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Soal UAS Semester 1

Bahasa Inggris
1. Which one of the following expressions is 9. David : Hi, Lisa. How is your life?
regarded as greeting? Lisa : Hi, David, I am fine thanks.
A. Thank you C. Good morning And you?
B. I’m fine. Thanks D. Good bye David : ______, thank you
A. Good day C. Sure
2. Rida : Where’s my pencil case? B. I’m fine too D. Of course
Rina : ___________.
Rida : Thanks 10. Ronald :What do you usually do after
A. It’s here C. Here I am arriving from the school?
B. Here you are D. Let me see Jackie : I usually ….
A. have a dinner C. take a nap
3. When going out with her friends, Siska B. have breakfast D. Take a break
says to her mother : _____
A. Good morning, mum Text for number 11 to 15
B. Good bye, mum Hello my name is Dicky. I was born twelve
C. Thank you, mum years ago in Bandung. I live at Jln. Ahmad
D. See you tomorrow Yani number 49 Magelang, and every
afternoon I take English course. My hobbies
Text for number 4 to 6 are swimming and listening to music. My
Arman : Hello Mansyur. How are you? father is a lecturer of the Gadjah Mada
Mansyur : I am fine, and you? University.
Arman : I am fine too. What a surprise 11. Where does Dicky come from?
to meet you here. What are A. Bandung
you doing here? Are you on B. Magelang
vacation? C. SMP 5 Bandung
Mansyur : Yes, oupss. That’s the whistle D. Jln. Ahmad Yani no. 49
for my train. See you!
Arman : Bye.. take Care. 12. How old is Dicky now?
A. 11 years old C. 12 years old
4. Where does the conversation take place? B. 10 years old D. 13 years old
A. in the classroom
B. at the library 13. Does Dicky like music very much?
C. at the bus station A. Yes, he does C. No, he does not
D. at the railway station B. Yes, he likes D. No, he is not

5. Are Arman and Mansyur in the same train? 14. What does he do in the afternoon?
A. No, they are not A. He studies at SMP 5
B. No, they do not B. He listens to music
C. Yes, they are C. He swims in the swimming pool
D. Yes, they do D. He takes an English course

6. Is Arman going to his vacation? 15. What is his father? He is _______
A. Yes, he does A. a teacher C. a soldier
B. Yes, he is B. a lecturer D. a dean
C. No, he is not
D. No, he does not 16. Ratih : ____ is my schoolbag?
Rina : It’s here.
7. The bench is being painted, then there is Ratih : Thanks.
a notice : “ …” A. Where C. When
A. No Smoking B. What D. How
B. Don’t smoke here
C. Don’t sit here 17. Mrs. Roro : Yeni, this is your test report.
D. No Spiting Yeni : _________.
Mrs. Roro : You’re welcome
A. Thank you, mum
8. Nanda : Where do you study, Melly? B. You’re welcome, mum
Melly : __________. C. That’s all right, mum
A. I study in Malang D. I’m sorry, mum
B. He studies in Malang
C. She studies in Malang 18. accept – apology – please - my
D. You are in Cirebon 1 2 3 4
The correct arrangement of those jumbled
words is _____
A. 3 – 2 – 1 – 4 C. 3 – 1 – 4 – 2
B. 1 – 2 – 4 – 3 D. 1 – 4 – 3 – 2


