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3 Picture Books 26 Rescue Vehicles 34 Ancient Civilizations
4–13 New Titles 26 Now That’s Big! 34 Great Expeditions
4 Seedlings: Science 26 U.S. Special Forces 35 I Spy
5 Earth Rocks! 26 Built for Battle 35 Wartime Spies
6–7 Amazing Machines 27 Are They Real? 35 Spies around the World
8–9 Amazing Animals 27 That’s Spooky! 36 Built for Success
10 Fetch! 27 Enduring Mysteries 36 Agents of Government
11 Seedlings: 28 Reel Time 37 Turning Points
Transportation 28 Horsing Around 37 By the People
12 First Peoples 28 Cooking School 38 Grammar Basics
13 Wild Jobs 28 Healthy Plates 38 Punctuate It!
14–42 Classic Series 29 Creepy Creatures 38 Classroom How-To
14 Seedlings: Animals 29 In My Backyard 39 Nonfiction: Writing for
15 Seedlings: 29 Ice Age Mega Beasts Fact and Argument
Community Life 39 Write Me a Poem
30 Food for Life
16–17 X-Books 39 Voices in Poetry
30 Grow with Me
18 Living Wild 40 Making Music
30 Nature’s Bounty
Amicus Ink Insert 40 Art World
31 National Park Explorers
19 The NBA: A 40 Brushes with Greatness
31 Preserving America
History of Hoops
31 Peoples of North 41 Odysseys in Art
20 The Big Time
America 41 Odysseys in Artistry
21 Soccer Stars
32 Across the Universe 41 Odysseys in Prose
21 Soccer Champions
32 Our Wonderful Weather 42 Odysseys in History
22 Super Bowl Champions
32 Making Math Work 42 Odysseys in Government
23 NFL Today
33 Mysteries of the Universe 42 Odysseys in Nature
24 Making the Play
33 Harnessing Energy 42 Odysseys in Crime
24 NBA Champions Scene Science
33 Think Like a Scientist
25 World Series Champions 43 Ordering Information
34 Great Warriors
25 Baseball: The Great
American Game


And the Soldiers Sang Cinderella
Author: J. Patrick Lewis Author: Charles Perrault
Illustrator: Gary Kelley Illustrator: Roberto Innocenti
Price: $9.99 Price: $7.99
Interest level: Age 9 and up Interest level: Age 8 and up
Page count: 32 Page count: 32
Trim size: 9" × 12" Trim size: 7¾" × 11"
978-0-89812-975-5 978-0-89812-828-4

Erika’s Story Freedom Like Sunlight
Author: Ruth Vander Zee Author: J. Patrick Lewis
Illustrator: Roberto Innocenti Illustrator: John Thompson
Price: $10.99 Price: $9.99
Interest level: Age 8 and up Interest level: Age 10 and up
Page count: 24 Page count: 40
Trim size: 10" × 9½" Trim size: 9" × 11"
978-0-89812-891-8 978-0-89812-973-1

A Night on the Range Rose Blanche
Author: Aaron Frisch Author: Christophe Gallaz
Illustrator: Chris Sheban Illustrator: Roberto Innocenti
Price: $7.99 Price: $10.99
Interest level: Age 4 and up Interest level: Age 7 and up
Page count: 32 Page count: 32
Trim size: 10¾" × 9½" Trim size: 8¼" × 11"
978-0-89812-829-1 978-0-89812-385-2

Sailing the Unknown: Around Self-Portrait with Seven Fingers:
the World with Captain Cook The Life of Marc Chagall in Verse
Author: Michael J. Rosen Authors: J. Patrick Lewis, Jane Yolen
Illustrator: Maria Cristina Pritelli Price: $12.00
Price: $12.00 Interest level: Age 11 and up
Interest level: Age 9 and up Page count: 40
Page count: 40 Trim size: 8" × 11¼"
Trim size: 11½" × 85/8" 978-0-89812-974-8

The Velveteen Rabbit
Author: Margery Williams Bianco
Illustrator: Monique Felix
Price: $8.99
Interest level: Age 8 and up
Page count: 40
Trim size: 7¾" × 113/8"
978-0-89812-831-4 CREATIVE PAPERBACKS 3
New Titles: S E E D L I N G S : S C I E N C E

“The rhythmic text lends itself nicely to being
read aloud, and the crisp layout offers a solid
opportunity to start introducing nonfiction
features.” – School Library Journal

Seedlings: Science
Hello, Jupiter and Neptune. Hello, Mercury and Venus. Hello, … fun! The popular
Seedlings series now offers irresistible introductions to our solar system’s eight planets.
Written in a friendly voice, filled with dynamic photos, and featuring text crafted for
the youngest of readers, these newest books spotlight the names, orbital processes, and
defining features of the planets. Each book closes with a labeled-image guide.

Price Mercury Deserts
Individual titles: $7.99 978-1-62832-532-4 978-1-62832-337-5
Specifications Neptune Grasslands
978-1-62832-533-1 978-1-62832-349-8
Page count: 24
Saturn Mountains
Trim size: 8¾" × 8¾" 978-1-62832-534-8 978-1-62832-338-2
Color photographs Uranus Oceans
© 2017–2018 978-1-62832-535-5 978-1-62832-339-9
Interest level: Venus Octopuses
Age 4 and up 978-1-62832-536-2 978-1-62832-399-3
New Titles: Planets Classic Seedlings: 978-1-62832-340-5
Sea Turtles
Earth Science Titles
978-1-62832-529-4 978-1-62832-400-6
Jupiter Seals
978-1-62832-530-0 978-1-62832-401-3
Coral Reefs
Mars Stingrays
978-1-62832-531-7 978-1-62832-402-0

New Titles: E A R T H R O C K S !

Earth Rocks!
Around the world, geological phenomena shape landscapes and create
breathtaking scenery. In language fit for the youngest geologists, Earth
Rocks! explores six geological formations and phenomena, explaining how
they form or occur as well as any damages they may cause. Photographs of
famous locations and events complement the text, while a closing activity
encourages applied understanding of important scientific concepts.

Price Canyons
Individual titles: $9.99 978-1-62832-507-2
Specifications Earthquakes
Page count: 24
Trim size: 8¼" × 10" 978-1-62832-509-6
Color photographs Glaciers
© 2018 978-1-62832-510-2
Interest level: Landslides
Age 6 and up 978-1-62832-511-9
978-1-62832-512-6 CREATIVE PAPERBACKS 5
New Titles: A M A Z I N G M A C H I N E S

New Titles: A M A Z I N G M A C H I N E S 2

Bulldozer Blueprint


exhaust pipe stack


side wing


push frame tread


Amazing Machines
From the heavy blades of bulldozers to the hauling bodies of
dump trucks, heavy machinery and equipment have long been
used in construction and demolition alike. Appealing to future
builders, mechanics, and engineers, this new series explores the
continued use of six Amazing Machines. Detailed photos and
STEM-appropriate text examine the featured machine’s parts,
functions, variations, and worksites. Each book also includes a
labeled pictorial diagram of the machine.

Price Backhoes
Individual titles: $8.99 978-1-62832-501-0
Specifications Bulldozers
Page count: 24
Concrete Mixers
Trim size: 8¾" × 11" 978-1-62832-503-4
Color photographs Cranes
© 2018 978-1-62832-504-1
Interest level: Dump Trucks
Age 6 and up 978-1-62832-506-5
978-1-62832-505-8 CREATIVE PAPERBACKS 7
New Titles: A M A Z I N G A N I M A L S

New Titles: A M A Z I N G A N I M A L S

Amazing Animals Price
Individual titles: $8.99
This popular and newly expanded series continues traveling the
planet to study fascinating mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, and in- Page count: 24
vertebrates. Beautiful photos are paired with STEM-appropriate text Trim size: 9" × 11¼"
Color photographs
to examine the featured creature’s appearance, habitat, behaviors,
© 2009–2018
and life cycle. Each book also presents a folk story that people have Interest level:
used to help explain the animal’s appearance or behavior. Age 6 and up

New Titles Chameleons Iguanas Rhinoceroses
Armadillos 978-1-62832-215-6 978-1-62832-362-7 978-0-89812-792-8
978-1-62832-493-8 Cheetahs Jaguars Sea Lions
Foxes 978-0-89812-561-0 978-0-89812-788-1 978-0-89812-928-1
978-1-62832-494-5 Chimpanzees Jellyfish Sea Turtles
Manatees 978-1-62832-216-3 978-1-62832-363-4 978-1-62832-091-6
978-1-62832-495-2 Cougars Killer Whales Sharks
978-0-89812-926-7 978-0-89812-694-5 978-0-89812-744-7
978-1-62832-496-9 Crabs Koalas Skunks
978-1-62832-360-3 978-0-89812-746-1 978-1-62832-220-0
978-1-62832-497-6 Crocodiles Komodo Dragons Snakes
978-0-89812-749-2 978-0-89812-789-8 978-0-89812-751-5
978-1-62832-498-3 Dolphins Leopards Storks
978-0-89812-562-7 978-0-89812-695-2 978-1-62832-366-5
978-1-62832-499-0 Eagles Lions Swans
978-0-89812-691-4 978-0-89812-747-8 978-0-89812-748-5
Snow Leopards
978-1-62832-500-3 Elephants Meerkats Tigers
978-0-89812-563-4 978-1-62832-364-1 978-0-89812-745-4
Falcons Monkeys Tortoises
Classic Titles 978-1-62832-361-0 978-0-89812-742-3 978-0-89812-929-8
Flamingos Moose Vultures
978-1-62832-088-6 978-0-89812-696-9 978-1-62832-092-3
Frogs Octopuses Walruses
978-1-62832-217-0 978-1-62832-219-4 978-1-62832-221-7
Geckos Owls Whales
978-1-62832-089-3 978-0-89812-790-4 978-0-89812-930-4
Giraffes Pandas Wild Horses
978-0-89812-741-6 978-0-89812-791-1 978-1-62832-093-0
Bighorn Sheep Wolves
Gorillas Parrots
978-1-62832-359-7 978-0-89812-564-1
978-0-89812-692-1 978-0-89812-825-3
Bison Woodpeckers
Hawks Penguins
978-0-89812-787-4 978-0-89812-931-1
978-1-62832-090-9 978-0-89812-743-0
Brown Bears Zebras
Hippopotamuses Polar Bears
978-1-62832-087-9 978-0-89812-932-8
978-1-62832-218-7 978-0-89812-752-2
Hummingbirds Raccoons
978-0-89812-927-4 978-1-62832-365-8

“... a visually arresting package featuring animals in all their
fierce, beautiful, and awe-inspiring glory.” – Booklist CREATIVE PAPERBACKS 9
New Titles: F E T C H !

