Different Sports and their History Diving The History of Diving as you would have imagined is simply from

people jumping off things into the water. The earliest forms of diving took the form of people jumping off cliffs, hills or trees. As diving history progressed people began to jump off of man made features such as buildings, bridges and fishing piers. Some of the original dwellers from exotic places used to impress the tourists while cliff diving and it sparked an interest in these individuals to take the feat back to there homes which helped spread diving. The earliest of competitions in diving history was in the late 1800's. Often performed throughout Europe most every athlete performed the basic forward straight dive. Diving first debuted in the Olympics in St. Louis at the 1904 games where only made its first Olympic appearance at the 1904 St. Louis Games. It wasn't until 1908 that springboard diving was invented. Around the early 1900's the diving world began to relax a number of its rules which started the evolution of pikes, tucks and somersaults. Diving has since evolved into a highly athletic display of power, skill and grace. A sport that has roots in gymnastics more so than swimming, which is evident of its Swedish ancestors who practiced training for gymnastics by landing in the water. Diving always gains popularity around the time of the Summer Olympics as spectators line up to see incredible feats of flexibility, strength and power. The most prominent diver in US diving history is Greg Louganis, who went on to win several gold medals in dramatic fashion. The US has always recognized diving at every scholastic level. Most high schools and colleges maintain diving teams that often train with the swim teams. But don't get them mixed up, as divers are definitely not considered swimmers. The history of diving is a simple one that involves the evolution of a sport from something as simple as jumping off high elevations into water. The sport has become one of tremendous athletes conquering great feats in the air that leave spectators breathless. From the summer pool party to the greatest athletes in the world, diving will always be great fun....So goes the history of diving.

Throughout the times there have been many champions in the game of tennis. Major Walter C. The outfits were longer and more constricting. Because croquet was a popular game at that time. The first Wimbledon tournament was held in 1877. In the 1930's the game of tennis became rather chic. Wingfield patented equipment and rules for a game very close to the game of tennis we play today. but not many are aware of the history behind their favorite one. If you are thinking about getting into tennis here are somethings that you maybe interested in knowing. It's a sport that has been played for hundreds of years. We will continue from our previous article. Ice hockey requires a seasonal and reliable ice cover. In this series we try to present history of some of the major sports in the world. The court was a bit different from the court that is used today. It is thought that possibly European monks created the game. The game became so popular that in 1986 the yellow ball was introduced for the first time to make the balls easier to see on television! Ice Hockey Everyone has a favorite sport. That is one of the . Shorts were not worn in the game until 1933 by Bunny Austin.S. The year after that equipment could be found in many countries. Today we cover another sport: Ice Hockey. people took the croquet courts and set them up for tennis. Ice hockey as the name suggests is a team sport played on ice with players using sticks to drive the puck in to the rival team's goal. The game was very well liked among the monasteries in Europe. The rules were basically the same as they are today though. There were many different forms of racquets used and the ball also evolved with the racquet.Tennis Knowing history of the sport you are interested in never hurts. That same year tennis courts were made in the U. The outfits for tennis were a little different from what is commonly worn today. but at one point the church thought about banning the game.

but during that time. Smith et al) in Montreal.reason it is quite popular in Northern United States. It is safe that though origins of the game have been somewhere else. This began the realization of a sports dream for many American children. including the biggest competition. The first indoor game ever played was organized at Montreal's famous Victoria Skating Rink. There are several athletes to choose to cheer for and many countries to watch in each gymnastic competition. is derived from word "puc" (Scottish word) or "poc" (Irish word). The first sets of rules were laid down by students of the McGill University (W. There have been accounts of ancient hockey like game (with a ball and not the puck) being played between Mi'kmaq First Nation in Canada. Montreal has been in the centre of development of hockey in the form we see today. punch or deliver a blow. The United States formed the Amateur Athletic Union in 1883. Hockey games played by soldiers stationed in Kingston and Halifax during mid 1850s are the first recorded accounts of the game. The game's popularity led to the first world championship being organized at Montreal in 1883 with McGill giving the "Carnival Cup". like the Olympics and World Championships. Gymnastics The beauty of gymnastics and the strength of the athletes is an awesome thing to watch. began to introduce this sport into the local school system. meaning to poke. It all began in 1830 when a group of immigrants. L. Murray. and Francis Lieber. as per Austin Hockey Association. Canada and Nordic states. namely Charles Beck. The word puck. whether it is in person or on the television. This sport has only been a competitive sport for a little over 100 years. the Olympics. The year 1881 saw the formation of the Bureau of the European Gymnastics Federation. it has had an interesting past. This union was in control of the gymnastic competitions within the United States. Their job was to establish and monitor international competitions. These rules included restricting teams to 9 players per side and replacing the ball with a wooden puck. Richard F. Charles Foller. This encompassed all the various .

