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1Kings 21


. And it came to pass after
uiei achr edbrim eale krm eie lnbuth eizroali these things, [that] Naboth
andhe-is-becoming after thethings thethese vineyard he-wasbc toNaboth theJezreelite the Jezreelite had a
vineyard, which [was] in
: Jezreel, hard by the palace
of Ahab king of Samaria.
ashr bizroal atzl eikl achab mlk shmrun :
which inJezreel beside palace-of Ahab king-of Samaria

And Ahab spake unto
uidbr achab al - nbuth lamr thne - li ath - krmk Naboth, saying, Give me
andhe-is-mspeaking Ahab to Naboth toto-say-of give-you ! tome vineyard-ofyou thy vineyard, that I may
have it for a garden of

herbs, because it [is] near
unto my house: and I will
uiei - li lgn - irq ki eua qrub atzl bithi
give thee for it a better
andhe-shall-become forme togarden-of green that he near beside house-ofme
vineyard than it; [or], if it
seem good to thee, I will
&   & give thee the worth of it in
uathne lk thchthiu krm tub mmnu am tub boinik money.
andI-shall-give toyou instead-ofhim vineyard good fromhim if good ineyes-ofyou

& :
athne - lk ksph mchir ze :
I-shall-give toyou silver-of price-of this-one


And Naboth said to Ahab,
uiamr nbuth al - achab chlile li mieue mththi ath - The LORD forbid it me,
andhe-is-saying Naboth to Ahab far-be-it ! tome fromYahweh fromto-give-ofme that I should give the
inheritance of my fathers

 : unto thee.
nchlth abthi lk :
allotment-of fathers-ofme toyou

And Ahab came into his
uiba achab al - bithu sr uzoph ol - edbr ashr - dbr house heavy and displeased
andhe-is-coming Ahab to house-ofhim sullen andturbulent on theword which he-mspoke because of the word which
Naboth the Jezreelite had

& spoken to him: for he had
said, I will not give thee the
aliu nbuth eizroali uiamr la - athn lk ath - nchlth
inheritance of my fathers.
tohim Naboth theJezreelite andhe-is-saying not I-shall-give toyou allotment-of
And he laid him down upon
his bed, and turned away

his face, and would eat no
abuthi uishkb ol - mtthu uisb ath - phniu bread.
fathers-ofme andhe-is-lying-down on couch-ofhim andhe-is-cturning-about faces-ofhim

ula - akl lchm :
andnot he-ate bread


. But Jezebel his wife
uthba aliu aizbl ashthu uthdbr aliu me - ze came to him, and said unto
andshe-is-coming tohim Jezebel woman-ofhim andshe-is-mspeaking tohim what ? this him, Why is thy spirit so
sad, that thou eatest no
& & : bread?
ruchk sre uaink akl lchm :
spirit-ofyou sullen andthere-is-noyou eating bread


And he said unto her,
uidbr alie ki - adbr al - nbuth eizroali uamr Because I spake unto
andhe-is-mspeaking toher that I-am-mspeaking to Naboth theJezreelite andI-am-saying Naboth the Jezreelite, and
said unto him, Give me thy
 &  vineyard for money; or else,
if it please thee, I will give
lu thne - li ath - krmk bksph au am - chphtz athe athne -
thee [another] vineyard for
tohim give-you ! tome vineyard-ofyou insilver or if desiring you I-shall-give
it: and he answered, I will
not give thee my vineyard.
& :
lk krm thchthiu uiamr la - athn lk ath - krmi :
toyou vineyard instead-ofhim andhe-is-saying not I-shall-give toyou vineyard-ofme


And Jezebel his wife said
uthamr aliu aizbl ashthu athe othe thoshe mluke ol - ishral unto him, Dost thou now
andshe-is-saying tohim Jezebel woman-ofhim you now you-shall-do kingdom over Israel govern the kingdom of
Israel? arise, [and] eat
& & bread, and let thine heart be
merry: I will give thee the
qum akl - lchm uitb lbk ani athn lk ath -
vineyard of Naboth the
arise-you ! eat-you ! bread andhe-shall-feel-good heart-ofyou I I-shall-give toyou

krm nbuth eizroali :
vineyard-of Naboth theJezreelite

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1Kings 21


So she wrote letters in
uthkthb sphrim bshm achab uthchthm bchthmu Ahab's name, and sealed
andshe-is-writing scrolls inname-of Ahab andshe-is-sealing inseal-ofhim [them] with his seal, and
sent the letters unto the
elders and to the nobles that
[were] in his city, dwelling
uthshlch esphrim sphrim al - ezqnim ual - echrim ashr
with Naboth.
andshe-is-sending thescrolls scrolls to theold-ones andto thenotables who

boiru eishbim ath - nbuth :
incity-ofhim theones-dwelling with Naboth


And she wrote in the
uthkthb bsphrim lamr qrau - tzum ueushibu letters, saying, Proclaim a
andshe-is-writing inthescrolls toto-say-of call-you(p) ! fast andcause-to-sit-you(p) ! fast, and set Naboth on high
among the people:
ath - nbuth brash eom :
Naboth inhead-of thepeople