From playful boxers to people-pleasing pugs, there are dogs to match
the lifestyles and personalities of many people. The newest Fetch! titles
help future pet owners retrieve basic knowledge about the traits and
history of four more popular dog breeds. Dynamic photos bound off
the page, and the text gently instructs young owners in pet care and
responsibility. At the end of each book is a panel about a famous pop-
culture example of the breed.

Price New Titles Classic Titles
Individual titles: $8.99 Boxers Beagles
Specifications 978-1-62832-513-3 978-0-89812-939-7
Page count: 24 Chihuahuas Bulldogs
978-1-62832-514-0 978-0-89812-940-3
Trim size: 8¼" x 10"
Dachshunds German Shepherds
Color photographs
978-1-62832-515-7 978-0-89812-941-0
© 2014, 2018; Interest Pugs Poodles
level: Age 6 and up 978-1-62832-516-4 978-0-89812-942-7
“The glossy pages, shimmering with clean white
backgrounds, draw attention to the fuzzy little
buddies—and when the focus turns to chubby
puppies? Well, it’s squealing time.” – Booklist

New Titles: S E E D L I N G S : T R A N S P O R T A T I O N

Seedlings: Transportation
Hello, balers and harvesters. Hello, … fun! The popular Seedlings
series now offers irresistible introductions to six farm machines.
Written in a friendly voice, filled with dynamic photos, and featuring
text crafted for the youngest of readers, these newest books touch
upon the parts, operation, and roles of farm machines.

Price Seeders Diggers
Individual titles: $7.99 978-1-62832-527-0 978-0-89812-885-7
Specifications Tractors Dump Trucks
978-1-62832-528-7 978-0-89812-886-4
Page count: 24
Fighter Jets
Trim size: 8¾" × 8¾" Classic Seedlings: 978-1-62832-248-4
Color photographs Transportation Titles Fire Trucks
© 2014–2018; Interest Ambulances 978-1-62832-186-9
978-1-62832-183-8 Pickup Trucks
level: Age 4 and up Garbage Trucks
Armored Vehicles 978-1-62832-386-3
978-1-62832-244-6 Rescue Boats
New Titles: Battleships 978-1-62832-187-6
Farm Machines 978-1-62832-245-3 Indy Cars
Balers 978-1-62832-123-4
Big Rigs 978-1-62832-120-3
978-1-62832-523-2 978-1-62832-385-6 Stock Cars
Cultivators 978-1-62832-124-1
Bulldozers 978-1-62832-121-0
978-1-62832-524-9 978-0-89812-883-3 Tanker Trucks
Monster Trucks
Harvesters 978-1-62832-389-4
Bullet Trains 978-1-62832-387-0
978-1-62832-525-6 978-1-62832-119-7 Tanks
Plows 978-1-62832-250-7
Cranes 978-1-62832-122-7
978-1-62832-526-3 978-0-89812-884-0 Tow Trucks
978-1-62832-390-0 CREATIVE PAPERBACKS 11
New Titles: F I R S T P E O P L E S

First Peoples
Prior to the arrival of Europeans, numerous native peoples thrived
across North America. Providing an overview of daily life and culture,
this new series introduces six First Peoples. Approachable text examines
each group’s community structure, significant ceremonies, and
traditions, as well as their relationship with European settlers and forced
relocation onto reservations. With a focus on the tribe’s way of life, each
title also includes a traditional story and tells how the people work to
keep the traditions of their ancestors alive today.

Price Apache
Individual titles: $9.99 978-1-62832-517-1
Specifications Cherokee
Page count: 24 978-1-62832-518-8
Trim size: 8¼" × 10" Iroquois
Color photographs
© 2018 978-1-62832-520-1
Interest level: Nez Perce
Age 6 and up 978-1-62832-521-8

New Titles: W I L D J O B S

Wild Jobs
What do you want to be when you grow up? Would you dare to
fight wildfires or dive into the ocean’s mysterious depths? Employing
real-life examples to introduce readers to six thrilling occupations,
Wild Jobs divulges the purpose and importance of these potentially
perilous professions. Striking photographs accompany an overview of
the training and equipment needed to perform each job, and a closing
activity furthers comprehension, as questions prompt readers to imagine
themselves in the featured occupational role.

Price Animal Wrangler
Individual titles: $9.99 978-1-62832-537-9
Specifications Camping Guide
Page count: 24 978-1-62832-538-6
Trim size: 8¼" × 10" Cave Explorer
Color photographs
Deep-Sea Fisher
© 2018 978-1-62832-540-9
Interest level: Scuba Diver
Age 6 and up 978-1-62832-541-6
Wildland Firefighter
978-1-62832-542-3 CREATIVE PAPERBACKS 13
Classic Series: S E E D L I N G S : A N I M A L S

Seedlings: Animals Price
Individual titles: $7.99
Hello, wild animals and insects. Hello, farm animals and dogs.
Hello, … fun! The popular Seedlings series offers irresistible Page count: 24
introductions to many different animals. Written in a friendly Trim size: 8¾" × 8¾"
Color photographs
voice, filled with dynamic photos, and featuring text crafted for
© 2013–2018
the youngest of readers, these books touch upon the physical Interest level:
characteristics and habitats of a variety of animals. Each title Age 4 and up

closes with a labeled-image guide for further review.

Ants Dolphins Killer Whales Sheep
978-1-62832-184-5 978-0-89812-781-2 978-1-62832-484-6 978-1-62832-396-2
Beagles Eagles Koalas Snakes
978-1-62832-246-0 978-1-62832-041-1 978-1-62832-044-2 978-0-89812-888-8
Beavers Elephants Ladybugs Spiders
978-1-62832-480-8 978-0-89812-782-9 978-1-62832-045-9 978-1-62832-189-0
Bees Flamingos Lions Terriers
978-1-62832-038-1 978-1-62832-482-2 978-0-89812-784-3 978-1-62832-251-4
Bison Frogs Monkeys Tigers
978-1-62832-348-1 978-1-62832-042-8 978-0-89812-785-0 978-0-89812-889-5
Brown Bears Geckos Pandas Tortoises
978-1-62832-481-5 978-1-62832-483-9 978-1-62832-114-2 978-1-62832-336-8
Bulldogs Giraffes Penguins Whales
978-1-62832-247-7 978-0-89812-783-6 978-0-89812-786-7 978-1-62832-117-3
Butterflies Goats Pigs Wild Horses
978-1-62832-039-8 978-1-62832-393-1 978-1-62832-395-5 978-1-62832-485-3
Camels Gorillas Polar Bears Wolves
978-1-62832-113-5 978-1-62832-043-5 978-1-62832-115-9 978-0-89812-890-1
Cheetahs Horses Retrievers Worms
978-1-62832-040-4 978-1-62832-394-8 978-1-62832-249-1 978-1-62832-190-6
Chickens Hummingbirds Rhinoceroses Zebras
978-1-62832-391-7 978-1-62832-333-7 978-1-62832-350-4 978-1-62832-118-0
Cows Jaguars Sea Lions
978-1-62832-392-4 978-1-62832-334-4 978-1-62832-116-6
Crickets Kangaroos Sharks
978-1-62832-185-2 978-1-62832-335-1 978-0-89812-887-1

Classic Series: S E E D L I N G S : C O M M U N I T Y L I F E

Seedlings: Community Life
Hello, construction workers and veterinarians. Hello,
… fun! The popular Seedlings series offers irresistible
introductions to six community helpers. Written in a
friendly voice, filled with dynamic photos, and featuring
text crafted for the youngest of readers, these books spotlight
the ways in which certain professions help other members of
our communities.