The University of Connecticut fence team is well known throughout the nation as one of the best at the sport. the Olympics were held in St. One can only look forward to how creative these athletes will be with their routines and their moves. Women were finally allowed to participate in the 1928 Olympics in gymnastics. The first women's gymnastics' team for the United States was established in 1936 and has been strong ever since. The events included the horizontal bar. but it did not stay that way long. Belgium. Greece Olympics in 1896. and shot put. the bar for performance has been set incredibly high for the next World's Championship. 100 meter dash. vault. Five countries participated in these events and Germany. for future events. There were gymnasts there from Belgium. With athletes in this field like Shawn Johnson and Paul Harmon. 1903 saw the introduction of the first international gymnastics event. Luxembourg. At the Athens. from the local level ones to the national ones that decided who were going to world championships. France. took almost all of the medals in every event. Since it has been around for so . Today. as the individual events were the only ones that were preformed before then. In the 1930 world championship. Louis.championships. The Netherlands won this event. and coordination. This saw the competition of the men's team which added more events. rhythm. but only the men participated. rings. The reason that track and field events were scheduled as gymnastic events is uncertain. strength. the events were extended to more track and field events. It came to the United States when the British colonists came during the 1600s. broad jump. It has stayed popular on the east coast of the United States. It was correct to say that Germany clearly had the edge during those games. They were only allowed one event and it was the team combined exercise. which took place in Antwerp. which was considered the first world championship. The CT fence team is proud to carry on the tradition that has survived through so many centuries. rope climb. probably because that is where it originated in America. In the following year. and the Netherlands. dance. gymnastics made its debut. along with how strong their athletics are. which was one of the countries. Fencing The sport known as fencing has been popular throughout the world since the Middle Ages in Europe. The events that the athletes were to participate in were the pole vault. parallel bars. gymnastics have turned into a huge display of tumbling. and pommel horse.

Gloves are also worn not only to protect the hands. Also. Fencing has always been a part of the modern-era Olympics. but to give a better grip on the weapon as well. Today. during this time it was only the wealthy who could participate in the sport because it was seen as something only the wealthy could or were able to do. A mesh and cloth facemask is worn to protect mainly the eyes. England. special shoes are worn on the mats for protection and for grip against the mat that is placed on the ground. fencing is still done with just two people. Fencing was always around since stone and metal existed because people used these materials to fight each other. The sport certainly does not seem as though it will go away anytime soon. which got some of the ideas from the Renaissance period in Italy. Horse Racing . Also. Today. there are three different "swords" that can be used during a match. Fencing schools have been documented in Europe in the 1100s. there have been many types to form from all different parts of the globe. usually to the death over a debt. The outfit that is worn is almost always white in color. nobility/honor. By the end of World War I. each with different abilities. It was popular in most Western European countries such as Germany. Schools began teaching students as a sport. fencing in Europe and in the United States was no longer a duel. instead of training in case the need to fight in a duel ever arose. France. A lot of protection must be worn when participating in this sport because serious injuries can occur. This was also the time when different types of fencing began to come about as different schools and teachers taught fencing different ways. All of these countries seem to have influenced each other when it comes to developing the art of fencing. The type of fencing that is practiced today comes from 1800s France. Finally.long. There is a certain "weapon" depending on the type of tournament or practicing one is doing. Wealthy Europeans wrote about their techniques and how they learned and taught others. When the fencing schools opened was when those who were not considered wealthy started to participate in the sport. and Italy. or a woman. both men and women wear chest protection otherwise the tip of the weapon might sting. Fencing was practiced through a duel in which two men would fight each other. Fencing is a sport that will most likely to continue to change and evolve in the decades to come.

