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She is a true source of knowledge and information for all of us! . and due respect to Holy Prophet (peace be upon Him) who enables us to recognize our creator and whose teachings are a role model for us to follow in the time of darkness and despair Our extreme and heartiest thanks to Madam Wajiha .HRM: Job Analysis3 Acknowledgement Every word of praise and gratitude goes to Allah Almighty whose blessings and bounties are innumerable to realize and count. who guided us so well at every stage of this project of Human Resource Management when we could not just step ahead without her kind assistance.

and worries are nowhere. gymnasiums to swimming pools.HRM: Job Analysis4 Country Clubs Country club membership is a status symbol. from golf courses to outdoor and indoor tennis. complete with teachers and guides. The clubs offer a potpourri of full-time. and a privilege of the moneyed. Children can indulge in indoor and outdoor playgrounds that combine physical games. relatives. friends and business partners in a private wonderland wherein they can bond together as if the whole world is theirs. massages and aromatic therapies. Group gatherings are always carved into unforgettable events with sophisticated dining halls and lavish venues. although some properties are now seeking international help because they reportedly cannot find enough dedicated local employees to fill their needs. It mirrors the natural human desire of living in a paradise of abundance in which nature is overwhelming. educational activities and high-tech kids' entertainment. Fathers are free to conquer a vast field of greenery and play sports with their colleagues. Members are entitled to enter a haven of leisure and recreation wherein problems do not exist and only beautiful things abound. Mothers can forget the kids and stay at the spa and have rejuvenating beauty treatments. Membership in a country club is one of the perks of being wealthy. and the world seems to be dark and gloomy. They have exclusive access in a luxurious land of athletic and amusement possibilities. there is sadness. there is poverty. there is stress. laughter is endless. Because outside the country club. They can bring their families. It is an illusion that people frustratingly want to realize. . part-time and seasonal job opportunities.

youth & junior’s parties. health clubs. indoor games. . including an 18-hole championship golf course. golf/fitness seminars. tennis. The weaknesses we intend to overcome or eliminate.HRM: Job Analysis5 TEMPO LIBERO-Bringing Colors To Life Country Club offers its members (young and older. Set to sprawling green environments. new(er) member receptions. sport and hospitality Our Objectives: Our objective statement reflects: The current strengths and assets which we desire to maintain and enhance. ‘what u desire. golf. Our Vision: The vision is alive for TEMPO LIBERO Country Club to become an ambassador for Pakistan inviting world culture and business networking within an oasis of leisure. which we shape. We would also be regularly scheduling social events for families such as fun nights. family bingo. swimming galas and ladies only parties. finest staff. . CLUB FACILITIES At TEMPO LIBERO Country Club you will find all the facilities and services you would expect in a top-quality hotel and a true country club. executives and community leaders) a comfortable atmosphere where family and friends can relax. well serviced rooms and professionally trained manpower to . etc. We offer a variety of social and recreational amenities for members and their guests' enjoyment (swimming. exercise and dining facilities). ethnic food buffets. capability. and activities with an ambiance of casual elegance while preserving the rich traditions. business owners. and responsiveness. color and make it . The opportunities we wish to take advantage of in order to achieve our goals in the future. Our Logo’ Our logo represents elements or phases of life. Continue to identify customer needs and desires and ways to satisfy those expectations by flexibility. We will be offering our members exciting events all year round! Our Mission To grow and maintain an active membership and enhance the reputation of the club by providing premier services and facilities. TEMPO LIBERO is offering swimming pools.

• With challenging fairways. including hotel rooms. weekend activities. Food and Beverage Facilities Food and beverage facilities include: 2 a la carte dining rooms (each with its own kitchen) seating 350.HRM: Job Analysis6 meet every need of our members. There are also special ethnic menus and casual dining. . theme nights. water hazards and fast greens that are truly of championship standard. 15 outdoor tennis courts. The club is equipped to deal with member's banquets and business needs. three indoor tennis courts. Members are invited to participate in social evening events ranging from dinner dances. The blend of foreign and local knowledge is set to deliver nothing less than a world-class facility and an exciting experience to people from all walks of life. Men's Grill that seats 45. There’s a variety of accommodation choices. The menus offer you a wide variety of gourmet meals under the direction of the award-winning executive chef. 1 Formal Dining Room that seats 250. Athletic Facilities Athletic facilities include 18 holes of golf. Dining room special features: • Accomplished award-winning chef • Golf course and lake views • Lunch and dinner seating always available • Large variety of regularly scheduled events • Disabled guest facilities • Manager on duty 24 hours per day The full service 350 seat dining room serves lunch six days per week and evening dining five nights per week. competitions and contest help engage and build a clubbing community. Also. show nights and special sports events. • Coaching facility • The course is meticulously maintained by our team of green keepers. 2 outdoor pools and a state-of-the-art fitness center. Golf Facilities: 18 hole course. 4 private dining rooms seating 180. Ballroom that accommodates 250. accommodation for business travelers and 5-star luxury suites in the main Country Club complex. 3 Meeting Rooms that seat 50. Every aspect of this prestigious club has been designed by experts with proven expertise and extensive depth of knowledge in their respective fields.

