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Collected by Mrs Trang Anh
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I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.
1. A. hear B. dear C. pear D. clear
2. A. punctual B. rubbish C. frustrate D. furious
3. A. theatre B. therefore C. throughout D. thunder
4. A. influenced B. terrified C. averaged D. accompanied
5. A. hat B. dangerous C. battle D. calculate
II. Choose the word whose stress is different.
6. A. accurate B. customer C. computer D. exercise
7. A. contaminate B. supervisor C. investigate D. convenient
8. A. reduction B. popular C. financial D. romantic
9. A. environmental B. personality C. representative D. technological
10. A. suffer B. reduce C. sanguine D. intimacy
Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentences.
11. His _______and bad work led to his dismissal from the firm.
A. unpunctual B. unpunctuality C. in punctual D. inpunctuality
12. What do you think is more important in the person you marry _______intelligence or
A. attractively B. attraction C. attractiveness D. attracted
13. The peacocks roam __________within Whipsawed Wild Animal Park.
A. free B. leisurely C. pleasant D. comfortably
14. Doctors have accepted that acupuncture can work for pain _________
A. release B. liberation C. relief D. killing
15. You cannot ski on those tracks any longer, for most of the snow has ___________
A. broken B. dissolved C. melted D. vaporized
16. I wanted to build a bookcase, but I couldn't make ________ of the instructions.
A. sense B. understanding C. sight D. reality
17. The laser beam can make the birthmark less
A. remarkable B. noticeable C. conspicuous D. significant
18. We ________ the time: we ran out of time at last, and failed the race.
A. outlasted B. overwhelmed C. underestimated D. undercharged
19. It can _________ from the passage that Mars may outshine Jupiter one day.
A. be implied B. refer C. be inferred D. indicate
20. A part-time job gives me the freedom to _______ my own interests.
A. pursue B. seek C. chase D. run after
21. The Chinese ________ printing.
A. invented B. discovered C. found out D. revealed
22. That English will become dominant in most scientific fields is _______
A. predicting B. predictable C. on predictions D. to predict
23. Taxation has been used to increase the price and reduce the _______ of cigarettes.
A. consumer B. consuming C. consumed D. consumption
24. She passed the exam with excellent results and was_________ a scholarship.
A. rewarded B. presented C. gave D. granted
25. It is widely believed that human beings are descended from one common ancestor.
A. every B. all C. every of D. all of
26. In the ever _______ world of computers it is necessary to be adaptable
A. advanced B. advance C. advancing D. advances
27. I caught _______ of to lion lying under the tree, and my heart jumped.
A. view B. sight C. look D. scene
28. What I like best of him is his ________
A. dependence B. dependable C. independence D. dependency
29. In industrial cities, ______of smoke are the popular sight.
A. column B. pillars C. stacks D. tubes
30. It is a matter of to include pens and paper in the conference documents.
A. convenience B. advantage C. benefit D. profit
31. In the 1960s _________was concerned about pollution.
A. hardly everyone B. rarely anyone C. hardly anyone D. rarely someone
32. We should impose restrictions _________ media advertising of alcohol
A. in B. with C. from D. on
33. After the war, many of us _________ touch with our relatives.
A. kept B. lost C. on D. got
34. __________ women, men are much more muscular.
A. Comparison with B. Comparing with C. compared with D. to compare
35. . I hope I haven't got ______ luggage.
A. too many B. so many C. too much D. so much
36. I am looking forward to ________ on vacation
A. go B. be going C. going D. having gone
37. The department store _________ by the Johansson for many years.
A. has been run B. is run C. runs D. has run
38. People in my office exchange cards with ___________during the holidays.
A. ourselves B. themselves C. try others D. one another
39. It is 6 years_______ we moved to Chicago.
A. when B. that C. since D. after
40. The theatre failed_______ a suitable play to appeal to audience.
A. producing B. to produce C. to have produced D. producing of
41. I wondered why he _______ his job.
A. has changed B. changes C. used to change D. had changed
42. She_______ to take her neighbor to court if he didn't stop making so much noise.
A. threatened B. offered C. promised D. suggested
43. I think he will join us, _______
A. doesn't he B. won't he C. will he D. don't I
44. I was just about to ring up his office_______ he arrived home.
A. when B. although C. then D. as
45. He put the two letters into the wrong envelopes_______ mistake.
A. on B. by C. with D. in
46. Even though he was bored _______ doing the same thing every day, he was nervous ______ making a
A. about/ at B. with/ for C. in/ about D. with/ about
47. While Peter was driving home last night, he petrol.
A. was running out B. was running out of C. ran out of D. ran out
48. They gave me their address _______ send them a brochure.
A. so that I B. in order to C. so that I could D. in order that I will
49. She wondered_______ her father looked like now, after so many years away.
A. how B. whose C. what D. that
50. The police suggested that anyone who saw the accident _____in touch with them.
A. should get B. got C. had to get D. would get
IV. Choose the sentence that is similar in meaning to the one given.
51. I last saw him in 1998.
A. I didn't see him since 1998. B. It is in 1998 that I saw him.
C. I haven't seen him since 1998. D. It has been 1998 since I saw him.
52. They say that the doctor has made a serious mistake.
A. The doctor is said that he has made a serious mistake. B. It is said that the doctor has been made a serious
C. The doctor is said to have made a serious mistake. D. The doctor is said to make a serious mistake.
53. My shoes need cleaning.
A. I need to clean my shoes. B. I have to clean my shoes.
C. Cleaning is needed for my shoes. D. I need to have my shoes cleaned.
54. You ought to make up your mind now.
A. It is time you made up your mind. B. Making up your mind is necessary.
C. You should have made up your mind. D. It is possible to make up your mind.
55. She is the most intelligent woman I have ever met.
A. I have never met a more intelligent woman than her. B. She is not as intelligent as the women I have ever
C. I have ever met such an intelligent woman. D. She is more intelligent than I .
56. She says that it's good if I make my own decisions.
A. She encourages me making my own decisions. B. She encourages me to make my own decisions.
C. I was encouraged by her to make my own decisions D. Making my own decisions is her encouraging.
57. I am sure that Tina didn't steal the money.
A. Tina couldn't steal the money. B. Tina couldn't have stolen the money.
C. Tina mustn't have stolen the money. D. Tina shouldn't have stolen the money.
58. It is worthiness to ask John for help.
A. John is worthless to help. B. John is worth helping.
C. It is no use to ask John for help. D. It is no good asking John to help.
59. We prefer going by train because we can enjoy the sight.
A. We would like to go by train or we will enjoy the sight. B. We enjoy the sight although we go by train.
C. We prefer going by train to enjoying the sight. D. We would like to go by train so that we can enjoy the
60. We do not need much furniture because the room is small.
A. The smaller the room is. the less furniture we need. B. The smaller the room, the fewer furniture we need.
C. The small room makes the furniture less and less. D. Much furniture is needed for a small room.
61. His behavior is understandable.
A. We can understand what he behaves. B. We can understand why he behaves like that.
C. It is difficult to understand his behavior. D. It is understood that he behaves.
62. As the luggage was so heavy, we had to take a taxi.
A. We had to take a taxi because of the heavy luggage. B. We had to take a taxi so that we can have heavy
C. Although the luggage was heavy, we took a taxi. D. We had to take a taxi, so we had heavy luggage.
63. Apples are usually cheaper than oranges.
A. Oranges are usually the most expensive. B. Oranges are usually more expensive as apples.
C. Apples are not usually as expensive as oranges. D. Apples are usually less cheap than oranges.
64. I was offered to work for IBM, but I rejected.
A. I turned down the offer to work for IBM. B. I rejected to offer to work for IBM.
C. IBM refused my offer to work. D. I was refused by IBM at work.
65. We could not handle the situation without you.
A. You didn't help us handle the situation. B. If you had not helped us, we could not have handled the
C. If you did not help us, we could not handle the situation. D. We will handle the situation if you help.
V. Identify the error in each sentence.
66. We were sacked due to Bill's carelessly schedule, and we all blamed him for that.
67. No sooner had the secretary hang up than phone rang again.
68. If had finish a course on computer programming, I would have a better salary.
69. I try hardly but I can never catch up with him, because he is so smart.
70. I tried to make it clear to them that urgent action were required.
71. At the moment the company is in the process of reorganizing their department.
72. The government suggested that small businesses gave their own ideas on the bill.
73. were at trouble because we had entered the building without permission
74. When they will pay me for the decoration, I will have enough money to buy a car.
75. It's that we'll be able to afford it or not that I'm not sure about.
VI. Choose the correct answer to complete the passage:
Everyone can dream. Indeed, everyone does dream. Those who (76)_____ that they never dream at all
actually dream (77) ______ as frequently as the rest of us, (78)_____ they may not remember anything about it.
Even those of us who are perfectly (79) ___ of dreaming night (80) _____ night very seldom remember those
dreams in (81) ____ detail but merely retain an untidy mixture of seemingly unrelated impressions. Dreams are
not simply visual we dream with all our (82) ___,so that we appear to experience sound, touch, smell, and taste.
One of the world's oldest (83) ___ written documents is the Egyptian Book of Dreams. This volume is about 5
thousand years old, so you can (84)___ that dreams were believed to have a special significance even then.
Many ancient civilizations believed that you (85) _______ never wake a sleeping person as, during sleep, the
soul had left the body and might not be able to return (86)_______ time if the sleeper were suddenly
(87)______ From ancient times to the present (88)________, people have been (89)________attempts to
interpret dreams and to explain their significance. There are many books available on the subject of dream
interpretation, although unfortunately there are almost as many meanings for a particular dream (90) _______
there are books.
76. A. demand B promise C agree D. claim
77. A. also B just C only D. quite
78. A. though B besides C however D. despite
79. A. familiar B accustomed C aware D. used
80. A. after B on C. through D. over
81. A. great B high C strong D. deep
82. A. feelings B emotions C impressions D. senses
83. A. considered B. known C. regarded D. estimated
84. A. see B. feel C. ensure D. think
85. A. would B. ought C. should D. need
86. A. by B. in C. with D. for
87. A. awoke B. awoken C. awake D. awaken
88. A. minute B. hour C. moment D. day
89. A. doing B. putting C. making D. taking
90. A. as B. like C. so D. such
VI. Read the passage and choose the correct answers.
Over the past 600 years, English has grown from a language of few speakers to become the dominant
language of international communication. English as we know it today emerged around 1350, after having
incorporated many elements of French that were introduced following the Norman invasion of 1066. Until the
1600s, English was, for the most part, spoken only in England and had not extended even as far as Wales,
Scotland or Ireland. However, during the course of the next two centuries, English began to spread around the
globe as a result of exploration, trade (including slave trade), colonization, and missionary work. Thus, small
enclaves of English speakers became established and grew in various parts of the world. As these communities
proliferated, English gradually became the primary language of international business, banking and diplomacy.
Currently, about 80 percent of the information stored on computer systems worldwide is in English. Two-
thirds of the world's science writing is in English, and English is the main language of technology, advertising,
media, international airports, and air traffic controllers. Today there are more than 700 million English users in
the world, and over half of these are nonnative speakers, constituting the largest number of nonnative users
than any other language in the world.
91. What is the main topic of the passage?
A. The number of nonnative users of English. B. The French influence on the English
C. The expansion of English as an international language. D. The use of English for science and
92. The word 'emerged' means _______
A. appeared B. failed C. frequented D. engaged
93. The word 'elements' is most similar to ________
A. declaration B. features C. curiosities D. customs
94. Approximately when did English begin to be used beyond England?
A. In 1066 B. Around 1350 C. Before 1600 D. After 1600
95. According to the passage, all of the following contributed to the spread of English around the world except
A. the slave trade B. the Norman invasion C. missionaries D. colonization
96. The word 'enclaves' is closest in meaning to ________
A. communities B. organizations C. regions D. countries
97. The word 'proliferated' is closest in meaning to organized ________
A. prospered B. organized C. disbanded D. expanded
98. Which of the following is not mentioned as the field where English is the main language?
A. advertising B. drama C. air control D. media
99. The word 'constituting' is closest in meaning to _______
A. looking over B. setting down C. doing in D. making up
100 . According to the passage, approximately how many nonnative users of English are there in the world
A. a quarter million B. half a million C. 350 million D. 700 million


I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.
1. A. table B. lazy C. captain D. favor
2. A. host B. most C. cost D. post
3. A. there B. than C. theme D. though
4. A. repeats B. coughs C. amuses D. attacks
5. A. obey B. pray C. prayer D. delay
II. Choose the word whose stress is different.
6. A. village B. begin C. column D. pity
7. A. theory B. generate C. delicious D. confidence
8. A. computer B. obvious C. dependence D. horizon
9. A. convenient B. favorable C. evaluate D. relationship
10. A. peculiar B. appreciative C. specific D. militant
III. Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentences.
11. Last night, _______nothing to watch on TV. we went out.
A. there being B. there having C having had D. being
12. We mustn't sit on _______ chairs.
A. breaking B. break C. broken D. broke
13. Gold is ________ in color to brass.
A. same B. similar C. like D. one
14. Be patient ________ you won't succeed.
A. because B. or C. though D. when
15. I don't understand what _________ by the word 'inflation'.
A. is meant B. is the meaning C. means D. mean
16. A log grabber has a long arm ________ which stretches out to pick up logs
A. calls a jib B. calling a jib C. a jib called D. called a jib
17. A home computer ________ an opportunity for convenient and efficient work at home.
A. provides B. to be providing C. which provides D. providing it
18. Once an offending allergen has been identified ___ tests, it is possible for the doctor to give specific
desensitizing injections.
A. means of B. by means of C. of the means by D. by means
19. Sometime swears people out and is worse than the lack of sleep itself.
A. to sleep the desire B. the desire to sleep C. to desire sleep is D. the desire to sleep who
20. The wheel, ______ has remained important for 4,000 years, is one of mankind's first inventions.
A. how B. when C. which D. about
21. _______ children master the basics, advanced development becomes easier.
A. The B. Once C. That D. Even though
22. Perspiration increases _______vigorous exercise or hot weather.
A. during B. when C. at the time D. for
23. Goddard developed the first rocket to fly faster _______
A. than sound is B. as does sound C. than sound D. as sound is
24. Even if the unemployment rate _______ sharply, the drop may still be temporary.
A. dropped B. drop C. drops D. have dropped
25. Herbs _______ in soups and sauces.
A. are used to B. are often used C. often use D. get used to
26. Studies indicate _______collecting art today than ever before.
A. there more people B. more people that are C. that there are more people D. people there are more
27. Susan couldn't help _______ when I told her the joke.
A. laughing B. laugh C. to laugh D. laughed
28. You hair need ________. You'd better have it done tomorrow.
A. cut B. to cut C. being cut D. cutting
29. I remember _______him. It was a five-dollar note.
A. paid B. to pay C. paying D. to be paid
30. They ______the bridge by the time you come back.
A. will finish B. will have finished C. will be finished D. have finished
31. I would rather Jane _______my brother so much money. I know for sure that I will have to pay his debt.
A. not lend B. did not lend C. had not lent D. would not lend

32. By 1890, there were over 60 steamboats on the Mississippi River, ______were quite luxurious.
A. many of them B. many of which C. which many D. many those
33. Copperplate, a highly ornate form of handwriting, is ______ in common use.
A. not longer B. no more C. no longer D. not to mention
34. When ___________a fresco, an artist applies paint directly to the damp plaster of a wall.
A. painting B. painted C. he painted D. in painting
35. New words _______ to describe new objects and concepts.
A. are being constantly invented B. has constantly been invented
C. constantly invented D. are constantly being invented
36. Most teachers make for young student's mistakes.
A. up B. room C. allowance D. way
37. Claire complained that the medicine made her feel
A. hanging B. overturning C. dizzy D. upturning
38. People who do not smoke are likely to _______ those who don't.
A. outlive B. live more longer C. live longest D. long live
39. One of the major causes ________heart disease is lack of exercise.
A. for B. to C. of D. by
40. John is not looking _______ today. Is he okay?
A. good B. well C. finely D. best
41. I _______ the impression that they would riot charge me.
A. had B. made C. gave D. took
42. Ever since Bert was ____ to department manager, he has been unfriendly to us.
A. advertised B. encouraged C. promoted D. progressed
43. You should not be so ________ about his behavior. He is too young.
A. subjective B. sanguine C. intimate D. militant
44. The biggest bank in our city has ________ bankruptcy.
A. announced B. declared C. claimed D. informed
45. My grandfather often _______ of the Great Depression of the 1930's.
A. speaks B. tells C. says D. converses
46. Our parents often have a strong ________on our lives.
A. impact B. effect C. result D. influence
47. It is our __________to talk to you.
A. pleases B. pleasant C. pleasantry D. pleasure
48. I bought some jewelry for my sister but it was not the _______she liked.
A. kind B. thing C. which D. ones
49. The passage _______that the first settlers were Spanish.
A. refers B. instills C. implies D. infers
50. Conservation also deals with garbage _________
A. discard B. throw-out C. emission D. disposal
51. Ships used to be equipped _______ a fathometer.
A. by B. with C. at D. in
52. I know for sure that Tina opened my letters_________
A. deliberate B. with aims C. in intention D. on purpose
53. On November 5, a lot of firework is _______ off in England.
A. set B. gone C. placed D. burned
54. Too many exams and tests have put high school students pressure.
A. in B. on C. under D. into
55. After the conquest, Napoleon would put ______ the law of driving on the right.
A. into use B. under rule C. in effort D. in force
IV. Choose the sentence that is similar in meaning to the one given.
56. I am not sure, but perhaps he went to London.
A. He might go to London. B. He must have gone to London.
C. He might have gone to London. D. He could go to London.
57. He has no cause to complain.
A. There is no reason to complain about him. B. There is no reason why he complains.
C. Why he complains is no reason. D. It is of no cause to complain.
58. As a teacher, Kate understands the problem you have mentioned.
A. Kate who understands the problem you have mentioned is a teacher.
B. Because Kate is a teacher, she can understand the problem you have mentioned:
C. Because of a teacher, Kate can understand the problem you have mentioned.
D. Kate, who a teacher, can understand the problem you have mentioned.
59. Please don't talk with your mouth full of food!
A. I wish you wouldn't talk with your mouth full of food.
B. I prefer you to talk when your mouth is not full of food.
C. I would like you to talk when your mouth is not full of food.
D. I would rather you didn't talk with your mouth full of food.
60. Helen wrote a novel and made a cowboy film.
A. Helen wrote not only a novel but also made a cowboy film.
B. Helen both wrote a novel as well as made a cowboy film.
C. Not only did Helen write a novel but she also made a cowboy film.
D. Helen either wrote a novel or made a cowboy film.
61. He is a reliable person, which is different from what people think.
A. People think differently about the reliable person. B. Contrary to what people think, he is reliable.
C. Contrary to what people think, he is unreliable. D. He, who is reliable, is not what people think.
62. A computer can work much faster than a person.
A. A person cannot work as fast as a computer. B. A computer can work less slowly than a person.
C. A person cannot work faster than a computer. D. A person can work less faster than a computer.
63. We should limit the pollution; otherwise we will die.
A. We will die if we limit the pollution. B. Limit the pollution and we will die.
C. We will die unless we don't limit the pollution. D. Limit the pollution or we will die.
64. I regret selling the house in the suburb.
A. I wish I didn't sell the house in the suburb. B. I hope I had not sold the house in the suburb.
C. If only I had not sold the house in the suburb. D. Selling the house in the suburb is regretful.
65. It has not rained for a fortnight.
A. It is a fortnight since it last rained. B. It is a fortnight since it has rained.
C. It rained for a fortnight. D. The last time it rained is a fortnight ago.
V. Identify the error in each sentence.
66. The surface of the tongue covered with tiny taste buds.
67. Cosmic distance is measured on light-years.
68. A million of tourists from an over the world visit New York every year.
69. Whereas Earth has one moon. the planet call Mars has two small ones.
70. An ardent feminist, Margaret Fuller, through her literature, asked that women be given a fairly chance.
71. No longer is scientific discovery a matter of one person alone working.
72. The scientific method consists in forming hypotheses, collecting data, and testing results.
73. All data in computer are changed into electronic pulses by an input unit.
74. The basic law of addition, subtraction, mutilation and division are taught to all elementary school

75. A large percent of Canadian export business is with the United States.

VI. Choose the correct answer to complete the passage.
The tiger can live in almost (76) _____ natural environment from hot, steamy low fields with sub-zero
temperatures. A female tiger has her first cubs when she is less than four years old. About half usually die
before they (77) ___ a year old. They kill their first small animals when they are about one and leave their
mother a year (78) _____ Tigers are good swimmers, can (79) ______ trees and eat 23 kilos of meat in a night.
They can jump nearly nine meters, (80) ___ is about the length of a double-decker bus. A tiger depends on its
sharp eyes and (81) _____ ears. it waits in cover and rushes at the animals it hunts, jumping on(82)_____.If it
fails, it often (83)______ up because it gets tired very easily. It can go for more than a week (84)______
catching anything.
Tigers communicate by many sounds, including a roar that can be (85)___ over several miles. Adult tigers
usually live alone, (86) ______ they are quite friendly with each other. They mostly hunt at night. They often
meet while they (87)____ out hunting rub heads together and then part. They have similar bodies (88)____
lions. (89)___ they never mate together in the wild. Occasionally they do in zoos and (90)___ are called ‘
tiglons’ or 'tigons'.
76. A. any B. all C. none D. some
77. A. reaching B. are C. have D. age
78. A. afterwards B. latter C. later D. before
79. A. mount B. upgrade C. jump D. climb
80. A. what B. which C. that D. then
81. A. keen B. bettered C. sharp D. active
82. A. themselves B. them C. it D. itself
83. A. brings B. picks C. takes D. gives
84. A. after B. instead of C. without D. being
85. A. found B. heard C. sound D. picked up
86. A. although B. because C. nor D. as
87. A. set B. go C. make D. work
88. A. to B. with C. from D. for
89. A. Otherwise B. As a result C. Nevertheless D. In addition
90. A. offspring B. children C. toddlers D. kids
VII. Read the passage and choose the correct answers.
For centuries, sky watchers have reported seeing mysterious flashes of light on the surface of the Moon.
Modern astronomers have observed the same phenomenon, but no one has been able to satisfactorily explain
how or why the Moon sporadically sparks. However, researchers now believe they have found the cause.
Researchers have examined the chemical content of Moon rocks retrieved by astronauts during the Apollo
missions and have found that they contain volatile gases such as helium, hydrogen, and argon. The researchers
suggest that stray electrons, freed when the rock cracks, may ignite these gases. Indeed, lunar rock samples,
when fractured in the lab, throw off sparks.
What causes these rocks to crack on the lunar surface? The flashes are most often seen at the borders between
sunlight and shade on the Moon, where the surface is being either intensely heated or cooled. A sudden change
in temperature may cause thermal cracking. Another possibility is that meteors may strike the rocks and cause
them to crack. Finally, lunar rocks may be fractured by seismic events - in other words, by tiny moonquakes.
91. Which of the following statements describes the organization of the passage?
A. popular notion is repeated. B. generalization is made, and examples are given.
C. The significance of an experiment is explained.
D. phenomenon is described, and a possible explanation is proposed.
92. According to the passage, how long have people been aware of the mysterious lights on the moon?
A. For the last ten years. B. Since the Apollo moon missions.
C. For hundreds of years. D. For thousands of years.
93. The word 'sporadically' is closest in meaning to ____________
A. reputedly B. occasionally C. mysteriously D. constantly
94. The word 'retrieved' is closest in meaning to ___________
A. invented B. brought back C. recovered D. renewed
95. The word 'fractured' is closest in meaning to___________
A. produced B. degraded C. broken D. analyzed
96. According to the passage, the theory that Moon rocks give off sparks when they crack is supported
by________ A. a telescopic study of the Moon B. experiments conducted by
C. observations made centuries ago D. an analysis of rocks from the moon
97. The word 'they' refers to ___________
A. helium, hydrogen and argon B. researchers C. Apollo spacecrafts D. lunar rocks
98. The word 'stray' is closest in meaning to ____________
A. loose B. speeding C. fiery D. spinning
99. Which of the following situations is an example of 'thermal cracking' as described in the passage?
A. A dam breaks when water rises behind it. B. A stone cracks open because of the pressure of tree roots.
C. A cool glass breaks when it is filled with boiling water. D. An ice cube melts in the heat of the sun.
100. All of the following are given as reasons for Moon rocks cracking EXCEPT……………………..
A. seismic actions B. sudden temperature changes C. the action of meteors D. the pressure of gases
I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.
1. A. measure B. leisure C. ensure D. pleasure
2. A. expression B. division C. decision D. television
3. A. advance B. advent C. advice D. adjustment
4. A. showered B. linked C. concerned D. belonged
5. A. fever B. example C. ignore D. ink
II. Choose the word whose stress is different.
6. A. initial B. inherit C. occurrence D. occupied
7. A. obstacle B. intolerable C. possess D. secure
8. A. technical B. teardrop C. treatable D. horrific
9. A. apprentice B. construct C. perverse D. papal
10. A. panel B. label C. realize D. reality
III. Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentences.
11. A. environnent B. habitat C. conservation D. occupation
12. A. brave B. daring C. risky D. ashamed
13. A. deny B. claim C. refuse D. reject
14. A. outside B. external C. fertile D. superficial
15. A. encourage B. encounter C. cope D. confront
IV. Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentences.
16. The children like programs which can cater _____ their taste. They are not fascinated ______
news bulletins.
A. for/ of B. for/ by C. of/ with D. about/ with
17. The bus was crammed students who were making ____ the central park where the festival would take
A. with/ into B. of/ out C. with/ for D. in/ for
18. When abroad, it is advisable to carry your passport ___________ all times.
A. for B. at C. in D. on
19. 1 know that person sight but not _______ name.
A. of/ of B. at/ in C. with/ with D. by/ by
20. You need to book the tickets for such a popular show no less than 6 months ______
A. at a loss B. by the way C. in advance D. at a glance
21. Can I ask a favor _______ you, Mark? Could you please move this sofa backwards?
A. for B. of C. with D. to
22. I read the contract again and again ______ avoiding making spelling mistakes.
A. with a view to B. in view of C. by means of D. in terms of
23. This kind of product has to be used _______ 3 days ________ purchase.
A. by/ of B. within/ of C. on/ on D. on/ after
24. Although my gravid is over 70, she is young ______ heart.
A. at B. in C. by D. of
25. The students put their name down for the course _____admiration _______ Professor Jenkins.
A. in/ of B. with/ of C. at/ for D. with/ for
26. The students are used to ______ in the school library.
A. work B. working C. worked D. being worked
27. We tried a lot of hotels, but_______ of them had any free rooms.
A. neither B. none C. no D. not
28. The teacher no less than his colleagues _______ having a difficult time at the moment.
A. is B. are C. was D. were
29. Annette wanted to read the letter _______
A. to which I had written B. that had written by me C. I had written D. which I have written
30. I'd rather _______ until Jill comes back. Let's go home.
A. not to wait B. not wait C. have not waited D. I didn't wait
31. The reason why I am writing _________ to tell you about our plan.
A. is B. was C. were D. are
32. Show me the house __________
A. where they are living in B. which they are living C. where they are living there D. where they are
33. I _______ him the truth, for he is telling it to everyone else.
A. mustn't have told B. cant have told C. shouldn't have told D. shouldn't to tell
34. Nobody knows the truth, _________
A. don't they B. do they C. does he D. will he
35. The room was too small and I felt as if I_______ in a lift.
A. were B. am C. had been D. would be
36. He________ an overdose of morphine and died.
A. used to B. used C. was used to D. was used
37. I suggest the room________ before Christmas.
A. is decorated B. were decorated C. should decorate D. be decorated
38. Julie was regarded the group leader though she had never been ______ appointed.
A. as being B. to being C. was D. as
39. ________ when I the phone rang.
A. Hardly I came into the room B. No sooner had I come into the room
C. Not until I came into the room D. Hardly had I come into the room
40. What are you ______at? Can you make it clearer?
A. making B. putting C. taking D. getting
41. At college, she chose ________as her major subject.
A. calculation B. calculator C. calculus D. calculating
42. Our team has scored 26 __________ so far.
A. marks B. numbers C. grades D. points
43. The audience ________when the singers bowed.
A. cheer B. applause C. applauded D. whistling
44. The worried man walked _________ in the corridor waiting for the announcement.
A. back and fro B. to and forth C. to and fro D. to and back
45. We want to meet the _______ of this institute.
A. foundation B. father C. ancestor D. founder
46. Our roles as boss and employee have now been _______
A. conserved B. reserved C. preserved D. reversed
47. Can you give me the _______ for tomato soup?
A. formula B. recipe C. order D. method
48. There is always a ______that he will come back from abroad
A. permission B. ability C. might D. possibility
49. Whooping cough _______mainly in young children.
A. appears B. takes place C. exists D. occurs
50 . Timber is one of the most valuable ______
A. resources B. sources C. minerals D. quantities
51. You can get ________ therapy in this center .
A. occupation B. occupied C. occupant D. occupational
52. People used to believe that oil and gas could never be ______
A. used up B. run up C. run out D. used out
53. It is _______ to sell tobacco to someone under 16.
A. outlaw B. lawless C. guilty D. used out
54. Farmers can help _______ their soil by using fertilizers.
A. contaminate B. reserve C. drain D. illegal
55. Rotation of crops gives soil time to______ lost elements.
A. replant B. replace C. transform D. transfer
56. He is a man with great _________
A. expectation B. expectant C. expectancy D. expecting
57. Chris is always more _______ than his friends. He rarely gets upset.
A. tolerable B. tolerated C. tolerant D. tolerance
58. Most people look for jobs, but few succeed.
A. satisfying B. satisfied C. unsatisfactory D. dissatisfied
59. The car is in ________ good condition, but the price is not high.
A. reasonable B. reasons C. reasoning D. reasonably
60. Jane likes watching sports, but she is not keen on any sport.
A. specially B. certainly C. largely D. particularly.
V. Choose the sentence that is similar in meaning to the one given.
61. It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword.
A. The pen is said to be mightier than the sword. B. The sword is mightier than the pen.
C. The sword is said to less mighty than the pen. D. The pen is said that it is mightier than the sword.
62. He spent all his money and he even borrowed some from me.
A. Not only did he spend all his money, but he also borrowed some from me.
B. Not only he spent money but he also borrowed some from me.
C. He spent not only money but also borrowed some from me.
D. Not only did he spend all his money and also borrowed some from me.
63. We like to talk to Jill because she has a good sense of hum our.
A. Because of Jill has a good sense of hum our, we like to talk to her.
B. We like to talk to Jill due to having a good sense of hum our.
C. In case Jill has a good sense of hum our, we like to talk to her.
D. We like to talk to Jill because of her good sense of hum our.
64. "Do you believe in what the boy says, Mary?" said Tom.
A. Tom asked Mary to believe in what the boy said. B. Tom asked Mary if she believed in what the boy said.
C. Tom said that Mary believed in what the boy said. D. Tom asked Mary whether she believes in what the boy
65. My train had just left the station when I came.
A. My train left after I came to the station. B. I came to the station in time to catch the train.
C. I came before the train left the station. D. The train left the station before I came.
66. Our hotel booking hasn't been confirmed.
A. We haven't confirmed our hotel booking. B. There has been no confirmation of our hotel booking.
C. Our hotel booking needs no confirmation. D. Our hotel booking is being confirmed.
67. Everyone started complaining the moment the announcement was made.
A. No sooner did everyone start complaining than the announcement was made.
B. As soon as the announcement was made, everyone started complaining.
C. No sooner had the announcement made than everyone started complaining.
D. Everyone started complaining that the announcement was made.
68. It was his incompetence which led to their capture.
A. Had he been competent, they would not have been captured.
B. They were captured because he was competent. C. His competence was because of their capture.
D. Unless he had not been competent, they would have been captured.
69. The workers only called off the strike after a new pay offer.
A. Not until a new pay was offered, the workers called off the strike.
B. The workers called off the strike only when a new pay offer.
C. A new pay was offered, which made the strike call off.
D. Not until a new pay was offered did the workers call off the strike.
70. Although it was expected that he would stand for election, he didn't.
A. Contrary to what people expected, he didn't stand for election.
B. People expected that he didn't stand for election.
C. He stood for election as people had expected. D. People didn't expect him to stand for election.
VI. Identify the error in each sentence.
71. Plants absorb water and anchoring themselves in the soil with their roots.
72. In his early days as a direct, Charlie Chaplin produced 62 short, silent comedy films in four years.
73. Among the 44 richest countries, there has been not war since 1945.
74. Young babies prefer the smell of milk to those of other liquids.
75. Dislike the gorilla, the male adult chimpanzee weighs under 200 pounds.
76. Jim didn't have a house and a car, for he was jobless for a long time.
77. To raise livestock successful, farmers must select cattle for breeding and apply a dietary regimen.
78. Although Kate saw no link between the two crimes, but she thought that there was only one
79. Columbus has sailed from Europe in 1492 and discovered a new land he called India.
80. The roles of people in society have changed. and so are the rules of conduct in certain situations.
VII. Read the following passage and choose the correct answers.
Research has indicated that dyslexia has biological origin, and most investigators now suspect that dyslexic
children read poorly as a result of highly specific language problem, sometimes called "phonological
unawareness". Dyslexic children cannot easily learn to read because they have trouble associating printed
letters with the sounds of speech. A similar problem occurs in congenitally deaf people who have mastered the
linguistic complexities and subtleties of sign language but have trouble learning to read .
Evidence also exists suggesting that the root cause for much dyslexia is a problem with processing very rapidly
changing sensory stimuli. For example, studies have shown that dyslexic children have trouble making accurate
distinctions between similar auditory signals. They often cannot hear the difference between speech sounds
such as "pall", "dah" , and "bah". Recently, differences have been noted between the visual pathways of
dyslexics and those of nondyslexics that suggest a comparable problem with fast-changing visual stimuli.
Researchers have also found several other neuroanatomical abnormalities in the temporal lobe and in other
areas of the brain. All of these studies are extremely valuable in helping researchers understand the mechanisms
underlying reading problems so that dyslexic children can be accurately identified and more efficiently helped.
81. What is the main purpose of the passage?
A. To change current ideas about dyslexia. B. To explore the causes of dyslexia.
C. To distinguish between dyslexia and congenital deafness. D. To cite examples of dyslexic
82. According to the passage, "phonological unawareness" means
A. trouble with hearing and sensory stimuli. B. inability to distinguish between auditory
C. problems associating printed letters and sounds. D. abnormalities in the temporal lobe.
83. Where are neuroanatomical abnormalities located?
A. visual stimuli B. visual pathways C. temporal lobe D. mechanism
84. Auditory signals are ones having something to do with __________
A. vision B. body language C. audience D. hearing
85. The author compares the problems of dyslexic children with
A. dyslexic adults. B. the subtleties of sign language.
C. the visual pathways of other dyslexics. D. the problems of congenitally deaf people.
86. The word congenitally is closest in meaning to ________
A. always B. at birth C. temporary D. mentally
87. What can be concluded from the visual pathways of dyslexics and those of no dyslexics?
A. They are the same. B. They are similar in one detail.
C. They are different. D. They cannot be compared.
88. This passage would be of most interest to _______
A. children B. writers C. educators D. scientists
89. What is not true about Dyslexic children?
A. They master linguistic complexities. B. They have difficulty in reading.
C. They have trouble making accurate distinctions between similar auditory signals. D. They need help.
90. The word underlying means ________
A. reasoning B. being the cause of C. hiding D. being the example
VIII. Choose the correct answer to complete the passage.
Good press photographers must have an eye for news, just as journalists must have a nose for good story. They
must be able to (91)__ a story and decide rapidly how they can take (92) __ of the best opportunities to take
pictures. The most difficult part of a press photographer's job is that he or she has to be able to (93)__ a
complicated situation with just one photograph. They rarely have second (94) ___ and must be able to take the
required (95)____ very quickly. Indeed speed is essential if the photographs unlikely to be of any newspaper.
There, Photographers may are not ready (97).___ Most or the printing (96),________ they are very press
photographers begin work with a local is mostly for material of regional interest a lot of unexciting events but to
the(98) ____be expected to photograph (99)_______the enthusiasm to put something special (100)
________every picture.
91. A. transfer B. interpret C. bring D. invent
92. A. profit B. benefit C. advantage D. gain
93. A. sum up B. draw up C. put out D. turn out
94. A. occasions B. possibilités C. moments D. chances
95. A. image B. shot C. scene D. illustration
96. A. deadline B. limitation C. end D. restriction
97. A. role B. achievement C. employment D. use
98. A. demand B. task C. obligation D. duty
99. A. hold on B. stay up C keep up D. carry on
100. A. into B. out of C. from D. within
I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.
1. A. bought B. thought C. plough D. fought
2. A. plenty B. marry C. merry D. heaven
3. A. climb B. find C. tin D. tiny
4. A. pitch B. watch C. butcher D. architect
5. A. rose B. buzz C. please D. rehearse
II. Choose the word whose stress is different.
6. A. associate B. introductory C. continental D. revolutionary
7. A. career B. descent C. cement D. hustle
8. A. demand B. copper C. national D. novelist
9. A. affect B. effect C. defeat D. decent
10. A. impossible B. establish C. manufacture D. perversity
III. Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentences.
11. Some people feel that television should give less __________ to sport.
A. programmers B. coverage C. concern D. involvement
12. If you can't find what you faint in this chapter, look it up in the ______ __
A. reference B. index C. catalogue D. directory
13. People believe there is a ________ between the two crimes.
A. joint B. chain C. link D. connector
14. I can't tell Peter and Paul apart; they are________ twins.
A. similar B. alike C. resemblance D. identical
15. You are not allowed to drive _____the influence ________ alcohol.
A. under/ of B. in / of C. under/ by D. by/ in
16. She was overwhelmed with honor recognition her bravery.
A. with/ of B. on/ in C. by/ about D. in/ of
17. ______exception ______ the little baby, everybody in my family has to jog every morning.
A. With/ to B. With/ of C. In/ of D. By/ on
18. The staff cannot take leaves at the same time. They have to take holidays ____ rotation.
A. on B. under C. by D. in
19. The interviewees are supposed to give their answers to the job offers_______
A. on the spot B. all in all C. beyond the joke D within reach
20. The children often make ________ of Charles. which annoys his parents very much.
A. allowance B. fun C. way D. consideration
21. Bundy beach is _______only from the sea.
A. explainable B. returnable C. stoppable D. accessible
22. It is impossible to ________why so many people go in for that kind of sport.
A. account B. explain C. cause D. reason
23. After making a ________of England, the band is coming again.
A. time B. chance C. tour D. date
24. In conferences, speakers ___________ the audience mainly in English.
A. say B. speak C. talk D. address
25. Have you got any ________ to the present system?
A. change B. replacement C. alteration D. alternative
26. He may be _______ to penicillin, so you should give him some test before giving him a shot.
A. reactive B. allergic C. resistant D. preventive
27. The _________ is the mixture of gases that surrounds any planet or star.
A. atmosphere B. air C. cloud D. hemisphere
28. Language is not ______ the private property of those who use it.
A. properly B. necessarily C. acceptably D. considerably
29. The man ________ at the bird and fired.
A. aimed B. directed C. pointed D. launched
30. They were disappointed when receiving the __________results.
A. unsatisfied B. dissatisfied C. unsatisfactory D. satisfaction
31. He ______ control of the car and it crashed into the wall.
A. let go B. released C. took D. lost
32. It is no good ________ host to such a rude man.
A. to have played B. to play C. playing D. play
33. Did you remember ________ Jenny? No, I forgot.
A. to phone B. phoning C. having phoned D. to have phoned
34. If you have a headache, try _______ an aspirin.
A. to take B. taking C. take D. being taken
35. I was woken by a bell ________
A. ringing B. being ringing C. rang D. to be rung
36. I cannot imagine Helen ________ a motorbike. She is just 12 years old.
A. ride B. to ride C. riding D. on ride
37. The teacher ________the truth, for he looked very angry.
A. should have known B. can know C. must have known D. is known
38. ________ young men do not have good preparation for the job interview
A. Most B. Much C. A great amount of D. A great deal of
39. I ________ the homework by the time you come back.
A. will finish B. have finish C. finish D. will have finished
40. Harry pretended ________ me at the meeting, which made me angry.
A. not to see B. not having seen C. to never see D. not seeing
41. He talks as if he _______ everything about me.
A. knows B. has known C. had known D. knew
42. Although ______ , he has been to more than 30 countries in the world and gained a lot of experience.
A. his young age B. young C. been young D. he was young
43. Not only Linda but also Jim _______down the names for the course in Latin.
A. has put B. have put C. do they put D. are putting
44. Speak slowly _______ everybody can understand you.
A. so as to B. seeing that C. such that D. so that
45. _______ is defined in terms of British Thermal Unit or Btu for short.
A. The heat B. Heat C. It is heat D. Although heat
46. Biologists tell us that the earth has seen 500 million species of animals _____ or so.
A. during the last 3 billion years B. it was during the last 3 billion years
C. while in the last 3 billion years D. since the last 3 billion years
47. The fuel savings _____ by adequate home insulation are very significant.
A. that accomplished B. that can be accomplished
C. can be accomplished D. accomplishing
48. The more distant a star happens to be, the dimmer ________
A. that seems to us B. seems to us C. seeming to us D. it seems to us
49. On September 9, 1950, California was admitted to the Union ______
A. being thirty-first state B. the thirty-first state
C. for the thirty-first state D. as the thirty-first state
50. _______ the sense of smell can provide us with important signals, it is not nearly as useful as hearing.
A. Although B. However C. Still D. Despite
51. I have ________to see such a rude receptionist.
A. never B. yet C. forever D. not
52. Child Care is the _____ child care manual ever written, and its author is a famous pediatrician.
A. widely most read B. most read widely C. most widely read D. read most widely
53. The relative size of an insect's wing is much greater than ________
A. of a bird’s wing B. that of a bird's wing C. a wing of a bird is D. that wing of a bird
54. My brother is an authority ______ Chinese cuisine.
A. over B. at C. in D. on
55. The building ______ walls are made of glass is the place where I used to work.
A. whose B. which C. that D. of which
IV. Choose the sentence that is similar in meaning to the one given.
56. John is fat because he eats so many chips.
A. If John doesn't eat so many chips, he will not be fat. B. If John didn't eat so many chips, he would not be
C. John is fat though he eats so many chips. D. Being fat, John eats so many chips.
57. They built a garage at the end of last year.
A. A garage was in building at the end of last year. B. The building was of the garage at the end of last
C. The garage was built at the end of last year. D. The garage was in built at the end of last year.
58. Susan is sorry that she didn't learn the lesson.
A. Susan wishes she didn't learn the lesson. B. Susan wishes she would learn the lesson.
C. Susan wishes she had learned the lesson. D. Susan is sorry for having learnt the lesson.
59. I was not careful and I met an accident.
A. If I had beer' careful, I wouldn't meet an accident. B. I met an accident because of my carelessness.
C. Being careful, I met an accident. D. Unless I had been careful, I would have met an
60. Bob was angry because we were late.
A. Bob was angry with our being late. B. We were late, that made Bob angry.
C. Bob was not angry although we were late. D. We were late, but Bob did not get angry.
61 All the students must not use the dictionaries.
A. The dictionaries must not being used by students. B. The dictionaries must not be used by students.
C. The dictionaries must be not used by students. D. The dictionaries are not being used by students.
62. "Don't forget to hand in the report, Pete!" said Kate.
A. Kate reminded Pete of handing in the report. B. Kate said that Pete had forgotten to hand in the
C. Kate forgot to hand in the report to Pete. D. Kate reminded Pete to hand in the report.
63. Paula turned up when everybody had gone home.
A. Paula came after everybody went home. B. Paula turned back when everybody went home.
C. Paula returned home with everybody. D. Everybody came before Paula went home.
64. I am sure Helen is playing guitar now.
A. It is certainly for Helen to play guitar now. B. Helen's playing guitar is now certain.
C. Helen must have played guitar. D. Helen must be playing guitar.
65. My uncle didn't recognize me until I spoke.
A. My uncle recognized me not until I spoke. B. Only when my uncle recognized me did I speak.
C. Not until I spoke did my uncle recognize me. D. When I spoke, my uncle didn't recognize me.
V. Identify the error in each sentence.
66. The famous Jim Thorpe won both the pantaloon or decathlon in the 1912 Olympic Games.
67. Knowledges about cultures provides insights into the learned behaviors of groups.
68. The most bulkiest of the poisonous snakes is the diamond backed rattler, which reaches 8 feet 8 inches long.
69. Trees are designed as neither hardwoods or softwoods.
70. Copper was the first metal used by man and is still of strong demand because it is a good conductor of
71. The speed of light varies considerably, depending on the medium through which it is moved.
72. Among bees, the queen is never alone, but is always surrounded by a swarm of workers, whom guard, clean,
feed her.
73. The right to vote was granted to women after only the adoption of the 19th Amendment in 1920.
74. Magnesium is much lighter than steel, so it is wide used in space vehicles and aircraft.
75. The normal credit card has a magnetic strip that holds 1,700 bits of informations.
VI. Choose the most suitable word for each space.
When I first arrived here to take up my new job, I stayed in a hotel, but I soon started looking for some
permanent (76) _____ The first flat I (77) ____ over was in (78)_____ and was obviously extremely damp
in winter. Quite apart from the fact that the only (79) ___ was of a brick wall. Then I had a look at a
small flat in a modern (80)___. It had a (81) _____ space and a garden, but the (82) ____ was far
too high for me. I didn't want to (83) ___ up in a tiny place, so I answered an ad for house-sharing.
The house was in a quiet (84 ) ____, and as soon as I sawpit I fell in love with it. There was a high
overgrown (85) ____ around the front garden, and (86)___ to park cars in the drive. The room to
(87)____ looked out (88)_____ the back garden, and had a big bay window. Although it meant
(89)____ the kitchen and the living room, I did have my own bathroom, really just a shower and
washbasin (90)_____ into what must have once been a cupboard.
76. A. home B. accommodation C. house D. landlords
77. A. passed B. viewed C. came D. looked
78. A. an attic B. a basement C. a cave D. a bed-sit
79. A. view B. entrance C. distance D. bathroom
80. A tower B. department C. block D. square
81. A. living B. breathing C. working D. parking
82. A. lift B. roof C. area D. rent
83. A. end B. live C. shut D. pay
84. A. surroundings B. neighborhood C. context D. premises
85. A. fence B. bush C. hedge D. lawn
86. A. room B. permission C. areas D. place
87. A. let B. myself C. pay D. luckily
88. A. in B. over C. at D. for
89. A. without B. in C. sharing D. having
90. A. poured B. crowded C. cluttered D. crammed
VII. Read the following passage and choose the correct answers.
Most people can remember a phone number for up to thirty seconds. When this short amount of time
elapses, however, the numbers are erased from the memory. How did the information get there in the first
place? Information that makes its way to the short term memory (STM) does so via the sensory storage area.
The brain has a filter which only allows stimuli that is of immediate interest to pass on to the STM, also known
as the working memory.
There is much debate about the capacity and duration of the short term memory. The most accepted theory
comes from George A. Miller, a cognitive psychologist who suggested that humans can remember
approximately seven chunks of information. A chunk is defined as a meaningful unit of information, such as a
word or name rather than just a letter or number. Modern theorists suggest that one can increase the capacity of
the short term memory by chunking or classifying similar information together. By organizing information, one
can optimize the STM, and improve the chances of a memory being passed on to long term storage.
When making a Conscious effort to memorize something, such as information for an exam, many people
engage in "rote rehearsal". By repeating something over and over again, we are able to keep a memory alive.
Unfortunately, this type of memory maintenance only succeeds if there are no interruptions. As soon as a person
stops rehearsing the information, it has the tendency to disappear. When a pen and paper are not handy, you
might attempt to remember a phone number by repeating it aloud. If the doorbell rings or the dog barks to come
in before you get the opportunity to make your phone call, you will forget the number instantly. Therefore, rote
rehearsal is not an efficient way to pass information from the short term to long term memory. A better way is
to practice "elaborate rehearsal". This involves assigning semantic meaning to a piece of information so that it
can be filed along with other pre-existing long term memories.
Encoding information semantically also makes it more retrievable. Retrieving information can be done by
recognition or recall. Humans can recall memories that are stored in the long term memory and used often.
However, if a memory seems to be forgotten, it may eventually be retrieved by prompting. The more cues a
person is given (such as pictures), the more likely a memory can be retrieved. This is why multiple choice tests
are often used for subjects that require a lot of memorization.
9 1 . According to the passage, how do memories get transferred to the STM?
A. They revert from the long term memory. B. They are filtered from the sensory storage area.
C. They get chunked when they enter the brain. D. They enter via the nervous system.
92. The word "elapses" in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to________
A. passes B. adds up C. appears D. continues
93. All of the following are mentioned as places in which memories are stored EXCEPT the______
A. STM B. long term memory C. sensory storage area D. maintenance area
94. Why does the author mention a dog's bark?
A. It is a type of memory. B. It is a type of interruption.
C. Dogs have better memories than humans. D. A dog's bark is similar to a doorbell.
95. What is paragraph 2 mainly about?
A. George A. Miller B. Cognitive theorists C. STM capacity D. Modern debates
96. How do theorists believe a person can remember more information in a short time?
A. By organizing it. B. By repeating it. C. By giving it a name. D. By drawing it.
97. The author believes that rote rotation is__________
A. the best way to remember something B. more efficient than chunking
C. ineffective in the long run D. an unnecessary interruption
98. The word "it" in the first sentence of the last paragraph refers to________
A. encoding B. STM C. semantics D. information
99. The word "elaborate" in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to________
A. complex B. efficient C. pretty D. regular
100. Which of the following is NOT supported by the passage?
A. The working memory is the same as the short term memory.
B. A memory is kept alive through constant repetition.
C. Cues help people to recognize information. D. Multiple choice exams are the most difficult.
I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.
1. A. denial B. destiny C. beware D. delay
2. A. sure B. shore C. seaside D. shell
3. A. gather B. father C. hat D. marriage
4. A. boot B. book C. hook D. foot
5. A. cousin B. pizza C. sneeze D. physical
II. Choose the word whose stress is different.
6. A. smokeless B. Nigeria C. variety D. minority
7. A. militant B. papal C. carriage D. dispose
8. A. library B. history C. philosophy D. cancel
9. A. trigonometry B. academic C. biology D. capability
10. A. accessibility B. mathematician C. preferential D. environmental
III. Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentences.
11. A. scientists B. inventors C. decorators. D. discoverers
12. A. kind-hearted B. benevolent C. gentle D. attractive
13. A. outrun B. exceed C. overtake D. outnumber
14. A. essential B. influential C. crucial C. necessary
15. A. friendly B. surely C. merrily D. completely
IV. Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentences.
16. Samuel Adams argued that to live in a truly free and noble state the people permitted to vote.......... even to
the point of including women.
A. would be larger B. should larger C. should be increased D. is
17. The Boston Marathon …… every April on Patriot's Day to commemorate the Battles of Lexington and
A. is run B. ran C. run D. running
18. It is years since I .............. Tina.
A. have seen B. see C. had seen D. saw
19. I asked my father why he............... to this city, but he couldn't answer.
A. moving B. had moved C. will move D. has moved
20. ...... in 1939, the Borne Bridge spans the Cod Canal and is one of the many grand projects of the
Depression era.
A. complete B. completed C. completing D. completes
21. Can you find a place ............... is suitable for all of us?
A. which B. where C. in which D. when
22. We really want to book another holiday in Cotswold ........... the last trip was not a success.
A. which B. because C. although D. despite
23. Kate, ............ I studied with in the secondary school, is now a famous surgeon.
A. that B. who C. girl D. whom
24. Dry farming is a type of agriculture used in areas ……….. less than 20 inches of rainfall.
A. there are B. in which is C. where there is D. which has
25. Candles …… from beeswax burn with a very clean fame.
A. are made B. making C. which make D. made
26. Though I tried hard I could not keep ............ with the other runners.
A. face B. place C. pace D. lace
27. You shouldn’t _______ fun of hose orphans who are very sensitive
A. take B. make C. get D. lose
28. The police are trying to put an end ........... the motorbike race among teenagers.