Price Construction Workers
Individual titles: $7.99 978-1-62832-486-0
Specifications Dentists
Page count: 24
Trim size: 8¾" × 8¾" 978-1-62832-488-4
Color photographs Nurses
© 2018 978-1-62832-489-1
Interest level: Teachers
Age 4 and up 978-1-62832-490-7
978-1-62832-491-4 CREATIVE PAPERBACKS 15
Classic Series: X - B O O K S

Classic Series: X - B O O K S

X-Books Price
Individual titles: $9.99
X-Books are for kids who love facts—especially
in bite-sized portions and about fascinating, Page count: 32
true subjects. As plentiful images and graphical Trim size: 7" × 9¼"
Color photographs and
representations stimulate visual perception,
readers will be drawn into learning how to use © 2018
informational texts. Each title is framed by a Interest level:
Age 9 and up
signature Top 5 countdown feature that not only
serves as an example of sequential order but also
narrates a brief story within the main topic. Count
down the world’s most extreme fighters, predators,
and weather phenomena, and launch a lifetime of
reading without limits!

Fighters Titles Predators Titles Weather Titles
Barbarians Alligators Clouds
978-1-62832-414-3 978-1-62832-420-4 978-1-62832-426-6
Conquistadors Killer Whales Forecasting
978-1-62832-415-0 978-1-62832-421-1 978-1-62832-427-3
Gladiators Lions Hurricanes
978-1-62832-416-7 978-1-62832-422-8 978-1-62832-428-0
Pirates Piranhas Snow
978-1-62832-417-4 978-1-62832-423-5 978-1-62832-429-7
Samurai Sharks Thunderstorms
978-1-62832-418-1 978-1-62832-424-2 978-1-62832-430-3
Vikings Snakes Tornadoes
978-1-62832-419-8 978-1-62832-425-9 978-1-62832-431-0 CREATIVE PAPERBACKS 17
Classic Series: L I V I N G W I L D

Living Wild
The nimble bodies of lemurs, the stretchy gular pouches of pelicans, and the defining
characteristics of 60 other fascinating animals are explored in Living Wild. Vivid photographs
help take readers on a virtual field study to observe the life cycle and behaviors of each featured
creature. Each book also looks at scientific research and includes a folkloric tale.

Individual titles: $12.00
Page count: 48 “As if the full-bleed National Geographic-worthy photos
Trim size: 95/8" × 105/8" aren’t enough of a hook, the books in the ‘Living Wild’
Color photographs
series each start off with dramatic bang.” – Booklist
© 2011–2018
Interest level:
Age 10 and up

Alligators Cougars Hippopotamuses Manatees Raccoons Vultures
978-0-89812-550-4 978-0-89812-774-4 978-0-89812-841-3 978-1-62832-301-6 978-1-62832-171-5 978-0-89812-778-2
Antelopes Crabs Hummingbirds Meerkats Rays Walruses
978-0-89812-837-6 978-1-62832-166-1 978-0-89812-670-9 978-1-62832-170-8 978-1-62832-304-7 978-0-89812-844-4
Armadillos Eagles Iguanas Moose Rhinoceroses Whales
978-1-62832-299-6 978-0-89812-551-1 978-1-62832-168-5 978-0-89812-556-6 978-0-89812-675-4 978-0-89812-676-1
Bats Elk Jaguars Octopuses Sea Lions Wild Horses
978-0-89812-549-8 978-1-62832-432-7 978-0-89812-671-6 978-0-89812-842-0 978-0-89812-776-8 978-1-62832-006-0
Beavers Falcons Jellyfish Ostriches Sea Turtles Wolverines
978-1-62832-000-8 978-1-62832-167-8 978-1-62832-169-2 978-1-62832-302-3 978-1-62832-005-3 978-1-62832-007-7
Bighorn Sheep Flamingos Kangaroos Owls Seahorses Woodpeckers
978-1-62832-165-4 978-1-62832-002-2 978-0-89812-553-5 978-0-89812-673-0 978-1-62832-437-2 978-0-89812-779-9
Bison Foxes Killer Whales Pandas Skunks Zebras
978-0-89812-669-3 978-1-62832-300-9 978-0-89812-554-2 978-0-89812-674-7 978-0-89812-843-7 978-0-89812-780-5
Brown Bears Frogs Komodo Dragons Peacocks Sloths
978-1-62832-001-5 978-0-89812-840-6 978-0-89812-672-3 978-1-62832-303-0 978-1-62832-305-4
Camels Geckos Lemurs Pelicans Snow Leopards
978-0-89812-773-7 978-1-62832-003-9 978-1-62832-433-4 978-1-62832-435-8 978-1-62832-306-1
Chameleons Gorillas Leopards Piranhas Storks
978-0-89812-838-3 978-0-89812-552-8 978-0-89812-555-9 978-0-89812-775-1 978-1-62832-172-2
Chimpanzees Hawks Llamas Prairie Dogs Tortoises
978-0-89812-839-0 978-1-62832-004-6 978-1-62832-434-1 978-1-62832-436-5 978-0-89812-777-5

Classic Series: T H E N B A : A H I S T O R Y O F H O O P S

The NBA: A History of Hoops Price
Individual titles: $12.00
Basketball is known for its fast-breaking, buzzer-beating action, and that
excitement is captured in The NBA: A History of Hoops. With thrilling Page count: 48
texts, engaging side panels, and lively player profiles set alongside Trim size: 8¾" × 10¼"
Color and historical
vibrant photos, every team’s origins, stars, greatest triumphs, and most
photographs; © 2018
unforgettable moments can be experienced like never before. Interest level:
Age 10 and up

Atlanta Hawks Detroit Pistons Milwaukee Bucks Phoenix Suns
978-1-62832-438-9 978-1-62832-446-4 978-1-62832-454-9 978-1-62832-461-7
Boston Celtics Golden State Warriors Minnesota Portland Trail Blazers
978-1-62832-439-6 978-1-62832-447-1 Timberwolves 978-1-62832-462-4
Brooklyn Nets Houston Rockets 978-1-62832-455-6 Sacramento Kings
978-1-62832-440-2 978-1-62832-448-8 New Orleans Pelicans 978-1-62832-463-1
Charlotte Hornets Indiana Pacers 978-1-62832-456-3 San Antonio Spurs
978-1-62832-441-9 978-1-62832-449-5 New York Knicks 978-1-62832-464-8
Chicago Bulls Los Angeles Clippers 978-1-62832-457-0 Toronto Raptors
978-1-62832-442-6 978-1-62832-450-1 Oklahoma City Thunder 978-1-62832-465-5
Cleveland Cavaliers Los Angeles Lakers 978-1-62832-458-7 Utah Jazz
978-1-62832-443-3 978-1-62832-451-8 Orlando Magic 978-1-62832-466-2
Dallas Mavericks Memphis Grizzlies 978-1-62832-459-4 Washington Wizards
978-1-62832-444-0 978-1-62832-452-5 Philadelphia 76ers 978-1-62832-467-9
Denver Nuggets Miami Heat 978-1-62832-460-0
978-1-62832-445-7 978-1-62832-453-2 CREATIVE PAPERBACKS 19
Classic Series: T H E B I G T I M E

The Big Time
Every talented performer dreams of making it to the top. This
entertaining series of high-interest biographies introduces readers to
current athletic icons, including information about where these stars
came from, the challenges they’ve overcome, and how they made it
to … The Big Time! In the most recent title, young readers will meet
Golden State Warriors guard and shooting sensation Stephen Curry.

Price Aaron Rodgers
Individual titles: $9.99 978-1-62832-059-6
Specifications Adrian Peterson
Page count: 24
Calvin Johnson
Trim size: 8¼" × 10"
Color photographs Kevin Durant
© 2014, 2017 978-1-62832-077-0
Interest level: LeBron James
Age 6 and up 978-1-62832-063-3
Stephen Curry

“… a package with enough visual sophistication for
somewhat older reluctant readers …” – Booklist


Soccer Stars
This series puts readers six and up into the
goal-diving action, introducing some of the
world’s most popular Soccer Stars through
brief recaps of their rich team histories.
Highlighting important players and managers,
each book presents action-driven photos.

Price AC Milan
Individual titles: $9.99 978-1-62832-352-8
Specifications Bayern Munich
Page count: 24
FC Barcelona
Trim size: 8¼" × 10" 978-1-62832-354-2
Color and historical Liverpool FC
photographs 978-1-62832-355-9
© 2017 Manchester United
Interest level: 978-1-62832-356-6
Age 6 and up Real Madrid

“The bright images and big-name stars are likely to pull in readers.” – School Library Journal

Classic Series: S O C C E R C H A M P I O N S

Soccer Champions
From gutsy underdogs and dazzling triumphs
to bitter rivalries and crushing losses, this
series invites fans to witness the world events,
last-minute goals, and diving saves that shaped
some of the planet’s greatest football clubs.

Price AC Milan
Individual titles: $12.00 978-1-62832-195-1
Specifications Bayern Munich
Page count: 48
FC Barcelona
Trim size: 8¾" × 10¼" 978-1-62832-191-3
Color and historical Liverpool FC
photographs 978-1-62832-193-7
© 2016 Manchester United
Interest level: 978-1-62832-194-4
Age 10 and up Real Madrid
978-1-62832-196-8 CREATIVE PAPERBACKS 21
Classic Series: S U P E R B O W L C H A M P I O N S

Super Bowl Champions
This series puts readers ages six and up into the action, acquainting
them with the story and larger-than-life stars of National Football
League teams that have won the game’s biggest prize—the Super
Bowl trophy. Each title presents action-driven photos and close-ups,
a concise history of the team from its origin to today, brief profiles of
NFL stars, and a “Facts File” of the team.

