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13 more Starship


by philip Reed
That certainly didnt take long. I appreciate the
e-mails from those of you that wrote in to say how OPEN GAME CONTENT
much you enjoyed Future: 13 Starship Devices All of the text of this PDF is presented as open
and requested that I send out more starship equip- game content. While this means absolutely noth-
ment as quickly as possible.A total of 16 items have ing to your campaign it does give other publishers
been included in these pages (though some of permission to use this material as long as they fol-
these are taken from some earlier PDFs that I wrote low the open game license (see the end of this
theyre included here for your convenience). PDF).
Theres really not a lot to say here. Im sure that
all of you know exactly how this material will best
fit into your current or planned! campaign.
Philip Reed has been working professionally in
the roleplaying game industry since 1995. In that
WHATS REQUIRED TO time he has worked for such companies as West

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one of the engines by 50% (round down up the
SECONDARY FUEL TANK (PL 5) nearest 500 ft.) the pair provides a tactical speed
This system expands the capabilities of starship bonus of 150% of a single engine design. If the sys-
engines that require refueling such as thrusters, tem or one of the engines in damaged in combat
the fusion torch, and ion engines doubling the (most likely due to a critical hit), the remaining
amount of time the starship can be used before engine provides a tactical speed bonus equal to
requiring refueling. The purchase DC when refuel- one-half (round up) the bonus a single engine
ing a starship with a secondary fuel tank is design would normally provide.
increased by 1.
Example: A starship equipped with this device
Example: A starship equipped with an ion engine and two induction engines would have a total tacti-
and secondary fuel tank must refuel after every 10 cal speed bonus of +1,500 ft. If one of the engines is
battles or interplanetary trips.This has a purchase DC damaged or destroyed the bonus drops to +500 ft.
of 30. A starship equipped with this device and two
gravitic redirectors would have a total tactical speed
A secondary fuel tank reduces the starships bonus of +2,500 ft. If one of the engines is damaged
cargo capacity by 25%. or destroyed the bonus drops to +1,000 ft.
Minimum Ship Size: Gargantuan.
Tactical Speed Bonus: None. Minimum Ship Size: Gargantuan.
Purchase DC: 10 + one-quarter the base pur- Tactical Speed Bonus: See text.
chase DC of the starship. Purchase DC: 15.


During the Fusion Age starship engineers This starship engine modification may only be
expand upon experimental starcraft and prototype installed on a starship that includes an FTL or
twin engine technology, designing a command and jump-capable engine system (see the future SRD).
control system capable of taking two identical With this device the starship may make a jump to
engine types and slaving them together, boosting jump to cruising speed maneuver without provok-
the overall tactical speed of a starship. ing an attack of opportunity.
A starship equipped with a twin-engine system Minimum Ship Size: Colossal.
must mount two identical starship engines at Tactical Speed Bonus: None.
the loss of 25% of the ships cargo capacity and one Purchase DC: 20 + one-half the base purchase
weapon slot in order for the system to operate. DC of the starship.
This device increases the tactical speed bonus of