Tennis Facilities • 5 outdoor. • Whether building up your cardio resistance or adding muscle tone our state of the art equipment is user friendly and generally accessible. • The courts will remain open for 7days a week. • Tennis players enjoy the courts with court separation fencing. • Our Tennis Program is bigger and better than ever. • Comfortable chairs with shaded sitting areas. laps and wading. swim team. Pilates. Fitness center water aerobics classes are always well attended. • Lifeguards are on duty during operating hours in the summer. • Coaching available for 5 days a week with coaching timing of 3pm6pm. • The junior programs-a hit with both the kids and parents. 5days a week. The conveniently located. • Heated year round. • Coaching will be available only on weekdays i. Food and refreshment service is available in the adjacent Cabana Grill. spinning and personal training • equipped with top of the line strength and aerobic fitness equipment to • Help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Other Athletic Facilities • A State of the Art Fitness Center. • Cabana Grille service. It is properly fenced with large lounging area equipped with lounging furniture and tables.e. Olympic size eight-lane swimming pool with 12foot diving well heated swimming pool has locker room and rest room which are easily accessible. • Our swimming complex is designed for adults and children alike • With three separate pools for diving. • Special coaching classes for men. women and children of all ages. wind screens and player controlled court lighting. 10am-6pm(outdoor courts) • And 10am-9pm (indoor courts). and social events • Throughout the summer. • Tennis program will be offering coaching from our professionals. 9am-7pm. • Offering yoga. .HRM: Job Analysis7 • The course will remain open 7days a week. Swimming Facilities • 2 Outdoor pools. • The Tennis Program also offers an extensive year-round social and tournament calendar for all abilities. • Restrooms and shower on deck. • The swim team welcomes children of all levels. • 3 indoor tennis courts. • The professional staff organizes lessons. lighted Hard courts.

TEMPO LIBERO Country Club is focusing on turning Lahore events into truly personalized occasions-whether it’s a wedding. We would be pleased to tailor something to suit the member's specific needs. small gathering. the mood energetic and events guests feel instantly welcome.where members can get rooms for themselves and for the guests • a magazine-in which all the members can contribute • along with all the facilities all the members are assured of safety through a well-trained team of our security guards Resort Facilities • Gymnasium .where they can buy any type of grocery of daily use.where all the members can have access to all kinds of for house guests . The atmosphere is dynamic.HRM: Job Analysis8 • • Members can have access to the health experts who can guide them in the maintenance of their healthful lifestyle. you can celebrate your wedding. along with the internet facility • a store/bakery. Reception Facilities At TEMPO LIBERO Country Club. shower rooms and all amenities to get you out the door and back to the office or onto the course. parties and important meetings. Beautiful lawns. We have a large selection of Wedding Styles and different packages available to cover all inclusive Weddings or just a small part of our members special day. terraces and with a spectacular view of the Golf Course make Royal Palm Golf & Country Club perfect choice of all types of events. The area is available for rent on a per-day basis. A fully-equipped kitchen and bar is included along with a carpeted meeting/dining area and a dance floor with bandstand. alumni reunions. Other Facilities Our club will be facilitating our members with many other facilities like: • a library. Also offering a steam room. Our spectacular venues meet the highest standards of privacy and security. small gathering. business meeting or conference. Capacity of 500 people is available. business meeting or conference with a choice of breathtaking indoor and outdoor venues. Men's and women's bathrooms/dressing rooms also exist on this floor. Our reception facilities include event management of functions like: • Weddings • Parties • Meetings and conferences The top floor of the clubhouse is a perfect area for wedding receptions. We will be offering the members to celebrate their special events or meetings with us by tailoring the events according to their requirements. can place an order for specific bakery products • a well maintained mosque • guest rooms. An outdoor balcony allows for a spectacular view of the course and swimming pool.

free for house guests Sauna .free for house guests Room service Stand-alone Convention Centre Conference and business facilities Adjacent to 18-hole Clare Golf Course Massage therapist by appointment Wireless broadband Direct dial telephone IDD and STD Guest laundry facilities Dry cleaning service Secure off-street car-parking for all rooms Membership: We offer three types of memberships • Golden • Silver • ****** .HRM: Job Analysis9 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Swimming pool with spa .free for house guests Flood lit tennis court Paddle boats (seasonally) Self-cook BBQ areas .