Price Baltimore Ravens New Orleans Saints
Individual titles: $9.99 978-0-89812-951-9 978-0-89812-960-1
Specifications Chicago Bears New York Giants
978-0-89812-952-6 978-0-89812-961-8
Page count: 24
Dallas Cowboys New York Jets
Trim size: 8¾" × 8¾" 978-0-89812-953-3 978-0-89812-962-5
Color photographs Denver Broncos Oakland Raiders
© 2014 978-0-89812-954-0 978-0-89812-963-2
Interest level: Green Bay Packers Pittsburgh Steelers
Age 6 and up 978-0-89812-955-7 978-0-89812-964-9
Indianapolis Colts St. Louis Rams
978-0-89812-956-4 978-0-89812-965-6
Kansas City Chiefs San Francisco 49ers
978-0-89812-957-1 978-0-89812-966-3
Miami Dolphins Tampa Bay Buccaneers
978-0-89812-958-8 978-0-89812-967-0
“… one of the few attractive football series with a text New England Patriots Washington Redskins
short enough for reading to young children.” – Booklist 978-0-89812-959-5 978-0-89812-968-7

Classic Series: N F L T O D A Y

Arizona Cardinals
Atlanta Falcons
Baltimore Ravens
Buffalo Bills
Carolina Panthers
Chicago Bears
Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland Browns
Dallas Cowboys
Denver Broncos
Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers
Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts
Jacksonville Jaguars
Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins
NFL Today 978-0-89812-861-1
No professional sports league in America can match the popularity of Minnesota Vikings
the National Football League, and no books can match the drama and New England Patriots
excitement of NFL Today! This hit series has been fully revised and
New Orleans Saints
updated to encapsulate the origins, stars, and unforgettable moments 978-0-89812-864-2
New York Giants
of all 32 NFL teams, from the pioneering Packers to the rising Texans. 978-0-89812-865-9
Brilliant photos capture all of the game’s hard-hitting energy, while New York Jets
“Sideline Stories” and “Meet the Team” panels present fascinating Oakland Raiders
anecdotes and introductions to all-time gridiron greats. 978-0-89812-867-3
Philadelphia Eagles
Price Pittsburgh Steelers
Individual titles: $12.00 978-0-89812-869-7
Specifications St. Louis Rams
Page count: 48
San Diego Chargers
Trim size: 8¾" × 10¼" 978-0-89812-871-0
Color and historical photographs San Francisco 49ers MEET THE RAVENS

© 2013 978-0-89812-872-7 “He wants to break
someone in half.”
Interest level: Age 10 and up Seattle Seahawks MIAMI DOLPHINS GENERAL MANAGER

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
as Woodson, Starks, and cornerback Chris McAllister, the Ravens could put a stranglehold on opposing
offenses. But with the exception of Ogden, Baltimore’s offense had just mediocre ability.
Billick loved coordinating offenses that featured high-powered passing attacks. But in Baltimore, he
didn’t have the type of talent needed to run an explosive offense through the air. Instead, he installed a
low-risk, run-oriented offense, choosing to play conservatively with the ball and rely on his fierce defense

978-0-89812-874-1 Ray Lewis
to hold opponents down.
The Ravens started the 1999 season 3–6. But then the team took flight, averaging 26 points per game
LINEBACKER / RAVENS SEASONS: 1996–PRESENT / HEIGHT: 6-FOOT-1 / WEIGHT: 245 POUNDS the rest of the year. Much of the offensive spark came when backup quarterback Tony Banks stepped
in at midseason and tossed 17 touchdown passes—many of them to receiver Qadry Ismail, a speedster
who piled up more than 1,000 receiving yards. Behind these efforts and those of the NFL’s second-best

Tennessee Titans
defense, Baltimore won five of its last seven games to finish 8–8. “We’ve built a little fire here,” said

Coach Billick. “It will be interesting to see how big it gets.”
Dick Butkus. Lawrence Taylor. Ray Lewis. Such is the reputation of Ray Lewis that any discussion of
the greatest linebackers in NFL history must include “Ray-Ray.” Number 52 had it all: great instincts, oping to add fuel to their fire, the Ravens used the fifth overall pick of the 2000
good speed, and vicious hitting power. As Miami Dolphins general manager Randy Mueller said, “He
NFL Draft to select University of Tennessee running back Jamal Lewis, a big,

wants to break someone in half each time he hits them.” Lewis’s ability was made evident by the slew
of awards won during his career—2 NFL Defensive Player of the Year awards (2000 and 2003), a Super powerful ballcarrier with the ability to wear down opposing defenses. The Ravens
Bowl Most Valuable Player (MVP) award, and 13 Pro Bowl selections. But what truly elevated him into also added offensive firepower by signing veteran tight end Shannon Sharpe and
the realm of all-time greats was the passion and vocal leadership he brought onto the field. Fellow former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Trent Dilfer. Sharpe gave the Ravens a
Ravens defenders played with an extra bit of energy for fear of letting Lewis down. Lewis’s legacy was
sure-handed target, while Dilfer was signed to serve as Banks’s backup.
tarnished somewhat in February 2000, when he was charged with murder after two men were killed
The Ravens soared to a 5–1 start in 2000. The fearsome defense led the way, not allowing a single

Washington Redskins
outside an Atlanta nightclub during a Super Bowl party. He was ultimately cleared of the most serious
charges and came back to lead his team to victory in the Super Bowl a year later. point in three of those six games. But the Ravens’ offense, which had looked so promising at the end
of the previous season, got worse in 2000. Banks’s performance was marked by interceptions, fumbles,

20 21

978-0-89812-876-5 CREATIVE PAPERBACKS 23
Classic Series: M A K I N G T H E P L A Y

Making the Play
Linking scientific concepts to actions
common to each sport, this series unveils the
unseen world of forces at work behind each
bat, ball, or club. High-contrast design and
relatable images of people at play provide a
colorful backdrop.

Price Baseball
Individual titles: $8.99 978-1-62832-232-3
Specifications Basketball
Page count: 24
Trim size: 8¾" × 8¾"
Color photographs Golf
© 2016 978-1-62832-235-4
Interest level: Soccer
Age 6 and up 978-1-62832-236-1

Classic Classic
Series: Series:

NBA Champions
Each title in NBA Champions looks at a
National Basketball Association (NBA)
franchise that has captured at least one world
championship. Accessible but energetic text
and action-oriented photos spotlight each
team’s greatest players and triumphs.

Price Boston Celtics
Individual titles: $7.99 978-0-89812-706-5
Specifications Chicago Bulls
Page count: 24
Los Angeles Lakers
Trim size: 8¾" × 8¾" 978-0-89812-711-9
Color and historical Miami Heat
photographs 978-0-89812-712-6
© 2012; Interest level: New York Knicks
Age 6 and up 978-0-89812-714-0

Classic Series: W O R L D S E R I E S C H A M P I O N S

World Series Champions Price Atlanta Braves Los Angeles Angels New York Yankees
Individual titles: $7.99 978-0-89812-809-3 of Anaheim 978-0-89812-820-8
This series celebrates 16 Major League Baltimore Orioles 978-0-89812-816-1 Philadelphia Phillies
978-0-89812-810-9 Los Angeles Dodgers 978-0-89812-821-5
Baseball teams that have batted, slid, and Page count: 24
Boston Red Sox St. Louis Cardinals
Trim size: 8¾" × 8¾" Miami Marlins
thrown their way to championship glory. The 978-0-89812-811-6 978-0-89812-822-2
Color and historical Chicago Cubs 978-0-89812-815-4 San Francisco Giants
text narrates each team’s history, while exciting photographs 978-0-89812-812-3 Minnesota Twins 978-0-89812-823-9
© 2013 Chicago White Sox 978-0-89812-818-5 Toronto Blue Jays
photos help introduce baseball immortals.
Interest level: 978-0-89812-813-0 New York Mets 978-0-89812-824-6
Age 6 and up Cincinnati Reds 978-0-89812-819-2

Classic Series: B A S E B A L L : T H E G R E A T A M E R I C A N G A M E

The Story of the The Story of the The Story of the
Arizona Diamondbacks Florida Marlins Philadelphia Phillies
978-0-89812-629-7 978-0-89812-639-6 978-0-89812-649-5
The Story of the The Story of the The Story of the
Atlanta Braves Houston Astros Pittsburgh Pirates
978-0-89812-630-3 978-0-89812-640-2 978-0-89812-650-1
The Story of the The Story of the The Story of the
Baltimore Orioles Kansas City Royals St. Louis Cardinals
978-0-89812-631-0 978-0-89812-641-9 978-0-89812-651-8
The Story of the The Story of the The Story of the
Boston Red Sox Los Angeles Angels San Diego Padres
978-0-89812-632-7 of Anaheim 978-0-89812-652-5
The Story of the 978-0-89812-642-6 The Story of the
Chicago Cubs The Story of the San Francisco Giants
978-0-89812-633-4 Los Angeles Dodgers 978-0-89812-653-2
The Story of the 978-0-89812-643-3 The Story of the
Chicago White Sox The Story of the Seattle Mariners
978-0-89812-634-1 Milwaukee Brewers 978-0-89812-654-9
The Story of the 978-0-89812-644-0 The Story of the
Cincinnati Reds The Story of the Tampa Bay Rays
978-0-89812-635-8 Minnesota Twins 978-0-89812-655-6
Baseball: The Great American Game Price The Story of the 978-0-89812-645-7 The Story of the
Individual titles: $9.99 Cleveland Indians The Story of the Texas Rangers
Providing the full history of baseball’s major 978-0-89812-636-5 New York Mets 978-0-89812-656-3
The Story of the 978-0-89812-646-4 The Story of the
league teams, the titles in this series are Page count: 48 Colorado Rockies The Story of the Toronto Blue Jays
Trim size: 95/8" × 105/8" 978-0-89812-637-2 New York Yankees 978-0-89812-657-0
enhanced by side panels and “All-Time Team”
Color and historical The Story of the 978-0-89812-647-1 The Story of the
profiles, while spectacular photos capture the photographs Detroit Tigers The Story of the Washington Nationals
978-0-89812-638-9 Oakland Athletics 978-0-89812-658-7
hard-hitting, base-stealing action. © 2012
Interest level:
Age 10 and up

