds/gm. Annual | Ht. 22cm/9 | 425-725 sds/gm.
2601 CAMELOT MIX Pkt (20-25sds) $2.95 | 100s $6.25 | 500s $19.75
D. purpurea The first F-1 hybrid Digitalis 2608 ARIZONA RED SHADES
with higher germination, faster and stonger G. x grandiflora A selection of Arizona Sun with 1540-2 BIG KISS YELLOW FLAME
plant growth, and with more reliable first year mostly red flowers and the same compact plant G. rigens Make a big impact in your water
flowering than previous cultivars. Our trials were and early blooming habit. A low maintenance conserving garden with Big Kiss. Huge, Eye-
very healthy and held for a week in the vase. perennial with season-long blooms. catching flowers (11cm/4 1/2) in red and
Zone 6 | Ht. 150cm/60 | Bl. June-Aug | Pelleted Seed Zone 4 | Ht. 30cm/12 | Bl. June-Oct | 250-350 sds/gm. yellow stripes which love hot, dry growing
Pkt (10-15pel) $3.50 | 100pel $8.95 Above varieties: conditions. Big Kiss had blooms twice the size
Pkt (15-20sds) $2.75 | 100sds $5.95 of our other Gazanias.
500sds $18.95 Annual | Ht. 22cm/9 | 425-725 sds/gm.
Pkt (10-15sds) $3.95 | 50sds $7.95
100sds $12.75 | 500sds $46.50

2608 Gaillardia, Arizona Red Shades 1540-2 Gazania, Big Kiss Yellow Flame
2601 Foxglove, Camelot Mix
Culture: Sow outdoors when soil is starting to warm
up. Godetia prefers cool growing conditions for best
G. grandiflora Stunning double and semi-double
flowers that can be used as cutflowers. Blooms
early summer. Shades of white, pink, red, and
Annual | Ht. 45cm/18 | 1400-1600 sds/gm.
Pkt (700-800sds) $1.95 | 2g $3.25 | 10g $5.25
25g $8.75 1547 Godetia, Azalea Flowered
1537 Four OClocks, Tea Time Formula Mix

Drought Tolerant Cold Tolerant Container Use Cutflower Use Flowers 91


1552 Gomphocarpus, Balloon Cottonbush

1543 Geranium, Maverick Mix 1545 Geranium, Bullseye Mix
Geranium An improved chocolate foliage geranium: Culture: Grows like Asclepias: Start indoors at room
Pelargonium. The work horse of the garden: consistent colouring from plant to plant and temperature, 8-12 weeks before planting outdoors,
Geraniums bloom from early summer to killing frost quicker germination than Black Velvet. Mix of sooner in areas with early fall frost.
with minimal care. Plants can be taken indoors to Scarlet, Salmon, Light Pink, and Cherry. 1552 BALLOON COTTONBUSH
overwinter as a houseplant. Annual | Ht. 30-40cm/12-16 G. physocarpus Green Hairy Balls. Inflated
Culture: Easy to grow at room temperatures; it does Pkt (10sds) $4.45 | 50sds $13.75 | 100sds $18.95 spiked green seed pods on long stems are used
not require additional heat. Geraniums can be started for floral decoration.
at any time, but as late as April for good sized plants Annual | Ht. 120cm/48 | 150-200 sds/gm.
and summer blooms. . Seed is covered with a non-
toxic coating for ease of visibility in sowing. Pkt (40-50sds) $2.25 | 250s $5.75 | 1Ms $14.95
This series has consistently performed the
best in our gardens and containers, so we have
consolidated our previous varieties into the
Maverick Series.
A formula mix of 15 colours both solid and
1543-1 RED: Brilliant dark Red
1543-2 WHITE: Pure White
1543-3 PINK: Bright Pink
Annual | Ht. 30-40cm/12-16 1543-2 Maverick White
Above Varieties: 1546 Gomphrena, Hot Mix
Pkt (8sds) $3.75 | 50sds $11.75 | 100sds $16.95
The perfect garden plant for the eco-conscious and
busy gardener. Excellent mass border plant with
long lasting colour that requires very little mainte-
nance. The blooms maintain their colour until frost.
The plants branch outward and upward and enjoy
hot, dry conditions. Also known as Globe Amaranth.
Culture: Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost at
room temperature.

1546 HOT MIX
QIS series haageana mix of Red,
Orange, and Carmine. Create a sizzling
combination in the garden, providing colour
1543-1 Geranium, Maverick Red
until frost. No irrigation required!
Annual | Ht. 60-75cm/24-30 | 200-300 sds/gm.
Pkt (35-40sds) $2.45 | 250s $4.95 | 1Ms $13.75
Takiis globosa series is preferred by cutflower
growers because of their stronger, longer
stems. An excellent garden plant with carefree
long lasting colour.
Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 340-370 sds/gm.
1546-1 WHITE
1543-3 Maverick Pink 1546-1 Gomphrena, White 1546-1 Gomphrena, Purple Pkt (40-50sds) $2.45 | 250s $6.75 | 1Ms $16.95

92 Flowers Easy to Grow Grows in Sun Grows in Part Sun Grows in Shade
2615 Helenium, Red-Gold Hybrids 1548 Helichrysum, Swiss Giants Mix

Helenium Helichrysum
1550 Gypsophila, Covent Garden Culture: Start indoors at room temperature in late Culture: Start indoors 6 weeks before last frost in
winter, or in summer for following year blooming. large plug flats or direct seed in warm soil.
Babys Breath. Has delicate sprays of flowers for H. autumnale Daisy-like flowers in red and gold A mix of vibrant colours. Well-known and long
groundcover or cutflower use. Name comes from shades have raised button centres. These plants lasting, often called Strawflower because of its
the Greek for loves gypsum which describes the provide an abundance of cutflowers. stiff flower and stem. Useful in decor where
soil conditions that are ideal for its growth. Zone 2 | Ht.100cm/40 | Bl. Aug-Sep | 3000-4000 s/g. flowers cannot be kept in water.
Culture: Direct seed in warm soil, or start in large Pkt (200-285sds) $1.95 | 1g $5.95 Annual | Ht. 90cm/36 | 1300-1600 sds/gm.
plugs 4-6 weeks before planting outdoors. Seedlings Pkt (650-800sds) $1.95 | 2g $2.95 | 5g $4.75
should be transplanted as little as possible because 15g $9.95
of their tap roots.
G. elegans Named for famous historic market at
the centre of London, this annual strain is used
for bouquet filler. Seed weekly until August for
continuous harvest.
Annual | Ht. 50cm/22 | 300-400 sds/gm.
Pkt (300-400sds) $1.95 | 10g $2.50 | 25g $3.75
100g $9.25
G. paniculata Branching plants with sprays of
small, 50% double, white flowers. Excellent 2610 Gypsophila, Snowflake
for bouquets and drying. Blooms after
Zone 2 | Ht. 90cm/36 | Bl. June-Oct | 800-1200 sds/gm.
Pkt (400-600sds) $1.95 | 2g $2.95 | 10g $7.95 1553 Heliotrope, Benarys Marine
G. repens First year blooming groundcover Heliotrope
grows quickly and blooms within 3 months. Culture: Start indoors 8-10 weeks before last frost.
Dainty pale pink blooms cover the plants, which
form a solid mat of fine green foliage. Beautiful 1553 BENARYS MARINE
for ground cover or container use. Heliotropum arborescens Dark blue fragrant
flower clusters (15cm/6") are supported by dark
Zone 2 | Ht.15cm/6 | Bl. July-Sep | 800-1300 sds/gm. foliage plants. Excellent for bedding, cutting,
Pkt (65-75sds) $2.25 | 500sds $4.95| 1Msds $6.75 and as a greenhouse plant.
Annual | Ht. 45cm/18 | 1000-1500 sds/gm.
Pkt (80-100sds) $2.25 | 500s $3.95 | 2Ms $8.25

2611 Gypsophila, Filou Pink

Culture: Start indoors at room temperature, 4-8
weeks before planting outdoors.
H. cannabinus Add height to your garden with
this striking plant: deeply indented dark green
leaves and pure white flowers with beautiful
dark purple centres. Flower size: 7.5cm/3 Fibre
from stems can be used in papermaking.
Annual | Ht. 120cm/48 | 400-430 sds/gm.
Pkt (20-25sds) $2.25 | 100s $4.95 | 500s $12.95
1546-7 Gomphrena, Audray Bicolor Rose 1567 Hibiscus, Amethyst

Drought Tolerant Cold Tolerant Container Use Cutflower Use Flowers 93


1558-2 Helianthus, Pacino Cola 1555-1 Helianthus, Earthwalker 1557 Helianthus, Valentine

Helianthus Garden Types Cutting Types

Sunflower. Helianthus has become one of the main 1555 AUTUMN BEAUTY 1557 VALENTINE
cutflowers and a popular accent plant in the garden H. annuus Red, brown, and yellow shaded H. annuus Lemon-yellow heads (12cm/5)
because they are easy to grow and have showy sunflowers. Multibranched plants set bud more with contrasting black centres. A semi-tall,
flowers and their seeds provide food for birds. than once for continuous blooming. Can be base-branching variety that produces vigorous,
Culture: Start outdoors in warm soil after danger used for autumn cutflowers. A real beauty. upright stems about 80cm/30 in length.
of frost. For cutflowers, plant every two weeks to Annual | Ht. 150cm/60 | 25-35 sds/gm Fleuroselect winner.
ensure steady production. Pick when petals are out, Pkt (50-70sds) $1.95 | 10g $2.75 | 25g $4.25 Annual | Ht. 150cm/60 | 40-70 sds/gm
but still in a cone for longest lasting cuts. 100g $14.50 | 450g $37.50 Pkt (35-40sds) $2.65 | 250sds $8.25
1Msds $26.95 | 5Msds $84.50
Pot & Border Types 1555-1 EARTHWALKER
1558 TEDDY BEAR H. annuus Terracotta shaded flowers on tall 1557-1 SONJA
plants. These sunflowers were a great novelty in H. annuus Attractive golden-orange blooms
H. annuus Dwarf double sunflower with golden our early summer trials. Multi-branching. (10cm/4) with dark centres. For cut and garden
yellow flowers. For borders and cutting. use. Fleuroselect winner. Can also produce mini-
Annual | Ht. 180cm/72 | 20-50 sds/gm
Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 35-55 sds/gm blooms (5cm/2).
Pkt (20-50sds) $2.25 | 5g $3.75 | 25g $14.95
Pkt (35-55sds) $1.95 | 10g $3.95 | 25g $6.95 Annual | Ht. 100cm/40 | 40-70 sds/gm
100g $17.50 400 MAMMOTH RUSSIAN Pkt (35-40sds) $2.75 | 250sds $9.25
H. annuus Immense yellow flower heads. 1Msds $31.95 | 5Msds $110.50
1558-2 PACINO COLA Large edible seeds. For larger sizes, see #400 in
H. annuus Pacino is a quality dwarf border the vegetable section. 1557-2 SORAYA
sunflower with medium-large blooms. One plant Annual | Ht. 300cm/120 | 5-10 sds/gm H. annuus AAS winner 2000. Unusual basal-
can have up to 12 blooms. Pacino Cola has branching cut sunflower. Soraya first produces a
golden yellow petals with a dark disc. Pkt (25-50sds) $1.95 | 25g $3.25
quality 4-5 deep orange bloom and then many
Annual | Ht. 50cm/20 | 30-40 sds/gm Mix side shoots with large blooms and long sturdy
Pkt (20-25sds) $2.45 | 250sds $12.75 stems. Makes an interesting border plant.
1Msds $34.95
2291 SUNFLOWER MIXTURE Annual | Ht. 120cm/48 | 40-70 sds/gm
H. annuus A blend of non-hybrid varieties
suited for cutflower use. Pkt (35-40sds) $2.85 | 250sds $9.25
Annual | Ht. 155cm/62 | 40-70 sds/gm 1Msds $28.95 | 5Msds $108.00
Pkt (20-40sds) $2.25 | 10g $7.95 | 25g $15.95 1557-3 RING OF FIRE
100g $48.00 | 450g $155.00 H. annuus AAS Winner 2001. Heavily
branching and provides a good number of
flowers. Flower petals are red at the base and
golden yellow at the tips.
Annual | Ht. 100-130cm/40-52 | 20-30 sds/gm
Pkt (20-25sds) $2.95 | 250sds $13.75
1Msds $39.95 | 5Msds $158.00
1557-6 JADE
H. annuus Creamy to pale green small flowers,
petals and centres. This was the most unique
colour we have seen in our trials. When flowers
are just open they have a beautiful lime-green
colour and mature to a cream colour. Semi-
dwarf, multi-branching habit.
Annual | Ht. 90cm/36 | 20-40 sds/gm
Pkt (20-25sds) $2.75 | 100sds $5.75
500sds $17.95

1558 Helianthus, Teddy Bear 2291 Sunflower Mixture

94 Flowers Easy to Grow Grows in Sun Grows in Part Sun Grows in Shade
1559-1 & 2 Helianthus, Sunrich Orange & Lemon 1557-3 Helianthus, Ring of Fire 1559-5 Helianthus, Claret 1559-3 Helianthus, Sunrich Gold

Pollenless Types
H. annuus Pollenless sunflower especially
developed for the cutflower trade. Uniform, 4-6
flowers produced on single stems. Now you can
have beautiful sunflower arrangements without
messy pollen falling on your furniture.
Golden orange with a black disk.
Clear yellow with a black disk.
Golden petals with a green disk.
Annual | Ht. 130cm/52 | 15-30 sds/gm
Above varieties:
Pkt (20-25sds) $2.55 | 100sds $5.95 1559-6 Helianthus, Lemon Aura 1557-2 Helianthus, Soraya
500sds $17.95 | 2Msds $59.00 | 5Msds $132.00
20Msds $485.00 | more than 20M ask
H. annuus Same great quality as Sunrich
Orange, but blooms a week earlier.
Annual | Ht. 130cm/52 | 15-25 sds/gm
Pkt (20-25sds) $2.65 | 100sds $6.25
500sds $18.95 | 2Msds $73.00 | 5Msds $159.00
20Msds $495.00
H. annuus Claret has lasted up to 5 days in our
vases without drooping. Dark mahogany colour
in blooms as large as 15cm/6. Tall plants with
multi-branching habit have long blooming time. 1559-4 Helianthus, Sunrich Orange Summer 1555 Helianthus, Autumn Beauty
Annual | Ht. 210cm/84 | 20-25 sds/gm
Pkt (20-25sds) $2.95 | 100sds $7.25
500sds $26.75 | 2Msds $86.50 | 5Msds $185.00
20Msds $675.00

H. annuus Light yellow semi-double
single stem. Early to bloom and longlasting in
the vase. A favourite of our staff.
Annual | Ht. 96cm/38 | 30-45 sds/gm
Pkt (20-25sds) $2.65 | 100sds $5.75
500sds $18.95

1559-7 CHIANTI
H. annuus Dark red pollenless type,
blooms earlier and is shorter than Claret.
Branching habit.
Annual | Ht.120cm/48 | 35-45 sds/gm
Pkt (25-30sds) $2.75 | 100s $5.75 | 500s $18.95 1559-7 Helianthus, Chianti 1557-1 Helianthus, Sonja 1557-6 Helianthus, Jade

