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PHP/MySQL Training Details Call Us: +91 7890149401

Address: near Motijheel Dumdum Kolkata -74 , Email : ,

PHP Introduction and Installation

 Introduction PHP and MySQL
 Server Side Technologies
 Installation of XAMPP,Wamp
 Configuration of Apache / PHP
 Common Errors in Installation
 Using the Dreamweaver for PHP


PHP Home PHP Intro PHP Installation Xxamp , Wamp
PHP 5 Syntax PHP 5 Variables PHP 5 echo and print PHP 5 Data Types
PHP 5 Strings PHP 5 Constants PHP 5 Operators PHP 5 if...else...else if
PHP 5 switch PHP 5 while Loops PHP 5 for Loops PHP 5 Functions
PHP 5 Arrays PHP 5 Sorting Arrays PHP 5 Global Variables PHP Web Concepts
PHP File Inclusion PHP .htacess PHP Cookies PHP Sessions
PHP - Sending Emails PHP File Uploading Php remote adder Php server


PHP 5 Form Handling PHP 5 Form Validation PHP 5 Forms - Required Validate E-mail and URL

PHP 5 Complete Form PHPMYADMIN

MySQL Installation MySQL Administration MySQL PHP Syntax MySQL Connection
Create MySQL Database Drop MySQL Database Selecting MySQL Database MySQL Data Types
Create MySQL Tables Drop MySQL Tables MySQL INSERT Query MySQL SELECT Query
MySQL Sorting Results Using MySQL Joins MySQL NULL Values MySQL Regexps
MySQL Transactions MySQL ALTER Command MySQL INDEXES MySQL Temporary Tables
MySQL Clone Tables MySQL Database Export MySQL Database Import MySQL Delete

Practical Programs in PHP

 Working with Forms
 File Uploads using PHP
 Understanding an Databases
 Creating Mails
 Relational Database (RDBMS)
 Working with Files
 Tables, Records, and Fields
 Working with Sessions
 Primary and Foreign Keys
 Working with PHP Cookies
 User Authentication Program in PHP
 MySQL Command-Line Client
 Working with Date and Time
 Creating a Simple Gallery Page using PHP

Working with Databases and Tables

 Using PHPMyAdmin
 Creating Databases / Tables
 Specifying Data Types
 Adding Keys
 Altering Tables
 Altering Table and Field Names
 Altering Field Properties
 Adding and Removing Fields and Keys
 Altering Table Types
 Backing Up and Restoring Databases and Tables
 Restoring Databases and Tables from Backup
 Dropping Databases and Tables
 Viewing Database, Table, and Field Information
 Introduction to HTML
 HTML Structure Tags
 Introduction to CSS
 Text Tags
 Types of CSS
 Multimedia Tags
 Basic CSS Properties
 HTML Form Tags
 Creating Forms with HTML
HTML and Dreamweaver?

 Introduction to Websites / Domains.
 Server Client Environment
 HTML Basics
 Working with HTML Forms
 CSS Concepts
 Working with Dreamweaver
Web Hosting

 Web Hosting Basics  Using Control Panel
 Types of Hosting Packages  Creating Emails in Cpanel
 Registering domains  Using FTP Client
 Defining Name Servers  Maintaining a Website
Live Project

2 Business Website (Admin and front)
1 Shopping Website (Admin and front)
1 Blog Website (Admin and front)
1 Cms Website (Admin and front)
100% Job Placementguarantee only in Kolkata

Course Duration: 3 Months

Course Fees: Rs 9,000

Course Schedule: Weekly 3 Days (2 hrs.)

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Office number: +91 7890149401, 8017270445
Kolkata Office Address (Online Training available Over All World)

W3webSchool, Near Motijheel Girl High School Dumdum, Kolkata-74 West Bengal.

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