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Instructions: Think of an artifact that represents a place that is special to you.

Remember, an
artifact is something that you can touch -- it is tangible, not abstract. Use the template (page 2)
and complete the poem. Incorporate your artifact in one of the lines. Highlight the line where you
have incorporated your artifact.

Submit the completed poem to the D2L Assignment Folder (due 1/17)

Definition of terms:
1. Personify - to describe something using human characteristics (e.g. the tree branches touched
the sky)
2. Natural item - something from nature
3. Family name - Typically, a family last name. (Some of my family names are: Edmiston, Bedea,
and Morris)
4. Line - Refers to a line of poetry. The following example poem has four lines:
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Sugar is sweet
And so are you.

Where Im From (Template)

I am from _____a big white book shelf which is full of the books in my lovely room_____
(a specific item from your childhood home)
from _______a pink dolphin lamp and a white queen size bed_______________
(two products or objects from your past)
I am from ________the West Lake_____________________________________
(a phrase describing your childhood home)
and_ lots of green trees and grass__________________________
(more description of your childhood home)
I am from___the osmanthus tree which has small yellow flowers ___
(a plant, tree or natural item from your past)
whose_______sweet smell will spread throughout the whole city during the fall____
(Personify that natural item)
I am from_______a huge teddy bear and a colorful flower certain_________________
(two objects from your past)
from ______Chen___________________ and __________Gao___________________________
(a family name) (another family name)
I am from _______yellow skin__________ and ___black hair____________
(a family trait or tendency) (another family trait or tendency)
and from ________________small black eyes________________________________________
(another family trait, habit or tendency)
from ________medium height and stature______________________________________
(another family trait, habit or tendency)
I am from________unfaith____________________________________________
(a religious phrase or memory)
I am from _____Changyong Chen_____ and _______Lei Gao_______________
(an ancestor) (another ancestor)
from _______________cola chicken wings and boiled fish with soy sauce ________________
(two foods from your family history)
from_______Nanjing Massacre___________________________________
(a specific event in the life of an ancestor)
and from _________the experience of the going aborad_______________________________
(another detail from the life of an ancestor)
_______from the grandpas story_______________________________________________
(a memory or object you had as a child)
I am from those moments_______which makes me better in my daily

(conclude by finishing this thought or by repeating a line or idea from earlier in the poem)