Drought Tolerant Cold Tolerant Container Use Cutflower Use Flowers 95


2623 Hollyhock, Spring Celebrities Crimson

Alcea. A cottage garden classic. Tall spikes add
2620 Heuchera, Marvelous Marble
height to the bed and evoke a nostalgic feeling. The
Heuchera blooms can be double or single in a wide variety of
colours. Hollyhock is a biennial that reseeds itself.
2625 Hollyhock, Chaters Mixed
Coral Bells. Most often used as a foliage perennial Culture: Start in large plugs, 6 weeks before planting
plant for shady woodland areas, but some varieties outdoors, or direct seed outdoors when soil is about
are also used in containers. Heuchera will also grow 18-21C. Soaking the seed for 4-24 hours before
in full sun in moist or mulched soil. sowing will help germination.
Culture: Start indoors from late winter until summer.
Press seeds into soil and grow at room temperature 2623 SPRING CELEBRITIES CRIMSON
with lights. Seed is tiny, so maintaining moisture is A. rosea annua Fleuroselect Gold Medal 2012.
very important. Dark-red, large, double flowers on bushy plants
that are equally beautiful in containers as the
2620 MARVELOUS MARBLE garden. It is quick to grow and blooms in 16
H. americana Attractive veined purple/silvery weeks from seeding. Compact plants with lovely
green foliage with green edges: a great accent lobed foliage. Rubbed seed.
plant, but inexpensive enough to do a mass Annual | Ht. 60cm/24" | 220-230 sds/gm.
planting. Grow this easy to care for plant in
a semi-shaded bed. It mixes well with other Pkt (10sds) $3.85 | 50sds $9.95 | 100sds $16.95
flowers and foliage plants. 2624 JET BLACK
Zone 4 | Ht. 30cm/12 | 18000-22000 sds/gm. A. rosea nigra The sought after single black
Pkt (65-75sds) $2.45 | 250s $4.75 | 1Ms $10.95 Hollyhock. Striking dark maroon flowers.
Zone 4 | Ht. 180cm/72 | Bl. July-Aug | 75-100 sds/gm.
2621 PALACE PURPLE Pkt (75-100sds) $2.25 | 5g $4.25 | 15g $7.95
H. micrantha Considered a seed breeding 2627 Hollyhock, Old Fashioned Mix
breakthrough for its purple foliage and won the 2625 CHATERS MIXED
PPAF in 1991. Still widely used in landscaping A. rosea A prize mixture of double flowers.
while other varieties are disappearing. Zone 4 | Ht. 200cm/80 | Bl. July-Aug | 60-110 sds/gm.
Zone 4 | Ht. 30cm/12 | Bl. June-Aug | 18000-20000 s/g.
Pkt (60-110sds) $2.25 | 5g $4.75 | 15g $9.95
Pkt (200-250sds) $2.65 | 1Ms $5.95 | 5Ms $18.95
2622 MELTING FIRE PVP A. ficifolia This is the single hollyhock with
H. hybrida An exciting seed variety! Young large flowers in shades of white, yellow, red,
leaves are bright red and mature to purple-red, pink, and maroon.
creating a hot centre in each plant. The foliage Zone 3 | Ht. 200cm/80 | Bl. July-Aug | 75-95 sds/gm.
is very curly which adds to the flame illusion.
Overwintered plants will bloom in spring with Pkt (75-95sds) $1.95 | 5g $4.75 | 15g $10.50
small white flowers. Melting Fire was especially 2628 HALO MIX
created for the professional market, with A. rosea Brightly bi-coloured flowers that
excellent germination and plant uniformity. sparkle in the cottage garden. An English bred
Fleuroselect Novelty Award. variety of first year blooming single flowers.
Zone 4-6 | Ht. 20cm/8 | Bl. May-June | Pelleted Seed Rubbed seed.
Pkt (25-30pel) $2.95 | 150p $5.95 | 500p $15.95 Zone 4 | Ht. 200cm/80 | Bl. July-Aug | 130-160 sds/gm.
Pkt (15-20sds) $3.65 | 100s $8.95 | 250s $16.75
2628 Hollyhock, Halo Mix

2622 Heuchera, Melting Fire 2621 Heuchera, Palace Purple 2624 Hollyhock, Jet Black

96 Flowers Easy to Grow Grows in Sun Grows in Part Sun Grows in Shade
1565 Kochia, Autumn Red
1549 Impatiens, Xtreme Mix
2439 Impatiens, Mosaic Impressions Mix
Impatiens Kochia
Reliable semi-shade annuals used extensively in Mexican Firebush. Culture: Start indoors at room
borders, mass plantings, and hanging baskets. temperature 6-8 weeks before last frost, or outdoors
Culture: Start indoors Feb-March for early June in late spring. Light and moisture aids germination.
blooms. Keep moist and light at a temperature 1565 AUTUMN RED
of 70F/21C for 10-15 days for ideal germination. K. scoparia Grown for its light green foliage
Transplant at 4 leaf stage into larger containers. which turns carmine-red in late summer. It is
Grow on at 60F/16C. Transplant out after danger good for summer hedging or as an accent in
of frost. beds. Can also be used as green or red filler in
XTREME SERIES flower arrangements.
Impatiens walleriana A new generation Annual | Ht. 75cm/30 | 1000-1100 sds/gm
of Impatiens with excellent germination, Pkt (1000-1100sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.25
compactness in cell-paks, and outstanding 1549-3 Xtreme Rose 1549-4 Xtreme White
garden performance.
1549 XTREME MIX: 11 colours
1549-1 RED: Deep strong red
1549-3 ROSE: Bright clear pink
1549-4 WHITE: Pure white
Annual | Height & spread 30cm/12 | 1400-2000 sds/gm
Above varieties:
Pkt (30-35sds) $2.95 | 100s $4.95 | 500s $14.95
Improved 2013! Impatiens walleriana Unusual
mottled flowers in a mix. This was a show
stopper in our planters. A mix of Red, Rose,
Coral and Lilac that now includes white which
emphasizes the striped pattern in the flowers.
Fleuroselect winner. 2438-1 Impatiens, Tumbler White
Annual | Ht. 30cm/12 | 1400-2000 sds/gm
Pkt (30-35sds) $2.95 | 100s $4.95 | 500s $14.95


Impatiens walleriana New trailing type 1570 Larkspur, QIS Mixture
of Impatiens: tumbles out of a container, spilling
colour into a shady area! It has vigourous Larkspur
growth: one plant becomes the size of 3 Grown for its elegant flower spikes, Larkspur is a
regular types in a container. It is also great for staple for any cutting garden.
spreading coverage in a shade garden.
Culture: Start outdoors in early spring when soil can
2438-1 WHITE / 2438-2 VIOLET be worked to summer and in early fall.
Annual | Ht. 35cm/14, spread 60cm/24| 40-70 sds/gm QIS SERIES
Above varieties: Delphinium consolida Uniform double flowers,
Pkt (10sds) $2.95 | 50sds $7.95 | 150sds $15.95 2438-2 Tumbler Violet improved colour and stem quality. Developed
for the professional cut and dried flower trade,
we have found in our trials that this series was
superior to the Giant Imperial and King series.
1570-1 QIS CARMINE: Bright rose-pink
1570-2 QIS DARK BLUE: Deep purple-blue
1570 QIS MIXTURE: 7 colours
Annual | Ht. 90cm/36 | 350-450 sds/gm
Above Varieties:
Pkt (200-250sds) $1.95 | 1Msds $2.75
2500sds $4.95 | 10Msds $11.95 | 25Msds $25.75
1549-1 Xtreme Red 1570-1 QIS Carmine 1570-2 QIS Dark Blue

Drought Tolerant Cold Tolerant Container Use Cutflower Use Flowers 97


1571 Lavatera, Silvercup

Large, bushy plants that are covered by single
hollyhock-like flowers. A real showy accent and
bedding plant that blooms from July to September. 461 Lavender, Lavender Lady 2642 Liatris, Florist Strain Violet
Culture: Start outdoors in late spring or indoors 4
weeks before last frost. Lavender Liatris
Well known for its scent that is used in perfumes and Culture: Start indoors at room temperature from late
1571 SILVER CUP until mid- summer. Can also be direct seeded.
L. trimestris Fleuroselect Gold Medal 1979. potpourris, it is also edible and adds blue colour to
Improved shrub plant habit and increased flower small flower arrangements. A sub-shrub, it may need 2642 FLORIST STRAIN VIOLET
production over the ordinary Rose Mallow. to be mulched in winter, and pruned after frost. L. spicata Blazing Star. Intense violet spikes
Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 100-150 sds/gm
Culture: Start indoors at room temperature in late that bloom from top to bottom- opposite of most
winter for same year blooms, or until mid-summer. flowers! Grown as cutflower and tall border
Pkt (100-150sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.25 | 15g $7.95 Press into soil, and keep light and moist until growth plant. Some spikes will appear first season if
1572 BEAUTY MIX is seen. seeded early in the year.
L. trimestris A must for the cottage garden. 461 LAVENDER LADY Zone 2 | Ht. 90cm/36 | Bl. July-Sep | 300-400 sds/gm.
Blooms profusely all summer into fall with Lavandula angustifolia AAS 1994. An Pkt (100-130sds) $2.25 | 2g $5.75 | 5g $9.25
flowers of red, salmon, pink, and white. improved lavender, blooming reliably the first
Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 100-125 sds/gm season from seed. Sweetly scented. Mulch
Pkt (75-90sds) $2.25 | 2g $2.75 | 5g $4.95 during winter.
15g $9.95 Zone 6 | Ht. 40cm/16 | Bl. June-Aug | 700-1000 sds/gm.
Pkt (40-50sds) $2.95 | 250s $7.25 | 1Ms $21.50
L. trimestris Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner 462 MUNSTEAD APEX
1979. Slightly shorter than Silver Cup with L. angustifolia Improved germination time and
pure white flowers. Great to an all-white border. uniformity; this seed is primed to germinate
Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 100-150 sds/gm faster and more uniformly than standard
Pkt (100-150sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.95 lavender seed. Munstead has good deep
lavender colour and stem length for cut and
dried flower production.
Zone 5 | Ht. 40cm/16 | Bl. June-Aug | 700-1000 sds/gm.
Pkt (80-100sds) $1.95 | 1Msds $7.95
5Msds $28.95 | 10Msds $51.75 462 Lavender, Munstead APEX
L. angustifolia Has deep blue-purple flowers
that are tightly bunched on the spikes. Hidcote
is more dwarf than Munstead and is as winter
hardy. APEX seed for better germination and
quicker plant growth.
Zone 5 | Ht. 30cm/12 | Bl. June-Aug | 700-1000 sds/gm.
Pkt (80-100sds) $2.95 | 500sds $6.95
1Msds $10.95 | 5Msds $39.95

1572 Lavatera, Beauty Mix

2644 Linum, Blue Flowering Flax

Culture: Direct seed into warming soil in spring in a
sunny location; does not transplant well.
L. perenne Dainty plants with sky blue flowers.
Grows very easily. Use the seed pods for drying.
Zone 5 | Ht. 60cm/24 | Bl. July-Aug | 500-650 sds/gm.
Pkt (1000-1300sds) $1.95 | 10g $3.75 | 25g $7.95
1573 Lavatera Mont Blanc 463 Lavender, Hidcote Blue APEX

98 Flowers Easy to Grow Grows in Sun Grows in Part Sun Grows in Shade
1580 Lobelia, Riviera Mix

A pretty edging, bedding, basket, and window
box plant. Lobelia is compact and spreading,
covered with tiny flowers. It does well in sun or
light shade, but prefers cool temperatures. Can be 2645 Lysimachia, Beaujolais
used for fall colour.
Culture: Start indoors 8-10 weeks before planting Lysimachia
outdoors. Press pellets into the soil and keep moist- 2650 Lupins, Russell Prize Formula Mix
Culture: Start indoors at room temperature, 8-12
ened and at warm temperature (23C) consistently weeks before transplanting outdoors. Lysimachia
until growth is seen, then reduce temperature. Light Lupins seed may need chilling to aid germination.
is necessary for good emergence. Plants with stately spikes and palmate leaves for the
perennial bed and cutting garden. Does best in cool, L. atropurpurea Beautiful dark wine-red
L. erinus Vigorous, compact habit with moist areas with rich soil. spikes and waxy green foliage; an outstanding
improved flower quality and heat resistance over Culture: Start indoors at room temperature into final perennial for the summer blooming garden.
older types. container, as they do not like to be transplanted Beaujolais forms neat clumps and has
Annual | Ht. 15cm/6 | Multi-Pelleted Seed often. Soaking or knicking the seed before sowing numerous flowers- deadhead for continued
1580 RIVIERA MIX will increase germination rate. blooming. Can also be used as a cutflower. Not
Above varieties: L. polyphyllus A tall plant with flowers in Zone 5 | Ht. 45cm/18 | Bl. June-Aug | 2500-3300 s/g.
Pkt (35-40pel) $2.25 | 250p $4.75 | 1Mp $12.95 shades of purple, blue, red, yellow, and white. Pkt (40-50sds) $2.65 | 250sds $5.95
These were bred in the early 1900s by George 1Msds $14.75
1587 REGATTA MIX Russell and are also known as the Band of
L. erinus Excellent trailing variety for hanging Nobles Mix.
baskets and window boxes. Earliest flowering Zone 6 | Ht. 90cm/36 | Bl. May-July | 30-40 sds/gm.
variety with improved heat and drought Pkt (30-40sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.75 | 25g $9.95
tolerance. Great improvement over Colour
Cascade types. 2652 GALLERY MIX
Annual | Trails 30cm/12 | Pelleted Seed L. polyphyllus Compact early blooming variety
Pkt (30-35pel) $2.25 | 150p $4.95 | 500p $10.95 that can have up to 10 flower spikes per plant.
Gallery is a professional first year blooming mix.
Zone 6 | Ht. 50cm/20 | Bl. May-Aug | 30-40 sds/gm.
Pkt (15-20sds) $2.75 | 2g $6.95 | 15g $32.95

1576 Malcomia, Spring Sparkle

1582, Lobelia, Riviera Marine
Culture: Direct seed into warming soil in spring in a
sunny location; does not transplant well.
NEW M. maritima An easy to direct seed,
dwarf plant covered with purple and pink
delicate flowers. Begins blooming in spring, but
it lasts through drought conditions too. In fact,
it prefers to grow in drier soil. Also known as
Virginia Stock, this is a new selection of colours
from rose to lilac blue.
Annual | Ht. 20cm/8 | 1600-1800 sds/gm
1587 Lobelia, Regatta Mix 2652 Lupins, Gallery Mix Pkt (1600-1800sds) $2.25 | 5g $4.95 | 15g $9.75

Drought Tolerant Cold Tolerant Container Use Cutflower Use Flowers 99


1626 Marigold, Disco Mix 1669 Marigold, Lemon Gem 1670 Marigold, Orange Gem

Marigold Signet Types

Culture: Start indoors 6-8 weeks before the last Tagetes tenuifolia Rock Garden Marigold. The
frost. Can also be direct seeded when soil is warm. flowers are edible and have a pleasant citrusy
1574 Malva, Mystic Merlin Detailed seed has been cleaned to remove the white fragrance.
end, making it easier to sow. Annual | Ht. 30cm/12 | 1000-1200 sds/gm
Culture: Start outdoors in late spring or indoors 4 French Types 1669 LEMON GEM: Light yellow
weeks before last frost. 1670 ORANGE GEM: Bright orange
Tagetes patula Dwarf plants for beds and
planters which bloom 6-12 weeks from seeding. Above varieties:
M. sylvestris A cottage garden lavatera-type Pkt (250-300sds) $1.95 | 2g $2.95 | 5g $4.95
plant with vibrant 5cm/2" blooms in unusual A large single flowered variety with brightly African Types:
shades of magenta, mauve and deep blue. coloured blooms in yellow, orange, gold, and
Annual that re-seeds itself. red shades on compact plants. Free flowering Tagetes erecta These varieties are most often
Annual | Ht. 150cm/60 | 100-150 sds/gm and rain tolerant. Blooms are 5cm/2". used for backgrounds and cutting.
Pkt (20-25sds) $2.95 | 100sds $6.95 Annual | Ht. 25cm/10 | 200-250 sds/gm | Detailed Seed 1605 POLLUX EXTRA MIX
Interesting Chrysanthemum type blooms: the
Pkt (40-50sds) $1.95 | 250sds $4.75| 1Msds $8.75 narrow petals curve inwards toward the centre
JANIE SERIES of the flower and have a fluffy appearance. Mix
An abundance of double crested flowers cover of orange, golden yellow, and lemon. Compact
these dwarf, uniform plants. The Janie series plants.
bloom earlier and more continuous all season Annual | Ht. 40cm/16 | 250-300 sds/gm
than other dwarf French marigolds. Considered Pkt (25-30sds) $2.25 | 100s $3.75 | 250s $5.25
the industry standard. Flower size: 4cm/1.5
1631 BRIGHT YELLOW: Brilliant yellow Double carnation flowered mix for cutting.
1632 DEEP ORANGE: Deep, lively orange Annual | Ht. 75cm/30 | 200-300 sds/gm
1633 PRIMROSE: Pastel yellow
1634 FLAME: Red & gold bi-colour Pkt (400-600sds) $1.95 | 10g $3.25 | 25g $5.95
1630 MIXTURE: Formula blend of 8 colours 1614 INCA II YELLOW
Annual | Ht. 22cm/9 | 300-370 sds/gm | Detailed Seed The Inca marigolds are sturdy dark green
Above varieties: Detailed seed plants with large (10cm/3) flowers. They are
daylength sensitive, so to induce flowering in
1630 Marigold, Janie Mix Pkt (40-50sds) $1.95 | 250sds $3.95 the spring only allow 8-9 hours of daylight.
500sds $5.75 | 1Msds $9.95 Annual | Ht. 40cm/16 | Detailed Seed | 300-375 sds/gm.
SAFARI SERIES Pkt (15-20sds) $2.95 | 100s $7.95 | 250s $15.25
The Safari series has performed consistently
in our trials, with large anemone flowers on 1616 MOONSONG
uniform plants. Highly recommended. Extended AAS 2010 This award winning Marigold is the
bloom time. darkest orange on the market. The dark foliage
is a perfect background to the completely
1646 FORMULA MIXTURE: 8 colours double, round blooms. Uniform growth from
1648 RED: Darkest red in our trials. plant to plant.
Annual | Ht. 30cm/12 | 220-270 sds/gm | Detailed Seed Annual | Ht. 38cm/15 | Detailed Seed | 200-400 sds/gm
Above varieties: Pkt (15-20sds) $3.45 | 100s $8.25 | 250s $15.75
Pkt (40-50sds) $1.95 | 250s $5.25 | 1Ms $8.95 1618 ANTIGUA MIX
Antigua combines the compact habit of the
1646 Marigold, Safari Mix French with the flower size of an African
Marigold. Antigua is daylength neutral so there
is no need to keep dark to promote flowers. It
is an early and profuse bloomer. Mix of orange,
yellow and gold.
Annual | Ht. 30cm/12 | Detailed Seed | 200-400 sds/gm
Pkt (15-20sds) $2.95 | 100sds $7.95
250sds $15.25 | 1Msds $49.50

