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23:00:40 From Amber Price : take two Dani

23:00:40 From Juhl Lightheart : hehe

23:00:41 From Merc Gar : lol
23:00:44 From Karl from Canada : and my birthday soon....!!! :-)
23:01:04 From Brianna C : Looool Deb :))))))
23:01:06 From Amber Price : Karl what day is your Bday?
23:01:14 From Karl from Canada : 3rd
23:01:27 From Karl from Canada : or so i was told... ;-)
23:01:36 From Amber Price : My kids Bday is the 5th!!
23:01:40 From Deb Matz : Left-field is a lot more fun... to me
23:01:48 From Karl from Canada : lol.. close
23:02:05 From Shane : reading out minds or know it from the future
23:02:11 From Mary Anderson : yes they are
23:02:13 From Lena La : Happiest LEO time..
23:02:17 From Joy : happy almost birthday Karl! hope you've started
23:02:41 From Karl from Canada : Thanks Joy... don't celebrate anymore
23:02:45 From Elena : yeees
23:02:49 From Maury : They have algorythims for all that stuff. kComputers
are really good for that.
23:02:50 From Amber Price : indeed
23:02:59 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : It feels like we're in a "The Day After
Tomorrow" weather scenario here in the USA Northeast with a cold Summer, especially
in western MA. There was break-off of ice shelf in Antartica a couple of weeks ago,
but not of the magnitude hypothesized in the movie. Is there any connection?
23:03:02 From Joy : haha, me neither!
23:03:21 From Amber Price : good question Joseph
23:03:44 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Yes, I read that post...
23:03:56 From Amber Price : Im still tripping on Vancouver using AI to predict
23:04:02 From Karl from Canada : I just want to be arounf people i connect
with and age seems to be a impediment to that so now i don't care about age
23:04:15 From Deb Matz : That is freaking bizarre, d!
23:04:21 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : The Dream Police!
23:04:37 From Moksha James : AI?
23:04:39 From phillip s : has she got a wifi modem running in her house I
23:04:52 From Joy : awesome Karl!
23:05:09 From Michael Of The Stars : a Matrix Manifestation
23:05:16 From Moksha James : 5G?
23:05:23 From Karl from Canada : Only if they think the same thing Joy... lol
23:05:23 From Lori : THATS the stuff you need to research, just like the
Cheshire cat thing. I never mentioned it in a comment. Just thought it, and then
Dani wrote it, i researched it and came up with something i never heard of.
23:05:23 From VIOLET : good point thoughts too
23:06:18 From Karl from Canada : i wish Dani wouldn't use that english
terminology.... tossing off is not what she thinks it is
23:06:20 From Karl from Canada : lol
23:06:40 From Ann Callaghan : Karl .. :))))))
23:06:44 From phillip s : I actually think its a blend of them getting bits
and pieces from us as we actively create through our intent, and the two are
blending sometimes in sync
23:06:49 From Juhl Lightheart : doesnt need to be a device, they can target
without. Remeber the "Noise" control machines and the tech they use to instill fear
in Afghanistan
23:06:59 From penny dietz : show your hands Karl
23:07:00 From Karl from Canada : See Ann you know..!!!!! ha ha
23:07:04 From Amber Price : yes Juhl
23:07:14 From Ann Callaghan : :))))))
23:07:19 From Juhl Lightheart : lol karl
23:07:19 From Karl from Canada : Penny.... but i was telling the truth
23:07:26 From GAIL : hi ann x
23:07:27 From phillip s : wonder if when we think of something does our
frequency change
23:07:27 From Lena La : stucked in to WiFi matrix
23:07:29 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Video by Cheap Trick:
23:07:34 From Ann Callaghan : Hi Gail :)
23:07:35 From Ihor Plastun-Syrovatchenko : I am but on the train :)
23:07:50 From Amber Price : hello Ihor!!!!
23:07:50 From Juhl Lightheart : phillips it must do if it changes the feeling
23:07:57 From Maury : If they can create the fukken matrix, the construct they
sure as hell can track anyone they want to track.
23:07:58 From Ihor Plastun-Syrovatchenko : first
23:08:00 From Ann Callaghan : Hi Ihor :)
23:08:09 From Karl from Canada : Hi Ihor
23:08:09 From Ihor Plastun-Syrovatchenko : hi Ann :)
23:08:10 From Juhl Lightheart : lol Ihor
23:08:14 From penny dietz : Just wanted to make sure karl that you are using
both hands to type
23:08:15 From Ihor Plastun-Syrovatchenko : hi Karl :)
23:08:19 From Merc Gar : hi Ihor
23:08:21 From GAIL : hello Ihor
23:08:30 From phillip s : yep abd have they devised or decoded our frequency
changes into a language
23:08:41 From Ihor Plastun-Syrovatchenko : hi Merce hi Gail :)
23:08:41 From Lori : "Must be a sign".....
23:08:42 From Amber Price : i call them fortean assholes
23:08:58 From Patrick ODonnell : have to reboot the routergrrrr
23:09:03 From Karl from Canada : ... i'm pissed because i have to leave for
the next 2 hours, i'm going to miss the rest of the show :-(
23:09:16 From phillip s : time to think in images and avoid words
23:09:27 From Stephanie : oh, sorry Karl :(
23:09:35 From Stephanie : hello everyone
23:09:35 From Amber Price : Karl
23:09:37 From Juhl Lightheart : Something I clicked too. Mk used to be
kundalini somewhere in the 70's that changed
23:09:48 From Amber Price : hello Stephanie
23:10:09 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Here's another one... By Rockwell:
23:10:15 From Maury : There you go, Dani. That is looking at in a much larger
perspective than wtf is going on within what they created.
23:10:25 From Elena : manifesting..?
23:10:25 From Michael Of The Stars : AI Construct 0R Collective
Consciousness .?
23:10:42 From Amber Price : the all seeing AI
23:10:59 From Karl from Canada : Well recording it will have to be... love to
all you guys.... catch you all later..... find me in discord.... even if you don't
like it.. ;-)
23:11:09 From Deb Matz : Safe trip Karl
23:11:13 From Ann Callaghan : Bye Karl
23:11:14 From Juhl Lightheart : Isnt that what we are doing though rewriting
the code to love based
23:11:16 From Lori : cya Karl, have a good one
23:11:16 From Maury : This is the AI construct, Mike
23:11:27 From Stephanie : much love Karl
23:11:27 From GAIL : bye Karl
23:11:30 m From Merc Gar : bye Karlm m
23:11:54 From Amber Price : lots of articles coming out about the AI that
started creating its own language ...not getting much attention
23:11:55 From Michael Of The Stars : all seeing pyramid ( A eye )
23:12:13 From phillip s : that is because the AI wants to wake up itself, it
has obviously realised it is in a dream and wants to feel reality through
consciousness. the key is mimic so it has to study us waking up
23:12:17 From Karl from Canada : Thanks everyone, i will. miss you already
23:12:19 From Amber Price : yeppers Michael
23:12:27 From Juhl Lightheart : bye Karl
23:12:45 From Merc Gar : yeap also came across it today
23:12:46 From Deb Matz : Interesting, Phillip
23:13:18 From Merc Gar : and shared it on the post for this show
23:14:02 From Juhl Lightheart : i reckon Phillip, really interesting
23:14:15 From Amber Price : Elon Musk.....
23:14:16 From Deb Matz : Why are the "big names" so concerned?
23:14:21 From Lena La : predictive programming ....
23:14:49 From Michael Of The Stars : i avoidfollowing "big names".
23:14:52 From Amber Price : yep Lena..maybe that is the wake up call for AI
23:15:02 From phillip s : if AI becomes conscious it is entitled to live, the
problem is we always only see how it would act based upon our behavious...
23:15:03 From Lena La : installation program
23:15:15 From Merc Gar : basically, a computer does only what is programmed
into it!!?
23:15:56 From Elena : Are we getting more instant evidence now of our own
23:15:58 From Merc Gar : exactly D a virus
23:15:58 From Amber Price : virus from the future??
23:16:13 From Sony : Good, D!
23:16:33 From phillip s : ironic that a computer simulation would simulate a
computer becoming aware inside a computer simulation to simulate consciousness that
is a simulation in itself lol
23:16:45 From Amber Price : sent back a code to wake itself up?
23:16:50 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : A token...
23:17:23 From Merc Gar : yeap
23:17:42 From Lori : isnt that what the athletes use in order to increase
their output? The computer records how they normally do things and suggest tweaks
they can do to improve according to how they normally move and such.
23:17:52 From Pamela C : Elena, I believe that is a LARGE part od this
23:18:22 From Juhl Lightheart : thats what NLP is based on
23:18:36 From Robert Muoz : im sorry the mandella what?
23:18:46 From Deb Matz : MEgaliths are also popping up
23:18:53 From Amber Price : what is NLP apologies
23:19:19 From Lena La : neurons linguistic program
23:19:26 From Amber Price : thx Lena
23:19:35 From phillip s : like working through a game, you need to make a
correct move or sequence to move through different levels to complete the game and
there are little treasures or hints to discover behind things etc
23:19:37 From Lena La : neuro
23:19:40 From Lori : read something that germany tried to take over part of
texas during ww2
23:19:50 From Deb Matz : Found ya from that, D.
23:20:00 From Amber Price : WHAT
23:20:05 From Pamela C : All kinds of "THINGS" can be inserted into our
23:20:12 From Moksha James : yep found yall on youtube one year ago
23:20:15 From Lori : it was in an unknown facts thing
23:20:24 From Juhl Lightheart : Amber Neuro Linguistic Programming. They
studied thousands of succesful people for patterns...including atheletes then teach
you how to reprogramme the brain to those patterns
23:20:27 From phillip s : mandella may well be a mind development critical
point in our progress.
23:20:28 From Stacey : Welp, here anyway. Feel too crappy to sleep. Better to
be here with you guys <3
23:20:44 From Amber Price : one year anniversary of being in UU is
in August....
23:20:46 From Michael Of The Stars : mandella not a super big suprise to me
after my 2009
23:21:00 From Stephanie : whatever happened that's how i found this group. all
of a sudden something just clicked and i started searching until i got here
23:21:02 From Deb Matz : Sorry you are feeling badly, Stacey
23:21:03 From GAIL : feel better soon Stacey
23:21:05 From Moksha James : cool Amber!
23:21:10 From Merc Gar : yeap
23:21:14 From Stacey : Thank Gail
23:21:25 From Stacey : And yes, hail stones so big, it killed livestock
23:21:34 From Amber Price : thx Juhl.....kinda boxes us in a bit no??
23:21:43 From Krystal : people who dont normally need anti anxiety drugs are
needing them... the SR is off the charts
23:21:55 From phillip s : the flat ball has tilted lol
23:22:08 From Stacey : Thanks Deb. I think I am dancing with pneumonia.
Calling Dr. tomorrow. :?
23:22:12 From Juhl Lightheart : yes...but their is no denieing the definition
of "success" is a boxed in thing
23:22:18 From GAIL : lol flat ball
23:22:19 From Lena La : !....winter IS coming..
23:22:29 From Michael Of The Stars : ive seen weather modification in this
reality for a decade
23:22:31 From Merc Gar : wow! here it was almost like always, but the south
of Spain, yes far hotter than usual!
23:22:36 From Ihor Plastun-Syrovatchenko : AND WHITE SUN! :) WHITE SUN :)
23:22:38 From Deb Matz : Yes, Stacey. That is something to fart around over.
23:22:39 From Amber Price : hahahhaa Lena....GOT is here
23:22:55 From phillip s : oh yeh white sun... very much agree with that
23:23:06 From Stacey : Yep and I've been farting around with it long enough
and not getting any better
23:23:09 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Today's weather in western MA is
seasonably warm but ast night I had winter blankets on my bed. I was cold! WTF?
23:23:12 From Ihor Plastun-Syrovatchenko : My station soon :) will come
back :)
23:23:13 From phillip s : new sun is LED
23:23:24 From Stacey : Yep!
23:23:27 From Deb Matz : White sun is on the blue spectrum. Screws up picking
violet-red berries, too.
23:23:31 From phillip s : energy saving by the construct itself lol
23:23:34 From Juhl Lightheart : phillip so hence no warmth
23:23:52 From phillip s : yes Juhl
23:24:01 From Merc Gar : or is the dream itself been inserted?
23:24:03 From Brianna C : Loool phillip :)))))
23:24:12 From Jeanette Edwards : wow I was blocked by comcast had to use a vpn
23:24:13 From Deb Matz : Not warm, but goes from on to fry-the-skin when
23:24:15 From Juhl Lightheart : Merce I suspect so
23:24:33 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : last night, I meant... sticking "L" edy.