“The writing is engaging, and the eye-popping yet tasteful format is an immediate draw.” – Booklist CREATIVE PAPERBACKS 25
Classic Series: R E S C U E V E H I C L E S

Rescue Vehicles Price Ambulances
Individual titles: $7.99 978-0-89812-575-7
When a crisis arises and people need help, Fire Trucks
Rescue Vehicles are called to the scene. This 978-0-89812-577-1
Page count: 24
series examines the features of each vehicle and Trim size: 8¼" × 10" 978-0-89812-576-4
Color and historical Rescue Boats
how emergency personnel operate it.
photographs 978-0-89812-578-8
© 2011; Interest level:
Age 6 and up

Classic Series: N O W T H A T ’ S B I G !

Now That’s Big! Price Antonov An-225 Mriya
Individual titles: $8.99 978-1-62832-307-8
Each title includes a brief history and forecasts Krupp Digging Machine
what the future might hold for some of the 978-1-62832-309-2
Page count: 24
Mil Mi-26
world’s largest machines and vehicles as a Trim size: 10" × 9¾" 978-1-62832-310-8
Color photographs Nimitz Aircraft Carrier
comparative pictorial diagram shows sizes
© 2017; Interest level: 978-1-62832-308-5
in context. Age 6 and up Oasis of the Seas
“Readers of all ages will find themselves saying, ‘Wow!’ when reading about the vehicles Overburden Conveyor
Bridge F60
and machines spotlighted in this attention-getting set of books.” – School Library Journal

Classic Series: U . S . S P E C I A L F O R C E S

U.S. Special Forces Trim size: 8¾" × 10¼" FBI Hostage Rescue &
Color and historical SWAT Teams
Covering the chronology of six special ops
photographs 978-1-62832-048-0
forces, each title includes sidebars about such Green Berets
© 2015; Interest level:
topics as weaponry, facilities, and depictions in Age 10 and up
Marine Corps Forces
literature and movies. Air Force Special Special Operations
Operations Command Command
978-1-62832-046-6 978-1-62832-050-3
Individual titles: $12.00
Delta Force Navy SEALs
Specifications 978-1-62832-047-3 978-1-62832-051-0
Page count: 48

Classic Series: BUILT FOR BATTLE

Built for Battle Price Battleships
Individual titles: $7.99 978-0-89812-699-0
Employing close-up and action-driven photos, Fighter Jets
this series acquaints young readers with 978-0-89812-701-0
Page count: 24
military vehicles and vessels and the roles they Trim size: 8¾" × 8¾" 978-0-89812-702-7
Color photographs Tanks
play during war and peace.
© 2012; Interest level: 978-0-89812-704-1
Age 6 and up

Classic Series: A R E T H E Y R E A L ?

Are They Real? Price Aliens
Individual titles: $8.99 978-1-62832-367-2
Engaging curious young minds with tales of Angels
mysterious encounters, scientific findings, and 978-1-62832-368-9
Page count: 24
pop-culture portrayals, this series explores the Trim size: 8¾" × 8¾" 978-1-62832-369-6
Color photographs and Chupacabra
possible existence of legendary creatures and
illustrations 978-1-62832-370-2
beings. A closing activity encourages readers to © 2017 Fairies
Interest level: 978-1-62832-371-9
decide for themselves: Are They Real?
Age 6 and up Loch Ness Monster

Classic Series: T H A T ’ S S P O O K Y !

That’s Spooky! Price Ghosts
Individual titles: $7.99 978-0-89812-803-1
That’s Spooky! offers young readers a fun and Mummies
colorful introduction to the world of monsters, 978-0-89812-804-8
Page count: 24
magic, and the unexplained. This series Trim size: 8¾" × 8¾" 978-0-89812-805-5
Color photographs Werewolves
spotlights six spooky creatures, investigating
© 2013 978-0-89812-806-2
their behaviors, powers, weaknesses, and Interest level: Witches
Age 6 and up 978-0-89812-807-9
characteristic physical traits, as well as how
they have become part of pop culture. 978-0-89812-808-6

“These image-heavy guides to monsters of myths and legends strike a delightful balance between creepy and cheesy….
Each title gives a solid overview, with text that provides wide coverage in a short amount of space.” – School Library Journal

Classic Series: E N D U R I N G M Y S T E R I E S

Enduring Mysteries Price Area 51
Individual titles: $12.00 978-1-62832-070-1
As much evidence as can be examined about Atlantis
the curious phenomena associated with five 978-1-62832-071-8
Page count: 48
Bermuda Triangle
legendary sites and creatures is explored, with Trim size: 8¾" × 10¼" 978-1-62832-072-5
Color and historical Bigfoot
notable examples of popular-culture references
photographs 978-1-62832-073-2
and famous seekers and hoaxes. © 2015; Interest level: Loch Ness Monster
Age 10 and up 978-1-62832-074-9

ê “Well designed with many photographs, this lives up to the series title of ‘Enduring Mysteries.’” – Booklist Starred Review CREATIVE PAPERBACKS 27
Classic Series: R E E L T I M E

Reel Time Price Fishing Gear
Individual titles: $9.99 978-1-62832-381-8
Guiding novices through the basic “dos and Fresh Fish
don’ts” of fishing, this series will help young 978-1-62832-379-5
Page count: 32
Gone Fishing
anglers properly prepare for any fishing outing. Trim size: 9" × 10" 978-1-62832-380-1
Color photographs The Perfect Spot
Each book builds upon the others to compile a
© 2017; Interest level: 978-1-62832-382-5
comprehensive look at the sport. Age 8 and up Tackling the Box
Take the Bait

Classic Series: H O R S I N G A R O U N D

Horsing Around Price Caring for Horses
Individual titles: $7.99 978-0-89812-833-8
Horsing Around offers a brief tutorial on the Riding Horses
care, training, showing, and riding of horses, 978-0-89812-834-5
Page count: 24
Showing Horses
concentrating on each aspect in a separate Trim size: 8¾" × 8¾" 978-0-89812-835-2
Color photographs Training Horses
volume and addressing the concerns of some
© 2014; Interest level: 978-0-89812-836-9
of the youngest horse enthusiasts. Age 6 and up

Classic Series: C O O K I N G S C H O O L

Cooking School Price American Food
Individual titles: $9.99 978-1-62832-094-7
This series dishes out an elementary overview Chinese Food
of world cuisines and their connections to 978-1-62832-095-4
Page count: 24
French Food
geography and culture. While bold photos Trim size: 8¾" × 8¾" 978-1-62832-096-1
Color photographs Italian Food
showcase regional dishes, accessible text
© 2015; Interest level: 978-1-62832-097-8
highlights common ingredients and tools. Age 6 and up Mexican Food
Each title includes three kid-friendly recipes.
Middle Eastern Food

Classic Series:
S P I Series:

Healthy Plates Price Being Fit
Individual titles: $9.99 978-1-62832-106-7
Based on the most recent guidelines for Dairy
healthy portions and exercise, this series 978-1-62832-108-1
Page count: 24
Eating Healthy
familiarizes readers with key nutritional Trim size: 8¼" × 10" 978-1-62832-107-4
Color photographs Fruits
concepts and the ways in which Healthy Plates
© 2015; Interest level: 978-1-62832-109-8
can keep them active and strong. Age 6 and up Grains

Classic Series: C R E E P Y C R E A T U R E S

Creepy Creatures Price Beetles Grasshoppers Spiders
Individual titles: $8.99 978-0-89812-794-2 978-0-89812-935-9 978-0-89812-569-6
Creepy Creatures matches clear, STEM- Centipedes Mantises Stick Insects
appropriate text with up-close photos to 978-0-89812-565-8 978-0-89812-567-2 978-0-89812-938-0
Page count: 24
Cockroaches Mites Termites
introduce young readers to the featured Trim size: 87/8" × 8¾" 978-0-89812-795-9 978-0-89812-936-6 978-0-89812-798-0
Color photographs Crickets Moths Ticks
invertebrate’s body, growth process, behavior,
and illustrations 978-0-89812-566-5 978-0-89812-937-3 978-0-89812-797-3
food sources, and common habitats. Each title © 2011–2014; Interest Dragonflies Scorpions Worms
level: Age 6 and up 978-0-89812-933-5 978-0-89812-568-9 978-0-89812-570-2
concludes with an activity that emphasizes the
Fleas Slugs
animal’s defining physical characteristics. 978-0-89812-934-2 978-0-89812-796-6

“Riveting, close-up photos … will draw young audiences to these introductions.” – School Library Journal


In My Backyard Price Chipmunks
Individual titles: $8.99 978-1-62832-293-4
The animals in our neighborhoods may be Frogs
obvious or rarely seen, but they live among Page count: 24
us and contribute to each microhabitat. Trim size: 8¾" × 8¾" 978-1-62832-295-8
Color photographs Moles
This series takes a closer look at six common © 2017; Interest level: 978-1-62832-296-5
creatures, exploring their life cycles and noting Age 6 and up Robins
their typical interactions with humans.