England helped solidify modern horseracing. Traditional horse racing has faced some growth along its vast journey and it has also faced many obstacles. Modern horse racing originated in the 12th century when Arabian horses were bred with European stock. It quickly spread from Central Asia to Europe while it gained the respect of very powerful emperors. There has always been a difference in the way that people used horses for their gain. racecourses were very common in England and in 1750 the Jockey Club was formed. In the original Olympics horse racing had an important spot. In the 1700s. . Some folks used horses for daily tasks around their homes and farms but such people as monarchs have always supported horseracing. Horse racing spread like a wild fire during the early years of the 18th century and then colonists continued to spread the joy to all the nations in which they landed. It was the Jockey Club that established rules. NY. The 1600's saw horses and horse racing brought to America by the British. and the United States. The first racetrack was established in 1665 in Long Island. It was only a matter of time before humans would be able to tame them and use them for sport. England. people more than ever are able to participate in the sport. In earlier times it was only wealthy and powerful kings and princes that enjoyed the sport of horse racing but today anyone can enjoy it. The countries that get especially excited about it is Japan. and indomitable satisfaction he is ideal for racing. During the past century horse racing has advanced into a major sport worth millions of dollars at stake on the results of a contest that lasts for no more than a couple of minutes. The horse itself has always been a symbol of prestige and wealth. The result was horses that were sturdy and that could run very fast. The history of horse racing can be traced back to Central Asia more than 6000 years ago. Think of all of the past cultures and ancient times that relied on the horse species for combat and transportation. even those in remote locations. Many other countries do carry a history of the sport. By way of the Internet. When a horse has a perfect body.People around the globe love horse racing as a sport. It continued to receive glory during the dominance of the Roman Empire. Raising a horse for the sole purpose of racing it requires a special talent indeed. a sense of reliability. regulations and standards for horse racing that are still used today.

There were hieroglyphics found in the Egyptian pyramids showing the military men of that time using fighting techniques resembling what we know as boxing. Each country has adopted a different style of racing. You find conflicting information throughout the literature making it impossible in some cases to separate fact from legend and fiction. Martial Arts When you search the history of Marital Arts. Vajarmusht would seem to denote a warrior (Kshatriya) who used his fists for weapons. Vajaramushti can be read in Chinese as Hsian ch' ahsiang P'u. a warrior class developed in India known as Kshatriya. distance and also event types. During the thirteenth century B. What makes this early martial art important to the history of Oriental martial arts is the influence it could have had on the Shaolin school of boxing.Today in the United States there are 90 thoroughbred racetracks and 29 standard bred racetracks across 33 states. However.C. Translated. In the United States. economic. Bodhidharama (Daruma in Japanese) by tradition played a major role in the development of the martial arts practiced at . The martial arts as we have come to know them in today's world are actually a modem phenomenon having been widely introduced to the world in the early part of the twentieth century. you shall find the task to be difficult and challenging. Although this makes it difficult when trying to do an academic treatment of the historical facts related to martial arts. It is important also to note there are many political.C. This class was important in that they practiced the indigenous pugilistic art of Vajarmushti. cultural and geographic influences that shaped the different forms of unarmed combat and the martial arts. Anyone of the forms practiced throughout history has a descent made from a cross-section of these influences and each influence had a different impact on its formation. social. races are held on flat dirt or grass surfaces and these are used for thoroughbreds while other tracks are used for the other types of horse racing. the history of unarmed combat goes back as far as civilization itself with the earliest records showing unarmed combat going back to about 4000 B. it should not alter the fact that these legends are an integral and inseparable part of martial art history and are important in the formation of the overall martial art philosophy.