1631 Janie Yellow 1632 Janie Deep Orange 1633 Janie Primrose 1634 Janie Flame 1648 Safari Red

100 Flowers Easy to Grow Grows in Sun Grows in Part Sun Grows in Shade
1605 Marigold, Pollux Extra Mix

1690 Monarda, Bergamo 1700 Nemesia, Carnival Mix

Monarda Nemesia
Also known as Bergamot, Bee Balm, & Horsemint. Culture: Start indoors 4-6 weeks before planting or
Named for Nicholas Monardes, a Spanish doctor in direct seed outdoors in mid-spring.
the 1500s, who saw it in America and wrote about 1700 CARNIVAL MIXED
its economic value. It continues to be an important A large-flowered mixture in shades from
plant to attract bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies creamy-white and deep orange to carmine.
to the garden, and also has a pleasant scent. Also Compact plants grow well in cool sunny, or
1610 Marigold, Cracker Jack see Lemon Mint in Herb section. partially shady areas.
Culture: Start 6-8 weeks indoors before last frost. Annual | Ht. 25cm/10 | 5000-5500 sds/gm
Prefers room in pots to grow.
Pkt (1250-1375sds) $1.95 | 2g $3.95
M. hybrida 2008 Fleuroselect Gold Medal. A
versatile plant for gardens or large containers in
both sun and part shade. Bergamo has beautiful
fragrant rosy-purple flowers that appear
earlier than other Monardas. The plants are
healthy, having good mildew tolerance and heat
tolerance. Long lasting in bouquets.
Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 2000-2500 sds/gm
Pkt (40-50sds) $2.75 | 250sds $5.95
1Msds $18.95
1614 Marigold, Inca II Yellow M. didyma A mixture of scarlet, red, pink,
salmon, and violet. Hardy perennial for shady or
moist areas. It is a fragrant cutflower. Monarda
has herbal uses; teas and potpourris.
Zone 4 | Ht. 75cm/30 | Bl. July-Aug | 1500-2500 s/g.
Pkt (80-100sds) $2.95 | 1Msds $13.95

2668 Decorative Oregano

1616 Marigold, Moonsong Culture: Start indoors in late winter through summer.
Press seeds into soil and grow at room temperature
with lights. Seed is small, so maintaining moisture
is very important.
Origanum rotundifolia AGM (Award of Garden
Merit from Royal Horticultural Society). Has
unusual trailing stems of large pale leaves with
tiny pink flowers. A unique filler for containers
or rock garden groundcover for full sun.
Aromatic, but not known to be edible.
Zone 6 | Ht. 20cm/8 | Bl. Late Summer | 1600-1800 s/g.
1618 Marigold, Antigua Mix 2665 Monarda, Panorama Mix
Pkt (40-50sds) $2.95 | 1/5g $8.95 | 1/2g $18.95

Drought Tolerant Cold Tolerant Container Use Cutflower Use Flowers 101

1702 Nicotiana, Perfume Mix

Ornamental species with trumpet shaped flowers. 1704 Nicotiana, Saratoga Mix
Grows well in sun or semi-shade and blooms all
summer. Flowers are more fragrant at night.
Culture: Start indoors at 21-24C 8-10 weeks before
1695 Nasturtium, Dwarf Jewel Double Mix
last frost. Light aids germination.
Nasturtium N. alata A scented mix in full colour range,
including the AAS 2006 winner - Deep Purple.
Tropaeolum. As useful as they are beautiful, Nastur- Perfume has a sturdy plant size and great
tiums can be used in flower beds, for cutting, and garden performance.
planted near vegetables to lure aphids away from Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 8000-10000 sds/gm
them. Its edible flowers can be used to add colour to
salads. Blooms profusely in cool weather. For climb- Pkt (65-75sds) $2.35 | 500sds $5.75
ing types, see climbers section. 1704 SARATOGA MIX
Culture: Start indoors in large plugs or outdoors N. alata We have trialed this series for a number
when soil is warm and danger of frost is past. of years and highly recommend it for container
1694 EMPRESS OF INDIA use. Saratoga is the shortest and earliest
Dark foliage and deep scarlet flowers make this blooming Nicotiana available. Uniform compact
an exotic beauty in the garden. mix of 8 colours.
1706 Nicotiana, Only-the-Lonely
Annual | Ht. 30cm/12| Pelleted Seed.
Annual | Ht. 30cm/12 | 5-8 sds/gm
Pkt (25-40sds) $2.35 | 25g $3.95 | 100g $12.95 Pkt (40-50pel) $2.75 | 500pel $7.65


A colourful mixture of double flowers for edging N. sylvestris Makes a stately accent plant in the
and cutting. garden. It grows about 4-5 feet tall and about
2 feet wide. In mid-summer it produces long
Annual | Ht. 30cm/12 | 5-8 sds/gm white trumpet flowers that have a pleasant
Pkt (25-40sds) $2.25 | 25g $3.75 | 100g $11.95 fragrance. Highly recommended.
1696 WHIRLYBIRD MIXTURE Annual | Ht. 120-150cm/48-60 | 18000-20000 sds/gm
A type of open-faced, top blooming nasturtium Pkt (1800-2000sds) $1.95 | 2g $3.95
without the backspur. Produces single blooms
above the foliage. 1708 WHISPER ROSE SHADES
N. x interspecific Our presidents choice. Many
Annual | Ht. 40cm/16 | 5-8 sds/gm flowers are like a cloud above the foliage and
Pkt (15-24sds) $2.35 | 15g $4.75 | 50g $10.95 continue to bloom throughout the season, well
after other Nicotianas are finished. Whisper is a
large landscape plant without bulky appearance.
Does well in drought.
Annual | Ht. 120cm/48 | 8000-10000 sds/gm
Pkt (65-75sds) $2.65 | 500sds $7.95 1708 Nicotiana, Whisper Rose Shades

1694 Nasturtium, Empress of India 1696 Nasturtium, Whirlybird Mix 1711 Nigella, Midnight

102 Flowers Easy to Grow Grows in Sun Grows in Part Sun Grows in Shade
1725 Pansy, Swiss Giants Choice Mix

One of the earliest blooming spring flowers. Pansies
can be treated as a biennial; will bloom in spring if 1740 Pansy, Frizzle Sizzle Improved
1710 Nigella, Persian Jewels protected with mulch during the winter. They are 1740 FRIZZLE SIZZLE IMPROVED
excellent for beds, edging, and containers. Pansies Viola wittrockiana Fantastic novelty mix of
Nigella prefer cool weather and tend to bloom better in then. wavy, crinkly flowers has been expanded from
Is also commercially grown as an edible flower. yellow, burgundy, and blue shades to include;
Exotic looking flowers widely used in the cut & dried orange, rosy-purple and cream bicolour and
flower industry for both bloom and pod. See also Viola.
Culture: Start indoors in Feb-March for spring two-toned purple. Large 7cm/3 flowers.
Culture: Start outdoors after danger of frost.
planting or in July-August for fall planting. Tender Perennial | Ht. 15cm/6 | 580-800 sds/gm
1710 PERSIAN JEWELS MIXED Pkt (20-25sds) $3.25 | 100s $6.75 | 500s $21.95
N. damascena Love-In-A-Mist. A pretty flower 1725 SWISS GIANTS CHOICE MIX
in shades of blue, white, and pink, with fine Viola wittrockiana A large flowered mixture with 1755 MAMMOTH MIX
feathery foliage. a wide colour range. Graceful waved flowers Viola wittrockiana Our largest flowered mix.
witha thick, velvety texture grow on compact, Mammoth is a new series with heat resistance
Annual | Ht. 40cm/16 | 300-400 sds/gm
vigorous plants. and enormous flat blooms. In our summer
Pkt (300-400sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.25 | 25g $8.95 Tender Perennial | Ht. 15cm/6 | 700-750 sds/gm trials, it produced the most vigourous plants
1711 MIDNIGHT Pkt (230-250sds) $1.95 | 2g $3.95 | 5g $7.95 with consistently large flowers in its class. Try
N. hispanica An all blue counterpart to African it for maximum impact in your spring and fall
Bride with dark purple pods. 1735 NATURE HYBRID MIX planters or garden.
Viola wittrockiana A new class of pansies that Tender Perennial | Ht. 15cm/6 | 600-1500 sds/gm
Annual | Ht. 90cm/36 | 750-850 sds/gm
has the free flowering ability of violas and the
Pkt (375-425sds) $2.25 | 2g $3.95 | 5g $5.75 flower size of pansies. Nature has great garden Pkt (15-20sds) $2.95 | 100s $6.75 | 500s $21.95
1713 AFRICAN BRIDE performance. It tolerates both hot and cold 1765 WONDERFALL ROSE
weather better than other pansies. NEW
N. hispanica FSQ. Pure white flowers with black SHADES
centres and dark purple seed pods. Tender Perennial | Ht. 15cm/6 | 550-1400 sds/gm Viola wittrockiana New class of pansies that
Annual | Ht. 60-90cm/24-36 | 750-850 sds/gm. Pkt (25-30sds) $2.95 | 100s $5.25 | 500s $17.95 trail for planters and hanging basket use, or
Pkt (200-210sds) $2.25 | 1g $3.95 | 5g $9.75 for landscape coverage in the garden. These
1737 NATURE MULBERRY SHADES pansies have vigorous growth so less plants are
Viola wittrockiana Great colour in the weather needed to fill a container, and there are many
tolerant Nature series. Rich tones of flame-red flowers on one plant. Wonderfall has the largest
and purple. flowers of the various series that we have
Tender Perennial | Ht. 15cm/6 | 550-1400 sds/gm trialed. Contains rose and white variations.
Pkt (25-30sds) $2.95 | 100s $5.25 | 500s $17.95 Tender Perennial | Trails 25cm/10cm spread 50cm/20
600-1500 sds/gm
Pkt (8sds) $3.95 | 50sds $11.75 | 150sds $21.95

1713 Nigella, African Bride

1735 Pansy, Nature Hybrid Mix

1737 Pansy, Nature Mulberry Shades 1755 Pansy, Mammoth Mix 1765 Pansy, Wonderfall Rose Shades

Drought Tolerant Cold Tolerant Container Use Cutflower Use Flowers 103

1886 Petunia, Storm Blue

1855 Petunia, Hurrah Berry Tart Mix 1875 Petunia, Prism Sunshine

Petunia Grandiflora Petunias

One of the most popular summer annuals. They start 1875 PRISM SUNSHINE
blooming in the early summer and continue to bloom AAS & Fleuroselect Gold Medal 1998. Large
into the fall. Will tolerate cold or hot weather. creamy-yellow flowers, that do not become pink
Culture: Start indoors 12 weeks before outdoor under stress, on bushy plants. Contrasts well
planting. Petunia seeds are small and require even with Heliotrope or Storm Blue Petunia.
warmth, light and moisture for optimum germination. Annual | 8000-10000 sds/gm
Pkt (65-75sds) $2.45 | 500sds $6.95
Multiflora Petunias
1855 HURRAH BERRY TART MIX Storm was developed to recover quickly after 1910 Petunia, Glorious Double Mix
Intensely coloured mix of blue, hot rain and to remain compact in the garden. A
pink, and veined plum for a delicious show of large flowered variety with excellent garden Double Petunia
colour. One of the earliest multifora types to
bloom and also has lasting garden performance. performance. 1910 GLORIOUS DOUBLE MIXED
Annual | Ht. 25cm/10 spread 35cm/14| Pelleted Seed 1885 STORM MIX: an 8-colour mix of white, Grandiflora. A formula mixture of all double
blues, red, and pinks flowers. Dwarf compact growing habit and
Pkt (40-50pel) $2.25 | 250p $8.95 | 1Mp $19.75 better weather tolerance than older types.
1886 STORM BLUE: Deep royal purple
combines well with lime-green foliage plants Annual | Ht. 25cm/10 | 8000-10000 sds/gm
in containers. Pkt (40-50sds) $3.65 | 500sds $16.95
Annual | Ht. 25cm/10 | 8000-10000 sds/gm
Above varieties:
Pkt (65-75sds) $2.35 | 1Msds $11.95

1922 Petunia, Blue Wave

1770 Penstemon, Sensation Mix

Penstemon 1885 Petunia, Storm Mix

Culture: Start indoors 10-12 weeks before last frost. Milliflora Petunia
Press seeds into soil and grow at room temperature 1860 PICOBELLA MIX
with lights. Seed is small, so maintaining moisture This pretty little mix replaces the ground
is very important. breaking Fantasy Mix because of its improved
1770 SENSATION MIX garden performance. It is also perfect for
P. hartwegii Large flowered mix of rose, lilac, red, outdoor tabletop planters. The Picobella Mix
and bi-colours that bloom all summer. Suited for of 7 colours has compact plants covered with
small blooms.
garden beds; try it as an alternate to Snapdragons.
Annual | Ht. 20cm/8 | Pelleted Seed
Annual | Ht. 75cm/30 | 2000-3000 sds/gm.
Pkt (30-35pel) $2.95 | 150pel $6.95
Pkt (650-1000sds) $1.95 | 2g $2.75 | 10g $8.25
500pel $17.50 1860 Petunia, Picobella Mix

104 Flowers Easy to Grow Grows in Sun Grows in Part Sun Grows in Shade
1935 Petunia, Opera Supreme White

1961 Phlox, Starry Eyes

1920 Petunia, Purple Wave Phlox

Creeping Petunias Colourful annual for edging and borders in sunny
locations. Blooms from early summer to fall. Prefers
Trailing Petunias are a must for gardens and cool growing conditions.
planters. One plant covers 3-4 feet and grows
about 6 inches high. They are outstanding in the Culture: Start indoors 6-8 weeks before outdoor
garden in drought or rain. We do not dead head planting or outdoors in mid-spring. Prefers cool,
or prune these in our trials, and they outlast dark conditions for germination.
other Petunias. 1930 Petunia, Opera Supreme Pink Morn 1961 STARRY EYES
WAVE SERIES P. drummondii An interesting mix of bi-colours
1920 PURPLE WAVE with good garden performance. Mix contains
All America Classic Fluorescent plum-purple blue, magenta, yellow, rose, and more: all with
blooms on full plants. starry white centres.
1922 BLUE WAVE Annual | Ht. 30cm/12 | 400-600 sds/gm
Beautiful deep purple (blue) flowers, well Pkt (135-165sds) $1.95 | 2g $5.25 | 5g $9.75
deserving of its AAS awards.
Annual | spread 100cm/39 | Pelleted Seed
P. drummondii A good choice for borders, this
Above varieties: re-selected florist strain has extra large flowers
Pkt (10pel) $6.45 | 100pel $32.75 in brilliant colours.
1930 OPERA SUPREME PINK MORN Annual | Ht. 20cm/8 | 400-600 sds/gm
AAS 2007. Blooms of hot pink fading to white Pkt (200-300sds) $1.95 | 2g $2.75 | 10g $5.95
centres cover plants from tip to tip all season
long. Vigorous plant growth- did equally well in
our hanging baskets.
Pure white, excellent plant habit and weather 1970, Portulaca, Double Mix
tolerant blooms.
Annual | spread 100cm/39 | Pelleted Seed Portulaca
Above varieties: Also called Moss Rose or Sunplant, performs well
Pkt (10pel) $4.75 | 100pel $28.50 in a dry, sunny location. It is used in rock gardens,
beds, edging, and as a groundcover.
Culture: Start indoors 10-12 weeks before planting
outdoors after danger of frost is past.
P. grandiflora The sprawling foliage is covered
by double flowers in a wide range of colours. 1964 Phlox, Beauty Mix
Can be direct seeded in warm soil.
Annual | Ht. 12cm/4 | 9000-11000 sds/gm
Pkt (2250-2750sds) $1.95 | 2g $3.25 | 5g $6.50

P. grandiflora Earlier to bloom: bred
to bloom at 10 hours daylight, which is weeks
earlier than older types. With a vivid colour
range of reds, yellows, pinks, orange, and white;
it shines in a hot, full sun location. Happy
Trails is a spreading type for that can be used in
containers or as groundcover.
Annual | Ht. 15cm/6 spread 45cm | Multi Seed Pellets
1972, Portulaca, Happy Trails Mix Pkt (15-20pel) $2.95 | 100p $6.75 | 500p $18.95 Phlox Trial 2012