Ice Age Mega Beasts Price Dire Wolves
Individual titles: $8.99 978-1-62832-373-3
By examining fossil remains, scientists learned Giant Short-faced Bears
how some Ice Age Mega Beasts survived as Page count: 24
glaciers encroached on their homes. Looking Trim size: 8" × 8" 978-1-62832-375-7
Color photographs Monster Birds
at predators and prey alike, this series surveys © 2017 978-1-62832-376-4
diets, habitats, and strengths, as well as how Interest level: Saber-toothed Cats
Age 6 and up 978-1-62832-377-1
each species ultimately succumbed to the
changing environment. 978-1-62832-378-8 CREATIVE PAPERBACKS 29
Classic Series: F O O D F O R L I F E

Food for Life Price Arctic Tundra
Individual titles: $9.99 978-1-62832-105-0
Food for Life explores six different natural Deserts
environments, presenting a food chain 978-1-62832-100-5
Page count: 24
common to each. Each book explains how the Trim size: 8¾" × 10¼" 978-1-62832-101-2
Color photographs Oceans
death of one creature benefits another, making
© 2015 978-1-62832-102-9
possible the circle of life. Interest level: Prairies
Age 6 and up 978-1-62832-104-3

Classic Series: G R O W W I T H M E

Grow with Me Price Apple Eagle Snake
Individual titles: $9.99 978-0-89812-990-8 978-0-89812-991-5 978-0-89812-992-2
Magnified photos, easy-to-follow text Bean Frog Spider
explaining life stages, and a life-cycle recap 978-1-62832-161-6 978-0-89812-769-0 978-0-89812-993-9
Page count: 32 Bee Koala Sunflower
all contribute to an educational experience Trim size: 8¼" × 10¾" 978-0-89812-767-6 978-1-62832-163-0 978-0-89812-771-3
Color photographs Butterfly Ladybug Tomato
focused on an up-close look at how the 978-0-89812-768-3
© 2013, 2015–2016 978-0-89812-770-6 978-0-89812-772-0
featured creature or plant changes and grows Interest level: Corn Penguin
Age 8 and up 978-1-62832-162-3 978-1-62832-164-7
throughout its life.

Classic Series: N A T U R E ’ S B O U N T Y

Nature’s Bounty Price A Desert Food Chain
Individual titles: $12.00 978-1-62832-404-4
The circle of life is made up of food chains— A Mountain Food Chain
the relationships that explain who eats whom. 978-1-62832-405-1
Page count: 48
An Ocean Food Chain
Nature’s Bounty takes readers to five distinct Trim size: 8½" × 11½" 978-0-89812-740-9
Color photographs A Prairie Food Chain
biomes of the natural world and explains
© 2009 978-1-62832-406-8
a food chain unique to each, introducing Interest level: A Rainforest Food
Age 10 and up Chain
predators, prey, and scavengers. 978-0-89812-739-3

“Assisted by terrific photos, these books do an excellent job describing the interrelatedness
of the inhabitants of mountain, Arctic, and marine ecosystems.” – The Horn Book Guide

Classic Series: N A T I O N A L P A R K E X P L O R E R S

National Park Explorers Price Death Valley
Individual titles: $8.99 978-1-62832-238-5
Discover the wonders of some of America’s Everglades
most popular national parks as this series Page count: 24
Grand Canyon
highlights key landscape features, wildlife, and Trim size: 8¾" × 8¾" 978-1-62832-240-8
Color photographs Great Smoky Mountains
activities unique to each park. © 2016 978-1-62832-241-5
Interest level: Yellowstone
Age 6 and up 978-1-62832-242-2
“Though the text is short, it is informative, making these titles useful as well as beautiful.” Yosemite
– Booklist

Classic Series: P R E S E R V I N G A M E R I C A

Preserving America Price Badlands National Park Grand Canyon Rocky Mountain
Individual titles: $12.00 978-1-62832-179-1 National Park National Park
Surveying the full history and development Big Bend National Park 978-0-89812-879-6 978-1-62832-182-1
978-1-62832-180-7 Grand Teton Yellowstone
of each park, and featuring notes offering tips Page count: 48
Death Valley National Park National Park
and itineraries for visitors, these gorgeously Trim size: 8¾" × 10¼" National Park 978-1-62832-181-4 978-0-89812-881-9
Color photographs 978-0-89812-877-2 Great Smoky Mountains Yosemite National Park
illustrated titles transport readers directly to National Park 978-0-89812-882-6
© 2014, 2016 Everglades National
the wilderness. Interest level: Park 978-0-89812-880-2
Age 10 and up 978-0-89812-878-9

ê “… makes you want to pack your bags.” – Library Media Connection Starred Review

Classic Series: P E O P L E S O F N O R T H A M E R I C A

Peoples of North America Price Apache
Individual titles: $12.00 978-1-62832-151-7
This series examines the cultures and lifestyles Cherokee
of peoples as leaders, warriors, and families 978-1-62832-152-4
Page count: 48
throughout history, as well as the immediate Trim size: 7½" × 10½" 978-1-62832-153-1
Color photographs Navajo
and long-term effects of European contact
© 2016 978-1-62832-154-8
and conflict. Interest level: Nez Perce
Age 10 and up 978-1-62832-155-5

“Elegant in design and sumptuously illustrated, this set is one of the strongest about Native Americans to come out in a long time.”
– School Library Journal CREATIVE PAPERBACKS 31
Classic Series: A C R O S S T H E U N I V E R S E

Across the Universe Price Asteroids
Individual titles: $9.99 978-1-62832-080-0
With a technology-themed design that Comets
encourages curious minds to make 978-1-62832-081-7
Page count: 24
observations and comparisons, this series will Trim size: 8¼" × 10" 978-1-62832-082-4
Color photographs Moons
take young explorers on an adventure Across
and illustrations 978-1-62832-083-1
the Universe to discover the wonders of the © 2015 Planets
Interest level: 978-1-62832-084-8
cosmos and how they relate to life on Earth.
Age 6 and up The Sun

Classic Series: O U R W O N D E R F U L W E A T H E R

Our Wonderful Weather Price Clouds
Individual titles: $9.99 978-0-89812-721-8
This five-book series is the perfect way Hurricanes
to introduce early readers to the science, 978-0-89812-920-5
Page count: 24
history, and forms of weather. Clear text and Trim size: 8¾" × 8¾" 978-0-89812-921-2
Color photographs Thunderstorms
stunning photos are paired within a reader-
© 2014 978-0-89812-724-9
friendly design to explain the ways that winds, Interest level: Tornadoes
Age 6 and up 978-0-89812-923-6
temperatures, and precipitation affect our lives.

“Stunning color photos and a clean format will spark readers’ interest in science. The content moves beyond mere
description of natural phenomena, offering easy-to-understand explanations.” – School Library Journal

Classic Series: M A K I N G M A T H W O R K

Making Math Work Price How Much Is Infinity?
Individual titles: $12.00 978-1-62832-173-9
With an eye on real-world applications, What Are the Chances?
this series offers an easygoing how-to guide 978-1-62832-174-6
Page count: 48
When Does a Line
for understanding the major branches of Trim size: 7½" × 10½" Become a Shape?
Color photographs 978-1-62832-175-3
mathematics, from arithmetic to statistics.
© 2016 Where Does a Graph Go?
Interest level: 978-1-62832-176-0
Age 10 and up Whose Foot Is a Foot?
Why Do Math with


Black Holes
Mass & Matter
Mysteries of the Universe Price 978-0-89812-916-8
Individual titles: $12.00 Space & Time
Complicated scientific principles that have Specifications 978-0-89812-917-5
challenged some of history’s greatest minds Page count: 48 Stars
Trim size: 8¾" × 10¼" 978-0-89812-918-2
are contextualized with accessible examples
Color and historical
and illustrated with stunning photos, helping photographs and
readers grasp the mystery. illustrations; © 2013
Interest level:
Age 10 and up

Classic Series: H A R N E S S I N G E N E R G Y

Harnessing Energy Price Coal Power
Individual titles: $12.00 978-0-89812-994-6
Linking science to practical applications Hydropower
and social issues to realistic goals, this series 978-0-89812-996-0
Page count: 48
Natural Gas Power
orients ecologically conscious readers toward Trim size: 7½" × 10½" 978-0-89812-995-3
Color and historical Nuclear Power
the future of Harnessing Energy. Each title
photographs; © 2015 978-0-89812-997-7
offers details on key inventors and notable Interest level: Solar Power
Age 10 and up 978-0-89812-998-4
discoveries, and presents statistics to back up
Wind Power
objective reports. 978-0-89812-999-1

