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7 Operating lnstructions ohydrovane

7 Operating lnstructions
7.1 Operatinglnstructions

BEFoRE you srART ANy sERVrce woni.


The display then shows the software version code for a further
7.1.1 Checking procedure Before Starting three seconds before showing the normal operating display

(a) Check sight gtass is full. For single speed compressors the controller allows two operating
(b) modes, automatic stop/start or continuous run.
Check filler, drain/oil level plugs are fitted securely.
(c) Check for any signs of oil leaks. 7 .1.3 Compressor Operation
fd) Check air-ouflet valve is open.
Automatic stopistart is set as default. For continuous running
(e) Check that the emergency stop button is released. select Mo - MAN. using the touch sensitive symbol buttons on the
controller panel.
(0 Turn mains electricity supply on.
Select Mo using plus up/minus down buttons, press the enter
7 .1,2 Operating Mode button, AUT will flash, press plus up/minus down button to
change, press enter button to select.
VVhen electricity is first switched on the
electronic controller
(Fig 7 2) displays all symbols and iiluminates
both green and red The operating mode may be altered when the compressor is
LED indicators forthree seconds (Fig. 7.1)
running or stopped.


t;R[[N LED
I,]iI"JUS DO\,!N


ENTER ,-..-- ..'-


at. \!. ,

NU8.{BER Sf.3P

Fig.7.2 - Controller

'9hydrovane Operating lnstructions T
Press Plus Up/Minus Down buttons to scroll
user menu codes p00 (view only).
through available 7 .1.6 Starting - Regutated Speed

For variable speed models, the starting sequence is the

(a) Mo - Select Automatic or Manual Control same as
that shown for single speed automatic mode except that, instead
(b) Td - RSU- temperature (View Onty) of the compressor continuing to run and pressure varying withln
* the air line pressure set points, the compressor will continue to run
Temperature at discharge from compression
unit and the speed will vary automatically to match system demand
As a default value the Td _ temperature appears
in the
bottom of the display. \Mth no system demand when running at minimum speed the
compressor will stop after the REVS venting sequence.
(c) PD - Detivery pressure (Mew Only)
(d) H1- Hours Run (View Onty) Automatic restart will occur when system pressure falls to the
minimum air line set point.
(e) H2 - Loaded Hours (View Only)
(D H3 - Hours Remaining to Service (View
7 .1.7 Stopping - All Modets

To selecl and lock other menu items, scroll To stop the compressor, press the red STOp button, system
to the menu required,
when in view press the ENTER button, a flashing pressure will remain high initially, but will fallgradually
Ley frUot is with the
displayed. rate ofdecay depending on system usage,

To cancel the locked selection and flashing

key symbol press the 7 .1.8 Emergency Stop
ESCAPE (C) or reset button.
lf an emergency occurs, press the EMERGENCY STOP button.
During operation, the controller records the
total running hours,
the hours run on load and counts down The button will lock in the depressed position and stop the
to the next service
interva L compressor immediately.

The service interval is set for 2000 hours when The red LED on the controller wilt flash quickly together with
using Fluid Force
Red 2000 oil. This interval will be reduced display symbols.
if tn" *it"op"i",u.
above the recommended temperature.
Clear any faults that may have occurred. Do not reset until it is
7.1.4 Starting - Automatic Mode safe to do so.

Press the green START button. The Reset the emergency stop button by twisting clockwise before
mmpressoryyill start if
system pressure is below the minimum air line pressure restart.
set point.
On initial start with no pressure in the system,
th. il.J;
display will quickly rise to the full delivery pressura Press the RESET button on the controller to cancel the red LED
Orri"g tni"
period, the green LED will be continuously and display symbols.

The compressor will continue to run and pressure Operation of the emergency stop button is recorded in the
will vary within
the air line pressure set points to match controller error log.
tire system OemanO

Ifthe system demand reduces and pressure rises

to the maximum
7.1.9 Compressor Vent Down
pressure set point, the REVS (Reduced
Energy Venting System)
sequence will begin. Venting is controiled automatically by the REVS system for either
operating mode for all models
lf there is an air demand during the REVS
run on time sequence
- - --
the compressor returns to full load operation.

lf there is no air demand during the REVS

run on time sequence
the compressor will stop.

Automatic restart will occur when system pressure

falls to the
minimum air line pressure set point.

7.1.5 Starting - Continuous Mode

Press the green START button. The

compressor will start, and run
continuously within the air line pressure
set points to match
system demand.

