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HEC Product Data Sheet

HEC is a high quality hydroxy ethyl cellulose polymer (a modified high-

Product molecular-weight, non-ionic natural polymer) specially suited for
Description increasing the viscosity of the brine. This non-fermenting polymer will
increase viscosity and carrying capacity of workover and completion fluids
and heavy brines and the viscosity can be broken with other additives.


Typical Cellulose FORMULA
APPEARANCE White powder SOLUBILITY IN Dispersible
WATER @ 20 0C
(68 0F)

HEC is used to viscosify single salt CaCl2 brines and all mono-valent-salt
Applications/ brines such as NaCl, NaBr, KCl, KBr, and NH4Cl. It can also provide
Functions viscosity for spacers or pills, fluid loss control, hole cleaning while
washing, milling or reaming, gravel pack fluids, and non-damaging drill-in
fluids. It is not adversely affected by polar compound or divalent cations
such as calcium and magnesium or cement. The low-toxicity synthetic
carrier assists in dispersion and helps prevent lump or fisheyes so that
polymer rapidly and smoothly viscosifies without the need for high shear.
HEC should be mixed slowly via the hopper.

 Easily dispersible and rapid viscosity development.

 Breakable polymer for non-damaging applications.
Advantages  High concentration of polymer minimizes handling.
 Viscosity develops without high shear.
 Minimum tendency to form fisheyes.
0 0
 Stable at temperature up to 225 F (107 C).

Recommended Treatment levels of 0.2 2 lb / bbl (0.57 5.7 kg/m ) of completion fluids.
Treatment Maximum viscosity will be achieved at a pH range of 7 to 9.

 Does not provide good gel profiles,. Systems viscosified with HEC will
Limitations not have good suspension characteristics.
 With increase temperatures, pH and salinity there is a corresponding
decrease in this polymers effectiveness.
 Overtime the polymer may become separated from the carrier fluid.
Agitation will make the two phases recombine.
 If mixed to fast this polymer may form fish eyes.

Recommended Consult MSDS before use and use personal protective equipment as
Handling advised.

Packaging HEC is packaged in 25 kg (55.1 lb) sacks. Store in dry location away from
sources of heat or ignition, and minimise dust.

November 2010

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