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%k-f /glealth is a treasure. Of all our pos-
~V~sessions it is the most precious.

Pg$-Uk Wealth, learning, and honor are
dearly purchased at the loss of vigor and
health. None of these can secure happiness if
health is lacking.
It is possible to be as vital and alive at 61
as at 16. We can arise each morning with re-
newedvigor and strength,bubblingover with
enthusiasmand energy.Wecan enjoyeach day
to its fullest. This is not done with a magic
potion or some will-o'-the-wisp fountain of
youth, but is possiblethroughcarefullyapply-
ingthe simple basic principlesthat we will be

studying. As you come to understand them
more clearly,the challenge will be to decide II
how to put them to work effectively.Each dis-
covery becomes a key that opens a treasure
chest full of the riches of life.
Some people think that health is like a
game of chance-that "when your number
comes up" you will die. Others conceive of
length of life as preordained-"when the fin-
gerof Fatepoints at you" life is over.But sci- future. Even smokingtwo packs of cigarettes ease, and does it well when not hindered by
ence demonstrates,and the Bible teaches,that a daydoesn't causelung canceror emphysema unhealthy lifestyle habits. Practice what is
no finger of Fatepoints at us. If I contractlung in one week. Toooften this lack of immediate good and avoid what is harmful; give your
cancer as the result of smoking cigarettes { effects causesus to concludethat thereare no body every advantagein its endeavor to stay
can't blame it on Fate-inhaling the 29-plus effects,and we end up living for today at the healthy and well.
poisons in cigarette smoke killed me. If I in- expenseof tomorrow. Nature,unhindered does her work wisely
dulgeoften infat-richfoods,it's FATnot FATE The more scientific evidence that comes and well. Those who persevere in obedience
that clogged my arteries. in, the more indicationthere is that we bring to her laws will reap the rewards in health of
Welive in an orderly universethat is sub- many of our diseases upon ourselves. To a mind and bodyA
ject to the law of causeand effect.If you throw large degree sickness and diseaseare caused
a stone off a cliff the law of gravitywill make by poor health habits. We could live much
it fall. If you stand in the rain you will get longer if our lifestyles did not lead to life-
wet. When the key is turned in the ignition shorteningillnesses.Wenow know that heart
the car will start.If it does not, there is a rea- disease,cancer,and strokeare largelyprevent-
son. This law is also true of our health. It is able. Habits such as smoking, drinking, and
sometimeshardto see the cause and effectre- overindulging in high-fat high-cholesterol
lationshipbetween the lawsof health and the foods bring us to the grave before our time.
consequencesof disregarding them, simply "Whatsoevera man soweth that shall he
becausethe effectsare not immediate.But the also reap." (Galatians6..7).
dayof reckoningwill come.The decisionsand Learn to cooperatewith your body. It has
actions of today havea serious impact on the been endowedwith the capacityto resist dis-

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systemto handle, and takes fourto five hours mg oma dietof excess: Salt We eat 10-20times more saltthan
to leave the stomach. It should comprise no h protein,toomuch cho- is needed. It contributes prommentlytobigfl
more than 25 percent of the diet.LExcessfat
is_smplystoredto be used as a backupsource We eat too many calories and we eat too
01 luei oen.
High fat foodsinclude meat and dairy _F people don't r_alize that they_ that drastic a changeis unreali.stic formosf
products,nuts, and "free filts"- refined fats, are consuming an average of 37 percent People.A more reasonablegoalis to cut back
~uch as oils and margarines.Low fatfoods their dnilv calories f food energy! as fat. T from two to fourfeaspoons (10-20 grams) a

s fat has beenidentlfled as the

element of the western diet f
cobutorto yr hea disease, 20 Percent of m people's.dai`I_y
digestion of sugar, andE and diabetes.
takes.f9o to . .digeswhl.' Irotcin Formany yearsthere has been
caying before Itfs enmmatea. Hoer also owns to overreact and Hoodthe
With aud re
.mero} ula: }in, ich dr
lion. Unrefined _planttoodscontam
enough thi

and ~othermicronutrients
are substancesthe
work prop-

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of I


mull Icu ai c

micals. ___

prov lu:s a
good healt
plague ______________________________



cent. ThWis
2. Avc

hormones,antibiotics,and otherchemicalcon- How do you implement this nutri- "Use it or lose it" applies to every part of the
centrations. tional plan? Whenyou shop, choosefresh body.Exercise providesgreatervitality,extra
3. Limit fat, sugar, and salt. Select fruits and vegetables,whole grain bread and energy, and longer life. Yet, for many, the
naturallysweetfoods such asdried fruitrather pasta, low sugar cereals, brownrice, raw nuts greatest exertion of the day is getting out of
than refined sugar, and choose olives, nuts, and seeds,dried fruit without sugar coating, bed or walking from the kitchen to the ga-
and avocados-all inmoderation-rather than etc. If you buy preparedfoods, read the labels rage. As a result of our more sedentary hab-
refined fats and oils. and avoid foods high in fat, sugar, salt, and its, we must deliberately incorporate physi-
4. Eat a good breal(fast, a moderate spices.Evensome "health"foodsmay be high cal activity into our lives.
lunch, and a Rght supper-or skip the inthesethings.Whenyou cook,avoidfrying- Exercise is critically importantto a total
eveningmeal. A large breakfast containinga boil, steam, or bake instead. Cook grains and lifestyle approach to health. Here are some
properbalanceof nutrientswill giveyou steady beanswell, fruitsand vegetableslightly.While of the benefits of exercise:
energyall morning. Accordingto the notable there are many good cookbooks availableto O Exercisehelps us feel good. It is so ef-
Alameda County study, eating breakfast has help you with a plant baseddiet, it is best to fective that it is a valuable tool for fighting
nearlyas much of a positive impact on health just keep mealssimpleand uncomplicated.You depression and relieving anxiety and stress.
and longevity as abstinence from tobacco.5 don't haveto be a gourmetchefto prepare ap- Q Exerciseincreasesenergylevels,mak-
Timingis an importantfactor indietary health. petizing meals. ingus more efficientand productiveinall that
Food eaten in the morning is usedduring the Bear in mind that our sense of taste is very we do.
day. Taken in the evening, it is stored as fat. overstimulatedwith the high-fat, high-sugar, O Exercisehelps one to reach and main-
Studies have shown that people have lost as high-salt,processedfoodsmany of us areused tain proper weight. It burns calories, builds
much as tenpounds.amonthmerelyby timing to. It takes a little while to adjust to simply muscle,and increases the metabolism.
their meals correctly.6A heavy supper in the prepared meals, and it is importantto perse- O Exercise stimulates the immune sys-
eveningalso increasesthe number of fat par- vere. It may take severalmonths to retrainthe tem. Thisdecreases not only cold and flu in-
ticles in your blood setting you up for a heart taste-buds. However, forcing yourself to eat fections, but also significantlyreduces can-
attack while you sleep. things you reallydon't like is counterproduc- cer mortality rates.I
5. Allow at least Bye hours between tive. Utilize those natural foods which you Q Exerciseenhancescirculation,whichin
meals, and eat meals at the same time enjoy,but periodicallygo back and try some
each day. This gives yourdigestive system turn improvesmemoryand mentalability,and
of the foods you've rejected-you may find promotes better sleep and faster healing. It
the opportunitytowork efficientlyand rest be- that they become much more edible as your
tween cycles. decreases the pain and stiffness of osteoar-
appreciationfor differentflavors increases. thritis bydelivering blood to the joints, and
6. Don't eat between meals. This I. Nedley N. P!oof Positive Ardmore, OK Neil Ncdley ~M.D. 1999

slowsdowndigestion sothat food inthe stom- p. 186. can relieve headaches.

2. Ibid p. 186.
ach fermentsand producestoxins. It normally 3. Messina M, Messl`na Setchell KD. ne Simple Soybean and Xur Q Exercise strengthens the bones, help-
takes four to five hours for food to leave the Health Gardeen City Park, NY: Avery Publishing Group, 1994 p.24. ing them retain calcium and other minerals,
4. Linkswiler HM, Zemel MB, et al. Fed Proc 1981 Jul:40(9):2429-
stomach after a meal. In one study a person 2433.
thus aidingin the preventionof osteoporosis.
was given snacks every hour-and-a-halfafter 5. Belloc NB, Breslow L. Prev Med 1972 Aug; 1(3):409-421
Q Exercisehelps protect from heartdis-
6. Carter JP, Brown J. Journal of the Louisiana Sluice Medical Society
breakfast.Thirteenhours later a largeportion 1985; 137(6):35-38. ease by strengthening the heart, decreasing
of the breakfast was still undigested.7 7. Ludington, Aileen MD, Diehl, Hans Dr. HSc MPH. Health Power blood pressure and heart rate, and lowering
Hagerstown, MD:Review and Herald Pub. Co., 2000 P. 154.
Each.ti,mefo.odis put into.the stomah it LDL (bad) cholesterol while raising HDL
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s s + ,* sbr+< vs s s Y s < - ' 44 , s s s s / Lr/ <,v,s 7 Ls s s s sb \c~ ~ .-/ -~ - -~ - - - G-


up, and forcesthe stomach to start over.Bev- Exercise aids digestion and promotes
erages with calories should not be consumed ~Xcrcisc O

