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Fifth Harmony Resort with Floating


Project Manager: Mary mar Q. Acedilla

Business Analyst: Shairaah M. Fabor
Management Analyst: Denie Ann N. Naret
Infrastructure Analyst: Jerlyn G. Cedron
System Analyst: Rona Gale A. Melloza

This resort will not be possible without the help, presence

and support of the investors, sponsors, families, and
friends. We would like to thank Engr. Bebiano Yu and
Architect Joey Campus, and the construction workers for
their untiring effort and showing their exceptional skills to
make these Fifth Harmony Resort with Floating
Restaurant unique. And lastly we would like to thank Mrs.
Realuz S. Aliguay, the mentor who give us an idea to
make this Fifth Harmony Resort with Floating
Fifth Harmony Resort with Floating Restaurant
Dos and Donts

DO see where you can raise prices without negatively
impacting traffic.
DO understand the importance of good service.
Build strong relationship with your key suppliers.
DO value your customer and employee.
Hire the best and competitive employee.
DO make customer service a priority.
DO ask for honest feedback from people you trust.
Make your employees feel engaged in the setting of
specific tactics designed to reach organizational
Encouraged feedback, even if you dont like what
you hear.
Be proactive, and take small yet effective
opportunities to interact with customers.
Always keep proper accounting records, and make
sure your corporate/government document are up to
DONT assume all guests are equally price sensitive.
DONT be afraid to raise your prices.
DONT put higher prices on a menu unnecessarily.
DONT underestimate the importance of effective
financial management.
DONT ignore accomplishments.
DONT ignore complaints.
DONT ignore whats happening in your market.
Fifth Harmony Resort with Floating Restaurant were being
created for beautiful and gorgeous single ladies. This Resort
stands for 5 magical word namely: CONVENIENCE,
Convenience it is located in Surfing Gateway of Surigao Del Sur
where tourist and travelers can easily find and travel to.
Hospitability when you arrived you will be welcomed by the
crews and members with smiling faces and good vibes aura that
adds to the zeal environment.
Comfortability facilities, such as rooms and cottages that are
intendedly designed for customers, travelers, tourist, and
Relaxation this resort offers a tourist relaxation such as, foots
spa, facial, massage, and especially the aroma and beauty of the
Enjoyment definitely last but not the least, Fifth Harmony offers
a lot of activities that the tourist will definitely enjoy. Tourist
will not just enjoy the view and place but also the delicious that
the resort serves.
Come and visit Fifth Harmony Resort with Floating Restaurant
where you can find a home away from home.