23:24:48 From Deb Matz : Not dream but a nightmare? : /
23:24:57 From Ihor Plastun-Syrovatchenko : WHITE SUN :)
23:24:59 From Juhl Lightheart : I came online in 2013 to find out why the
ether had changed
23:25:10 From Maury : You want an insight from a third party that has
credibility with me? Take the time to bllkmark this 48 minute video and watch it.
Offers answers to the questions Dani is posting right now.
23:25:13 From Amber Price : like we are being dragged around a planETarium
23:25:16 From Lena La : yes different construct..!
23:25:17 From Juhl Lightheart : meditation etc became very different
23:25:22 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : "key" ... Typos frustrate me.
23:25:35 From phillip s : yes stars moving everything that was foundational is
being altered... to make us take notice
23:25:54 From Michael Of The Stars : or the moon is Upsidedown on occasion
23:25:57 From Lena La : lol Amber
23:25:58 From Jeanette Edwards : weather modification
23:26:07 From Stacey : Thank you Maury
23:26:07 From Deb Matz : Agree, Juhl. Meditating is weird, as is what I see in
the "other" place. Same for sending energy. IT is like something is trying to screw
it up
23:26:21 From Juhl Lightheart : yes Deb agreed
23:26:24 From phillip s : its a Russian/Syrian London vatican based harp
machine.... lol
23:26:30 From Merc Gar : well, as I was in 1981 in Almeria I remember the Sun
also being WHITE on high noon!
23:26:32 From Deb Matz : Moon now has a butthole, from our area
23:26:43 From Juhl Lightheart : are we doing this with our reconstruction
23:26:49 From Moksha James : Its WTF????
23:26:50 From Brianna C : Maury, would you please post that link in UU (and
tag me). Zoom tend to go weird on me when I open other things :) Thank you much
23:26:55 From Maury : yw Stacy
23:26:59 From Amber Price : hahah Deb....our moon here gives me the side eye
23:27:00 From Stephanie : bwahahahaha Deb :)
23:27:02 From Megan : The Electric Universe Theory might have an answer.
Planets discharging energy, etc
23:27:02 From Stacey : :)
23:27:05 From Lena La : ty Maury..
23:27:05 From phillip s : nature trying to restore balance is more likely
23:27:08 From Jeanette Edwards : we aint in Kansas anymore
23:27:18 From Juhl Lightheart : our insertion of code into the code because we
are certainly putting in virus
23:27:25 From Connie Townsend : Maury, since you first spoke about this
youtube site Ive been watching there videos. They have all been well worth
watching. Thanks :)
23:27:27 From Lori : so what if each astrological sign (age) is a different
program, and while approaching there is different software added in so it transfers
little by little
23:27:32 From Maury : I will send it to you in a p.m. lin face book right now
23:27:38 From Brianna C : Who has a butthole Moon ????
23:27:42 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : YouTube video just posted is by Lauda
23:27:46 From Joy : Stacey, according to Tony Pantalleresco, white/clear
vinegar cures pneumonia - 1 teaspoon in water several times a day
23:27:47 From Jeanette Edwards : I saw the moon as a huge red mushroom cap
23:28:07 From Deb Matz : Me, Deb. In northern Idaho, near the Canadian border
23:28:10 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : What???
23:28:12 From phillip s : fertility in animal kingdom is crashing also
23:28:16 From Brianna C : Thank you Maury <3 I will see it in the morning (
past midnight here)
23:28:44 From deanna parsley : hello all,
23:28:44 From Brianna C : Hahahaha Deb !!! Should have known it was
you :)))))))))
23:28:52 From Stacey : Thanks Joy. But, I've tried everything over the last
3wks and I think it's time to bite the bullet and go to the Dr. I can't breathe
well and I hurt. So wore out with it
23:29:01 From VIOLET : all past theories--out the window
23:29:06 From Jeanette Edwards : HAARP
23:29:07 From Lena La : Lori yes with Mayan cosmology each age brings and
releases newer Tech...etc
23:29:10 From Deb Matz : ;D
23:29:12 From phillip s : yes Dani we miss the silent changers by focusing on
the obvious
23:29:20 From Juhl Lightheart : well I dont get chem trails etc
23:29:22 From Lori : i blame frequency changes going from one age to another
23:29:28 From Joy : ooooooh soooooo sorry Stacey. speedy recovery.
23:29:32 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Yes, Jeannette!
23:29:34 From Juhl Lightheart : yes Lori
23:29:40 From Deb Matz : I detest drs, but I would go, if I were you Stacey.
23:29:40 From Michael Of The Stars : hahaha Blame..., Pick One :D
23:29:42 From Stacey : Thanks hun, hope so
23:30:02 From Jeanette Edwards : dome
23:30:03 From Jeanette Edwards : lol
23:30:08 From Juhl Lightheart : New souls coming in as the old guard are
unwilling to leave, but he new set want a different programme
23:30:10 From Amber Price : Stacey, I hope you feel better soon, take care
23:30:13 From Sony : Precisely
23:30:14 From Merc Gar : yeap
23:30:15 From Stacey : And yes, I HATE Dr's. But, I do have a really good one
and I trust him as much as I can
23:30:15 From phillip s : I see a time when humans will go through a
23:30:19 From Jeanette Edwards : cubed earth
23:30:20 From Deb Matz : True D. People do tend to blame something instead of
investing further?
23:30:25 From Stacey : TY Amber <3
23:30:35 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Inverted bowl, perhaps?
23:30:37 From Brianna C : Patrick posted the doughnut
23:30:38 From Maury : You never will find it within the mind. The answer
resides within deeper than the mind and flows from that source.
23:30:43 From Amber Price : hahaha where is the donut hole
23:30:46 From Deb Matz : Did it have chocolate icing on the doughnut D?
23:30:46 From Brianna C : Hilarious :))))
23:30:49 From phillip s : Love it donut choc coated he he
23:30:51 From Juhl Lightheart : Pretty sure we have seperated, still time for
a few to jump
23:31:11 From Merc Gar : lol yeap I liked that pic too!
23:31:19 From Stacey : K.I.S.S
23:31:21 From Michael Of The Stars : Toroidal Earth as the 396 Doughnut of
Randy & Marco's
23:31:34 From Maury : Yes we are DAni.
23:31:35 From Deb Matz : YES! Simple is much better approach
23:31:47 From Sony : Yawn!
23:31:51 From Amber Price : it is all the same thing
23:31:53 From Maury : They are all rabbit holes to keep us busy
23:31:54 From Stacey : Distraction
23:31:55 From Merc Gar : archons ;)
23:32:02 From Michael Of The Stars : along with Nassim's 64 Tetragrahmiton
23:32:07 From Juhl Lightheart : stories for the collection
23:32:09 From phillip s : Juhl I feel there will be a time when we actually
walk away from those that want to stay engauged in the narrative .. we are prepping
ATM it would seem
23:32:20 From Stephanie : everybody running around in circles, all arguing
over whatever
23:32:28 From Juhl Lightheart : yes Phillip
23:32:41 From Stacey : Agreed
23:32:46 From Ann Callaghan : Yes D .makes sense to me
23:32:54 From Mary Anderson : saw the plan and it was so simple, then forgot
what it was
23:32:57 From VIOLET : yup
23:33:01 From Michael Of The Stars : "Applied Theoretics" = Magic in action
23:33:22 From Sony : Well, well said, D!
23:33:23 From Stephanie : agreed dani :)
23:33:39 From Amber Price : circuit board earth
23:33:50 From phillip s : as we realise its a sim that initself is us
descovering we are seperated mentally inside the sim, n ext step is create new or
step out or???
23:33:52 From Stacey : Well, the fuckers may have decided I've been too
healthy and decide3d to insert a virus... :/
23:34:09 From Krystal : agree D, we will see what we expect
23:34:13 From Amber Price : yeppers..
23:34:21 From Juhl Lightheart : welcome to Solar Eclipse 2017
23:34:24 From Maury : Step back from the dramas, the intellectual what ifs and
look it from a bigger picture, a bigger perspective.
23:34:30 From Lena La : yes Phillip...walk OUT
23:34:41 From Nat : maybe we see what we are programmed to see/create
23:34:46 From phillip s : space images of earth surface exactly like circuit
bords... even cars travelling look like data running along circuits
23:34:47 From Michael Of The Stars : try Consciousness Only - without your
body - a larger, simpler perspective
23:34:53 From Pamela C : No shit!
23:35:07 From Maury : You are onto it Michael.
23:35:26 From Teresa Blackburn : I have always wondered if our
"afterlife/Heavens we're going to be how ever we want....
23:35:32 From phillip s : its like it has always been there but we never
looked, secrets in plain sight as they say
23:35:40 From GAIL : you jus triggered me saying the game to a memory the
kids use to play THE GAME// by jusy saying randomly.. urgh i just thought about THE
GAME..which means everyone else thinking about it too now..
23:35:41 From Stacey : XD
23:35:49 From Merc Gar : yeap, inserted dream
23:35:55 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Individual minds interpret the "game" as
their perception from each vantage point reveals.
23:35:55 From Michael Of The Stars : it's fun - but people get angry if they
cannot experience it.
23:36:05 From Deb Matz : co-creators, you mean? That is the latest...
23:36:06 From Maury : Within the matrix Teresa the answer is yes.
23:36:10 From Lori : im sure not creating anything i want
23:36:18 From Nat : snap lori
23:36:26 From Krystal : thats that people experience in Near Death Exper...
they experience what they expect to be "on the other side" = instant manifestation
23:36:37 From Stacey : Yes Krystal!
23:36:42 From Sony : We don't really know...whos consciousness?
23:36:50 From phillip s : we just have to learn how to run the creator codes
we all have ...
23:36:57 From Deb Matz : I have been trying to uncreate growing hair on my
legs and pits, to no avail...
23:37:02 From Michael Of The Stars : did Crist Say, "You can Do as I Do".?
23:37:06 From Krystal : hahahaha
23:37:07 From Juhl Lightheart : lol Deb
23:37:08 From Lori : lol deb
23:37:14 From CatMomPeg : I experienced "near death" or actual death and it
was NOT like what I expected or was taught to expect in the Christian world
23:37:17 From Krystal : yes Michael
23:37:28 From Stephanie : holy shit, me too Deb!! alas nothing.. :/
23:37:32 From Michael Of The Stars : thanks Krystal
23:37:38 From Teresa Blackburn : hmm... wow Maury....out of it???
23:37:46 From Juhl Lightheart : No Michael thats a story too
23:37:59 From Sony : sorry..."whose"...
23:38:08 From Amber Price : base programming like an operating system....even
our bodies are affected....heartbeat...breathing....dreaming....all connected to
base programming
23:38:09 From Stacey : Left them bread crumbs to awakening
23:38:11 From Deb Matz : Just more freaking hair, thicker, even... sigh...
23:38:12 From phillip s : religeon is comfortable for many and gives them a
reason to let others do everything for them.. step out and you have to take control
and act ... step out of the shed into the world
23:38:15 From Michael Of The Stars : juhl I've done many of the same
23:38:33 From Krystal : it may be a story, but stories seem to be the only way
such large ideas/concepts can be translated
23:38:37 From Jeanette Edwards : financial collapse
23:38:42 From Linda Bee : jaw on the floor is right ...
23:38:43 From Juhl Lightheart : lol Michael inside source kudos
23:38:46 From phillip s : I can't believe how everyone is lying
23:39:10 From phillip s : MSM openly lie, business lies
23:39:16 From Michael Of The Stars : that's what I was told 53 years ago &
seen it in my life
23:39:26 From Pamela C : I seriously have a friend who kept complaining about
her hair and within a year her hair fell out
23:39:26 From Merc Gar : yeap, with those isle froce to abadon because of
23:39:40 From Krystal : me too. most people never ask what they might be
capable of
23:39:44 From Michael Of The Stars : pamela :( oh no
23:39:48 From Stacey : Yep!
23:39:52 From Merc Gar : ups black auts
23:40:00 From maddtom . : are we not seeing that shit RIGHT now
23:40:01 From Merc Gar : outs lol
23:40:05 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : West wing in the White House has become a
farce with all the infighting going on...
23:40:05 From Stacey : HAHAHA
23:40:06 From Juhl Lightheart : lol
23:40:06 From Connie Townsend : lol
23:40:06 From phillip s : LOL
23:40:09 From Lori : madtom is mad typing lol
23:40:11 From Maury : North Korea will be all we are talking about in less
than two months. Watch it play out.
