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Media Studies

OCR Advanced Subsidiary GCE in Media Studies H009/02/03 Creating Media

Statement of Intent

Centre number Centre name

40131 Priestley College Warrington

Candidate number Candidate name

Tom Littler

Brief chosen:
Brief 1 Television: You have been given the task of producing the first two of what your agency hopes

will become a series of 30 second television adverts to promote a new unisex deodorant from UK
deodorants, an existing agency client.

How do you intend to use the four areas of the media theoretical framework to communicate meaning
and meet the requirements of your chosen brief? (approx. 350 words)

I intend to use media language to convey the relationship between the two main actors that are in the

adverts, and the presentation of male and females to indicate the product in the advert is intended for
the male and female use. i will indicate that the product in my adverts is reliable and professional by

using sweat to intentionally indicate the proper use of the deodorant. By using both genders I will
equally assure that the advert is purposely developed for a unisex audience. I will make sure that my
advertisements have stereotypes to create a message to the targeted audience.

By using social groups, it will show the importance of an active lifestyle of individuals and it does not
matter where the audience fits in as long as it is shown clearly. Using the gym will signify the portrayal

of the individuals life-style to create a link between the audience and fatigue/sweat to hint when to use
the deodorant.

The advertisements will not advertise anything that it doesn't need to which can be a distraction and be
faulty with the shooting of the advertisements, the two advertisements I will be directing will only focus

and promote WAVE which is what the adverts are entirely about, and to open to a broad unisex

My advert will not be misleading as I will enforce what is said and what is shown to the audience, but
giving a well-developed story and visuals to show it is professional and well made. The adverts will also

make sure nobody is injured during the filming stage and no harm is done to locals and anybody that
will use the gym when it is being filmed. The adverts will not be offensive to any part of the audience

and will be suitable for anyone around the world, and very much suitable for the target age which is
16-25. I will make sure that the context of the advertisements will not be mistaken for an editorial. I will

take responsibility for everything apart of the production of the advertisements and I will not break any
laws that are in place whilst filming and editing the adverts, which will be publicly released via
CCS437 Statement of Intent CCS/H009
Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations

CCS437 Statement of Intent CCS/H009

Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations