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The Jones Journal

February 9, 2018
participate. On Fridays, I will place your child’s
Homework Folder in their Friday Folder. If you have
any questions, please feel free to contact me. I’m
optimistic that these books will help with practicing
reading skills at home and transitioning to first grade.

We are in need of some ‘all purpose surface’ spray
cleaner (for example, Lysol, 409, etc.) and/or
disinfecting wipes to clean our sink, bathroom,
doorknobs, and tables after lunch. With so many
cases of the flu being reported from the office, we
have been doing some extra cleaning each day.
JaCaidyn counts how many counters his ‘boat’ will hold.
FYI We need some hand sanitizer for our classroom. I
th rd
The week of February 19 -23 is AEEC’s book fair have a mounted holder in the bathroom, so each time
and each day of that week is designated as certain a child goes, they can choose between the sanitizer or
classrooms’ shopping days. To help with the traffic using soap and water at the sink. I have smaller
flow, we ask parents to try and come on their bottles around different areas of the classroom as
assigned day. Our day is Monday, February 19th! If well.
you can, please come Monday to eat lunch and take
your child to the book fair. If you cannot come DATES TO REMEMBER
Monday, please feel free to come on a day that best February 19 – Book Fair Day
fits your schedule. The book fair will be open all 22 – Family Literacy Night at 6:00
week from 8:00 to 2:00. Parents are welcome any day
during those hours! PARENT READING
This week’s reading, At Home Reading Activities
February 14th our class will have a treat to help from RL, is a packet of fantastic ideas for how
celebrate Valentine’s Day from 1:50-2:15 and parents can help their child become more successful
everyone is welcome to join us! A class list was sent in reading. This information is from Renaissance
home last week, in case your child would like to Learning, a website that AEEC subscribes to for
address Valentine’s Day cards for everyone. solutions with assessment, learning and teaching. I
Although this is not mandatory, it can be a wonderful have provided you with only a portion of the entire
authentic writing opportunity for the children. There document; however, no matter what stage of reading
will be time throughout the day for them to deliver your child is in, these activities are beneficial and
any treats and/or cards they have brought. We will fun! If you signed up for the ‘Paperless Classroom
make bags in class for students to put their cards in. Communication’ option, this reading can be found on
the right side of our blog under Suggested Parent
I have put a ‘Pete the Cat’ sight word activity in Readings.
today’s Friday Folder. The 10 words listed at the
bottom are for the 3rd nine weeks; however, you can ONE LAST THING
find the list for each nine weeks posted in your
Do you ever find yourself wondering what to do with
child’s Friday Folder or on our classroom blog. I
your child during the cooler months? Take them to
made these as a way for the children to work on this
the public library and sign up for their very own
section of the kindergarten checklist at home.
library card! This is a great way to expose your child
to reading and a wonderful way to provide a free treat
I hope everyone is finding the books in your child’s
each week!
Homework Folder helpful. It’s not too late to sign
and return the bottom portion of the letter to Have a wonderful weekend!!! -S. Jones