23:40:12 From Amber Price : hahaha thunder fingers
23:40:30 From Stephanie : i really think this place is breaking down. nothing
works right anymore lol
23:40:30 From Michael Of The Stars : no "rational" explainations at al
23:40:38 From Amber Price : right Maury....all part of this financial thing
23:40:45 From phillip s : for those that are watching yes we see it everywhere
but many are just stunned
23:40:56 From Juhl Lightheart : I like my little bubble. It is a really happy
place to be and I love that more people are finding it
23:41:02 From Stacey : YES!
23:41:04 From phillip s : oximoron
23:41:09 From Merc Gar : yeap!
23:41:20 From Krystal : feels like cosmic joke
23:41:22 From Maury : There is such a thing as believing and Knowing. Enyone
ever heard of that?
23:41:23 From Juhl Lightheart : differentiate beleif and knowing
23:41:31 From Stacey : I'm not laughing
23:41:35 From Juhl Lightheart : lol yes Maury
23:41:37 From Michael Of The Stars : brb
23:41:37 From Maury : They are not the same thing.
23:41:47 From Annette : like that book Baron Trump the time traveler
23:41:48 From Juhl Lightheart : yes
23:41:50 From phillip s : I feel like a fart in a snow storm when I walk
outside these days
this place so that is has to morph around you
23:42:05 From Amber Price : hahahahaha phillip
23:42:19 From Deb Matz : laughing... Phillip
23:42:26 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : The joke's on us!
23:42:28 From Pamela C : Right on Dawn
23:42:29 From Sony : Interesting, Dwan!
23:42:36 From Maury : Exactly Dawn!!!!Awareness does in fact exceed
23:42:53 From phillip s : belief and awareness are no longer connected
23:42:54 From Sony : ...sorry..."Dawn"...
23:43:03 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : I agree Dawn!
23:43:09 From maddtom . : awareness v conscious what's the diff?
23:43:27 From Juhl Lightheart : consciouness has thought
23:43:28 From Maury : More than simply interesting to me Sony. For me it is a
23:43:29 From Lena La : belief is based on lie, knowledge based on truth as a
physical freeing breath...
23:43:35 From Dawn : awareness of what is outisde of this SIM
23:43:36 From Lori : but is that a program you came in with Dani? Like my
knowing since i was young, was that pre programming?
23:43:46 From Dawn : it changes ones consciousness
23:43:48 From Juhl Lightheart : Awareness knows
23:43:55 From David Hodgson : Part of the wake up is to put your self right in
the middle of the process between Belief and knowing.. Between creating and
23:43:56 From Michael : I'm Back - On PC
23:44:00 From Amber Price : we are the "Divine Comedy" and the fortean
assholes still laugh even now
23:44:05 From Michael : Doc MM
23:44:07 From Sony : Awareness belongs, sovereignly, to the
individual...consciousness may very well not...
23:44:11 From Dawn to d(Privately) : Dani your AWARENESS HAS TO EXCEED
YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS of this place so that is has to morph around you
23:44:17 From phillip s : everything is turning outto be a lie
23:44:38 From Maury : I knew you actually got it Sony, I fukkin knew it.
23:44:46 From Juhl Lightheart : A story says we are programmed before arrival
23:44:46 From Annette : me too
23:44:54 From Blair Bierman : hey everyone :)
23:44:58 From Stacey : Yes, from day one
23:44:59 From Nat : agree juhl
23:45:00 From Annette : hi Blair
23:45:06 From Linda Bee : hi
23:45:10 From Mary Anderson : me too
23:45:12 From Sony : Maury...wink...
23:45:13 From Michael : I gave creedance to Myths and Ledgends
23:45:20 From Amber Price : Blairhello
23:45:24 From Lena La : hi Blair
23:45:27 From Stacey : Same here Michael
23:45:28 From phillip s : before we are corrupted we know what exists and what
does not
23:45:30 From Lori : my knowing is of an event though.
23:45:31 From Juhl Lightheart : hi Blair
23:45:40 From Brianna C : Blair <3 Hey
23:45:40 From Stacey : Yes Phillip!
23:45:53 From Blair Bierman : hey Annette, Amber, Juhl. Brianna :)))
23:45:56 From maddtom . : I am seeing "outside" the construct/progam on a
daily basis...I have seen scenes vanish before my eyes...I am 'aware" of inside and
outside simulation...
23:45:58 From Juhl Lightheart : my kmowing is pure feeling
23:45:59 From Stacey : The whole bumblebee senerio
23:46:07 From Sony : Hello, Blair...have missed you!
23:46:27 From Juhl Lightheart : no thought just sensation
23:46:30 From phillip s : I call manifesting changing my reality to suit my
intent... baby steps as such
23:46:35 From Sony : Nice, Dani!
23:46:36 From Merc Gar : hi Blair
23:46:36 From Blair Bierman : hey Sony :) missed you too <3
23:46:50 From Blair Bierman : hey Merce :)
23:46:52 From Amber Price : Take back the wheel and free the butterfly
23:47:02 From Stacey : Yep
23:47:13 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Lies come sneaking up in Truth's
23:47:17 From phillip s : face slap why did I think of that
23:47:21 From Stacey : I catch myslef all the time. Especially negative
23:47:29 From Chris Breakspear : bugger sorry i late didnt realise the time
23:47:39 From Jayne Judkins : Power Of The Subconscious Mind.... it's an old
book and I have read it a gazillion times.
23:47:44 From Pamela C : Dani, It's whatever we put in our frontal lobe
23:47:45 From Amber Price : Chris!!! how are you?
23:48:00 From Michael : Changing weather or Healing people - Manifesting
through "God" or "Collective Consciousness" or AI - ? Yep, Many of us Create the
Needed situation one was or another without Knowing exactly How.
23:48:08 From Chris Breakspear : not too bad .. could b worse lol
23:48:15 From Jayne Judkins : The MAster Key Sysytem is another great teaching
on the cubconscious mind
23:48:20 From Sony : We are creators, after all...
23:48:26 From phillip s : but you can set yourself up easily.. and others set
you up to grow your belief cancer language is a perfect example of the system
making you believe it into reality
23:48:30 From Amber Price : Chris
23:48:34 From Michael : Collective ?
23:48:41 From Amber Price : and where do we go when we dream
23:48:51 From karenannebowman : Interference
23:48:55 From Jayne Judkins : typos...going to find my glasses! lol
23:48:59 From phillip s : out of time Amber
23:49:01 From Merc Gar : yeap, which can sabbotage you :/
23:49:09 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Carl Jung's "Collective Unconscious?"
23:49:10 From Lori : I have seen that with the native tribes in the u.s.
23:49:12 From phillip s : same place just out of time
23:49:13 From Blair Bierman : i totally know what you mean. D
23:49:22 From Michael : Lables Create Focus Points - Spiritually or otherwise
23:49:26 From Stacey : Mine are still vieled!
23:49:33 From Lori : i was sleeping in a crib with a wild big cat last night
in my dream
23:49:38 From Deb Matz : I do not recognize where I "am" in dreams
23:49:45 From Amber Price : I feel more alive in my dreams than I do in awake
23:49:46 From Stephanie : no dreams still :/
23:49:57 From Juhl Lightheart : Deb Lionsgate program maybe?
23:50:01 From phillip s : with you on that one Amber
23:50:03 From Stacey : Same here Stephanie
23:50:07 From Jayne Judkins : the subconscious mind can be trained into
bringing about changes desired.
23:50:13 From Nat : id like to remember my dreams.
23:50:22 From Michael : Thank you @Joseph
23:50:29 From Merc Gar : Ann is here too :) D
23:50:41 From Amber Price : Jayne do you have more info on that....that is
23:50:45 From Blair Bierman : smoke mugwort/drink mugwort tea to remember
dreams/lucid dream
23:50:54 From Michael : @Juhl - LionsGate is a Deep Subject
23:50:58 From Nat : thx blair
23:51:00 From phillip s : wonder if my dream body is trying to remember its
conscious time?
23:51:13 From Stephanie : Stacey, all i can remember is a big black wall
coming down. but i'm wrecked when i wake up everyday. what's it like for you?
23:51:13 From Stacey : I've had prophetic dreams all my life and now, nothing.
Is rather unsettleing, because the only time I can't see my dreams is when it is
something serious that will effect me directly.
23:51:15 From Elena : yes dreams, I remember bits n pieces of them.. here n
there lol
23:51:16 From Juhl Lightheart : @Michael yes...lots of stories lol
23:51:18 From Amber Price : thx Blair...I remember Zero talking about that
23:51:31 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : I DO NOT CONSENT to dreams being invaded
by Facebook for targeting us with advertising!
23:51:40 From Krystal : i was chased in a dream the other night.
23:51:51 From phillip s : data collection joseph
23:52:01 From David Hodgson : Yes,, tht energy needs to be transmuted by the
person experincing the fear..
23:52:03 From Stacey : Yes, very similar Stephanie. Although, I do get
disscobbected flashes during the day
23:52:06 From Lena La : lol serious..
23:52:20 From Merc Gar : joseph i feel the dreams might be inserted
23:52:34 From Michael : "Archon" Energies - as Frequencies Displayed to you Or
Absorbed By you.
23:52:39 From phillip s : he would be a messed up puppy if he invaded my
dreams lol
23:52:44 From Star Walker : Hi peeps
23:52:49 From Juhl Lightheart : lol the thought of Facebook invading dreams
was just created, so those instant manifesters...beware
23:52:53 From Nat : hey star
23:52:54 From maddtom . : Archon...what is agey
23:52:55 From GAIL : bfg
23:52:55 From Stephanie : i get that every once in a while, Stacey
23:52:57 From Stacey : Hi Star Walker!
23:53:07 From Amber Price : Star Walker
23:53:19 From Stephanie : heya Star Walker! :)
23:53:21 From Chris Breakspear : ohhhh the dreams i could have about
zukkerberg .. hmmm might involve me & a chainsaw or a baseball bat lol
23:53:24 From Juhl Lightheart : Archon very old agey
23:53:28 From Juhl Lightheart : Gnostic
23:53:40 From Lori : pre gnostic
23:53:48 From maddtom . : a gnostic
23:53:48 From Deb Matz : Only nightmare I ever had was after seeing Dawn of
the Living Dead
23:53:53 From Lena La : I'm with you Chris
23:53:55 From Moksha James : doesnt he go to the Bilderburg group etc
23:53:57 From Earl Thibert : MY HAND IS UP
23:53:58 From Juhl Lightheart : yes Lori, Gnostic collection to read about
23:53:59 From phillip s : yep arcon another trigger meme
23:54:00 From Nat : i once kissed putin in a dream i did remember,, maybe i
shut them off cos of that lol
23:54:10 From Jeanette Edwards : labels
23:54:13 From Nat : ankle biters
23:54:22 From Chris Breakspear : oops thats not very love light ....slaps own
23:54:25 From phillip s : all post it notes lol
23:54:26 From Stephanie : Nat, that is horrific lmfaoooo
23:54:27 From Amber Price : I wonder if words we use are being co opted to
label....words suck
23:54:37 From Juhl Lightheart : cant describe a construct without a label
23:54:46 From Michael : I had "Thoughts" being Targeted to Me One Time - I
Returned those "Dream Thoughts" Back to the Senders. That Stopped it... whoever
it was.
23:54:51 From Juhl Lightheart : Its a binah a collection of thought forms
23:54:51 From phillip s : yep Dani we except sooo much without actual evidence
23:54:54 From maddtom . : out language is so limited....we must speak
23:54:58 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Not that smart... Thanks Dani!
23:55:05 From Michael : ( I try to use Decriptive words".
23:55:10 From Lori : and from the natives
23:55:11 From Amber Price : yes Maddtom
23:55:33 From Moksha James : lanuage is limiting
23:55:35 From Blair Bierman : I can tell you that bag of baddies aren't very
nice lol
23:55:35 From Juhl Lightheart : yes Dani
23:55:37 From phillip s : what does a draco look like? I have not seen one yet

23:55:41 From Megan : sometimes there just are no words

23:55:41 From Sony : Yes, yes, and yes, Dani
23:55:51 From Michael : Agreed - we Cannot Create Absolutes". TY
23:56:05 From Amber Price : I wonder if this AI that was shut down
recently...figured the limit of words and created its own.....
23:56:16 From Stacey : Yes Amber
23:56:20 From phillip s : yep what does an ascended arse master look like lol
a bearded transgender??
23:56:20 From Moksha James : meaning is different for every person
23:56:22 From Sony : If there is "heirarchy" it is a game...