Drought Tolerant Cold Tolerant Container Use Cutflower Use Flowers 105

2680 Physalis, Gigantea 1959 Prickly Poppy

Physalis Poppy
Culture: Sow indoors until 6-8 weeks before first Graceful flowers on thin stems with feathery foliage
frost of fall, or in spring or summer when nights are make poppies attractive specimen plants. Poppies
cool. Light helps germination, as does fluctuating are used in meadows, flower beds, and can be used
temperatures to mimic spring conditions. Blooms as cutflowers. They often reseed themselves.
and produces pods after overwintering. Limit plant Culture: Direct seed outdoors in spring.
growth as it can be invasive.
2680 GIGANTEA Argemone platyceras Large white 1965 Poppy, Double Shirley Mix
P. franchetii Produces bright orange seed papery blooms attracted attention and many
pods that resemble lanterns. Excellent for fall 2685 ORIENTAL CHOICE MIX
bees in our trial gardens. Argemone quickly P. orientale A mixture of huge, brilliantly
decorations and drying. becomes strong plants from direct seeding and coloured, single flowers on long stems. Foliage
Zone 5 | Ht. 90cm/36 | Bl. July-Sep | 500-600 sds/gm. loves drought. Its thorny blue green foliage may is deeply toothed. Poppies dislike being moved,
Pkt (150-200sds) $1.95 | 2g $3.25 | 5g $4.95 deter wildlife if grown as an edge around the so direct seed into the permanent location.
25g $12.95 vegetable garden.
Zone 2 | Ht. 90cm/36 | Bl. May-July | 3500-4500 sds/gm
Annual | Ht. 50cm/20 | 250-270 sds/gm
Pkt (875-1125sds) $1.95 | 2g $3.95 | 10g $9.95
Pkt (125-135sds) $2.25 | 2g $4.95 | 10g $9.75
1966 VENUS
475 CALIFORNIA POPPY P. paeoniflorum Peony-flowered poppy.
Eschscholzia californica Bright orange flowers Feathery, fully double in clear pink. Green seed
on spreading plants with fine grey-green foliage. pods are suitable for cutting, they have an
Annual | Ht. 30cm/12 | 450-550 sds/gm unusual curly stem.
Pkt (500-700sds) $1.95 | 10g $2.95 25g $4.75 Annual | Ht. 75cm/30 | 3000-4500 sds/gm
100g $12.95 Pkt (1500-2250sds) $1.95 | 2g $2.95 | 5g $4.75
1969 BALLERINA MIX 25g $12.95
E. californica California poppy. Mixture of bright 1955 MOTHER OF PEARL
coloured double flowers with fluted petals. P. rhoeas Selected by Sir Cedric Morris, a
Dwarf plants have grayish-green lobed foliage. painter and gardener. This mix has been
Annual | Ht. 30cm/12 | 550-650 sds/gm reselected to obtain his original shades. The
2678 Physostegia, Crystal Peak White blooms are misty and subtly shaded from a
Pkt (275-325sds) $1.95 | 5g $2.95 | 25g $9.95
solid outer colour to a white centre.
Physostegia 1967 LADYBIRD Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 7000-8000 sds/gm
Culture: Start indoors at room temperature, 8-10 Papaver commutatum Easy to grow, fire-engine
red flowers with black blotches. Also known as Pkt (1750-2250sds) $2.25 | 2g $3.95 | 5g $5.95
weeks before transplanting outdoors.
Flanders Field Poppy.
2678 CRYSTAL PEAK WHITE Annual | Ht. 45cm/18 | 6000-7500 sds/gm NEW
P. virginiana Fleuroselect Gold Medal 2010 P. rhoeas Personally selected by the
Obedience plant, so named because the florets Pkt (3000-4000sds) $1.95 | 1g $2.75 | 5g $4.95 breeder to obtain a white flowered variety.
can be pushed around the stem as you like. 25g $15.95 Dazzling as a mass planting!
Crystal Peaks is a compact plant, blooming Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 6500-7500 sds/gm.
freely first year with snowy white flowers. It 2687 GARDEN GNOME
P. nudicaule Strong, upright plants in a rich Pkt (1625-1875sds) $2.45 | 2g $6.75 | 5g $12.75
is a good filler for the garden or container and
grows in sun to semi-shade. A North American coloured mixture. A hardy biennial strain which 1965 DOUBLE SHIRLEY MIX
native plant. will flower same year if started in early spring. P. rhoeas Double flowers with a silky
Zone 3 | Ht. 30cm/12 | Bl. May-July | 8500-10000 s/g. appearance in shades of pink, white, red, rose,
Zone 3 | Ht. 40cm/16 | Bl. July-Oct | 300-400 sds/gm.
Pkt (15-20sds) $3.75 | 100s $10.50 | 250s $16.95 Pkt (130-150sds) $2.25 | 1Ms $7.25 | 5Ms $19.75 and salmon. Strong plants performed well in
the heat and drought even though they are
considered a cool season plant.
Annual | Ht. 75cm/30 | 7000-9000 sds/gm.
Pkt (3500-4500sds) $1.95 | 2g $2.50 | 10g $6.95
Papaver sp. Large seed pods, unusual flowers.
This variety produces the largest seed pods of
all the varieties we trialed with the added beauty
of bright red fringed flowers.
Annual | Ht. 75cm/30 | 2000-2400 sds/gm.
Pkt (1000-1200sds) $1.95 | 2g $2.95 | 5g $4.95
25g $12.95
2687 Poppy, Garden Gnome 1969 Poppy, Ballerina Mix 475 California Poppy

106 Flowers Easy to Grow Grows in Sun Grows in Part Sun Grows in Shade
2690 Primula, Colossea Mix

Primrose. Colourful early spring perennial. Loves
cool humid climates, such as a woodland setting.
2681 Platycodon, Miss Tilly
Culture: Start indoors in late fall or early winter for
1955 Poppy, Mother of Pearl spring blooming. Press seeds into soil and grow at
Platycodon cool temperatures (15-18C). Seed is small, so
Culture: Start indoors at room temperature, 8-12 maintaining moisture is very important.
weeks before transplanting outdoors. Dislikes trans-
planting, so handle carefully. 2690 COLOSSEA MIX
P. elatior This is a special strain of Polyanthus.
2681 MISS TILLY A superb mixture of large flower clusters with
P. grandiflora Beautiful dwarf Balloon Flower yellow eyes. Seed is slow to germinate.
that blooms abundantly first year. Its compact Zone 2 | Ht. 45cm/18 | Bl. Early Spring | 700-1000 s/g.
shape makes it ideal for containers or beds. It
can grow in sun or part-shade and benefits from Pkt (140-200sds) $1.95 | 1g $3.75 | 5g 11.95
winter protection. They are slow to emerge in 2692 RONSDORF MIX
spring, so may need to be labeled. Named for a P. denticulata Himilayan Primrose. A fun
prominent, award-winning flower breeder, Tilly spring flower that pops out of the ground in
Holtrop, upon her retirement. early spring. The leaves grow larger after the
Zone 6 | Ht. 25cm/10" | Bl. July-frost | 700-1400 sds/gm. flowering period. This is a mix of white, lilac,
Pkt (15-20sds) $2.95 | 100sds $7.25 and ruby shades. Blooms after overwintering.
Zone 3|Ht. 25cm/10|Bl. Early Spring|15500-16500 s/g.
Pkt (130-150sds) $2.35 | 1Msds $7.45
1966 Poppy, Venus 1967 Poppy, Ladybird
Striking flowers and good garden
performance. This is a lace polyanthus type with
10cm/4 clusters of burgundy and red shaded
flowers edged with white. Improved over other
Victorianas for seed quality and uniformity.
Zone 3 | Ht. 20cm/8 | Bl. Spring | 1200-1300 sds/gm.
Pkt (10sds) $3.45 | 50sds $8.95 | 150sds $15.75

1980 Ptilotus, Joey

1968 Poppy, Danish Flag 2685 Poppy, Oriental Mix Culture: Start indoors 4-8 weeks before planting
outdoors. Keep moistened and at warm
temperatures (24-26C) consistently until growth is 2692 Primula, Ronsdorf Mix
seen, then reduce temperature. Light is necessary
for good emergence.
1980 JOEY
P. exaltatus 2008 GG Medal of Excellence. Joey,
of Australian origin, loves heat and drought,
but is adaptable to cooler wet conditions, as
our summer trials proved. The bottle brush-like
blooms begin as silvery lavender and become
magenta. Can be used in containers, as a
cutflower, and as a garden plant. Joey has been
improved to germinate readily from seed.
Annual | Ht. 35cm/15 | 700-900 sds/gm
1958 Poppy, Bridal Silk Pkt (7sds) $5.65 | 50sds $19.95 | 100sds $31.95 2693 Primula, Victoriana XL

Drought Tolerant Cold Tolerant Container Use Cutflower Use Flowers 107

1982 Punica, Alhambra

Punica 1991 Rudbeckia, Prairie Sun

Pomegranate. Culture: Start indoors anytime, or 6-8 1991 PRAIRIE SUN
weeks before planting outdoors. 1986 Rudbeckia, Tiger Eye R. hirta AAS and Fleuroselect Gold medal 2003.
1982 ALHAMBRA A novelty Rudbeckia that has green centred
P. granatum nana Exciting novelty for the Rudbeckia flowers with lemon-edged, golden yellow petals.
A strong garden performer in heat and drought.
garden, containers, and Bonsai enthusiasts: Also called Gloriosa Daisy, Coneflower, or Black-
small bushy plants with glossy foliage and Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 1000-1300 sds/gm
Eyed Susan. Rudbeckias are used in beds,
showy orange-red tubular flowers. These meadows, and are good cutflowers. Pkt (15-20sds) $2.95 | 100s $6.95 | 500s $24.75
are followed by miniature pomegranates, Culture: Start indoors in late winter for early summer
which appear to be edible, judging by their 1992 MORENO
flowers, or outdoors in mid-spring for late summer. R. hirta Unique deep chocolate-maroon colour
disappearance in our trials!
Tender Perennial | Ht. 45cm/18 | 65-75 sds/gm 1986 TIGER EYE with golden-orange edges. Quite striking in the
R. hirta 2008 GG Medal of Excellence, Readers garden! Basal branching, open-growing plant
Pkt (30-35sds) $2.75 | 2g $5.95 | 5g $9.75 habit makes Moreno good for cutting. FSN
Choice First hybrid Rudbeckia. Outstanding in
our trials: covered with clear golden blooms Annual | Ht. 50cm/20 | 2000-2500 sds/gm.
for much of the summer and the foliage was Pkt (65-75sds) $1.95 | 250sds $3.25| 1Msds $7.25
disease free, even in October, while other
varieties succumbed to mildews. Plants are 1995 CAPPUCCINO
well branched and bushy. Flowers are full, semi R. hirta Fleuroselect Gold Medal 2008
double in classic colouring. Vigorous semi-tall plants are covered with
Annual | Ht. 40cm/16 | 1500-3000 sds/gm huge (13cm/5) flowers in warm bronzy-brown
shades. An attractive colour for late summer!
Pkt (10sds) $3.95 | 100sds $16.75
Annual | Ht. 50cm/20 width 40cm/16 | 1000-1500 s/g.
250sds $34.95
Pkt (20-25sds) $2.65 | 250sds $8.95
R. hirta AAS Winner 1995. Indian Summers 2700 GOLDSTURM
plants are covered with 4-6 yellow blooms with R. fulgida Golden yellow single flowers with
1985 Ricinus, Zanzibariensis brown buttons. Makes excellent group plantings dark centres make an excellent cutflower.
as strong plants stand up without staking. Abundant blooms make a great display in the
Ricinus Starts blooming long before other Rudbeckias garden. Perennial Plant Award 1999.
Castor Bean.These tall, attractive plants make excel- and continues into the fall. Excellent cutflower, Zone 3 | Ht. 60cm/24 | Bl. July-Sep | 800-1000 sds/gm.
lent accents or background plants. They produce Highly recommended. Pkt (250-325sds) $2.25 | 1g $5.95 | 5g $13.75
large 30cm/12" palmated leaves on large bamboo Annual | Ht. 90cm/36 | 3000-3700 sds/gm.
like stems. Warning: Seeds are poisonous - Keep Pkt (375-460sds) $2.95 | 1/2g $6.50 | 2g $15.95 R. hirta Familiar perennial for meadow plantings.
away from children and small animals. 10g $53.95 Zone 3 | Ht. 60cm/24 | Bl. July-frost| 2500-3500 sds/gm
Culture: Start indoors 3-4 weeks before last frost, or
outdoors after danger of frost is past. Prefers warm Pkt (2500-3500sds) $1.95 | 10g $3.50 | 25g $6.75
soil to germinate. 100g $18.25
Ricinus communis A quick growing plant with
large reddish-brown leaves. It also has attractive
bright red flower buds and seed pods that can
be used for cut and dried flowers.
Annual | Ht. 150cm/60 | 2-3 sds/gm
Pkt (6sds) $2.95 | 25sds $7.25 | 100sds $20.95
250sds $43.50
Ricinus communis A temporary tree with large
green leaves. Large seeded variety.
Annual | Ht. 240-350cm/96-140 | 1-2 sds/gm.
Pkt (4-8sds) $2.25 | 25g $5.95 | 100g $11.75
1984 Ricinus, Carmencita Bright Red 473 Black-Eyed Susan

108 Flowers Easy to Grow Grows in Sun Grows in Part Sun Grows in Shade
2712 Sagina, Irish Moss

1992 Rudbeckia, Moreno Sagina

Culture: Sow into plugs or small pots anytime, grow
at 15-21C, maintaining moisture throughout grow- 2000 Salvia, Sahara 2005 Salvia, Victoria
ing process. Seeds are tiny, but plants are durable
enough to be walked on! Salvia
2712 IRISH MOSS Provides brilliant colour from early summer to fall, in
S. subulata Tiny leaved groundcover with white full sun or partial shade. Excellent for beds, edging,
flowers in early summer. It is commonly used and cutting.
between path stones. Culture: Start indoors 6-8 weeks before transplanting
Zone 5 | Ht. 10cm/4" | Bl. May-July | 45000-55000 s/g. outdoors after the danger of frost is past.
Pkt (2250-2850sds) $2.45 | 1/4g $5.25 | 1g $13.75 2000 SAHARA
5g $47.95 S. splendens Dark green foliage with bright
scarlet flowers that last all summer long. Held
well in our summer heat and bloomed into
October, retaining its colour and compact
growth habit. FSQ award.
Annual | Ht. 25cm/10 | 200-265 sds/gm.