intestinalactivity,reducinggas and constipa-

betweenmealsfor the samereason;those calo- Weare createdfor action, and it is impos- tion.
ries interrupt the digestion as well. sible to be truly well without it! The adage
~crci[8c E88 cHti[als
1. Check with yourdoctor before starting
a vigorousexerciseprogram if you havecar-
BENEFITS OF WALKIN ~~ diovasculardisease or are over 40 with mul-
tiple cardiovascularrisk factors. The risks of
of thesimplestexercises;hasseveralsurprisingadva~ ~~$~~~ physicalactivityare verylow comparedto the
l.e WEI|kingUsesalmostall of the body's206 bonesond 640 mus ~ health benefits. Many more people rust out
than wear out.
st]lmostev,eryone.can do withoutlearningnew s~ ~~~~~ 2. Make physicalactivity a part of your
life:grow a garden;chooseto walk ratherthan
ride; always use the most distant parking
space;take the stairs;play active games with
the kids; use a push mower; walk the dog. In
additionto these activities, choosean exer-
cisethat you will enjoysuch as walking,swim-
ming,or cycling; if you enjoyit you are more
likelyto make it a permanentpart of your life.
3. Establishan exerciseroutine.Picka time
of day that's best for you and keep that exer-
cise appointmentas if it were a business en-
gagement.Exercise is cumulative.Three ten
minute sessionsare just as good as one thirty
minute period.
~ O Sunlight soothes the nervous system
NEW6{eT ~ ~andis importantintreating depression.It gives
a sense of well-beingby increasingendorphin
What can be sweeter than a freshlybath pro e hi "
baby; or more refreshingthan a cool glass
water on a scorchinghot day?Water is an
purpose cleanserboth inside and out. It is~
abundantand effectiveagent for washingaw~
dirt, germs,and bacteria.
The skin is one of the organsthe bodyuE
to eliminatewaste products.If these impu ~ O Sunlightaids in weight loss, increasing
ties are allowedto remainonthe skinthey c ~he metabolism by stimulating thyroid
cause illness.A cleanbody and surroundin ~production.
are indispensable for physical and men
health. ~~ O Sunlightimproves sleep. Natural light
A glass of water acts as a bath for the c ~exposurein daytimeincreasesmelatoninout-
gestive system, cleansing and refreshing put at night .
Other beveragesare unableto purify like w E O
ter. Soda and coffee can no more clean t @mprovmgliver function; It Is an effective
insideof your body thanthey canthe outsic tr~
eatment for jaundice. It relievesthe kidne~ys
As oil is to a car engine so water is tot of~someof their burdenby eliminatingwastes
body, the universallubricantthat makes c through the skin when you sweat.
erything else work. All the functions of t
r;&~Moderatework or exerciseoutdoors every
body depend on water.
!daywill secure these benefits and more. We
A lack of water dehydratesthe fluids, t
and cells of the body.It causesthe blo ~~Yec
eive the sun's rays even on cloudy days;
howeverordinarywindow glass f ilters out 95
tohe5 skeneas'
Csu;iclng2:a anf kec ~Ipercentof the useful ultraviolet light.
ycemia,causingheadaches,tiredness,a at About S]Idu Canorr?
g spells. Sun should be taken in moderation.Over-
ooen to twelvecupsof w osure to sunlight is a major risk factor for
cancer. Melanoma, a quickly spreading
skm cancerthat is fatalin 20 percentof cases,
associated with lack of regular sun expo-
sure and repeatedburning of the skin. Avoid

feine and alcohol are both diuretics which

cause the body to lose water.Youneed an ex-
tra glass of water for every high-sugar, ~Vght ~~~~ Z~~
caffeinated or alcoholic beverageyou drink. Sunshinehas gottensome bad publicityre- sunlightprovidesso manybenefits thatavoid"
Drinkingwater with meals dilutesthe gas- cently;the impressionhas beengiventhat even ing it is not a healthy choice.
tricjuices andslowsthe digestiveprocess.The small amount of sun are harm%l.While it is At least ten minutes of sunlight per day is
best time to drink water is between meals, true that excessivesunlightcan increasetherisk necessary to maintain good health. Any ex"
beginning an hour after eating, until fifteen of skin cancerand cataracts,sunshinein mod"posure of more than this should be based on
minutes before the next meal. crate amountshas many benefits. your individualskin tone.


NEW S IllrlART of happinessand well-beingbyaltering brain Endeavor to get as much fresh air as you
"L I C][npCrgnCC L ER ss
Pdvuseotessia7E~~l;2 Syn e:&%lre are some suggestions that
~he+w:d ]~[mhPere' whe? +.uSed+m the lution causesair to lose these capabilities.
contextoHealth, nas ILnree
veryulstmctmean- Environmentalimpuritiesa@ct people in .:.Venmation

+MOr+PIs notAalwaZSbetter' 1],rk' ercilse depresion. pollut'ionis also'associated'with n mind whereveryu are Avod car exhaust,
rest,eating,Lanasunsmneare au nenellclaland increasedasthma,and other respiratoryprob- tobacco smoke, and stuffy ill-ventilated
ecessaryb ut . othem taken to extrmLes }ems,and many f these contaminant- have rooms.
becomes harmlul' Overeating' even ot the beenlinked to ncreased rates of cancer and
most healthy foodsis detrimental.Exerciseis other illnee ,- u .-.- .:. Deep hr
Indispensableto living.healthfully,but over- In closed areas the same air can be Takeseveraldeepbreathsto clear the mind
exertioncan cause injury. and increasethe energy level.
Anything harms the body is I. Findthe freshestair available.Go out-
| doors if possible.
2. Stand erect.
| 3. Draw as much air into your lungs as
| they will hold. Imagine it goingright
| down into your belly. Feel your stom-
| ach expand.
certainpeopleand thoughtpatterns.This | 4. Hold your breath for a few seconds.
rule simplystatedis, "First,dono harm." | 5. Empty your lungs as completely as
Self-restraintis easily said but it is | possible; use your stomachmusclesto
an elusive goal for most of us. It is so-
bering and alarming to realize that of-
] gentlypush out the last bit of air.
ten we really are not in control of our- ] 6. Repeatthe process five or six times.
selves, that we are slaves to some | 7. Take a fresh air break several times
appetite or habit. When you find that | daily.
what you will to do you don't havethe | Mostpeople use lessthan half of their
power to accomplish,there is hope. See | lungcapacity.They are not gettingall the
Habits and Addictionsp. 20. | potential benefits from the air they
| breathe. Consciously use your stomach
| cram~ estoafillda~deeply
%e3ssg 5
| soon becomea habit.

|| .:. Exercise
A good workoutforcesyouto breathe
| oplgeyn~htg5 tuhrop
Tghe cirouhYodn:
I thiaaturates each cell Sth oxygen. J
in te :evorngrfl&e&hai~ :lea~

J .:. Posllnre
day you take more than 17,000 breaths The way we stand and sit affects the
to keeP your body fueled. The heart sends breathed and rebreathed over and over. The amount of air th lungs can hold.When we sit
blood to the
Where it drops off carbon oxygencontent decreases,and the carbon di- up straight and "walk tall" we allow them to
dioxidefor ellmmatlonand picks up freshoxy- oxide and other wastes increase. When we enlrgeoand work at full capacity.When we
gen for deliveryto every cell in the body. breathe this stale air, the supply of oxygen is habitually stoop or slouch it is impossibleto
Freshair has many health benefits. It im- insufficientto keep the cells fueled. Devital- breath deeply.Superficialbreathingsoon be-
proves the brain's ability to function; gives ized air increasestension,anxiety,irritability, comesa habit and the lungs loose their power
clarity to the mind, improves concentration, and headaches. It promotes depression and to expand and receive a sufficient supply of
and boosts learningabilities. It givesa sense chronicfeelings of fatigueand exhaustion. oxygen.


~ ~ suffer. Sleep deprivation~impairs judgment, ~4.Before bedtime relax your body and
*~P,ants causingvalues and priorities to change.Con- mind.Takea warmbath; drinka cup of herbal
From the rainforest,to the city park, to the tinned loss of sleep can result in exhaustion, tea, such as catnip or hops; enjoy some quiet
home, plants serve the very important func- depression,delusions,paranoia, and halluci- reading or soft music; do somethingpleasant
tion of recyclingthe atmosphere.Theyabsorb nations.Losingas littleas three hoursof sleep and soothing.
carbon dioxide from the air and produceoxy- in a single night can cut the effectivenessof 5. Avoidstimulants like radio, television,
gen for us to breathe.Someprovidethe added your immunesystemin half. Slowedreaction tobacco, and caffeine.
advantage of removingtoxic pollutants from time and decreased concentrationlead to an 6. Avoid upsetting arguments, conversa-
the air. increasein accidents,both fatal and nonfatal. lions, and confrontationsin the evening.Be'-
Estimates suggestthat as manyas 30 percent fore bedtime set your worries and anxieties
.:. A PDP al cnvh onmcnt of fatalautomobileaccidentsare causedby a aside. Ask forgivenessand make restitution
Fresh air has a different chemicalmakeup driverfalling asleep at the wheel. In a classic to those you may have hurt-obtain a clear
from the indoor air most of us breathe; it is health study it was found that people who conscience.
ionized or electrically charged which is the regularlyslept sevento eight hours each night 7. Refrain from alcohol; it interfereswith
primary reason for its multitude of health ad- had a lower death rate than those who slept the body's ability to rebuild itself while you
vantages.This air is produced in natural set- less than that. are sleeping Check your medicationsfor side
tings, around trees and movingwater, in sun- In the U.S. fatigueis one of the most com- effects that interferewith sleep.
light, and after thunderstorms. mon reasons for visiting a physician. Many 8. A cool,dark, comfortable,tidy,and quiet
Fresh countryair soothesthe nerves,stimu- people have been sleepy for so long that they sleepingarea with an abundant supplyof fresh
lates the appetite,and induces soundrefresh- don't know what itYlike to feel wide awake. air will soothe the body and encouragerest.
ing sleep. Do you nod off wheneveryou're not active, 9. Asyou goto sleep,take timeto be thank-
lf you are fighting sickness, fresh air, in need an alarm clock to wake up, or sleep ful for the blessings in your life.
combination with the other principles of longer on your days off ? If so, you are prob- Our bodies require more than just a daily
health, is a powerful remedy. ablyot eenug msle3 eeodb },OseePt.thpAt ceath% Ghid e~~o
"M .hZg~~~
you look back overyour life you may be able Eve, civil leaders, ~ par-
NEW sTAKTtIfst in God to recognize some of the times when He has ents, all affect ~~ e inno-
What do faith, religion, and trust in God workedto get your attention and tell you He cent suffer ~ pie's faulty
haveto do with health?The list of benefits is lovesyou. decisions,~~ ~ ~~~
extensive.Research has shownthat spiritual- What aftout the trials of life; 3. the violation of
ity helps to control stress,strengthen the im- where is God when any world is bjects fall; ice is slippery;
mune system, and protect against heart dis- falling apart? machineryfails.When the physicallaws tkatk
Always look attrials through the lens of govern om world are broken, accidents hap..
ease and cancer. Beyond these scientifically
Calvary. God's love for you was provenat the pen and people get hurt.
verifiable benefits, God promiseseternal life
cross;"But God commendethhis love toward 4. Because of the advcrwof.
to those who trust Him-a life of perfect
us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ Satan is allowedto test the loyaltyand com-
health and freedomfrompain, fear,and death.
diedfor us."(Romans 5.`8).He cannever act mitment of those who claim tob~
But can I trust Rho? Does He even toward you in a way other than love.This di- (SeeJob / ,'/ -12). Satan maintainsthat God's
exist, and if so, does He care about me per- vine love combinedwith His perfect wisdom people do not serve Him from love but be-
sonally? Before you can trust anyone-God and unlimitedpower`Insures that His decisions causeHe protectsand profitsthem,that if pain,
or man-you have to get to know him, ob-
serve his personalityand character,commu- Yere:Ts~~~~ oo~
~~ eeald:d~ hi~ losC tooeSmfltatataSs e omGode
nicateand interactwithhim, and considerhow couldosee.1-'bl under triai,.yet _s ue to GodHeis vindi-
he treats others and whether he keeps his
promises.Before youcan trust God you need
+^1^^^^,,,,, ,m;,+^A. +,11, 1:.+^. ^ ~ A ,, ..1,

that affect our lives may not be the best, but

when we stay surrenderedto His loving care
He takes those lessthan perfectcircumstances
and works them out for our ultimatebenefit.
He will alwaysgiveus eitherstrengthto bear
our trialsor providea way of escape;He prom-
ises, "/ am withyou always,even unto the end
of thewodd." (Matthew28.'20).Whenwe place
ourselvesin Hishands He will make all things
work togetherfor good. (See Romans.8..28).
Remember, God can see the big picture
where we cannot. We are likechildren, inca-
pable of understanding decisions for future
good that bring disappointmentnow.Rather
than staringblindly at your hurts and dashed
hopes, seek to understandGod's perspective
in each circumstance.
Ilp may stlll be recognized Prayer is the opening of the heart to God
~ &~ougft others. Likethe moon as to a friend. Come to Him as you are with
2~ eeting the light of the sun, genuine Chris- your hopes,doubts,and questions.Shareyour
concerns,your joys, and struggles.
Perseverein learning of Him and talking
~2R~' partial, Incomplete,or even distorted to Him; you will come to experienceHis great
H -=
It is better to look to the Source
aw - -~~WA ww ww ~RAW ~<FR~w

unfailing love, His power and wisdom, the

~ Through
O providence- kindness,beauty,and compassionof His char-
God's personal care, protection, acter, and the joy of doing His will. Youwill
and guidance. God intervenes in our learnto trust Himand knowthatHe loves you
lives; He leads, cares fol; and protects us. If and will never harm you. A