A. to B. in C. for D. with
29. After years of war, we tried to ............. in touch with our relatives.
A. lose B. maintain C. do D. get
30. I have no difficulty in .................. good use of the plans you have prepared.
A. taking B. making C. getting D. putting
31. Most of the theories on left-hand traffic are................
A. opposing B. opponent C. confronting D. conflicting
32. When Bonaparte ............ , he made right-hand traffic the law of the land.
A. pushed along B. came across C. got over D. came along
33. We have discussed this problem at some .........., but have not found out the solution.
A. time B. energy C. length D. distance
34. Just ............ to the right and you we will see the City Theatre. You-can't miss it.
A. go B. bear C. move D. pass
35. The American reversed the custom of driving on the left due to their.................
A. decidedly B. sanguineness C. convenient D. perversity
36. The Westerner are not................... using chopsticks.
A. used by B. used to C. accustomed D. familiar
37. The closer we are to our trip to Boston, the my students become.
A. more exciting B. more excited C. more excitement D. more excite
38. One purpose ................ to make up for money spent in the French and Indian War.
A. of the Stamp Act which was B. of the Stamp Act
C the Stamp Act D. of the Stamp Act was
39. If you are with people you don't know well, you have to ask for .......... before lighting up a cigarette.
A. allowance B. specialty C. protection D. permission
40. When a man is introduced to a woman, shaking hands .............. the woman.
A. is up B. depends on C. is for D. needs
41. I met............. that I decided to book the room right away.
A. such nice receptionist B. so nice a receptionist
C. a nice receptionist D. a receptionist so nice
42. ............... get older, the games they play become increasingly complex.
A. Children B. Children, when they C. As children D. For children to
43. Rarely ............ last longer than an hour.
A. do tornados B. tornados C. tornados that D. tornados do
44. No large ............... lakes are found in the state of South Carolina.
A. natural B. habitual C. environmental D. atmospheric
45. I don't think the house is worth the................ they are asking.
A. price B. cost C. value D. money
46. He has driven ............. to get this village.
A. five hundreds of miles B. five hundreds miles C. five hundred of miles D. five hundred miles
47. One of the best-known ............ of Isaac Newton is the gravitation.
A. discoveries B. initiatives C. progresses D. inventions
48. Your picture is ............. to the picture in my bedroom.
A. same B. identical C. familiar D. resembling
49. If you make that mistake again, you will be sacked.................
A. out of order B. in the meantime C. on the spot D. within reach
50. My son has............out of the sweater I bought for him last autumn.
A. brought B. grown C. developed D. moved
51. I have worked with Harry for nearly 10 years, but I rarely get ............... him.
A. on for B. on with C. along to D. round to
52. When the day to go to work gets nearer, the new employees usually have fearful ............ in their minds.
A. thinking B. reason C. prospects D. excuses
53. The ............. of the World War II was one of the factors to lead to the women's liberation movement.
A. advent B. arrival C. departure D. reaching
54. Most teachers are prone...................backache and sore throat.
A. for B. to C. at D. with
55. The laser .............. will attack the cancer cells and leave the healthy ones unharmed.
A. lights B. ray C. sparks D. beams
V. Choose the sentence that is similar in meaning to the one given.
56. The paper must have been written by Katie.
A. Katie must write the paper. B. It was Katie who writes the paper.
C. The paper must be written by Katie. D. Certainly Katie wrote the paper.
57. Unless you have tickets you can't come in.
A. You can't come in provided that you have tickets. B. You can come in provided that you have tickets.
C. If you didn't have tickets. you couldn't come in. D. Unless you don't have tickets, you can come in.
58. Even though some events were cancelled, thousands of people attended the festival.
A. No matter how many people attended the festival, some events were canceled.
B. In spite some cancelled events, thousands of people attended the festival.
C. As some events were cancelled, thousands of people attended the festival.
D. Despite the cancellation of some events, thousands of people attended the festival.
59. There's no water left. I'm afraid.
A. I'm afraid we have run out of water. B. I'm afraid we are running out water.
C. Water is running out of, I am afraid. D. Only water is left, I am afraid.
60. According to some people.. the sinking of the Titanic was the captain's fault.
A. According to some people, the captain was to blame for the sinking of the Titanic.
B. Some people were blamed for the sinking of the Titanic.
C. The Titanic sank due to the captain was at fault.
D. Some people put the blame to the captain about the sinking of the Titanic.
61. They regret ever moving into that house.
A. They hoped they wouldn't move into that house. B. They wish they had not moved into that house.
C. If only they didn't move into that house. D. They think that they should have moved into that
62.I didn't speak to Teri because I didn't see her there.
A. If I saw Teri, I would speak to her. B. If I had seen Teri, I would have spoken to her.
C. Although I spoke to Teri, I didn't see her. D. I saw Teri so that I could speak to her.
63. It is terribly difficult for me to swim against the powerful current.
A. It is terribly difficult swimming against the powerful current.
B. I have difficulty swimming against the powerful current.
C. The powerful current is terribly difficult to swim.
D. Swimming against the powerful current is of difficult.
64. Scarcely had he got out of the house when it started raining.
A. He got out of the house after it started raining. B He had no sooner got out of the house when it started
C. He was getting out of the house when it started raining. D. it started raining right after he got out of the
65. Why didn't you send me the brochure?' Mr. William asked the agent.
A. Mr. William asked the agent why she didn't send him the brochure.
B. Mr. William asked the agent to send him the brochure.
C. Mr. William asked the agent not to send him the brochure.
D. Mr. William asked the agent why she had not sent him the brochure.
VI. Identify the error in each sentence.
66. In 1872, Congress declared that Yellowstone to be the first national park.
67. Farming now use 10 percent of the earth's land area to produce food
68. Ozone is extremely active chemically and succeeds in damaging any vegetation they comes in contact with.
69. In the past, some of the most highly stressed areas in education was the moral improvement of students.
70. Powdered instant coffee was on the market, in some form and another, long before the World War II.
71. The natural conditions in the U.S. which most affecting manufacturers are factory power and labor supply.
72. In process of photosynthesis, all green plants absorb carbon dioxide gas in the manufacture of food.
72. In the 1840s, Joseph Henry made important discovery in electromagnetism.
73. Uncle Sam is a nickname which was used during the War first of 1812 to represent the U.S. Government
and the
American people.
74. Cocoa pods grow on the trunk and branch of the tree.
VII. Choose the correct answers to fill in the blanks:
When faced with some new and possibly bewildering technological change, most people react in one of two
(76) ............. They either recoil from anything new, claiming that it is unnecessary, or too (77) ………. or that it
somehow makes life less than (78)............Or they learn to (79) ……. to the new invention, and eventually
(80)............ how they could possibly have existed without it. (81)..................... computers as an example. For
many of us, they still represent a (82).......... to our freedom, and give us. a frightening sense of a future in which
all (83)............will be taken by machines. This may be because they seem mysterious, and difficult to
understand. Ask most people what you can (84)...........a home computer for, and you usually get (85) …………
answers about how "they give you information". In fact, even those of sum who are familiar with computers.
and use them in our daily work, have very little idea of how they (86)................ But it does not take long to
learn how to operate a business programme, even if things occasionally go wrong for no apparent reason.
Presumably. much the same happened when the telephone and the television became (87) ………… What
seems to alarm most people is the speed of (88)..........change, rather than change itself. And the (89).............that
are made to new technology may well have a point to them, since change is not always an improvement. As we
discover during power cuts, there is a lot to be said for the oil lamp , the coal fire, and forms of entertainment.
such as books or board games, that don't have to he (90)................. in to work.
76. A. moments B. kinds C. ways D. types
77. A. complicated B. much C. obscure D. tiresome
78. A. formerly B. lively C. personal D. human
79. A. adapt B. react C. conform D. use
80. A. decide B. wonder C. suppose D. admit
81. A. Discuss B. Propose C. Take D. Thus
82. A. hazard B. risk C. control D. threat
83. A. measures B. decisions C. chances D. instructions
84. A. run B. apply C. learn D. use
85. A. vague B. search C. up with D. hundreds
86. A. are B. work C. manage D. consist
87. A. in existence B. widespread C. through D. extensive
88. A. future B. machinery C. physical D. technological
89. A. objections B. appliances C. criticisms D. fears
90. wired B. batteries C. plugged D. connected
VIII. Choose the correct answers to fill in the blanks:
(91).............350 million people speak English as their first language. About the same (92)............. use it as a
second language. It is the language of aviation, international sport, and world trade. It is an official language in
44 countries. In many (93) ............ it is the language of business, commerce and technology. There are many
(94)...........of English, but Scottish. Texan, Australian, Indian, Jamaican speakers of English,(95)................ the
differences in pronunciation, structure, and vocabulary, would recognize that they are all speaking the same
basic language.
91. A. Along B. Apart C. Approximately D. Most
92. A. quantity B. number C. figure D. sum
93. A. others B. other C. another D. other's
94. A. varies B. variant C. varieties D. variations
95. A. in spite B. although C. no matter what D. despite
IX. Read the passage and choose the correct answers.
The main purpose of a resume is to convince an employer to grant you an interview. There are two kinds. One
is the familiar 'tombstone' that lists where you went to school and where you've worked in chronological order.
The other is what I call the 'functional' resume – descriptive, fun to read, unique to you and much more likely to
land you an interview. It's handy to have a 'tombstone' for certain occasions. But prospective employers
throw away most of those unrequited 'tombstone' lists, preferring to interview the quick rather than
the dead. What follows are tips on writing a functional resume that will get read – a résumé that will
make you come alive and look interesting to employers.
Put yourself first: In order to write a resume others will read with enthusiasm, you have to feel important about
Tell what you can do, not who you are: Practice translating your personality traits, character, accomplishments
and achievements into skill areas in the world of work.
Toot your own horn! Many people clutch when asked to think about their abilities. Some think they have none
at all! But everyone does, and one of yours may just be the ticket, an employer would be glad to punch of only
you show it.
Be specific, be concrete, and be brief !
Turn bad news into good: Everybody has had disappointments in work. If you have to mention yours, look for
the positive side.
Never apologize: If you're returning to the work force after fifteen years as a parent, simply write a short
paragraph in place of a chronology of experience. Don't apologize for
working at being a mother; it's the hardest job of all. If you have no special training or higher education, just
don't mention education.
How to psych yourself up: The secret is to think about the self before you start writing about yourself. Take
four or five hours off, not necessarily consecutive, and simply write down every accomplishment in your life
that made you feel effective. Study the list and try to spot patterns. As you study your list. you will come closer
to the meaning: identifying your marketable skills. Once you discover patterns. give names to your cluster of
accomplishments. It may take four drafts or more, and several weeks, before you are ready to show it to a
stranger for a reaction. When you are satisfied, print it.
96. We list the schools we attended and the offices where we worked in _______
A. a list of tips B. a tombstone resume C. a functional resume D. an interview
97. The advantage of a functional résumé to a tombstone one is that________
A. it makes you feel important B. it may help you look active and interesting to employers
C. it shows all your achievements D. it gives a short summary of you
98. Which of the followings is not the tip mentioned in the reading?
A. be specific B. never say sorry C. feel important of yourself D. tell who you
99. We shouldn't apologize for working at being a mother because ________
A. you have a special training B. it is the hardest job
C. the employer wouldn't listen to you D. its not good to share experience
100. Before printing a resume, you should ________
A. spend more days reading it. B. make a photocopy of it.
C. make a summary of the background D. show it to a stranger for reaction
I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.
1. A. natural B. strand C. caress D. cattle
2. A. sense B. transit C. necessary D. advertise
3. A. dishonest B. hour C. horrible D. honorable
4. A. fear B. beard C. cheerful D. pear
5. A. bottom B. caution C. nought D. fall
II. Choose the word whose stress is different.
6. A. characteristic B. environmental C. documentary D. sophisticated
7. A. abstract B. cater C. career D. access
8. A. cartoon B. typhoon C. hurricane D. beloved
9. A. opinion B. appropriate C. miracle D. miraculous
10. A. audience B. entrance C. definite D. suppress
III. Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentences.
11. We rarely have our porters.
A. to carry B. carried C. carry D. been carried
12. I think your teeth need ..................
A. examined B. examine C. to examine D. examining
13. We heard it ………… that Lola has got married.
A. say B. saying C. said D. to be said
14. The richer you are, .....................
A. the more worried you may become B. the more worry you may become
C. the more you may become worried D. you may become more worried
15. I like playing tennis in summer....................
A. So am I B. I do, too C. I like either D. I do to
16. Could you please tell me......................
A. where my uncle's room B. where is my uncle’s room
C. where does my uncle's room D. where my uncle’s room is
17. that we all went for a picnic..................
A. So fine the weather B. Such a fine weather was it
C. So fine was the weather D. It was such a fine weather
18. Not for a moment.......................the truth of the case.
A. did he doubt B. he did doubt C. he doubted D. was he doubting
19. I enjoying walking to school, but on rainy days I going by bus.
A. prefer B. would rather C. resort D. commit
20. A young man was standing outside the church...................out leaflets.
A. handing B. giving C. bringing D. putting
21. Paul was too tired ................the last lap of the race.
A. to finish B. finishing C. to have finished D. that he could not finish
22. Why.................... to the city to look for a better job?
A. don't move B. not moving C. not to move D. not move
23. Pilots are supposed to ask English at any international airport.
A. instruction landing B. landing with instructions C. landing instructions D. instructions which
24. It is four months................ I left my hometown.
A. since B. when C. after D. until
25................ , 70 percent alcohol is more effective than 100 percent alcohol.
A. An antiseptic used B. When used as an antiseptic
C. An antiseptic when used D. How an antiseptic is used
26. Mark Twain began his career on a newspaper be a journalist.
A. himself long considered B. long considered himself
C. long considering himself D. was long himself considered
27. The name Canada is derived from the Iroquoian Indian word `Kanata' ............... a village or community.
A. means B. meaning C. it means D. to mean
28. You should have put............ to that ridiculous relationship.
A. an effort B. an advantage C. a favour D. an end
29. The police should take.............soon, or there will be a riot.
A. function B. deeds C. action D. performance
30. This proverb is.............common than those ones.
A. less B. little C. much D. as
31. You ought to know that these buttons cannot be pressed
A. under no circumstances B. at mo time C. before D. under any circumstances
32. The man who answered the phone …………. My brother for I have no brother
A. can't be B. must’s have been C. can't have been D. shouldn’t be
33. You.................make noise in class.
A. ought not B. shouldn’t have C. are supposed not to D. will not
34 ...................was a liar.
A. Anyone that told you that story B. Who told you that story
C. Those who told you that story D. Someone who told you
35. Ex-smokers often show their ......... to smokers due to their great effort and success.
A. militancy B. pride C. gesture D. behavior
36. I haven't come................any name for my little puppy.
A. up with B. up against C. upon D. away
37. Chris's father could not afford to send him to school because he was.......... high spirit
A. in B. at loss C. on approval. D. indebt
38. Medicine should be kept................... reach of children.
A. within B. under C. out of D. off
39. While everybody else in class prefers working in groups, Mina likes working ..........
A. on herself B. on her own C. of her own D. with herself
40. One of the side-effects of this medicine is ……………
A. infertility B. fertilization C. fertilizer D. fertility
41. Ploughing along the contour of the hills is to prevent....................
A. rotation B. preservation C. congestion D. erosion
42. Working too late at night may............. in fatigue.
A. result B. lead C. transfer D. come down
43. Many scientists ........... all their lives to working out answers to problems.
A. send B. promote C. spend D. devote
44. Surgeons now can do miracles to the physical ......... which used to be untreatable.
A. wrongdoings B. malfunctions C. abnormalities D. conditions
45. Vietnamese is a difficult language .............
A. mastering B. for master C. to be mastered D. in mastering
46. ........... is a poison when ingested above trace amounts.
A. It is lead B. Lead C. The lead D. That lead
47. Noise is known ............ constriction of the smaller arteries.
A. causing B. cause C. causes D. to cause
48. After World War I, Hollywood emerged.............the movie capital of the world.
A. as B. like C. such as D. in
IV. Choose the sentence that is similar in meaning to the one given.
49. You are supposed to dress yourself now.
A. It is supposed that you dress yourself. B. You must dress yourself now.
C. It is time you dressed yourself. D. You are going to dress yourself.
50. Sam speaks Chinese well and his Japanese is good too.
A. Not only Chinese but also Japanese Sam is good at.
B. Sam is good at either Chinese or Japanese.
C. Sam not only speaks Chinese Well but also is good at Japanese.
D. Not only does Sam speak Chinese but also Japanese.
51. Success in the academic field depends on your number of qualification's.
A. The more success you are in academic field, the more qualifications you have.
B. The more qualifications you have. the more successful you are in academic field.
C. You are successful in academic field, so you have more qualifications.
D. Your number of qualifications is a result of your success in academic field.
52. This is the first time I've made such a stupid mistake.
A. Never before have I made such a stupid mistake. B. I had never made a stupid mistake.
C. The first mistake I made was a stupid one. D. I first made a stupid mistake.
53. Flooding in this region was the result of heavy rain.
A. Heavy rain resulted in flooding in this region. B. Flooding in this region was the cause of the heavy