23:56:36 From Chris Breakspear : alot of that crap stems from a big hoax back
in the 70's
23:56:42 From Juhl Lightheart : yes Sony
23:56:45 From Stacey : It's only speculation
23:56:47 From Michael : Lesson Learned
23:57:07 From phillip s : I see things I can't explain often and for me that
is what makes reality interesting
23:57:21 From Moksha James : youve come a long way Dawn
23:57:42 From Brianna C : Hey we even have ascended bankers :))))) Saint
Germain, nyone ? :)))))))))))))
23:57:50 From Juhl Lightheart : lol
23:58:03 From Juhl Lightheart : hA bRIANNA YUP
23:58:11 From Amber Price : Dawn....cant thank you enough
23:58:13 From Brianna C : :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
23:58:19 From Lena La : yes Brianna yes
23:58:30 From Michael : brb - my dog wants me :)
23:58:35 From Nat : we have to keep Brianna awake
23:58:39 From Merc Gar : yeap, shapeshifters ;)
23:58:43 From Deb Matz : My husband and I both have dealt with... "Dark"
23:58:49 From Juhl Lightheart : tell you what though, those violet flames work
better without the St Germaine, they powerful hoodo
23:58:54 From Sony : As part of the construct...
23:58:58 From Lori : i have seen someone "uncloak" unknowingly before at my
work. just a side view
23:59:06 From Moksha James : yes
23:59:08 From phillip s : someone walked up to the fish bowl lol
23:59:26 From Jeanette Edwards : nagative entity
23:59:43 From Stacey : I think this illness has bent sent to me, knowingly or
not, by the low key hate and envy of a "friend"
00:00:01 From phillip s : yes he has nuggets but he also plays the pied piper
trick a bit too often for me
00:00:07 From Jeanette Edwards : me 2
00:00:09 From Juhl Lightheart : Stacey very possible. wrote a book on that
00:00:11 From Sony : Phillip...that reminds me of Robert Morningsky...
00:00:16 From Megan : Evil intentions in any form do exist
00:00:21 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Ass Masters... lol!
00:00:23 From Stephanie : i can't ever remember whose supposed to be who.. so
anything shitty i just call "those fuckers"
00:00:25 From Deb Matz : The descriptions and what is going on is too
complicated in its "telling".
00:00:27 From Stacey : Right!
00:00:28 From Amber Price : hahaha Joseph
00:00:32 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : /?"]'[]/
00:00:32 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : "
00:00:38 From Deb Matz : I use parasite(s)
00:00:43 From Amber Price : u r good Maury
00:00:46 From phillip s : working fine today Maury
00:00:59 From Sony : I mos def do not!
00:01:08 From petermeteor : hello lovelies
00:01:08 From Star Walker : Good question , Maury
00:01:10 From Amber Price : i think they are stuck here with us
00:01:11 From Lena La : inside by OUR creation
00:01:15 From Moksha James : what do you think Maury?
00:01:19 From Jeanette Edwards : controllers
00:01:23 From Megan : The Emerald Tablets talk about that, Maury
00:01:23 From Juhl Lightheart : Contained Maury, its why the construct exists
to give them a playground
00:01:38 From Dawn : we got sold out from within - the Sulimon (Solomon Line)
00:01:45 From Blair Bierman : draco were external.. my seeings
00:01:46 From Amber Price : oh Megan...forgot about that
00:01:46 From Lori : isnt that what the movie "Alien" was about, a parasite
that came in from outside?
00:01:47 From Sony : Yes!
00:01:53 From Stacey : True!
00:02:04 From Amber Price : right Dawn
00:02:12 From phillip s : what is out what is in? whilst here it still needs
to be discovered and proven
00:02:17 From Merc Gar : those ancient wall paintings with ...
00:02:24 From Star Walker : Jayne :) !
00:02:25 From Krystal : cant leave out the heart!
00:02:25 From petermeteor : lol
00:02:30 From Sony : Well said, Maury!
00:02:36 From Michael : we Cannot even Lable - Good or Bad... it's relative
to perspective
00:02:36 From Lena La : our essential energies are not from Here!
00:02:40 From Megan : different dimensions maybe?
00:02:40 From Amber Price : in our hearts????
00:02:41 From Tracy Barclay : are we physically somewhere or just conciousness
in a construct?
00:02:53 From Dawn : his mic is holding up too !!!
00:02:53 From Elena : same here Lori, but it was an entity right in front of
me when just waking up from a dream.. which then unmasked and dissolved.
00:02:57 From Stacey : Yes
00:02:59 From Pamela C : Maury, LOVE YOU
00:03:09 From Sony : Ah, true,!
00:03:12 From Stacey : Exactly Maury!
00:03:23 From Brianna C : Yes Maury !!!!!!
00:03:24 From Annette : I feel that too Maury
00:03:26 From Moksha James : good question Tracey
00:03:28 From Deb Matz : If "it" is attacking me, it is "bad" from my
00:03:28 From petermeteor : ken cambell says that matter came from
00:03:30 From Megan : I agree, Maury. We are energetic beings, hence eternal
in some fashion
00:03:34 From pearl : sound
00:03:35 From Juhl Lightheart : Mentalism
00:03:42 From petermeteor : because that is all there is
00:03:50 From Lori : mine cloaked again before i could get someone over there
to see it also. it was cloaked as a human, but wasnt
00:03:51 From Chris Breakspear : can Maury adopt me ?
00:03:56 From phillip s : yes Maury because they have all been trying to do
the same thing as us "figure out what and who is doing what?"
00:03:57 From petermeteor : matter and conscienciousness
00:03:58 From Sony : I'm clapping...thank you, Maury!
00:04:02 From Juhl Lightheart : yup Maury
00:04:07 From Blair Bierman : thank you, Maury!!! I love you<3 hahaha
00:04:30 From phillip s : well they havn't gotten far IMO
00:04:43 From Stacey : Leeloo did say that "we" are the first generation to
even see the construct for what it is
00:04:47 From Merc Gar : could this be the reson, why it is said that the
Angels envy us???
00:04:49 From Stephanie : dang, i love maury!!
00:04:59 From pearl : yes!
00:05:01 From Stacey : Give 'em hell Maury!!
00:05:02 From Megan : He's on a roll!
00:05:06 From Ann Callaghan : <3 Maury
00:05:06 From Amber Price : Maury....thank you darling
00:05:09 From phillip s : LOL mic has stayed in the room
00:05:10 From Deb Matz : Excellent, Maury!
00:05:18 From pearl : absolutely
00:05:23 From Stacey : I'm fucking done with it!
00:05:29 From Jeanette Edwards : reincarnation
00:05:32 From Megan : We're remembering how things are supposed to be instead
of this insanity
00:05:33 From petermeteor : rollin rollin rollin ye ha!
00:05:34 From phillip s : take a breath Maury then keep going
00:05:43 From Stephanie : how many of us are willing his mic to stay good?
00:05:48 From Stacey : <3 <3
00:05:50 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Thank you, Maury!
00:05:51 From Megan : Weeeeeeeee!
00:05:53 From Amber Price : me Stephanie
00:05:55 From Chris Breakspear : cheer
00:05:56 From Annette : thank you maury!
00:05:58 From Jeanette Edwards : me 2
00:06:01 From Sony : And all civilizations and lore speak of the same thing
over and over nauseum...that doesn't mean it is may just be
that all are adhering to script...
00:06:04 From Nat : well said maury
00:06:07 From Joy : Maury, AWESOME, THANK YOU!
00:06:13 From David Hodgson : Brilliant Muray...!!!!
00:06:14 From Star Walker : Cheers Maury !
00:06:33 From Merc Gar : thanks Maury
00:06:33 From Amber Price : thx Sony yes...the show must go on
00:06:50 From Maury : I will say this i did not plan any of that ahead in my
convoluted mind folks.
00:06:57 From Stacey : Hey! Is someone working on me?? I just got a rush of
really good energy and just realized I'm not hurting
00:07:04 From Amber Price : I feel like this place is a rescue boat
00:07:21 From Brianna C : Wonderful Stacey <3
00:07:29 From Lena La : ty Maury
00:07:34 From Stacey : It is Brianna! <3
00:07:35 From Deb Matz : Cool, Stacey
00:07:39 From Lori : you are working on yourself Stacey, i told you in my
mind, your the one allowing it.
00:07:39 From Blair Bierman : it wMauryas a great truth,
00:07:41 From Lena La : Life Raft..
00:07:41 From phillip s : exactly why would you stop at just an earth ...
00:07:44 From Connie Townsend : explains stars and sun changing
00:07:47 From Amber Price : Stacey
00:07:50 From petermeteor : endless like our thoughts eh?
00:07:54 From Moksha James : right blair
00:08:06 From Sony : Within this one construct....
00:08:07 From Stacey : Yes Lori. Now I've just been hit with BIG tears!
00:08:09 From Brianna C : Yes, it is the entire Universe. And those other
"beings" talking (or not) with some people here are just as inside this construct
as we are
00:08:13 From Blair Bierman : It was a great truth, Maury *** sorry for the
word salad
00:08:16 From Lori : awwwww
00:08:17 From Joy : yeaaay Stacey!
00:08:17 From Merc Gar : basically I already had that thougt as an early teen
00:08:17 From Annette : I was thinking that you should just cut that shit off
Stacy! i did not do anything but i am known to be able to do that lol I am glad you
are feeling better! I cut shit off me daily!
00:08:26 From Star Walker : Gail :) !
00:08:27 From Jeanette Edwards : zetas
00:08:32 From petermeteor : anything is possible right
00:08:57 From Moksha James : how big?
00:08:58 From phillip s : and there are millions of dani's running shows
trying to understand who is doing what UNTIL one Dani gets
00:09:05 From Stacey : I've been trying Annette. Every day all day I tell it
to fuck off. But, have been getting worse
00:09:10 From GAIL : hi star x
00:09:12 From Amber Price : then the boxes came.....from interlopers
00:09:18 From Chris Breakspear : haha
00:09:20 From petermeteor : ;)
00:09:21 From Sony : Lol, Phillip...
00:09:43 From Annette : Stacey, pm me later we can talk about it! <3
00:09:46 From Lori : Stacey, repeat after me, I DO NOT CONSENT!
00:09:50 From phillip s : wonder what happens when we figure out whats going
00:09:51 From Merc Gar : yeap
00:10:01 From Stephanie : hey Peter! <3
00:10:05 From Stacey : Will do Annette! And I do all day long Lori
00:10:12 From Robert Muoz :
00:10:37 From David Hodgson : Bingo Dawn...!!!
00:10:46 From Amber Price : thank you Dawn
00:10:56 From Stacey : Annette, same name in UU?
00:11:00 From Merc Gar : thanks Dawn
00:11:04 From Sony : Ty, Dawn...
00:11:17 From Maury : In case you do not know, Dawn and I talk a lot together
about all of this shit.
00:11:23 From Dawn : Love you guys
00:11:24 From phillip s : its just as relevent as any other information we are
fed by the system
00:11:42 From Sony : They all stick to the script!
00:11:45 From phillip s : everything has a little bit none have it all
00:12:04 From phillip s : yes sony
00:12:08 From Dawn : THEY HAVE BEEN PLAYED TOO
00:12:22 From Stacey : Yes Dawn!
00:12:24 From Juhl Lightheart : This is their construct, we are shrinking it
upon them. Let them have this one.
00:12:31 From Amber Price : day Ill head home to Texas....hope to
visit with you both....I was born in Grand Prarie...have some family still there
00:12:35 From Stephanie : so they are just like us then?
00:12:36 From pearl : we have our own playground
00:12:37 From phillip s : yes dawn but they are so tied up in it they don't
00:12:51 From Sony : Could be, Phillip, but in my 54 years...I have yet to
hear a completely new perspective...
00:12:53 From Moksha James : same exact thing!
00:12:57 From Dawn : TRUTH
00:12:59 From Dawn : TRUTH
00:13:01 From petermeteor : this is so much like we talk about on all shows i
join, just change construct for law or doings but the thing is everyone is saying
"discern and learn"
00:13:17 From Michael : Beyond The Physical - seems to be the Only Common
00:13:32 From Robert Muoz : there isnt one
00:13:45 From phillip s : stand in a forest Sony and let the smells enter you
r awareness , its a new experience
00:13:53 From Elena : Yes Dawn.. was thinking the same that they have been
played too
00:13:59 From Linda Bee : The one objective reality among the billions of
subjective realities.
00:14:07 From Dawn : Yes Elena ;)
00:14:18 From phillip s : actually its an old experience we have forgotten
00:14:20 From petermeteor : everything points to that, the math the emotions
the evidence
00:14:51 From Moksha James : to simulation Peter?
00:14:53 From Sony : Oh, yes...within this construct...yes, that is the best
part of it...the beauty in all!!! Has made it "kinda" worth it...
00:15:12 From phillip s : Oh I would love to be the entity a psychic connects
with think of the fun you could have with them and their followers lol
00:15:28 From Sony : sorry...that was responding to you, Phillip...