1989 Rudbeckia, Indian Summer

Pkt (40-50sds) $2.65 | 1g $5.75 | 2g $8.95

S. coccinea AAS 2012 Same great
qualities as Summer Jewel Red. Soft pink
combines beautifully with other colours.
Annual | Ht. 50cm/20 | 580-680 sds/gm.
Pkt (40-50sds) $2.75 | 250s $6.25 | 1Ms $17.95
2003 Salvia, Summer Jewel Pink 2004 SUMMER JEWEL RED
S. coccinea AAS 2011 & Fleuroselect
Gold Medal 2012. Summer Jewel is a real
improvement of an earlier multi-award winner:
Lady in Red. It is even earlier to bloom and
stays more compact over the season. Dead
head for continuous true red flowers until frost.
Annual | Ht. 50cm/20 | 600-750 sds/gm.
Pkt (40-50sds) $2.75 | 250s $6.25 | 1Ms $17.95
S. farinacea Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner
1995 Rudbeckia, Cappuccino 1978. Deep violet-blue flower spikes on
sturdy plants give a striking display to your
borders and flower arrangements throughout
the season. Good for cut and dried flower
production. Highly recommended.
2004 Salvia, Summer Jewel Annual | Ht. 50cm/20 | 800-1000 sds/gm.
Pkt (140-180sds) $2.25 | 1g $4.95 | 5g $16.95
Crop failure 2013

S. superba Won a Fleuroselect Gold
Medal in 2003. Blooms abundantly with dark
blue spikes 3 months after sowing, on compact
and well branched plants. Replaces Blue Queen.
Zone 4 | Ht. 40cm/16 | Bl. Spring | 800-1000 sds/gm
Pkt (20-25sds) $2.75 | 150s $7.95 | 1Ms $19.95
2700 Rudbeckia, Goldsturm 2715 Salvia, Merleau Blue

Drought Tolerant Cold Tolerant Container Use Cutflower Use Flowers 109

2010 Sanvitalia, Creeping Zinnia 2012 Scabiosa, Formula Mixture 2014 Scabiosa, QIS Deep Red

Sanvitalia Scabiosa NEW

Culture: Start indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost or Pincushion Flower. A long lasting cutflower, for both S. caucasica First year blooming with
outdoors after danger of frost is past. the bloom and seedpods, on long wiry stems. Plant multiple stems, beautiful on its own or as part
habit is open, suited to an informal or cutting garden. of a mixed bouquet. Introduced to us by the
2010 CREEPING ZINNIA Culture: Start indoors 6-8 weeks before planting
ASCFG trials several years ago, it has continued
Masses of small yellow, double flowers, each to be a reliable cutflower: Fama has rich colour
with a dark centre, bloom on spreading plants. outdoors for summer blooms, or direct seed outdoors and plenty of long straight stems. As a bonus,
Used for groundcovers, beds, and containers. in June for late summer blooms. Perennial types start the seedpods are very usable as fresh or dried
indoors in late winter for same year flowers. filler. It is also a hardy perennial with excellent
Annual | Ht. 10cm/4 | 1000-1600 sds/gm.
Pkt (330-530sds) $1.95 | 2g $3.95 | 5g $6.75 2012 FORMULA MIXTURE growth in second year.
S. atropurpurea New mixture, as Zone 5 | Ht. 70cm/28 | Bl. Early Summer | 50-70 sds/gm
Olympia has been discontinued. This mix Pkt (8sds) $4.75 | 50sds $8.95 | 100sds $19.75
contains more colours than Olympia, in
interesting shades like yellow, bright red, deep 2722 PIXIE YELLOW
NEW S. ochroleuca Lovely unusual plant to
maroon, pure white, salmon rose, and various
blue shades. Tolerates cool fall temperatures. include in containers. Creamy yellow flowers
Annual | Ht. 90cm/36 | 130-150 sds/gm. on dwarf plants, blends beautifully with other
colours like blue and pink. The round form also
Pkt (65-75sds) $2.25 | 250sds $4.75 compliments spikes and grasses. Start early
1Msds $7.95 for first year flowering and deadhead for longer
2014 QIS DEEP RED bloom time.
S. atropurpurea Additional colour in the QIS Zone 5 | Ht. 30cm/12 | Bl. Summer | 500-600 sds/gm
series of professional cutting Scabiosas. Pkt (25-30sds) $2.65 | 150s $7.25 | 500s $16.95
Almost black buds and dark burgundy flowers
on strong wiry stems are very attractive in the
summer and fall garden. Tolerates light frost.
2725 Sedum, Turkish Delight Annual | Ht. 90cm/36 | 100-200 sds/gm.
Pkt (25-50sds) $2.25 | 1g $3.25 | 5g $9.75
Start indoors from winter to mid-summer. Press
seeds into soil and grow at room temperature with
lights. Seed is small, so maintaining moisture is very
important. Plant in sun for best colour.
S. ussurience A great addition (or beginning!)
to any sedum collection. Turkish Delight has
round flat burgundy leaves and carmine red
flowers. Winter hardy. 2721 Scabiosa, Fama Deep Blue
Zone 4 | Ht. 20cm/8 | Bl. July-Aug | 15000-18000 s/g.
Pkt (40-50sds) $3.45 | 250sds $8.95
1Msds $23.75

Culture: Direct seed in spring or early summer in a
sunny or part shade location. An annual that may
reseed itself.
S. armeria rubra Annual Catchfly that readily
self-seeds. Vibrant carmine-pink umbels of
flowers suitable for beds or meadows.
Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 7000-8000 sds/gm.
Pkt (5250-6000sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.95 25g $9.75 485 Silene Electra 2722 Scabiosa, Pixie Yellow

110 Flowers Easy to Grow Grows in Sun Grows in Part Sun Grows in Shade
2017 Snapdragon, Montego Mix 1975 Solanum, Pumpkin on a Stick 1977 Solanum, Striped Toga

Snapdragon Solanum
Majestic, spiked flowers in bright colours for bed- Culture: Start indoors 6-8 weeks before planting
ding and cutting. Snapdragons prefer cool weather outdoors, after danger of frost is past. Grow in full
for best blooming and tolerate frost. sun, like Tomatoes or Eggplant. Harvest stems
Culture: Start indoors at room temperature 10-12 before frost and strip leaves when fruit turns
weeks before planting outdoors (after danger of reddish-orange.
frost is past). Press the seeds into soil and keep 1975 PUMPKIN ON A STICK ORG
moist until growth is seen. Light aids germination. S. integrifolium Unusual clusters of 4cm/1
2017 MONTEGO MIX 1/2 fruits on long stems for use in floral
NEW arrangements. Also called Red China Eggplant.
Antirrhinum majus Improved dwarf
Snapdragon mix to replace Chimes. Montegos Plant has thorny leaves. Organically grown seed.
plants are compact, but vigorous, having long Annual | Ht. 90cm/36 | 275-350 sds/gm.
lasting garden performance, even through hot Pkt (10-15sds) $2.75 | 100sds $7.95
summer weather. Full colour range in shades
of purple, red, orange, pink, yellow, and white. 500 sds $24.75
Early to bloom. 1977 STRIPED TOGA
Annual | Ht. 15cm/6 | Bl. 9-12 weeks from seeding. S. melongena Egg shaped clusters of 6cm/2 2033 Stocks, Harmony Mix
Pkt (65-75sds) $2.75 | 250sds $5.25 1/2 fruits hang on long stems. They begin as
1Msds $13.95
cream with green stripes and mature to peach Stocks
and orange-red with green stripes. Grows like Culture: Start indoors in March. Plant in full sun.
2021 TETRA MIX Pumpkin on a Stick- but without thorns. Non- Blooms best at cool temperatures. Tolerates frost,
Antirrhinum majus Tall mix of large flowers in poisonous fruits.
making it a good fall annual.
bicolours for garden and cutting use. Annual | Ht. 150cm/60 | 200-300 sds/gm.
Annual | Ht. 70cm/28 | 5000-6000 sds/gm. Pkt (20-25sds) $2.45 | 100sds $5.95 2031 STARLIGHT SCENTSATION
Matthiola longipetela ssp. bicornis
Pkt (2500-3000sds) $1.95 | 2g $3.75 | 10g $5.25 500 sds $13.75 The Evening Scented Stock requested by a
ROCKET F-1 SERIES: number of our customers. Provides airy sprays
Antirrhinum majus Especially developed for of pastel pink, lavender, yellow and white
outdoor cutflower production. Long spikes on sweetly scented flowers for sunny or partial
sturdy plants in a broad colour range of AAS shade gardens.
winning colours. Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 1900-2200 sds/gm.
Annual | Ht. 100cm/40 | 4500-6000 sds/gm. Pkt (900-1100sds) $1.95 | 2g $3.25 | 10g $7.95
2022 MIXTURE: Wide colour range 2033 HARMONY MIX
2022-3 WHITE: Pure white M. incana An extra early 6 colour mix with
2022-4 RED: Darkest red/burgundy excellent fragrance. Harmony has clear green
Above varieties: leaves; which are a vibrant contrast to the
flowers. A novel, easy to grow alternative to
Pkt (65-75sds) $2.25 | 500sds $6.75 pansies for early spring and fall blooms.
1Msds $10.75 | 2Msds $18.50 Annual | Ht. 30cm/12 | 500-800 sds/gm.
Pkt (40-50sds) $1.95 | 250sds $3.95| 1Msds $9.25

2021 Snapdragon, Tetra Mix

2022 Snapdragon, Rocket Mix 2022-3 White 2022-4 Rocket Red 2031 Stocks, Starlight Scentsation

Drought Tolerant Cold Tolerant Container Use Cutflower Use Flowers 111

2020 Statice, QIS Formula Mix 2024 Statice, Sunset

Statice 2024 SUNSET

L. sinuatum Warm tones of apricot, orange,
Limonium. Widely used in fresh and dried flower peach, and rose-red.
arrangements. These varieties produce clusters of 2029 Chenopodium, Strawberry Sticks
Annual | Ht. 65cm/26 | 350-400 sds/gm.
flowers on stiff stems, which are very easily dried.
Our Statice seed has been cleaned (decorticated) to Pkt (70-80sds) $1.95 | 1g $4.25 | 2g $6.75
remove it from clumps. 5g $14.25 Strawberry Sticks
Culture: Start indoors at room temperature 6-8 Culture: Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost or
weeks before planting outdoors.
2730 GERMAN STATICE direct seed in warming soil, like its relative, Spinach.
Goniolimon tataricum Produces large heads of
QIS SERIES silvery-white flowers. Blooms second year. 2029 CHENOPODIUM
L. sinuatum In the past years of testing Statice Zone 3 | Ht. 60cm/24 | Bl. July-Aug | 800-1100 sds/gm. C. foliosum Base-branching annual with
we have found the QIS varieties to be superior Pkt (80-110sds) $1.95 | 1g $4.95 | 5g $16.25 numerous strawberry-like fruits along the
to all others. They have greatly improved flower stems. For use in borders, planters and large
quality (size, shape, density, length and colour) 2732 SEA LAVENDER baskets. Fruit is edible.
and have sturdy, long, straight stems. L. latifolia Masses of dainty lavender-purple Annual | Ht. 40cm/16 | 1000-1250 sds/gm.
2020-2 QIS DARK BLUE: Deep blue flowers on large panicles. Large leathery leaves. Pkt (330-415sds) $1.95 | 2g $4.75 | 5g $8.95
Blooms second year.
2020-3 QIS WHITE: Crisp, pure white
2020-4 QIS ROSE: Bright rosy pink Zone 3 | Ht. 60cm/24 | Bl. July-Aug | 800-1200 sds/gm.
2020-6 QIS LAVENDER: Lilac purple Pkt (80-100sds) $1.95 | 250sds $4.95 |
2020-8 QIS PASTEL SHADES: 1Msds $12.75
Icy pastel colours of mauve, blue, and white
Annual | Ht. 80cm/32 | 350-500 sds/gm.
Above varieties:
Pkt (80-100sds) $1.95 | 500sds $4.95
1Msds $8.25 | 2500sds $16.95 | 5Msds $29.50

2732 Statice, Sea Lavender 2020-8 Statice, QIS Pastel Shades

2020-3 QIS White

2020-4 QIS Rose 2730 Statice, German Statice 2020-2 QIS Dk. Blue 2020-6 QIS Lavender

112 Flowers Easy to Grow Grows in Sun Grows in Part Sun Grows in Shade
2100 Verbena, Ideal Florist Mix

2090 Thymophylla, Golden Dawn
Clusters of flowers provide a mass of colour for
beds, edging, and cutflower arrangements.
2086 Sweet Peas, Knee-Hi-Mix Thymophylla Culture: Start indoors at 21-24c and in complete
Culture: Start indoors 6-8 weeks before outdoor darkness 8-10 weeks before outdoor planting.
Sweet Peas planting. Prefers warm dry conditions for growing.
See climbers for more varieties. 2100 IDEAL FLORIST MIX
Culture: Start outdoors in early spring as soon as 2090 GOLDEN DAWN V. hybrida A large flowered mixture on dwarf
soil can be worked or indoors in large plug trays 4 T. tenuiloba Dahlberg Daisy. Heat and drought plants. Beautiful for beds.
tolerant plant for hanging baskets and planters. Annual | Ht. 30cm/12 | 250-400 sds/gm.
weeks before planting. Hot temperatures and dry Has an abundance of small 1" yellow daisy-like
soil decrease germination. Blooms best when Pkt (185-300sds) $1.95 | 2g $2.50 | 5g $3.95
flowers on finely cut trailing foliage.
nights are cool.
Annual | Ht. 20cm/8 | 6000-8000 sds/gm. 2103 DESERT JEWELS
NEW V. tenuisecta Improvement of Serenity
2086 KNEE-HI MIXTURE Pkt (155-175sds) $2.45 | 1Msds $6.95
Lathyrus odoratus Dwarf, uniform plants are 5Msds $22.75 Mix with similar foliage and more vigorous
covered with scented flowers in a wide range of growing plants. Desert Jewels is also earlier
colours. Good for cutflower arrangements. to bloom in a sparkling range of colours from
Annual | Ht. 90cm/36 | 10-12 sds/gm. carmine, pink, and purples to white. The dark
Pkt (40-48sds) $1.95 | 15g $2.75 | 50g $6.95 green lacy foliage covers the ground and stays
green through heat and drought.
Annual | Ht. 20cm/8 spread 50cm/20 | 700-800 sds/gm.
Pkt (40-50sds) $2.65 | 250s $5.75 | 1Ms $13.95
V. speciosa AAS & Fleuroselect Gold Medal
Winner for 1993. Intense violet blooms on lacy
green foliage. Recommended for baskets and
planters. Imagination is the result of cross-
breeding two Verbena species to combine the
best qualities of both parents- intense flower
colour with strong growth habit.
Annual | Ht. 30cm/12 spread 50cm/20 | 800-900 s/g.
Pkt (40-50sds) $2.45 | 250s $5.95 | 1Ms $12.95
V. bonariensis Long blooming lilac panicles
2103 Verbena, Desert Jewels on graceful stems; much different than other
verbena types. This is a very strong garden
plant that performs all season long. Erratic
germinator, but does not need darkness for
Annual | Ht. 120cm/48 | 3500-4500 sds/gm.
2060 Tithonia, Goldfinger Pkt (700-900sds) $1.95 | 1g $3.95 | 2g $6.50
Culture: Start indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost or
outdoors when soil is warm.
T. rotundifolia Mexican Sunflower. Large, bright
orange flowers on sturdy dark green plants.
Tolerates hot summer weather, blooms from
August until frost in our trials. Good for accent
plants. Makes a good late summer cutflower.
Annual | Ht. 90cm/36 | 80-100 sds/gm.
Pkt (40-50sds) $1.95 | 2g $3.95 | 5g $7.25 2106 Verbena, Bonariensis 2104 Verbena, Imagination

Drought Tolerant Cold Tolerant Container Use Cutflower Use Flowers 113

2130 Zulu Prince

Culture: Direct seed in warm soil (21c-30c) or start 2150 Vinca, Cora Mixture
indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost.
2130 ZULU PRINCE Vinca
V. fastuosum Monarch of the Veldt: a Culture: Start indoors 10-12 weeks before last frost. 2750 Viola, Velour Formula Mix
sunflower-like bloom from South Africa. Blooms Keep dark and warm (24-27C) until growth is seen,
continually on plants with silvery green foliage. then bring into light and reduce temperature. Viola
Pure 3 white flowers with black inner ring are A relative of Pansy. Commonly used in cool season
lasting cutflowers. 2150 CORA MIXTURE plantings, because they bloom cheerfully at low
Catharanthus roseus This is a major
Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 1200-1300 sds/gm.
improvement in Vincas. Seed germinates better temperatures and survive frost.
Pkt (600-650sds) $1.95 | 2g $3.25 | 5g $6.75 and quicker, plants grow larger and bloom Culture: Start indoors in late winter or early summer
earlier. In our own trials the difference was at room temperature. Darkness aids germination, so
amazing. The reason for such an improvement? cover seeds lightly.
Aerial Phytophtora disease resistance: the 2750 VELOUR FORMULA MIX
breeder had been working on this development V. x williamsii The industry standard in Violas.
for 18 years until they had a satisfactory Velour has a large colour range and excellent
product! Cora has been voted as best new garden performance for a gorgeous show of
annual in numerous trials across the continent colour. Velour mix has 19 colours including
by both industry and the viewing public. Try frosted chocolate and orange.It is very early to
this heat loving plant in gardens or containers. bloom and resists stretching in hot weather.
Mix of Apricot, White, Burgundy, Violet, Deep
Zone 6 | Ht.15cm/6" | Bl. all season | 900-1300 sds/gm.
Lavender, and Lavender.
Annual | Ht. 35cm/14 | 500-700 sds/gm.
Pkt (35-40sds) $2.25 | 500sds $9.95
Pkt (10-15sds) $3.45 | 100sds $9.95 2755 DELFT BLUE
V. x williamsii Fleuroselect GoldMedal 2012
Trial Gardens winner. Pretty pattern: the lower petals are white
The gardens are important to us at William with darker blue brushstroked on, and have a
Dam Seeds because they are used as a dab of gold in the centre. The upper petals retain
research tool. We use them to select of new their dark blue colour even in hot weather. Part
items for our annual catalogue, based largely of the Sorbet Series.
on the garden performance of the variety. Zone 5 | Ht. 15cm/6 | Bl. all season | 1200-1400 sds/gm.
We harvest the vegetables and use them in Pkt (20-25sds) $2.95 | 100sds $7.25
2745 Veronica, Sightseeing Mix our cooking. The cutflowers are arranged 250sds $11.75
into bouquets to beautify our store and to
Veronica judge their longevity. Container varieties
Culture: Start indoors from winter to mid-summer. are grown and displayed in pots. Specialty
Press seeds into soil and grow at 18-24C. Seed is market growers and home gardeners also
small, so maintaining moisture is very important. visit the trials each year to get a preview
2745 SIGHTSEEING MIX of the exciting new varieties that will be
V. spicata Masses of blue, white and pink flower available in the coming year.
spikes. Good as a cottage garden plant and as We are part of the All America Selections
a cutflower filler. Uniform plant habit with long Display garden network (since 1991) and
lasting blooms. a Fleuroselect display garden (since 2011).
Zone 2 | Ht. 70cm/28" | Bl. May-July | 9000-11000 s/g. The gardens feature the award winning
Pkt (130-150sds) $2.25 | 1Msds $7.95 flower and vegetable varieties of the past 5
years for both organizations. We are judges
for the All America Selections. We also
participate in the Association of Specialty
Cut Flower Growers trials (since 2000).
In addition to the above mentioned trials,
samples of new flower and vegetable
varieties from breeders around the world
are grown and planted to judge their merits
against existing varieties. There are typically
AAS Trial Garden 2012 1000 items in trial, in gardens totaling 5 acres. 2755 Viola, Delft Blue

