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Conduct complaint delay upheld
Professional Standards Branch
Police Headquarters
Priory Road
Hull HU55SF

-Fax 1\10:01482 305004

Communities, Switchboard: 101

This matter is being dealt with by:

Chief Inspector TAYLOR
ww\fv .hum berside.Qolice. uk

CO 673/16/GT 13 March 2017

Grimsby ---------
East Lincolnshire
DN3? ()(} I

I am writing to inform you of the outcome of the complaint you have made on 24
December-2016. the complaints are that Inspector Parsons and professional
standards neglected or failed in their duty. Your complaint has been dealt with by
way of the Local Resolution Procedure which I believe is a suitable course of action
in the circumstances.

Humberside Police is committed to providing a quality of service to all members of

the public and I am grateful, therefore, that you have taken the trouble to bring
these matters to the Force's attention. Accordingly, the matters causing you
concern were recorded and I was appointed to enquire into them.

As you are aware when I corresponded with you via email that I would speak to the
officers concerned in order to obtain their account and subsequently update you in

I have now completed this piece of work and I am now in a position to provide you
with the outcome of my investigation.

Allegation 1: Other Neglect or Failure in Duty:

Failure to diligently investigate your complaint and to keep you updated:

I have read through the relevant documentation and have discussed these matters
with Inspector Parsons. During our conversation he accepted that he had not
updated you sufficiently and has not had the opportunity to progress your complaint
as expeditiously as he would have liked due to other competing demands.

Having reviewed all of the available evidence and spoken to the officer concerned I
recognise that he is an incredibly busy officer and has a very demanding role but

never the less should have been more diligent with the investigation and kept you

Allegation 2: Other Neglect or Failure in Duty:

Failure by professional standards in their duty by not supervising an investigation.

I have read through the relevant documentation and am content that the
professional standards branch have done everything within their power to ensure
the investigation was being dealt with in a timely and professional manner. Indeed I
am aware that a number of emails were sent out reminding Inspector Parsons of the
need to progress the investigation and update you accordingly.

On behalf of the organisation I would like to apologise for our failure in the service
we provided you and hope the explanation provided by the officers concerned and
myself goes some way towards allaying your concerns and sense of grievance.

I am sorry you felt cause to complain on this occasion and hope that this experience
will not adversely affect any future contact you may have with members of the
Humberside Police.

If you are unhappy with the outcome then you may be able to appeal. To this end, I
have enclosed a copy of a leaflet advising you of your right in this respect.

The appropriate appeal body is the Humberside Police Appeal Body as your
complaint does not relate to the conduct of a senior officer, has not been referred to
the IPee, does not justify criminal or misconduct proceedings and does not arise
from the same incident as a complaint where the IPee would have to deal with any

You have 29 days from the date of this letter, within which to make your appeal.
You are advised to post your appeal in good time to ensure it reaches the
Humberside Police Appeal Body before the end of the 29th day. The 29th day is
11 April 2017. Appeals received after 29 days may not be allowed unless there
are exceptional circumstances.

You might want to consider using guaranteed next-day delivery post service to
ensure that your appeal is received within time.

Yours sincerely

On behalf of the Appropriate Authority