Classic Series: T H I N K L I K E A S C I E N T I S T

Think Like a Scientist Price How Do We Apply
Individual titles: $12.00 Science?
These titles show how each branch of science 978-1-62832-197-5
and its related fields evolved, demonstrating How Does It Work?
Page count: 48 978-1-62832-198-2
the effects that accidental discoveries and Trim size: 7½" × 10½" What Is out There?
Color and historical 978-1-62832-199-9
innovative fieldwork have had and the exciting
photographs; © 2016 What Is the Reason? 
possibilities for future scientists. Interest level: 978-1-62832-200-2
Age 10 and up Where Do We Look for
“The scientific method and its use in the past, present, and future is at the heart of each volume in this dynamic series.” Why Do We Behave
Like That?
– School Library Journal 978-1-62832-202-6 CREATIVE PAPERBACKS 33
Classic Series: G R E A T W A R R I O R S

Great Warriors Price Barbarians
Individual titles: $9.99 978-1-62832-066-4
From simple text and artful illustrations, Conquistadors
kids will discover what life was like for Great 978-1-62832-067-1
Page count: 24
Warriors around the world. Each book features Trim size: 9" × 11" 978-0-89812-571-9
Color and historical Knights
famous examples of the warrior and explains
photographs and 978-0-89812-572-6
how their mode of battle grew out of their illustrations Mongols
© 2011, 2014; Interest 978-1-62832-068-8
particular culture.
level: Age 6 and up Pirates
“… some of history’s baddest bunches—scaled way down for a younger crowd.” – Booklist Vikings


Ancient Civilizations Price Aztec Empire
Individual titles: 978-0-89812-977-9
This series takes an anthropologist’s view China
of five famous Ancient Civilizations, noting 978-0-89812-978-6
how the various social groups influenced and Page count: 48 978-0-89812-979-3
Trim size: 8¾" × 10¼" Greece
interacted with each other and changed the
Color and historical 978-0-89812-980-9
very history of the world. photographs; © 2015 Rome
Interest level: 978-0-89812-981-6
Age 10 and up

“… this set’s comprehensive content and quality illustrations will help
readers understand each culture and its influence on world history …”
– School Library Journal

Classic Series: G R E A T E X P E D I T I O N S

Great Expeditions Price Through the
Individual titles: $12.00 American West
With engaging text and archival photos, 978-0-89812-663-1
To the Heart of Africa
this series introduces readers to six of the Page count: 48 978-0-89812-664-8
boldest expeditionary forces in recent history, Trim size: 8¼" × 11" To the Moon
Color and historical 978-0-89812-666-2
providing biographical details about the
photographs and To the Ocean Deep
participants and relating how their exploits illustrations; © 2012 978-0-89812-665-5
Interest level: To the South Pole
and discoveries changed the world. 978-0-89812-667-9
Age 10 and up
To the Top of
Mount Everest
“The images are eye-catching, and the tone is conversational enough to keep readers engaged.” – School Library Journal 978-0-89812-668-6

Classic Classic
Series: TSeries:
H A T ’ SI S P O

I Spy Price Spies in the CIA
Individual titles: $8.99 978-1-62832-228-6
Uncovering basic details of four countries’ Spies in the KGB
main espionage agencies, I Spy charts the 978-1-62832-229-3
Page count: 24
Spies in the Mossad
origins, agents’ training, and common tools Trim size: 8¼" × 10" 978-1-62832-230-9
Color photographs Spies in the SIS
of each organization’s covert operations.
© 2016 978-1-62832-231-6
Interest level:
Age 6 and up

“These brief volumes introduce early readers to the world of espionage using easy-to-understand language
and simple sentences.... A fine introductory series for young readers.” – School Library Journal

Classic Series: W A R T I M E S P I E S

Wartime Spies Price Civil War Spies
Individual titles: $12.00 978-1-62832-203-3
Each title demonstrates how its era’s agents, Cold War Spies
double agents, and moles communicated and 978-1-62832-204-0
Page count: 48
Modern Spies
completed daring wartime missions, all while Trim size: 8¾" × 10¼" 978-1-62832-205-7
Color photographs Revolutionary War Spies
using tools, tricks, and technology to outwit
© 2016 978-1-62832-206-4
one another. Interest level: World War I Spies
Age 10 and up 978-1-62832-207-1
World War II Spies

“Readers will be captivated by descriptions and images
of tools of the trade.… Exciting and educational.”
– School Library Journal

Classic Series: S P I E S A R O U N D T H E W O R L D

Spies around the World Price The CIA and Other
Individual titles: $12.00 American Spies
This series investigates the espionage agencies 978-0-89812-969-4
of four countries, tracking their histories of The KGB and Other
Page count: 48 Russian Spies
intelligence gathering and spotlighting some of Trim size: 8¾" × 10¼" 978-0-89812-970-0
Color and historical The Mossad and Other
the most famous—or infamous—missions and Israeli Spies
photographs and
associated participants. illustrations; © 2014 978-0-89812-971-7
The SIS and Other
Interest level:
British Spies
Age 10 and up 978-0-89812-972-4

“With a sidebar-heavy, cardboard-beige design that makes it look as if you’re paging through a top-secret file drawer crammed with mug shots,
fingerprints, maps, and more, … the ‘Spies around the World’ series gives an expedient but surprisingly robust report.” – Booklist CREATIVE PAPERBACKS 35
Classic Series: B U I L T F O R S U C C E S S

Built for Success Price
Individual titles:
Surveying the triumphs and failures of 24
corporations and their prominent leaders, Specifications
Built for Success examines each company’s Page count: 48
Trim size: 7¾" × 11"
products and innovations, as well as the Color and historical
impact it has had on the lives of people photographs
around the globe. © 2009–2016
Interest level:
Age 10 and up

The Story of The Story of Facebook The Story of Nike 978-0-89812-761-4 978-0-89812-738-6
978-0-89812-759-1 The Story of Ford The Story of
The Story of Apple 978-1-89756-302-1 Southwest Airlines
978-0-89812-659-4 The Story of Google 978-1-62832-160-9
The Story of AT&T 978-0-89812-755-3 The Story of Starbucks
978-1-62832-157-9 The Story of 978-0-89812-737-9
The Story of Lululemon Athletica The Story of Target
Berkshire Hathaway 978-1-62832-159-3 978-0-89812-984-7
978-1-62832-158-6 The Story of McDonald’s The Story of the NFL
The Story of CNN 978-0-89812-756-0 978-0-89812-661-7
978-0-89812-760-7 The Story of Microsoft The Story of Twitter
The Story of Coca-Cola 978-0-89812-757-7 978-0-89812-985-4
978-0-89812-753-9 The Story of MTV The Story of Wal-Mart
The Story of eBay 978-0-89812-982-3 978-0-89812-662-4

ê “The books, written in a lively style, yet with a minimum of fuss,
pack in plenty of history and tend to focus on the individuals who
grew the companies, adding a personal element to the narrative.”
– Booklist Starred Review

Classic Series: A G E N T S O F G O V E R N M E N T

Agents of Government Price Environmental Protection
Individual titles: $12.00 Agency 
This series examines each agency’s mission, 978-1-62832-145-6
command structure, and key policies, along Federal Bureau of
Page count: 48 Investigation
with important incidents or controversies, to Trim size: 8¾" × 10¼" 978-1-62832-146-3
Color photographs Federal Reserve System 
show the global influence of key government 978-1-62832-147-0
© 2016
organizations. Interest level: National Aeronautics and
Age 10 and up Space Administration
National Transportation
Safety Board
Peace Corps

Classic Series: T U R N I N G P O I N T S

Turning Points Price The 9/11 Attacks
Individual titles: $12.00 978-1-62832-346-7
This series puts each event in its historical The Arab Spring
context and follows the trajectory of its 978-1-62832-341-2
Page count: 48
The Assassination of
immediate aftermath and continuing global Trim size: 8¾" × 10¼" John F. Kennedy
Color and historical 978-1-62832-342-9
effects today. A timeline of important events
photographs The Assassination of
adds further historical context, while “Pointing © 2017 Martin Luther King Jr.
Interest level: 978-1-62832-343-6
Out” sidebars present related topics and The End of the Cold War
Age 10 and up
perspectives. 978-1-62832-344-3
The Great Recession

ê “This highly readable and balanced account places events in a global context while handling the tragedy with respect.”
– Booklist Starred Review for The 9/11 Attacks

Classic Series: B Y T H E P E O P L E

By the People Price The Presidential Cabinet
Individual titles: $12.00 978-1-62832-269-9
By the People examines the history of American State and Local
government, making use of maps, charts, call- Government
Page count: 48 978-1-62832-270-5
outs, and other infographic-packed features Trim size: 8¾" × 10¼" The U.S. House of
Color and historical Representatives
to spotlight memorable facts and bolster the 978-1-62832-271-2
surrounding narrative. © 2017 The U.S. Presidency
Interest level: 978-1-62832-272-9
The U.S. Senate
Age 10 and up
The U.S. Supreme Court
978-1-62832-274-3 CREATIVE PAPERBACKS 37
Classic Series: G R A M M A R B A S I C S

Grammar Basics Price Adjectives
Individual titles: $10.99 978-0-89812-799-7
This colorful series explores four parts of Adverbs
speech in terms of their overall relationship to 978-0-89812-800-0
Page count: 24
sentences. A friendly tone, appealing photos, Trim size: 8¼" × 10" 978-0-89812-801-7
Color photographs Verbs
and a concluding word game make for a most
© 2013 978-0-89812-802-4
accessible introduction to the way words are Interest level:
used in writing and in life! Age 6 and up

Classic Series: P U N C T U A T E I T !