The distance covered was roughly 200 meters. The pentathlon for women was included in 1964 and was again replaced by heptathlon (7 . The events began to develop and many new track events were included in the process. and marshlands.the Shaolin monastery. This process gave birth to track and field events. which later gave birth to 200-meter sprint. which is supposed to consist of 10 track and field events. Bodhidharama was born into Kshatriya. The triple jump for women was introduced in 1996 and pole vault in the next Olympics in 2000. The contestants ran from one end of the track to the other. triple jump. and pole vault were all included in first modern Olympics in 1896. Track and Field The history of track and field event was started way back in 776 BC. the pentathlon included the five major events while the modern Olympics in 1912 included the decathlon. etc had a similar look as in modern days. In the past. This then would have been the art that was introduced to the monks of Shaolin monastery. The first foot race was held at the first Olympic festival in ancient Greece. let us look at the history of track and field event such as jumping and pole vault. which is called sprint in modern event. The 400-meter sprint was inspired from two stade races and the long distance run was the result of 724 stade races. The jumping events such as long jump. short put. Bodhidharama found the monks to be in poor physical condition. According to tradition. streams. The walking. The women participants had to wait until 1928 and women's high jump was first introduced in 1928 Olympics and soon followed by long jump in 1948. As a way to increase their physical condition he is reputed to have taught them a method of conditioning called Shin Pa Lo Han Shoo He is also credited with having a major influence on Chinese fighting arts. Many individuals started to compete with each other and the events became more popular as the days progressed. The ancient track event included the stade race. let us have a look at the history of track and field event. Well. and throwing things is a natural process in man from his birth. Now. running. The history of track and field in modern Olympics started in 1896. The ancient field events such as long jump. high jump. The jumping events came from the past and the pole vault was developed in Netherlands where people used poles to jump over natural hurdles such as canals. he would have been trained in Vajaramushti. javelin.

the game of darts has overcome multiple attempts to have it prohibited. The 5000 and 10. In fact. As the time progressed. the women were allowed to participate in the track events. The history of track and field mainly revolves around the Olympic Games. so it needed to end . It was only after 1913 track and field events were treated as a professional sport. many new events were added and the formation of IAAF in 1913 created history in track and field events. Asian Games. Darts The accepted opinion is that darts was first conceived due to the boredom connected with being a soldier during medieval times.000 meter was added in 1912 and 3000 steeplechase meter was added in 1920. The sport evolved into somewhat accepted in the middle ages as it was used to maintain soldiers' hurling arms in practice. The sport of darts eventually grew to become a lot more prevalent and even noblemen would be known to throw a round ever so often. Many Scandinavians still play a variation of darts by hurling foot long small-scale spears from many meters away. The first official Marathon in the history of track and field event was introduced in 1896 Olympics.track and field event). troops might challenge one another to games of throwing short spears at a thin piece of a cut down tree. history indicates that England's King Henry VIII was given a group of darts as a present. People attempted numerous variants like using a blowpipe to direct the dart. In the course of downtime between brawls. Soon. Many individuals thought that darts was a game of odds and not a game of skill. The age rings within the timber as well as the splits that developed from drying out created a basic likeness to a present day dart board comprised of numerous lines and several various scoring regions. Since it increased in acceptance. The marathon was inspired from a legend that ran 26 miles from the plains of Marathon to Athens in 490 BC. The track and field events in the United States are reported to be started way back in 1860. The 800 meter was the minimum distance for women in 1928 and the maximum 5000 meter was added in 1996 Olympics. etc that includes the different track and field events. Also. there are many international events such as Common Wealth Games. The sport as we know it was in risk of being transformed through the years. The marathon event has its own history in Olympics.

however it's rapidly growing to be a global hobby. This mastery of mental culture could thus produce a pattern of subconscious behavior that would be useful in achieving "mutual welfare and benefit. The sport was illegal in Scotland because a corrupt influence but the civic outcry made it shortlived. After the death of Professor Fukuda. and the old forms of hand-to-hand combat were replaced by weapons of steel. The masters of the jujitsu art were dismissed from service to their feudal lords. Dr. but he soon began to thirst for a mental knowledge that was lacking in their teachings. Soon after the end of the Tokugawa period in Japan. Kano transferred to the Kito-ryu school to study under Professor Tsunetoshi Iikubo. Kano trained under the new master of that school. Professor Masatomo Iso. The sport is common in the Netherlands. many of thousands of dartboards are bought yearly and numerous Americans play darts every week. Germany and the Scandinavian areas. Currently the sport is most well known in Britain in which you will find an incredible number of competitors and thousands of registered groups. In the U. The student.S. and many turned to public showmanship as a means of making a living. Death soon took Professor Iso." He wanted a . began his practice of jujitsu under the instruction of Professor Hachinosuke Fukuda. Dr. Kano began to study jujitsu because of his respect for the prowess of his masters. In addition. He began to look for the secrets behind the superior expert control that the professors had mastered. the Restoration period was in progress. who was to become the founder of judo. The natural result was a degradation of the art.up being settled in a courtroom in 1908. and Dr. About this time. the eminent master of the Tenj in Shinyo-ryu school. jujitsu could be practiced as a competitive sport if the more dangerous techniques were omitted. was Jigoro Kano. soon to become famous among Japanese educators. Judo The history of judo makes a fascinating study. He theorized that there would be greater value in combining the various schools and their techniques into one standard system: one that could be adopted as a physical education program for schools and would at the same time embody mental culture as well as physical skill. an eighteen-year-old student. however.