• Requirements The knowledge.e. etc. and abilities (KSAO's) required performing the job.. effort. While an incumbent may have higher KSA's than those required for the job. salary range for the position. skill. compensation. they also include to whom the position reports.HRM: Job Analysis12 JOB ANALYSIS Job Analysis is a process to identify and determine in detail the particular job duties and requirements and the relative importance of these duties for a given job. a Job Analysis typically only states the minimum requirements to perform the job. equipment. etc. video.. While Job Analysis data may be collected from incumbents through interviews or questionnaires. classroom. and performance appraisal. selection. • Relationships Supervision given and received. computer-based. not the person An important concept of Job Analysis is that the analysis is conducted of the Job. specifications such as the qualifications needed by the person in the job.) Performance Review Job Analysis can be used in performance review to identify or develop: • goals and objectives • performance standards • evaluation criteria • length of probationary periods • duties to be evaluated Job Analysis should collect information on the following areas: • Duties and Tasks The basic unit of a job is the performance of specific tasks and duties. . The Job. Purpose of Job Analysis The purpose of Job Analysis is to establish and document the 'job relatedness' of employment procedures such as training. Job descriptions are lists of the general tasks. complexity. Job Analysis is a process where judgments are made about data collected on a job. duration. not the person. not a description of the person. Determining Training Needs Job Analysis can be used in training/"needs assessment" to identify or develop: • training content • assessment tests to measure effectiveness of training • equipment to be used in delivering the training • methods of training (i. and responsibilities of a position. or functions.. skills. the product of the analysis is a description or specifications of the job. Relationships with internal or external people. Typically. standards. small group. Information to be collected about these items may include: frequency.

that is to say.HRM: Job Analysis13 Job Specification Job Specification is an analysis of the kind of person it takes to do the job. that is to say. this would include is an analysis of the kind of person it takes to do the job. it lists the qualifications. Typically this would include • Degree of education • Desirable amount of previous experience in similar work • Specific Skills required . it lists the qualifications. Normally.

the food and beverage staff and facilities. all which go to make up the essential functions Responsible for setting club goals. In essence. or administrative services. during others. Develop business and financial plans for club. develop and oversee short and long term capital expenditure plans and will analyze and develop strategies to reduce utility costs. Often. golf maintenance. pools. Duties and responsibilities include formulating policies. managing daily operations. not all of which come up on a dayto-day basis. oral instructions. Ensure all club policies & procedures are adhered to and ensure all club staff is accountable for compliance of theses policies & procedures. Another reason that operations manager job descriptions tend to be vague is that an operations manager is responsible for a variety of activities. food and beverage services. A good operations manager tries to anticipate problems and set policies in place to deal with them when or if they do happen. an operations manager may be more concerned with budget and goal-setting.. The Operational Manager's purpose is to direct all phases of Club operations to provide quality service and product to Club Members. Identify opportunities for Member events. Essential Functions and Accountabilities / Duties and Responsibilities • • • • • • Adhere to all of the various written mandatory standards of operations. and planning the use of materials and human resources. an operations manager's job description entails keeping a business running smoothly. tennis. facilitating interdepartmental communication and allocating tasks and resources as needed. The operating manager will have complete oversight of all club operations including golf. policies and procedures. he or she may be focused on business or product development. golf and tennis operations and recreational facilities that . During certain times of year. This leader will develop and implement standard operating procedures and preventive maintenance programs. memos. purchasing. an operations manager will coordinate a larger managerial staff. manuals. such as personnel. Monitor club performance according to plan. Ensure the club is not placed in a position of liability by acts of negligence or poor management decisions. fitness. Pakistan Job Overview The operations manager job description seems vague. but are too diverse and general in nature to be classified in any one functional area of management or administration. both qualitative and quantitative. etc.HRM: Job Analysis14 Job Description Job identification Position title: General Manager Operations Job Status: Permanent Job Location: Lahore. Devise and implement actions to ensure club's performance to plan. it's because many of an operations manager's core duties are hard to classify.

