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Learning activity 4

Evidence: A scholarship for me

Fuente: SENA

Name of the program: Specialization in Management of

Telecommunication Projects -
Content: Telecommunication Projects Management
Specialization provides the training and
functional knowledge of
telecommunications accompanied by a
solid training in the processes, concepts,
areas and terminology of the Project
Management, in order to develop the skills
and abilities that a Manager of success in a
sector of rapid evolution and convergence
of services.
Place: Bogot-Virtual
Duration: 2 semesters
Requirements: Bachelor of Science (B.S) or
Undergraduate in Engineering Sciences
Coverage: Tuition fees
Deadlines: January 18, 2018
Why does this scholarship call your attention?

This scholarship calls my attention, because it is a postgraduate scholarship

which is offered in the same university where I study the undergraduate, and
with respect to the offered pensum, it is one of the postgraduate programs with
better projection because the trends and demands of the market current.

How is it related to your career objectives?

This benefit, called a scholarship, is not related to my professional goals, since

the university that I know does not offer a postgraduate degree of my interest,
but to be a scholarship and to be offered in the university where I am known, Is
the best thing that exists in this case.

How is the content of the program structured?

This specialization consists of three phases,


Are the first four modules of the specialization, where the managerial skills, the
strategic thinking and the prospective of the career are explored, afterwards the
conceptualization is considered next to the financial analysis, to close the
semester with the analysis of the telecommunications environment. Its duration
is 9 credits.


Here we learn the concepts of telecommunications in depth in the field of

networks, and study the project management together with the structure of data
communications and network services, finally contemplating the current
legislation, and sales and marketing of telecommunications.

Includes the evaluation and formulation of projects, concepts of creativity and

innovation, oral and persuasive expression for managers, and the elaboration of
the degree thesis of specialization.

What are the requirements to apply?

To access this scholarship, two types of requirements must be met.

Access requirements.

Undergraduate in Engineering and / or basic sciences. (Supported in physical)

Documentation in personal physics, diploma of High School, Proofs Icfes Pro

and saber 11,

Requirements of merit.

Never have lost an undergraduate subject

Overall career average no less than 4.5

Demonstrate that you do not have sufficient resources to pay tuition

Demonstrate a high performance in undergraduate studies.

Which requirements do you already have and which do you need to

Requirements with which I already have.

Average of partial turbot of 4.5
ICFES tests saber 11 model 2003 average 4.2
Complete personal documents
High School degree.

Missing requirements

1 semester of Industrial Engineering to finish undergraduate.

ICFES tests Saber pro.
Make the application in September 2017-