Punctuate It! Price Colons and Semicolons
Individual titles: $10.99 978-1-62832-327-6
Punctuate It! gently instructs young readers Commas
(and writers) to think carefully about 978-1-62832-328-3
Page count: 32
End Punctuation
the marks they see and to choose their Trim size: 7½" × 10½" 978-1-62832-329-0
Color illustrations by Hyphens and Dashes
punctuation to create meaningful sentences.
Randall Enos 978-1-62832-330-6
Vibrant, off-the-wall illustrations lend visual © 2017 Parentheses and Ellipses
Interest level: 978-1-62832-331-3
appeal to informative texts.
Age 8 and up Quotation Marks and

Classic Series: C L A S S R O O M H O W - T O

Classroom How-To Price Giving a Presentation
Individual titles: $12.00 978-0-89812-986-1
With the help of Classroom How-To— Improving Study Habits
guidelines to mastering key writing, speaking, 978-0-89812-987-8
Page count: 48
Preparing for an Exam
and listening skills—students can conquer Trim size: 7½" × 10½" 978-0-89812-988-5
Color illustrations Writing a Research
their nerves and organize their thoughts to
by Nate Williams Paper
gain confidence in the classroom and beyond. © 2015 978-0-89812-989-2
Interest level:
Age 10 and up

Classic Series: N O N F I C T I O N : W R I T I N G F O R F A C T A N D A R G U M E N T

Nonfiction: Writing for Price Effective Speeches
Individual titles: $12.00 978-0-89812-545-0
Fact and Argument Journalistic Articles
Nonfiction writing enables writers to enlighten 978-0-89812-546-7
Page count: 48
Organized Essays
their readers with facts or persuade them with Trim size: 7½" × 10½" 978-0-89812-547-4
Color and historical Truthful Biographies
arguments. This approachable series will help
photographs and 978-0-89812-548-1
budding writers do just that. illustrations; © 2011
Interest level:
Age 10 and up


Write Me a Poem Price Finding the Rhyme
Individual titles: $9.99 in a Poem
Geared toward the early-elementary learner 978-1-62832-252-1
who may be encountering literary forms and Picturing Words
Page count: 24 in a Poem
terms for the first time, Write Me a Poem Trim size: 8¼" × 10" 978-1-62832-253-8
Color illustrations Poking Fun in a Poem
teaches by example, showing how poets use 978-1-62832-254-5
© 2016
language in playful and effective ways to Interest level: Who Is a Poet?
Age 6 and up 978-1-62832-255-2
create meaning. The friendly illustrations add
another layer of approachability, and each
“… a solid introduction …” – Booklist
book invites participation in a related activity.

Classic Series: V O I C E S I N P O E T R Y

Voices in Poetry Price E. E. Cummings
Individual titles: $12.00 978-1-62832-053-4
From Shakespeare to Hughes, this series Edgar Allan Poe
introduces readers to six unique poetic voices 978-1-62832-052-7
Page count: 48
Emily Dickinson
from multicultural perspectives by featuring Trim size: 8¼" × 9¾" 978-1-62832-054-1
Color and historical Langston Hughes
full-length poems or excerpts from larger
photographs and 978-1-62832-055-8
works set against biographical information. illustrations; © 2015 Walt Whitman
Interest level: 978-1-62832-057-2
Age 10 and up William Shakespeare
978-1-62832-056-5 CREATIVE PAPERBACKS 39
Classic Series: M A K I N G M U S I C

Making Music Price Drums
Individual titles: $9.99 978-0-89812-945-8
Making Music lets readers experience a variety Flute
of musical instruments—before they even play 978-0-89812-946-5
Page count: 24
a note! Labeled images assist in identification Trim size: 8¼" × 10" 978-0-89812-947-2
Color photographs Piano
as this series describes the instrument’s sounds
© 2014 978-0-89812-948-9
and workings, including basic instruction on Interest level: Trumpet
Age 6 and up 978-0-89812-949-6
how to play it.

“The melding of lush photography and sparse text makes for a great experience in viewing and reading.” – Booklist

Classic Series: A R T W O R L D

Art World Price What Is Cubism?
Individual titles: $9.99 978-1-62832-222-4
With a focus on developing artistic What Is Gothic Art?
sensibilities, each title encourages close 978-1-62832-223-1
Page count: 24
What Is Impressionism?
inspection of great works of Western art and Trim size: 8¼" × 10" 978-1-62832-224-8
Color photographs What Is Modernism?
features a “portrait” of a famous artist from
© 2016 978-1-62832-225-5
the genre. Interest level: What Is Realism?
Age 6 and up 978-1-62832-226-2
What Is Romanticism?

Classic Series: B R U S H E S W I T H G R E A T N E S S

Brushes with Greatness Price History Paintings
Individual titles: $12.00 978-0-89812-763-8
The centuries-old story of painting is told Landscapes
by spotlighting four distinct genres and their 978-0-89812-764-5
Page count: 48
associated artists. Each beautiful book looks Trim size: 7½" × 10½" 978-0-89812-765-2
Color and historical Still Lifes
closely at some of the greatest works ever
photographs and artwork 978-0-89812-766-9
created and explains the evolution of artistic © 2013; Interest level:
techniques as the genre changed over time. Age 10 and up

“The reproductions are exceedingly fine, and a spacious design complements the content admirably.” – School Library Journal


Odysseys in Art Price The Baroque Period
Individual titles: $14.99 978-1-62832-131-9
Spanning the history of Western art, these Cubism
titles feature a sophisticated design that serves 978-1-62832-132-6
Page count: 80
Gothic Art
as a backdrop for showcasing classic works, Trim size: 63/8" × 9" 978-1-62832-133-3
Color photographs and Impressionism
people, and techniques of the period.
reproductions 978-1-62832-134-0
© 2016 Late Modernism
Interest level: 978-1-62832-135-7
Age 13 and up Realism
The Renaissance

Classic Series: O D Y S S E Y S I N A R T I S T R Y

Odysseys in Artistry Price Ernest Hemingway
Individual titles: $14.99 978-1-62832-313-9
With historical and full-color illustrations and Frank Lloyd Wright
photographs complementing biographical texts, 978-1-62832-314-6
Page count: 80
Odysseys in Artistry invites advanced readers Trim size: 63/8" × 9" 978-1-62832-315-3
Color and historical Pablo Picasso
along on a journey to experience the lives of
photographs 978-1-62832-316-0
famous artists like never before. © 2017 Vincent van Gogh
Interest level: 978-1-62832-317-7
Age 13 and up Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Classic Series: O D Y S S E Y S I N P R O S E

Odysseys in Prose Price Dialogue and
Individual titles: $14.99 Characterization
These titles feature a sophisticated design that 978-1-62832-323-8
accommodates the presentation of significant Imagery and Description
Page count: 80 978-1-62832-324-5
excerpts from famous works and renowned Trim size: 63/8" × 9" Narration and Point
Color and historical of View
authors. “Think Like a Writer” side panels, call- 978-1-62832-325-2
out features, and colored glossary terms help © 2017 Wording and Tone
make the text widely accessible. Interest level:
Classic Series: O D Y S S E Y S I N H I S T O R Y

Odysseys in History Price The 9/11 Terror Attacks
Individual titles: $14.99 978-1-62832-130-2
With an added focus on context and The Bombing of
aftermath, these titles feature a sophisticated Hiroshima & Nagasaki
Page count: 80 978-1-62832-126-5
design peppered with arresting photographs Trim size: 63/8" × 9" The French Revolution
Color and historical 978-1-62832-127-2
that illustrate both the awe and devastation of
photographs The Holocaust
humanity’s most memorable actions. © 2016; Interest level: 978-1-62832-128-9
Age 13 and up Man Walks on the Moon

Classic Series: O D Y S S E Y S I N G O V E R N M E N T
Odysseys in Government Price Communism
Individual titles: $14.99 978-1-62832-319-1
Comparing and contrasting components of Democracy
each governing system, these titles feature a 978-1-62832-320-7
Page count: 80
sophisticated design that serves as a fitting Trim size: 63/8" × 9" 978-1-62832-321-4
Color and historical Monarchy
backdrop to historical images.
photographs 978-1-62832-322-1
© 2017; Interest level:
Age 13 and up

Classic Series: O D Y S S E Y S I N N A T U R E

Odysseys in Nature Price An Arctic Tundra
Individual titles: $14.99 Food Chain
Joining geography and science, these titles 978-1-62832-139-5
feature a sophisticated design that serves as a A Desert Food Chain
Page count: 80 978-1-62832-140-1
fitting backdrop to images of plants and animals Trim size: 63/8" × 9" A Mountain Food Chain
Color photographs 978-1-62832-141-8
from the entire spectrum of the food chain.
© 2016; Interest level: An Ocean Food Chain
Age 13 and up 978-1-62832-142-5
A Prairie Food Chain
A Rainforest Food Chain

Classic Series: O D Y S S E Y S I N C R I M E S C E N E S C I E N C E
Odysseys in Crime Scene Science Price At the Scene
Individual titles: $14.99 978-1-62832-468-6
Unraveling the true capabilities and limitations Digital Forensics
of crime scene science with real-life examples, 978-1-62832-469-3
Page count: 80
these titles invite readers to experience the Trim size: 63/8" × 9" 978-1-62832-470-9
Color photographs Lab Analysis
behind-the-scenes work of crime scene
© 2018; Interest level: 978-1-62832-471-6
investigators. Age 13 and up Medical Examination
Mind of a Criminal


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