A Dedication to My Beloved & Best Friend You have stood by me Through endless storms.

You have held my hand When all seemed lost. Bereft of my possessions, I have been drawn To the abyss, Only your gentle voice Has pulled me back. Your implicit faith in me Surpasses my self-confidence. Your ceaseless caring heart Exceeds the immeasurable love, I profess to have. Outcast and homeless; I have stood naked as I was born With not a soul to call my own. Shorn of hope, Forsaken by the ones I Love, Betrayed by My most cherished dreams! I ponder, I introspect, I reflect. You have been my sanctuary, You have been always been much more Than a beloved or best friend! I care for you, so I deem, I love you, so I believe! Will stand between You and any slander, Isn·t that my usual refrain? Always the Brave heart, As proclaimed!

Hmm! On second thoughts, Where do I stand In this quicksand! Does my love for you Torment your soul? When I lean on you; With my overbearing weight, I wonder with a deep sense of despair Of crushing you with forbearing! I am blessed to have you, As my beloved! I am blessed to be Your best friend! I am blessed that You hold my hand, In this heart of darkness! So, what if I am down, My love for you Shall always proud! There shall be time, Hopefully in this life, If not next! There shall be time, For me to Bring you flowers sans thorns. There shall be time For me and you, To embrace Under the moon! Until then, Hold my hand, My beloved and best friend! Shyam

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