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The Importance of Being Ernest

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Thursday 31st March
Saturday 2nd April 2016

Plumley Village Hall

By Gerald Sibleyras
Adapted by Tom Stoppard

An Amateur Production by arrangement with Samuel French Limited.

I do you that you, the audience, enjoy this trio of actors and of course, the
For me, it has been so much joy to watch them make each character
larger than life and taking no notice of me, (the Director)!
We have had only four weeks to get this on stage, so let’s hope the
“veterans” make it work your journey tonight.

Sophia Kennedy.

Director - Sophia Kennedy

The Cast

Henri - Bill Platt

Gustave - Harry Kennedy

Philippe - Roger Barlow

Heroes is set in August 1959 in a home somewhere in
France for retired military men. The play takes place
outside on a terrace in the garden of a convent hospital
where Philippe, Gustave and Henri, all war heroes, are
hatching a plan to escape. They've had enough of the
tortures of their confinement: dictatorial captors,
untrustworthy fellow prisoners, and far too many birthday
parties. Indeed, life in a retired soldiers' home is almost
unbearable! So, while keeping each other company on
the back patio, they hatch a plan to escape to Indochina,
or at least to a picnic under the poplars on a nearby hill.

Winner of London's prestigious Olivier Award for Best

New Comedy, Tom Stoppard's adaptation of this French
play is playful, bawdy, and heartbreakingly funny.

Production Team
Stage Manager & Properties - John Newton
Prompt John Newton
Lighting and Sound Engineer - Andrew Poole
Front of House Manager - Tom Lloyd
Programme & ticket design - Sarah Sherwood
Programme Sales - Ann Barlow
Raffle - Joe and Cathy Lloyd
Bar Managers - George and Noreen Dutton,
Rob and Jane Raphael
and Joe Hague
Our sincere thanks to Norman Wythenshawe and Terry Rathbone
for transporting the seating and to Mike Finnigan for the
construction of the set.

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