I. Rise early and drink two 8 oz.
merr.,vheart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit glasses of water.
~ drieth the bones."-King Solomon. 2. Spend time seeking to know
-ereare twomore principles of sentmentcause stress and wear down the God through Bible study and
,ealth beyond the eight tebody'm ad puftoohel~hwVo%aelmmhopeunefah
3. Plan your day. Arrange to give
dEW START laws that deserve sympath~ love, contentme~'for~ieness~
special mention. They are gratitude and jy, bud ~ratitudepromotehealth nd pro- of your time and energy in ser-
serving others. long life. vice; make someone else feel
loved and appreciated.
Gratitude ServingOthers 4. Do fifteen minutesto an hour of
Gratitude is a choice to be thankful and The great law of life in the universe is a exercise.
count life's blessings rather than to dwell on law of service. God provides for every liv- Take a shower.
troubles and hardships. Choosing to be ing thing; Christ came to the earth to serve
thankful for the good things in life promotes and give His life for mankind; the angels 6. Eat a good breakfast.
a happier frame of mind. To practice this, are occupied in caring for the needs of hu- 7. During the morning, drink 2 to
make a list every night of at least ten things manity. The same law of service is seen
for which you are thankful. Gratitude will throughout nature. The birds and animals, 3 eight oz. glasses of water, and
do wonders for any relationship. Express- the trees, grass, and flowers, the sun, moon, avoid snacking.
ing thanks to God fosters trust and love and stars-all provide something of benefit 8. Eat a moderate lunch, followed
for Him. to others. by a stroll outside. Breathe
While there are many studies that show Is the world a better place because you
the health benefits of various positive men- are here? Strive to live a life of service; go deeply.
tal attitudes, one of the most interesting out of your way to be kind to someone to- 9. During the afternoon, drink 2 to
pieces of evidenceis the placebo effect. Pla- day. Kindness is rewarding; giving is a con- 3 more glasses of water; remem-
cebos are commonly used to test new medi- dition of healthy living,a law of mentalwell-
ber no snacking.
cines. One group is giventhe new drug while being.
the other is given a useless look-alike. Pla- Most of us f ind that when we're not in 10. Eat a very light eveningmeal or
cebo subjects often report results as good good health it's easy to focus our attention skip supper altogether and take
or better than those receiving the real medi- on our own needs and difficulties. Yetoften a walk instead.
cine. Mental outlook has a powerful influ- getting our minds off ourselves and work-
ence on physical health. Attitude can make ing for the good of others is just what we l1. Change your pace in the after-
the difference in recovery from a major need to give us the strength to get well. It noon and evening;do something
illness. also reminds us that we are not the only ones physical if your daytime work is
Grief, anxiety, discontent,rmorse, guilt, with problems.
mental, or vice versa. Schedule
; changes one step at a
'ecomes a habit take the some family time. Drink at least
}provingyour health. Fi- one more glass of water.
force the changes you 12. Before you go to sleep, list
){hers; just enjoy your
ten things for which you are
of life until your friends
nily desirethe improved thankful.
alth whic h y ou now Go to bed at the same time each
lave. ^ evening. One hour's rest before
midnight is worth two hours of
rest after midnight.


' Hcallth for tllc whole parson areas,of life b?comes,all? ,ing or is neglected,the result is
an unbalancedand unhealthyIndlvldual.
We cannotbe totally well unlessevery part of us is healthy.In fact Finally,part of being in balance is knowingwhat is most valuable
the mental,social,and spiritualfactors may be evenmore involvedin and important. There will be times when you will have to choose
causing or fighting manydiseasesthan are the physicalfactors.Many between what is best for one element at the expenseof the others.A
of the laws that we listed as governingphysical health apply equally young person might have to choose between a career in sports or
well to the other facets of life. science.Youmight havetime to get eitherphysical exerciseor spiri-
I. Nutrition-It is necessaryto eat to live, not onlyphysically,but tual nourishmentbut not both. You make choices based on what you
' also in the other three dimensions. value most. Why not make your spiritualdimensionthe top priority,
Mentally:If new informationand ideas are not fed into the mind and base each decision on how it will affect your spiritual life and
on a regular,basi?the inte,lyctSease4,to gr.owand ,develop!.be- health?It wouldbe a terrible wasteto makephysicalhealth yourhigh-
corning weak and stunted uon-t dwell on me trivial, degrading, est priority onlyto miss out completelyon eternal life and the associ-
or useless; these things can be consideredmental junk food. ateJ radianthealh Christ promiies. Mut seek yefirst the kingdom of
Socially: If love, resPect, and comPanionshiPare not a regular God,And His rl'ghteousness,'and all these thin'gsshallbe adaedunt
part of yourlife,your socialcapabilitiesbecomeweakand dwarfed. you."(Matt. 6:3U3). 1
SPiritually.ChristiansnourishthemselvessPirituallythroughBible -5,,Water,fresh air, and $un$hine,These are all useful for cleanli-
study,prayer, fellowship,and service to others. ness, which is a principlethat applies equallyto all segmentsof life.
2.Exercise-Activity is a law of lifethat Spiritually:We needto open our hearts
is often phrasedthis way,"Use it or lose dailyto the sunshineof God's love, let
It." the pure air of the Spirit flow into om
ay~2~Idect'wemoweree% / O S g n ~&G8 wasaccephetingd
es foCene
be exercised. Mentally:Likewise,when the mind is
coSoc/J'mu~a%aTdes~ raelGae tb ng 0 %ellidW~d~rLhleZ~?e b~
grow when they are practiced. come changed."Butultimately,onlyby
Spiritually: The exercise of faith, 1n4,o.fnvrnnvo 444 accepting Christ's offer to create in us
prayer,love,and perseveranceare es- w w a new life can the mind be completely
sential for spiritual strength and cleansed.
growth. mVrduapint4mRqnf Socially:AsChrist changesthe life and
3. Rest-We needto relax and regener- ' 'J the person sincerelyrepents, confesses,
ate after activity. apologizes,and makes amends, others
Mentally:The mind needsto rest af- b|)l)|lhf tff|lIlf: will realize that this is a new and clean
ter periods of intensemental activity - person.
Christ knows and loves each of us
59:[() as if there was no one else. He longs

Socially:A time awayin privacyand

solitudeis necessaryafter periods of
heavy social interaction.
Spiritually: After intense periods of
ministry Christ`s servants need to
"Cwi7dhgsDspiZalt ej%at~ so2S~76~3hTime Fl|IO Inseparable Fonr Bhncnsions
4. Temperance-The basic definitionof this law of life and health is The four dimensions of life are inseParableand so interrelated
to avoidthat which is harmful and practice moderationin that which that what affects one Part of us affects every other Part as well.
is healthful. ' Physically:Poor physical health can cloud the mind, depress the
First, do no harm. attitudes, and make it more difficult to keep spirituallyhealthy.Con-
Mentally: Don't do anything that would destroyor pollute your versely, good health can clear the mind and improvethe mental out-
mental faculties. look, promoting enriched spiritualstrength and health.
Socially: Don't acquire harmful habits or friends, or engage in Mentally.Willpower,attitude, and intellect havea decided influ-
sociallydestructivebehaviorslike gossip, criticism,breakingcivil ence on how we liveour lives and apply or reject the various laws of
laws, or engaging in risky, degrading,sexual behaviors. health.
Spiritually:Don't destroyyour spiritualsensibilitiesby dwelling Socially.Both the attitudesthat permeate our homes, and the rela-
on spiritually destructiveemotions such as hatred anger, or re- tionships we form, have the powerto affectour health
venge. Avoidputting yourselfunder Satan'spowerthrough occult Spiritually.The exerciseof faith,love,hope,prayer,perseverance,
practices or the rejection of the Spirit of God. and dedication to God will bring peace of mind character growth,
Second practice moderation and balance in things that are good. and increasedphysical health.
This involvesmore than just a balance between such things as activ- The study and practice of these extended health principles will
ity and rest, logic and emotion, solitude and the multitude. It also make a difference in the usefulnessand qualityof life. Each of these
consists of keeping a healthy balance betweenthe four dimensions laws with which we cooperatebrings a benefit, but when we cooper-
(mentally,physically, spiritually and socially). When one of these ate with all of them the rewards are multiplied! &


