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To Whom It May Concern; May 15, 2017

Nicole McIntyre is one of the most talented and committed educators I have had the privilege to work
with in my two decades in education. From day one she has impressed not only myself but others with
her breadth of knowledge, practical ideas and positive attitude. Faced with a difficult situation, she did
not give up, but rolled up her sleeves and got to work. Her work helped over sixteen first graders, new
to our school and English, meet with success.

I was able to observe Nicole in various settings including tutoring, parent meetings, and classes. Nicole
also asked for continuous feedback in regards to ongoing planning, assessment and curriculum. In all
aspects Nicole demonstrated exemplary teaching. She understood her students, their strengths and
weaknesses. She differentiates her lessons, centers and homework to reinforce their learning and to
help them advance. Her use of centers were innovative and of particular interest to me. I feel that her
style should be embraced through 3rd grade in order to better meet the needs of the students. Nicole has
revamped the testing for entry and exit to first grade in order to decrease the amount of poor
placements we have had in the past. Her classroom environment was safe, fun, and focused on
learning. Students not only respect her, they love her. It was apparent to all that work with Nicole that
she is always putting the needs of students above her own.

Outside of school, Nicole was part of a tutoring program in the village of La Pintada. Every Saturday, a
group of teachers tutor over twenty students in math, reading and art. One had to be dedicated to make
the forty-minute hike into the mountains, carrying books and materials and as a member, I was pleased
Nicole has made it a priority. No matter the circumstances, Nicole is always the one to volunteer to go
above and beyond. In school since the first weeks of school Nicole had been tutoring anywhere from
seven to thirteen students in English and Reading. As always, even her tutoring was individualized.

Nicole is a trusted colleague and her absence here was felt professionally and personally. She was my
go to person when I need a sounding board, constructive criticism or a smile. Currently, I work for
the Green Bay Public School System and we actively recruited her to work here. Unfortunately, she is
choosing to relocate to North Carolina. I know that the school lucky enough to hire her will benefit
from her skills, her drive and her passion for education. Please contact me with any further questions.

Natalie Nienhuis
Principal, Doty Elementary