And set two men, sons of
ueushibu shnim anshim bni - bliol ngdu Belial, before him, to bear
andcause-to-sit-you(p) ! two mortals sons-of decadence in-front-ofhim witness against him, saying,
Thou didst blaspheme God


and the king. And [then]
carry him out, and stone
uiodeu lamr brkth aleim umlk
him, that he may die.
andthey-shall-ctestifyhim toto-say-of you-mblessed Elohim andking

ueutziaeu usqleu uimth :
andcause-to-go-forth-you(p)him ! andstone-you(p)him ! andhe-shall-die

And the men of his city,
uioshu anshi oiru ezqnim uechrim ashr [even] the elders and the
andthey-are-doing mortals-of city-ofhim theold-ones andthenotables who nobles who were the
inhabitants in his city, did

as Jezebel had sent unto
them, [and] as it [was]
eishbim boiru kashr shlche aliem aizbl kashr kthub
written in the letters which
theones-dwelling incity-ofhim aswhich she-sent tothem Jezebel aswhich being-written
she had sent unto them.

bsphrim ashr shlche aliem :
inthescrolls which she-sent tothem

They proclaimed a fast,
qrau tzum ueshibu ath - nbuth brash eom : and set Naboth on high
they-called fast andthey-caused-to-sit Naboth inhead-of thepeople among the people.


And there came in two
uibau shni eanshim bni - bliol uishbu men, children of Belial, and
andthey-are-coming two-of themortals sons-of decadence andthey-are-sitting sat before him: and the men
of Belial witnessed against
  him, [even] against Naboth,
in the presence of the
ngdu uiodeu anshi ebliol ath - nbuth ngd
people, saying, Naboth did
in-front-ofhim andthey-are-ctestifyinghim mortals-of thedecadence Naboth in-front-of
blaspheme God and the
king. Then they carried him

forth out of the city, and
eom lamr brk nbuth aleim umlk uitzaeu stoned him with stones, that
thepeople toto-say-of he-mblessed Naboth Elohim andking andthey-are-cbringing-forthhim he died.

mchutz loir uisqleu babnim uimth :
fromoutside tothecity andthey-are-stoninghim inthestones andhe-is-dying

Then they sent to
uishlchu al - aizbl lamr sql nbuth uimth : Jezebel, saying, Naboth is
andthey-are-sending to Jezebel toto-say-of he-was-mstoned Naboth andhe-is-dying stoned, and is dead.

And it came to pass,
uiei kshmo aizbl ki - sql nbuth uimth when Jezebel heard that
andhe-is-becoming asto-hear-of Jezebel that he-was-mstoned Naboth andhe-is-dying Naboth was stoned, and
was dead, that Jezebel said

 to Ahab, Arise, take

possession of the vineyard
uthamr aizbl al - achab qum rsh ath - krm nbuth
of Naboth the Jezreelite,
andshe-is-saying Jezebel to Ahab arise-you ! tenant-you ! vineyard-of Naboth
which he refused to give
thee for money: for Naboth

&  is not alive, but dead.

eizroali ashr man lthth - lk bksph ki ain nbuth
theJezreelite which he-mrefused toto-give-of toyou insilver that there-is-no Naboth

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1Kings 21

chi ki - mth :
one-alive that he-is-dead

And it came to pass,
uiei kshmo achab ki mth nbuth uiqm achab when Ahab heard that
andhe-is-becoming asto-hear-of Ahab that he-is-dead Naboth andhe-is-arising Ahab Naboth was dead, that Ahab
rose up to go down to the

 : vineyard of Naboth the
Jezreelite, to take
lrdth al - krm nbuth eizroali lrshthu : s
possession of it.
toto-go-down-of to vineyard-of Naboth theJezreelite toto-tenant-ofhim

21:17 :
. And the word of the
uiei dbr - ieue al - alieu ethshbi lamr : LORD came to Elijah the
andhe-is-becoming word-of Yahweh to Elijah theTishbite toto-say-of Tishbite, saying,


Arise, go down to meet
qum rd lqrath achab mlk - ishral ashr bshmrun ene Ahab king of Israel, which
arise-you ! go-down-you ! toto-meet-of Ahab king-of Israel who inSamaria behold ! [is] in Samaria: behold, [he
is] in the vineyard of
  : Naboth, whither he is gone
down to possess it.
bkrm nbuth ashr - ird shm lrshthu :
invineyard-of Naboth which he-went-down there toto-tenant-ofhim