',,not a hum,anweakn.ess,for.whicp He has not provide,
.da remedm
ILarea not often addressed in mod- from God. Take this son, this daughter,'He
;rn society is the importance of a says; train it for Me; give it a character pol-
lealthy family unit. "Home should be ished after the similitude of a palace, that it
Nherecheerfulness,courtesy,and love may shine in the courts of the Lord forever.'
abide; andwherethese gracesdwell,therewill The more quiet and simple the life of the
' abide happiness and peace. Troublesmay in- child the more favorable it will be to both
vade, but these are the lot of humanity. Let physicaland mentaldevelopment.At all times
patience,gratitude,and lovekeep sunshinein the mother should endeavorto be quiet, calm,
the heart, though the day may be ever so and self-possessed. Many infants are ex-
cloudy.In such homes angels of God abide. tremelysusceptibleto nervousexcitement,and
' The home should be to the children the the mother's gentle, unhurried manner will
most attractive place in the world and the have a soothing influence that will be of un-
mother's presence should be its greatest at- told benefit to the child.
traction. Children have sensitive, loving na- Motherswho desiretheir boys and girls to
tures.They are easilypleasedand easilymade possessthe vigor of health should dress them
' unhappy.By gentlediscipline,in lovingwords properly and encourage them in all reason-
and acts, mothers may bind their children to able weatherto be much in the open air.
their hearts. The importanceof trainingchildrento right
' In the morning before he leaveshome for dietetic habits can hardly be overestimated.
' his daily labor, let the father gather his chil- The little ones need to learn that they eat to
drenabout him and, bowingbefore God com- live, not live to eat.
mit them to the care of the Father in heaven. In many casesthe sicknessof childrencan
Whenthe cares of the day are past, let the fam- be traced to errorsin management.Irregulari-
ily unite in offering grateful prayer and rais- tiesin eating,insufficientclothingin the chilly
ing the song of praise, in acknowledgmentof evening,lack of vigorous exerciseto keepthe
divinecare during the day.Fathers and moth- blood in healthycirculation,or lack of abun-
ers, however pressing your business, do not dance of air for its purification, may be the
fail to gather your familyaround God'saltar. cause of the trouble.Let the parents study to
Ask for the guardianshipof holyangelsin your find the causesof the sickness,and then rem-
home. Rememberthat your dear ones are ex- edy the wrong conditionsas soon as possible.
posedto temptations.Daily annoyancesbeset Teachyour childrenfromthe cradleto prac-
the path of young and old. Those who would tice self-denialand self-control.Teachthem to
live patient, loving, cheerfullives must pray. enjoythe beautiesof nature and in useful em-
Onlyby receivingconstanthelp from God can ploymentto exercisesystematically all the pow-
we gain the victory over self. ers of body and mind. Bringthem up to have
Let the husbandand wifesWdyeach other's sound constitutionsand good morals,to have
happiness,never failing in the small courte- sunnydispositionsand sweettempers.Impress
sies and little kindly acts that cheer and upontheirtendermindsthe truththat God does
brighten the life. Perfect confidence should not designthatwe shouldlivefor presentgrati-
existbetweenhusbandand wife.Togetherthey fication merely, but for our ultimate good.
shouldconsidertheirresponsibilities.Together Above everythingelse, let parents surround
theyshould work for the highest good of their their childrenwith an atmosphereof cheerful-
children. Never should they in the presence ness,courtesy,and love.
of the childrencriticize each other's plans or In the beginningGod placed our first par-
question each other'sjudgment. Let the wife ents amidstthe beautifulsights and soundsHe
be carefulnotto make the husbandkwork for desiresus to rejoice in today.The more nearly
the childrenmore difficult.Let the husband we come into harmony with Godk original
hold up the hands of his wife, giving herwise plan, the more favorablewill be om position
counseland loving encouragement. to secure health of body, and mind, and soul.
Childrenas well as parentshaveimportant Betterthan anyother inheritanceof wealthyou
dutiesin the home.They shouldbe taughtthat can give to your childrenwill be the gift of a
they are a part of the home firm. They are fed healthy body, a sound mind and a noble
and clothedand lovedand cared for, and they character.
shouldrespondto thesemany merciesbybear- Instead of dwelling where only the works
ingtheir share of the homeburdensand bring- of men can be seen, go where you can look
ing all the happinesspossibleinto the family upon the works of God. Find rest of spirit in
of which they are members. the beauty and quietude and peace of naWre.
The mother should cultivate a cheerful, Go where,apart from the distractionsand dis-
contented happy disposition.Every effort in sipations of city life, you can give your chil-
this directionwill be abundantlyrepaidinboth dren your companionship, where you can
the physicalwell-beingand the moral charac- teach themto learn of GodthroughHis works,
ter of her children.In the childrencommitted and train them for lives of integrity and use-
to her care, every motherhas a sacred charge fulness."-E. G. White &
e en
Cardiovascular coconuts. Walnuts, almonds, pecans, and Eight Keys to Heart Disease
Disease hickory nuts all have high P/S ratios, with
black walnuts topping the list at a ratio of
There are eight keys to preventing, treat-
ing, and reversingheart disease. They are so
Heart diseaseand strokescause nearlyhalf 10.33/1.Whenpolyunsaturatedf atsare hydro- effectivethat if everyAmericanfollowedthem
of all deaths in America,and severely reduce genated,such as in margarineand shortening, 90 percentof heart attackscouldbe prevented.
the qualityof life for many people.Both dis- they raise LDL cholesterol levels. Mono- 1. Reduce blood cholesterol.Levels less
eases havethe same underlyingcause,which unsaturatedfats tendto raiseHDL (good) cho- than 150 mg/dl will reduce the risk of heart
is atherosclerosis,a conditionin which cho- lesterol. Olive oil is a notable source of this attack by 60 to 90 percent.
lesterol,fat, and calcium harden,narrow,and type of fat. Eventhoughunsaturatedfats have 2. Eat a plant based diet. All the choles-
eventuallyplugthe arteries.Thisprocesstakes a favorableeffect on cholesterol levels,they terolwe eat comes fromanimalproducts;plant
many years and givesvirtually no clues until should be used in moderation. foods contain no cholesterol.To remove all
the arteries have 50 to 80 percent blockage. The type of protein consumedalso affects cholesterolfrom the diet all animal products
While there are some risk factors for car- cholesterol levels. Animal protein increases must be eliminated.
diovasculardiseasethat we can't change,such blood cholesterol levels while plant protein 3.Increasedietary Bber.It absorbs cho-
as age and sex, there are some that we can do decreasesit. See chart on page 18. lesterolin the digestivetract and removesit.
something about.Accordingto the Framing'
hamHeart Studythe six most importantmodi-
fiable risk factors are high cholesterol, ciga-
rette smoking, high blood pressure, obesity,
diabetes, and physical inactivity.
The amount of cholesterolin the blood1.8
one of the three most important risk factors
for atherosclerosis.
Researchshowsthat the risk of death from
heart disease increases when cholesterolex-
ceeds l5Omg/dl.Howeverthatis notthe whole
picture.Cholesterolcomesin two forms:LDL
(the bad kind)and HDL (the goodkind).RBI
acWallyprotects us from atherosclerosishy.
removing cholesterol from the arteries.An
HDL level of 75mg/dldropsheart diseasensl(
to near zero,while a level of 25mg/dl or lower
raises the risk very high.
An especiallyharmful type of cholesterol
(oxidized cholesterol) is found in Parmesan
cheese, lard dry mixesthat containpowdered
milk or eggs, such as custard and parlcake
mixes, and other processed foods containingG m

cholesteroland sugar.Someof the chemicals

in oxidized cholesterolare so toxicthey can
cause irreversibledamageto arterialwaflsnrB

Anotherfactor is the type of fatinthe diet..-

Saturated fat (S) is more effectiveat raisirlg
cholesterollevels than dietary cholesterolit- '-
self is. PolyunsaWratedB[tfP)lowers chole
terol levels; however,ittakes twice as much
polyunsaturatedfat to cancel the effects of a
given amountof saWratedfat.A P/S ratio less
than 2/I willraise cholesterolwhilea ratioof-
more than 2/1will lowercholesterol.All meat
and dairy productshavea poor P/S ratio as do
4. Decrease bloodlevelsof fat.Sugar, fat, 3. Eat regular meals with nothing be- taking a blood pressure lowering drug.
and alcohol increase the amount of fat in the tween them except water.Research shows The followingare some methods to lower
blood. Fat promotesplaque buildup in the ar- thatthose eatingfour meals a dayhave double blood pressure:
teries and stimulatesthe bloodto clot, increas- the risk of colon and rectal cancer as com- 1. Lose weight.Obesityis one of the most
ing the risk of heart disease. paredto those who eat onlytwo meals per day. importantcontributorsto high bloodpressure.
5. Stop smoking. Over a period of five 4. Exercise daily. This will enhanceyour Sixty to seventy percent of hypertension is
years this will reduce yourrisk of heart attack immunityimprove circulationand digestion, directly attributedto increasedbody fat. 2
by 50 to 75 percent. and reduce stress.Physicalinactivityincreases 2. Utilizea low-salt diet. The body must
6. Start a regular aerobic exercisepro- raise the blood pressureto enablethe kidneys
gram. This raises HDL so effectivelyit can percent to cope with a high salt intake. Don't assume
reduce the risk of heart disease by over 45 5. Obtain moderate sun exposure.It en- thatjust becauseyou havetakenthe saltshaker
percentinthose who are unfit. hancesthe immunesystemand decreasesthe off the table youare on a low salt diet. Eighty
7. Reach and maintain yourideal body riskof variouskinds of cancer.VitaminD, pro- percent of our salt comes hidden in processed
weight.Losing weight can cut heart disease ducedby sunlighton the skin, suppressesab- foods. Read the labels; educate yourself on
risk by 35to 55 percent inthose who are more normal cell growth. how much salt is in the foods you eat, and
than 20 percent overtheir ideal weight. 6. Maintainproper weight. Excessbody make a specific plan to reduce sodium intake
8. Reduce blood pressure.A ten pointre- weight can increasecancerrisk byas much as to less than 2,000 mg/day.
duction in blood pressure reduces heart dis- 55 percent. 3. Eliminate caffeine, nicotine,and al-
ease risk 20 to 30 percentin those with high 7. Learn stress contml. Stress depresses cohol.All ofthese substantiallyraisethe blood
blood pressure. the immunesystemand is a major risk factor pressure.
Many people have experiencedvery good in cancer development. 4. Learn to control stress.The stress re-
resultsfrom implementingthese principles.As Many people have experienceda slowing sponse in the body raises the blood pressure,
artery blockage reverses, angina pains have down or complete disappearance of tumor and unrelieved stress keeps it high. Over-
clearedup, and an activenormal life has again growthby makingthese adjustments.Lifestyle work and worry are major contributors to
become possible. changes should be a part of any cancer treat- hypertension.
Note: All material taken from; Nedley N . Prooj`Positive
OK Neil Nedley M.D. 1999 pp. 55-90.
ment and maintenanceprogram. 5. Adopt an aembic exercise program
1.American Cancer Society website: http./' /www, such asbriskwalking.Exerciseat least 3 days
cancel-info/ sitecenter.asp.
2.Nedley N. Proof Positive Ardmore, OK Neil Nedley M.D. 1999 a week for 45 minutes. Exercise strengthens
Cancer p.47.
3 Ibid. p.31.
the heart and enables it to pump more effi-
Cancer is the number two killer in this ~Note: The rest of the material in this section is from the same source ciently.A regular exercise program signifi-
country.Morethan 1500people a day diefrom pp. ll-54. The studies cited there are too numerous to document.
cantly reduces blood pressure.
cancer-the equivalent of three jumbo jets 6. Eat oatmeal and green leafy veg-
crashing each day, every day. These are ap- etables. These have been shown to reduce
palling statistics, especially since many can- blood pressure.3
} ~ The fifth report of the Joint National Committee on Detection.
cers are preventable.Currently,one in every 1 1l Ski Ui UUU [t I ti 3 a Ul l , VI ILy pvt LL Ital UH, 1a