C. Heavy rain causes flooding in this region. D. Because of flooding in this region, there was heavy
54. He left a message so that I could know where to find him.
A. I could know where to find him, so he left a message. B. He left a message, because I knew where to find
C. He left a message which I knew where to find. D. I could know where to find him thanks to the message he
55. His car has just been stolen.
A. He has his car stolen. B. He has just had his car stolen.
C. He had had his car stolen. D. He has got someone steal his car.
56. Jane can swim further than I do.
A. I cannot swim as further as Jane. B. I can't swim further than Jane.
C. I can't swim as far as Jane. D. I can swim less far than Jane.
57. I regret giving Dennis my phone number.
A. If only I had given Dennis my phone number. B. I wish I could give Dennis my phone number.
C. If only I had not given Dennis my phone number. D. I should given Dennis my phone number.
58. We lost the game because of my mistake.
A. It was because of my mistake that we didn't win the game. B. My mistake was to lose the game.
C. If I had made a mistake, the game would not have been lost. D. The game was lost, which was a mistake.
V. Identify the error in each sentence.
59. Mike used to work for us, but he once argued with my wife or quit his job.
60. Ginger is three time as hot as cumin, but not as hot as chili powder.
61. Children will walk at about the same age whether or no they are taught by their parents
62. Charcoal is odorless and tastelessness, and has the ability to absorb a large quantity of gas.
63. Ants find their way by following scent laid down by their previous ants.
64. He was so careless that he left the work half doing and went to the cinema.
65. His irresponsibility is endangered his career as a doctor.
66. It was unfair that the new students were given so low marks.
67. If not his father's help, Bill couldn't have repaired the roof.
68. As soon as they were seated, the man began to whisper among themselves.
69. Now humans are damaging the ozone layer for the first time.
70. Don't go out for lunch until you finished typing these letters.
71. Each star has a predominant color, which depend on its surface temperature
72. The distribution of copper, like that of gold, does not appear to be related to any particularly type of rock
73. At no time she could understand what he really wanted to say.
VI. Choose the best answer to complete the passage
Sitting in front of your computer screen in the comfort of your own home, it is easy to (74)............ safe and
secure as you browse on-line and send mails to friends. Even professionals, (75)........................,need to take
certain precautions as there are some quite unpleasant individuals (76)................. there. Begin by making
(77).......... a rule never to give out details of where you live to anyone (78) are absolutely sure
you can (79)...... that person. The same is for any stranger who asks you for your phone number: if in
(80)............, just say 'no'. Never arrange (81)........ someone you have previously only communicated with
online if you are (82)............. completely sure about them. If you do agree to meet, (83)........….. friends or
family where you are going so that they can help you in time.
74. A. be B. feel C. get D. go
75. A. though B. moreover C. consequently D. than
76. A. out B. in C. off D. from
77. A. this B. it C. them D. yourself
78. A. if B. unless C. as D. while
79. A. believe B. rely C. trust D. entrust
80. A. delay B. thought C. all D. doubt
81. A. to meet B. meet C. meeting D. to be met
82. A. no B. hardly C. not D. never
83. A. tell B. say to C. warn D. announce
VII. Read the following passage and answer the questions.
Wartime inevitably advanced the cause of women's right – women became indispensable as workers
outside home, as they had to keep the factories and government machinery running while the men went out to
fight. They were allowed into new areas of employment and were conceded new degrees of responsibility. In
1918 they got the vote. Again, during the Second World War, state nurseries were built on a considerable scale
to enable women to hold on to their gains. Men reclaimed their jobs, and women were forced back into the
home and confined to their traditionally low-paid, menial and supportive forms of work. The government
closed down most of the nurseries.
Theories about maternal deprivation emerged – women who had been told it was patriotic to go out to
work during the war were now told that their children would suffer if they did not stay at home. Little
progress was made for the next two decades.
84. Wars got women to work _______
A. in industry B. in industry and politics C. in factories and with machines D. in
85. Women were able to go out to work because
A. they were given responsibilities B. they were given the right to vote
C. nurseries could take good care of their children D. the Second World War broke out
86. The word indispensable means ________
A. efficient B. hard-working C. essential D. low-paid
87. Nurseries were closed down because ________
A. men reclaimed their work B. women were deprived of the right to vote
C. Women were expected to stay at home to look after their children
D. women had low-paid jobs and could not afford nurseries
88. The word confined means _________
A. limited B. defined C. given D. provided
89. During the war women's going out to work was described as __________
A. considerable B. courageous C. offensive D. patriotic
90. Twenty years after the Second World War, ________
A. nothing much changed B. things changed dramatically
C. women had to suffer D. women were told to be more patriotic
VIII. Choose the best answers to fill in the blanks.
Nowadays there is a (91) ................ of career opportunities in the media. It is possible to study journalism at
most universities, (92).............. offer optional courses in reporting (93).............. sports and entertainment.
Newer degrees in media studies, which were (94)................ as recently as ten years ago, (95) ...........
enthusiastic students from ail over the country. Some graduates prefer to work in (96)……… as it allows them
to use their (97)……… .in the production of increasingly sophisticated TV and press advertisements.
Unfortunately, (98)………… graduates find work easily as there is (99)………… a lot of unemployment in the
media industry, (100)……… things are improving.
91. A. variety B. variation C. variability D. variant
92. A. many B. many of them C. many of which D. who
93. A. in B. on C. at D. for
94. A. unwilling B. incapable C. untruthful D. unavailable
95. A. draw B. attract C. arouse D. provoke
96. A. advertisement B. advertisers C. advertising D. ads
97. A. creator B. creativity C. creation D. recreation
98. A. not all B. not C. not any D. none
99. A. still B. even C. readily D. lastly
100. A. otherwise B. or C. though D. but
I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.
1. A. portrait B. painting C. railings D. complaint
2. A. modern B. moped C. modified D. molecule
3. A. bulldog B. Cuba C. duty D. mutual
4. A. process B. possess C. business D. misspell
5. A. ghost B. hostage C. lost D. frosty
II. Choose the word whose stress is different.
6. A. intensity B. investigate C. intimacy D. vicinity
7. A. available B. solidify C. significant D. inventory
8. A. religious B. technician C. specific D. triangle
9. A. ethical B. behavior C. economy D. exclude
10. A. interfere B. referee C. intolerant D. introduce
III. Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentences.
11. Computers have…………..banking.
A. revolved B. revolutionary C. revolutionized D. revolution
12. The competition was televised……………..from the stadium.
A. live B. life C. alive D. living
13. You are supposed not to ………….. old people when they are speaking.
A. invade B. penetrate C. interfere D. interrupt
14. We are sorry for the flight ………….. The flight PA 201 will depart as soon as possible.
A. postpone B. put-off C. delay D. hesitation
15. Ms. Jones has just ………………a daughter. She has no child of her own.
A. adopted B. adapted C. granted D. taken on
16. Years ago, we were not………….of the second-hand smoke.
A. conscious B. known C. beware D. aware
17. ………….., you went to the same high school with me.
A. Surprise B. Surprised C. Surprisingly D. At surprise
18. What a. ……….. ! I have left the umbrella at home and now it starts raining.
A. sorry B. regret C. complaint D. shame
19. It is ………. that everybody leave the hotel at once.
A. difficult B. imperative C. certain D. likely
20. After the dinner, we realized that the vegetables had been left ………….
A. intact B remained C. maintained D. untouched
21. She took the boy ………. the arm and led him …………the street.
A. by/ across B in/ to C. on/ across D. with/ round
22. One symptom………..tuberculosis is fever.
A. to B. in C. of D. from
23. Tina will quit the position. so we have to find someone to ………
A. be replaced B. take after her C. take her place D. alternate her
24. Well, after …………. your letter, we decided to give you an interview.
A. having read B. had read C. being read D. we have read
25. The police wanted the papers ………… by noon
A. typing B. was typed C. being typed D. to be typed
26. "Which blouse do you like best?" + "The one ………………..
A. I tried it on first B. I tried it on firstly C. I tried on it first D. I tried on first
27. As a ………. ,everybody can have 10 days off a year. but Jane is an exception; She can have more than 12.
A. law B. principle C. fact D. rule
28. I wish you ……….. talking loudly. ! am trying to work.
A. should stop B. had stopped C. would stop D. stop
29. My brother saw you ……. … in a fast-food restaurant last Tuesday.
A. to work B. worked C. being working D. working
30. Kate ………….. 10 comedies this summer.
A. has watched B. had watched C. will have watched D. watched
31. I am very busy. Don't disturb me………….it is urgent.
A. while B. unless C. if D. since
32. We decided to call off the match…………the heavy rain.
A. despite B. with regard to C. but for D. on account of
33. His mobile phone is on the shelf, se he…………….. be here.
A. can't B. should C. need to D. must
34. Unless …….. . I would have been working for that deceitful company.
A. I had known the truth B. I hadn't known
C. I learn the truth D. it had not been for the truth
35. We had to walk upstairs, because the lift was ………
A. out of order B. out of reach C. out of work D. out of focus
36. My teacher always insists ……going…….. details of the accident.
A. in/ for B. into/ on C. at/ over D. on/ into
37. My boss always trusts me……………….
A. with getting reports check B. in getting reports to be checked
C. with getting reports checked D. in getting checked reports
38. I was………. to follow my father's career, a lawyer.
A. decided B. resolute C. insisting D. determined
39. There has been a(n) ………..of hip-hop dancing in the city.
A. achievement B. preference C. tendency D. reference
40. The train was……………. by four armed men dressed in black.
A. robbed up B. broken off C. held up D. turned around
41. Most young people now tend to be………… their parents.
A. immune to B. independent of C. liable to D. suitable for
42. Doctors are to make…………… and pharmacists fill them in.
A. descriptions B. commitment C. explanations D. prescriptions
43. A lot of diseases are still …………………
A. incurable B. untreated C. illogical D. fragile
44. ………….. you can do Maths well and I can't.
A. hate that B. hate it that C. feel hate D. find it hated
45. He has a fiery …………..and easily gets angry.
A. temper B. character C. feature D. behavior
46. The number of footballers …………. for the last ten years.
A. has increased B. was increasing C. have increased D. were increasing
47. Let's go swimming,………………
A. will you B. don't we C. shall we D. are you
48. Helen is considered ……………the first member of the local Dentistry Association.
A. being B. to be C. been D. as being
49. The Smiths' lorry………..on a motorway between the two states.
A. stopped up B. was out of work C. broke down D. ran down
50. If you happen …………..where Joey lives, you should tell us.
A. know B. to know C. knowing D. to have known ill
IV. Choose the sentence that is similar in meaning to the one given..
51. Sarah has never been to a circus before, and neither have I.
A. Either Sarah or I have been to a circus before. B. None of us have been to a circus before.
B. Neither Sarah nor I have been to a circus before. D. Both Sarah and I have not been to a circus before.
52. You needn't have brought a laptop.
A. You should have brought a laptop. C. It was not necessary to bring a laptop, but you did.
B. You didn't need to bring a laptop. D. It was not necessary to bring a laptop, and you didn't bring it.
53. Not until I met Jack did I get some news about you.
A. I didn't get any news about you until I met Jack. B. Jack shouldn't have told me news about you.
C. Until I met Jack I got some news about you. D. AS soon as I got news about you, I met Jack.
54. As she became more famous, it was more difficult for her to avoid paparazzi.
A. Being famous means avoiding paparazzi.
B. The more she became famous, the more it was difficult for her to avoid paparazzi.
C. It was more difficult for her to avoid paparazzi though she became more famous.
D. The more famous she became, the more difficult it was for her to avoid paparazzi.
55. The film was more interesting than I had expected.
A. I had expected the film to be more interesting. B. The film was not less interesting than I had
C. I had not expected the film to be so interesting. D. The film I had expected was interesting.
56. It's a pity that you cannot come to the party.
A. I hope you will come to the party. B. If only you could come to the party.
C. I wish you had come to the party. D. Your corning to the party is a pity.
57. Maria drove out of town after leaving a note for me.
A. Leaving a note for me, then Maria drove out of town. B. Having left a note for me, Maria drove out of
C. Driving out of town, Maria left a note for me. D. Before Maria left a note for me, she drove out of
58. I got on a train and it didn't stop in Chelsea.
A. The train I got on did not stop in Chelsea. B. The train stopped in Chelsea, where I got on.
C. I got on a train which stopped in Chelsea. D. I didn't stop a train in Chelsea.
59. Ring me at 8pm, for I won't come home until then.
A. I will come home after 8pm, so don't ring me. B. You shouldn't ring me at 8pm, when I will come
C. It was 8pm that I came home and rang you. D. You can't ring me until 8pm, because I won't be at home
before that.
60. They said that Paula had quit five jobs before working for us.
A. Paula was said that she had quit five jobs before working for us.
B. They said that five jobs had been quit by Paula before working for us.
C. Paula worked for us then she quit five other jobs.
D. It was said that Paula had quit five jobs before working for us.
V. Identify the error in each sentence.
61. Only when the teacher phoned me that I knew the truth about my son.
62. Most people are surprising to see how rapidly bacteria can multiply under favorable
63. Without water, food, shelter and clothing, person could not survive a prolonged exposure to the elements.
64. Tides are caused by the gravitational interaction between heavenly body.
65. She was anxious about the interview because she failed three interviews before
66. Saccharin, made from toluene, is about 350 times as sweeter as sugar.
67. In some areas of the city, it has against the law to ride a motorcycle without a helmet.
68. A little land animals live in the polar regions which are covered with snow year round.
69. A dolphin, often called a 'porpoise', is considered to be one of the bright among animals.
70. The soil and climate in the tropics are not suitable producing large quantities of grain
71. Some species of bats are dormant each days and active every night.
72. Paper was expensive during the Middle Ages that it had to be used sparingly.
73. He never allows us entering the room which is on the second floor.
74. You should have explained the lesson enough slowly for the students to understand it.
75. It is three months since Jane married Bob, that she had met on the trip to Cairo.
VI. Choose the best answer to fill in each blank.
Teenagers need mobile phones. whatever their parents may say. For many young people a mobile is (76)……
just a status symbol, helping to build their self- confidence; it also (77)….. them with an essential link to
friends. As quickly it becomes clear from watching their social behavior, teenagers want to communicate with
(78)…. another practically all the time. And there is (79) … better means of doing so than by text messaging,
(80)…… has one great advantage: privacy. The text message is silent, (81)……….. pupils can send it in the
classroom during lesson, making it the 21st century equivalent (82)…….. passing a note under the desk. It is
also quick, (83)……… mobile users have developed (84 … expressions, such as CU for 'See you'. In many
cases, even (85)…. a parent or teacher were to read a message, they would probably(86)…… ital most
impossible to understand. No (87)……… how much the older generation may disapprove, this secret would
play a vital (88)……… in teenager's lives. Mobile phones are here (89)……… stay and we should welcome
them in the knowledge that they help (90)……… young both form and strengthen friendships.
76. A. not B. as C. not only D. without
77. A. gives B. offers C. provides D. trusts
78. A. each B. one C. themselves D. once
79. A. a B. the C. no D. other
80. A. which B. this C. it D. but
81. A. because B. although C. so D. when
82. A. to B. for C. as D. like
83. A. because B. although C. so D. when
84. A. handy B. brief C. speedy D. shorthand
85. A. though B. when C. if D. then
86. A. get B. make C. do D. find
87. A. longer B. sooner C. later D. matter
88. Apart B. roles C. host D. rule
89. A. which B. to C. and D. or
VII. Read the following passage and choose the correct answers.
Fog is a cloud in contact with or just above the surface of land or sea. It can be a major environmental hazard.
Fog on highways can cause chain-reaction accidents involving dozens of cars. Delays and shutdowns at airports
can cause economic losses to airlines and inconveniences to thousands of travelers. Fog at sea has always been
a danger to navigation. Today, with supertankers carrying vast quantities of oil, fog increases the possibility of
catastrophic oil spills.
The most common type of fog, radiation fog, forms at night, when moist air near the ground loses warmth
through radiation on a clear night. This type of fog often occurs in valleys, such as California's San Joaquin
Valley. Another common type, advection fog, results from the movement of warm, wet air over cold ground.
The air loses temperature to the ground and condensation sets in. This type of fog often occurs along the
California coast and the shores of the Great Lakes. Advection fog also forms when air associated with a warm
ocean current blows across the surface of a cold current. The thick fogs of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland,
Canada, are largely of this origin; because here the Labrador Current comes in contact with the warm Gulf
Two other types of fog are somewhat more unusual. Frontal fog occurs when two fronts of different
temperatures meet, and rain from the warm front falls into the colder one, saturating the air. Steam fog appears
when cold air picks up moisture by moving other warmer water.
90. The first paragraph focuses on which aspect of fog?
A. its dangers B. its composition C. its beauty D. its causes
91. The. word "catastrophic' is closest in meaning to
A. accidental B. inevitable C. unexpected D. disastrous
92. According to the article, fog that occurs along the California coast is generally
A. radiation fog B. advection fog C. frontal fog D. steam fog
93. It can be inferred from the passage that the Labrador Current is
A. cold B. weak C. polluted D. warm
94. The author organizes the discussion of the different types of fog according to
A. their geographic locations B. their relative density
C. the types of problems they cause D. their relative frequency
95. The author of the passage is probably an expert in the filed of
A. physics B. economics C. transportation D. meteorology
97. According to the article, fog that forms through radiation process of moist air is generally
A. radiation fog B. advection fog C. frontal fog D. steam fog
98. Which is not true of the frontal fog ?
A. It is quite common. B. It forms when two fronts of different temperatures meet.
C. The air is soaked. D. The warm front has rain falling into the colder front.
99. Which of the following is not caused by fog?
A. Tankers' crash. B. Pile-up accidents. C. Shutdowns at airports. D. Temperature losses.
100. Grand Banks of Newfoundland, Canada, is mainly affected by
A. radiation fog B. advection fog C. frontal fog D. steam fog