114 Flowers Easy to Grow Grows in Sun Grows in Part Sun Grows in Shade
2294 Bird and Butterfly Mix

2292 Cutflower Mix 2293 Beneficial Insect Attractant Mix

Flower Mixes Wildflower Mixes and

Direct Seed as soil is warming in spring into a Attractant Mixes
sunny garden. Adding inert material, such as sand 2293 BENEFICIAL INSECT MIX
or sawdust, will give more even seed spacing. A formulation of herbs, flowers, and legumes to
2292 CUTFLOWER MIX bring desirable insects and bees to your garden
Our custom blend of annuals to be direct to aid in pollination and pest control.
seeded and cut as ready. Easy to grow mix of 2294 BIRD AND BUTTERFLY MIX
big, medium, and filler flowers for balanced A mix of flowers that appeals to songbirds,
bouquets. Full colour range. Seed until August hummingbirds, and butterflies.
for continuous blooms.
Pkt (2g) $2.25 | 5g $3.95 | 25g $6.75 2296 NORTHEAST AMERICAN MIX
Mixture of annual and perennial varieties.
100g $18.95 Includes native and non-native varieties that are
2291 SUNFLOWER MIXTURE adapted to the region.
A blend of non-hybrid varieties suited for 2297 LOWGROWING MIX
cutflower use. Seed until August for continuous This mix contains annual and perennial varieties
blooms. Also great as a background plant. that grow to 48cm/16, giving a dwarf meadow 2296 NorthEast American Mix
Annual | Ht. 155cm/62 | 40-70 sds/gm. appearance. For sun and light shade.
Pkt (40-70sds) $2.25 | 10g $7.95 | 25g $15.95 Above Varieties:
100g $48.00 | 450g $155.00 Pkt (2g) $1.95 | 10g $3.50 | 25g $7.75
2299 FAIRY MIX 100g $22.00 | 450g $75.00 | 1kg $145.00
A direct seed mix of dwarf flowers and Planting rates for the above mixtures:
grasses that provide an ethereal look to the 100g covers about 1600 sq.ft./148 sq. meters.
garden- as if you were in a fairyland. Begins 450g seeds about 7200 sq. ft./675 sq. meters.
blooming 8 weeks from sowing in mid-spring, Seeding rate per Acre is approx. 2-1/2 kg/6lbs.
and then provides changing colour and texture Additional planting instructions available upon
throughout the summer. request.
Annual | Ht. 30-40cm/12-16
Pkt (3/4g) $2.25 | 5g $4.75 | 15g $9.95

2297 Low Growing Mix

2291 Sunflower Mixture 2299 Fairy Mix Connie at Poppy trials in Holland

Drought Tolerant Cold Tolerant Container Use Cutflower Use Flowers 115

2275 Zinnia, Magellan Mix 2272 Zinnia, Zahara Double Fire

Zinnia is one of the most popular bedding and cut-
ting plants for full sun. The versatile Zinnia comes in
many shapes, sizes, and colours, suited for all uses.
They love heat and drought.
Culture: Start indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost or
outdoors when soil is warm. Sow into final container
to eliminate the need for transplanting. 2209 Zinnia, Benarys Wine

Dwarf border types Professional Cutflower Types

2205 Benarys Purple 2206 Benarys Pink
Z. marylandica AAS & Fleuroselect Gold Medal Z. elegans Awarded ASCFG Fresh Cut Flower of
2011. Fully double flowers are bright orange 1999. Long, thick stems with fully double large
with slightly darker edges, giving the impression dahlia flowers. Healthy plants with excellent
of flames. Outstanding colour, especially for late yield potential. Perfect for the professional
summer. Healthy plants are mildew resistant, cutflower grower and home gardener.
giving them excellent landscape performance. 2202 FORMULA MIX: mixture of 11 colours
Annual | Ht. 35cm/15 | 400-600 sds/gm. 2203 SCARLET
Pkt (10-15sds) $3.65 | 100sds $11.95 2204 GOLDEN YELLOW
500sds $42.75 2205 PURPLE
2206 PINK
2207 Benarys Deep Red 2204 Benarys Yellow 2275 MAGELLAN MIX 2207 DEEP RED
Z. elegans Contains the AAS 2005 winner Coral. 2208 ORANGE
An improved Peter Pan Mix with more blooms 2209 WINE
in consistent dahlia shape. Bushy plants are
covered with large blooms. Annual | Ht. 75cm/30 | Coated Seed | 90-120 sds/gm.
Annual | Ht. 30cm/12 | coated seed | 95-110 sds/gm. Above varieties:
Pkt (10-15sds) $5.95 | 100sds $15.95 Pkt (15-20sds) $2.35 | 100sds $6.95
500sds $59.50 500sds $21.95 | 1Msds $38.50
Z. elegans Improved medium sized dahlia
flowered mix with more colours. Produces
2208 Benarys Orange 2203 Benarys Scarlet long stems with good flower shape and colour.
Plants exhibit tolerance to Powdery Mildew.
Developed for the cutflower industry.
Annual | Ht. 75cm/30 | 120-160 sds/gm.
Pkt. (65-75sds) $2.25 | 250sds $3.95
1Msds $8.75
Z. elegans Professional cutting mix of yellow
(AAS winner), pink, red (AAS winner), orange,
purple, and cream. Fully double 10cm/4
flowers, mildew resistant plants. Heavy
producers until frost.
Annual | Ht. 75cm/30 | 100-140 sds/gm.
Pkt (15-20sds) $3.50 | 100sds $8.95
1Msds $56.00

2202 Zinnia, Benarys Giant Mix 2200 Zinnia, Dahlia Extra Mix

116 Flowers Easy to Grow Grows in Sun Grows in Part Sun Grows in Shade
Garden Trials 2012

2255 Zinnia, Oklahoma Mix

2225 Zinnia, Giant Flowered Mix

Other Cutting Types
Z. elegans Mix of large Dahlia type flowers for
cutting, more economical and less double than
Benary Giant series. 2230 Zinnia, New Burpee Cactus Mix
Annual | Ht. 100cm/40 | 100-150 sds/gm.
Pkt. (100-150sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.95 | 25g $7.25
100g $23.95
2215 ENVY
Z. elegans Apple green dahlia flowered type.
Annual | Ht. 75cm/30 | 80-100 sds/gm.
Z. elegans Our custom mixture of various 2210 Zinnia, Sunshine Mix
shades and types (cactus and dahlia) of Zinnias.
Flower size up to 15cm/6" in diameter.
Annual | Ht. 75cm/30 | 80-150 sds/gm.
Z. elegans Distinct flowers with quilled petals.
Re-selected for better colour range and more
twisted petals. 2250 Zinnia, Lilliput Mix
Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 100-150 sds/gm.
Above varieties:
Pkt (80-150sds) $1.95 | 5g $2.95 | 15g $5.25
25g $7.95
Z. haageana Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner.
Suitable for mass plantings and cutting, Aztec
Sunset is mid-sized garden plant, covered
with miniature dahlia-type blooms in unique
bi-colour patterns. An improvement of Persian
Annual | Ht. 50cm/20 | 400-500 sds/gm.
Pkt (40-50sds) $2.25 | 250sds $4.95 2235 Zinnia, Aztec Sunset
1Msds $13.95
2215 Zinnia, Envy
Z. elegans A novelty cutflower type with red
stripes and blotches on gold, cream, white, and
yellow backgrounds.
Annual | Ht. 70cm/28 | 100-150 sds/gm.
Pkt (100-150sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.75 | 25g $9.50
Z. elegans A miniature dahlia-flowered mixture.
Excellent for cutting. Flower size: 2.5cm/1
Annual | Ht. 60cm/24 | 100-150 sds/gm.
Pkt (100-150sds) $1.95 | 5g $2.95 | 15g $4.25
25g $6.25 2240 Zinnia, Peppermint Stick Mix Flower arrangements made for Omas 99th Birthday party

Drought Tolerant Cold Tolerant Container Use Cutflower Use Flowers 117
Climbers Vertical gardening has
become one of the emerging garden
trends, partially due to smaller
gardening spaces, and also because the
added dimension completes a garden.
Our selection of vines are mostly
annuals selected for their flowering
ability. They are quick to grow and
bloom. Most are suited to covering
fences, arbours, large trellises or
supports, but some can be grown
in containers or as groundcovers.
Culture: Sow 2-3 seeds in a 4 pots or
large plugs indoors 4-6 weeks before
outdoor planting, or direct seed into
warm soil after danger of frost is past. 2955 Cardinal Climber, Red Multifida 2960 Cup & Saucer, Cathedral Bells 2858 Morning Glory, Sunrise Serenade

LEGEND Cardinal Climber Morning Glory

2955 RED MULTIFIDA Also called Ipomoea. Flowers open in morning
Zone -zone variety may be hardy to Ipomoea x multifida Part of the Ipomoea and close in afternoon. Vigorous climbers that
Ht. - mature plant height family, native to tropical America with culture can cover fences, walls, and arbours, or grow in
Bl. - bloom time of variety similar to Morning Glories. Can also be called large containers.
sds/gm - average amount of seeds Quamoclit. Feathery foliage, broader than
per gram Cypress Vine with bright red flowers. 2858 SUNRISE SERENADE
M - Thousand Seeds; Annual | Ht. 3m/10ft | 30-40 sds/gm. Exciting unusual form of Morning Glory! Double
Sds - Seeds Pel - Pellets Pkt (60-80sds) $1.95 | 5g $2.75 | 15g $4.25 curly flowers. Rosy-red bloom in pairs on
50g $11.95 regular Morning Glory foliage.
Annual | Ht. 2.4m/8ft | 20-30 sds/gm.
Pkt (20-30sds) $2.75 | 5g $5.95 |25g $18.50
cup & saucer vine
Cobaea scandens A quick growing ornamental A festive mix of pink and blue flowers striped
climbing plant from Mexico with large plum and streaked with white. Vigorous climber.
shaped leaves and large bell-shaped purplish Annual | Ht. 2.4m/8ft | 20-40 sds/gm.
flowers. Start indoors early spring. A perennial Pkt (30-60sds) $2.25 | 5g $4.75 | 25g $9.95
in frost free regions, otherwise bring into your
greenhouse or sunroom. 2860 HEAVENLY BLUE
Annual | Ht. 6m/20ft | 10-15 sds/gm. Classic Morning Glory with sky blue flowers.
Annual | Ht. 2.4m/8ft | 20-30 sds/gm.
Pkt (10-15sds) $2.95 | 50sds $4.95
250sds $18.95 Pkt (40-60sds) $1.95 | 10g $3.25 | 25g $6.75
100g $13.95
Hyacinth Bean 2861 LAZY LUXE MIX
2966 RUBY MOON I. purpurea Easy to direct seed and grow,
2950 Asarina Mix Dolichos Lablab. Selected variety with purple- making your garden look like you worked harder
veined leaves, lavender flowers, and dark purple on it than you actually did! Lazy Luxe is a mix
Asarina seed pods. More attractive than the common of 10 colours; from clear white, blue, to violet,
2950 ASARINA MIX Hyacinth bean. Edible fruit when boiled. and rosy red, creating a sparkling display. Early
NEW to bloom.
. scandens or Lophospermum Annual | Ht. 3m/10ft | 3-5 sds/gm.
scandens Twining Snapdragon We often get Annual | Ht. 2.4m/8ft | 30-40 sds/gm.
Pkt (6-10sds) $2.75 | 10g $7.95 | 25g $18.95
requests for climbers that bloom in shade, so Pkt (60-80sds) $2.25 | 10g $3.25 | 25g $6.75
100g $65.00
try Asarina! It has tubular flowers in a balanced 100g $16.95
mix of purple, rose, blue, and white- including
Joan Lorraine. Great for containers or gardens,
in both sun and part shade. A perennial in frost
free regions.
Annual | Ht. 3.5m/11ft | 2700-2900 sds/gm.
Pkt (15-20sds) $2.75 | 100s $6.95 | 500s $19.75

2966 Hyacinth Bean, Ruby Moon

mina lobata
Annual climber with showy flowers, ranging
from scarlet to cream. Flowers are bracts
symmetrically lining a stem. Vigorous climber
with three lobed leaves.
Annual | Ht. 3m/10ft | 30-40 sds/gm.
Pkt (15-20sds) $2.25 | 2g $3.95 | 10g $8.95 2860 Morning Glory, Heavenly Blue
2868 Mina Lobata, Spanish Flag

118 Climbers Easy to Grow Grows in Sun Grows in Part Sun Grows in Shade
2863 Morning Glory, Moonflower 2859 Carnevale Di Venezia
I. purpurea Huge 10cm/4 flowers in icy blue
with darker blue star. A vigorous climber, 2865 Nasturtium, Tall Mixture
and an early, prolific bloomer. The colours of
Persian Star and Heavenly Blue would combine Nasturtium
beautifully together.
Annual | Ht. 2.4m/8ft | 30-35 sds/gm.
Tropaeolum Also known as Capucine. Large,
trailing plants, with edible flowers and leaves. Sow
Pkt (20-25sds) $2.45 | 100sds $6.75 directly into warm soil. For dwarf types, see flower
250sds $10.95 section #1694-#1696.
Big fragrant white flowers that open in the Single and semi-double flowers in various
evening. Also called Moonvine. colours and shades.
Annual | Ht. 6m/20ft | 2-4 sds/gm. Annual | Ht. 2m/7ft | 6-8 sds/gm.
Pkt (8-16sds) $1.95 | 10g $3.95 | 25g $7.25 Pkt (30-40sds) $1.95 | 25g $4.75 | 100g $11.95
100g $15.95
2864 CAMEO ELEGANCE N. peregrinum Has canary yellow flowers that
Exquisite variegated foliage (green lobed- 2861 Morning Glory, Lazy Luxe Mix resemble a bird flying.
splashed with white) accented with bright Annual | Ht. 2m/7ft | 12-15 sds/gm.
rose-violet flowers with white throats. Cameos Pkt (24-30sds) $2.25 | 10g $4.25 | 25g $6.95
plant habit is more controlled than regular 100g $21.95
Morning Glories making it suitable for growing
in trellised containers. Can also be used as a 2867 JEWEL OF AFRICA
groundcover or as a traditional climber. Interesting marbled foliage with single flowers in
Annual | Ht. 1-2m/3-7ft | 30-50 sds/gm. the full colour range. Can be used as a rambler
Pkt (25-30sds) $1.95 | 250sds $4.75 for on the ground or grown on supports.
Annual | Ht. 2m/7ft | 5-10 sds/gm.
1Msds $11.95
Pkt (10-15sds) $2.25 | 250s $6.95 | 1Ms $21.75

2862 Morning Glory, Persian Star

2864 Morning Glory, Cameo Elegance 2867 Nasturtium, Jewel of Africa 2866 Nasturtium, Canary Bird Vine

Drought Tolerant Cold Tolerant Container Use Cutflower Use Climbers 119
Grasses have become popular as
accents in the garden, and as fillers in
cut & dried flower arrangements. Our
list includes popular seed varieties for
both purposes. Some are also suitable
for containers.
Culture: Best started in large plugs. For
accent plants start indoors 6-8 weeks
before outdoor planting.
65 Aintree 2880 Sweet Peas, Royal Family Choice Mix
Scarlet Runner Bean Sweet Peas
65 AINTREE 2880 ROYAL FAMILY MIX Zone -zone variety may be hardy to
Aintree produces 30cm/12 long, 2.5cm/1 This strain was developed to withstand hot, dry Ht. - mature plant height
wide, medium dark beans with great flavour and summers. Wide range of colourful, bright and sds/gm - average amount of seeds
lower fibre. Its scarlet red flowers stand out beautiful flowers. Plant early in good soil or in per gram
making it an excellent flowering climber. your greenhouse. M - Thousand Seeds;
Annual | Ht. 2m/7ft | 300-350 sds/lb. Annual | Ht. 1.5-2m/5-7ft | 10-12 sds/gm. Sds - Seeds Pel - Pellets
Pkt (15g) $2.25 | 50g $3.95 | 125g $8.45 Pkt (50-60sds) $1.95 | 25g $4.95 | 100g $13.95
450g $24.50 450g $44.50
Beautiful salmon-pink flowers, blooms in A lovely mix of very old varieties that have
profusion. An improvement over Sunset. exceptional heat resistance and highly scented
Celebration has edible beans that grow to 25cm/ flowers. The varieties were developed between
11. Try it with #71 Emerite bean for a purple 1699 and 1907 and feature a wide range of
and coral flower colour combination. colours, bi-colours, and stripes.
Annual | Ht. 2m/7ft | 300-350 sds/lb. Annual | Ht. 1.5m/5ft | 10-12 sds/gm.
Pkt (15g) $2.25 | 50g $3.95 | 125g $8.45 Pkt (40-48sds) $2.25 | 25g $5.75 | 100g $15.95

2838 Setaria Max

Setaria italica Bronze-brown spikes (3-8 long)
add interest to casual cutflower arrangements.
Foliage is green in summer and turns an
2945 Thunbergia, Blushing Susie attractive burgundy in fall. The seedheads are
also desired by birds. Direct seed throughout
Thunbergia summer for continuous use.
Also known as the Black Eyed Susan Vine. 2885 Sweet Peas, Old Spice Mix Annual | Ht. 150cm/60 | 300-400 sds/gm.
A shorter climber that can be used for a variety of Pkt (150-200sds) $1.95 | 5g $6.25 | 25g $22.95
purposes including hanging baskets, trellises, and 100g $62.50
as groundcovers. Grows in full sun or light shade.

