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Protocol 6

Protocol 6

Article 1 (Network Communication)

1. The Party(s') undertake to notify each other through the diplomatic channels of the United
Nations, or by direct communication access to the charge d'affaires ad interim, or a diplomatic
Head of the Mission, in the event of an accidental, unauthorized, or any other unexplained
incident, such as launch code piracies, and incidents considered a possible breach of security

Counterpoint espionage in launch code accessibility, and/or attempts,

along with
nuclear warheads being made available for purchase, as so to report, in
and that the threats imposed by nuclear fuel enrichment proliferation is a
cause of legal action and an obligation of conveyance as to rectify
hereof. The Provisions of the present Convention are without prejudice
to any obligation which may arise taken in conformity with the
disarmament Protocol.
In and that each Party undertakes to maintain and improve, as
deemed necessary, it's existing organizational and technical obligatory
arrangements, so as to protect any such informants'
who do come forward to reveal the actions, activities, and/or
whereabouts of such an event of
sabotage or dissidant factions thereto. The United Nation's
Organization, Charter of Global
Government shall act as a receiving State whereby the Secretary
General's' quarter may permit
and protect the freedom of the communication on the part of the
Consular Post if a breach of security is being reported. If as so,
corresponding testimony to a violation or act of retaliatory
preemptivity, shall be anticipated from time to time, regard fully so, in
effect thereto; and shall, for the most part, be considered or taken, as
factual, if reported from a Consular Post headed by an Honorary
Consul General Officer hereby thereto.
Protocol 7 (Understanding Laws of
Article 1

1.As a common standard of achievement, and to

secure the blessings of pro-creation, we come to
understand Love. Love; Love is a word of human
rights and a side of safety to those who come
endowed with reason and consciousness. In another
way we come to understand self realization, in and
that, so shalt thou do unto other's, breach thoughts,
as shall be done unto thyselves hereunder.

Understanding that of which is of paramount

importance, perspective of a higher power, to that
which an equal opportunity of give and take in the
fields of development should be made uniform
through continuous cultural emergence thereinafter.
Holy is the Law of Nature, and water that flows down
the River Nile. Within the insignias of colorfast and
common approach, and to promote and approve
rules and limitations regarding the exercise of equal
opportunity status quo; all Party(s') to the Treaty(s')
undertake, and undersign
in conformity to this entry, that there be no such
transgender orientation, or transgenetical

Intransigencies, in Faith whereof in accordance with

the statutes of Carnal Knowledge inscribed
and assigned to the Vatican and His Holiness The
Pope(s), thereof to that end thereto.
Nothing in this Article shall be interpreted as affecting
the unalienable rights of a naturalized
Universally accepted common standard of genetic
respect and consistence to the vise and virtue
connotation inscribed for a purpose of understanding
love and survival. From the Halls of Montezuma, to
the research and development whereabouts of such a
sector 4 at Groom Lake.
In and that once more: their shall no man shall lie
unto Mankind as with womankind it is abomination
thereto; and a visa versa; furthermore it is mutation; it
is an anti-equation; it's when you don't, can't, or won't,
see eye to eye for a fight; in furtherance, that of which
is of great importance, like this current detail
descriptive, becomes a "blind spot", or an I won't
know and don't see; for the purpose of de-generating
and using nuclear ammunition; was told thereby. This
Article calls for a Moratorium on transgender infidelity,
by and for the U N Secretary General's quarter for the
full realization of an pledge to affirm a Faith whereof