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.

1. A. too B. good C. soon D. food
2. A. bury B. friendly C. pretty D. present (n)
3. A. resume B. answer C. silk D. cent
4. A. south B. truth C. smooth D. both
5. A. key B. mean C. quay D. great
II. Choose the word whose stress is different.
6. A. idol B. perfect (adj) C. caress D. ancient
7. A. democracy B. control C. facility D. politics
8. A. refuse B. recently C. justice D. prison
9. A. alternative B. argument C. government D. desperate
10. A. obey B. delay C. detail D. begin
III. Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentences.
11. The chemical injected into the body will attach itself……… cancer cells.
A. preferably B. preferential C. preferentially D. preferring
12. Lead and smoke are emitted in engine exhausts ………… tiny particles.
A. in B. of C. as D. under
13. Under no …….. are waiters and waitresses allowed to receive tips from customers in this restaurant.
A. circumstances B. situations C. occasions D. conditions
14. The problem now is that population is rising …………than food production.
A. more B. faster C. worse D. better
15. We are………..out of fuel reserves, so we have to learn to economize.
A. running B. working C. exhausting D. finishing
16. No matter how complicated the problem is, we should never give up figurine the solution………..
A. for B. in C. out D. up
17. He……….stealing the purse. He said he wasn't there at that time.
A. confirmed B. refused C. declined D. denied
18. Isn't there a limit……… your budget? You should think carefully.
A. on B. with C. for D. to
19. Thousands of people…………out into the streets to welcome the Queen.
A. rushed B. pulled C. gathered D. made
20. English is understood more…………..than any other language.
A. largely B. broadly C. immensely D. widely
21. The laser beam must be very…………. so that it can drill through the most delicate bones.
A. long B. intensive C. intense D. bright
22. I rang him up to ask…………he was doing at the moment.
A. how often B. why C. whom D. what
23. Ask people what is happening to the world's population and they are likely to say it is …………..
A. bombing B. booming C. explosion D. blossoming
24. A. ………. in the number of hours we work can be speculated in the next few years.
A. decreasing B. reduction C. falling D. deterioration
25. The selection and welfare of staff is the responsibility of the ………….department.
A. personal B. personality C. personnel D. personated
26. Sales………….are paid a salary but they may also get commissions on sales.
A. representations B. presenters C. presentations D. representatives
27. A report by the police four months ago indicated that alcohol was a connection between young
people………in offence of violence.
A. involved B. to be involved C. involving D. involve
28. The world would be dull without amusing and colorful ………
A. advertise B. advertising C. advertisement D. ads
29. Each ………. is connected to an electricity meter, which is read by the meter man.
A. application B. applicant C. appliance D. applied device
30. The minister………that there would be no settlement unless the strikers returned to work at once.
A. suggested B. urged C. promised D. warned
31. If you don't start watching the program until 8:30 tonight, it……….
A. will begin B. has begun C. will be beginning D. will have begun
32. It………. three times this week. The rainy season seems to have begun.
A. is raining B. has rained C. rains D. had rained
33. Our weather is cloudy in winter. We don't have……….
A. many sun shines B. many sunshine C. much sun shines D. much sunshine
34. Winning a lottery is a rare….....….occurrence very small.
A. A number of winners is B. The number of winners is
C. A number of winners are D. The number of winners are
35. There are several means of mass communication. The newspaper is one. Television is
A. other B. the other C. another D. the another
36. I really need…………. Can we talk?
A. some advice B. an advice C. some advices D. advices
37. Each of the reference……………available in the school library.
A. books on that list is B. book on that list is C. books on that list are D. book on that list are
38. Fort Niagara was built by the French in 1726 on land………… the Seneca Indians.
A. they buy from B. bought from C. buying from D. was bought from
39. Gardeners transplant bushes and flowers by moving them from……… another.
A. places B. one place C. a place D. single place
40. Only…………..feathered creatures inhabit the Arctic region year round.
A. fewer B. fewer than C. as few as D. a few
41. Each bowler rolls the ball twice in each frame, …………a strike is bowled.
A. unless B. although C. because D. even if
42. A ratio is a comparison of………whole or a part to another part.
A. part to the B. a part to C. a part to the D. the part to the
43. The Williams have five sons,…………..have become lawyers.
A. all B. all of them C. all of whom D. of whom all
44. The upper branches of the tallest trees produce more leaves……… other branches.
A. than do B. than have C. than they do D. than it does
45. No one knows for sure………. performance at school is a true reflection of attitude and effort at home.
A. whose B. whether C. how long D. in which
46. Vitamin A maintains the sharpness of human vision …… and promotes healthy bones.
A. for the night B. nighttime C. of the night D. at night
47. Modern scanning technology enables physicians…..brain disorders earlier and more accurately than in the
A. to identifying B. identifying C. to identify D. identification
48. We would rather Helen………. us all the information we needed. We should have been well informed.
A. sent B. send C. have sent D. had sent
49. A. ……..have registered for the summer courses.
A. thousand students B. all thousands of students C . thousand of students D. thousands students
50. Mina no less than her classmates ……… take part in the competition
A. have decided B. has decided C. is deciding D. are deciding
51. Children are fond of balloons…………. different sizes and colors
A. of B. all C. on D. at
52. Science has ………. criteria and the same language in every country
A. subjective B. objective C. comprehensive D. entire
53. There are few ……… sites inside the city. Most of them are in the countryside
A. history B. historical C. historian D. historic
54. The participants …………… souvenirs when the camp ended.
A. interchanged B. changed C. exchanged D. intervened
55. The plans you have just ………… sound interesting.
A. referred B. inferred C. mentioned D. said
IV. Choose the sentence that is similar in meaning to the one given.
56. I was supposed to pick up Jane but I forgot.
A. I should have picked up Jane. B. Though I forgot to pick up Jane, things were
C. Jane was supposed to forget picking up me. D. I forgot picking up Jane.
57. They are investigating the scandal.
A. The scandal are being investigated. B. They are looking after the scandal.
C. The scandal is being looked into. D. They are taking on the scandal.
58. The coffee was so strong that I couldn't drink it.
A. It was such a strong coffee that I couldn't drink it. B. The coffee was too strong for me to drink.
C. It was coffee so strong that I couldn't drink it. D. So strong coffee it was that I couldn't drink it.
59. I took Jim to the zoo so that he could see the puma.
A. Because Jim saw the puma, I took him to the zoo. B. Although I took Jim to the zoo, he could see the
C. Taking Jim to the zoo, Jim could see the puma. D. Jim was taken to the zoo in order to see the puma.
60. I found the drama interesting to watch, but my sister didn't.
A. Although I found the drama interesting to watch, but my sister didn't.
B. I found the drama interesting to watch, while my sister wasn't.
C. While my sister did not find the drama interesting, I liked watching it.
D. Both my sister and I found the drama interesting.
61. If only I had not met you.
A. I wish I had met you. B. I regret to meet you. C. I hoped I would not meet you. D. I regret meeting
62. They promised to compensate for the damage of the fire.
A. They said they would pick out the damage of the fire.
B. The compensation of the damage of the fire is promised.
C. It is promised that the damage of the fire is compensated.
D. They said they would make up for the damage of the fire.
V. Identify the error in each sentence.
63. Only when he was half way through the task did he realize how difficult was it.
64. The prizes for excellence in journalism has been given every year since 1917 by Columbia University.
65. All in a sudden, Maria thought of a solution to the problem.
66. He decided to repair the cassette himself and not to take it back to the shop.
67. A barman in a private drinking club refuses to service a woman.
68. Girl pupils in a mixed school discouraged from specializing in math and sciencesubjects.
69. The next generation of telephone users will laugh when we explain how we used to stand next to a wall in
kitchen to do a phone call.
70. I tried not to get involve in that situation but I couldn't.
71. The four-days working week will certainly be a reality, so we will have more time for leisure activities.
72. Today's cars are smaller, safer, cleaner and more economical than their predecessors, but the
car of the future will
be far more pollution-free as those on the road today
73. Such was the response to our appeal which we had to take on more staff.
VI. Choose the best answers to fill in the banks.
Put simply, an allergy is a disorder in which the body over-reacts to harmless substances which in
normal circumstances should not produce any reaction at all. An allergy can occur in almost (74)…. part of your
body, and can be (75)…… by just about anything. Mainly (76)……….. ,allergies become evident on
parts of the body directly exposed (77)… the outside world. Certain allergies occur only at certain
times of the year, while (78)… are there all the time. Those (79)…. occur all the year round are
probably caused by something you come into contact with every day of your life, some seemingly
harmless object such as your deodorant (80)……. the pillow you lie on each night. Allergies can occur
at any time during your life.(81)….usually before your fortieth birthday. Sometimes the symptoms are
(82)…. light you do not even know you have an allergy, and it may take years for an (83) … to become
noticeable. It all (84)…. on the amount of the substance to (85)…you are exposed and for how (86)….
Sometimes an allergy can disappear as (87)……as it arrived, without any treatment. Sometimes it comes
and (88)… for no apparent reason, and with no regularity.
74. A. all B. any C. each D. the
75. A. brought in B. caused C. troubled D. led in
76. A. most B. then C. to say D. enough
77. A. to B. of C. in D. on
78. A. some B. the others C. other D. others
79. A. which B. to C. having D. in
80. A. and B. with C. without D. or
81. A. as B. at most C. but D. not
82. A. a B. so C. rather D. such
83. A. allergy B. allergic C. allergic symptom D. allergy person
84. A. relies B. concentrates C. depends D. counts
85. A. that B. them C. it D. which
86. A. much B. long C. often D. many
87. A. soon B. possible C. fast D. quickly
88. A. leaves B. departs C. parts D. goes
VII. Read the passage and choose the correct answers.
Anyone who knows how to play chess will understand how to write a screenplay for a film. Most chess
players stumble from beginning to end. We don't know much, but we know enough to play. We move without
really knowing what's going to happen further on in the dame. Maybe we can see one or two moves ahead, and,
if we can, we're pleased by our uncanny ability to see even that far ahead. Better than the days when we
couldn't see ahead at all – when we were playing blindly. Over time, as we learned more about playing chess,
we made a startling revelation: chess depends more upon long-term strategy than upon short-term tactics. Up
till then, we'd been happy with a rather shortsighted approach. Suddenly, we became aware of 'the big picture'.
We began to see the game as a whole, not just a series of individual moves. And once we saw the game as a
whole, we began to see patterns emerge in the play. Gambits, they call them. And the patterns have names, such
as openings; middle games and end games. In chess, as in screenplay writing, the more often you play, the more
aware you become of its complexities.
89. According to the writer, how do inexperienced chess players feel?
A. delighted to be able to finish a game B. encouraged by each improvement
C. amazed by how quickly they learn D. pleased to be able to play with confidence
90. The writer compares chess and screenplay writing in order to
A. explain that we learn both by trial and error. B. emphasize the fixed nature of both processes.
C. suggest that success depends on attention to detail. D. demonstrate the importance of having a plan.
91. What does 'uncanny’ means?
A. natural B. strange C. unable D. sudden
92. Gambits are explained as _______
A. the whole picture B. patterns of the process C. individual moves D. the games
93. Which of the following is not used to describe an inexperienced chess player?
A. playing blindly B. thinking of chess as a short-term process
C. seeing how a game opens, goes on and ends D. using short-sighted approaches
94. The word 'revelation' is closest in meaning to________
A. exposition B. recognition C. realization D. imagination
95. The word 'emerge' is closest in meaning to…………
A. appear B. come up C. evolve D. progress
VIII. Read the passage and choose the correct answers.
Sound travels in waves through the air like waves through the water; the higher the wave, the greater its
power. The waves are alternate rings of compressed and rarefied air moving away from a central source at a
constant speed. As each wave of first compression and then rarefaction encounters an object, it exerts a force –
a push and then a pull – on the object. That is why sound can break a glass or cause a screen to vibrate.
The greater the number of waves a sound has, the greater its frequency is. The strength or intensity of sound,
sound level is measured in decibels (db). The decibel unit is named after Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor
of the telephone and a researcher into the nature of sound. Because hearing varies widely, what may seem loud
to one person may not to another. Although loudness is a personal judgment, precise measurement of sound is
made possible by use of the decibel scale. This scale of Sound Levels and Human Response measures sound
pressure or energy according to international standards.
96. It can be inferred from the passage that a sound measured at 100 decibels is :udder than________
A. any other sound ever measured B. a sound measured at 110 decibels
C. a sound measured at 80 decibels D. the machine measuring it.
97. It can be concluded from the passage that……….
A. sound waves can be measured scientifically. B. sound has no physical effect on any subject.
C. everyone judges loudness the same way. D. the decibel scale is a purely subjective device.
98. Sound waves move outward from a central point at________
A. varying speed B. a speed of 1,181 kilometers per hour.
C. greater and greater speed D. a steady, continuous speed
99. During an hour thunderstorm, a window ma y rattle because__________
A. a lightning strikes the glass with force. B. the sound of the rain is head through the glass.
C. the air is colder on one side of the glass than on the other.
D. the claps of thunder creates powerful sound waves that exert pressure on the glass.
100. The term 'decibel' comes from ___________
A. the inventor of the hearing aid. B. the inventor of the telephone.
C. the intensity of twelve bells. D. a term for rarefied air.
I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.
1. A. faithful B. failure C. fairly D. fainted
2. A. course B. court C. coursing D. courage
3. A. worked B. stopped C. forced D. wanted
4. A. new B. sew C. few D. nephew
5. A. sun B. sure C. success D. sort
II. Choose the word whose stress is different.
6.A. deaden B. promise C. tornado D. giggle
7.A. mathematics B. open C. figure D. preserve
8.A. fantastic B. horrible C. comrade D. papal
9.A. journalist B. architect C. conductor D. plumber
10. A. rehearsal B. fertile C. pepper D. decade
III. Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentences.
11. In England there is no ……… delivery on Sundays.
A. post B. postage C. posting D. post-office
12. On expiry, your passport may be ………. for a further five years.
A. renewed B. renew C. renewal D. new
13. She complained about her mother's interference in her
A. The personality B. individuality C. privacy D. belonging
14. When people kept talking during the film, he …….. his disturbance by turning round and looking at them.
A. gave B. offered C. sent D. showed
15. In a shop selling glass and china a certain ………of breakage is unavoidable.
A. amount B. number C. many D. belonging
16. The ………. of poverty, disease, and ignorance must be our principal aim.
A. conquer B. conqueror C. conquered D. conquest
17. We asked him to go back, but he insisted on watching the sun coming down at
A. dawn B. absentee C. sunrise D. twilight
18. Her teacher complains about her regular………….. from class
A. absent B. absentee C. absence D. being absentee
19. Sarah was given some ……… on her birthday
A. jewel B. jewelries C. jewelry D. golds
20. The voters told the politician that he could ……… on their support in the next general election.
A. count B. decide C. doubt D. expect
21. His illness made him of concentration.
A. incompetent B. unable C. incapable D. powerless
22. No, no that is …………. . The time is irrelevant.
A. by the way B. out of order C. on the whole D out of the question
23. As the manager cannot go to the reception, I am representing the company
A. on his account B. on his behalf C. for his part D. from his point of view
24. Mary always talks to me as if ……….a small child who needs discipline.
A. were B. am C. had been D. would be
25. Do you like jazz? You should go to the jazz festival ………. you like that kind of music.
A. if B. unless C. although D. while
26. The festival has many attractions. It will include contemporary orchestral music and an opera. ……. there
will be poetry readings and theatrical presentations.
A. Otherwise B. Furthermore C. Nevertheless D. On the other hand
27. Minerals …….. nickel, copper, and zinc can be found in sea water.
A. as examples B. such as C. as D. in an example
28. A newborn baby can neither walk nor crawl. A newborn antelope,…….. , can run within minutes of birth.
A. however B. nevertheless C. otherwise D. even though
29. Near the White House is …….. famous landmark called the Washington Monument.
A. other B. the other C. another D. an
30. He drove at full speed lest he…….. late for the meeting.
A. was B. should not be C. were D. be
31. For many children, nothing seems so exciting …….. their first airplane ride.
A. so does B. as C. than D. on
32. Lumbering along the road ……..six heavy trucks.
A. is B. was C. has D. were
33. Five dollars …….. enough for me. I don't need much.
A. was B. is C. were D. are
34. Your essay is more interesting than……..
A. me B. I C. mine D. mine does
35. I would prefer ………. a light lunch. Could you give some soup?
A. have B. having C. to have D. had
36. If only ………. that. I will regret it for the rest of my life.
A. did not do B. would not do C. was not doing D. had not done
37. If Helena had recognized you, ………. you to the police.
A. would report B. will report C. would have reported D. should have reported
38. The fight …….. pollution is an urgent task of our city at present.
A. on B. against C. for D. in
39. The teacher told us to turn our books .................... page 56
A. on B. for C. for D. in
40. They decided not to cancel the match ..................... the heavy snow.
A. despite B. although C. but for D. on account of
41. Not all the students ……….the answer to the question.
A. know B. knows C. is knowing D. has known
42. Though I have ……….classes now, I have ………. free time than last week

