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Second Year Baccalaureate Classes

Name: Class: ..
Arts: Science:

I. Vocabulary
A. Complete the following table.
Celebrations Media Leisure Health Society Education

B. Complete the following Paragraph.

Morocco is a very beautiful c There are different historical m. that tourists visit every year.
There are also different c.such as Eid Al-Adha and Ashoura. However, we still have some social problems
like p and d..

II. Grammar
A. Fill in the blanks with the correct article [ a / an / the / zero article ]
Do you live in .. Casablanca?
Alexander told me very sad story.
He send you .. e-mail last night.
I have . T-shirt and .. jacket. The t-shirt is white and jacket is black.

B. Complete the sentences with [Too] or [Enough]

This classroom is big for 50 students.
The box Is 150 Kilograms, its heavy to take upstairs.
I am intelligent to complete this test.
The signal is not good .. to make the phone call.

C. Underline the correct answer.

Yesterday, we [went/goed] to our best friends birthday party.
I [will study / studied] English at university next year.
Every day, Mary [wakes up / woke up] at 7:00 in the morning.
Last week, the boys [did / done] a very good job.
John and his friend usually [chat / chatting] on Facebook at night.
Next week, students [will start / started] their English courses.
Last year, I [was / had] 17 years old, but this year I [was / am] 18 years old.

D. Find the infinitive of and the past of the following verbs.

Infinitive Past Infinitive Past
Go . Speak ..
sent .. .. Understand
.. Wrote See ..
Give .. .. Got
Have .. .. Was / were
E. Choose the correct modal auxiliary.
Muslim people ___________ pray five times a day, its an obligation [must / can / will ]
I am very intelligent, I ___________ speak many language [should / can / may]
You have a health problem, you ___________ see a doctor very soon [ can / should / must ]
When you see the green light, it means, you ___________ go [ can / must / may]
I am not very sure, but I ___________ come see you next midterm holiday [can / must / may ]

Write three sentences in the simple present tense.


Write three sentences in the simple past tense.


Write three sentences in the simple future tense.


Complete the following dialogue

Erick: Hell
You: ..
Erick: How are you?
You: .and you?
Erick: I am good thank you. In your opinion who is the best actor in Morocco?
Erick: Aw! Thats really nice. Actually, I am having a very bad headache! What do you advise me?
Erick: Thank you for your advice. Can you go with me to see a doctor?
You: ..
Erick: Thank you so so much my friend. I will go home now, take care of yourself.
You: ..
Erick: Bye

Write a small paragraph about your summer holiday

Wishing you the best of luck