which depict girls in teams of two playing the game.they were made of a leather skin stuffed with hay or other plant fibers such as papyrus. The name Kodokan is made up of three words: ko. In the Roman Empire. meaning "hall. while yours is equal to three. handball was played in Egypt over four thousand years ago. Alexander the Great is said to have been responsible for spreading the game amongst Greek colonies . Balls used in Egyptian handballs were designed to be both light and durable . Now you can defeat him because you can overcome his force of seven units with yours of ten. It can thus be appreciated that judo is a highly valuable science as well as an art. But if you give way and harmonize your force of three units with his attacking force of seven. you automatically acquire a force of ten units. Kano explained the new art of judo by pointing out that "gentleness means giving way until the right moment arrives". In 1882 Dr. meaning "way. the game was called expulsim ludere. not to oppose the brute force of your opponent and thus to be defeated. Known as one of the oldest ball games. Handball Variations on the game of handball have been played all over the world for thousands of years. and by many South American cultures." the word which has now superseded the term "jujitsu." do. the institution that was to become the mecca of judo.system that would be rational and logical and would develop the potential of the student's real personality." and kan. and was played on courts called sphaeristas. Drawings of Egyptians playing handball have been found decorating five thousand year old tombs at Saqqara. If he pushes toward you with a force of seven units and your force equals only three. it is futile for you to try to oppose his force. in ancient Rome. that is. Suppose that your opponent has a total force of ten units." Dr. The ancient Egyptians played a variety of ball games." The final step in the history of judo came when he founded the Kodo-kan in Tokyo. for it will overcome you. The do of the word judo symbolizes this philosophy. Kano formed his system and called it "judo. but to utilize this force to your own advantage. meaning "to preach.

handball is an increasingly popular sport . handball is over three thousand years old. In America. the game was called jeux de paume (palm play) and was popular with both nobility and peasants. and many international tournaments are dedicated to handball . In France during the Middle Ages. The ball was made from pieces of tightly-rolled cloth stitched together. sculptures. This form of handball is thought to be an early precursor of tennis . and as the game evolved gloves were used to allow more forceful hitting of the ball.as the game evolved in France. until eventually they began to use items which resembled early tennis racquets. Details of how the game was played during this era are sketchy.not surprisingly. the one which most closely resembles modern handball is Rebotea a mano con pelota dura. Of the games played by these ancient civilizations. indicates that it was an important part of life for these ancient cultures. A person will start running down the runway and as if by magic makes a long jump that sometimes looks as though they are flying through the air and landing in the sandpit. These days. on courts measuring 20 feet by 40 feet. Handball players are depicted on painted pottery items. they have been playing it the longest! Triple Jump The athletic triple jump is known as the most athletically event in track and field.it has become part of the Olympic Games. players began to use larger and larger gloves. and together with the multitude of art which depicts the game. The triple jump history made its mark thousands of years ago when it was first introduced in the Tailteann games which took place in Scotland in 1829 BCE. but it is believed it was similar to what is known today as one-wall handball. This game was played by the Chichimeca people. and from there it spread to other countries of the Roman Empire. and originated in Mexico. perhaps because of all the civilizations in the world. and wall paintings found at archeological sites in many parts of Central America.in Italy in the first millennium BC. the Egyptian team is known to be very talented. . Many ancient ruins sites in Central America contain such courts. or "Hardball pelota rebounded with the hand".