Maintain the vehicle and equipment use plan and complete inventory of equipment. Plan. Respond to and solve sensitive. policies. Adhere to safe work practices and procedures. difficult. attend workshops. motivate. or confidential issues as they relate to facility rental and/or operation. train. facilities and equipment are maintained in perfect condition at all times Work to maintain a safe environment for members. He carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the policies and applicable laws of the club. outside agencies and the general public to ensure successful programming. work with staff to ensure quality service. and monitor assigned personnel. implement discipline and termination procedure. work with employees to correct deficiencies. Select. staffing. professional group meetings and related activities. employees. Similarly in case of the athletic department he makes sure that the concerned professionals are not . and evaluate assigned staff.HRM: Job Analysis15 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • satisfy on-going Member needs and implement to achieve revenue objectives. Identify opportunities to improve operations and service methods and procedures. Coordinate and promote services. and operational activities for the Operations division of club Recruit. Prepare specifications and contract documents for facility repair and construction activities and capital expenditures. provide or coordinate staff training and development. manage an inventory control system. and classes to increase Handle members’ queries and complaints not able to dealt by other key personnel Upkeep cleanliness and maintenance of the club by daily operational audits Plans and implements various indoor and outdoor activities for both members and guests Ensures that the centers physical structure. objectives. and guests Supervisory Responsibilities The GM operations look after the working and performances of the managers in the concerned fields. Facilitate interdepartmental cooperation and understanding. review construction and repair projects as needed. and procedures for assigned areas to ensure quality service. and evaluate the organization. coordinate. activities and events with other club departments. Member Satisfaction and Member retention/attrition. conferences. assist in the implementation of goals. projects. select and develop a qualified staff of Department Heads to understand the relationships between value. He makes it sure that the food and beverage department under his supervision are working in a healthy environment providing quality based products and services to the members. assign tasks. Attend and participate in staff meetings. provide training methods for staff to ensure a positive work environment.

analysis of their performance and proper orientation to them. • Communicate clearly and concisely. • Plan and organize work to meet schedules and time lines. and activities of a comprehensive multi-events facility. able to win support from others. Good practical knowledge of the technologies and best practices. Operational manager is also responsible for new business development. Assertive and persuasive. • Principles of supervision. • Organization and management practices as applied to the analysis and evaluation of multi-events facility programs. materials. • Modern office procedures. and also ensures the inventory availability via supply chain manager. and implement recommendations in support of goals. . • Advanced negotiation skills. Strong people management skills. sports and fitness related practices. • Principles and practices of multi-events facility program development and administration. equipment. • Deal effectively with difficult people. Excellent leading and strategic management skills able to inspire others with vision. • Methods. Organized and good at presentation. and equipment. able to balance interests of various internal parties Previous experience in direct leading a sizeable team is essential. Responsibilities also include careful selection of the professionals. services. drive and energy and orchestrate them to bring about results. and performance evaluation. methods. policies. identify alternative solutions. • Prepare and administer budget. • Fully familiarity with the day-to-day basis dining. procedures. • Principles and practices of crowd management. project consequences of proposed actions. and practices utilized in multi-events facility maintenance and repair. training. Job Related and Essential Qualifications Knowledge of: • Operational characteristics. • Principles and practices of working safely. Skill • • • • • • • • to: Operate modern office equipment. both orally and in writing. and operational needs. • Interact courteously and effectively with the public. • Deal with sensitive and confidential matters or situations.HRM: Job Analysis16 negligence of their work and they are meeting the standards of what members demand from them. Good spoken English Ability to: • Analyze problems.

Establish. • Five to six years experience in club management and operation. rationality and due process. maintain. competition within the industry. flexibility. and techniques. analyze. In this scenario finance manager develop strategies and implement the short and long-term goals of the club He also oversee the preparation of financial reports. Establish procedures for custody and control of assets. strategic and marketing issues Job Description Job identification Position title: General Manager Finance Job Status: Permanent Job Location: Lahore. Evaluate data pertaining to costs in order to plan budgets. in operations administration and staff management or related fields. Clear budgetary planning is essential to be able to plan for the future. . Facility Management. train. creativity. and securities. or a related field. Administration of the department consistent with established practices and with the principles of fairness. company policies and procedures. loan collateral. Research. Education and Experience: • Equivalent to a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Business. both short and long term. sports and fitness center. Pakistan Job Overview Financial considerations are at the root of all major business decisions. • Thorough and effective understanding of customers’ needs. and evaluate new service delivery methods. and foster positive and harmonious working relationships with those contacted in the course of work. procedures. and evaluate staff for related fields. Select. Establishment of an effective system of internal controls. records.HRM: Job Analysis17 • • • • • Provide administrative and professional leadership and direction for department personnel of dining. Essential Functions and Accountabilities / Duties and Responsibilities • • • • • • • Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. supervise. Provide professional financial information and strategic advice to support and manage the company's business growth Develop and analyze information to assess the current and future financial status of firms. in order to ensure safekeeping. and implement cash management strategies. and sensitivity in response to changing situations and needs. Exercise good judgment. and achievement of competitive advantage via financial.