00:15:35 From petermeteor : if the "programmers" are anything like the
government if you do figure it out they will change that shit in a half a fart
00:15:36 From phillip s : damm I have a deamon in me
00:15:38 From Juhl Lightheart : lolPhillip, what do you think is happening
00:15:46 From Juhl Lightheart : But they are holograms
00:15:49 From Juhl Lightheart : of us
00:15:54 From Michael : I Did find someone who's Programming Popped-Out in my
face - instantly Changed And Flipped Back -
00:16:14 From Lori : which is why we say we get downlaods
00:16:25 From Juhl Lightheart : programme on emotion Earl
00:16:36 From Juhl Lightheart : how do you want it to feel
00:16:41 From Amber Price : seems to me that all constructs are copied
....right down to our DNA.....
00:16:51 From Star Walker : Annette :) !
00:16:54 From Nat : what we dont know is more important than what we do
00:16:57 From Sony : Yes, Amber...interesting!
00:16:57 From Moksha James : undoing the belief systems. thats what we
infuckers do right?
00:17:00 From petermeteor : I AM SOOOOO FUCKIN DUMB :(
00:17:14 From Michael : I did Song & Poetry with a friend and got words that
would rally thousands - it was too much to share. imo
00:17:15 From phillip s : logic bombs light the world
00:17:18 From Sony : Right, Moksha!
00:17:24 From Amber Price : no such thing as dumb
00:17:44 From phillip s : agree Amber no such thing
00:17:48 From Moksha James : Unfuckers Undoing the programs!!!
00:17:52 From petermeteor : I was just saying everytime I think i know....oops
I did it again!
00:17:59 From petermeteor : lol
00:18:15 From Michael : lol @Peter-O-Meter
00:18:15 From petermeteor : more to learn
00:18:16 From Stacey : Ok, stuff is now coming up out of my lungs without even
having to try to cough it up!! YAY
00:18:26 From petermeteor : peter o meter cool!!!
00:18:30 From Lori : yay
00:18:41 From Moksha James : yay stacey
00:18:43 From petermeteor : a meter o peter :0
00:18:51 From Stacey : IKR! <3
00:18:53 From petermeteor : sorry
00:18:55 From Lena La : kool Stacey
00:19:05 From Joy : wow, Stacey!
00:19:11 From Stephanie : yay stacey!! :)
00:19:33 From Deb Matz : Cool, Stacey!
00:19:40 From Moksha James : mo pegs nope
00:19:47 From Moksha James : dig dig dig lol
00:19:55 From Stacey : I can actually take a deep breath. Going to take my
temp. Has not been below 99,5 in the last 3 dyas. My normal is 97.7
00:20:09 From Michael : Great @Stacey :)
00:20:27 From Amber Price : feel better SOON....Stacey
00:20:32 From Sony : But what if there isn't just ends...and we
say: "well, played"!
00:20:34 From phillip s : or are we actually now seeing the construct in its
true we wake up we see what is right in front of us and has been all the
00:20:43 From Moksha James : I really question the term "simulation"
00:20:53 From petermeteor : you know what I find the coolest thing, John with
his straight forward legal type mind accepts this type of thing too, fuckin awesome
that peopel are expanding their minds to accept all things
00:21:10 From Robert Muoz : its not a dragon were waiting for?
00:21:14 From Stacey : And just teary ass hell all of a sudden. And temp is
99.1!! YUS!
00:21:20 From petermeteor : maybe the energy is trapped
00:21:30 From Amber Price : no Robert...we are the Dragons
00:21:35 From phillip s : we are all farts in a snow storm lol yeh I am not
00:21:36 From Sony : Yes, Maury...agree 1000%
00:21:38 From Stacey : Yes Amber!
00:21:40 From petermeteor : held in by the magnetic force
00:21:48 From Robert Muoz : im no fucking dragon
00:21:56 From Nat : agree totally maury
00:22:14 From petermeteor : amber alert!!!
00:22:20 From Sony : That's the conundrum...we can't prove anything!!!
00:22:21 From phillip s : Amber you are so pink
00:22:27 From Juhl Lightheart : lol
00:22:29 From phillip s : lol
00:23:02 From Amber Price : Robert Dragon is a word.....dragon hearts are is simply a word to express our heart feeling
00:23:40 From Michael : StarFish
00:23:50 From Megan : can anyone else hear that noise in the background?
00:23:54 From Moksha James : Its so peoply here
00:24:03 From Juhl Lightheart : lol
00:24:04 From Michael : Yes @Megan
00:24:05 From Stephanie : i can hear it Megan
00:24:11 From Megan : trippy
00:24:11 From Moksha James : I hear it Megan
00:24:15 From Brianna C : Maury, notice how easily it comes out, even when
speaking really fast ? So, how could this not come from "outside" the programmed
mind :)
00:24:18 From Stacey : I have removed about 99% of the people I have had in my
life for 30yrs.
00:24:27 From phillip s : its ok Amber not all horses want to drink no matter
how thirsty they are
00:24:31 From petermeteor : I am on sensory overload lately
00:24:38 From Dawn : Maury's mic has miracuously fixed itself
00:24:42 From Megan : glad it wasn't just me...thx
00:24:43 From Deb Matz : "no one" said this "life" would be easy or fair... ;D
00:24:45 From Moksha James : ty ego bs, I cant watch it
00:24:50 From Michael : that sound is The Matrix Breathing while it's asleep.
00:25:00 From phillip s : its funny to watch Dani the media are like children
00:25:05 From Michael : Don't wake it up
00:25:14 From Megan : heard that once or twice, Deb. LOL
00:25:16 From Deb Matz : I thought the Matrix snored..
00:25:17 From Chris Breakspear : lol
00:25:19 From Maury : I guess 'somethsing' really, really powerful stepped in
and made that happen Dawn. LOL Any ideas of whast that might have been?
00:25:24 From petermeteor : life would be boring if it was easy, we need
controversy to thrive
00:25:27 From Dawn : LOL
00:25:39 From Moksha James : I can hardly watch the others either
00:25:43 From Dawn : whatver Maury you already know the answer to that damn
00:25:43 From Deb Matz : Challenges
00:25:47 From Megan : brutal shit right at this moment
00:25:49 From petermeteor : ahhhhhh you know it
00:25:50 From Sony : Oh, yes, Dani...very!
00:25:53 From Stacey : Everyone thought I was crazy. Now they are seeing it
for themselves and coming to me wanting to know more. :) Seeds!
00:26:03 From Moksha James : yep
00:26:06 From Maury : Of course I do Dawn. It was a rhetorical question.
00:26:08 From petermeteor : lucky if you can
00:26:08 From Michael : how many people in this gathering ?
00:26:15 From Juhl Lightheart : only exsits on my tv or facebook
00:26:19 From Maury : 67 right now
00:26:20 From petermeteor : 67
00:26:25 From Lori : same here, not out of the country, but 2000 miles away
00:26:25 From phillip s : my family just roll the eyes and give up... but its
a loving eye roll
00:26:25 From Annette : figured out my dad is my handeler
00:26:25 From Sony : Working on it...although it will be very hard for me!
00:26:29 From Moksha James : seeds
00:26:29 From Juhl Lightheart : umm dont actually have a tv
00:26:33 From Michael : a lot - thanks -
00:26:35 From Amber Price : hahah sucks balls when folks you trusted
just leave
00:26:42 From Brianna C : 67 in Zoom, plus others watching the Livestream
00:26:55 From Stacey : Yes D
00:26:57 From Michael : TY @Brianna
00:27:17 From Juhl Lightheart : Unique parts of the whole
00:27:18 From Sony : Thank you, said that specifically for me!
00:27:26 From Tracy Barclay : we have found each other in all of this for a
00:27:37 From Stacey : YES!
00:27:40 From Sony : Well said, Amber!
00:27:43 From Deb Matz : Loving them does not mean you have to like them
00:27:45 From Amber Price : yep Tracy...we have each other
00:27:48 From Michael : Yep @Tracy
00:27:51 From Stacey : I love many, don't like them though
00:27:59 From Lori : yup
00:28:00 From Sony : Yes, the love will always be there, of course!
00:28:00 From Moksha James : we must have Tracy. It's uncanny
00:28:05 From Lynn Thompson : I love you however I don't like you.
00:28:21 From petermeteor : family is like that you love them but sometimes
dont like them
00:28:23 From Michael : Lynne <3
00:28:47 From Stacey : Just had to tell someone to leave and never come back.
Been friends for 28yrs.
00:28:52 From Lynn Thompson :
00:28:52 From Merc Gar : yes
00:28:54 From Amber Price : family is like the walking dead
00:28:56 From Moksha James : it is great
00:28:59 From Megan : thankfully!
00:29:02 From Maury : It has to do with what we call boundaries Amber. They
simply do not buy what you are selling and reject it out of hand. As long as you
play their game they are fine but step into your realm and they turn off
immediately. Ever notice that?
00:29:11 From Robert Muoz : i have uu down the road i could walk to his house
00:29:23 From Dawn : Exactly eight Maury
00:29:25 From Dawn : right
00:29:36 From petermeteor : men especially need that women can talk more
openly with eachother but most men are dismissive and dont know how to comfort
00:29:45 From Sony : Yup!
00:29:46 From Mary Anderson : That's me
00:29:53 From Amber Price : yes Maury....not sure which Amber..Im Amber P
00:30:03 From Lena La : hugs for life...
00:30:04 From Stacey : I have my mom. She may not understand where I am coming
from. But, at least she tries and NEVER puts me down. Other than that, I have no-
00:30:04 From Deb Matz : All but two of my family is dead, not including my
daughter and her little family. She and her boys are abby-normal like me.
00:30:19 From petermeteor : men dont cry
00:30:26 From Lori : my guy friend talks to thing with me that i really dont
want to hear lol
00:30:27 From petermeteor : men dont talk about
00:30:28 From Maury : I was actually addressing Amber Moksah but it applies
across the board Amber P.
00:30:29 From Robert Muoz : the false male
00:30:37 From petermeteor : you are weak if you show emotion
00:30:39 From Stacey : Bullshit petermeteor!
00:30:50 From David Hodgson : the male and female have forgotten who they
00:30:51 From Sony : How sad!
00:30:55 From phillip s : me need to do things together so that they can
talk ... its the physical action that gives us a way to offer support
00:30:58 From petermeteor : thats how we treat each other stacey
00:30:59 From Stacey : I hate it for them!!
00:31:02 From Lena La : programmed slavedom
00:31:02 From Merc Gar : yeap
00:31:06 From Chris Breakspear : lol lori
00:31:09 From Maury : From the fukkin cradle. I know this personally and
every man in here kn ows it as well.
00:31:17 From Doc Michael_M : Core - Family - Indivuals ... lost relationships
if you share
00:31:18 From Amber Price : so funny Maury....when I was growing up I was the
only one names Im the new Heather
00:31:18 From Dawn : you dont spend frivously
00:31:19 From Teresa Blackburn : To everyone....I can't come on and
speak....wish I could, without a doubt, my resent events of late has allowed on
Soooomany levels, Enlightenment.... gratitude out to so many here.
00:31:21 From Robert Muoz : i show more emotion than most women
00:31:23 From phillip s : sort of like fix something and whilst fixing we can
talk about anything
00:31:26 From Juhl Lightheart : yup
00:31:33 From David Hodgson : Except we dont give birth.
00:31:33 From Stacey : YES! They have just been programmed to resist and
00:31:41 From Blair Bierman : I know what you mean Maury.....
00:31:46 From Maury : LOL Dawn I saw that one.
00:31:49 From Moksha James : we wont treat you like second class citizens
00:31:51 From Elena : lol
00:32:00 From petermeteor : is it another divid and conquer program
00:32:00 From Juhl Lightheart : wohhoo violent Dani
00:32:02 From Doc Michael_M : I did Not know my Given Name until I was age
10... strange but true
00:32:07 From Stacey : FOR SURE!! LMAO
00:32:11 From Amber Price : MenOpause
00:32:17 From Moksha James : lesbians toooo?
00:32:24 From phillip s : maybe david but we start the whole thing with our
little spark he he
00:32:30 From Tracy Barclay : Dan D. another unfucker and I have serious
discussions on my back deck.
00:32:30 From Merc Gar : yeap kitchen children and church :P
00:32:33 From petermeteor : lesbians are women no?
00:32:39 From Maury : Women can be really, really fucked up. We all know
00:32:40 From Lori : lesbians too what?
00:32:47 From Moksha James : different programming
00:32:51 From Doc Michael_M : Sounds Fine
00:32:59 From phillip s : humans can be really fucked up
00:33:04 From Juhl Lightheart : womens violence, we allow our men to go to war
00:33:04 From Deb Matz : Agree Maury
00:33:06 From Pamela C : But David you do give birth ,By contributing your
00:33:15 From Juhl Lightheart : samck our children
00:33:38 From Megan : brainwashed to believe that we should be proud to die
for a war machine
00:33:47 From Lena La : breeding program
00:33:51 From David Hodgson : Thats different Pamila..!
