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NUMBER: SB-213-025
DATE: 5/23/03
MODEL: E-Tech™ ,
(Also applies to Mack Trucks Australia)
(Supersedes bulletin SB-213-025 dated 3/7/00)


Beginning March 2, 2000, (engine serial No. 0D0120) pinless valve yokes (part No.
891GC328) were implemented into production on all E-Tech™ engines. On these engines,
the pinless yokes are used at the inlet valve locations only, and the change went into effect
with E-Tech™ cylinder head part No. 732GB5359M, and cylinder head and valve assembly
part No. 732GB3491M.

REV With the introduction of the spring-loaded pushrods, it became possible to use pinless valve
yokes at the exhaust valve locations on non-brake engines. Effective 5/5/03 (beginning with
engine serial No. 3J0175), pinless valve yokes (part No. 891GC328A) were implemented
into production at the exhaust valve locations on all ASET™ non-brake engines. This
change went into effect with ASET™ AI and AMI cylinder head and valve assembly part No.
732GB3496M, and ASET™ AC cylinder head and valve assembly part No. 732GB3496M2.

Figure 1 — Pinless Valve Yoke

REV The pinless yoke is self-leveling in operation and does not have a yoke leveling adjustment
screw. Inlet and exhaust valve lash adjustments on engines equipped with pinless valve
yokes are performed in the normal manner with the rocker arm adjusting screws.

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The bottom of the valve yoke that bridges the two valves has a round hole and an elongated
hole that fit over the valve stems. The nose of the yoke with the elongated hole has two
notches in the casting. When installing the pinless yokes, it is important that the end of the
yoke with the two notches faces away from the valve rocker shaft. If the yoke is installed
incorrectly, the yoke will contact the rocker arm.

Figure 2 — Proper Assembly of the Pinless Valve Yoke

REV ASET™ engines manufactured mid-January and later are

equipped with heavier (bushed) rocker arms at the inlet and
exhaust valve locations. The exhaust rocker arm part number is
44GB53M. This rocker arm has “53M” cast in raised letters on
the front side of the rocker arm between the bore and the slipper
foot. Engines having this rocker arm (part No. 44GB53M) require
pinless valve yoke part No. 891GC328A. The top in-board
corner of this yoke has been ground off for clearance with the
heavier rocker arm.

REV Service Notes

Pinless exhaust valve yokes can be used on any non-brake E-Tech™ engine equipped with
spring-loaded pushrods (part No. 369GC336A), provided the yoke guide pins are removed.
Should valve yoke guide pin breakage be experienced on a non-brake engine, the pinless
valve yoke should be used as the replacement rather than replacing the yoke guide pin.
When using a pinless yoke to replace a guide pin-type valve yoke, however, the existing
solid pushrod must be replaced with a spring-loaded pushrod (part No. 369GC336A for
E-Tech™ engines, or part No. 369GC339 for ASET™ engines).
Cylinder head assemblies supplied through the MACK Parts System will be supplied without
guide pins at the exhaust locations, but the cylinder head will include the guide pin holes at
the exhaust valve locations.
When installing a J-Tech™ engine brake on an engine that is equipped with pinless exhaust
valve yokes, it will be necessary to install valve yoke guide pins (part No. 183GC25) and
replace the pinless valve yokes with guide pin-type yokes (part No. 891GC223M) regardless
of which style pushrods (spring-loaded or solid) are used in the engine.

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