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by Teresa Gregorio

Pattern #55834

Finished Measurements Notions
8x8” Yarn Needle

Yarn Gauge
Knit Picks Cotlin (70% Tanguis Cotton, 30% 18 sts and 36 rows = 4” over garter patterns,
Linen; 123 yards/50g): MC: Clementine blocked.
24460, CC: Sprout 24462, 1 ball each.

US 5 (3.75mm) straight or circular needles,
or size to obtain gauge

K1. K2TOG. (18 sts) Row 10: Sl 1. *KFB. P1* rep 4 more times. K4. K2TOG. Row 7: Sl 1. SSK. Row 6: Sl 1. K1. K6. CO 16 sts. K4. Directions Pumpkin With MC. K2TOG. *SSK* repeat 3 more times. P1. Special abbreviations KFBF (Knit Front Back Front) Knit into front and back on next stitch. 2 sts inc. K3. K10. P1. BO knit wise Row 5: Sl 1. 3 sts inc. KFB. (26 sts) Row 8: Sl 1. K to end. K3. K5. P1. K4. K2TOG. SSK. KFBF. K2TOG. K2. K1. Stem Row 17: Repeat row 3. *K2TOG* repeat 3 more times. KFB. K1. SSK. PSSO. then knit in the front of the stitch again. P1. K1. K1. P1. P1. K4. KFB. SSSK. K2. KFBF. K2TOG. K12. P1. P2. P1. Increasing Row 1: KFBF. P1. P1. K1. P1. K6. K6. K1. K2. Row 3: Sl 1. Row 7: Repeat row 3. P1. Row 14: Repeat row 10. K1. P1. P1. Finishing (32 sts) Stitch Vine to Stem. Weave in ends. PSSO. Row 5: Sl 1. K1. K1* rep 4 more times. K5. *K1. P1* rep 4 more times. Row 15: Sl 1. K1. K to end. K1* repeat 2 more times. K4. With CC. P1. KFBFB. K3. K2. SL 1. Row 1: Sl 1. K to end. (16 sts) Row 2: Sl 1. Row 13: Sl 1. P1. Row 8: Repeat row 6. KFBF. wash and block to diagram. K4. Row 13: Repeat row 3. K5. K3TOG. *K4. P1. K8. Row 9: Sl 1. *K2. P1. K8. Decreasing Repeat rows 14 and 15 until Stem is 1” long. K5. K2TOG. SSK. K4. K to end. P1* repeat 2 more times. K to end. P1. P1. K1. Row 12: Repeat row 10. *KFB. P1. then knit into the front and back of the same st. P1. Row 11: Sl 1. (40 sts) Row 16: Sl 1. Row 11: Repeat row 3. CO 5 sts. Row 4: Repeat row 2. SSK. Cut yarn. P1. Change to CC. K1. P1. K6. KFB. P1. K2TOG. KFB. K6. K8. K6. K4. Vine Row 3: Sl 1. K8. K6. K5. K2. SSK. SSK. K4. KFBFB (Knit Front Back Front Back) Knit into the front and back of the next st. K7. K6. *P1. (10 sts) 2  Pumpking . P1* rep 4 more times. KFB.Pumpking Notes: This dishcloth features garter stitch with “outlines” of stockinette to create a reversible fabric that gives the look of a pumpkin from each side. (7 sts) Repeat Rows 17 and 18 until piece is 6” long. (36 sts) Row 2: Sl 1. Row 4: Repeat row 2. K1* rep 4 more times. (36 sts) Row 10: Sl 1. Row 18: Repeat row 16. SSK. *K6. Row 15: Sl 1. Row 14: Sl 1. K1. SSK. Row 12: Sl 1. K1. K10. P1. K to end. P1. P1. K1. K2TOG. (26 sts) Row 6: Sl 1. K5. P1. K7. Row 9: Sl 1. P1. BO in pattern. K2TOG.

For pattern support.instructions P purl k2tog: 2 sts dec in pattern) EOR every other row P2tog purl 2 sts together SKP sl. sl. sl. k2tog. k. art. RH right hand TBL through back loop CO cast on leaning stitch rnd(s) round(s) TFL through front loop cont continue M1R make one Knit Abbreviations BO bind off LH left hand P-wise purlwise SSSK sl. p these K-wise knitwise PU pick up 2 sts tog tbl   Pumpking 3 . sl. knitting and making things happily collide on her blog. k these KFB knit into the front 2 sts tog YO yarn over PSSO pass slipped and back of stitch stitch over SSP sl. history. About the Designer Teresa Gregorio has been designing knitwear since 2007. psso: 1 WE work even inc increase PM place marker st dec WS wrong side K knit PFB purl into the Sl slip WYIB with yarn in back K2tog knit two sts front and back SM slip marker together of the stitch WYIF with yarn in front SSK sl. please contact: canaryknitsdesigns@gmail. Canary Knits. sl. Her love of fashion. k these CN cable needle M marker rep repeat 3 sts tog CC contrast color M1 make one stitch rev St st reverse stockinette St st stockinette stitch CDD centered stitch sts stitch(es) double dec M1L make one left. pass W&T wrap & turn needle(s) slipped stitch over (see specific . RS right side dec decrease(es) leaning stitch Sk skip tog together DPN(s) double pointed MC main color Sk2p sl 1.