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To: Interested Parties

From: Daniel Gotoff, Corey Teter, and Celinda Lake, Lake Research Partners
RE: Poll Shows Leventhal Strongly Positioned for Victory in Montgomery County Executive Primary
Date: March 26, 2018
A recent survey among likely 2018 Democratic Primary voters in Montgomery County, Maryland shows
At-Large County Councilmember, George Leventhal, strongly positioned in a competitive race for County
Executive and pulling ahead of the field as voters get to know him and the other candidates.1 Leventhal
and fellow Councilmember, Marc Elrich, start out in a two-person race, with over half of the electorate
undecided. However, while Elrich’s support barely increases upon simulating an engaged race, Leventhal
more than doubles his initial support, moving decisively into first place, and further solidifies his lead by
the end of the survey. With such an open landscape, this election will come down to which candidate is
able to define himself and the terms of this race most effectively. This data demonstrates the strength of
Leventhal’s appeal to Democratic Primary voters in a competitive environment. Having the resources to
mount a robust communications effort will be essential to Leventhal’s success.

Key Findings:

• Leventhal and Elrich are currently locked in a two-person contest, with plenty of room for
movement. Over half of the Democratic Primary electorate (58%) is currently undecided, illustrating
the openness of this race. Other than Leventhal and Elrich, every candidate is in the single digits.

Initial Ballot

Lake Research Partners
1101 17th Street NW, 7 2 5 10 11 6
Suite 301
Washington, DC 20036
Tel: 202.776.9066 Krasnow Frick Berliner Leventhal Elrich Blair Undecided
Fax: 202.776.9074

• After voters hear additional information about the entire field, including a profile highlighting
Celinda Lake Leventhal’s record and agenda of progressive leadership, Leventhal vaults into a seven-point lead
Alysia Snell over Elrich, and a double-digit lead over the rest of the field. Notably, this scenario simulates all
David Mermin
candidates possessing roughly equal resources for communications, and illustrates the potential for
Dr. Robert G. Meadow
Daniel Gotoff Leventhal’s profile to draw a clear contrast with the rest of the field.
Joshua Ulibarri

Lake Research Partners designed and administered this survey, which was conducted by phone using professional
interviewers. The survey reached a total of 400 likely 2018 Democratic Primary voters in Montgomery County, Maryland.
The survey was conducted March 15th through March 20th, 2018 and has a margin of error of +/- 4.9%.
P age |2

Engaged Communications Ballot

12 15
10 6
Krasnow Frick Berliner Leventhal Elrich Blair Undecided

• With additional information about Leventhal, he cements a commanding lead over the entire field,
capturing nearly one-third (31%) of the vote and with every other candidate in the single digits.
This scenario simulates Leventhal having a resources and communications advantage, yet still
underscores his appeal and potential to make dramatic gains among this Democratic Primary
electorate. With strong voter outreach and paid media efforts, Leventhal’s compelling profile, strong
record of results, and demonstrated commitment to progressive policies and ideals can prove

Final Ballot


7 7 9 4
Krasnow Frick Berliner Leventhal Elrich Blair Undecided

P age |3

Text of Candidate Profiles

(Randomized Order)
[Leventhal] George Leventhal is a husband and father of two, and a progressive four-term County

Councilman whose speaks truth to power—and gets results. Leventhal promises passionate, effective
leadership on health care for all, housing for the homeless, tough environmental protections, quality mass
transit, and accountability in county government.

[Krasnow] Rose Krasnow is the former mayor of Rockville, a wife and mother, and a progressive Democrat.
Rose would bring a common-sense approach to the office, investing in priorities for our children and families,
while maintaining a competitive business climate to create jobs.

[Frick] C. William Frick is a State Delegate from Bethesda. His vision is of a county that is rooted in our

unique Montgomery County culture and values, and yet has a thriving private-sector business economy and a
responsive constituent-centered local government.

[Berliner] Roger Berliner is an eleven-year member and former president of the Montgomery County

Council. While on the council, Roger has focused on modernizing public transportation, renewable energy and
environmental conservation, and maintaining protections for our most vulnerable residents, like our seniors
and individuals with disabilities.

[Elrich] Marc Elrich is a former public-school teacher and eleven-year member of the Montgomery County
Council. Marc has fought to ensure quality service, resources, and accountability for the County. He’s also
taken the lead on battling crooked developers, and investing more resources into our county’s public schools.

[Blair] David Blair is a husband, father, pragmatic progressive, and entrepreneur who grew a 2-person

business into a Fortune 500 company, creating thousands of jobs and providing affordable health care to
millions. As County Executive, David’s innovative leadership will make our county an even better place to live,
work, and raise a family.
*Asked of ½ the sample.