How to Plan a Library Fest

Meg Kribble, Harvard Law School Library
an annual, afternoon-long event held in late September to welcome students and other members of our community back to the Library. Although not an official part of orientation, Library Fest introduces new students to the Library and its staff. Fest attendees visit stations around the Library to complete fun activities that inform them about our resources and services, as well as learning that we are friendly and approachable. Each attendee who completes all activities receives a movie ticket and a chance to win the grand prize.

HLSL’s Love Your Library Fest is:

PLANNING TIMELINE Two months before First planning meeting • Set date • Determine stations and activities • Decide on prizes and giveaways • Commission art from artistic circulation staff member One month before Second planning meeting • Send blurb to student activities • Invite vendors • Create stamping sheet and station worksheets • Order shirts for new staff • Order magnets & other freebies Three weeks before • Add to school events calendar • Send volunteer sign up request to library staff • Request tables and chairs from facilities • Make flyers and bookmarks Two weeks before • Put out flyers and bookmarks • Blog and schedule tweets, Facebook event • Arrange to borrow graduation robes for “judges” • Send second volunteer sign up request • Invite the Dean One week before Final planning meeting • Email LL.M. listserv & LRW classes • Check ink pads • Buy candy • Print stamping and worksheets • Obtain vendor parking permits • Put out noise warning sign • Get large posters printed • Order balloons Library Fest morning • Add TODAY! stickers to flyers • Write on classroom chalkboards • Put up signs--stamping stations and directional • Pick up and distribute balloons • Arrange tables, tablecloths, candy bowls • Make sure all staff have nametags • Put worksheets and stamps at each station • Distribute balloons Have fun!

Our Budget:
Grand prize (last year it was an iPod Touch) Movie tickets--about 220 at $6.50 each Magnets with Library contact info--about 500 Candy--there is never enough! Helium balloons Large posters TOTAL Giving students a great first impression: $200 $1430 $115 $250 $65 $30 About $2000 PRICELESS

Re-usables: staff t-shirts, stamps and ink pads, barrister wigs, plastic gavels, plastic table cloths, station signs

• 1 IT staff to help with vendor wi-fi setup • 2 “judges” to roam the library and campus, encouraging students to take a study break • 2 more roaming assistants to make sure everything’s running smoothly, refill candy bowls, copy extra worksheets, and other misc. tasks • 8 staff at four welcome stations, explaining how the Fest works • 2 staff at Station 1: Open Access Publishing and the Vendor Area • 2 staff at Station 2: Scan & Deliver in the Computer Lab • 2 staff at Station 3: HLS History with Special Collections • 2 staff at Station 4: Two Truths & a Lie at the Reference Desk

Volunteer List

• 2 staff at End Station: Movie Ticket Pick-up and Raffle Entry • 2 staff taking pictures

Benefits of Library Fest
Meg Kribble, Harvard Law School Library

• Has been held annually since 2005 • Conveys to students that we are friendly and approachable--our number one goal! • Introduces students to our services and resources in a fun environment • Attracts increased participation every year • In 2009, 400-500 students visited the Library during the Fest-231 completed all activities and received a prize • Gives staff who don’t usually work with students a chance to interact with them • Provides an opportunity for staff from across the entire Library to work together • Has inspired our university library system to consider hosting a similar, university-wide event

HLSL’s Love Your Library Fest:

Two Truths--and a Lie!
How much do YOU know about the Law Library? Take your first “exam” for the semester and guess which of the following statements made about the library and its services are false. 1. a. Harvard Law School Library is the largest private academic law Library in the world. b. The Library has plastic bags available to protect books from the rain. c. Reference questions may take no longer than ten minutes of staff time. 2. a. Each time you check out a book, you earn points toward winning valuable prizes. b. In a Supreme Court opinion, Justice Scalia referred to a Reading Room portrait of Justice Taney. c. Most of the Library’s photocopiers require payment using a Crimson Cash account. 3. a. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.’s lunch box is on permanent display in the Caspersen Room. b. It is not possible to make two-sided prints from Library computers. c. The Library has a collection of feature films on DVD that you can borrow for seven days.

Artwork by Circulation Specialist Alethea Jones

One of our Two Truths & a Lie worksheets

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