Knownas "the silent killer" because there are Evaluation and Treatment of High Blood Pressure (INC V)" Arch
two men and one in every three women will
often no symptoms. It is estimatedthat up to 2,A;y,%do99~f2s2l5e :I 3g l8OK3NeilNedley M.D, 1999
be diagnosedwith cancerat some timein their
25 percent of Americanshavethis condition, p 136'
lives.1 and about half of them don't know it. 1 This is 3" Ibid p" 142`
The AmericanCancerSociety definescan-
cer as "a group of diseases characterizedby senconge'ous;stivehyperteh
aal a%o Alcohol
uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal
cells."In a healthy body the immune system sclerosis,aneurysm, kidney disease, disease In spite of the recent news hype purport-
quickly identifies and destroys cancer cells er the retina, bloodvesselrupture, and weak-ingto sh benefits from e
when they first occur,but the typical Ameri- eneFZ2o5an@ental ability. alcohol is a dangerouspoison. In the U.S.itis
can lifestyle and diet predisposethe body to
develop cancerby introducingcarcinogensto maincategories of_ ~
the body and handicapping theimmune high b ~ I
system. secondary hyperten- 3
Adoptinga cancer protectivelifestyle can sionis caused by W
reduce your risk by up to 90 percent.2Here
are seven suggestionsfor success: subsides when these m
1.Avoid factors that f avor cancer devel- are treated; primary
hypertension ac-
opment. Use of tobacco and alcohol play a
part in about 44 percent of all cancers. Meat counts for 90 percent
of all cases of high
and dairy products, excessfat, sugar, choles-
terol,and sunshinehave all been linkedto one
due to lifestyle fac- '
or more kinds of cancer. Other cancer caus-
tors and inherited
ing agents have been found in coffee, choco-
late3,asbestos, wood dust, and a host of toxic ;scondepstibilwe~oW
style changes.These
2. Eat a proper diet. A high-flberlow-
need to be made un-
protein diet featuringa wide variety of fruits
der a doctor's super-
and vegetables has many cancer-inhibiting
components. * vision if a person is
number one drug problem for kills one out of everyfour of those who use it.
P/S I};|!ATllO
OF FOODS people from all walks of life. It Tobaccois responsible for the death of over
knowsno racial, ethnic,social,or 450,000 Americansper year-more than all
Animal PIS ra6o Plant PIS ratio economicbarriers." who die from AIDS, illicit drugs, fires, car
Whataboutthe studies cited crashes,and homicidescombined.I
~~ted fish ~ ~ ~T:nu~~l~ h 1~ ~ 2EegB;syhYrflEh%2: termAggoag%hft PnainuffllanJ

Butter 0.11 Pecan 3.08 iCS show that red wine increases smoking-relateddeaths are from heart attack,
T :'nm W=t B bloodflow by makingthe blood's stroke, and cancer. Twoof the more frighten-
meats ::6909 bet.tom 8; clotting cells, the platelets, less ingdiseases associatedwith smoking are em-
Bacon, deer, lamb 0.17~- 0.50 Pistachio 1.20 sticky.Research shows,however, physema and Buerger's disease. Emphysema
~~ ~
ththiseeBbus%lCa:u~cN5 i~s
:w,y ~ ;Cedasu~::~oesuroc%lle
flavonoids, found in grapes, as Buerger's disease, which is characterizedby
well as many other fruits, veg- the clogging and inflammationof the capil-
etables, and grains. Grape juice laries cuts off the bloodsupply and can result
withoutalcohol givesthe same ef- in gangrene of the f ingersand toes.
the second most deadly drug, coming right feet. It has never been demonstratedthat a Even if tobacco doesn't kill you outright,
after tobacco. An estimated 100,000Ameri- person living a healthy lifestyle gainsany ad- some of the nonlethal effects are just as bad.
cans die prematurelyeveryyear dueto its use. ditionalbenefit from alcohol. It weakensthe bones and is a risk factor for
Even the moderate use of alcohol can in- There is one tiny health benefit from alco- back pain; it causesimpotenceand premature
flict widespread damage to both the hol. It increases HDL (good) cholesterol,but menopause; it accelerateshair graying, skin
individual'shealth and society. so do some pesticides. The harm outweighs wrinkling,lossof vision,and decreasedphysi-
c. Alcoholof any amountinthe systemcauses any benefit. cal capacity..Cance treatmenl_canbe qainful
alterationanJ death of brain ells. Consideringthe nuffler9ushealth and so- and dlsfimg; a heart attack or stroke can
.:.Alcoholincreasesthe riskof hypertension, ~ %bnSTp=wdschhh2F;neg lea:%aba : deal to gain by kicking
stroke and damageto the heart muscle' coh'o1time ot folthirty days.If youc6n't live the habit:longerfe, more enegy fe,er me6
.:. Alcohol impairs the reproductivesystem. without it youneed to determinewhetheryou cal expenses-and the air is fresher, breath-
Heavy usage in men can cause impotence, are its master or its slave. ing is easier, food is more flavorful,money
testicle shrinkage,and enlargedbreasts. In The Alcoholics Anonymousorganization goes farther,you smell better, and so do the
women, it causes malfunctioningovaries helps men and womenwho want to overcome flowers.
and irregular menstrual cycles. the alcohol addiction. You can find their
.:. Alcohol-use by a pregnant woman can number listed in the local telePhone book. Kicking the Tobacco Habit
cause major damage to her unborn child. Jhleir buddy systemand 12 steflProgram can It is fl; an easy task to quit smoking.The
11,000 U.S. children are born every year ,helPyou'* 1988 Surgeon Gecraps reflolltrevealeBthat
with fetal alcohol syndrome and another lAthth~ Ito nicotine i six to eight timesrmore addictive
30,000 or more with other alcohol-rela.
ted than alcohol.Yetsince 1964,44 miflionAffleri-
oba cf{hsyses Tobacco h POK hthaev
tal retardation;growth, balance,and coor- IlInA 19791..,
the ". public h.eallthservice
of successare up to fi times high'erforthose
dination problems; and skull, facial, and called smoking,"1 he largest single Prevent-
who attenda Seinar such as thereathe Free
genital deformities. able cause of illness and Premature death in
plan to Stop Smoking, one of the most
or Alcohol weakens the immune system, the United States"' Tobacco is the only legal
successful smoking cesation programsever
increasing susceptibility to illness and ProductIn the U.S' that, when used correctly,
presented with oer 20 millongraduates
cancer. worldwide.
.:. Alcohol destroys the liver.Nearly 25,000 PERCENT OF FATAL CANCERS An addiction to tobacco is
iAndcs e.hyear from alcohol- RELATEDTO ALCOBOL Sh acpw.t

':' Alcohol is a contributing factor in many "-`-`

acyo ce yof of adiab o ede

orease du
g "mo
asoig, and lessens abstract thmkmg

The NationalCouncilon Alcoholand Drug trating, frustration or anger,

Dependencysays, "Alcohol is closely linked dizziness,and nausea. The av-
with virtually every negativeaspect of soci- erageperson experiencesabout
ety: suicide, violent crime, birth defects, in- five of these symptoms when
dustrialaccidents,domesticand sexualabuse, he or she makes a complete
disease, homelessness, and death. It is the breakwithcigarettes.The worst

