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Famous dishes Fujian cuisine. Translation to English. For more information on Chinese cuisine go to: http://chinese-menus.
Chinese name Pinyin English description


li4 zhi1 rou4

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he2 ye4 fen3 rou4 juan3 jiao1 yan2 pai2 gu3 hai3 nan2 zhu1 gan1 chao3 sha1 cha2 niu2 rou4 cui4 pi2 niu2 rou4 zhu4 you2 man2 yu2 chao3 bo1 li5 you2 yu2 su1 you2 you2 yu2 si1 wu3 liu3 ju1 yu2 shao1 bai2 jiang1 dong1 lu2 yu2 dun4 jiang1 si1 dan4 zao1 chao3 xian1 zhu2 cheng1 xie4 huang2 da4 bai2 cai4 san1 xian1 men4 hai3 shen1 ji1 tang1 yu2 chi4 hong2 men4 bao4 yu2 bai2 zhi1 yu2 chun2 zui4 zao1 ji1 ba1 kuai4 ji1 xiang1 lu4 quan2 ji1 ji1 rong2 jin1 si1 sun3 sha1 cha2 men4 ya1 kuai4 chao3 san1 dong1 fo2 tiao4 qiang2


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Litchi shaped pork. Fujian province cuisine is all about litchi fruit, so is this dish – a tribute to this great produce. Pieces of pork and water chestnuts are first mixed with cornstarch and then deep-fried with garlic. Ready to eat dish is presented in the shape of litchi fruits. Pork rolls. Pork meat mixed with rice and 5 spices powder and then steamed, wrapped in lotus leaves or in a flour wrappers. Cuts of spareribs meat fried coated is eggs and sprinkled with peppery salt and five spices powder. Hainan style pork liver. Shreds of pork liver fried coated in eggs, flour and breadcrumbs. Slightly spiced and accompanied by stirfried vegetables. Beef pieces, coated in eggs, quick-fried, typically go along with by peanut sauce stir-fried vegetables , peanut sauce and pork bones broth. Fried beef loin pieces Fried Eel. Eel cuts flavoured with five spices powder and deep fried Fried squid. Squid fried with bamboo shoots, garlic and onions. Squid shreds fried with green string beans. Carp boiled and served with a broth made of meat broth, soy sauce, chillies, garlic, bamboo, all thickened with starch. Fried carp with Chinese cabbage Braised perch with mushrooms and ginger Fried mussels with bamboo shoots and dried mushrooms. Crab ovaries with Chinese cabbage. Sea cucumber with shrimps, chicken and ham. Braised shark fin in a chicken broth Braised abalone with pork, bamboo shoots, ham, ginger, onions and soy sauce. Shark lips with braised pork Chicken with wine Deep-fried chicken chunks Steamed chicken with lilac Chicken fried with bamboo shoots Stewed duck with Shacha sauce (It is made from soybean oil, garlic, shallots, chillies, and dried shrimp. It has a savoury and slightly spicy taste.) Stirfried-3-winters bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and cabbage Buddha jumps over the wall. Complicated stew that includes: quail eggs, bamboo shoots, scallop, sea cucumber, abalone, shark fin, chicken, ham, pork tendon, mushrooms, and taro

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