A. fewer/ less B. fewer/ fewer C. less/ fewer D. less/ less

43. ………. weather! We can't go for a walk now.
A. How terrible B. What terrible C. How a terrible D. What a terrible
44. The man explained us why there were so many empty seats.
A. for B. on C. to D. toward
45. It is said that this washing powder will clothes.
A. shorten B. widen C. soften D. enrich
46. She spoke quietly to him………. someone hear a word of their conversation.
A. so that B. in order that C. for fear of D. for fear that
47. ………. that the company has shown rapid growth in the last two years.
A. It was reported B. They are reported
C. The report was D. It is reported
48. The public library downtown is open………. everybody, even foreigners.
A. for B. to C. on D. at
49. The police are looking for the person who has set ………. deliberately.
A. the shop on fire B. the shop in fire C. fire on the shop D. fire into the shop
50. The instructions are rather ……….. The children can hardly understand them.
A. confusing B. confused C. embarrassing D. embarrassed
IV. Choose the sentence that is similar in meaning to the one given.
51. Keiko decided to take part in the game though she had no talent.
A. Keiko had no talent, but she decided to take part in the game.
B. Keiko decided to take part in the game because she had talent
C. Having talent, Keiko decided to take part in the game.
D. Because of her lack of talent, Keiko decided to take part in the game.
52. Please do not ring me unless it is urgent.
A. You should not ring me when it is urgent. B. Only when it is urgent should you ring me.
C. If it is not urgent, you should ring me. D. Ringing me is urgent.
53. It was wrong of you to put too much sugar into the soup.
A. You have not put enough sugar into the soup. B. The soup was wrong to put in too much sugar.
C. You were wrong not to put enough sugar into the soup. D. You shouldn't have put too much sugar into the
54. In order to be given good seats, you have to buy tickets in advance.
A. Given good seats, you can buy tickets in advance.
B. You have to buy tickets in advance because you have been given good seats.
C. You can be given good seats by buying tickets in advance.
D. You have to buy tickets in advance so as they can give you good seats.
55. I regret losing my temper at work this morning.
A. I wished I had lost my temper at work this morning. B. I lost my temper at work this morning, which
C. I was wrong not to lose my temper at work this morning. D. I am sorry that I lost my temper at work this
56. I received 5 letters from Mark, and most of them were written in Greek.
A. Five letters I received from Mark were written in Greek. B. Mark wrote all the letters to me in Greek.
C. I mostly received five letters which were written in Greek from Mark.
D. I received 5 letters from Mark. most of which were written in Greek.
57. I can't tell Linda from Barbara, because they look completely the same.
A. Linda and Barbara look completely the same, and I can't tell them that.
B. I can't tell Linda that Barbara and she look completely the same.
C. I do not know Barbara or Linda although they look completely the same.
D. I cannot distinguish Linda from Barbara because they look completely the same
58. If you don't stop eating candies. you will put on more weight very quickly.
A. Stop eating candies, or you will put on more weight very quickly.
B. You will put on more weight very quickly though you eat candies.
C. You won't put on more weight very quickly though you eat candies.
D. Unless you eat candies, you will put on more weight very quickly.
59. Nigel and I haven't met each other for years.
A. It was years since I met Nigel. B. It is years since I met Nigel.
C. I didn't meet Nigel years ago. D. It is years ago that I met Nigel.
60. You should take notes so that you can have a look at the lecture again.
A. Taking notes means having a look at the lecture again.
B. In order to take notes, you should have a look at the lecture main.
C. You should take notes in order that you can have a look at the lecture again.
D. You can have a look at the lecture again; therefore, you take notes.
61. Because of my forgetfulness, everybody was locked out.
A. Everybody was locked out due to my forgetfulness. B. I was forgetful that everybody was locked out.
C. I forgot locking everybody out. D. Everybody was locked out; that is why I forgot.
62. Many students wish to become entrepreneurs one day.
A. Many students wish that they were entrepreneurs one day.
B. Many students want to become entrepreneurs one day.
C. Many students dream of entrepreneurs one day. D. Many students wish that they would be entrepreneurs one
Identify the error in each sentence.
63. Insufficient oxygen causes lactic acid to built up in the muscles of long-distance runners.
64. The neck of a classical guitar is wider than those of a steel-string guitar.
65. Trading fairs held in Antwerp during the 1300s brought famous to the city.
66. Sedatives are a group of drugs that legally prescribed and should be taken as directed
67. Tree squirrels are active, noisy, and lively animals that make its home in tree trunks.
68. The water temperature in a spring. depends on. that of the soil through where the water flows
69. Pearls and similar substances may be classified by how are cultivated. A
70. Gingham is a fabric used to make dresses, curtains, and furnitures covers.
71. Tom together with his sisters was in the way to Chicago when they had an accident

72. Punishments are still popular in schools until recently
73. He had no intention paying me the debts, which drove me crazy.
74. Pure sodium immediately combines of oxygen when it is exposed to air.
75. After the Roman Empire has collapsed, Europe had no regular postal service
76. The horses used to playing polo are not of any special breed or of any define size.
Read the following passage and choose the correct answers.
After more than fifty years of television, it might seem only obvious to conclude that it is here to (77)…
There have been many objections to it during this time of course, and (78)…… a variety of grounds. Did it
cause eye-strain? Was the (79) … bombarding us with adioactivity? Did the advertisements (80) ….. subliminal
messages, persuading us to buy more or vote Republican? Did children turn to violence through watching it,
either because so (81) ……… programs taught them how to shoot, rob and kill, or because they had to do
something to counteract the house they had (82) …….. glued to the tiny screen? Or did it simply create a vast
passive (83) ………. , drugged by glamorous serials and inane situation comedies ? On the other (84) ……….
did it increase anxiety by sensationalizing the news (or the new which was (85) …. by suitable pictures) and
filling our living rooms with war, famine, and political unrest? (86) … in all, television proved to be the all
purpose scapegoat for the second half of the century, (87)… for everything, but a all, eagerly watched. For no
(88)….. how much we despised it, feared it, were bored by it, or felt that it took us away from the old paradise
of family conversation and hobbies (89) ….. as collecting stamps, we never turned it off. We (90) ……staring at
the screen, aware that our carefully own tiny (91) ………. was in it if we looked carefully.
77. A. long B. stay C. exist D. be
78. A. with B. over C. by D. on
79. A. screen B. danger C. machine D. reason
80. A, contain B. of C. take D. have
81. A. that B. far C. many D. what
82. A. almost B. spent C. quite D. madly
83. A. program B. personality C. audience D. tense
84. A. way B. hand C. side D. day
85. A. taken B. presented C. capable D. accompanied
86. A. Taken B. All C. Somewhat D. Thus
87. A. broadcasting B. looking C. blamed D. ready
88. A. one B. matter C. difference D. reason
89. A. known B. even C. described D. such
90. A. refused B. received C. turned D. kept
91. A. fault B. reflection C. situation 0. consciousness
VI. Read the following passage and choose the correct answers.
Lead poisoning in children is a major health concern. Both low and high doses of lead can have serious
effects. Children exposed to high doses of lead often suffer permanent nerve damage, mental retardation,
blindness and even death. Low doses of lead can lead to mild mental retardation, short attention spans:
distractibility, poor academic performance, and behavioral problems.
This is not a new concern. As early as 1904, lead poisoning in children was linked to lead-based paint.
Microscopic lead particles from paint are absorbed into the bloodstream when the children ingest flakes of
chipped paint, plaster or paint dust from sanding. Lead can also enter the body through household dust, nail
biting, thumb sucking, or chewing on toys and other objects painted with lead-based paint. Although American
paint companies today must comply with strict regulations regarding the amount of lead used in their paint, this
source of lead poisoning is still the most common and most dangerous. Children living in older, dilapidated
houses are particularly at risk.
92. What is the main topic of the passage?
A. problems with household paint major health B. for children
C. lead poisoning in children lead D. paint in older homes
93. The phrase 'exposed to' could be best replaced by which of the following?
A. familiar with B. in contact with C. displaying D. conducting
94. Which of the following is closest in meaning to 'suffer'?
A. experience B. reveal C feel pain from D. grieve with
95. Which of the following does the passage infer?
A. Paint companies can no longer use lead in their paint.
B. Paint companies aren't required to limit the amount of lead used in their paint.
C. Paint companies must limit the amount of lead used in their paint.
D. Paint companies have always followed regulations regarding the amount of lead used in their paint.
96. Which of the following is closest in meaning to 'chipped'?
A. fragmented B. canned C. sprayed D. unhealthy
97. The word 'dilapidated' is closest in meaning to which of the following?
A. poorly painted B. unpainted C. felled down D. broken down
98, According to the passage, what is the most common source of lead poisoning in children?
A. household dust B. lead-based paint C. painted toys D. dilapidated houses
99. What does the author imply in the final sentence of the passage?
A. Lead-based paint chips off more easily than newer paints.
B. Poor people did not comply with the regulations.
C. Old homes were painted with lead-based paint.
D. Old homes need to be rebuilt in order to be safe for children.
100. Which of the following is not true?
A. Only high dose of lead can have serious effects.
B. American paint companies today must comply with strict regulations regarding the amount of lead used in
their paint.
C. Lead poisoning can lead to mental retardation.
D. Lead poisoning in children was linked to lead-based paint in the 1900s.
I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.
1 A. name B. flame C. man D. fame
2. A. count B. sound C. found D. should
3. A. noon B. tool C. foot D. spoon
4. A. think B. there C. theme D. thumb
5. A. said B. bait C. maid D. plate
II. Choose the word whose stress is different.
6. A. reality B. opening C. deter D. lapel
7. A. power B. character C. balloon D. unification
8. A. present B. behavior C. psychologist D. enjoyable
9. A. display B. intention C. basic D. unless
10. A. criminal B. unbeatable C. succeed D. define
III. Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentences.
11. When gold was discovered in Alaska in 1897, Jack London the call of adventure and took part in
the famous "gold rush"
A. replying B. taking C. answering D. listening
12. While military scientists test lasers ……….. satellites, surgeons use them as miraculously accurate scalpels.
A. for B. in C. of D. against
13. When a man and a woman …….. , shaking hands is up to a woman.
A. introduce B. is introduced C. are introduced D. introduce each other
14. The varieties of English have changed a good deal for last 300 years ……
A. or B. and C. for D. like
15. Large amount of air pollution in the cities comes from sources ……… industry.
A. more than B. other than C. only than D. less than
16. What is ………….is that adults watch TV even more often than children.
A. surprising B. surprisingly C. surprised D. surprise
17. After exams, most students wonder if they have a chance ………. them.
A. to pass B. in passing C. of passing D. whether to
18. It is very …………. to live in such a dirty place.
A. unhealthy B. unhealthful C. healthily D. unhealthily
19. Most colleagues believe her because she is always ………….
A. trust B. true C. truth D. truthful
20. This drink contains no …………. flavoring.
A. man-made B. artificial C. counterfeit D. unreal
21. They arrived ………….. Heathrow airport at 6pm yesterday.
A. at B. in C. on D. to
22. …..... they are planning to live here for a short time, they don't want to buy much furniture.
A. However B. Unless C. Since D. Therefore
23. We spent a year …………. this boat; and it turned out to be useless.
A. building B. for building C. to build D. in building
24. Satellites stay in space …………. their speed and gravity.
A. via B. because of C. though D. notwithstanding
25. He …………. the plants. If he had, they wouldn't have died.
A. shouldn't have watered B. can't have watered C. needn't have watered D. must have watered
26. I know a place …………. roses grow in abundance.
A. which B. that C. where D. in that
27. Hair color is …………. characteristics to use in identifying people.
A. obviously one of the most B. one of the most obvious that are
C. one of the most obvious D. most obvious one of
28. The piano …………. at the moment.
A. repaired B. is repaired C. was repaired D. is being repaired
29. Two of the boys in the class were doing self-portrait by looking at …………. in the mirror.
A. one another B. each other C. themselves D. oneself
30. I warned her …………. the iron get too hot.
A. not let B. not to let C. not have let D. do not let
31. ………., the population is doubling every 37 years.
A. At present B. Presently C. For now D. At the very moment
32. Let's have a picnic on Saturday ……… on Sunday.
A. in spite of B. instead of C. in favor of D. on account of
33. Several houses have been broken into, but the identity of the ……… remains unknown.
A. murderer B. burglar C. robber D. smuggler
34. Catherine cannot eat any ………… product such as butter; cheese.
A. daisy B. dairy C. diary D. daily
35. I am not very………… of criticism, while my sister is good at taking it.
A. tolerable B. tolerant C. toleration D. tolerate
36. Small shops are facing ……….. from supermarkets.
A. competition B. competitive C. competitors D. competitiveness
37. Sarah is having …………. and cannot go to school today.
A. fever B. colds C. heat D. temperature
38. I asked the new friend what ………….
A. languages did she speak B. languages she could speak
C. she could speak languages D. languages was spoken by her
39. That kind of training …………. you to become a good athlete.
A. forced B. made C. sent D. enabled
40. When I came in, he was lying on the floor the ceiling.
A. looking B. centering at C. staring at D. watching
41. ………….was the antique vase broken?
A. Who B. By which C. Whom D. By whom
42. It is a long time since…………. Peter.
A. 1 saw B. my seeing of C. I have seen D. having seen
43. …………., I like this town because of its peacefulness.
A. As me B. As to me C. As for me D. As far as I concern
44. We are having a very good time and wish you………….with us.
A. were B. could have been C. are D. would be
45. Our children are looking forward………….
A. to celebrate Xmas B. celebrating Xmas C. to Xmas D. Xmas celebration
46. It is undeniable that computers have……… wonder for our work.
A. made B. grown C. introduced D. done
47. ………….to someone's house in America for dinner, you should bring a gift, such as a bunch of flowers or
a box of chocolates.
A. If you invite B. When inviting C. If you are invited D. Be invited
48. If your host asks you to arrive at a particular time, you should not arrive exactly on time or earlier than
A. expectant B. expecting C. expectation D. expected
49. The robber………….the bank than someone rang the alarm.
A. had left no sooner B. no sooner had left C. had not left sooner D. had no sooner left
50. I tried to talk her ……… joining our trip, but she refused.
A. into B. out of C. on D. in
51. …………., most plants depend on animals for many of their basic needs.
A. Like men B. Like man C. Alike men D. Alike man
52. We have decided to interview six best…………. for the job.
A. applications B. appliances C. applicants D. applying
53. ………….Bobby passed the driving test right at the first time of taking it.
A. In our surprise B. By our surprise C. Of our surprise D. To our surprise
54. The man who………….had been in the sea for ten hours.
A. was rescued B. rescued C. had rescued D. had been rescued
55. Children should be taught to…………. peace rather than wars.
A. produce B. bring up C. do D. make
IV. Choose the sentence that is similar in meaning to the one given.
56. It's possible that John was not feeling well.
A. John was possible not to be feeling well. B. John was feeling not well, possibly.
C. John might not have been feeling well. D. John may not be feeling well.
57. It turned out that I had been worrying about my cat unnecessarily.
A. I shouldn't have worried about my cat. B. My cat turned out to be worried.
C. turned out to be worrying. D. needn't have worried about my cat.
58. Shouldn't you start revising for your exams now?
A. It is time you revised for your exams. B. Is it OK if you start revising for your exams?
C. Revising for your exams is a must. D. You shouldn't start revising for your exams.
59. He denied taking the calculator.
A. He said that he would not take the calculator. B. He denied that he didn't take the calculator.
C. It was undeniable that he took the calculator. D. He said that he had not taken the calculator.
60. Optimistic as Jack is, he cannot bear to learn the truth.
A. Jack cannot bear to learn the truth because he is so optimistic.
B. Jack is optimistic and cannot bear to learn the truth.
C. Learning the truth is not what Jack can optimistically bear.
D. Despite Jack's optimism, he cannot bear to learn the truth.
61. Having left me his phone number, Larry transferred to another city in the South.
A. Larry transferred to another city in the South after he had left me his phone number.
B. Larry left me his phone number that he transferred to another city in the South.
C. Leaving me his phone number, Larry transferred to another city in the South.
D. Transferring to another city in the South, Larry would leave me his phone number.
62. Neither Jane nor her parents believe in any religion.
A. Jane does not believe in religions, and so do her parents.
B. Jane as well as her parents do not believe in any religion.
C. Jane's parents do not believe in any religion, and neither does she.
D. Both Jane and her parents do not believe in any religion.
63. Whoever you are, you have to show your identity card in order to get in this area.
A. Show your identity card who you are, and you can get in this area.
B. Those who have shown their identity cards can get in this area.
C. You always have to show your identity card in order to get in this area.
D. Getting in this area will mean to show your identity card.
64. Helen fell out with her boss again.
A. Helen had a dispute over her boss again B. Helen fell out of the company again.
C. Helen was sacked by her boss again. D. Helen quarreled with her boss again.
65. If only I had not signed the contract without reading it.
A. I had signed the contract before I read it. B. I had read the contract, I would have signed it.
C. I regret having read the contract and signing it. D. I regret signing the contract after reading it.
V. Identify the error in each sentence.
66. Psychologists take it for granted that girls are more empathetic than do boys.
67. Australian aborigines adhere to their tribal traditions and few marriage outside the tribe.
68. In art, relief is sculpture in which the figures or designs projects from their background.
69. Although rhubarb is technically a vegetable, it usually prepared as a dessert.
70. Blacksnakes ascend trees to reach bird's nests and ingest the eggs and young birds.
71. The legal age which a person is considered to be an adult is customarily 18.
72. To enjoy an opera fully, the listener should be familiar with the summary of the plot, particularly if the
is singing in a foreign language.
73. English is the official language of New Zealand and when spoken throughout thecountry while Maoris
speak their

