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Jocelyn Beausire

Sound Walk

Movement One: Pre
1. Sit or lay down in the spot across from the cylindrical structure. Press your
palms into the ground and sit on your hands. Wait until you can feel your
pulse, and the warmth. Try to make this feeling into a sound, the sound of the
blood rushing to and from your hands. Hear the sound of the warmth. Hum
along with your pulse.
2. Listen to your right, to campus and the sounds of people’s feet hitting the
ground and the sounds of the birds and leaves and people chattering. Listen
to them as if they all originated from the same source.
3. Listen to your left, to the streams of traffic, and then above you, to the
streams of air and the trails of planes. Swallow and listen to the sound
originate in your throat and wash up into your inner ears. Listen to the
sound’s pitch as it swells and raises. Focus on the crack of the saliva, and
then the sound after the crack, almost silent, but somewhere containing the
sound of the saliva running down your throat.

Movement Two: Transit
4. Whisper the words “miss buss.” Stand up. Whisper them again. Walk two
steps, repeat it again. Repeat until you reach the door of the building, and the
sounds from the building overwhelm your speech. Listen to how your rhythms
interact with those of the building.
5. Whisper the phrase more quickly, with your hands in front of your ears, next
to your face, so it sounds as if your voice is coming from a place other than
your own mouth. As if it too is coming out of the machine.
6. Put your hands down and run your left hand fingers over the more narrow
grates. Run your right hand fingers over the wider grates. Use your nails and
alternate hands. Scratch a little on a single grate. Resume. While your left
hand is on the grates, listen to the lowest sound in the machine, which is the
Jocelyn Beausire
Sound Walk
sound of air. While your right hand is on the grates, listen to the chirping
inside the machine. Repeat. Quicken your pace until it becomes a symphony.
7. Drop your hands and find a note in the chirping. Hum this pitch.
8. Pick up drum sticks and resume your alternating hands on the grate, but
using the sticks, with downward motion. Quicken your pace even more.
9. Put one stick in the larger grate until it sticks and wiggle it up and down to
make a two-part sound. Do the same with the other stick. Hum louder.

Movement Three: Post
10.Stop, press your ear to the grate. Listen only to the high frequency buzz. Hiss
to yourself “zzzsss.”
11.Slowly back out of the building and listen to the sounds of the machine
change and fade into the sounds of street and sky and the sound of your
quiet hiss.
12.Click your teeth seven times and turn to campus. Click your teeth again. Feel
the air pressure change and listen to the wind in the leaves.