And thou shalt speak
udbrth aliu lamr ke amr ieue ertzchth ugm - unto him, saying, Thus saith
andyou-mspeak tohim toto-say-of thus he-says Yahweh ?you-murdered andmoreover the LORD, Hast thou killed,
and also taken possession?
 And thou shalt speak unto
him, saying, Thus saith the
irshth udbrth aliu lamr ke amr ieue bmqum ashr
LORD, In the place where
you-tenanted andyou-mspeak tohim toto-say-of thus he-says Yahweh inplaceri-of which
dogs licked the blood of
Naboth shall dogs lick thy
 8 & blood, even thine.
lqqu eklbim ath - dm nbuth ilqu eklbim ath - dmk gm -
they-lapped thedogs blood-of Naboth they-shall-lap thedogs blood-ofyou moreover

athe :


And Ahab said to Elijah,
uiamr achab al - alieu emtzathni aibi uiamr Hast thou found me, O mine
andhe-is-saying Ahab to Elijah ?you-foundme one-being-enemy-ofme andhe-is-saying enemy? And he answered, I
have found [thee]: because

&  : thou hast sold thyself to

work evil in the sight of the
mtzathi ion ethmkrk loshuth ero boini ieue :
I-found because to-sell-self-ofyou toto-do-of theevil ineyes-of Yahweh
21:21 &
Behold, I will bring evil
enni mbi mbia alik roe uborthi achrik uekrthi upon thee, and will take
beholdme ! cbringing cbringing toyou evil andI-mconsume afteryou andI-ccut-off away thy posterity, and will
cut off from Ahab him that
: pisseth against the wall, and
him that is shut up and left
lachab mshthin bqir uotzur uozub bishral :
in Israel,
toAhab one-urinating insidewall andone-being-restrained andone-being-forsaken inIsrael


And will make thine
unththi ath - bithk kbith irbom bn - nbt ukbith bosha house like the house of
andI-give house-ofyou ashouse-of Jeroboam son-of Nebat andashouse-of Baasha Jeroboam the son of Nebat,
and like the house of

Baasha the son of Ahijah,
for the provocation
bn - achie al - ekos ashr ekosth uthchta
wherewith thou hast
son-of Ahijah for thevexation which you-cprovoked-to-vexation andyou-are-causing-to-sin
provoked [me] to anger, and
made Israel to sin.
ath - ishral :


And of Jezebel also
ugm - laizbl dbr ieue lamr eklbim iaklu ath - spake the LORD, saying,
andmoreover toJezebel he-mspeaks Yahweh toto-say-of thedogs they-shall-devour The dogs shall eat Jezebel
by the wall of Jezreel.
aizbl bchl izroal :
Jezebel inrampart-of Jezreel


Him that dieth of Ahab
emth lachab boir iaklu eklbim uemth bshde in the city the dogs shall eat;
theone-dying toAhab inthecity they-shall-eat thedogs andtheone-dying inthefield and him that dieth in the

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1Kings 21 - 1Kings 22
field shall the fowls of the

 : air eat.
iaklu ouph eshmim :
they-shall-eat flyer-of theheavens

But there was none like
rq la - eie kachab ashr ethmkr loshuth ero boini ieue unto Ahab, which did sell
but not he-becomes asAhab who he-sold-himself toto-do-of theevil ineyes-of Yahweh himself to work wickedness
in the sight of the LORD,
  : whom Jezebel his wife
stirred up.
ashr - esthe athu aizbl ashthu :
whom she-cincited him Jezebel woman-ofhim


And he did very
uithob mad llkth achri egllim kkl ashr abominably in following
andhe-is-cdoing-abhorrence exceedingly toto-go-of after theordure-idols asall which idols, according to all
[things] as did the

: Amorites, whom the LORD
cast out before the children
oshu eamri ashr eurish ieue mphni bni ishral : s
of Israel.
they-did theAmorite whom he-cevicted Yahweh fromfaces-of sons-of Israel

And it came to pass,
uiei kshmo achab ath - edbrim eale uiqro when Ahab heard those
andhe-is-becoming asto-hear-of Ahab thewords thethese andhe-is-tearing words, that he rent his
clothes, and put sackcloth
  upon his flesh, and fasted,
and lay in sackcloth, and
bgdiu uishm - shq ol - bshru uitzum
went softly.
garments-ofhim andhe-is-placing sackcloth on flesh-ofhim andhe-is-fasting

uishkb bshq uielk at : s
andhe-is-lying-down inthesackcloth andhe-is-mgoing gently

21:28 :
And the word of the
uiei dbr - ieue al - alieu ethshbi lamr : LORD came to Elijah the
andhe-is-becoming word-of Yahweh to Elijah theTishbite toto-say-of Tishbite, saying,


Seest thou how Ahab
eraith ki - nkno achab mlphni ion ki - nkno humbleth himself before
?you-see that he-is-nsubmissive Ahab fromtofaces-ofme because that he-is-nsubmissive me? because he humbleth
himself before me, I will not

bring the evil in his days:
[but] in his son's days will I
mphni la - abi abia eroe bimiu bimi
bring the evil upon his
fromfaces-ofme not I-shall-cbring I-shall-cbring theevil indays-ofhim indays-of
bnu abia eroe ol - bithu :
son-ofhim I-shall-cbring theevil on house-ofhim

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