T. alata A balanced mix of orange,
yellow, and white, some with dark eyes. Perfect
plant size for container trellising, hanging
baskets, or ground cover. Replaces fieldgrown
mix of orange shades.
Annual | Ht. 1.8m/6ft | 30-40 sds/gm.
Pkt (15-20sds) $2.65 | 2g $6.25 | 10g $17.75


Beloved classic updated to varying shades
of red. Can be used as a groundcover, or as
a traditional climber, but is well behaved for
trellising in large containers.
Annual | Ht. 1.8m/6ft | 30-40 sds/gm.
Pkt (10-15sds) $4.95 | 50s $8.75 |250s $33.95 2940 Thunbergia, Sunrise Formula Mix 2870 Celebration

120 Climbers Easy to Grow Grows in Sun Grows in Part Sun Grows in Shade

2838-1 Isolepis, Fibre Optics 2841 Zea, Field Of Dreams 2842 Millet, Purple Majesty
I. cernua Fun compact grass with tiny ball-like Z. mays Ornamental Corn. New dwarfer,
flowers on the ends. Adds texture to containers, bushier version of Zea japonica for use as a
in water gardens, or as an indoor plant. Prefers focal point in gardens and in large containers.
shady conditions, although it will grow in full Has fresh looking green foliage with cream
sun with adequate moisture. stripes that are tinged with pink. Pretty in flower
Annual | Ht. 20cmm/8 | Multi-Seed Pellets. arrangements, it also keeps its colour when
Pkt (20-25pel) $2.25 | 250pel $6.95 submerged in glass vases. Replace at mid-end
summer with fall foliage.
NEW 2839 LIME MILLET Annual | Ht. 100cm/40 | 4-6 sds/gm.
Setaria macrocheata Light-green fuzzy Pkt (8sds) $4.95 | 25sds $9.95 | 100sds $20.75
spikes (3-6long) for use as filler in cutflower
bouquets. Direct seed throughout the summer 2842 MILLET PURPLE MAJESTY
for continuous use. Also attractive to birds AAS Gold Medal Winner 2003. The plants
Annual | Ht. 150cm/60 | 350-450 sds/gm. have striking purple/burgundy foliage. Plants
Pkt (700-900sds) $1.95 | 10g $5.75 | 25g $14.95 branch from the bottom making multiple side
stems. The immature seed spikes can be used
2840 MELINIS SAVANNAH in dramatic flower arrangements, or left on the
M. nerviglumis The silky blooms begin plants for birds to eat.
as deep rose, unfold to delicate pink, and Annual | Ht. 100-150cm/40-60 | 75-115 sds/gm.
shimmer in the autumn sun. They are useful Pkt (7sds) $4.75 | 50sds $16.95 |250sds $69.75
in flower arrangements: dried or fresh. Cooler 2839 Lime Millet
temperatures add a red tinge to the foliage. 2842-1 JUNCUS SPIRALIS
Annual | Ht. 35cm/14 75cm/30 at bloom| 1000-2000 s/g. J. effusus A member of the rush family. Twirly
Pkt (20-25sds) $2.95 | 100sds $5.95 curly blades give a novel texture to planters or
500sds $20.75 water gardens. Also great for containers or front
of garden planting.
Zone 6 | Ht. 25cm/10 | Pelleted Seed.
Pkt (20-25pel) $2.75 | 100pel $6.25
500pel $23.95
Lagurus ovatus Bunny Tails. An ornamental
grass valued for its silky plumed heads which
are attractive in the garden and in dry flower
arrangements. Rubbed seed.
Annual | Ht. 30cm/12 | 1000-2000 sds/gm.
Pkt (250-500sds) $1.95 | 2g $3.25 | 5g $5.25
2842-1 Juncus Spiralis

2840 Melinis, Savannah 2843 Lagurus, Hares Tail 2846 Fountain Grass in mixed bed

Drought Tolerant Cold Tolerant Container Use Cutflower Use Grasses 121

2835 Rainbow

Once the main type of corn grown in North America,
it is now grown for ornamental and decorative uses. A
2843-1 Nassella, Ponytails 2844 Oryza, Black Madras 2847 Pampas Grass, White Feather member of the grass family.
Culture: Needs to be planted in spring after soil is
2843-1 PONYTAILS 2847 PAMPAS GRASS warm and chance of frost is past. Isolate from sweet
Nassella tenuissima A semi-hardy ornamental Cortaderia selloana White Feather. A spectacular corn. Pick when husks turn light brown and kernels
grass with bristles that resemble fair-coloured specimen plant with long reed-like stems are hard. Do not over fertilize. Pkt sows approx. 50ft
ponytails. Good for mass plantings or bearing silky- white flower plumes in the second of row; 125g sows approx. 250ft; 500g sows approx.
containers. Overwinters in mild climates. year. The plumes can be used for drying if cut 1000ft; 2.5kg/acre.
Annual | Ht. 40cm/16 | 1500-3000 sds/gm. before fully developed. Best treated as an annual
Pkt (40-50sds) $2.25 | 250sds $4.95 in our climate - except on the West Coast. 2834 STRAWBERRY
Annual | Ht. 2-2.8m/6-8 | 4000-6000 sds/gm. Small, decorative dark red ears. 1-2 wide
1Msds $12.75 by 2-3 long ears with small red kernels that
Pkt (200-250sds) $1.95 | 1Msds $3.95
2844 ORYZA BLACK MADRAS 5Msds $7.95 resemble large strawberries. Also suitable for
O. sativa Ornamental Rice. Chocolate foliage is making popcorn.
good contrast in containers and garden beds. 2848 BLUE FESCUE Pkt (15g) $2.95 | 100g $8.95 | 450g $21.95
Showy plants grow easily in full sun with plenty Festuca glauca Dense mounded clumps
of moisture. of blue grey foliage for unusual colour in NEW 2835 RAINBOW
Annual | Ht. 40cm/16 | 25-30 sds/gm. your landscape for borders and containers. Long, full cobs with many different
Part shade to full sun. variations in kernel and husk colours.
Pkt (25-30sds) $2.35 | 5g $4.95 | 25g $12.50 25cm/9-10 cobs
Perennial| Ht. 30cm/12 | 800-1000 sds/gm.
2846 FOUNTAIN GRASS Pkt (200-250sds) $1.95 | 1Msds $3.25 Pkt (15g) $2.95 | 100g $9.75 | 450g $22.95
Pennisetum setaceum Its graceful, arching, 5Msds $8.95 2kg $66.50 | 5kg $149.50
reddish flower plumes make it an attractive
accent plant. The plumes are valuable for 2849 LITTLE BLUE STEM 2836 WAMPUM
cutting and drying. A half-hardy perennial, best Schizachyrium scoparium Attractive bronze- Uniform 4 ears with bright multi-coloured
treated as an annual in our climate. Clean Seed. red fall foliage. An excellent specimen for dried kernels. No two ears the same. Husk colour
Annual | Ht. 70cm/28 | 600-800 sds/gm. flower arranging. Little Blue Stem is a native ranges between maroon and off white.
Pkt (40-50sds) $2.25 | 250sds $5.95 prairie grass. Great for fall decorations and roadside sales.
1Msds $13.95 Perennial | Ht. 90cm/36 | 400-600 sds/gm. Pkt (15g) $2.95 | 100g $9.75 | 450g $28.95
Pkt (400-600sds) $1.95 | 5g $3.25 | 25g $8.75

2834 Strawberry 2836 Wampum

2846 Pennisetum, Fountain Grass 2848 Blue Fescue 2849 Little Blue Stem 2850 Small Sorts 2853 Birdhouse

122 Grasses Easy to Grow Grows in Sun Grows in Part Sun Grows in Shade
Gourds have become popular for
Grass Seed
At William Dam Seeds, the grass
Thanksgiving and fall ornaments both varieties used in our mixtures produce
in Europe and North America. The higher quality, better colour, and longer
plants varied in size as did their fruits. lasting lawns due to increased vigour, and
These are useful for fall displays, for disease and bug resistance. The culti-
flower arranging, and can be grown vars in these mixtures meet and ex-
vertically as trellis vines for summer ceed government standards for purity
screening. Approx. 4-10 sds/gm. and germination. We do not use any
fillers or annual ryegrass in our mix-
2850 SMALL SORTS FORMULA MIX tures so the seed you get is 100% good
Easy and fast to grow. Can be grown to climb up
a trellis. A fine selection of shapes and colours. lawn grass seed.
Matures in 95 days. Seeding Instructions:
Pkt (8-20sds) $2.25 | 10g $4.95 | 25g $8.95 Apply seed in Spring or Autumn when soil
2851 LUFFA HYBRID CYLINDER #3 temperature is around 15C (60F) . The best time
More vigourous and day neutral than our for maximum germination is mid August to mid
previous variety. Also called Dishcloth Sponge: September when soil is warm, nights are cool,
a natural sponge, easy to grow. Use a trellis dews are heavy and weeds are not as vigorous.
or fence for the best shaped luffas and cut New Seeding:
back vines if they grow longer than 4.5m/15ft. Do not apply starter fertilizer. It can burn
Matures in 105 days. young seedlings. For small areas apply seed by
Pkt (3-8sds) $3.25 | 2g $5.45 | 10g $19.75 hand. For larger areas use a fertilizer spreader,
509 No-Mow Blend
25g $38.95 | 100g $125.95 apply in two passes using half the rate of

application per pass - one at right angles to
the other in a crisscross pattern for complete
Alternative Lawn Blends
Large, round bottom with smaller upper section. coverage. Use a low spreader setting. You 506 ECO-ALTERNATIVE LAWN MIX
Harvest when it turns white. Suitable for should see approximately 2-3 seeds in a square An ecological mix combining hardy grass
painting. 25-30cm/10-12 in length. Matures in inch (approximately 2.5 x 2.5 cm). Use an varieties, legumes, and yarrow. Makes for a
125 days. empty lawn roller to press the seed in to the soil dense lawn that withstands mowing and foot
or rake lightly with a leaf rake. Grass seed needs traffic, plus it stays greener under drought and
Pkt (12-30sds) $2.95 | 10g $5.75 | 25g $9.95 heat. As our customers requested, this is a mix
100g $27.95 | 450g $84.95 soil contact to germinate and should be covered
by no more than 7mm () of soil (If the seed is that does not die off in the middle of the summer
2854 SHENOT CROWN OF THORNS buried any deeper than this, it will have trouble and can withstand grubs and chinch bugs. For
A mixture of small, multi-coloured gourds. All emerging from the soil. Burying the seed is a best results, seed in spring or late summer.
common reason for poor lawn establishment.) Seeding Rate: 3/4 kg per 1000 sq ft.
have scalloped or thorn-like protrusions on the
blossom ends. Matures in 95 days. 450g $11.75 | 2kg $39.75 | 4kg $66.95
Over Seeding:
Pkt (8-20sds) $2.25 | 10g $5.25 | 25g $8.95 Fill bare areas with a good topsoil/ triplemix 509 No-MOW BLEND
blend. Spread a little seed in each area and Many customers have been asking for a grass
A2854 GOBLIN EGGS HYBRID lightly rake in.
Very unusual gourd mix, perfect for autumn blend that can be sown and left unmowed. We
decorations. Goblin eggs matures earlier than have been trialed such a mix in past seasons
most other gourds so it is better suited for Fine Lawn Blends with excellent results. No-MOW is a blend
of fine fescues that form mounds when left
growing in northern regions. Shaped like large 500 EVERGREEN MIXTURE:
goose eggs in a wide variety of bi-colours and unmown. Wildflowers can be added to this, as
Common Grass mixture for sun and shade. the fescues will not choke out the wildflowers.
solids with flecks. Excellent item for kids to (Not certified seed)
grow. Matures in 85 days. Contains: 35% Chewing Fescue, 25% Hard Fescue, 30%
Contains: 40% Kentucky Blue, 35% Creeping Red Fescue, Creeping Red Fescue, 10%Sheeps Fescue.
Pkt (10-15sds) $3.45 | 150sds $13.95 15% Turf Type Perennial Rye, 10% Hard Fescue. Seeding Rate: 2 kg per 1000 sq ft.
Seeding Rate: 1 kg per 1000 sq.ft
450g $10.95 | 2kg $39.85 | 4kg $69.75
450g $6.95 | 2kg $20.95 | 4kg $36.95
10kg $124.75 | 22.5kg $225.95**
10kg $78.95 | 22.5kg 121.95**
A premium mix for large country lots. Low Pasture Blends
maintenance varieties for owners who cannot 512 MEADOW & PASTURE BLEND
water or spray large areas. This is the mix for the back acre or animal
Contains: Certified- 10% Hard Fescue, 30% Creeping Red pastures which can be left to go wild or cut once
Fescue, 30% Kentucky Bluegrass, 30% Turf type Perennial or twice a month. Economical and tolerant to
Ryegrass. poor soils. Our mix contains hardy grasses that
2851 Luffa Seeding Rate: 1.5 kg per 1000 sq.ft do not contain any endophytes. This mix can
450g $9.85 | 2kg $34.85 | 4kg $60.95 also be used as an all-grass hay.
Contains. 25% Certified Tall Fescue, 15% Certified Forage
10kg $108.75 | 22.5kg 195.75** perennial rye grass, 20% creeping red fescue, 30% certi-
fied Timothy, 10% Kentucky Blue.
Seeding rate: 2 kg per 1000sqft
A blend for the areas that are too shady for
usual grass seed mixes. 450g $8.75 | 2kg 30.50 | 4kg $54.95
Contains: Certified - 55% Creeping Red Fescue, 15% 10kg $95.85 | 22.5kg $171.95 **
Hard Fescue, 15% Turf Type Perennial Ryegrass, 15%
Kentucky Bluegrass. **Extra Shipping Charges are based on
Seeding Rate: 1 kg per 1000 sq.ft
province and postal code region. See order
450g $10.45 | 2kg $36.75 | 4kg $64.25
form for pricing.
2854 Crown of Thorns A2854 Goblin Eggs 10kg $114.75 | 22.5kg $206.50**

Drought Tolerant Cold Tolerant Container Use Cutflower Use Grasses 123
Seed Starting & Growing Supplies