own language.
74. Cabbage and lettuce have such a short stems and broad leaves that they appear to have no sterns at all.
75. We are afraid that we have run out sugar, so it won't be possible for you to make a cake.
VI. Read the following passage and choose the correct answers.
Advertising was already a well-established phenomenon (76) ……… the turn of the twentieth century.
American newspapers had begun carrying ads as far (77)……. as the early 1700s and magazines had soon
(78)…...By 1850, the country had its first advertising agency, the American newspaper Advertising Agency,
(79) … its function was to buy advertising space (80)……… than come up with creative campaigns. `To
advertise' originally carried the sense as to broadcast or disseminate news. Thus a nineteenth -century
newspaper that called (81)…..The Advertiser meant that it had lots of news, not lots of ads. (82)………. the
early 1800s the term had been stretched to accommodate the idea of spreading the news of the availability of
certain goods or (83)………… By the early 1890s advertising was appearing (84)…….Very early on,
advertisers discovered the importance of a good slogan. Sometimes slogans (85)…… a little working on. Coca-
Cola described itself as ‘the drink that (86)… a pause refreshing' before realizing, in 1929, that 'the pause that
refreshes’ was rather more succinct and memorable. A slogan could make all the difference (87)……..…a
product's success. After advertising its soap as an efficacious way of dealing (88) …………'conspicuous nose
pores', Woodbury's facial soap came (89)…… with the slogan 'The skin you love to touch' and won (90)……of
77. A. in B. on C. by D. with
78. A. back B. to C. long D. backward
79. A. continued B. followed C. passed D. succeeded
80. A. while B. because C. though D. as
81. A. rather B. more C. further D. less
82. A. itself B. it C. that D. this
83. A. At B. On C. By D. In
84. A. things B. services C. sales D. items
85. A. anywhere B. everywhere C. nowhere D. somewhere
86. A. ask B. inquire C. need D. find
87. A. does B. gives C. leaves D. takes
88. A. to B. on C. in D. for
89. A. with B. in C. for D. on
90. A. for B. up C. in D. about
91. A. thousand B. million C. hearts D. lot
VII. Read the following passage and choose the correct answers.
For a long time, amphibians were confused with reptiles. Like reptiles, they have three-chambered hearts
and are cold-blooded. Some amphibians, such as salamanders, are even shaped like lizards. However, unlike
reptiles, amphibians never have claws on their toes or scales on their bodies. Furthermore, the eggs of
amphibians lack shells, so they must be laid in water or moist places.
Amphibians were the first creatures to spend sizable amounts of their lives on land. The larvae of most
amphibians, such as frog tadpoles, are born with gills and live in water. However, their gills disappear as they
develop lungs. Most retain the ability to breathe through the moist surface of their skin. This comes in handy
when they hibernate in the bottom mud of lakes and ponds during the coldest months. They take in the small
amount of oxygen they need through their skin. Some amphibians undergo what is known as a 'double
metamorphosis' changing not only from gill breathers to lung breathers but also from vegetarians to
Although the amphibian class is rather small in number of species, it shows great diversity. There are three
major types. The caecilians of the tropics are long, legless burrowing creatures. Caudate amphibians, such as
newts and salamanders, mostly have long tails and stubby legs. Salientians, which include both frogs and toads,
are tailless as adults and have powerful hind legs. Toads differ from frogs primarily in that they have dry, warty
91. The author's main purpose in writing the passage is to _______
A. define and describe amphibians C. trace the development of amphibians from larvae to adults
B. contrasts different types of amphibians D. explain how amphibians differ from other creatures
92. According to the passage, which of the following is not a characteristic of amphibians?
A. They have three-chambered hearts. B. They lay eggs without shells
C. They have claws on their toes. D. They are cold-blooded.
93. 'Scales' is closest in meaning to_______
A. devices used to measure weight B. plates covering the bodies of certain animals
C. sounds made by various animals D. proportions between different sets of dimensions
94. According to the passage, the term 'double metamorphosis' refers to the fact that amphibians
A. first breathe through their gills, then through their lungs, then through their skin
B. change both the shape of their bodies and the way in which they lay eggs
C. first live in water, then on land, then in mud in the bottom of ponds and lakes
D. change both their methods of breathing and their feeding habits
95. It can be inferred from the passage that amphibians' ability to breathe through their skin is especially useful
during the _______
A. summer B. fail C. winter D. spring
96. Ali of the following are identified in the passage as amphibians except _______
A. newts B. salamanders C. caecilians D. lizards
97. The word 'stubby' is closest in meaning to ________
A. long and thin B. undeveloped C. thick and short D. powerful
98. The word 'they' in the last sentence refers to
A. toads B. tails C. adults D. frogs
99. The word 'sizable' is closest in meaning to _________
A. condensed B. large C. whole D. small
100. Which detail can mostly be used to recognize a certain type of amphibians?
A. lungs B. skin C. legs D. gills
I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.
1. A. miles B. months C. lakes D. mates
2. A. exchange B. ache C. stomach D. architect
3. A. hour B. four C. door D. saw
4. A. egg B. said C. bury D. paid
5. A. pleasure B. vision C. usual D. ease
II. Choose the word which has a different stress.
6. A. textile B. silence C. believe D. nothing
7. A. photograph B. payroll C. accent D. regretful
8. A. sarcastic B. denial C. mathematics D. laboratory
9. A. tolerable B. initial C. peanut D. glamorous
10. A. cover B. detest C. atomic D. imperative
III. Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentences.
11. Julie has................out of playing with dolls.
A. developed B. moved C. removed D. grown
12. Mike ................ in for sailing after he made friends with Harry.
A. got B. went C. put D. came
13. The other runners were too far ahead for us to................ up with them.
A. catch B. go C. get D. turn
14. This is ............... road I've ever driven along.
A. the bumpy B. the bumpiest C. the bumpier D. bumpier
15. Your car cost.................
A. more than me B. less than me C. less than mine D. as many as mine
16. Jack ............... better if he had had more time.
A. could have done B. could do C. couldn't do D. did
17. Keith is.............. taller. than her brother.
A. lightly B. delicately C. sparely D. slightly
18. I must go to the dentist and......................
A. get my teeth to take care of B. take care of my teeth
C. my teeth be taken care of D. get my teeth taken care of
19. Terry sang the first verse and everybody..............
A. came in B. followed in C. joined in D. entered
20. I am not interested in buying anything. I am just .............
A. looking around B. getting round C. turning around D. coming by
21. The last time I went to the supermarket I ended..................
A. in B. to C. by D. up
22. I am afraid there are.................vacancies in the company at present.
A. little B. no C. none D. a lot
23. .................20,000 people are thought to have attended the concert.
A. As much as B. More C. As many as D. Less than
24. Each person in the office was given a personal...............
A. parking room B. parker C. park space D. parking space
25. .................. I cross the Channel by boat, I feel seasick.
A. Though B. As soon as C. So that D. Whenever
26. I have so many friends but I feel.............sometimes.
A. lonely B. alone C. on my own D. single
27. The two cars for sale were in poor condition, so I didn't buy......................
A. either of them B. both of them C. neither of them D. each of them
28. It is said that there show all business
A. all business B. no business C. not business D. any business
29. The local .................. has agreed to roads the road outside our house
A. council B. government C. people D. jury
30. In order to prove Smith is guilty, we must find some ............
A. information B. knowledge C. means D. evidence
31. Sorry, am late, but have a lot of.............. to do.
A. job B. work C. task D. labour
32. We thank you so much for the..............
A. funny time B. comedy C. applause D. hospitality
33. I got lost 14 times when I was in Athens. I .................
A. needn't have bought B. had to buy C. should have bought D. would have bought
34. What do you think of my new car ? + ..............I suppose.
A. I think a lot B. Never mind C. I don't mind D. It's all right
35. We all ................working with you. You are so dynamic.
A. think B. judge C. believe D. appreciate
36. Kate's car broke down near Bristol and she had to ask............ home
A. for a way B. for directions C. being taken D. for a lift
38. In order............., you have cook it for 20 minutes.
A. to make the meat be soft B. to soft the meat
C. to have the meat soft D. to make the meat soft
39. ............. his financial problems, Joe bought a new motorbike.
A. Although B. Because of C. Instead of D. Despite
40. ....................finds the missing child will be rewarded.
A. Who B. Whoever C. The people who D. Those who
41. The laser beam can spot one fiftieth the size of a human hair.
A. stimulated B. focused C. pulled D. centered
42. When the laser............ the chemical, it releases a form of oxygen that kills cancer cells.
A. absorbs B. strikes C. causes D. pulls
43. In birthmark treatment, the normal cells which do not absorb much of the laser the healing
and help to conceal the mark.
A. are B. move C. do D. act
44. AIDS is the acronym of Acquired Immune...........Syndrome.
A. Deficient B. Deficiency C. Defective D. Defected
45. I am not............. nuclear power in view of accidents.
A. on account of B. on the point of C. in the sense of D. in favor of
46. I visited Paris in 1996. Up to then I ............... to a foreign country.
A. have never been B. was never C. had never been D. would never
47. Conservation is the safeguarding and preservation of natural resources so that they can continue to be used
A. favored B. treated C. explored D. enjoyed
48. Tony knows most of Shakespeare.............heart.
A. on B. in C. by D. at
49. Quite.............chance I noticed that the house was for sale.
A. by B. in C. at D. a
50. Don't carry the boxes all together. We'll move them..............
A. once in a time B. once and for all C. one and all D. one at a time
51. I haven't had a Chinese meal for ................
A. long B. it's ages C. years D. the summer
52. The first time I noticed something was wrong was...........I got home.
A. since B. when C. for D. until
53. I told her the instructions again it wrong.
A. so that she will B. in order for her not to C. in order not to D. so as to
54. Don't worry! We.............for you at 6 o'clock tomorrow.
A. will be waiting B. are waiting C. wait D. will have been waiting
55. The woman ..................... lives in the house over there.
A. I bought my car B. whom I bought my car C. I bought my car from D. from that I bought my car
IV. Choose the sentence that is similar in meaning to the one given.
56. The police are supposed to do something about these people.
A. I wish the police would do something about these people.
B. The police should have done something about these people.
C. Supposedly. the police do something about these people.
D. The police suppose that these people do something.
57. I wish I didn't have to get up early tomorrow.
A. I don't have to get up early tomorrow. B. I will have to get up early tomorrow.
C. Getting up early tomorrow is not necessary. D. It is my wish to get up early tomorrow.
58. Ian didn't know how to water-ski, but he gave it a try.
A. Ian tried to water-ski because he didn't know how to do it.
B. Ian didn't water-ski because he didn't know how to.
C. Though Ian tried hard, he didn't know how to water-ski.
D. Although Ian didn't know how to water-ski, he had a try.
59. We couldn't decide about our holiday, but Sue thought of something.
A. Sue thought of something though we could not make up our mind on our holiday.
B. Sue decided our thinking of the holiday. C. Sue thought that we couldn't decide about our
D. We couldn't decide about our holiday, which was what Sue thought.
60. The jogging shoes are next to nothing, so buy yourself a pair.
A. Buy yourself a pair of jogging shoes though they are nothing.
B. Buy yourself a pair of jogging shoes because they are really cheap.
C. Your next pair of jogging shoes is cheap buy them! D. The next thing is the pair of jogging shoes you
61. No sooner had I left the house than Maria came.
A. Maria came right after ! left the house. B. Maria came sooner than I left the house.
C. I left the house after Maria came. D. The sooner I left the house, the sooner Maria
62. The postman realized I was on holiday, so he left the parcel next door.
A. The postman left the parcel next door though I was on holiday.
B. I was on holiday, sent a parcel to the postman who left it next door.
C. The parcel was from my holiday and was left next door by the postman.
D. Realizing that I was on holiday, the postman left the parcel next door.
63. Tina will finish typing the letter, and she will go home.
A. Going home, Tina will finish typing the letter.
B. Tina won't go home until she has finished typing the letter.
C. Tina will go home before finishing typing the letter.
D. Tina will go home though she hasn't finished typing the letter.
64. Unless you had seen me doing it, you wouldn't have accused me.
A. You could accuse me because you saw me doing it.
B. You did not see me doing it, so you couldn't accuse me.
C. You accused me, but you didn't see me doing it. D. I was accused though you didn't see me doing it.
65. 'Sorry for sending the wrong information, Kate' said Lola.
A. Lola was sorry about Kate's sending the wrong information.
B. Kate sent the wrong information, and she was sorry.
C. Lola was sorry for not sending Kate the wrong information.
D. Lola apologized to Kate for sending her the wrong information.
V. Identify the error in each sentence.
66. The children forgot picking up the note from the office and now they are worried.
67. Helen has never met such good person who is ready to help others.
68. If only I have done the test better than other students did.
69. If you want to borrow my car, promise to drive careful.
70. Rumors began circulating that the Prime Minister was seriously illness.
71. Everybody in class has to choose a topic of your own to write an essay of 500 words.
72. Neither of the boys had ever been out of town before, so they were really exciting.
73. I hope that I can help you with the historic questions.
74. My son learned to talk the time before he was 5 years old.
75. Jim offered us presents as if it had been Xmas.
VI. Read the following passage and choose the correct answers.
What will the city of the future look like? This question has been asked so many times over the (76).......500
years and answered inconsequently (77)........equal number of times – that we can be sure of (78)...... thing
only: no one can predict accurately how cities will look 50 or 500 years from now. The reason is simple. Cities
change continually. For over fifty years they have change (79).....rapidly that the oldest residents will remember
a time (80)...their city seemed to belong not just to another era (81)...... to a different dimension. (82).... is true
both of planned and unplanned cities. Planned cities such New York and Paris, (83).......... are closely organized
on a grid or diagram of street and avenues, have effectively burst at the seams this century, (84)...., unplanned
cities such as London, Tokyo and Los their centers (85)...... dramatically. Although their centers might remain
much as they were many years (86)....., their suburbs have spread (87)....... the tentacles of an octopus. Some
economists argue that expansion is a (88)........ of healthy economy, (89)........... that expanding cities (90)..........
international investment.
76. A. last B. few C. previous D. next
77. A. the B. an C. some D. few
78. A. the B. one C. a D. single
79. A. very B. so C. such D. really
80. A. because B. though C. as D. when
81. A. according B. so as C. referring D. but
82. A. This B. There C. It D. So
83. A. that B. where C. which D. they
84. A. but B. after C. while D. however
85. A. so B. as C. this D. such
86. A. ago B. once C. from now D. previously
87. A. like B. in the way C. to D. for
88. A. sign B. way C. need D. state
89. A. so B. now C. or D. and
90. A. draws B. gets C. attracts D. catches
VII. Read the following passage and choose the correct answers.
Wood has long been a popular building material in North America because it has generally been plentiful
and cheap. Swedish settlers in Delaware built log cabins as early as 1630s. In New England, British
colonists built wooden 'saltbox houses'. Most of the wooden homes of Colonial times could be built
with simple tools and minimal skills.
In the early 19th century, the standard wooden house was built with beams set into heavy posts and held
together with wooden pegs. This method of construction was time-consuming and required highly skilled
workers with special tools. The balloon-frame house, invented in 1833 in Chicago by a carpenter from Hartford,
Connecticut, used a frame of lightweight lumber, mostly 2x4 and 2x6 inches. This type of house could be
assembled by any careful worker who could saw in a straight line and drive a nail.
This revolution in building was made possible by improved sawmills that could quickly cut boards to
standard sizes and the lower cost of lumber that resulted. There were also new machines that could produce
huge quantities of inexpensive nails. Skeptics predicted that a strong wind could send such houses flying
through the air like balloons and, at first 'balloon frame' was a term of derision. But the light frames proved
practical, and wooden houses have been basically built this way ever since.
91. What is the main purpose of this passage?
A. To trace the influence of Swedish and British settlers on American styles of buildings.
B. To stress the importance of wood as a building material.
C. To compare methods of constructing wooden houses in various parts of the country.
D. To describe a revolutionary technique for constructing wooden houses.
92. According to the passage, where did the inventor of the balloon-frame house originally come from?
A. Connecticut B. Chicago C. Sweden D. Delaware
93. Which of the following questions about the balloon-frame house is NOT answered in the passage?
A. Where was it invented? B. What was its inventor's name?
C. What size was most of the lumber used in its framework? D. In what year was it invented?
94. The author implies that which of the following types of houses required the most skill to produce?
A. The log cabin built by Swedish settlers. B. Saltbox houses.
C. Standard wooden houses of the early 19th century. D. Balloon-frame houses.
95. All of the following are factors in the development of the balloon-frame house except
A. the invention of sophisticated tools B. the production of cheap nails
C. improvements in sawmills D. the falling price of lumber
96. According to the passage. why was the term balloon-frame applied to certa - houses?
A. They could be moved from place to place. B. They could be easily expanded.
C. They had rounded frames that slightly resembled balloons. D. They were made of lightweight
97. The word derision is closest in meaning to
A. affection B. ignorance C. ridicule D. regret
98. Skeptics thought that the balloon-frame house would be
A. expanded B. blown away C. demolished D. raised
99. The standard method of construction in the early 19th century was described
A. revolutionary B. basic C. innovative D. time-consuming
100. Most of the wooden houses of Colonial times were
A. difficult to build B. easy to build C. demanding D. challenging
I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.
1. A. reject B. regard C. represent D. religion
2. A. stronger B. younger C. finger D. singer
3. A. ploughed B. fixed C. laughed D. coughed
4. A. government B. glory C. worry D. wonder
5. A. promise B. devise C. surprise D. realize
II. Choose the word whose stressed syllable is different from that of the others.
6. A. although B. mature C. enough D. access
7. A. vessels B. notebook C. disposal D. management
8. A. dictionary B. aviation C. conquer D. nitrogen
9. A. politics B. monoxide C. occur D. phenomenon
10. A. tournament B. victory C. immediate D. institute
III. Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentences.
11.That fabric is made of a material that easily.
A. seizes B. follows C. grabs D. catches
12.An important part of conversation is the prevention of waste........... important is the fight against pollution.
A. As B. Such C. The D. And
13.Dirty air is .......... a city problem; meanwhile cutting down trees is a problem of rural areas.
A. purely B. conspicuously C. chiefly D. lately
14.Operations can ........... the lives of people who have to suffer from life physical abnormalities.
A. transfer B. transit C. transmit D. transform
15.Many have seen UFO, but there is no evidence.
A. tell B. predict C. claim D. lie
16.She is very . Don't say anything that can hurt her!
A. dedicated B. devoted C. decided D. delicate
17.Laser comes from the phrase light amplification by stimulated .......... of radian
A. emission B. emersion C. expression D. enrichment
18. After graduate from university, you still have to................studying.
A. get on B go on C. go over D. get up
19. Parents often ............... their children.
A. undergo B. underestimate C. overdo D. overweigh
20.The cost of living has.............over 10 % in the past years.
A. raised B. inflated C. risen D. produced
21.Drive faster! They are................ us.
A. keeping with B. getting on with C. catching up with D. going along with
22.I am not very ...................with the subject you are mentioning.
A. keen B. aware C. acquainted D. interested
23.A girl may or may not..................when she is introduced to a man.
A. hesitate B. shake hands C. tell time D. tell lies
24.Please.................your cigarette! I am allergic to smoke.
A. put out B. turn in C. get out of D. go back
25.Everybody in the building woke up when the alarm.................
A. went out B. went of C. got off D. got up
26.All of the students have to attend the for three weeks.
A. surgical B. natural C. military D. potential
27.She locked the door in order not to be .................
A. invaded B. disturbed C. intervened D. distressed
28.I am ...............the soup to see if it needs more salt.
A. putting B. feeling C. trying D. smelling
29. The orchestra would not be so successful with a different............
A. captain B. dean C. boss D. conductor
30.If I had had my credit card with me, I................
A. would buy B. will buy C. buy D. would have bough
31. Wait for me her................ I get back.
A. when B. for C. until D. after
32. I water my plants for many days. They have died.
A. needn't have B. should have forgotten C. cannot have forgotten D. must have forgotten
33. Harry always takes a bus to school, but today he
A. walks B. is walking C. would walk D. walked
34. You ............ happier in another job, I suppose. The job you are having is not suitable.
A. are B. were C. will be D. would be
35. Have her...............these letters for me!
A. to type B. type C. typing D. types
36. We are considering..................more guests to our anniversary.
A. inviting B. to invite C. to be invited D. being invited
37. Children now..............studying 10 hours a day.
A. are used B. get accustomed with C. used to D. are accustomed to
38. Is there any place for us ................... tonight?
A. staying B. to stay C. are staying D. will stay
39. Sarah always wears sunglasses to avoid .................
A. recognizing B. to recognize C. to be recognized D. being recognized
40. Not until after midnight................
A. the noise next door stopped B. that the noise next door stopped
C. did the noise next door stop D. had the noise next door stopped
41. Please don't make.............. I am studying.
A. noises B. noisy C. a noise D. Noise
42. Although drama is a form of literature,...................from the other types in the way presented.
A. it differs B. is different C. despite the difference D. but it is different
43. The chief advantage of using satellites to predict weather...........can survey regions of the Earth at
A. they B. is that they C. is that D. that they
44. Good pencil erasers are soft enough not...................paper.
A. by damaging B. so that they damage C. to damage D. damaging
45. In 1989. President George Bush appointed Carla A. Hills ................. a special trade representative.
A. to B. as C. like D. be
46. ...... art appreciation is an individual matter, no work of art is perceived by two persons in exactly the same
A. Since B. According to C. Because of D. Perhaps
47. Several angry drivers shook me as I drove away.
A. hands B. fists C. arms D. elbows
48. Each time I sneeze, everyone says,!'
A. Thank B. Cough C. Cold D. Bless
49. I've got a headache, and I don't feel very.................
A. healthy B. fit C. aware D. well
50. There was such a terrible smell that I had to hold my............
A. breath B. air C. breathing D. sense
51. surprise, Katie could answer all of the questions correctly.
A. In B. On C. With D. To
52. Every citizen is supposed to comply................ all the rules and laws.
A. with B. to C. for D. from
53. I don't like being made fun................
A. at B. of C. for D. with
54. Try to take..............of every chance you come across.
A. use B. care C. notice D. advantage
55. Listen! Someone is knocking........... the door.
A. at B. in C. onto D. off
IV. Choose the sentence which is similar in meaning to the given one:
56. Soon after they sold their house, they were offered a better price for it.
A. No sooner they sold their house were they offered a better price for it.
B. They were offered a better price for their house, and they sold it.
C. They had no sooner sold their house than they were offered a better price for it.
D. No sooner had they sold their house and they were offered a better price for it.
57. It is rare that my sister goes to the cinema.
A. My sister is rare of going to the cinema. B. Rarely does my sister go to the cinema.
C. That my sister go.-s to the cinema rarely. D. Going to the cinema is rare to my sister.
58. Mina wanted all of us to drive straight home from the station.
A. We were ordered to drive straight home from the station by Mina.
B. Mina made us to drive straight home from the station.
C. Mina drove straight home from the station, which was what we wanted.
D. Mina suggested our driving straight home from the station.
59. The Minister said that he had not done anything improper.
A. The Minister denied doing anything improper. B. The Minister denied that he would do anything
C. The Minister refused to have done anything improper. D. The Minister refused to do anything improper.
60. Do you think you can control his work?
A. Can you be under the control of his work? B. Can you keep his work under control?
C. Do you think his work is out of control? D. Do you think you are under the control of his work?
61. I've never thought of going abroad.
A. Going abroad has never occurred to me. B. Going abroad is never thought to occur to me.
C. It has never been occurred to me to go abroad. D. It is thought that I have never been abroad.
62. Talkative people annoy me.
A. Talkative people make me out. B. Talkative people are annoyed at me.
C. I was annoying with talkative people. D. Talkative people get on my nerves.
63. Carol finds it easy to make friends.
A. Carol has no difficulty in making friends. B. Carol is easy to make friends.
C. Making friends is not easy to Carol. D. It is easy to make friends with Carol.
64. I regret not telling the truth.
A. If only I could tell the truth. B. Telling the truth means regret.
C. I have never regretted telling the truth. D. I wish I had told the truth.
65. Section Six of the Health and Safety Act forbids smoking in restaurant kitchens.
A. Smoking is forbidden in restaurants except the kitchens according to Section Six of the Health and Safety

B. According to Section Six of the Health and Safety Act, there should be no smoke in restaurant kitchens.
C. Smoking in restaurant kitchens is contrary to Section Six of the Health and Safety Act.
D. Without Section Six of the Health and Safety Act, smoking would be forbidden in restaurant kitchens.
V. Identify the error in each sentence.
66. Florence Sabin is recognized not only for her theoretical research in anatomy and physiology and for her
in public health.
67. Married customs differ greatly from society to society.
68. Mathematics have taken centuries to develop the methods that we now use in arithmetic.
69. Insects appeared on earth before long the earliest mammals.
70. Ballpoint pens require a tiny, perfectly round ball for its tips.
71. The water of the Gulf Stream may be as much as 20 percentage warmer than the surrounding water.
72. It has been known since the 18th century that the adrenal glands are essential of life.
73. Hair is made of the same basic material as both the nails, claws, and hooves of mammals are made of.
74. Almost lemons grown here come from farms in the South.
75. Like his brother, Mike has chosen the economics as his major in the University.
VI. Read the following passage and choose the correct answers.
Ordinary houses are full of hazardous waste. The most important hazardous waste in the homes is batteries.
When you throw them out with your other garbage, they break open at the landfill. The poison inside them
moves through rain water and other liquids to the bottom of the landfill. Then it can pollute the natural water in
the ground. We should use rechargeable batteries. Another hazardous waste in homes is motor oil. Don't throw
old motor oil on the ground or throw it on the garbage. It poisons the environment. We should recycle motor
oil. Paint is another kind of hazardous waste in homes. Some cities have a "Paint Exchange Day". If you bring
in open, unused blue paint and want red, they give you red. Sometimes they mix the paints together into strange
colors. If you paint, walls with them, you help save the environment.
76. What is the most important dangerous waste in the homes?
A. motor oil B. paint C. batteries D. garbage
77. How can batteries at the landfill pollute the underground water?
A. They break open at the landfill. B. Their poison moves to the bottom of the landfill.
C. They move to the underground water. D. They combine with rain water and other liquids.
78. Why should we use rechargeable batteries?
A. to protect the environment B. They are durable
C. They less pollute the environment D. They are convenient
79. Which of the following is not mentioned as hazardous waste in the homes?
A. motor oil B. paint C. fumes D. batteries
80. If you paint walls with mixed paint from "Paint Exchange Day", you ……….
A. help recycle the motor oil B. know how to use 'rechargeable batteries
C. like strange colors D. help save the environment
VII. Choose the best word or phrase to fill in each blank.
The development of so-called keyhole surgery means that the (81).....'s knife may soon disappear altogether
as it is (82) miniature cameras, microscopic and staplers. Instead of (83)...long cuts in the patient's body,
surgeons look (84)...... the site through an ‘endoscope’ or operating telescope. This is passed into the body
through a small hole that will barely leave a (85)....... As long as the operation is carried (86)....... by an
experienced surgeon, keyhole surgery damages the patient (87)...... less than a conventional operation. "Minimal
access surgery is a real (88)........., says Alf Cuschieri, a leading endoscopic surgeon. “I wish we (89)........... it
years ago. Not only does it reduce the trauma to the patient - also (90)...... that we no longer have to make
major incisions to perform major operations." The viewing technology that allows doctors to see what is
(91)................ deep inside the human body has been borrowed from the aerospace industry. (92).............. in the
1960s flexible scopes were developed by technicians in order to check engine interiors without them having to
be taken apart, today's endoscope are not just simple tubes you can see 93).........They are equipped with minute
television cameras. An image of the operation — magnified 8 times — is transmitted by the camera onto a
strategically (94)...... TV screen. Doctors and (95).....needn't crowd round to peer at the wound. Instead, they
(96).... their eyes on the screen and work with straight backs and plenty of elbow room. As surgeons cannot
work in the (97)......, light is beamed into the area of the body being operated (98).............. through optical
fibres-strands of special glass, each (99)............... thin as a human hair, through (100)…….. light travels.