defense systems
A starship equipped with a damage stabiliza- This improved operating system ties directly
tion system takes longer to break apart, the ship into the starships command systems, stealing
working against the clock to delay the inevitable. maneuvering control from the pilot at random
The damage stabilization system cannot repair a intervals while it is activated. The random, erratic
ship that is breaking apart but it does extend the maneuvers performed by this system are quick and
time the ship requires to completely break apart jerky, designed to throw off the aim of enemy
(see the future SRD) by 50%. pilots.When the system is engaged (activating and
deactivating the system requires an attack action)
Example: An ultralight starship equipped with a the starship may execute a total defense action
damage stabilization systems destruction threshold (see Attack Actions under starships in the future
is increased from 20 hit points to 30 hit points. SRD) as a move action. The system cannot be used
to fight defensively (see Attack Actions under star-
ships in the future SRD).
A damage stabilization system can only be
installed on a starship that is equipped with a Unfortunately, while the system is active any
damage control system. Pilot skill checks performed suffer a 2 penalty.
Purchase DC: 20 + one-half the base purchase
DC of the starship.
Purchase DC: 20 (Ultralight), 24 (Light), 29
(Mediumweight), 35 (Heavy), Superheavy (42). Restriction: Military (+3).
Restriction: Licensed (+1).
RADIATION SHIELDING, This defensive system consists of hundreds of
anti-grav generators, stationed throughout the
IMPROVED (PL 7) cockpit and each crew compartment, that engage
During the Gravity Age, radiation-shielding sys- and disengage automatically when the starship
tems are reinforced by a gravitic field that further suffers any sort of collision or attack, stabilizing the
protects a ships crew and passengers against the gravitic conditions onboard the ship.
harmful radiation of neutron stars, solar flares, and The system grants all crew onboard the ship a
other hazards. All personnel aboard the ship gain a Reflex save (DC 20) to avoid being dazed, shaken, or
+8 circumstance bonus on saves to resist the stunned due to collisions or attacks. The starship is
effects of radiation poisoning. This system replaces otherwise affected normally.
the PL 6 radiation shielding device. Once a starship is helpless this shock stabilizers
Purchase DC: 10 + one-half the base purchase no longer function.
DC of the starship. Purchase DC: 15 + one-quarter the base pur-
Restriction: Restricted (+2). chase DC of the starship.
Restriction: Restricted (+2).

of the time. This is a highly experimental system
NANITE SHIELDING (PL 8) limited to military use. Few starships have been
As nanocolonies and nanoviruses become more outfitted with nanite shielding and most citizens of
common, starship designers strive to protect their the galaxy dont even know that the equipment
creations from nanite attacks. Nanite shielding is a exists.
special system of nanocolonies that operate Maximum Ship Size: No maximum.
together to protect their host starship from Purchase DC: 25 + one-half the base purchase
nanovirus attack and infection. A starship outfitted DC of the starship.
with a nanite shield resists all nanite attacks 50%
Restriction: Military (+3).

Purchase DC: 36.
AUTOSENSOR SWEEP Restriction: Restricted (+2).
This automated device is installed along with TARGETING SYSTEM,
one standard sensor device (any Class I through
Class IX system, within PL restrictions), fully
automating the system. A sensor system equipped A starship equipped with an advanced target-
with this device may make Operate Sensors (see ing system gains an equipment bonus on attack
Move Actions under the starship section of the rolls depending on the ships size: Huge +5,
future SRD) as a free action, once each round. The Gargantuan +6, Colossal +7. This system replaces
system has the Computer Use skill at 8 ranks. the PL 7 improved targeting system.
If the pilot wishes the sensors to target and The purchase DC of the advanced targeting sys-
scan a specific ship on the battlefield, then the tem depends on the size of the ship.
pilot must provide the system with instructions. Purchase DC: 26 (Huge), 31 (Gargantuan), or
Designating a particular ship for the sensor system 36 (Colossal).
counts as a move action. Restriction: Military (+3).

special systems
items into a starships cargo bay and to move
CARGO CRANE (PL 5) them around within the cargo bay. Cargo cranes
This simple device consists of a robotic arm, are standard equipment on any dedicated cargo
with multiple attachments, that is used to lift ship, such as the hauler and star freighter. A con-

cealed, retractable version is available in the sinks time and money into retrofitting his star-
Fusion Age; revealing or retracting this advanced ship, equipping it with hidden compartments
cargo crane requires one full minute. where illegal items can be safely stored.
Minimum Ship Size: Gargantuan. Discovering a concealed cargo hold through
Purchase DC: 15 (PL 5), 16 (PL 6). typical means actually searching the starship
Restriction: None. requires a successful Search check (DC 25). If scan-
ning systems, such as starship sensors, are used, a