Her nose is pointed. Litter it B. 13 D. Seal B. Her eyes are brown. 1. 34. parcels. sure. Soal UAS Semester 1 Bahasa Inggris 29. government C. Taste D. curly money and documents through this office. Text for number 26 to 28 A. Sure. Never 24. He says to one of the student B. We can send letters. Don’t be naughty! B. 3 – 2 – 4 – 1 3. B. Do your homework well! A. 35. I’m sorry D. X : Where does Sarah live? B. I am sorry She is charming and smart. 2 – 1 – 3 – 4 B. long. seals. Always C. D. Everyone likes her because she is ____. sir! A. sign here please B. Yeah. the writer Post office is one of the public service run B. seal Y : She lives in __________. Clean it D. Speak C. A : How old is Sarah? A. Mr. seal C. Post office 36.” B. 33. Usually D. Not too bad A. Nice to met you B. 25. . you’re welcome D. Dust it C. Sragen The underlined word can be replaced with _____. the students D. please? A. we need ____ as the postal cost. 3 – 1 – 2 – 4 C. etc. What? C. Please. Adang :Look! The black board is the classroom with the following dirty. please! comes to his office late. stamp D. short. a new student D. fat C. She is a B. She is slim and tall. postcards.. Sarah has ______ and _____ body. fat 26. To … we use our tongue. Nice to meet you A. … I come here late. 11 C. clean the white board prohibition? A. Medan . A : Who is the girl in the text? B : ______. B. See you later D. How do you do? marker. Wash your hands. the teacher by the government. See you later ____________. stamp D. A. 14 27. Money order B : She is ___ years old. take some board markers please C. 2 – 3 – 4 – 1 22. Often D. B. thank you C. May I borrow this book. He ___ B. 2 – 1 – 4 – 3 4. Parcel A. please! 32. Rudi can’t come to Andi’s house on time. When sending letters. A. Adnan : OK. wait a minute. Please buy the board marker 23. 1 2 3 4 30. You may introduce yourself in front of 19. smart and charming 2 http://kumpulansoaltest. Post office A. Ryan : Get me a nail. 37. A. please. funny and diligent C. Let me introduce myself B. She lives at Number 27 Jalan Hang Tuah Raya. A. 2 – 3 – 1 – 4 Nadia : …. …. 2 – 4 – 3 – 1 A. C. Plumbungan Indah. 2 – 3 – 4 – 1 D. but he doesn’t find any board A. fat and tall B. Central Java. I’m alright C. Ok. C. tall D. You’re welcome The best arrangement is ________ 21. envelopes. slim. She Rudi : Andi. Who does run the post office? A. C. The teacher wants to write on the white word below! board. John Pantau is a diligent worker. please. Which one of the following is the correct D. A. I’m fine 20. government C. Sragen. bring the board marker please D. public service D. She is twelve years Andi : Nevermind old. I am fine her. It sells postal items like stamps. “It has many functions. thank you very much The best arrangement is _______. expression _______. nose – has – she – pointed . Clean the blackboard. short. Everybody likes B. Hold I have a friend. Walk new student in my class. 2. Text for number 33 to 37 A. Solo D. Find the wrong spelling in the underlined 31. 12 B. Sweep it C. It has many functions. Her name is Sarah. Bandung C. Sarah C. has short and straight hair.

There are twenty four desks and forty eight chairs for students. a door. “It is large” Fill in the blanks! The underlined word refers to _____. A. the writer D. It is large. our classroom __38__. Where are you? D. Hold on D. The book is B. The floor is always clean. They are at ________. make dirt D. brighten to __42__ book. We clean it every morning. and D. Garuda symbol B. Bue B. borrow B. Laboratory C. The colour of the wall is ____ B. gymnastics A. Then he __41__ on piece of paper. class room B. A. Window D. On the wall. It has a black board. Cindy : We’re leaving. We clean it every morning. Red 39. Writes C. I’m ready. Let’s go. B. Thanks a lot D. listens 42. Thanks C. and the pictures of our president and vice president. school hall 45. this about flora __39__ fauna. To B. Anne : Wait for me! Cindy : …. A. The opposite of the underlined word is __ He meets the librarian and tells that he wants A. Soal UAS Semester 1 Bahasa Inggris Text for number 38 to 42 47. he goes to the catalogue to find the title and the name of 48. canteen C. Romi : … It’s disgusting. The students are having lunch during their break time. It’s just small worm. What are you doing? 44. How are you? C. canteen 49. The cup board is in the corner and the map is hanged above it. ! We’ll be late. Of C. endanger 38. and four windows. A. Good bye Text for number 47 to 50 This is our classroom. Fajar is in the school A. a calendar. We C. A. Cup bard 40. but 50. Which one of the following expressions is included as gratitude? A. First. hurry up 46. speaks B. A. Great! B. Anne : . Wow! It’s amazing C. catch 43. reads D. Dedi : Calm down. It is Thursday. Green D. give up B. the publisher B. library D. The author 41. meet D. there are some pictures. Door C. 3 http://kumpulansoaltest. He wants to find a book. White C. The wall is green. A. the floor D. the symbol of Garuda. find C. The map is hanged above the ____ A. What is it? B. A. the reader C. Clear C. school yard D. __40__.