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Import and Export a part from


To import a "Special Part" from Inventor:

 Open Core AutoCAD
 Type IMPORT into the command line and press Enter
 In the "Import File" dialog box, change the file type to "Inventor (*.ipt; *.iam)"
 Select the Inventor file and click Open
 Once the part is imported, type EXPLODE and press Enter
 Select the part and press Enter. This will create an AutoCAD 3D object
 Save the file in the .dwg format. Close AutoCAD
 Open Advance Steel
 In the Advance Tool Palette, click "Tools"
 Click the "Advance Steel special part"

 Select the .dwg file created and click Open

This file you can import / open in inventor (I hope). Click OK and select the objects you want to export. go to File --> Export --> Save as. Then. IN THIS COPY you explode all AS objects into ACIS objects (in the context menu "Explode to ACIS").To export your model to Inventor: FIRST make a copy of your model. . Use the IGES or SAT format.