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Child Rights and You commonly abbreviated as CRY, is a non-profit

organisation in India, which aims to restore children's rights. The
organisation was founded in 1979 by Late Rippan Kapur.


CHILD LABOUR : CRY and its partners work to create and strengthen
‘Children’s Collectives’. These forums create a platform for school-going
children to play an important role in influencing children who are out of
school to get enrolled/re-enrolled. They are also instrumental in voicing
their opinions to parents, panchayats, government bodies and decision
makers on issues related to child labour and the need for education.

MALNUTRITION : CRY’s efforts to prevent malnutrition and

eradicate it from the roots focuses on the following:

 The pregnant mother, because with proper pre-natal care,

adequate food and timely health check-ups, a pregnant woman
stays fit and gives birth a healthy child. Without it she transfers her
ill-health to her unborn child, and sets off a cycle of
 Proper immunisation procedure, as lack of healthcare during the
first two years of a child’s life can contribute to a lifetime of ill
health. Timely polio drops, immunisation and monitored
development, are crucial to preventing malnourishment.
 Wholesome nutrition because it is not enough to feed hunger.
Without essential micronutrients like iodine, iron and vitamins,
children suffer brain damage, night blindness, rickets, anaemia
and even heart failure

ILLITERACY :CRY works towards eliminating the root causes behind

these statistics to help create access to education for every child. Some
of these root causes are:

• Access to schools: For many children, their reason for dropping out is
simple. The village school is just too far. Parents, worried for their safety,
prefer to have them stay at home than risk travelling the distance alone

• Child Labour: Facing abject poverty parents often resort to sending

their children to work. Ending their hopes of finishing school. This makes
them bound to labour, with no hope of ever being independent
• Gender Discrimination: Some families that can afford to send their
children to school favour their sons over daughters, causing girls to stay
at home while their brothers attend school

• No toilets for girls: Lack of separate toilets for boys and girls is one of
the leading causes for girls to drop out. The discomfort of sharing a toilet
with their fellow classmates and teachers often compels them to give up
on school altogether

• Child Marriage: In rural India, families live with modest means, and
children’s education is never a priority. Marriage is. And since marriage
brings the burden of rearing a family, children are forced to drop out of

Unless these underlying causes are dealt with, the situation for children
will not change. CRY, along with its partner organisations are working at
the grassroots level to make sure that children do not have to face these
barriers and can fully exercise their right to education.

CHILD TRAFFICING : The way CRY works with this issue is:

• By spreading awareness about the issue among Children, Guardians,

Schools, Community and the Panchayati Raj Institutions on one hand
and on the other hand by strengthening the system for ensuring a safety
net for vulnerable children

• Undertaking researches to identify the gap areas in order to advocate

with the Government

• Engaging with the District Child Protection Officer and the Juvenile
Justice System for effective treatment of the cases of trafficking

• By facilitating the process of establishing inter-linkages between CRY

partners in all states working/facing the same issue/situation utilizing
their expertise, Information Education Communication materials, network
and contacts to address the issue of Trafficking

• By providing need based support in the area of rescue, in alliance with

the Police, C.I.D, Child Line, Directorate of Social Welfare and the
Juvenile Justice System.

• By emphasizing on strategies that would concertedly take up the issue

of booking of perpetrators and look at the rescued child as ‘victim’, as
opposed to the Child in Conflict with the law
Child marriage denies children their basic rights to good health, nutrition,
education, and freedom from violence, abuse and exploitation. All
children have a right to care and protection; to develop and grow to
his/her full potential, regardless of their social and economic situation.
Child marriage is a blatant violation of all these rights.

GENDER INEQUALITY: CRY’s efforts to bring about a change in this

situation include:

• Education that helps create attitudinal shifts towards gender bias and
activities to spread awareness

• Continuous efforts towards breaking myths and stereotypes around


• Ensuring State accountability to implement various schemes, policies,

laws, constitutional guarantees and international commitments

• Institutionalising gender sensitive processes within various systems

such as law and programmes

• Encouraging community ownership in preventing violations based on

gender discrimination




Over the years CRY has won numerous awards that recognise our
efforts in giving India’s children a happy and healthy childhood.

 2015 – The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI)

Corporate Social Responsibility Award for Best CSR Project in
 2015 – The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI)
Corporate Social Responsibility Award for Best CSR Project in
Education & Skill Development
 2014 – CFBP Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Fair Business Practices
 2013 – Knowledge Resource Development & Welfare Group for
Innovation & Excellence in Inclusive education
 2013 – Child Rights and You ranked the most attractive Brand by
Trust Research Advisory (TRA)
 2013 – Karve Institute of Social Service for 50 years of excellence
(1963- 2013)
 2013 – Quality Initiative Mission Award 2013 by Knowledge
Resource Development & Welfare Group
 2012 – SAFRG Fundraising Campaign Award
 2012 – IPE CSR Corporate Governance Awards for the Best NGO
 2012 – Lakshya Award
 2012 – Citi Women Leader Award awarded to CRY CEO Puja
 2011 – RMI Roll of Honor for Services par excellence in Social
 2011 – South Asian Fund Raising Group (SAFRG) Fundraising
Campaign Award for Innovative use of e-fundraising backed up by
traditional channels
 2009 – Lakshya Award
 2003 – Indira Super Achiever Award
 2001 – Indian Express Marketting Excellence Award for Social
 1999 – Bal Adhikaar Adhiveshan
 1996 – Zee TV Viewers Choice Advertising Award for the Most
effective ad of the year
 1991-92 – Rotary Citizen of Bombay Award.


Address :CRY – Child Rights and You, No. 14, 4th Lane, McNicholas
Road, Chetpet, Chennai – 600 031

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