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Butler County

Drug and
Redhawk Rehab

Jake Owens, Will Erwin, Caleb Collins, Brock Downey

The Problem...
Drug abuse in Butler county is a
growing epidemic

Heroin alone caused 149 deaths in


192 drug related deaths

The stigma surrounding drug abuse

Survey results/Feasibility
Questions 1-3 touched on drug abuse

Questions 4-7 community oriented

Questions 8-10 Effectiveness


Short survey and small sample size

Limited answers on survey

Looking for a permanent location


Mission Statement & Vision
Our mission is provide high quality treatment and to ensure every patient receives
the care they need to develop healthy life habits.

Our vision is to create a healthy and drug free Oxford area, as well as to provide care
and support for drug abusers who are seeking help despite their economic situation.
Butler County Rehab Facility
Rehabilitation Center for drugs and alcohol in

Non Profit outpatient care center

Redhawk Rehab program with medical care

and counseling

Facility to support a flow of daily outpatient

sessions and stop-ins
Redhawk Rehab Program
Partnership with Miami University

Paired with McCullough Hyde Memorial Hospital

Funding from grants and donations

Abundant source of able bodied students and staff

Facilities provide a care center dedicated to getting patients the attention they
need to develop healthy habits.

Provide alternatives to four hour substance abuse class

Marketing/Startup: $5,000

Building Costs: maximum $100,000

Rehab Counselor (one full time): $45,000 annually

Staff: $30,000 annually

Estimate approximately $350 per month

of enrolled client days

Lower overall cost than private rehab

Outpatient allows greater number of patients

Student volunteering resources

Offers experience for young rehab

The Next Step
Summer 2017- apply for grants

Summer 2017- apply for building permit

Summer 2017- Partner with Miami

Fall 2017- Mega Fair/Family Weekend

Fall 2017- Construction permit

Butler County Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center will provide inexpensive
professional care to Oxford and the surrounding community. The Redhawk Rehab
program will provide a resourceful connection with Miami University as we pair
with the school to prevent drug and alcohol abuse among students as well as
community members.