step and jump. This technique would stay as part of the athletes performance of this jump well into the present time. Towards the end of the inaugural Olympics was when the first medal for this event was earned back in 1896. It was performed by using the two hops and one jump routine. In those days it was a part of the pentathlon event. The original Olympics were a competition and training ground for warriors. A more modern version of this athletic event made its way to the Olympics and was known as hop. Long Jump Long jump history arches back thousands of years to the ancient Olympic Games in Greece. The hop. but right after that the modern version came along and would stay as the commonly used method in this sporting event. These were called halteres and they were used to gain momentum with when you were at . hop and jump would be a practiced routine that would stay as a method used during that time period. In regard to track and field this has become one of popular and anticipated competitive sports events in the history of this jump and shall remain that way far into the future of athletic track and field competition. step and jump became quite an sport attraction. It was during its time in ancient Greece that this hop.5 kilos while running. This newer technique would redefine the event as an athlete would jump and land down on the leg he or she took off from. and this makes it one of the oldest track and field events and the oldest jumping event in athletics.Among the ancient Irish and Greeks this event gained a lot of popularity. The event was created and included in the Olympics because it was deemed important for warriors to be agile and able to avoid obstacles such as leaping across ditches or streams. At first the athletes were required to carry a weight in each hand that was between 1 and 4. It is quite necessary for an athlete to know the knowledge and skills towards this event which makes this such a specialized event when in competition. The athlete would prepare with 3 long jumps and then one long jump right onto a sandpit. During the year of 1896 this jump was put into the modern Olympics and it adopted a technique of only 2 hops and one long jump.

Some paddles are used for racing. which is popular for athletes of all ages.the point of making the leap. today they can be made of other materials. These included: transportation. Paired with every canoe were paddles.13 meters. Early canoes were usually made of wood. many people use this type of boat for fishing and transportation. recreation. Other people use a canoe as a mode of recreation. The one characteristic that all paddles had in common is weight. These boats are ideal items for lakes.95 meters in the men's event and 7. these canoes were made out of hollowed out tree trucks. . In fact. a canoe was used for many things. Historically. The pit that was originally used was not filled with sand as it is today. The current longjump world record is 8. such as. but was merely a pit of tilled earth. sport. which was used to give the athlete some rhythm into the jump while running with their weights. while others are used for paddling around a lake. of any size.35 meters. It was thought that the representations of long jump at Ancient Greece were in fact a triple jump. Long jump history goes back thousands of years and today it is still a popular track and field event. There are different types of paddles that serve different functions. However. Another milestone in the history of the event was the world record set in 1935 by Jesse Owens who jumped 8. Paddles are used by every canoe operator to properly move that boat in and around the water. and oceans. Early men made every canoe that they used out of wood. Canoeing A canoe is a small and narrow boat. rivers. The women's record has been in place for more than 20 years. While all paddles may be different and have different functions they are all similar. This record would stay in place for 25 years until it was broken in 1960. the winner of the first long jump gold medal was Ellery Clark who jumped 6.52 meters in the women's. to use. and fishing. but it has been shown that the event was what we know as long jump. Canoe paddles are lightweight and easy for anyone. It is thought due to witness reports of the Olympics in Greece that the longjump was accompanied by music. When the modern Olympics were started in 1896.

Canoeing can be a difficult sport to learn. Instructors can be found at many outfitters. Today canoes are sold in many retail locations. however. These places will also often offer a guide for canoe trips and adventures. or someone who is experienced with the area. Once a canoe is purchased it is important to obtain the right accessories. Each canoe that is built does look basically the same. When venturing into an unknown part of the wilderness. Some of the best accessories include lifejackets and paddles. They can usually be purchased or rented at the same place as a canoe. Certification is not required to use a canoe for fishing. Many people learn how to canoe each year and it is fairly easy. specialty shops. That is why prospective boaters often turn to professionals or at least people who are experienced in canoeing. However. While in flat water with little waves this can be easy. single passenger boat that is pointed at both the bow and the stern. . The best Internet retailers offer a high quality product with standard shipping or free shipping for large items. and resorts. all that is needed is a good instructor.metal or aluminum. These people can pass on their knowledge of canoes to amateurs. there to help you. it is a small. it is important that prospective boaters learn the basics of the sport. both on the Internet and in local sporting goods stores. That is why it is important to research a retailer before buying a canoe. sport or recreation. it is more difficult in rapids. A person must master the art of moving the small boat in the water. it is always a good idea to have a guide. as well as safety. Proper lifejackets are the most important items for a canoe trip. shipping can be pricy with some online retail stores.

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