of the withdrawalsymptomsare usuallyover .:.Showeror bathe morefrequently.Water * Persevere.Ifin a momentof weaknessyou
within the first 24-72 hours,and all physical has a tremendousequalizingeffecton the ner- give in to your cravings,don't give up. Deter-
symptomsshould be completely gone at the vous system and it keepsyour pores cleanand mineto persevereand continuef ighting until
end of four weeks. open,which helpseliminatetoxinsthroughthe you win. Figureout what went wrong,devise
Here are some things you cando to help skin. Also, ridiculous as it may sound, the a plan so it won't happen again, renew your
take the misery out of quitting. showeris actually a safe retreat when a nico- commitment and obtain the victory.Do not
.:.Chooseto quit. The first and most impor- tine cravinghits. Showeringand smokingjust allow yourselfto flounderin self-destructive
tant step is to make a personalchoice to stop don't go together for most people. condemnationand stop trying.
smoking.Write down your reasons for quit- .:. Avoidsubstancesthat make it more dif- .:. Ask for help. Many people f ind that their
ting, keep them with you, and review them ficult to quit. Caffeine increases the inten- strongestresolutionsand most sincereprom-
frequently.Set a date, the sooner the better, sity of some withdrawalsymptoms such as ises are like ropes of sand. They realize that
and kick the habit. nicotinecravings,anxiety,ir ritability,anddif- they are slaves to tobacco, incapableof free-
re Eliminateall cigarettes.Don't planto fail. f icultysleeping It also alters the brain chem- ingthemselves.There is hope for those inthis
Cigarettescloseat hand intensifythe cravings. istry,making it harder to develop new habits. position. Your loving Creator will give you
Get rid of all temptation. It is often behaviorallylinked with smoking. strengthif youask Him. Spendsometimewith
An unusualreactionoccurswhen nicotineand
.:.Plan strategiesto resist cravings.Acrav- caffeineare given up at the same time; their
ing lastsonly twoto three minutes. If you can withdrawal symptoms tend to cancel each
distract yourself for that long the battle is other out, makingit easiertodiscontinueboth.
yours. Get a drink of waterand take several Thosewho stop smokingbut continuetodrink
slowdeep breaths.Tellsomeoneyour reasons coffee have a higher relapse rate than those
for quitting. Find an activity not related to who stop using both at the same time.
smokingthat can bedone automaticallywhen Alcohol interferes with judgment. It will
necessary. suppress the ability to stick with your deci-
.:. Exercisedaily.Exercise naturallyrelieves sion to quit.
anxietyand tension; it is a powerfulmood el- Heavy meals, especially in the evening,
evator.Whenfaced with cravings, exerciseis tend to bring on the urge to smoke.
an excellentoption. Plan some sort of moder- Spicy foods such as mustard, vinegar,
ate physicalactivity,suchas a brisk walk,into ketchup,pickles,pepper,and even cinnamon,
everyday. You will have fewerand less in- can increase smoking urges as well as other
tense cravings. withdrawalsymptoms.
.:.Get moresleep.For the first fivedays your .:.Avoid smoking associated situations.
body will tend to require more sleep. Arrange When, where,and with whomdo you usually
your schedule so that you havethe option of smoke? If you usually smoke sitting at the
an extra two hours in bed if you need it. This table afterdinner, then getup immediatelyand
will go a long way towardpreventing mood do something not associated with smoking.
swings and tendencies to irritability,frustra- What about that easy chair? Do you always
tion, and anger. have a cigarette in your hand when you sit
.:. Drink 8-12 glassesof water daily.Abun- there? Sit somewhere else. Explain to your
dant quantitiesof water will wash the poisons friends what you are doing and ask for their
from your system and preventdehydration, support. If they try to undermineyour resolve
which seemsto makea number of withdrawal or tempt you, they are not reallyyour friends;
symptomsworse. Other beveragesare not as avoid them until you have fu-mlybroken the
effectiveat keepingyou hydrated.Calfeinated habit.
drinks, arediuretics and promote water loss. .:. Helpsomeoneelse.Programsthatemploya
Eating just fruit and drinking only fruit buddysystemareinvaluable.The actof helping
juice or water for the first twenty-fourhours someoneelse quit providesa tremendousboost
may help flush your system of toxins. and is a motivationfor youto keep going.
Him each day in self-surrender and give the old habit is alwayspresent.
this battle to Him. Persevereand He will set Addictionshave several common charac-
you free. teristics, one of which is the loss of control.
1. McGinnis JM, Foege WH. Actual causes of death in the United
States. JAMA 1993 Nov 10;270(18):2207-2212.
Any habit that is not fully under your com-
mand is an addiction.
The primary methods for dealing with a
habit or an addiction are the same:
O Stop "coldtnrkey."If you tmly want
to change,you must make a clean break from
TIPS FOR QUITTING your habit or addiction and abstain for life.
Youcanno more indulgea bad habitin "mod-
.:.Choose to Quit. eration"than an alcoholiccan returnto "mod-
erate" drinking.
.:.Eliminateall cigarettes. O Addressthe mot causes.If your ad-
diction is broughton by stressyou must learn
.:.Planstrategies to resist to deal constmctivelywith this foundational
cravings. problem beforeyou can expectto master your
* Exercisedaily. O Makeno provisionto fail.Don't keep
the cigarettes,liquor, chocolate,etc., around;
* Get more sleep. everyonehas weak moments.
0 Be willing to face some discomfort.
* Drink 8-12glassesof water Some sufferingmay be involvedin breaking
daily. a habit or an addiction.Be willing to endure,
alwayskeeping your goal in mind.
* Showeror bathe more 0 Persevere.If failure occurs, the ten-
dency is to become discouraged and quit.
frequently. Don't give up. Learn from your mistakeand
keep going. spent every penny I made on it, and when I
* Avoid substances that While these techniques have their place, was engaged inother activitiesI wasn't really
make it more difficult to some of us have a willpowerso weak that all there-I was trying to figure out how to slip
the methods in the world will not be enough. awayand indulge my habit.
Quit. We canno more changeour behaviorthan we I realized quite earlythat I was enslaved;I
can increaseour heightor change the colorof had a very small inklingof the damage it was
.:.Avoid smoking associated our skin through willpower alone. We love doing to me and the conflicts it was causing
situations. our habit evenwhile we hate the effects it has in my life. I tried to quit a number of times,
on us. but when the stress and pain of life got to be
* Help someoneelse. What canyou do when you realizethat you too much for me Gdbe back at it again. It was
are truly helpless and enslaved-when you my comfort,and my onlyresource for coping
* Persevere. have tried everythingand have given up on with life. I hated myselffor being so weak but
realized I was completely helpless.
yourself?That is just the place where God can
work with you. Give Him a chance, put the While inthis stateof minda thought came
whole matter in His capable hands,and relin- to me, "Youhave never given God a chance."
quish yourselfto His control. I figuredI had nothing to lose, soI said "God
I don't even know if Youexist, but I'm will-
ingto giveYoua try. If Youwill take complete
Experience of an Addict responsibility for removingthis habit, I will
Habits & Addictions In spite of the fact that I was raised in a surrender myself to Youand spend ten min-
Wheneverthe issueof a changein lifestyle good Christian home, by the time I entered utes in the morning and ten minutes in the
comes up, whether it is losing weight, quit- high school I was caught in a web of addic- eveningwithYoutryingto learnwhoYouare."
ting a harmful habit, or trying to get enough tion from which I couldnot free myself.This I kept my side of the bargain. Every day I
rest or exercise,manypeople know what they activitydidn't seem like a bigdeal. It gaveme would give myself and my problem to Him
need to do but can't seem to find either the pleasure and helped me cope with the stress and leaveit in His hands.I didn't dwell on it
desire or the will power todo it. and pain in my life. But since myparentsdid or fight it. I spent my energygetting to know
When we repeat an action over and over not approve of this habit I soon learned to lie Him. Severalmonthslater!realizedI had been
the brain changes and makes a "pathway"so and hide what I was doing from everyone free for weeksand the desire was gone. I had
it is easier to do that action again without around me. I withdrew from the society of been recreated a new person who was no
thinking about it. The only way to changethe others as much as possible,and began spend- longer a slave.
habit is to form a new "pathway"that is stron- ing every spare minuteI could by myself,lost Years have gone by; at times I have lost
ger than the old one. Manypeople find that it to the rest of the world satisfyingmy craving. my focus on Jesus and my connectionwith
takesapproximatelythreeweeksto form a new I didn't develop any friendsor learn to inter- Him. Then my old nature returned and I re-
habit. Unfortunately,the old pathway never act with other people. My addiction became sumedmy old ways.
goes away so the chanceof falling back into the sum total of my life. I lovedit, livedfor it, But my God is so gracious! He takes me

back, recreates me, and puts me back on the
right path. My relationship with Him is far SOURCES OF DIETARYCHOLESTSROL
more valuablethan wealth or honor,praiseor
possessions, and I don't ever want to trade it
for anything,lose it, or neglect it again.
BAB-An addict,free by the grace of God.
Cholesterol is found Fruits, vegetables,
only in animal foods. grains, and nuts contain
Diabetesis a serious conditionthat occurs \- no cholesterol
when the bodybecomesunableto use glucose
( sugar), which builds up to dangerouslevels
in the blood. High bloodsugar levels damage
' the body in a number of ways. Life expect-
ancy is shortened by 5 to 10 years or more.
The risk of heart disease, stroke, blindness,
foot.and leg amputations,..kidneyfailure, pe- , -,
rlpneral neuropathy, and breast and uterine
cancer is increased. It is estimated that six-
teen millionAmericansare diabetic,and one
third are unawareof it.I
There are two types of diabetes. Juvenile
onset diabetes-called Type I or insulin de"
pendent diabetes-is the more severe form.
Adult onset diabetes-called Type II or must be made in consultationwith a doctor, diabetics,but eating frequentmeals raisesab"
noninsulindependentdiabetes-is more com- since medications will need to be lowered soluteblood sugar levels 10to 15percent.On
mon. Both have problems with insulin, the quickly-sometimes within a matter of hours. a low"fat diet high in complex carbohydrate
substancewhich acts as the "key" to open the Here are some recommendedchanges. most people can easily maintain adequate
"door" of each body cell to let glucose enter 1. Avoiddietary fats. They are the main blood glucose levels with three or even two
and fuel the cell. Type I diabetics do not pro- factor responsiblefor makingcells unrespon- meals a day.Mealtimesshouldbe regular,with
duce enough insulin and must have regular sive to insulin.2Studies show that a 65 per- at least five hours between meals, and no
shots, or they will die.Type II diabetics have cent fat diet will induce diabetes in less than snacks. The evening meal can be omitted or
a less severe underproductionof insulin,and[/ two weeks.3 kept very light.Thiswill alsohelp withweight
or an insulin resistant condition,in which the loss.7Ask your doctor to adjust your insulin
2. Lose weight.Obesity is one of the pri-
cells do not respond to it. As a result,glucose injectionsas needed.
mary reasons cells become insulin resistant.
builds up in the blood while the cells starve. Losing weight makesthe cells more respon- 7. Harness the benefits of snnlight.Ex-
Type II diabetes is usuallythe result of a ge- sive, and this alone will cure many Type II posure to sunlight lowers blood sugar by
netic predisposition coupled with obesity, a diabetics.4 stimulatingits storagein the musclesand liver.
diet high in fat, and too little exercise. Diabeticsare benefitted by getting moderate
3. Exerciseregnlarly.Physical inactivity
The good news is that diabetescan often amountsof sunshine,but lengthysunbathing
contributesto the developmentof insulin re- is not recommended.
be controlledby lifestyle modifications.If a sistance.Regular exerciseenhances the cell.'s Thousandsof people havebeen successful
person is receivingmedication,these changes
abilityto use insulin.5Regularexerciseis criti- in bringingthis disease under control. Begin
cal for the diabetic and for those at high risk today to followthese simple suggestions,and
of developingthe disease because of excess youtoowill loseweight,feelbetter,havemore
weight or genetic predisposition. energy,and achieve the masteryoverdiabetes.
4. Avoidthings that aggravatethe prob- I.American Diabetes Association http,/' /!
lem. Refined sugar, caffeine, nicotine, and facts.asp.
2.McDougall J A A Challenging Second Opim'o n. New Jersey New
alcohol unbalance insulin production and Century Publishers Inc. 1985 pp. 217-219.
blood sugar levels. High blood press,ure,.ac-. 3.Diehl H, Ludington A. Health Power Review and Herald

- w~
- ~w-"
r ~-~
~~-www.-~~~~r ~-~-w~-~
wwww ~- ~___
Publishing assoc. 2000 p. 53.
4. Bar, R. Fluctuations in the affinity and concentration of insulin
Hey deterioration.6 receptors on circulating monocytes of obese patients: effects of
starvation, refeedl`ng, and dieting. J Ciln Imest 58:1123 1976.
5. Eat a proper diet. The AmericanDia- 5. O'Meara NM, Polonsky KS. Insulin Secretion in vivo. in: Kahn CR
betic Associationnowrecommendsa diet low ital Weir GC, et al, eds. Joslink Diabetes Mellitus- l3th Edition.
Malvern, PA: Lea and Febiger 1994 p. 86.
in fat, moderate in protein, and containing 6. Nedley p.178,179.
complex carbohydrates such as beans, veg- 7. Thrash A, and Thrash C. Nutrition for Vegetarians Scale, AL: New

etables and grains. The fiber found in such Lifestyle Books, 1982 p. III.

foods is a critical ingredient in the control of

blood sugar.Even fruit can be handled in this Osteoporosis
kind of diet if eaten unref ined and in Osteoporosisis a gradualandpainlesscon-
moderation. ditionin whichbones becomemore brittlebe-
6. Space meals appropriately. Five to cause of mineral loss and structural deterio-
___________ seven meals have often been prescribed for ration.It affectsone in everythree womenover

density can be increased by a daily exercise
3. Sunlight. Inadequatelevels of vitamin
D have been associated with osteoporosis.5
Sunlightstimulates the body to convert cho-
lesterol into vitamin D,which helps the body
absorb calcium.Vitamin D supplementsare
harcoal is one of the best-kept secrets in the world of healing. Charcoal has the | not as effective.
4. Abstention. Alcohol, caffeine, and
amazing ability to attract other substances to its surface and hold them there. This is |
nicotine consumption increase the risk of
1. NE, Alcautara EN, Linksisder H. Ef feet of level of
protein intake on urinary and fecal calcium and calcl~um

pletely harmless and is safe for internal use.`Oth'er sources of charcoal such as burnt toast, | retention of young male adults J. Nutr. 1970 Dec ;
100(12): 1425-1430.
and briquettes are ineffective and may be dangerous. Briquettes, for instance, contain petro- | 2. Feskanich D, Winch WC, et al. Protein consumption and
chemicals to help them ignite. Activated charcoal, which is available in many drug stores and | bone fractures in women. Am J.El)idermial 1996 Mar 1;
143(5): 472-479.
health food stores, is an amazingly effective remedy for a wide range of problems both | 3. Weaver CM. Calcium bioavall` ability and its relation to
internal and external. | osteoporosis. Proc. Soc. Exp Biol Med 1992 Jun;
Internally, charcoal combats poisoning, gastrointestinalcomplaints,diarrhea, sore throat, | 4. Aloia J. Exercise and Skeletal Health. J. Am Geriatr Soc
29 : 104, 1981.
_______________________________________________________ 5. Ross PD. Osteoporosis, Frequency, Consequences and
_______________________________________________________ Risk Factors. AV /ntern Med 1996 Jul 8;156(13) : 399-