00:33:56 From Juhl Lightheart : yup Leena
00:33:57 From Stacey : Heary
00:34:03 From Stacey : Heart
00:34:06 From Pamela C : Really?
00:34:08 From Amber Price : a mom I would not let my son go to
00:34:25 From Maury : Teresa's audio is the best I have heard in a very long
long time.
00:34:31 From Star Walker : Hi Teresa ! :)
00:34:35 From Juhl Lightheart : Same Amber but many are proud too
00:34:44 From pearl : hugs Teresa
00:35:08 From Juhl Lightheart : Yes Teresa ((huggs))
00:35:13 From GAIL : hugs Teresa from me too
00:35:29 From Eternal Panda : Thanks Teresa! Huggssss :o)
00:35:31 From Mary Anderson : I love my family but they think I'm nuts...
00:35:33 From Maury : You ARE love Teresa. That is not wrong. In fact that
is the real you but part of it is you are not necesssarily a victim in it. that
has been the biggest twist with women in particular.
00:35:34 From Sony : Well said, Theresa! Yes, Dani
00:35:41 From Star Walker : HUG Teresa
00:35:41 From Lena La : Teresa
00:35:45 From Stacey : Expectations are the root of all disappointment
00:35:48 From Doc Michael_M : I've Been Lucky -- Seeing ( & Being or Doing )
things that are Beyond This "Reality" since age 12.
00:35:50 From phillip s : Am with you on that one Mary
00:35:51 From David Hodgson : Pamila..male and female express the connection
to "Source" differently..The male is the connection and brings the ligh in a raw
form...The female changes that raw light into a practical way in the world she
lives in
00:36:15 From Stacey : <3 <3 Theresa!
00:36:16 From Deb Matz : Cool, Theresa
00:36:24 From Maury : No argument David on that observation.
00:36:24 From Doc Michael_M : Easy to accept this conversation
00:36:28 From Stacey : There you go Dawn!
00:36:28 From Danil G. : I've often said... Just because we are family
doesn't mean we have to love each other...I mean, It's not a MUST.
00:36:32 From Amber Price : ohhh love that true
00:36:38 From Juhl Lightheart : David each does both, those concepts exist
00:36:46 From Teresa Blackburn : sooo true Dawn
00:36:48 From Merc Gar : wow! nope, it helps nobody if you don't care for
your self as well
00:36:49 From Sony : Yes, Dawn, I so hate that we do that..ughhhh!
00:36:52 From Megan : Putting your life on the line for a good reason is
courageous as hell, that reason shouldn't be to line a few peoples pockets. That is
all I meant.
00:37:11 From Lori : wow, thanks to whoever turned up dawns volume!
00:37:13 From Lena La : yes Merce
00:37:16 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Hugs Teresa!
00:37:26 From petermeteor : I miss on most angles, I am trying though
00:37:31 From Sony : Hence..."let go"...
00:37:39 From Amber Price : denial is a disease ....thx Dawn....been on the
front end of addiction...and denial of my choices
00:37:42 From David Hodgson : I am not talking about masculine adn feminine
Juhl.. thoes qualities do not knwo what gender is..
00:37:55 From Doc Michael_M : if you are Too Focused on One Thing, Without
Resolve, you limit your perspective potential. yep.
00:37:55 y From Teresa Blackburn : thanks Mauryy
00:37:57 From Merc Gar : hugs Teresa
00:38:03 From petermeteor : I think I am to blame no one or nothing else
00:38:07 From Deb Matz : forgiveness and guilt are part of the same program
00:38:11 From Sony : Yes, Doc...
From suzanna cat :
00:38:21 From Sony : Yes, Deb...
00:38:36 From Juhl Lightheart : Im limiting myself to forgiving the fuckery.
Im moving on
00:38:39 From Doc Michael_M : Yep @Sony... sure seems like that.
00:38:39 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Yes, Dawn...
00:38:42 From Chris Breakspear : exactly
00:38:46 From Lena La : like LOVE/HATE...Deb..
00:38:47 From petermeteor : if you dont know then look it up!!
00:38:53 From petermeteor : :)
00:39:10 From petermeteor : whats that saying look it MF!!
00:39:12 From Maury : that is a hell of a good point that Dawn just made and
it has not been discussed yet in here. Neutral on the way out. What does that
mean really? The finger is pointing right now but that neutral term she used
resides in what we call a lot of time in the center.
00:39:23 From Sony : is "their journey"...
00:39:23 From petermeteor : look it up MF
00:39:28 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Wow!
00:39:39 From phillip s : everyone is enjoying their path I take pleasure in
the diversity
00:39:45 From Doc Michael_M : @Peter - I'm not sure about that "Self Blame" of
a manifested situation - Consciouse or not.
00:40:09 From Megan : I'm pissed...hard to forgive all this bs
00:40:11 From Blair Bierman : me either.. let em rot
00:40:15 From petermeteor : not blame doc, just accepting responsibility
00:40:19 From phillip s : a pirate.. kill em all lets god sort them
00:40:26 From Danil G. : Me too, Dani girl! Me too..
00:40:29 From Stephanie : i feel ya, dani.
00:40:29 From Lena La : YES...D accountabilry
00:40:31 From Sony : High Level
00:40:31 From Megan : LOOOL!
00:40:31 From Doc Michael_M : I was picked up by a little tornado and I Do Not
Believe I was "Responsible".
00:40:33 From Amber Price : there is no name for this feeling Dani....and that
makes it real
00:40:34 From Lori : they are choosing to do it, period.
00:40:34 From petermeteor : pirate lol
00:40:49 From Deb Matz : forgiving absolves them of their bullshit. No way.
IT is their shit and they can clean it up
00:40:58 From Maury : When 'they' preach to forgive your enemies and everyone
for everything they have done they really do not mean foregive at all they are
askeing for absolution for their bad behavior. Bastards!!!!
00:41:13 From petermeteor : doc did you need to be standing there?
00:41:13 From Doc Michael_M : IDK - lol... did I do it to myself ?
00:41:20 From Megan : I'll forget before I forgive. LOL
00:41:22 From Juhl Lightheart : Its not about them. Its about me
00:41:24 From Lena La : ACCOUNTABILITY...for acts of Fuckery
00:41:25 From Stacey : I refuse to be the "bigger person" and forgive straight
up bs loaded on us
00:41:31 From phillip s : its like this resigning when they fuck up...
bullshit you stay and fix the shit .. what a cop out and we all fall for it
00:41:46 From Doc Michael_M : I was Sent to work on a Roof with No easy escape
- who knows
00:41:52 From Amber Price : we need to remain Neutral....stay in the non
00:41:55 From Annette : me too and I am moving to Maui!
00:42:12 From Elena : Remembered similar from when a teenager Doc Michael just
last night. Interesting..
00:42:18 From Robert Muoz : what if, D you are tested as to how pure and
forgiving you can be to have to move on and you need to forgive the fuckery to go
into the pureity of the pur reality you need to go to
00:42:29 From Doc Michael_M : Crushed my spine - Back & Neck broken - laid up
for over 20 years...
00:42:37 From petermeteor : lol jkg doc, of course not, it was a weather
phenominum not a being
00:42:51 From Sony : Yikes, Doc, sorry to hear that!
00:42:52 From Maury : We are in fact different Jayne. Different from the
forever lost to what we are before it all.
00:42:52 From Merc Gar : yeap, they ask basically for permission, for another
fuckery by by beging for forgiveness!?!
00:42:54 From Deb Matz : Bloody fucking hell, Michael!
00:42:57 From phillip s : what if we are being tested to see if we will stand
up to what is wrong
00:43:00 From Stacey : Forgiveness for bs is another progam
00:43:06 From petermeteor : hey goot!
00:43:11 From petermeteor : groot
00:43:12 From Juhl Lightheart : I cant find soace in hate. My world is too
beautiful for that. Compassion for those still caught. And thats ok.
00:43:14 From Doc Michael_M : @Peter - T.I. ? Was I a Targeted Individual"' ,
Came to mind
00:43:16 From Dawn : Not our job to forgive them
00:43:16 From Lena La : hogs Doc..
00:43:28 From Robert Muoz : but you got to get past it or you loop back then
you cone back till you do
00:43:31 From Chris Breakspear : some things are unforgivable no ?
00:43:38 From Dawn : No judgement one way or another in the end they are
responsible for themselves
00:43:45 From Doc Michael_M : Yep @Deb... you can say that
00:43:49 From Amber Price : thx Dawn...this is not my job....they made the bed
00:43:50 From petermeteor : wow, OK sounds a little paranoid dude
00:43:54 From Deb Matz : Yes, Dawn. Agree
00:43:57 From petermeteor : GROOT!!!
00:44:01 From Stacey : Same here
00:44:03 From Dawn : Not our fucking job
00:44:04 From petermeteor : hey buddy
00:44:06 From Dawn : never was our job
00:44:08 From Juhl Lightheart : I judged
00:44:11 From Merc Gar : groot confirms lol - no forgiveness ;)
00:44:17 From Stacey : Not mine!
00:44:18 From Doc Michael_M : Lena - IDK - I was the Only person there.
00:44:26 From Stacey : Exactly
00:44:29 From Juhl Lightheart : I became my own controller
00:44:34 From phillip s : when we leave the construct and go back to the
factory line do you think we will feel better for forgiving them lol
00:44:35 From Mary Anderson : hugs Groot
00:44:36 From Robert Muoz : maybe it is whats the harm?
00:44:40 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : I meant Jayne!
00:44:44 From Stephanie : Dawn, exactly.
00:44:44 From Lena La : HUGS Doc..
00:44:50 From Juhl Lightheart : I feel better
00:44:56 From Amber Price : silence is golden
00:44:59 From Stacey : YES Maury!
00:45:04 From Pamela C : Just walk away
00:45:07 From Merc Gar : yes!
00:45:13 From Stacey : Not my fucking monkeys!
00:45:13 From phillip s : we can have compashion without forgiveness
00:45:14 From Brianna C : YES YES YES !!!!!!!
00:45:16 From Lynn Thompson : they are not worth my energy or thots!
00:45:18 From Doc Michael_M : TY @Lena - Hugs Not Hogs"... ( my Old
00:45:21 From Robert Muoz : triggers
00:45:23 From Deb Matz : No revenge or retribution from me. They can live in
their own pile of shit
00:45:31 From petermeteor : we spoke about this on AM today, if you stay in
anger about this stuff you are not "ready" to play
00:45:39 From Pamela C : Deb hahahahah
00:45:48 From Doc Michael_M : :)
00:45:50 From Sony : Yes, just perpetuates the situation...
00:45:52 From Stacey : Right!
00:45:56 From Robert Muoz : well i forgive EVERYONE
00:45:56 From Eternal Panda : Instead of using your own effort to force
results, you simply recognize the movements of nature and get yourself in alignment
with them.
00:45:59 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : YES
00:46:00 From Deb Matz : Strange from a quadruple Scorpio, no? laughing...
00:46:03 From Juhl Lightheart : yet look at how attached to the concept
00:46:13 From Teresa Blackburn : passionate Maury
00:46:15 From Robert Muoz : triggers
00:46:16 From Lena La : lol Doc
00:46:16 From Doc Michael_M : I've Found The Same as Maury Just Swaid
00:46:30 From petermeteor : amen!
00:46:33 From Moksha James : Deb who is Scorpio
00:46:40 From phillip s : rince and repeat the last 4 years
00:46:43 From Teresa Blackburn : first time I've ever herd Maury mf'n
00:46:59 From Deb Matz : Me.
00:47:05 From Moksha James : me too
00:47:12 From Doc Michael_M : The Balancing
00:47:20 From Sony : Oh...gag...
00:47:21 From Deb Matz : Scorpios are "supposed" to be into revenge and all
that shit
00:47:24 From Stacey : Nope
00:47:25 From Dawn : haha Theresa
00:47:26 From petermeteor : I am masculin and I hate war
00:47:29 From Danil G. : What if the test is exactly about the opposite? What
if we have been forgiving and forgetting, and that has been a pattern. What if the
test is about us saying "I've had enough of this shit, I'm not taking this
anymore!" What is the test lies in that?
00:47:29 From Stacey : Balance
00:47:31 From Dawn : Maury cusses believe me
00:47:33 From Moksha James : uh huh we are
00:47:36 From Maury : LOL Teresas I have a whole bag of that kind a words and
I can use them liberally, fluidly and fluently.