developing complex finance models. and make recommendations for changes to procedures. assigning. Look after all banking matters including arrangements/enhancement of financing facility etc. recommending for hire. accounting and collection procedures. Liaison with external and internal auditors. budgets. Supervising other staff. Prepare financial and regulatory reports required by laws. and other financial control functions. and to raise capital. conducting reviews and evaluations for cost-reduction opportunities. Oversee the in and out flow of cash Plan. Streamline corporate policies and procedures. projects. monitoring cash flow. or working on. participating in strategic planning. appraising performance. Monitor fixed assets of the company Supervisory Responsibilities Supervises Account managers and finance manager. leading. business modeling and forecasting. monitoring performance and efficiency. planning. regulations. operating systems. addressing complaints and resolving problems. pricing and competitor analysis. direct. providing and interpreting financial information. rewarding and disciplining employees. and coordinate programs of establishments to control risks and losses. researching and reporting on factors influencing business performance. Prepare operational and risk reports for management analysis. Responsibilities include interviewing and training employees. and formulating long-term business plans. and investment activities. analyzing change and conducting risk assessment. liaising with other members of the team and across the business. and directing work. and boards of directors. preparing accounts and reconciling balance sheets.HRM: Job Analysis18 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Evaluate financial reporting systems. Manage corporate taxation and corporate affairs. overseeing budgetary control. Communicate with stockholders and other investors to provide information. Job Related and Essential Qualifications Education and Experience: Incumbent must be MBA & CA with at least 5-year experience in same position . assessing the financial implications of new or existing ventures. Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the Clubs policies and applicable laws.

staff development and the management of change. • Ability to undertake fundraising and marketing activities. handle pressure and take day-to-day decisions on the running of the organization. end of year accounts and external liaison with auditors. • Understanding of equalities and diversity best practice and legislative requirements in relation to service delivery. • Ability to work on own initiative. • Experience of financial responsibility for a budget. leadership and management ability in the areas of strategic planning and organizational development. business development and Recruitment of staff and volunteers. analyze and interpret complex information and produce clear verbal and written reports. • Ability to communicate effectively in person. priorities work. in writing and over the telephone with individuals and with a wide variety of organizations and audiences and to research. • Proven administrative.HRM: Job Analysis19 Ability to • Lead and to contribute to the team. Skills to • have two to three years experience in Budgeting & Finance • A Team player • Candidate should be talented and motivated • Strong analytical and interpreting skills • Excellent communication skills. both written and oral • Hard working • Basic Knowledge of Computer . including experience of SORP accounting guidelines. particularly in the areas of service development. monitor and maintain management information systems and procedures. • Ability to devise and implement strategic development and resource plans. • Ability to develop.

Seeking other organizations for clients identification and making corporate deals for providing services like health centers. including customer care manager. Ad response measurement by increase in awareness. Another element is that promotional activities at the club were assigned specific goals. Essential Functions and Accountabilities / Duties and Responsibilities • • • • • providing help and advice to customers. or handling face-to-face enquiries from customers. Ads run in regional editions that cost less because of the club's more defined customer profile. email and face to face investigating and solving customers' problems (these may be more complex or long-standing problems that have been passed over by customer service assistants) handling customer complaints or any crises. One major operation is to develop quantitative performance measures for all marketing activities. Customer relation manager works at various levels. relationship manager and customer operations manager. Prospects to be offered gifts like free putters and free rounds of golf. cafeteria etc and also managing and directing sales force for achieving target customer memberships. Customer services manager covers a range of job titles.HRM: Job Analysis20 Job Description Job Identification Position title: General Manager Customer Relations Job Status: Permanent Job Location: Lahore. and to counter the impression that the club was stuffy. and trials. inquiries. Pakistan Job Overview Country club requires a customer relation manager to gain customers and also for marketing purposes. Possible roles vary widely. and indices are developed to track prospective customer awareness. affordability. This includes judicious use of marketing research to create a database on customers and their behavior. such as security issues or a customer being taken ill issuing refunds or compensation to customers . meet and exceed their customers' requirements. and trial memberships. For all of these roles. Work might include: helping to develop a customer service policy for an entire club policy. pricing policies should be revised to enable flexible programs based on value-added analyses and contribution-margin accounting. and larger capacity. Ads designed to promote its family-orientation. from head office to the front end of the club marketing and relational operations. customer services managers is expected to understand. managing a team of customer services staff. corporate services manager. using the organization’s products or services communicating courteously with customers by telephone. Finally. traffic.