_______________________________________________________ 1411.
6. Ibid.
andinto the poultice orcompress.I |
PhicChctccoat Poulticc | Obesity
1. Mix a little water into some charcoal powderto make a paste. | Obesityis one of America'sg featesthealth
2. Spread the charcoal paste approximately one-fourth inch deep on half of a cloth or paper | problems.It lays the foundationfor heartdis-
towel. Leave a border of one inch all around. Fold the other half over the charcoal paste. | ease, high blood pressure,cancer, and diabe"'
3. Place the poultice on the affected skin area and cover with a piece of plastic or cloth that | tes as well as numerous other problems like
extends one inch over all edges. | osteoarthritis,back pain, fatigue and low self
4. Hold the poultice in place with a roller bandage, ace bandage, wool fabric, or tape. | esteem. Every extra pound takes about one
5. Leave on for a few hours or overnight if necessary. | month fromyour life span.Sixty extra pounds
Note: For very small areas, a small amount of charcoal on a dampened band aid works well. | can cost you five years. Excess fat has such a
Caution: | direct correlation to health that every pound
IN THE EVENT OF POISONING call your poison control center; charcoal is useful for most but not all | lost or gained makes a difference.
poisons. | Losingweight has become a national ob-
Don't take charcoal within two hours of meals or medicines. It can adsorb such things as vitamins, | session.Wespend billionsof dollarseach year
minerals, and many drugs. If you are taking medication check with your doctor before beginning | on quick-fix fads, diets, and weightloss pills.
treatment with charcoal. | The sad factis that most are useless and some
Note: Charcoal stains. Do not let charcoal get on clothing or furniture. It is best not to put charcoal | are actually quite dangerous. Programs that
powder directly on the skin if it is cut or broken-it will leave a permanent mark. | include a diuretic are essentiallyforcing the
I. American Medical News, p. 37, June 22, 1984. I body to shed some of its muchneeded water.
A proteinoverdosewill dopracticallythe same
flfty years of age worldwide. Most are not There are some lifestyle factorsthat help thing. The body uses a lot of water to wash
awareof it until they suffer a fracture-most to significantlyprotect againstosteoporosis: the wasteproducts from excess protein out of
commonlyof the hip, wrist or back bones. 1. Nutrition. The optimum plan for this the system. Thesediets can cause impressive
These fractures can significantly affectthe condition is a vegetarian diet low in protein weight loss in a short time. However losing
qualityof life, and may causeprematuredeath with a moderate calcium intake from plant weight by forcing water from the system is
from complicationssuch as pneumonia. sources. It has been found that humans can dangerous and ineffective,since the body re-
Because calcium is the main mineral lost assimilatecalciumas well or betterfromplants places the water as fast as it can.
in osteoporosis,it has been thought that high than from dairy products.3The body also uses "Starvation" diets that provide less than
calcium intakewouldreduce bone loss.How- calcium to process excess salt and phospho- 500 caloriesper day become counterproduc-
ever,research has not borne this out. Instead rus. Watch out for foods that introducehigh tive if kept up for more than twoor threedays.
it shows that high protein intake from meat amounts of phosphates into the diet without The bodythen figuresoutthe food has stopped
and dairy sources robs calcium from the providingthe necessary calcium to process and conservesenergyby loweringthe metabo-
bones, even when calcium supplements are them. Suchfoods includesoda pop, meat, and lism-the rate at which you burn calories. It
being taken.1Interestingly,higher consump- dairy products. then beginsto consumethe parts of the body
tion of vegetableprotein does not appear to 2. Exercise.Studies show that lack of ex- that use the most energy-the muscles.When
be related to osteoporosisor bone fractures.2 ercise is a risk factor in osteoporosis. The you come off the diet with less muscle and a
See p. 5 A Diet of Excess for more informa- bones need to be pushed pulled and stressed much lowered metabolism you will gain
tion on the calcium protein connection. against gravityto retain their minerals. Bone weight more readily than before. Remaining

overweightwouldbe more healthfulthan the O Exerciseincreasesthe Basal Meta- break. Exercise raisesthe blood sugar.
repeated weight-loss/weight-gaincycles that bolic Rate (BMR) for several hours after- O Everything, includingweight loss, is
gradually deplete muscle and replace it with wards, which means calories bum at a faster more fun with a friend. Find a "buddy" you
fat tissue, making further weight loss nearly rate evenwhen you are inactive. can encourage;be accountableto each other
impossible. O Exercise builds muscle. It takes as you lose weighttogether.
The onlyweightloss programthat willhave roughly 50 calories per day to just maintain
a permanent effect is one that involvesper- C Don't strive for perfection and then
one pound of muscle.This increasesyourme- give up when you don't achieve it. Persistence
manent lifestylechanges. tabolism long term. is far more valuablein weight loss.
The weight puzzle solved Those who choose to build muscle as a
O While all weightloss is difficult thou-
The basic problem in obesity is too many means of getting rid of fat may not see much
sands of people have been successful in
calories. Whenever more calories are con- weight change initially, since muscle tissue
achieving and maintaining normal weight
sumed than the body can use, it stores them weighs three times more than fat tissue. Yet
while using these simple but effective
as fat. Every 3,500 extra calories equals an- they will find their body compositionChang-
other pound of stored fat.There are tw
egies to combat the problem:reduce th
ber of calories coming in and incre;
number of caloriesyou bum.
Calorie intake
A successfuland healthy weight lo
gram will provide adequate energyam
tion, and also be something you can 1
permanentpart of your life.
O Build menus around fresh
vegetables,grains,legumes and othe
all the nutrients necessary.They are ct
tasty, and low calorie as well.
O Eliminate or greatlyreducer
sugar and fats in the diet.Thanksto r
food processing it is now possible to
entire day's worth of calories at one
Since meat and dairy products are esp
high in fat and calories,limiting their I
make weight loss easier; meats and c
are 60-80 percent fat. Learn to read fc
bels; look for hidden fat and sugar c:
Butter, sauces, dressings, and gravy
condimentsthat can double or triple th
ries in an otherwisehealthy meal.
O Eat a generousbreakfast,a t
ate lunch, and skip supper comple
you must eat in the evening, choose
fruit.Calorieseaten in the morningare
as you go through the day. Calories e
night are stored as fat. Timingplays a h
dous part in weight loss. This could
key to your success.
O Avoidsnacks and beverages
than water between meals.It is easy
your entireallotmentof calories for th
just from snacks. Try recordingyour s
calories for a day or two and see.

Calorie expenditure
Tosuccessfullylose weightmore Ci
ries must be burned than are consulr
and that means increasedexerciseand ;
tivity. Exercise bums calories in seve
O The exer else it self bur n

was healed. In~thatone touch was concentratedthe fai

andinstantly her pain and feebleness disappeared.
Suddenly Jesus stopped, and looking round He
touched Me?"
Lookingat Him in amazement,Peter answered, "Ma
tudethrongTheeandpress Thee,and sayest Thou,Who1
Luke 8:45.
Christ didnot ask the questionfor His own informati
to inspire the afflicted with hope. He wished to showth
which had brought the healing power.
Many of those who came to Christ for help had bro
easeuponthemselves,yet He didnotrefuse to heal them.
these was the paralyticat Capemaum. This paralytic h
all hope of recovery.His diseasewas the result of a sin]
and his sufferings were embitteredby remorse.Invaj
appealed to the Pharisees and doctors forrelief; they
him incurable,they denounced him as a sinner and c
that he woulddie underthe wrath of God.
The palsiedman had sunkinto despair.Thenhe heard
of the works of Jesus. Others,as sinful and helpless as
he, had been healed and he was encouragedto believe
that he, too, might be cured if he could be carried to
Savior.But hope fell as he rememberedthe cause of his
glorify God and bring honorto His name, thing does not mean it is the best choice.
not just in what we eat and drink but in See Matthew19:8(divorce)Leviticus25:44
our words, thoughts, and actions as well. (slaver,y)Num. 11:4,31-33(fleshfood). God
iaril' ;6cred~'wiZpr~tui
dimension of man would have anything rel- 5, Whatdoes theBible sayaboutalcohol? may have permitted jlesh food to shorten
evant to say about physical health. However, man s' life-span, which dropped dramati-
Proverbs 20:1 Wine is a mocker,strong
since healthhas a stronginfluenceon the mind cally in the space of afew generations af-
drinkis raging: and whosoeveris deceived
will power, and judgement, and these facul- thereby is not wise. ter he began eating meat. See Gen. 5:1-
ties are central to understanding and making Proverbs 31:4,5 It is not for kings to 32;l1:10-35 cf Gen. 6:5-8.
intelligent spiritual decisions, the Bible's drink wine; nor for princes strong drink: 8. Xrcall}lesh foods goodtoeat?
counsel on health is worth considering. Lest they drink, and forget the law, and
Levit,'cus 11 :2-9 These are the beasts
/ , Is9od really concerned withourhealth? pervert judgment.
Leviticus10:8-10And the LORD spake which ye shall eat among all the beasts that
Mauhew 4:23And Jesus went about all unto Aaron, saying, do not drink wine nor are on the earth. Whatsoever parteth the
Galilee, teaching in their synagogues,and strong drink, thou, nor thy sons ... that ye hoof, and is cloven footed and cheweth
preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and may put difference between holy and un- the cud. . . . whatsoeverhath fins and scales
healing all manner of sickness and all holy, and between unclean and clean. in the waters, in the seas, and in the rivers,
manner of disease among the people. Habakkuk 2.'15 Woe unto him that them shall ye eat. See Leviticus 11 for a
Exodus 15.'26 If thou wilt diligently giveth his neighbor drink, that puttest thy complete list.
harken to the voice of the Lord thy God, bottle to him, and makest him drunken. NOTE.'All jlesh is not good for food
and wilt do that whichis right in His sight, /saiah 65.'8The new wine is found in just like all plants are not good for food
and wilt give ear to His commandments, t.hecluster, destroy it not; for a blessing is even though the original diet was vegetar-
and keep all His statutes, I will put none m It. ian. While it seems that Noah was told he
of these diseases upon thee, which I have Proverbs 23:29-32Whohath woe? who could eat anything that moved when God
brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the hath sorrow? who hath contentions? who said, "Everymoving thing that liveth shall