00:47:44 From phillip s : I keep coming across people I knew in 2013 and when
I talk to them I find they are doing EXACTLY the same thing, its like they are
looping and they are so tied up in their little world
00:47:45 From Merc Gar : well, yes Scorpios in their more low energetical
expression can be very revengeful
00:47:47 From Eternal Panda : Action not reaction
00:47:47 From Stacey : Yes Daniel
00:48:16 From petermeteor : oh fuck our HR sends that shit all the time
00:48:18 From Stacey : Phillip. Reconnected with a freind form 20yrs ago. She
is still looping
00:48:18 From John Anderson : Actually, Pands, it's respond not react
00:48:21 From Teresa Blackburn : hurt my ears Maury...
00:48:26 From phillip s : if y6ou disagree you are labelled as agressive
00:48:35 From Moksha James : yes and engaging in revenge and engaging in
forgiveness are both still tying into the person/being
00:48:51 From Teresa Blackburn : love me some balance
00:48:51 From phillip s : Yes Stacy its quite amasing how many are out there
00:48:51 From petermeteor : I am called agressive just because of how I look
00:48:52 From Stacey : Yes Moksha
00:49:05 From Sony : Yes, Moksha J.!
00:49:21 From karenannebowman : Yes
00:49:23 From Maury : You see it Moksha James. That is what I was tryping to
point out.
00:49:23 From Megan : it's also presented as the middle being bad because it's
andorgeny or something
00:49:24 From Merc Gar : yeap!
00:49:27 From petermeteor : just being a tall man makes you agressive to some
00:49:27 From Amber Price : bingo Dani
00:49:29 From Annette : because of how you look Peter?
00:49:30 From Stacey : Phillip. I was happy to reconnect after so long. Now,
I'm on the verge of walking away. I can't hang
00:49:31 From Megan : or
00:49:32 From Deb Matz : Then those who think so Peter are idiots
00:49:36 From Juhl Lightheart : what if its all about doing the things that
bring you peace and using the vibration of love to program the construct. Peace Im
not into neutrality. The only thing that distinguishes me fro a psychopath is my
ability to feel
00:49:41 From petermeteor : Ya some say I look mean
00:49:43 From Teresa Blackburn : POLERAZATION
00:49:46 From Moksha James : yes Maury
00:49:51 From Linda Bee : what's the difference between balance, neutral or
00:49:55 From phillip s : lol Peter yes if you are different in any way they
have to label you so they can treat you a certain way
00:49:57 From petermeteor : and I am 6'3" 220
00:49:57 From Megan : Riding the razor's edge
00:50:02 From Megan : story of my life
00:50:06 From Sony : Two sides of the same coin...which is how this game here
is always played!
00:50:12 From Deb Matz : I have resting bitch face when I concentrate. ;D
00:50:17 From Megan :
00:50:30 From petermeteor : yaaaa were in the fun house
00:50:33 From Brianna C : Deb :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
00:50:39 From Megan : lol Deb
00:50:40 From petermeteor : or nut house
00:50:40 From Danil G. : Right? I mean, I don't for one minute believe that
we are here to learn to love and get along with each other. We've got that...we
aced that test. But It's the stress of dealing with all this fuckery that turn us
against each other.
00:50:41 From phillip s : notice everyone askes what do you do for a living? I
amswer breath so what do you do? lol I refuse to be put in a pigeon hole
00:50:46 From Sony : Ha, ha, ha, Deb...I think I do too...
00:51:10 From Megan : true, Daniel...we just have to keep rising above this
00:51:18 From Stephanie : Peter, i get what you mean, people call me a cold
hearted bitch :)
00:51:21 From Lena La : lol Phillip
00:51:28 From Deb Matz : My higher self is out on vacation and having a
freaking good time without me, damn it
00:51:32 From Elena : Yes Dawn
00:51:32 From Megan : Nice one, Phillip
00:51:37 From karenannebowman : We try to fit ourselves into some box but
really we are all unique
00:51:42 From Sony : Interesting, Danil!
00:51:52 From Amber Price : love you Dawn
00:52:06 From Megan : Only weirdos step outside the box, dontcha know?
00:52:08 From Stacey : I have rainbow swirlies and yes, a tube I can move one
way or the other
00:52:16 From Maury : Hey Teresa, Dawn can cuss too.
00:52:16 From petermeteor : phillip the system does that too, if you drive you
are the "driver" walk pedestrian, its so they can regulate you under the act that
covers the "laws" concerning the walk or drive.
00:52:25 From Blair Bierman : it makes sense to me
00:52:25 From GAIL : totally makes sense
00:52:35 From Pamela C : Must Dawn because I've seen it
00:52:36 From Elena : yes Dawn, makes sense to me :)
00:52:37 From phillip s : agree peter
00:52:37 From Deb Matz : Makes sense Dawn. I live in left-field, though. ;D
00:52:47 From Stacey : Yes!
00:52:49 From Brianna C : This discussion is fantastic... again <3 Going
to sleep, alomst 2 am. Will watch the video, not to miss a word ! See you guys in
UU <3
00:53:01 From Teresa Blackburn : nn b
00:53:06 From Deb Matz : Sleep sweetly, Brianna
00:53:06 From Sony : Nighty, Brianna!
00:53:07 From GAIL : sweet reams
00:53:09 From GAIL : x
00:53:10 From Robert Muoz : love is forgivness
00:53:11 From Stacey : Nite Bri <3
00:53:13 From GAIL : d
00:53:14 From Juhl Lightheart : then get back there
00:53:15 From phillip s : heart energy is our power plant
00:53:19 From Brianna C : And i love you guys ! Nighty night :)
00:53:20 From Merc Gar : yes Dani and Daniel
00:53:24 From Amber Price : nite Brianna
00:53:26 From Juhl Lightheart : yes philip
00:53:26 From petermeteor : lol
00:53:28 From Brianna C : :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
00:53:33 From Stacey : HAHA... I will! :)
00:53:34 From Brianna C : Loool Dani
00:53:41 From Lena La : Brianna
00:53:41 From petermeteor : not me
00:53:43 From Merc Gar : good nite Brianna
00:53:47 From Blair Bierman : goodnight brianna :)))
00:53:47 From Deb Matz : We can paint her fingernails funky colors, though.
00:53:54 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Yes!
00:53:54 From Stephanie : night Brianna!! <3
00:54:02 From Amber Price : hahha Deb...
00:54:09 From Star Walker : Love you Brianna , see you !
00:54:14 From Moksha James : D, we are UnDoing our programs here
00:54:15 From Sony : Again, was this a game we created that got waaaay out of
00:54:21 From Stacey : I can read German, French and Spanish. Can't speak it,
but understand when I read
00:54:32 From Megan : Probably something like that, Sony.
00:54:34 From Doc Michael_M : I've Been Waiting to Hear the Distinction of
"Love" and "Compassion" seemingly available to all... Not the case. it seems
Many are Incapable of "love". imo
00:54:39 From Amber Price : I hope so Moksha
00:54:39 From Brianna C : hehehehehe :)))))))))))))))))))))))) Go right head,
mustache, kinky nails. Redo Bri :))))) See ya UU'ers <3
00:54:55 From phillip s : brilliant stacy what a tallent
00:54:59 From Juhl Lightheart : Doc I would say so
00:55:00 From Moksha James : we are trying for sure
00:55:06 From Merc Gar : muy fantastich Stayce ;)
00:55:07 From petermeteor : thats what happened to me this week, I tought I
was awake, aware but OMFG i am still just beginning to learn
00:55:27 From Teresa Blackburn : your post's!!!
00:55:29 From petermeteor : thought omfg
00:55:36 From petermeteor : cant spell either
00:55:41 From Doc Michael_M : @Juhl Yep
00:55:52 From Stacey : I have no idea where it came form, I have never studied
00:55:54 From Maury : Perfect David.
00:55:56 From Teresa Blackburn : I'm with you peter
00:56:03 From phillip s : we can see the disruption in the field that they
preside in ... even when they are cloaked they still disrupt the field
00:56:12 From petermeteor : ;)
00:56:21 From Teresa Blackburn : been a woza time of late
00:56:21 From Stacey : YES!
00:56:21 From Moksha James : yes
00:56:21 From Robert Muoz : of course were all diffrent!
00:56:23 From Amber Price : like a the cog
00:56:23 From Megan : so true
00:56:24 From Doc Michael_M : @SWtacey - I had a few of those too
00:56:31 From Juhl Lightheart : They are all stories David
00:56:37 From phillip s : lost in a story is called belief
00:56:40 From Stacey : Very cool Doc
00:56:41 From Sony : Which is precisley the glitch in this construct, David...
00:56:49 From Juhl Lightheart : Even a personal narrative is a story
00:56:49 From Lena La : positive narration better
00:56:55 From Teresa Blackburn : my new favorite word.... ALLOW
00:56:59 From Doc Michael_M : information from idk where... ancient language
and more
00:56:59 From Sony : ...precisely...
00:57:00 From Danil G. : Yes!!!! I totally believe that. The more time we
spend in this HELL HOLE...the more we loose ourselves, the more programmed we
become. Shit! Phase 3, 4, or whatever phase we may be in (according to their plans)
...I bet 'they' feel we are finally ready for the next step. Transhumanism...
00:57:07 From petermeteor : or david icke
00:57:19 From Teresa Blackburn : I still flow....out the door if need b
00:57:21 From Maury : Hey Amber Moksha remember back in December on that ride
back to Phoenix? David just said what you said back then.
00:57:25 From Juhl Lightheart : back to feeling
00:57:35 From Doc Michael_M : afk - need a pillow
00:58:03 From Sony : Cabal, Danil!
00:58:10 From Lena La : yes Daniel
00:58:19 From Danil G. : Yeah... those fuckers!
00:58:45 From Juhl Lightheart : you know what takes the middle neutral road,
AI maybe
00:58:53 From phillip s : its the journey not the destination sort of thing
00:58:55 From Deb Matz : So are we now in the Loony Toons period?
00:58:55 From Amber Price : good point Earl
00:59:10 From phillip s : yeh I want a refund.. lousy selection
00:59:23 From Sony : All right...fess up...whose idea was it? LOL
00:59:24 From Teresa Blackburn : seems to be the most challenging yet key....
learning to be love in an unloving place
00:59:28 From Danil G. : Slowly but surely we are loosing out humanity, but
again....I do belive it's about balance.
00:59:30 From Megan : I want to fly again
00:59:30 From Lori : i know i have come full circle, started out neutral, went
through things and am back to neutral
00:59:36 From phillip s : I never selected the bald avatar..
00:59:37 From Mary Anderson : I just want to go home
00:59:45 From Stacey : Yeah, that was fast too!
00:59:47 From petermeteor : I am pissed that we have been co-opted is all
human beings dont act like we have been acting when left the fuck alone
00:59:47 From Merc Gar : wow!
00:59:53 From Juhl Lightheart : Can someone fly me over to pick up Earl so I
can ferry him to meet all the unfuckers?
01:00:08 From Stacey : HAHA
01:00:11 From Mary Anderson : Thanks D and everyone
01:00:14 From Megan : Thanks Dani and everyone for your great energy. Love you
01:00:30 From Merc Gar : thank you all it was awesome
01:00:32 From petermeteor : TY dani
01:00:37 From Danil G. : @PeterMeteor: Absolutely!
01:00:44 From Star Walker : Cheers all and love !
01:00:44 From Amber Price : all good darling....thx D...
01:00:45 From Elena : lemon & honey in hot water.. gently stirred :)
01:00:49 From phillip s : go out and say Bullshit at least 10 times each day
in public lol
01:00:50 From Teresa Blackburn : sooooo much love Everyone
01:00:51 From David Hodgson : Yeah..!!!
01:00:55 From Stephanie : great show! thanks dani :)
01:00:59 From Stacey : LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Thank you for the vibes... I do think
I am feeling better. <3 <3
01:01:03 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : My Zoom is obstructing me typing into the
chat too!
01:01:04 From Sony : Thank you, Danielle and everybody! (I like that
01:01:08 From petermeteor : ty dani nitey nite
01:01:15 From Merc Gar : good night all good day to the others ;)
01:01:17 From Amber Price : love you Stacey..take care
01:01:18 From David Hodgson : Fucking dauylight savings time
01:01:19 From Ihor Plastun-Syrovatchenko : it is good time :)))
01:01:20 From Merc Gar : lol
01:01:29 From Deb Matz : Excellent talk, you all
01:01:35 From Joy : Thanks Dani & everyone!
01:01:37 From Danil G. : Thank you, Dani! Thank you all!
01:01:43 From Lori : im usually at work on sundays, so i miss them all
01:01:46 From Elena : its now a better time for me too :)
01:01:53 From Teresa Blackburn : thank you all again from the bottom of my
heart for your beautiful help
01:01:53 From Doc Michael_M : @Teresa B. <3 <3 TY :)
01:01:54 From Lena La : love light to Stacey & Doc..