account management. • Experience in the Interactive Marketing arena preferred. brand. number and types of customers.g. conceive business strategies. Equally effective at collaborating with others to achieve established goals. going to meetings and attending courses Online services etc. staff training. and profitability). and corporate membership deals. Areas of experience include food service. pricing.HRM: Job Analysis21 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • keeping accurate records of discussions or correspondence with customers writing reports analyzing the customer service that your organization provides visiting customers to provide a one-to-one service developing feedback or complaints procedures for customers to use developing customer service policies and standards for your organization or department meeting with other managers to discuss possible improvements to customer service provided being involved in staff recruitment and appraisals training staff to deliver a high standard of customer service leading or supervising a team of customer service staff learning about your organization’s products or services and keeping up to date with any changes keeping ahead of developments in customer service by reading relevant journals. and judge the success of CRM activities (e. Sales Force directing 'Managing Campaigns' Designing and executing targeted marketing campaigns Analyzing customer behavior in order to make decisions relating to products and services (e. Education and Experience • Typically 6 to 9 years of relevant marketing. and marketing. golf. and/or CRM experience. market share. organizational and time management skills.. ensured quality service and cleanliness standards Supervisory Relationships Lead and direct the consumer and corporate sales managers. . Business relationships — Interaction with other companies and partners for bringing more customers(members) Plan target-marketing campaigns. revenue. Maintain excellent interpersonal communication.g. train and assist customer service assistants and supervising customer relation officers for 24 hr helpline via customer assistant managers JOB RELATED AND ESSENTIAL QUALIFICATIONS Well accomplished and talented professional with solid experience in areas of customer service. product development) Customer drift Customer trends New business development and marketing efforts Hired and trained managers.

• Project management skills.HRM: Job Analysis22 • Masters degree in Marketing or related field and/or equivalent experience. • Outstanding relationship building skills • Effective oral and written communication skills Ability to • Deciding and Initiating Action • Team Working • Role Modeling Our Client's Way and Values • Relating and Networking. Planning and Organizing • Delivering Quality and Results . minimizing problems or delays. Persuading and Influencing • Documenting and Reporting. Skills to • Process development skills. must be able to manage multiple programs at one time. Analyzing • Creating and Innovating. ability to keep work flowing.

• ensuring the smooth running of all ICT systems. lower costs. fast response. DSS system for retrieving data for decision support e. providing inventory control data for cafeteria and other operations.g. Reporting systems for other company divisions to provide data related with customers or other operations carried out in the club e. • . • ensuring the security of data from internal and external attack. And proper data administration for proper retrieval and record keeping. obtaining competitive prices from suppliers where appropriate. including anti-virus software. For this managing the data base and the MIS staff. • providing secure access to the network for remote users. • researching and installing new systems. computer programmers. and contributing to organizational policy regarding quality standards and strategic planning Information systems manager is also responsible for the implementation of technology within an organization and direct the work of systems/business analysts. • scheduling upgrades and security backups of hardware and software systems. customer information retrieving for implementing any business strategy or any marketing campaign by customer relation manager.HRM: Job Analysis23 Job Identification Position title: General Manager Information System Job Status: Permanent Job Location: San Francisco. The most important function of MIS manager is to keep a check and ensure proper entry and record keeping of members. overseeing installation. Employee evaluation for work performance and training requirements For analysis and decision making installing management reporting systems and decision support systems these reports contain summary and information regarding all the operations carried out in the club. day to day accounting operations and many other operations have to be maintained. providing the ICT technology(information and communication) infrastructures for an organization. ensuring back up systems operate effectively. developing and implementing the ICT budget. data integrity and better management and data security.g. purchasing hardware and software. Keeping members records by developing a database for enhancing data flexibility. Pakistan Job Overview Information systems manager is responsible for the computer systems within the club. routine transactions. • providing users with appropriate support and advice. and other computer-related workers. • planning. All the transactions from membership fees. to ensure cost effectiveness. • ensuring that software licensing laws are adhered to. Essential Functions and Accountabilities / Duties and Responsibilities evaluating user needs and system functionality and ensuring that ICT facilities meet these needs. print services and email provision. support specialists. event budgeting.