be meatfor you,"notice three things: 1. God 'scategories of clean meat, nor with the wine which he drank. Then said Daniel to
and unclean beasts haveexisted since before theflood. Noah knew Melzar,whomthe prince had set over Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael,
the difference between clean and unclean am.mals.(See Genesis and Azariah, prove [test] thy servants, ten days; and let them
7:2). 2. God is consistent. (See Malachi 3:6) He wouldn 't give give us pulse [plant foods] to eat, and water to drink. And at the
one set of instructions to Noah and a different set to Moses. 3. end of ten days their countenances appeared fairer and fatter in
God did not give Noah permission to be a cannibal. flesh than all the children which did eat the portion of the king's
meat. Thus Melzar took away their meat, and wine; and gave
9. Wl.[[people inheaven killandeatanimals? them pulse. Now at the end of the days [three years] in all mat-
Isaiah 65:25 They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy ters of wisdom and understanding, that the king inquired of them,
mountain, saith the LORD. he found them ten times better than all the magicians and as-
Revelation 21:4 And there shall be no more death, neither sor- trologers that were in all his realm.
row, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain.
NOTE.'Even the carnivorous am'malswill be eating grass in /3. HowdoI makethesechanges?
heaven. See Isaiah 11:6,7. Matthew 6.33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his
righteousness,.and all these things shall be added unto you.
IO . HOWscnousIS9odabout
theeatingoffoodsHehasforbidden / Corinthians 9.'24,25Know ye not that they which run in a
drugs? race runall, but one receiveththe prize? And everyman that striveth
1Corinthians 6:9,10 Be not deceived: ... drunkards ... shall for the mastery is temperate in all things. They do it to obtain a
not inherit the kingdom of God. corruptible crown;but we an incorruptible.
1 Corinthians 3:16,17 Know ye not that ye are the temple of Ezekiel 11.18-2OThey shall take awayall the detestablethings.
God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile And I will put a new spirit within you; that they may walk in my
the temple of God him shall God destroy; for the temple of God statutes, and keep mine ordinances, and do them: and they shall
is holy, which temple ye are. be my people, and I will be their God.
Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which
I I . #e there anyotherhealthprinciples foundinthe(Bible? strengthenethme.
Leviticus 3:17 Eat neither fat nor blood. NOTE.'First, seek the Lord. Second, commit to keeping your
Proverbs 25..27A warning against excess sweets. body healthy as a means of improvingyour spiritual health. Third,
Proverbs 23:2 Overeating is harmful. He puts His spirit within us and gives us the desire, self control,
Eccl. 10..17Eat to live don 't live to eat. andpower necessary to implement good healthprinciples.
Leviticus15:2-11Washingthe body and clothestocontrolgerms.
Leviticus 13:46 Quarantine to control contagious disease. 14, Whatis9od's.hnaLplan
Deuteronomy 23:12,13Human body waste should be buried. 1Corinthians15.51-53 Behold I showyou a mystery; Weshall
Leviticus 18; Proverbs 5:1-12 Moral living prevents sexual not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the
diseases. twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the tmmpet shall sound,
Exodus 20:9; 1 Timothy 5:8 Importance of work. and the dead shallbe raised incorruptible,and we shallbe changed.
Murk 6:31 Our bodies needproper rest. Forthis corruptible must put on incorruption,and this mortal must
Proverbs 17:22; !Timothy 6:6 The health benefits of a posi- put on immortality.
tive attitude. Philippians 3.20,21 The Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ: who
Leviticus 19:17,18;Proverbs 15..17Hatred and bitternessde- shall change our vile body,that it may be fashioned like unto his
stroy the health. glorious body.
Matthew 25:34-40;Exodus 23:4,5,9,25Help others,even your Rewlution 22.2 On eitherside of the riverwas the tree of life, ...
enemies. and the leavesof the tree were for the healing of the nations.
12 . IS there
oflivinga health- /suiuh 33..24The inhabitants shall not say I am sick.
Rewlation 21..4,5And God shall wipe awayall tears from their
f'ulLifestyle? eyes;and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying,
Daniel 1:3-20 And the king [Nebuchadnezzar ] spake unto neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are
Ashpenaz, that he should bring certain of the children of Israel; passed away.And he that sat upon the throne said Behold I make
whom they might teach the learning and the tongue of the
Chaldeans. And the king appointed them a daily provision of the all ~&newGod plan is to restore man to his original state of
king's meat, and of the wine which he drank. Now among these perfect health, to heal him from the wounds and bruises made by
were Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah. But Daniel pur- sin. Every true child of God will be healed-either now, or in the
posed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the king's resurrection to come. ^


. .. . " w- '
of clean and unclean animals a fundamentally it is unhealthy now because it is still a scavenger.
hat there is nothing
,He brouM the Jewish naYop into @ste.rice ~ n~ l(po~ "' t'
~oaclassllleu me animals Into categones 01 clean and unclean Paul is simply saying that a food that has been offered to
?n.7:/,2,` 8.`20). This distinction existed in Noah's day before t idol and is then sold at market bears no defilement for that
there were differentraces or a Jewish nation. Most of the uncleanani- This does not deny that foods tainted with spoilage, disease,
mals are predators or scavengerswhose bodies harbor diseases and food poisoning,inferior ingredients or harmful chemicalsare unfit to
toxic chemicals.Not only is the Bible clear that the flesh of swineand eat. The text doesnot disregardthis reality.The issuehere is whether it
rodents is unfit for human consumption,modern medicalscience also is wrong to eat meat offered to idols. The same issueis addressedin
extensivelyconfirms this. Itis not to rob us of pleasure,butto protect 1 Cor.8:I-f3; l0:27-33.
our/ ,health,
that God warns us not to eat unclean animals.
4ve a vision telling him that no animal is

vision was God's symbolicrepresentation ..- These persons command to abstain from, "meats, which
vs felt about the Gentiles.They saw them as
xer himself explainedthe meaningof the vi- ___________________________________________
('word meats here is the Greek word which simply means food so this is
sion in verse 28: "Godhath showedme that I shouldnot call any man
commonor unclean."God'smessageto Peterwas thatthey should not not a discussion of clean versus unclean meats. Secondthe type of
call the Gentiles unclean, and the gospel was to be procl.aimedto all food is given: "Foods whichGod has createdto be received" God did
notcreate unclean animals to be consumed as food. Paulis simply
people, Not once did the apostles or early church apply this vision to
the~uestion of what foods may be eaten. ___________________________________________
, Didn't Jesus say, "Not what goes into the mouth defilesa man,. Perhaps the greatest misunderstandinghas come from verse four
Wwhat comesout afthe mouth,this defilesa man" (Matt.15:11; where it is stated, "Everycreatureof God is good dit is receivedwith
and didn't Jesus declareall foodsclean? (Mark 7:19NIV).
The subject in these two passages (Matt. 15..1-20,.Mark ________________________________________
':1-23) is not dietor food.The Phariseeshad made very strict _________________________________________
______________________________________ mans would make them acceptable for food. FortunatelyPaul added
__________________________________________ "foritis sanctified by God and prayer."Verse 5. The word of God
and absorbedit when you ate with unwashedhands. Jesus was not mustfirst approveit,thenthe prayer of thanksgivingwill sanctify it to
giving licenseto eat unhealthfully,but was rejecting the idea of cer- ______________________________________
__________________________________________ ___________________________________________
__________________________________________ pure and simple diet. CerWin animals are intrinsicallyunhealthy and
~K_ ~a:mmeql aeentoaesuSsaid __________________________________________

healing g results,
uman languagecan portraythe scenes of the second com- ishes and deformitiesare left in the grave.
: of the Son of man in the clouds of heaven. Christ will The livingrighteousare changed"in a moment,in the twinkling of
ne in His own glory, in the glory of His Father,and in the an eye ' At the voice of God they were glorified; now they are made
glory of the holy angels. Ten thousand times ten thousand and thou- immortaland with the risen saints are caught up to meet their Lord in
sands of thousands of angels, the beautiful, triumphantsons of God the air. Angels "gather togetherHis elect from the four winds, from
possessing surpassing lovelinessand glory, will escort Him on His one end of heavento the other."
way.In the.placeof a crown.oytho,ms,HSWillwe, ,ar a cro,wn,ofgl.ory-.,, W,eshall,know ?ur friqn# evenas th? d,.lsciples,ku?w Jesu.s_,Thp
a crownwithin a crown. In me place 01mat Ola.purple rooe, He win may nave been aelormea, alseasea, or GistIgureu In mis mortal me,
be clothed in a garmentof whitestwhite. And on His vesture and on butthey rise in perfecthealth and symmetry;yet in the glorified body
His thigh a name will be written, "King of Kings,and Lord of Lords." their identity will be perfectlypreserved. In the face radiant with the
Rev 19.'16. light shining from the face of Jesus, we shall recognizethose we love.
The King of kings descendsupon the cloud wrapped in flaming Friends long separated by death are united nevermoreto part, and
fire. The heavens are rolled together as a scroll, the earth trembles with songs of gladness ascend togetherto the City of God.
before Him, and every mountainand island is movedout of its place. Pain cannot exist in the atmosphere of heaven. There will be no
Amid the reeling of the earth, the flash of lightning, and the roar more tears, no funeraltrains, no badges of mourning. "Thereshall be
of thunder, the voice of the Son of God calls forth the sleeping saints. no more death,neither sorrow,nor crying.'...for theformer thingsare
He looks upon the graves of the righteous,then, raising His hands to passed away.""The inhabitantshall not say, I am sick:thepeople that
heaven, He cries: "Awake,awake, awake, ye that sleep in the dust, dwell therein shall be forgiven their iniquity." Revelation 21.`4,`
and arise!" Throughoutthe length and breadth of the earth the dead Isaiah 33.'24.
shall hear that voice, and they that hear shall live. And the whole The redeemed saints, who have loved God and kept His com-
earth shall ring with the tread of the exceeding great army of every mandmentshere, will enter in through the gates of the city, and have
nation, kindred,tongue, and people. From the prison house of death right to the tree of life. They will eat freely of it as our first parents
they come, clothed with immortal glory, crying: "O death, where is did before their fall. The leaves of that immortal widespread tree
thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? " 1 Corinthians15.'55.And will be for the healing of the nations. All their woes will then be
the living righteous and the risen saints unite their voices in a long, gone. Sickness, sorrow,and death they will never again feel, for the
glad shout of victory. leavesof the tree of life have healed them. Jesus will then see of the
All come forth from their gravesthe same in stature as when they travail of His soul and be satisfied when the redeemed who have
enteredthe tomb. But all arise with the freshness and vigor of eternal been subject to sorrow,toil, and afflictions, who have groaned be-
youth. The mortal, corruptibleform, devoid of comeliness,once pol- neath the curse, are gathered up around that tree of life to eat of its
luted with sin, becomes perfect, beautiful, and immortal.All blem- immortal fruit. ^