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Apna Bazaar has diverted its manpower and resources. It was a ready-made platform for those aspiring to have a big shopping presence. The trend of shopping big and buying big started in the early 1990¶s. The idea of Apna Bazaar came about more than a decade back. PUNE Brief Profile: Apna Bazar. To foster the growth products and new manufacturing units through market support and management advice . At times of need.2 IBS. probably the oldest and largest consumer co-operative multi. a momentous time in Indian history. The distribution of these items is taken up by the Apna Bazaar at a loss to fulfill its social commitments. The word ³Apna Bazaar´ means ³Our Bazaar´ and that is what they have been ever since their inception. Objectives of Apna Bazaar: To undertake wholesale and retail distribution of consumer goods and essential commodities. even at the cost of its own commercial interest. yet simple and accessible to people of all income barriers.state society with a customer base of over 12 lakhs. Role of Apna Bazaar: Apna bazaar plays a vital role by market intervention during the shortages of essential commodities. The Rs 140-crore retail chain that. for over 55 years remained largely ³middle-class´. big and modern. for the public good. and to establish department stores.


Management and Organization: Apna Bazaar is headed by a management team comprising a chairman. The day-to-day affairs are managed by an executive team. Thane and the neighbouring Konkan region. Elimination of middlemen. It has recently opened its first shop outside the state in Goa. Apna Bazaar has 80 outlets in Mumbai. which consists of a general manager. and Eradication of malpractices of traders black marketing. artificial scarcity.3 IBS.The breakups of the stores are: Departmental stores 8 Medical stores 4 Supermarkets 7 Franchisee stores 37 Food stores 24 . The team largely provides direction to the organization and is not involved in the day-to-day affairs. cheating in measurements. Necessity of time± public distribution of essential commodities in rural and urban areas. vice chairman and Hon secretaries. Outlet Apna Bazaar has a customer base of over 12 lakhs. etc. additional general manager and office bearers of the organization. PUNE To lower distribution costs and to introduce fair and better trading practices such as fixed prices etc. adulteration.

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