Jiffy Peat Pots

I nexpensive pots made of compressed peat. Plug Tray Propagating Trays
Ideal for growing plants that do not take well to Increase uniformity and productivity while DAISY TRAY - WEBBED
transplanting such as beans, melons, cucumber, reducing transplant shock. Widely used in Strong and durable. This webbed tray is made
etc... Plant pot directly into garden as the roots commercial production. Durable construction from heavy grade black plastic. We have found
grow right through the pot with no transplant eliminates need for separate trays. Reusable. this to be the most durable of the bedding plant
shock. OMRI listed for Organic Farming. P-200 Used to start most vegetables and flats. It is made to hold the plastic plant cell-
flowers that will need transplanting to larger paks and plug sheets.
Size 25 50 250 containers. L=50cm/21.5 x W=25cm/11 H=5cm/2
P-1 2 1/4" square 2.95 5.25 18.50 Each tray has 200 cells: 7/8 w x 1 3/4 deep P-120 5 for $8.75 | 10 for $15.50
P-128 Used to start plants that will be 25 for $33.00 | 100 for $118.50
P-2 2 1/4" round 2.95 4.25 17.50 transplanted direct into the field in 6 weeks. *OV FOR 100 SIZE
P-3 3" round 3.95 6.95 24.50 Each tray has 128 cells: 1 1/4 w x 2 deep HEAVY DUTY - WHITE
P-4 3" square 4.75 7.65 32.50 Price for each of the above: Made from high density white plastic that is
5 for $16.95 | 25 for $62.95 | 100 for $235.00 reusable year after year. Excellent for holding
jiffy pots, trays, and pellets. Solid construction:
Jiffy Strips *OV FOR 100 SIZE without drainage holes.
10 - 1 3/4"sq. pots combined into one strip, L=50cm/21.5 x W=25cm/11 H=5cm/2
2 x 5 pots long. 5 strips fit into heavy duty P-121 5 for $10.25 | 10 for $18.50
propagating trays.
25 for $42.95 | 100 for $152.95
P-5 5 strips $3.95 | 10 strips $6.95
25 strips $12.95 | 100 strips $35.00
Planting Cell-Paks
These planting cell-paks are ideal for starting
many vegetable and flower seedlings indoors.
The design of the cell is such that it provides the
maximum soil and root capacity with ease of
transplanting for minimal root disturbance. Fits
into propagating trays.
Plug Sheets
P-101 Excellent for seed starting.
Easy to use, will not break apart like cell packs.
Needs a propagating tray for support. Reusable. 10 sections x 1 cell. Cell size 4 1/2 x 5 1/2"
carrying tray for S-98 98 Cells 1 3/8 w x 1 5/8 deep
P-804 Made for larger root plants such as
3 sq. jiffy S-72 72 Cells 1 5/8 w x 2 3/8 deep
geraniums, tomatoes, etc.
8 sections x 4 cells. Cell size 2 1/2 x 2 1/4"
JIffy carrying tray for use with the 3 S-38 38 Cells 2 1/4 w x 2 3/8 deep
inch square jiffy pots. Fits 18 pots in P-806 All purpose cell-pak
one tray. Price for each of the above: 8 sections x 6 cells. Cell size 2 1/4 x 1 1/2"
P-7 5 for $15.25 | 10 for $28.50 5 for $8.25 | 25 for $33.50 | 100 for $120.00 P-106 Smaller than P-806, but still big enough
25 for $69.25 | 100 for $274.95 *OV FOR 100 SIZE for most applications where space is limited.
*OV FOR 100 SIZE 10 sections x 6 cells. Cell size 1 3/4 x 1 1/2"
Price for each of the above:
5 sheets for $7.50 | 10 sheets for $12.95
25 sheets for $25.25 | 100 sheets for $89.00

Geranium Pots
4 sq. green plastic pots made from pure,

high grade plastic resin. Strong and durable

Tray Covers for years of use.
Standard size 4 wide x 4 high
A clear plastic tray cover made to fit propagating
Fibre Trays trays. Designed like a greenhouse to retain heat P-8 10 for $4.95 | 25 for $10.95
High grade natural fibre trays. Trays breathe and moisture to give an ideal environment for 50 for $19.75
naturally unlike plastic packs, improving the root starting and growing seedlings. Made from non-
structure. Sturdy construction. yellowing poly vinyl.
L=7.5 x W=4 3/4 x D=2 3/4 Fits trays L=50cm/20 x W=25cm/11
*OV = $10.00 OVERSIZED
P-6 10 for $4.95 | 25 for $8.75 DOM-1 2 for $5.95 | 5 for $14.50 SHIPPING CHARGE
100 for $25.95 *OV FOR 100 SIZE 25 for $59.25

* or ** Extra Shipping Charges are based on Province and Postal Code. See order Form for Pricing
124 Accessories
Plant Prod
An all-purpose fertilizer designed
for use with sterilized soiless
planting mediums, such as our
seeding mix P-23, where organic
fertilizers do not work (as they
require soil enzymes to interact
with). Water soluble.
4705-1 500g concentrate $9.75

Growing Soils
**Please note, three or more bags of soil have
an extra shipping charge. See double-asterix
category on shipping chart on order form.
Premium seeding mix. This is the mix we use
for all our plug seeding needs. It is a fine ground
mix especially for seeding. We have not found Seed starting heat mat
any other mix as good for seeding. Based on a Perfectly sized (20" x 10") to fit under all
commercial plug mix. Ready-to-use, sterile mix. standard growing flats and seedling trays. This
P-23 28L $9.95 17 watt, 120v water resistant mat elevates the Hand Care Products
PREMIER ORGANIC GROWING MIX temperature of your seeding medium by 5-7C Helpful for caring for your hands before and
A uniform and consistent organic mix that above room temperature for faster germination after gardening. Used and recommended by our
is certified for use in organic production. and stronger plant roots of heat loving plants. staff. Made in Canada with natural ingredients.
Formulation of peat, composts, and natural CSA approved.
fertilizers. PH balanced. Ready-to-use, sterile HM-1 $28.50 Protective beeswax handcream provides
mix. OMRI Certified. an effective barrier between soil and skin.
P-25 28L $10.95 Also a great moisturizer. Water based.
This is the same mix used by professionals. SOAP
We have used this mix for over 15 years for Used and recommended by our staff. Contains
our own greenhouse with great results. It is the lanolin, aloe vera, vitamin E, pumice, and
perfect soil-less mixture of peat, vermiculite, vegetable matter base. Effectively removes
perlite, lime and a long lasting wetting agent. dirt and grease from your hands, while
Designed to allow the right amount of air/water moisturizing.
ratio for healthy roots. SP-1 $2.75
P-26 28L $7.95
minisem Seed Sower HAND THERAPY KIT
An inexpensive seeding aid that makes the job The Hand Therapy Kit is a wonderful gift for
A great soil conditioner that aids in aeration and the gardeners in your life. Contains the above
water holding capacity. It can help to prevent easier. Adjustable for most seed sizes. Useful
for smaller seeds. Made of durable plastic. cream, soap, and a sturdy nail cleaning brush.
soil compaction, especially in containers. HTK $10.95
P-27 9L $8.50 4800 $2.95
Expanded natural volcanic rock material which
absorbs moisture. It is ideal for plants requiring
moderate to high moisture levels and is used as
a starter base when taking cuttings.
P-28 9L $8.25

Jiffy 7 Pellets
When placed in water the pellet expands into a
growing medium in its own net pot. Plant and
pellet can be transplanted together reducing
transplant shock. Blend of peat, wood fibre,
and nutrients. Expanded size: 1 1/2" x 2" high
J-7 25 pellets $5.50 | 75 pellets $14.50 | 250
pellets $37.00 | 1000 pellets $120.00 Garden Gloves
A must have for the avid gardener! These gloves have a breathable cream knit liner
Designed with a soft squeeze bulb covered with a waterproof green latex coating
which uses the vacuum principle to pick up on the palm and fingers. Great for picking
and hold seeds one at a time on its tip for easy squash, cucumbers, zucchini, and general
planting. Reduces seed wastage and eliminates garden work. Commercial quality.
the need for thinning of young plants. Especially 6004 Small (youth) $6.25
makes sowing small seeds much simpler! 6005 Medium $6.25
Comes with three colour coded needles for use
with different sized seeds. 6006 Large $6.25
4900 $20.25

* or ** Extra Shipping Charges are based on Province and Postal Code. See order Form for Pricing
Accessories 125
Watering Tools

Premium Garden
SprinKLER Dramm Dramm MistING HEAD
A worthwhile investment. Developed in Professional WaND
Australia, where water conservation is very Solid brass attachment for
important. The water is sprayed in an almost High quality polished aluminum wand with part misting seeding beds while
horizontal arc to reduce evaporation and works padded 30 handle and brass shut off. Attaches seeds are germinating.
from 15psi to 60psi. It is made of durable to any 1/2 hose. We use this wand in our Provides a light but steady
Polypropylene. We have used it for years in greenhouses. It will provide years of leak proof mist.
our gardens and find it extremely simple to use. The water breaker has a stainless steel MH-1 $8.25
use. The gear drive sprinkler is very quiet and insert to reduce wear. Perfect gift for the avid
easily adjustable from a small angle to full circle gardener. Lifetime Guarantee.
spray. It is handy for small city yards, but also PWW-1 $33.25
covers up to a 21.6m/72ft diameter. Has a quick
connect attachment. Dramm Redhead
GS $38.75 Water BREAKER
Softest flow of any water
breaker that we have
tested while still offering
enough water volume.
Perfect for all watering
Dramm Touch-N-Flow needs, especially for
VALVE young seedlings. Stainless
Ideal addition to a watering wand. A lever- steel screen for years of
activated valve instantly stops the water flow reliable use.
when the lever is released. Comfortable cushion RWB-1 $11.95
grip feels like an extension of your hand. Allows
for higher water flow than comparable trigger
valves. Professional Quality!
TNF-1 $10.95
Dramm Brass
Dramm Revolver Shut-Off Valve
This is the industry
With nine spray patterns and heavy duty standard shut-off valve.
construction, this is a great tool for every Designed to give years of
gardener. Easy to use quick-click pattern trouble free use. We found
changing design. Lifetime Guarantee. this item to be superior
REV-1 $11.95 to all the others we tried.
Professional Quality!
BS-1 $17.95
If you have ever been aggravated by a hose
that kinks, ends that fall off, or bulges under
stress, this hose is for you. Dramm has
formulated a super-duty hose for consumers
from its professional greenhouse line of
watering equipment. Built with multi-layer,
fibre reinforced EPDM rubber ensuring a
Dramm Water Timer Dramm Brass Quick crackless hose cover resistant to abrasion and
weathering. Resists kinking, hot water +71C,
This is a durable, non battery timer for duration
watering. Very simple to use just turn the dial
DisCONNECT cold temperatures, and staying flexible down
Eliminate the hassles of switching hoses and to -32C. It really is tough! We have driven over
to the number of minutes desired (up to 120) the ends with tractors, and pulled over 300 feet
and let it go. High quality plastic, does not leak accessories. The high quality brass construction
provides leak free operation. It connects and of hose without the nickel plated ends coming
in our trials. Lifetime Guarantee. loose or crushing. Also works great in horse
disconnects by simply pulling the collar back.
TMR-1 $12.95 We have been using these professional quality barns where it has outlasted other hoses. Bright
disconnects in our greenhouses for years. yellow colour, so you cant lose it in the grass.
BQD-1 $15.25 Inside diameter 5/8. Lifetime Guarantee.
PRH-1 5/8 x 50 $59.95*

* or ** Extra Shipping Charges are based on Province and Postal Code. See order Form for Pricing
126 Accessories
Chapin has been making sprayers since No other means of watering is as easy and
1903. Their sprayers are made from water efficient as drip irrigation. It moistens the
the best available materials and exceed the most soil slowly and thoroughly by means of a small
exacting industry standards. Each sprayer must trickle of water that is emitted through specially
DR-1 2 Litre Watering Can pass strict quality control standards before designed drippers. The entire system works on
leaving the plant. All are made with high density very low pressure: 15lbs and a normal well with
polyethylene with ultra-violet inhibitors, which a garden hose can water over 1000ft at a time.
allow for excellent durability and ultra-violet These plastic tubing and connectors are widely
protection. Quality made and with proper care used in large scale commercial operations.
should last a lifetime. Black plastic drip tubing has implanted emitters
every 12. We are offering it in a kit form and as
HAND HELD SPRAYER extending parts. The hook-up is very simple and
48oz/1.4 litre. High-density polyethylene tank is requires few tools: the only items you need are a
DR-2 5 Litre Watering Can
UV resistant. Powered by a piston pump for easy drill, screw driver, and an old 1/2 hose.
pressurization. Great for misting seedlings or 5025 Kit $35.95
spot spraying for disease or pest control Comes
Dramm Watering Cans with a poly, adjustable, cone pattern nozzle. Kit includes: 250ft of drip tubing (6 mil 5/8 di-
Dramm produces what we feel to be the best SPR-1 $11.25 ameter), 10 barb connectors, and instructions.
watering cans on the market. They put detail
into finishing and usability of their products. PRO SERIES PISTON SPRAYER
2 gallon/7.6 litre. Has a SureSpray Anti-Clog Filter Additional Parts:
Having used them in our gardens for years,
we have found several features that make and a large 4 cap opening that makes filling and DT-1 250ft of drip tubing $23.75
them exceptional: split handle for comfortable clean up safe and easy. Is equipped with quality BC-1 10 Barb connectors $14.95
carrying, wide opening to allow for easy mixing Viton seals and gaskets. Comes with a comfort BC-1 25 Barb connectors $28.50
of fertilizer, and quality high grade, durable grip handle that locks for fatigue-free spraying, BC-1 100 Barb connectors $95.00
plastic. Lifetime Guarantee. 20 spray wand, flat fan nozzle, poly adjustable
nozzle, and adjustable brass nozzle.
DR-1 2 litre with long spout; perfect for
houseplant watering or outdoor use. SPR-2 $36.95
4 gallon/15.1 litre commercial duty sprayer for
DR-2 5 litre has extra long spout and extended use. This sprayer has a large piston
detachable nozzle with plastic rose. Applies style pump that makes pressurizing quick with
water to plants in a gentle rain-like pattern. less pumping. Pump can be positioned for
$26.50 * either left or right handed use. The internal 4
position spray valve allows for expert pressure
DR-3 7 litre traditional can with detachable control from 15psi to 60psi. It has an easy
plastic soft rain nozzle. operating spray handle with a continuous
$29.95 * spray feature - can be locked to reduce fatigue.
Large 4 fill cap opening. Sprayer includes a 4ft
*Extra Shipping Charges are based on province hose, 20 spray wand, adjustable cone and fan
and postal code. See order form for pricing. nozzles, a brass nozzle, and padded shoulder
straps for fatigue-free operation.
SPR-3 $81.25

Barb Connector

Drip Tubing

DR-3 7 Litre Watering Can

SPR-1 Hand Held Sprayer

SPR-1 Hand Held Sprayer SPR-3 Professional Backpack Sprayer

* or ** Extra Shipping Charges are based on Province and Postal Code. See order Form for Pricing
Accessories 127
Hand Tools

Leather Field Sheath

Heavy duty 13" leather sheath fitted for both
Field Grower Knives the Field knife and the Produce Knife. Attaches
Kneeling Pad
These are high quality, stainless steel knives with a belt loop.
preferred by the vegetable industry. We have LFS $9.95 | 10 or more $7.95 Thick vinyl covered foam cushion ensures
tested these knives and found them to be very comfort while kneeling. Thicker and stronger
durable and tough. than many of the other types.
L=16 x W=7 x D=1 1/4
The ideal knife for cutting and processing PAD $11.50
Broccoli, Cabbage, Lettuce, and various other
vegetables. Rounded top blade is made from
thick stainless steel, making it easy to clean and
rust free. Will not break or bend under stress.
Durable, non-slip molded handle is yellow for
ease of locating. 12" long, 7" blade.
FK $9.95 | 10 or more $7.85 Small Knife & Holster
PRODUCE KNIFE Especially designed for cutting flowers and
Durable multi-purpose knife: use it instead vegetables. Made of tough Solingen (German)
of borrowing the good kitchen knife. Sharp stainless steel with a comfort designed plastic
stainless steel blade extends through the handle handle. Holsters are sturdy, 100% leather, and
making for an almost indestructible knife. 13 made in Canada.
long, 8" blade.
KV-1 KNIFE $7.95
PK $10.95 | 10 or more $8.85
Heavy duty dual purpose gardener kneeler. Can
be used as a kneeler or flipped over and used
as a seat. Sturdy, lightweight, and portable.
Constructed of durable tubular steel with a
tough powder coat finish and a thick padded
foam kneeler/seat. Folds flat for storage.
L=20 x W=12 x H=20
KN-1 $26.75

Serrated Bunching Knife

Developed in Japan for harvesting parsley,
however, we find it indispensable for harvesting
cutflowers. An extremely sharp pull knife that
is ideal for cutting stems where basic knives
and scissors do not work well. Stainless steel Dramm Telescoping
hook blade attaches to a round plastic handle.
Field grade.
Dramm has done it again, adding innovation
SBK $9.95 | 10 or more $7.95 to a standard garden tool: extendable handles
that increase the reach from 24 to 31. Just
twist the handle to extend. It is a balanced,
lightweight tool with a durable chrome plated,
heat treated, steel blade and cushioned grips.
Can cut stems and branches up to 1 thick. GardenRITE Handtools
LOP-1 $44.95 Polished, cast aluminum alloy handtools
which will not bend, break, or rust. Features
ergonomic design and vinyl coated handle for
comfortable working.
Bypass Pruner SG2D CULTIVATOR $8.50
Durable and economical- another great Dramm
product! Stainless steel blade cuts woody stems
Lightweight Cutting GPS SCOOP $16.50
up to 5/8 in diameter. Comfortable colourful Shears
rubber grips, ergonomically designed. Bright Orange handles make them easy to
BP $15.95 find in the garden. Originally sold to the grape
industry, but it has been adopted by greenhouse
and nursery growers as well. For cutting
flowers, herbs, light trimming of shrubs, and
more. Sharp, high carbon steel blade.
OS $14.95

* or ** Extra Shipping Charges are based on Province and Postal Code. See order Form for Pricing
128 Accessories
Weatherproof Markers
JIF-1 $4.25 each
The weather proof marker for garden labels.
Jiffy makes a marker that lasts all season