ATMOSPHERIC successful Computer Use check (DC 25) is

required; the hold is equipped with a variety of
STREAMLINING (PL 6) electronic devices that can befuddle most scan-
ning devices (it takes a skilled, experienced oper-
Smaller starships can be constructed to oper-
ator to detect the sensor anomalies that point to a
ate efficiently in a planetary atmosphere. Such
concealed cargo hold).
ships feature wings and maneuvering foils and
A concealed cargo hold has a capacity equal to
are designed more like an aircraft than a starship.
25% of the modified starships regular cargo
When flying a starship outfitted with atmospher-
capacity though the base cargo capacity is
ic streamlining in a planetary atmosphere, the
reduced by 25%. A starship may take this modifi-
pilot of the starship gains a +2 equipment bonus
cation no more than twice.
to Pilot checks.
Maximum Ship Size: Only light and ultra-
light ships may use atmospheric streamlining. Example: A PL 6 Hauler with a base cargo capac-
ity of 3,300 tons that took this special system
Purchase DC: 10 + one-half the base pur-
would have two cargo holds; the common hold
chase DC of the starship.
would have a capacity of 2,475 tons while the con-
Restriction: None.
cealed hold would have a capacity of 825 tons.

COMBAT WINGS (PL 6) Minimum Ship Size: None.

These advanced wings are structurally rein- Purchase DC: 10 + one-quarter the base pur-
forced, enabling each wing to carry one addition- chase DC of the starship.
al beam, projectile, or missile weapon over the Restriction: Illegal (+4).
starships standard limit (see the future SRD). The
standard design for a starship includes only two
wings, though some unusual configurations sport HOLO SUITE (PL 7)
four wings. The exact cost and number of extra One of the greatest advancements in the
weapons the ship can carry of this special sys- Gravity Age is the development of life-like holo-
tem depends entirely on the ships design. grams. A holo suite is a dedicated chamber aboard
Maximum Ship Size: Gargantuan. a starship within which hundreds of holo-projec-
Purchase DC: 10 + one-quarter the base pur- tors work together to create an artificial, insub-
chase DC of the starship (two wing designs); 18 + stantial environment for entertainment purposes.
one-quarter the base purchase DC of the starship A holo suite has no real mechanical impact on a
(four wing designs). campaign but the roleplaying possibilities are
limited only by the imagination of the players and
Restriction: Military (+3).
the GM.
In the Energy Age the holo suite technology
CONCEALED CARGO HOLD (PL 7) incorporates small matter replicators, giving
Smugglers, scoundrels, and criminals are fre- physical form to some small props and items.
quently hired to transport illegal items, often Materials created by this advanced holo suite are
times expected to carry their cargo through mili- temporary in nature, lasting only 2d8+4 minutes
tary and customs patrols and no matter what before they break down and turn to a gray, thick
deliver their cargo. The experienced smuggler sludge.

special systems
Minimum Ship Size: None. station (and a specialized crew man) is jettisoned,
Purchase DC: 30. small maneuvering thrusters guiding the building
Restriction: None. to the surface at which point the heat shield drops
away and the building instantly shoots stability

PRE-FABRICATED MONITORING spikes into the surface, securing the building in

STATION (PL 7) The temporary shelters are quite expensive,
costing almost as much as some small starships,
This device is not a piece of starship equipment
and they are not deployed lightly.
but, rather, a small one-man building equipped
with sensor arrays, scanners, a life support system, The building is made of neutronite and has a
and enough food and materials for one person to Hardness of 25 and 150 hit points.The only entrance
survive for one month without contact with the into the station is electronically locked (DC 40), and
outside world. A pre-fabricated monitoring station the entire station is shielded against electromagnet-
requires 1,000 tons of cargo space in a starship, ic and radioactive attacks and natural phenomena.
which includes both the building itself and a pro- Minimum Ship Size: Colossal.
tective heat shield and rudimentary launch system. Purchase DC: 40.
When a temporary listening post is desired, on Restriction: None.
an asteroid or planet, a pre-fabricated monitoring

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