• Appraise and review staff performance and assess training and development Needs • Managing and developing the website of the club. Train and Manage the MIS Department • IT Project Management and Activities • Audit Experience • Budgeting reports • Accounts records • Financial statement compilation • Payroll • Portfolio analysis • Marketing analysis • Sales tracking • Inventory control • CAD • Employee evaluation • IT hardware and software Procurement • IT Support & Administrative • Technical troubleshooting. which may involve complex technical hardware or software problems. in-house applications and network • infrastructure. annual report and other marketing/advertising mediums. • Available to provide 24x7 IT support for other divisions • Decision support system • Management reporting system • Transaction processing system • Customer record (database management) • Provide data for prospectus preparation. • Supervise and line manage MIS assistants. • keeping up to date with the latest technologies • Lead. Lead and train the manager administration for ensuring proper flow of information to other departments for decision support and other operations. Job Related and Essential Qualifications Knowledge and Education • Diploma/Degree in Information Technology • 6 to 8 years experience in similar role Background such as Hotels or Country Clubs • Business Continuity Plan (BCP) • Cisco Switching • HP Procure Switching • IBM and Dell Database and Application Servers • Linux Servers backup solutions with Hospitality . fault solution & installation of software. • Supervisory Relationships Administrating the IT manager for managing the database for member’s data record keeping and maintaining the IT division. admin staff and reception staff.HRM: Job Analysis24 managing crisis situations. • monitoring and training new ICT support staff.

Ability To • Ability to read. etc. analyze.) in its most difficult phases. and interpret common scientific and technical journals. public groups. proportions. Operating Systems. • IT skills particularly in the use of database and spreadsheets in a networked environment. interest. graphs. and legal documents • Respond to common inquiries or complaints from customers. • Master new software packages. Applications. Software. commissions. • Good standard of literacy. • Ability to write speeches and articles for publication that conform to prescribed style and format. percentages. and volume. Dynamic. area. numeracy and verbal communication • Ability and experience of staff management. or members of the business community. regulatory agencies. • Experience of data analysis and manipulation. musical notes. • Willing to undertake professional development • Good knowledge of Learning and Skills Council funding methodology and ability to keep up to date with rapidly changing post 14 funding environment. • Apply concepts of basic algebra and geometry. scientific equations. and/or boards of directors. Hard-working. circumference.HRM: Job Analysis25 • • • • • • • • • • VPNS Firewalls Microsoft SQL Server 2000 / 2005 Microsoft SQL Database Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 Microsoft Windows 2003 Servers Microsoft Windows XP Decision support system Reporting system Skills to • Good communication skills • Strong and broad range of technical skills in Hardware. Flexible. • Apply principles of logical or scientific thinking to a wide range of intellectual and practical problems.. Hands-On and Meticulous • Bi-lingual in both English and Punjabi ( Written & Spoken ) • Experience of database management and proven background of MIS • Knowledge of reporting methodologies. • Ability to effectively present information to management. • Deal with nonverbal symbolism (formulas. financial reports. . • Calculate figures and amounts such as discounts. Ethical. Firewalls and Security Technologies • Trust-worthy. Networking. • Lead a team.

the client may expect the Event Manager to show an extraordinary depth of imagination i. They begin by meeting with customers to determine the type of party they would like to host and the amount of money they wish to spend.e. • festivals. An example may be a birthday party for a very wealthy client. • conferences. They custom design an event to suit their customers' needs and budgets. Party planners often do extensive research and assume all responsibilities for planning a party. advertisers sell space many months before publication. They may also expect the organizer to come up with a range of innovative and interesting ideas. sometimes called party consultants. They pay the club to ensure that all their ideas will work and the event lives up to their expectations. transport or any other needs with ample time. and execute special affairs such as corporate receptions. Party planners listen to clients' ideas and also make their own suggestions. birthday parties and anniversaries in the club. to use the approach: “That’ll do” won’t do! Event organizer is responsible for the production of events from conception through to completion in the club. In addition. weddings. They must also be present during the event to handle any problems that arise. It is wise for the event manager. irrelevant of the size and nature of the event. from ordering the food and sending the invitations to making special parking arrangements. Party planners conceive. the menu planning and so on. in the decorations used. assume various responsibilities depending on their clients' requests. • promotions and product launches. This requires skills beyond those of an organizational and management nature. . the layout of the room. Private clients using event managers to plan and implement their event will often also have pre-set ideas on how it should be run or have very high expectations. Events can include: • exhibitions and fairs. This enables: • The use of alternatives should any of these prove be to be difficult to obtain. Second best may not be good enough. Pakistan Job Overview Event management includes organizing the supply of equipment. materials and services well ahead of time. The wealthy client may want the ‘party to beat all parties’. organize.e. • Marketing to be effective with a good ‘lead in time’ • Advertising to be booked well in advance i. • People travelling from other cities or regions to organize their commitments and plan for accommodation. Party planners.HRM: Job Analysis26 Job Identification Position title: General Manager Events Job Status: Permanent Job Location: Lahore. they remain at the club after the affair is over to supervise the cleanup.

