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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Running down the teams prior to season kickoff SPORTS
n BOMBSHELL: First athlete in North America to test positive for human growth hormone CIVIC ELECTION 2010

Find out what’s
new at the
Side e�ects
Overgrown face,
enlarged tongue
Also known as hGH, human growth hormone is
a naturally occurring protein hormone
produced by the pituitary gland. It is important
for normal human growth and develop-
Western Fair ment, especially in children and
teenagers. Use of hGH has become
later today at Enlarged heart, increasingly popular because it is
hypertension, cardiac deficiency
di�cult to detect.

How it works naturally


one term,
hands 1 Pituitary gland secretes hGH.
2 The liver receives the hormone
and begins sending signals to
2 other parts of the body.
What is a�ected?

he’s done
Enlarged liver
Fat cells: Stored fat is broken
down and the ability to store
Enlarged more is suppressed.
Organs: Stimulates growth (except in the brain).
Bones: Cartilage cells are produced, resulting
Accelerated in growth. Strengthens them.
Muscles: Stimulates them, increasing mass. PATRICK MALONEY
10 The London Free Press
Blood sugar: Maintains it within a normal range.
Muscle pain If elected, Joe Fontana plans to serve just one
20 Heart and lungs: Boosts capacity. term as London’s mayor, his camp says.
In a bold move two experts say may backfire, the
30 ex-MP’s campaign team says he’s pledged to spend
Why do athletes use it? only four years in London’s top political post —
long enough to “stop the bleeding” of taxpayers.
40 Hard to detect Injury resistance Attempts to reach Fontana for comment Wed-
Overgrown Joint and Lean body mass Anabolic e�ects on the nesday failed, but campaign manager Cheryl Mil-
SUNDAY SHOW feet bone pain ler says his one-term vow is the only reason she’s
Reduces the amount of fat connective tissue within
Country rocker Charlie muscles, which may promote
agreed to help him run.
Daniels in grand form. C1 directly under the skin. “The thing that’s good about it (for voters) is,
60 resistance to injury or faster you see a beginning and you see an end,” Miller
Muscle mass repair. said. “People think being in government for a long
70 GOING UP time is good. I don’t.”
Sources: Gtaphic News; Wikipedia; howstu� That comment could be seen as a jab at Anne
Mortages just got a MEGAN DINNER/QMI AGENCY Marie DeCicco-Best, the city’s longest-serving
80 People think

Doping history made

little more costly. D7 mayor, now 10 years into her tenure and seeking
a fourth term. being in
90 It appears Fontana wants to position himself
as a temporary option for London — a move that government
100 could make him more acceptable to any voter for a long
LFPRESS.COM wary of his promises and change in general.
time is

in drug cheating case

But two local experts wonder how well the plan
WE ASKED YOU . . . will be perceived.
Campaign consultant Joshua Workman says
good. I
Would you support year- while he agrees with term limits, Fontana’s pledge don’t.
round schooling? might not go over well.
YES 50% “I think the pledge to serve one term is short- Cheryl Miller,
NO 50% sighted,” he said. “With one term, in my opinion, campaign
RYAN PYETTE In Sports: More on the story, Third-year centre and Lon- everything will be about getting elected. London manager for
Total votes cast: 717 doner Spencer Zimmerman-
The London Free Press including reaction. Pages D1, 2 needs a long-term vision, it needs a long-term Joe Fontana
Cryer (Oral-Turinabol), rookie approach. To me, (this is) politics as usual.”
Today’s question: TORONTO — Waterloo War- receiver Aubrey Jesseau (Stan-
linked to home-run king Barry Martin Horak, head of the University of West-
Will you read Londoner riors rookie running back Matt azolol) from Thunder Bay and ON PAGE A3:
Bonds. ern Ontario’s local government program, says the
Emma Donoghue’s acclaimed Socholotiuk has made North Kitchener linebacker Brandon Labour backs
Socholotiuk received a three- one-term pledge could reinforce a negative view
novel Room? American sports history. Krukowski, who refused to be Anne Marie
year suspension for infractions that a voter may have of Fontana.
YES NO It’s for a record, though, no one tested March 31, also were named DeCicco-Best
that included hGH and a urine Specifically, Horak notes Fontana showed rela-
wants to hold. as anti-doping violators. in mayor’s
sample that found illegal levels tively little interest in city politics after his mayoral
The Waterford football player CCES president Paul Melia race.
of testosterone. The revelation bid was defeated four years ago.
VIDEO OF THE DAY . . . became the first athlete to be
was part of a Canadian Centre renewed the cry that pro sports —
Sarah and Jeff bring their tested, caught and punished for the NHL, NFL and Major League see FONTANA | Page A5
for Ethics update involving four
lively show to using Human Growth Hormone Baseball — follow the Canadian
of the nine Waterloo drug cheats
video (hGH) after his March 31 blood
sample turned up positive for
caught in a steroid scandal that Football League’s lead and start
testing for hGH.
forced the university to suspend
the skeleton-growing substance
the program for the 2010 season. see HORMONE | Page A5 Who’s running where Calendar: candidates meetings

n HEALTH: With abuse of pain killers escalating, physicians recommend drastic action

Police-doctor crackdown eyed in fight against Oxy scourge

JOHN MINER if they suspect illegal activity. billy heroin — are blamed for
“When we start hearing that fuelling the city’s growing sex
���� ���
The London Free Press
more kids use opioids than try a trade.
���� ���
���� �����
Calling Oxycontin and other cigarette, then we know the tide Prescribed for chronic pain,
opioids an alarming public is changing,” said college regis- opioids can be highly addictive.
health crisis in Ontario, a new trar Dr. Rocco Gerace. They’ve become the street drug
report calls for sweeping legal The report — Avoiding Abuse, of choice in many communities,
and educational changes to fight Achieving a Balance — said the the report said.
��� �������� the scourge. prescription painkillers are being In calling for changes, the
��������� The Ontario College of Phys- sold, bartered, shared and stolen regulatory body for Ontario doc-
�� ����� icians and Surgeons report, with addiction services unable tors noted the province’s death
��� ����� released Wednesday, would to meet the growing demands of toll from opioids rose by 240%

������� require doctors to report per-

sonal information to police,
untreated patients.
In London, opioids such as MORRIS LAMONT The London Free Press
in a four-year period, from 35
deaths to 119.
��� ���� ��� �������� without being served a warrant, Oxycontin — also known as hill- Oxycontin, a brand name for oxycodone, is also called hillbilly heroin.
�������� ���� ����������� ����� see OXY | Page A6

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