On initial start with no pressure in the system,

the pressure
display will quickly rise to the maximum
air line pressure se1 point.
During this period, the green LED *irr
oe contin'uou-sri'itr"lr'n","0.

7 Operating lnstructions ohydrovane
7.2 Operational Display Symbols

Motor running Power failure auto-restart (optional

rl I" I
li I, l function)

Loaded Remote load or remote pressure

-:i ic"'i#irl regulation active
l" l

Amount of time, timer

v"; 1."{ Remote starustop
Filter, differential pressure
llFr Normal operational mode:
s.*_- i
Selected item locked as
temporary default display
..I Pressure set point indication
*rn.'il (upper & lower set point indicators
displayed independentty)
Menu mode:
Page item locked
t. (adjustment inhibited)
t*'{ Condensate drain active (optional
lL" function)

7.3 LED lndicators (Fig 7.2)



The indicator states are shown in Table 7.1

Table 7.1 - Compressor Status and LED lndicators

Compressor State LED Status " LED Fault I

Shutdown Error OFF FF

Startup lnit OFF OFF'
Start lnhibit Check OFF OFF -
Start lnhibit Condition OFF SF
Ready to Start OFF OFF -
Blowdown (tf Load Request) FF OFF -
(Otherwise) IF OFF "
Standby IF OFF'
Strrt ,"i"r i"-Strr/D"lt, (lf FF OFF -
LoadRequest) IF OFF -
Load Delay (lf Load Request) FF OFF
(Otherwise) IF OFF
Load ON OFF'
Reload Delay (lf Load Request) FF OFF -
(Otherwise) IF OFF -
Standby Run-on-Time IF OFF -
Stop Run-on-Time SF OFF -


ON llluminated continuously
FF Fast flash: onioff four times per second
SF Slow flash: on/off once per second
IF lntermittent flash: on/off every four seconds
OFF Extinguished continuously
SF for alarm condition

sT16135-00C 17

Motor Size 1 5 kW (ABo 1 1kW Singte Speed)

Nominal (full load) pressure 8-0 baf
Controller 76042
Software E08 Displayed at power-up


User Menu No Code

P00 Mo (mode) Select Manual or Automatic Control
P00 Td "C Actual RSU temperature (View Onty)
P00 Pd bar Actual Delivery Pressure (View Onty)
P00 H1 hours Actual Hours Run (View Only)
P00 H2 hours Aclual Loaded Hours (Ma,v Only)
P00 H3 hours Hours Remaining to SeMce (Viaar Only)

Operation Menu Code g+

P01 Pu 8,5bar Unload Pressure (nominal +0.5 bar)
P01 PL 7-Sbar Load Pressure (nominal {.5 bar)
P01 do 5 secs { Drain Open Time }
P01 dt 60 secs ( Drain Inlerval Time )
P01 Rt 60 secs Run-on Time after'Pu' is reached.
(Allows oil chamber to vent to 2 bar before motor stops)
P01 St secs
't0 Stop Run-on Time
P01 P> 0 (bar) Pressure display Units (1=psi: 2=kpa)
P01 T> O ("C) Temperature Display Units (1="D

Error Log Menu Code g+

P02 Enorlog
Shutdown Menu Code 100+
P03 Td 110 "C High RSU Temperature
P03 Pd 10.0 bar Delivery Pressure High
P03 Pl { lntemat Pressure }

Alarm Menu Code.l0Or

P04 SD 2000 hours Service Timer Edit
P04 Td 107 "C Delivery Temper.ature High
P04 Pd g-7 bar Delivery Pressure H(7h
P04 Pl { lntemal Pressure High }

Oil Type Menu Code 10Or

P05 Ot FF2
- Oil Type (Altematives = FF20O0: HPO: nAO)
P05 Pl 1.0 bar Max restart pressurc (stardeltra = 1 bal; dol = 2 bar)
P05 Ab 1.1 bar(V07) Oil Chamber Pr. Drop afterstopping (abbw{orrn)
Ab 0.8 bar (\O5) Oil Charnber Pr. Drop after stopping (Ablowdown)
8b 0-6 bar UO ) Oil Chamber Pr. Drop afierstopping (ablow-down)

Diagnostic Menu Code 10Or - * (*Compressorin Stopped Condi$on)