• preparing delegate packs and papers. security. Event manager need to be aware of these responsibilities and. stand designers. • planning room layouts and the entertainment programs. Typical activities include: • liaising with clients to ascertain their precise event requirements. They must work well under pressure. Event manager need to have a firm understanding of the event planned and the reasons for holding it: the What. scheduling workshops and demonstrations. • identifying and securing speakers or special guests. • agreeing to and managing a budget. trouble shooter. . hospitality and the media. Event organizer must be able to complete a wide range of activities requiring clear communication. staffing and budgets). The role of event organizer is hands-on and often involves working as part of a team. health and safety obligations are adhered to. • organizing facilities for car parking. traffic control. ensuring the smooth and efficient running of an event in the club. legal obligations. • coordinating staffing requirements and staff briefings. • coordinating venue management. safety and comfort of event patrons and staff. and who is to be involved? Essential Functions and Accountabilities / Duties and Responsibilities The event manager plays a critical role in the planning. operations coordinator. public relations officer. accountant. • selling sponsorship/stand/exhibition space to potential exhibitors/partners.HRM: Job Analysis27 • Fundraising and social events. Why and Who? What type of event is to be held and what is the budget? Where is it to be held? Why is the event being held? Who is the event being held for. licensee. contractors and equipment hire. This is a complex task as it often requires the event manager to assume the role of creative director. and minimize any disruption and harm to the community. Developing an excellent reputation is the best way to ensure ongoing work. • ensuring insurance. catalogues and sales brochures. who are the supporters. The role of event organizer varies depending on the type of event involved. human resource manager. Where. coordination and subsequent success of any event in the club. legal. posters. timelines. as much as possible. excellent organizational skills and attention to detail. and master of ceremonies. venues. • liaising with clients and designers to create a brand for the event and organizing the production of tickets. • liaising with marketing and PR colleagues to promote the event. ensure that their event management plans account for the health. • producing detailed proposals for events (e. first aid.g. suppliers. health and safety officer. caterers.

• Sales and/or marketing skills. Modern office procedures. and equipment. • Time-management skills problem-solving skills and diplomacy. • Must think strategically and execute under tight deadlines. and all the processes going within the club. • A flexible and adaptable approach. Advanced negotiation skills. Interior design. Costuming. • Strong communication. Supervisory Relationship GM events play an important role in planning. • Work under pressure. methods. teamwork. coordination and subsequent success of any event in the club by directing the project and interiors manager. As all have to be familiar with the current financial position. so there exists a relation between all the members. financial services industry experience a plus. Job Related and Essential Qualifications • • • • • • • Knowledge of: Set design and construction. post-event evaluation (including data entry and analysis and producing reports for event stakeholders). Ability to: • Work late hours and travel. handling client queries and troubleshooting on the day of the event to ensure that all runs smoothly. • Both work autonomously and are a team player required. • Manage budgets. Customer relation brings new clients for events and club services and operations and CR work together for studying customer needs for business development . overseeing the dismantling and removal of the event and clearing the venue efficiently. Skills To • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail. or a related field. Principles and practices of working safely. Event Management. • Excellent oral and written communications skills. • Equivalent to a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Business.HRM: Job Analysis28 • • • coordinating suppliers. Management related activities. • Project management experience. Interdepartmental Relationship: For an organization it is of significant importance that the management remains in touch with all departments. The operational manager requires MIS to gather and provide data for decision making and new products or services. Floral arranging and entertainment. and negotiation skills. • Ability to Prior experience in budget management • deal with unexpected problems calmly and effectively Experience and Education • A minimum of five years prior experience in marketing and event.

reporting and budgeting reports maintained by MIS on request of Finance division. Similarly financial analysis.HRM: Job Analysis29 and growth. Future Prospects .

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