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Elektronski fakultet april 2015


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1. What is digital electronics?

2. Describe a process from your area of expertise and illustrate it with an appropriate
flow chart.
3. Write an argumentative essay on the following topic:

The advantages and/or disadvantages of using a digital over analogue signal?

4. a) Complete with the words given and an appropriate suffix.

- Kodak is a (manufacture) manufacturer of photographic and imaging equipment.

- To avoid red eyes, use the cameras red eye (reduce) reduction feature.
- (Crop) cropping a photograph means cutting out the parts of an image you
dont need.
- The (sharp) sharpness of a photograph is a combination of resolution and
acutance the ability to represent clear edges.
- Digital (techno) tecnology is evolving rapidly.

b) Complete with a word in brackets and the correct suffix:

- IBMs BlueGene is the most powerful (power) supercomputer.

- Most library databases are accessible (access) via the Internet.
- Ill email my report to you as an attachment (attach).
- This book will show you how to computerise (computer) your small business.
- An erasable (erase) optical disc allows data to be deleted and new data to be recorded
on it.
- The growth of the Internet has increased the need for effective data
Security (secure).
- The combination of electronic (electron) and new textile materials has made it
possible to create musical jackets and smart shirt that can read our heart rate.
- Bluetooth is a wireless (wire) technology designed to connect computers,
mobile phones, and other devices, replacing direct cable links.
- Aircraft flight simulator (simulate) is used to train pilots.

c) Complete with a correct form of: magnet, digit, record.

- From kitchen magnets to compute disks, magnets plays a central role in the
technology of everyday life.
- Hard disks are magnetic storage devices.
- My digital voice recorder has a storage capacity of 2 GB.
- Blu-Ray disc is a new recordable optical disc format developed by nine electronic
- A video recorder is used to convert analogue video into digital video files.
- Sound and pictures can be stored digitally as on a CD.

5. a) Complete with an ing form of: design, link, perform, interest, communicate, use,

- PCs generate graphics by _______________ mathematical calculations on data.

- Business people use graphics to make information more ___________ visually.
- Graphs and diagrams can me more effective ways of ____________ with clients than
lists of figures.
- She is ____________ a logo for the company.
- If you need to make a presentation, I suggest _________ PowerPoint.
- The Internet is a network ___________ other networks.

b) Make sentence using the infinitives:

- not easy/write instructions in COBOL

- expensive/set up a data-processing area

- advisable/test the programs under different condition

- unusual/write a program that works correctly the first time its


- important/use a good debugger to fix errors

- easy/learn Visual BASIC

c) Complete with the right form of the word given:

- We use high-level languages because machine code is too difficult ___________ (read),
understand and debug.
- I went on the course __________ (learn) how to be a better programmer.
- Im not interested in ___________ (learn) computer language.
- He refuses ___________ (do) the project with me.
- The engineers warned the employees not __________ (touch) the cables.
- They may not ___________ (come) to the conference.
- Spyware can make your PC ____________ (perform) more slowly.
- This program is too slow _____________ (do) the simulation.

6. Complete with an adverbial form of the word in brackets:

- Simulation games are (wide) _________ used in both universities and businesses.
- Massively multiplayer online RPGs have (recent) ____________ become more
popular, mainly due to faster internet connections.
- Strategy is a genre (main) ___________ restricted to PC.
- Video games often come with a clear set of motivation tools, such as scores and
moving to higher levels when a player performs (good) ________.
- Cheap PCs dont process data (fast) ____________ enough to support high-end

7. Complete the sentences using the passive form of the verb in brackets:

- Microprocessors (make) are made of silicon.

- Call centres (use) are used to deal with telephone enquiries.
- In recent years, most mobile phones (equip) are equiped with Bluetooth.
- GPS (develop) was developed in the 1970s as a military navigation system.
- Sorry about the mess the computers (replace) are being replaced at the moment.
- In the near future, the Internet (access) will be accessed more frequently from PDAs and mobile
phones than from desktop computers.
- Networks (can connect) can be connected via satellite.
- I had to use my laptop this morning while my PC (fix) is being fixed.

8. Translate the following excerpt:

Multimedia and the Future

As technology progresses, so will multimedia. Today, there are plenty of new media
technologies being used to create the complete multimedia experience. For instance, virtual
reality integrates the sense of touch with video and audio media to immerse an individual into
a virtual world. Other media technologies being developed include the sense of smell that can
be transmitted via the Internet from one individual to another. Todays video games include
bio feedback. In this instance, a shock or vibration is given to the game player when he or she
crashes or gets killed in the game. In addition, as computers increase their power, new ways
of integrating media will make the multimedia experience extremely intricate and exciting.