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Field Notes from the Meg Whitman Campaign - August 20, 2010 8/20/10 11:49 AM

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A Message from Meg August 20, 2010 Office Near You!
This week, I released a radio ad highlighting my plan to launch
a statewide Grand Jury to investigate waste and fraud in state
government. Californians deserve to hear details from the
candidates, and this ad is the first in a series in which I will tell
you about my specific solutions to address many of our state’s

This statewide Grand Jury will consist of civic-minded

Californians like you who will sit on a panel and, with the help
of a cabinet-level Inspector General, dig deep and get results. I
want to be able to look you in the eye and tell you that your
tax dollars are being well spent.

My plan would encourage effective, results-driven investigations

by offering broad tools and a better-coordinated system for
attacking waste, wrongdoing and abuse. And, using the power
of the Governor's office, I'm going to make sure those who EAST L.A. OFFICE
commit fraud and mismanage state resources face real 212 S. Atlantic Blvd., Suite 101
consequences. Los Angeles, CA 90022
To listen to the new ad, click here.
Today, I'm in San Diego for the California Republican Party's 221 W. 4th St.
Fall Convention. I’m excited to share my vision for A New Santa Ana, CA 92701
California and highlight one of the strongest Republican tickets
California has ever seen!
Our ticket reflects the diversity of our state and the kind of 496 Third Ave.
results-driven leadership needed to get California back on track. Chula Vista, CA 91910
Many of us are from the private sector - we know how to create
jobs, balance budgets and deliver results. And we will be
accountable to you. OAKLAND OFFICE
3217 Lakeshore Ave.
We're counting on you to help us to victory in just over two Oakland, CA 94610
short months. Please join us on the campaign trail! You can
volunteer by clicking here.
20812 Ventura Blvd.
Woodland Hills, CA 91364


150 Paularino, Suite 115
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Los Angeles Times: Whitman Los Angeles Times: Brown, SAN DIEGO OFFICE
focuses on government waste in new campaigning on frugality, used state 2251 San Diego Ave., Suite B-
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San Diego, CA 92110
Flash Report: Senate Republican The Fresno Bee: Does Jerry Brown
Leader Dennis Hollingsworth and have a Latino problem?...more
Assembly Republican Leader Martin For more information, please call
Garrick: Meg is the only choice to lead The Sacramento Bee: Ad Watch: (408) 400-3887.
our state to a prosperous future...more Union-backed ad bends Whitman's
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in California: Meg Whitman 34.12%,
Brown lifts the veil on his
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McDonnell: Keep California safe: elect
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Focus: A New California

GOP State Senate win bodes well for November
Blakeslee gets help from Meg's team
From Meg News Channel
Connect With Meg
For Meg Whitman, turning California in a new direction is a team effort
and it means helping elect leaders who will join her to stand up for jobs
and to make state government accountable.

It’s in that spirit that Meg went last weekend to San Luis Obispo to help
Assemblyman Sam Blakeslee gain election in the important State Senate
race to represent much of the Central Coast. On Tuesday, Blakeslee had a
“big win”, beating his Democratic rival by nearly 5 percentage points in
what was billed as a competitive contest.

Meg’s team joined Blakeslee’s campaign over the past few months to
knock on doors and make phone calls to get supporters to the polls,
emphasizing that it takes a team to win.
Read Meg's Road Map
Meg is thrilled by Blakeslee’s victory on Tuesday. With the former
Republican leader now moving to the State Senate, it helps keep
For Creating Jobs
Democrats from gaining the two-thirds majority they need to approve tax
increases and pass the state budget.

Blakeslee, like Meg, has spent years in the private sector -- and he
understands what it means to rein in wasteful spending and llive within
one’s means.

“Sam is fighting for the same thing all of you are, which is the future of
California,” Meg told the standing-room only crowd at the San Luis Obispo
County Farm Bureau last Saturday. “California’s worth fighting for, and
that’s why I’m here. Sam wants to fight for California, you all want to
fight for California … all of our children and grandchildren deserve to
grow up in the California that has been so good to so many of us.”

Blakeslee pointed to Meg’s team spirit as a reason why she’ll make an

ideal Governor. Even amid her own tough campaign, Meg has spent her
time and resources helping Blakeslee and other candidates. For example,
he told the crowd, when things were looking tight two weeks before the
Republican primary election, Meg stepped up for him and her campaign To receive your copy in the mail,
team made phone calls and went door-to-door for his race. click here.

“You know, in politics, often times you end up with people who are all To download a pdf, click here.
about themselves -- it becomes a party of one,” Blakeslee said. “But
that’s not the way Meg operates. Because she comes from a background
in business, she understands the importance of teams.”

This Week's Releases

Monday Thursday

Whitman launches ads focused on In Case You Missed It: Does Jerry
issues and solutions for A New Brown have a Latino problem? Show your support. Buy all of
California your MEG merchandise here.

Meg Whitman announces
California Peace Officers'
Association endorsement

In Case You Missed It: The

Orange County Register: "Brown
lifts the veil on his pensions"


20813 Stevens Creek Blvd. Suite 150, Cupertino, CA 95014
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