P06 Dt 0 N.O. Status of Digitat tnprn #'t
P06 D2 0 N.O. Status of Digitallnput#Z
P06 D3 O N.O. Stetus of Dilital lnputffi
P06 D4 0 N-O- Status of D(lital tnput#4
P06 D5 1 N-C_ Staus of Digitat hput #5
P06 DO 0 N.O. Status of Digiiat tnput#6
P06 D7 0 N-O- Status of Digitailnput#l
FOO DB O N.O- Satus of Dptul tnputr8
P06 Ri 0 Stars of Dbttat (Retay) Ourput #1
P06 R2 0 Sbnrs of Digital (Re*ay) Outrut #2
P06 R3 O Starrs of Dignat (Relay) Outrur #3
P06 R4 0 Status of DiTirat (Relay) Output #4
V1 1 / V15 AC=*S SINGLE SPEED AUTC_IDL= EB 2eth Marcir ?006

FS R5 * Sra*rs sf *i]t:a: {*etay} *l:rput f.5

P*S RE t. St*{:;saiDigiial iEeia**t tr$f6
P*6 At mA/bar Sialus of Analogue lnp{Jt f?
PAA A2 votisj"c S*tuso{Ana@ue tagx#3
PIE *3 r*A/bar Stahrs sf Anakue lnpr:t #4
POS A0 mArbar Stehlsef A*aryr;e +u:+uE ;ls**i
*onfg*ati*nMe*r: Code litJ+
P*7 slar/delta '!sec Siar ftun Time
PC17 Lt 1 sec Load Time
P07 Rt 1 sec Retead Dday Tlme
PB? LS C Ls# fteq$est {O=Pr- Transduce4 I=b RS485i
P07 SS 0 Sta6Reg*e*{B=leypad, l=via RS485, ?de.r$ut}
PS7 Ad 1 Neturs,rkA$dress
P07 R5 7 | Relay 5 {Se{ as &ain Valve Co*:r+l} }
PS? RS 4 { *day 6 {Sel *u*{,} }
PC7 1,S t {netr.rot'rr} Fiekl Fur**:c =s,*arr*
P07 At C sec PsersFafrJreAuto *sbrillnte {rso sart}
P*I {* O {ofri { $ffioad Seain Hervat }
PO? Sh 15 {offi }iaxins,E } Starts Per l-lotr {2O }*aximuti
P8? A+ 13 {*@*:e0uSrtCs&rya*s*}
Calibralia* t&nu C,ode 100+
P& & $BAR *dive*yPr*sure*Ss*
PCIg d. t$ BAR A*iveryPrestre5?stqe
PSg b +BAR {i*krrdPres*.re0ft*i
P*S k 1A aeR { t**rrd Prees;re Ra*ge i
Leset 2 Confotra*xr Code 121+
PiO Rt *{**IfC?dd+rY* 4,5-5,75kWFp(edspeedYarp& -raryesrtors
P10 RE * E*ablePressureTrarsd;-eA4jus{
91G cr ':6 BAR $efvsf *esre?*rsd*c*R*ge
P?O l. - { l*terrd *ese.:re ?xsdrcer Rang* }
Pt& Er S E:a.fflgResd"*
P1* Pl * Herrd Pressrre Taredrcer En*le
Pl{} * }:*
resef '*ers$eclirg press:.patt**y -
'rSf ryws - grs r*.rrt arr+,a to teset-

F**ta ltens sirom in brackes S rye $ot used in thb *$ic**x and ar.e i:*1# for re{eret*e u$-
Erper Cades &t Ercx=enc+r S*p*tEitixtsla* yessed
CBzE Far n&roystensera&.se *r+ircuit-reakerBigd
,ffiE fjsbrere*#*iFedfr!d!*:!#;
AreE S+nqwiteturor*te*tgera4.e

3rr# *e$re*y Prsure Serr*r bclt

4119 Defrv4r Pressure too Fign
$1?* Dd.very tefi'rFrature Sersor ia-&
*rffi Defrr=ry Terprature ho hiSr
0135E Cs:gessor Pres*re Sersor far&

o82rE Shart circrftoc anabgtteor d{7*a{ s:gpty

0836E ConffihalCe,rro'r
ffi4 OeFterf *re*sesedbablr

n"b*n*less4es 2r't8A D*rery7es*rel$it

?1284 Hvery ter:pes*.ne h:gi^:
2*r6* fuitser H*'e r**e* c*rrti::-esscr in s*dr tY*ds

@s$age 3J371t *rE: ie*ied rrc {"#-'r !i:e {E3cH &rp*r*Hr=e