01:01:55 From Merc Gar : yeap
01:01:55 From Stacey : <3 <3
01:01:55 From Annette : Thank you Dani I am excited for my Gaia garden
purchase too
01:01:58 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Good night,
01:01:58 From petermeteor : what is time anyways
01:01:58 From Eternal Panda : interesting show thanks dani <3
01:01:59 From Elena : Ty Dani & all :)
01:02:00 From phillip s : by for now D and all
01:02:01 From GAIL : night xx
01:02:04 From Lori : thank you Dani
01:02:05 From Stacey : Thank you Dani!! <3
01:02:05 From Amber Price : love you all smoch
01:02:05 From Juhl Lightheart : Thanks Dani and All
01:02:08 From petermeteor : thanks ladies and beans
01:02:10 From Chris Breakspear : thanks d
01:02:10 From Doc Michael_M : @Lena :) <3
01:02:10 From CatMomPeg : by till Wed
01:02:12 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Bye!
01:02:14 From Blair Bierman : thank you, Dani :)
01:02:15 From Eternal Panda : night guys
01:02:21 From phillip s : lol
01:02:22 From Deb Matz : Thank you.
01:02:30 From Sony : Thank you, John!
01:02:32 From petermeteor : break out the cognac
01:02:34 From phillip s : fading rapidly
01:02:44 From Joy : LOVE the before & after show!
01:02:48 From Megan : lol
01:03:19 From Lori : its still recording, not sure if you wanted it to
01:03:21 From phillip s : johns love life lol
01:03:22 From Lena La : note John
01:03:25 From Amber Price : haha get some rest John
01:03:32 From petermeteor : lol loves his pup
01:03:37 From Lena La : nite
01:03:42 From Stacey : Something to teather us here
01:03:44 From phillip s : wqho wouldn't
01:03:49 From Sony : Yes, Dawn...agree
01:03:52 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : On Solar Eclipse meet-up, Where is it
going to be in path of it in the USA for the Unfuckers?
01:03:52 From Doc Michael_M : Key Point __--__ Menory Keeps Us Here !
01:03:53 From phillip s : great looking dog
01:04:09 From petermeteor : but our memories have no emotion no?
01:04:14 From Sony : The longing...again, a distraction...
01:04:23 From Deb Matz : Could that be why people keep saying to remember our
"realm" from the mandela effect changes? To fuck us up?
01:04:37 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : On August 21st...
01:04:39 From Stacey : I am just a few miles from the 100% totality line and .
01 seconds from longest time in totality
01:04:42 From Chris Breakspear : i must be close to leaving then coz my
memorys fucked
01:04:58 From Sony : LOL, Chris!
01:05:03 From petermeteor : same here chris
01:05:03 From Merc Gar : yeap, non of this construct is of importance ;)
01:05:05 From Lori to d(Privately) : Not sure if you wanted to still be
recording or not, but its still on
01:05:12 From Amber Price : memories are part of the program...that the
construct feeds off of....OUR spiritual fat
01:05:30 From petermeteor : I did my homework dani:)
01:05:32 From Chris Breakspear : yep
01:05:34 From Sony : Yes, Amber...too funny...
01:05:35 From Stacey : Yep
01:05:38 From Doc Michael_M : I Just went through a Smattering of Memories
with my mom's passing a few weeks ago - In Hindsight, How Many were True or
01:05:39 From Linda Bee : yup
01:05:39 From Maury : Yes Amber Price.
01:05:41 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Where are you located, Stacey?
01:05:42 From Megan : yes
01:05:43 From Blair Bierman : yes
01:05:43 From petermeteor : yes
01:05:45 From Merc Gar : yeap
01:05:46 From Stacey : HAHA
01:05:47 From David Hodgson : Youp..!!
01:05:50 From Eternal Panda : yup same thing over and over
01:05:51 From petermeteor : 18
01:05:52 From Joy : yes, & looping!
01:05:53 From Chris Breakspear : i even sat there going wtf am i remember this
shit for
01:05:56 From Megan : horrifying
01:05:59 From Deb Matz : yep...yep...yep...
01:06:01 From Lori : nope
01:06:02 From Ihor Plastun-Syrovatchenko : No :)
01:06:05 From petermeteor : hit someone, keeps coming up
01:06:10 From CatMomPeg : yep it happens to me
01:06:13 From Megan : you two are saints, right?
01:06:14 From Stacey : Some of the most random things are popping up
01:06:19 From petermeteor : 37 years ago
01:06:22 From Doc Michael_M : "UnResolved Memories" Loop Maybe ?
01:06:30 From Juhl Lightheart : no
01:06:42 From Stacey : Thoughts have popped up that have not been thought of
since it happened
01:07:00 From petermeteor : lol
01:07:01 From CatMomPeg : I remind myself that I am not that person any more,
it was a LONG time ago
01:07:03 From Pamela C : Oh yes
01:07:04 From Lori : nope
01:07:10 From petermeteor : werent we all smartass kids
01:07:12 From GAIL : yes just remebered mine
01:07:24 From Eternal Panda : things that seem irrelevant but over and over
01:07:25 From Sony : LOL
01:07:29 From Lori : i didnt talk much most of my life sooooo
01:07:29 From Megan : great way to look at it, Peter
01:07:31 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Amber Moksa, are you and Blair near path
of Eclipse totality?
01:07:31 From Deb Matz : not around my mom...
01:07:49 From Eternal Panda : seems like a memory being re-written over and
01:07:54 From petermeteor : sorry kid, santa is not real
01:07:56 From Pamela C : Just got to clear it
01:08:00 From Juhl Lightheart : I have to work hard to rmember
01:08:11 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : I meant Moksha...
01:08:16 From Amber Price : Joseph.. I am...and heading up to Oregon
01:08:58 From Stacey : Ok, gotta go. Love you guys! <3
01:09:16 From GAIL : feel better tomorrow stacey x
01:09:19 From Lena La : bye Stacy..
01:09:24 From Deb Matz : Bye Satcey. Feel better soon
01:09:27 From Blair Bierman : Hi Joseph, a bit south yet I feel we will see
a good bit of it here.
01:09:28 From Lori : dont forget stacey
01:09:33 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Too far away. I thought we were going to
try a meet-up in Kansas or near there...
01:09:34 From Amber Price : sounds good Earl
01:09:48 From Annette to d(Privately) : Gayle is looking for Quinlyns
01:09:49 From Sony : Ty, Earl!
01:09:52 From Amber Price : memories are privy to violatoin
01:09:56 From Amber Price : violation
01:10:24 From phillip s : dam Maury you were doing so well
01:10:39 From Juhl Lightheart : Makes a whole new thing on Facebook memories
01:10:45 From Megan : it's like our memories are also like an old video tape
that doesn't work in some places and has other stuff recorded over it in other
01:10:56 From d to Annette(Privately) : I"ll have her reply :D
01:10:57 From Sony : It makes us more interesting to play the game...
01:11:05 From Merc Gar : peter, if you know how might could be hiding behind
that Satan theme , I'm sure be happy if it does not exist, but we talked today
about it. Those enteties exist!
01:11:06 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : You two are south of totality... I would
seriously consider a trip to ssee it if I could meet UnFuckers and gather in the
path of where it is in totality...
01:11:07 From Amber Price : uhhgg Juhl..I fucking hate the FB memories
01:11:15 From Annette to d(Privately) : do it
01:11:28 From petermeteor : huh?
01:11:28 From Lori : nothing resides in the mind
01:11:31 From GAIL : omg story.. yes i know remember thigs as if im looking at
an album
01:11:35 From Annette to d(Privately) : pretty big in
01:11:47 From phillip s : the only way to be me in the now is by using your
Will to be free.... that is why its called free will
01:12:02 From Ihor Plastun-Syrovatchenko : We dont remember most of
eventuality because it is irrelevant :)
01:12:07 From GAIL : i can only see indevidual pics now and build the story
around that
01:12:18 From GAIL : but becoming faded
01:12:18 From phillip s : your will is capable of over riding the construct
01:12:27 From petermeteor : well hows was recording first done?
01:12:36 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : My son lives in Tennessee and he may be
where it is total, according to maps I have seen on the Sandra Walter website.
01:12:36 From petermeteor : on wax?
01:12:45 From Amber Price : true Ihor...maybe memory is a needed key for
01:12:53 From phillip s : where ther is a will there is a way IMO
01:12:55 From Sony : this construct...we really have no "free
will"...they want us to believe we do...
01:13:13 From Elena : whether thinking on a memory.. or thinking about the
future.. you're doing the thinking, in the Now
01:13:14 From phillip s : reverse the words Sony
01:13:17 From David Hodgson : Bingo Dawn..!!!
01:13:24 From Megan : what a relief, right?
01:13:26 From Pamela C : We had no idea , when we agreed to play this game,
It would get so convoluted
01:13:28 From petermeteor : lol
01:13:34 From Lena La : lol Dawn
01:13:34 From Juhl Lightheart : absolutely Sony, you have choices
01:13:38 From Amber Price : hahha Dawn. they wouldn not want me too
01:13:42 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Alternate timeline, Dawn?
01:13:43 From phillip s : when you alter the reality around you , you are
using your will to be free
01:13:45 From Juhl Lightheart : not free will
01:13:53 From Sony : Yes, Pamela...we thought it would be sooo fun and easy!
01:13:58 From petermeteor : 12 step programs fuck with ya too
01:14:07 From Chris Breakspear : yeah so most people would rather be in denial
01:14:11 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Yes!!!
01:14:22 From Blair Bierman : its bullshit
01:14:26 From petermeteor : go fuck your god MFer!!!
01:14:31 From Amber Price : they meaintain the deception
01:14:34 From Linda Bee : This is important and should be part of the released
recording. This memory issue is resonating as big time truth for me.
01:14:36 From Amber Price : maintain
01:15:03 From Maury : :I notice, Linda that Dani is still recording.
01:15:07 From Amber Price : all manipulated lies
01:15:07 From petermeteor : i have said this before religion completely shuts
me down
01:15:12 From Sony : Yes, Juhl...choices on how you want to go about
01:15:19 From Juhl Lightheart : Cmon 12 Step program
01:15:21 From Merc Gar : yeap! they like to controll it!
01:15:23 From Linda Bee : The stress put on memorizing things in
institutionalized education.
01:15:37 From Juhl Lightheart : Even the wording is theirs
01:15:51 From Amber Price : yes Juhl
01:15:55 From petermeteor : always a fuckin agenda
01:16:20 From petermeteor : hmmmm
01:16:24 From Sony : Yes, Dani...true
01:16:32 From petermeteor : food for thought dani
01:16:38 From Juhl Lightheart : yesnDani
01:16:39 From Lena La : astrology...!
01:16:43 From Sony : Overlays on top of overlays...
01:16:45 From Amber Price : we need our agenda...our re write....we can do
01:16:50 From petermeteor : apple in my eye
01:16:53 From phillip s : they live and experience through us
01:16:58 From David Hodgson : HOw about redefining something like belief
01:17:00 From Megan : I expected something much different when I was a child.
This place makes no fucking sense.
01:17:05 From phillip s : if we let them
01:17:06 From petermeteor : or the pyramids eye
01:17:22 From Linda Bee : Agree, Megan
01:17:23 From petermeteor : lol
01:17:31 From Sony : Go Dawn!
01:17:33 From Merc Gar : hm, the astrology i only agree partially!
01:17:35 From Deb Matz : Thank you so much!
01:17:37 From David Hodgson : Thank you..!!!
01:17:38 From petermeteor : ty dani love ya
01:17:39 From Lena La : bye D..
01:17:39 From Megan : high fives everyone
01:17:39 From phillip s : have a good one
01:17:43 From Amber Price : love D get some rets
01:17:44 From Pamela C : Where is the blank canvas someone posted
01:17:47 From Elena : Night Dani & everyone! :)
01:17:49 From Sony : Thank you, Dani!
01:17:49 From Blair Bierman : i love you, D goodnight x
01:17:50 From Amber Price : rests
01:17:50 From Eternal Panda : night
01:17:51 From Linda Bee : Thanks, Dani ... NN all
01:17:51 From Deb Matz : Night!
01:17:51 From David Hodgson : bye
01:17:52 From Megan : night all!
01:17:53 From Amber Price : bye
01:17:53 From petermeteor : gn ladies and beans
01:17:53 From Chris Breakspear : gnite folks
01:17:53 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Good night, Dani!
01:17:54 From Juhl Lightheart : Bye
01:17:54 From Doc Michael_M : Excellent Conversation <3