81. A. surgery B. surgical C. surgeon D. surgeons

82. A. placed B. replaced C. transmitted D. transferred
83. A. making B. getting C. placing D. having
84. A. into B. in C. on D. at
85. A. mark B. sign C. signal D. scar
86. A. on B. in C. out D. along
87. A. more B. very C. rather D. much
88. A. breakout B. turnout C. breakdown D. breakthrough
89. A. developed B. develop C. developing D. had developed
90. A. means B. refers C. succeeds D. says
91. A. taking B. going C. looking D. happening
92. A. Soon B. Early C. Rightly D. Just
93. A. in B. at C. through D. with
94. A. place B. placed C. placing D. places
95. A. nurses B. patients C. staff D. physicians
96. A. put B. fastened C. attached D. placed
97. A. dark B. shade C. shadow D. darkness
98. A. in B. with C. on D. by
99. A. So B. Much C. Then D. As
100. A. that B. it C. them D. which
I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.
1. A. underestimates B. apprehends C. works D. contaminates
2. A. psychology B. papal C. poverty D. pins
3. A. key B. preview C. pretty D. peel
4. A. no B. mow C. bow D. road
5. A. kite B. blind C. right D. rigid
II. Choose the word which has the first stress.
6. A. reference B. police C. deter D. develop
7. A. catalogue B. unbeatable C. propriety D. satisfaction
8. A. sarcastic B. ironic C. sergeant D. mature
9. A. contour B. consolidate C. solidify D. cooperate
10. A. banana B. extend C. percentage D. recently
III. Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentences.
11. Not surprisingly, we never got back the things we..............stolen.
A. has reported B. reported C. had reported D. reporting
12. The girl over there………… red dress who is talking to John used to go to my school.
A. of B. at C. on D. in
13. Tom Cruise has appeared in many box-office ..........., and is particularly good in this film.
A. successes B. hits C. achievements D. completions
14. She is.................she can wear the children's clothes.
A. too small B. so small C. small enough D. such a small
15. Mike is short-............, so he has to wear glasses.
A. seen B. vision C. sighted D. eyed
16. John is ................. a lot of interest in buying my old car.
A. showing B. making C. proving D. throwing
17. It was................... party that we left early.
A. such boring B. so boring C. too boring D. so boring a
18. Can you think of any reason..................he might have quit school?
A. when B. which C. at which D. why
19. You must be very................ if you do so much running.
A. healthful B. strain C. fit D. fitness
20. What time do you go................duty? Can we have a drink together?
A. on B. off C. out D. out of
21. Most of the lead-free products are the ozone-..............ones.
A. well B. good C. saving D. friendly
22. Don't worry! They will provide you with a training that equips you...... the job
A. with B. at C. for D. in
23. The cliffs are being constantly ............. by heavy seas.
A. worn B. eroded C. eaten D. gulfed
24. It's a public holiday tomorrow, so I ............go to work.
A. don't need to B. needn't to C. can't D. won't be able -.:
25. You ..................give me a lift. I can easily catch a bus.
A. don't have B. needn't C. needn't have D. mustn't
26. The last time I crossed the French-German border, I passport.
A. must show B. could show C. had to show D. didn't need show
27. The Whites..............their visas in France and were arrested.
A. outlived B. outran C. outclassed D. outstayed
28. Helen owes her life ...............the doctors' prompt action.
A. for B. to C. in D. according to
29. ............. the third-year students, all have to come to the auditorium at tomorrow.
A. With the exception to B. Except from
C. Apart D. With the exception of
30.I always dream of having a sports car………..
A. in my possession B. on my own C. of my own D. of me
31. Here's my work telephone number..............hurry.
A. because B. when C. for fear that D. in case
32. In the modern time, we are likely to hear more about ………. diseases.
A. occupation B. occupational C. occupied D. preoccupied
33. Your research is ............... of great importance of your studying
A. appearing B. apparently C. seeming D. obvious
34. The sooner we get this job finished, .................
A. the possible B. the better C. it is the better D. better it is
35. If you are not completely ................. with the product, you can get a refund.
A. satisfied B. satisfactory C. dissatisfied D. satisfying
36. If you don't put more wood on the fire, it will ...................
A. go out B. turn out C. put in D. take up
37. I am sure this milk has gone ................. It smells funny.
A. out B. away C. ahead D. off
39. There was nobody else ......... in the lounge besides me, and there was no magazine ……..
A. to wait Ito read B. waiting / reading C. to wait/ reading D. waiting / to read
40. What is the recipe...............chick pea soup?
A. in B. for C. of D. to
41. The government will probably lose the next election because of the high rate of.............
A. inflation B. currency C. rebellion D. employment
41. Sue got married ............. her boyfriend of ten years last weekend.
A. to B. with C. for D. of
42. While the children amused..................., their parents could talk uninterrupted.
A. oneself B. them self C. together D. themselves
43. Hardly had they sold out the ticket ………..
A. we arrived B. than did we arrive C. when we arrived D. when did we arrive
44. Scott speaks...................Turkish.
A. any B. hardly C. hardly any D. any more
45. ................ it many times, I found the passage quite easy to understand.
A. Read B. Having read C. Having been read D. Being read
46. Taylor............... his third goal of the season during last Saturday's match.
A. shot B. took C. recorded D. scored
47. My mother is................. height and has dark hair.
A. average B. medium C. middle D. half
48. I hate waiting for buses. Last Sunday, I ............. for 30 minutes when three buses came at the same
A. have waited B. had been waiting C. waited D. was waiting
49. I put my ear to the door................hear what they were saying.
A. in order to B. in order that I C. for fear that D. in case to
50. Joey had his car.............. last month and then ……… it.
A. fix / sell B. fixed / sell C. fixed / sold D. to fix / to sell
51. There was...............for everyone. Don't worry!
A. more than food enough B. more than enough food
C. food enough more than D. enough food more than
52. ............... his dangerous driving, Barry has never been caught by the police.
A. In spite B. Although C. Despite D. However
54. University students in Britain usually break .............. for their summer holidays, in June.
A. out B. up C. in D. out of
55. I've got flu. I probably picked it..................... while I was on holiday.
A. on B. in C. out D. up
IV. Choose the sentence that is similar in meaning to the one given.
56. Because of the bad weather, the plane touched down over an hour late.
A. The plane had to land after over an hour because of the bad weather.
B. The plane landed over an hour late because the weather was bad.
C. Bad weather made it impossible for the plane to touch down.
D. The plane touched down over an hour before the weather became bad.
57. We lost our way because the signposts were confusing.
A. The signposts were confusing when we lost our way.
B. We lost our way though the signposts confused us.
C. The signposts were confusing, which caused us to get lost.
D. Losing our way, the signposts were confusing.
58. We were surprised when Jack came back after only two days.
A. Jack was surprised to come back after only two days.
B. When Jack came back later than we had expected, we were surprised.
C. Coming back after only two days, we were surprised by Jack.
D. That Jack came back after only two days took us by surprise.
59. I will check in the hotel first. and then I will phone you.
A. Before I check in the hotel, I will phone you. B. I will phone you then I will checking in the hotel
C. I will not phone you until I check in the hotel. D. After check in the hotel, I will phone you.
60. I am happy to go and see any film you choose.
A. I am happy that you can go and see any film. B. You choose any film that I am happy to go to see.
C. It does no matter what film I go and see. D. I don't mind what film we go and see.
61. Sue is too slow to understand what you might say.
A. Sue is not enough quick to understand what you might say.
B. What you might say, Sue can understand slowly.
C. Sue is so slow to understand what you might say.
D. So slow is Sue that she can't understand what you might say.
62. The price of the holiday covers all meals.
A. All meals are covered by the price of the holiday.
B. All meals are included in the price of the holiday.
C. Including all meals is the price of the holiday.
D. The holiday is covered with the price of all meals.
63. I'd rather he had not given me the bill.
A. I regret having given him the bill. B. I wish I had not given him the bill.
C. It was wrong of him to give me the bill. D. If only he had not given me the bill.
64. The accused couldn't convince the jury of his innocence.
A. The accused did not succeed to convince the jury of his innocence.
B. The accused couldn't be able to convince the jury of his innocence.
C. The' accused did not manage to convince the jury of his innocence.
D. The accused made it impossible to convince the jury of his innocence.
65. Be careful or you will hurt yourself.
A. Unless you are careful, you will hurt yourself. B. Hurt yourself, if not you are careful.
C. You are not careful because you have hurt yourself.
D. When you hurt yourself, it means that you are not careful.
V. Identify the error in each sentence.
66. Draft horses are the tallest, most powerful and heavy group of horses.
67. Acting teacher Stella Adler played a vital role in the develop of the Method Schooling of Acting.

68. Before diamonds can be used as jewels, they must be cut and polish.
69. Of all mammals, dolphins are undoubtedly between the friendliest to humans.
70. Working all night long, Jim felt extreme hungry and just wanted to have a sandwich.
71. Harmony, melody and rhythm are important elements in mostly forms of music.
72. Medical students must learn both the theory and the practice of medicines.
73. Archeological sites sometimes are revealed when the construction of roads and buildings.
74. Yolanda ran over to me and breathless informed the failure of our team
75. All root vegetables grow underground, and not all vegetables that grow underground are roots.
VI. Read the following passage and choose the correct answers.
Throughout history people have always communicated with one another not only by (76).... but also by
movements of the hands and body. It is, however, only over the last few years (77)...... these aspects of
communication have been (78).......... widely. This type of communication is (79)........... as body
language or non-verbal communication. People sometimes wonder (80) can learn how body
language works. It is of course possible to read books (81)......... the subject but you also need to
(82)....... time observing peoples movements. A railway station is (83)...... good place for such
observation, as here people can be seen openly (84)....eagerness, sorrow, delight, impatience, and
many other human emotions by means of movement. If you turn down the sound on your TV set and try
to understand what is (85)...... simply by watching the picture you will learn even more about communication
(86)......words. By turning the sound back up (87)… five minutes or so, it is possible to check
(88).....accurate your understanding is. Having studied the art of body language you will have a definite
advantage at a boring party. You will be able to sit on your own for the whole evening and (89)..... enjoy
yourself by both watching and (90)......the body language of all the other people.
76. A. talk B. speech C. conversation D. dialogue
77. A. that B. when C. for D. if
78. A. learned B. expressed C. talked D. studied
79. A. considered B. known C. name D. calling
80. A. why B. what C. whether D. whom
81.A. in B. of C. about D. on
82. A. take B. give C. spend D. allow
83. A. certainly B. obviously C. extremely D. particularly
84. A. expressing B. bringing C. putting D. making
85. A. going B. taking C. having D. happening
86. A. in B. without C. for D. not
87. A. later B. more C. a D. every
88. A. why B. how C. what D. if
89. A. extremely B. very C. largely D. thoroughly
90. A. translating B. interpreting C. looking into D. expressing
VII. Read the following passage and choose the correct answers.
In the 1960s, The Beatles were probably the most famous pop group in the whole world. Since then, there have
been a great many groups that have achieved enormous fame, so it is perhaps difficult now to imagine how
The Beatles were at that time. They were four boys from the north of England and none of them had any
training in music. They started by performing and recording songs by black Americans and they had some
success with these songs. Then they started writing their own songs and that was when they became really
popular. The Beatles changed pop music. They were the first pop group to achieve great success from songs
they had written themselves. After that it became common for groups and singers to write their own songs. The
Beatles did not have a long career. Their first hit record was in 1963 and they split up in 1970. They stopped
doing live performances in 1966 because it had become too dangerous for them.
Their fans were so excited that they surrounded them and tried to take their clothes as souvenirs! However,
today some of their songs remain as famous as they were when they first came out. Throughout the world, many
people can sing part of a Beatles song if you ask them.
91. The passage is mainly about..................
A. how the Beatles became more successful than other groups B. why the Beatles split up after 7 years
C. The Beatles' fame and success D. many people's ability to sing a Beatles
92. The four boys of the Beatles.............
A. came from the same family B. came from a town in the north of
C. were at the same age D. received good training in music
93. The word 'sensational' is closest in meaning to ................
A. notorious B. bad C. shocking D. popular
94. The first songs of the Beatles were...................
A. written by themselves B. broadcast on the radio C. paid a lot of money D. written by black
95. What is not true about the Beatles?
A. The members had no training in music. B. They had a long stable career.
C. They became famous when they wrote their own songs. D. They changed pop music.
96. The Beatles stopped their live performances because …………………….
A. they had earned enough money B. they did not want to work with each
C. they spent more time writing their own songs D. they were afraid of being hurt by fans
97. The year 1970 was the time when.................
A. they split up B. They changed pop music C. They started their career D. They stopped singing
98. What the fans of the Beatles often did was
A. sing together with them B. take their clothes as souvenirs
C. ask them to write more songs D. ask them why they would separate
99. Some songs of the Beatles now.....................
A. are still famous as they used to be B. became too old to sing
C. are sung by crazy fans D. are the most famous
100. The tone of the passage is that of....................
A. admiration B. criticism C. neutral D. sarcasm

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.

1.A. drought B. round C. bound D. nought
2.A. gadget B. gale C. slogan D. irrigate
3.A. contaminate B. conquer C. continue D. console
4.A. obtain B. occasion C. occupation D. absorb
5.A. breath B. within C. beneath D. booth
II. Pick out the word whose stressed syllable is different.
6.A. sensibility B. sensational C. unfortunate D. important
7.A. unforgettable B. unimaginative C. uniform D. unfulfilled
8.A. mechanic B. service C. national D. realize
9.A. relief B. theory C. conquer D. remedy
10. A. adjustment B. environnent C. papaya D. dignify
III. Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentences.
11. When you are in a western country, your host may open a wrapped gift in front of you. Opening a present in
front of the gift-giver is ...................polite.
A. acquired B. considered C. known D. called
12. Even if the host doesn't like a present, he or she will tell a 'white lie' and say ..........they like the gift to
prevent the guest from feeling bad.
A. how often B. what C. for what D. how much the low
13. ..................... the low rainfall this year, the crops did not produce a high yield.
A. Since B. Despite C. Due to D. Because
14. The color of your shirt does not..............that of your trousers.
A. suit B. fit C. harmonize D. match
15. Many people love routine jobs which promise....................
A. security B. sanguineness C. vacancy D. registration
16. An employer may look with ..............on a young college graduate.
A. suspect B. suspicion C. suspicious D. suspiciously
17. Expressing one's................. is one skill that the school can really teach
A. thinking B. thoughts C. thoughtfulness D. thoughtlessness
18. As a model, you have to.............the art of walking in high heels.
A. master B. grasp C. study D. gain
19. An accident it the power station may result in large ............ of radiation be released.
A. numbers B. number C. amount D. amounts
20. They are bringing in .................changes to the way the office is run.
A. large B. radical C. deep D. immense
21. There were many Hanoi during the Vietnam war.
A. robberies B. launches C. raids D. drops
22. Our living standards have been.............for the last few years.
A. risen B. scaled C. gone up D. raised
23. The accident made me much the needs of the disabled.
A. sensible B. sensational C. sensitized D. sensitive
24. Several new office blocks are being ............. in our city.
A. put up B. pulled up C. run up D. drawn up
25. Some chemicals are used to..............the water; others are to pollute it.
A. clean B. purify C. clear D. de-ink
26. Jack is so small that he cannot wear that.................jacket.
A. overwhelmed B. overflowed C. oversized D. overweight
27. A blender is a device for............... fruit and vegetables.
A. liquidize B. liquid C. liquefy D. liquidate
28. Your train ticket will become.............without a date stamped on it.
A. invaluable B. priceless C. invalid D. unused
29. There is a ............... of letters which have not been read on my father's desk.
A. cram B. crowd C. loaf D. pile
30. A series of articles have been published on different local ........... stories.
A. success B. successful C. succeeding D. successes
31. The best film .............. is "The Sound of Music".
A. I saw B. I have ever seen C. I see D. I had ever seen
32. I can't such poor working conditions.
A. working B. to work C. to have worked D. worked
33 Let me..............out the main steps of the writing process.
A. to spell B. spell C. spelling D. spelled
34 Never happy.
A. has he been B. he has been C. was he D. he was
35. Pay what the people around you talk about you. Believe in yourself.
A. attention B. notice C. allowance D. way
36. You ........... the questions in the order they asked. You mixed them up in the wrong way.
A. should answer B. must have answered C. did not need to answer D. should have answered
37. I thought that you........... us, but I was wrong. You never have enough courage.
A. will join B. had joined C. would join D. are joining
38. Mike could not afford ..................a house as Sue expected, so she left him.
A. buying B. to buy C. of buying D. to have bought
39. Some of the activities at provide students with physical practice.
A. designed B. was designed C. are designed D. designing
40. If only I .......... well-prepared for the exams. My results are too bad.
A. were B. am C. could be D. had been
41. Your father ............. very proud of you when he heard about your bravery in the fire.
A. must have been B. should be C. must be D. needs to be
42. The song you wrote.................... like ritual music.
A. hears B. listens C. sounds D. feels
43. You are better off...........a foreign language to prepare for your future work
A. learning B. to learn C. to have learned D. learn
44. The exercises given by Ms Lin are ........... difficult than those by Mr. Fernandez
A. much B. very C. far more D. much as
45. Do you prefer........sports to ................. it?
A. playing / watch B. play I watch C. play/ watching D. playing/ watching
46. The teacher's remarks were really........... , and we made rapid progress so
A. encouraged B. to be encouraged C. courageous D. encouraging
47. We waited for an hour but the group leader didn't come, so we might......... go home.
A. possibly B. as well C. probably D. have
48. My aunt as well as her go on a trip to Hawaii this summer.
A. have decided B. had decided C. was deciding D. has decided
49. But for your advice, I............ a lot of money to that deceitful company.
A. would have lost B. would lose C. lost D. will lose
50. Sarah ...................from a well-known university.
A. is said that she graduated B. is said to have graduated
C. was said to be graduated D. was said that graduating
III. Choose the word or phrase the is closest in meaning to the underlined part of the sentence.
51. Most of the school-leavers are sanguine about the idea of going to work and earning money.
A. fearsome B. expected C. excited D. optimistic
52. I had a row with my boss and had to quit the job.
A. quarreled B. debated C. discussed D. ignored
53. The local team has never been so rubbish before. They have lost all the matches.
A. unexciting B. not skillful C. lazy D. not ambitious
54. Women liberated from child care can pursue their own interests.
A. leisure with B. having fun with C. freed from D. burdened with
55. The notice should be put in the most conspicuous place so that all the students can be well-informed.
A. beautiful B. easily seen C. popular D. suspicious
IV. Choose the sentence that is similar in meaning to the one given.
54. It was only when I left home that I realized the meaning of 'family'.
A. I realized the meaning of 'family' before I left home.
B. Only when I left home I realized the meaning of 'family'.
C. Not until I left home did I realize the meaning of 'family'.
D. I didn't leave home until I realized the meaning of 'family'.
57 You can use it as long as you like and it will not wear out.
A. No matter what you use it, it will not wear out. B. No matter how long you use it, it will not wear
C. As long as you use it, it will not wear out. D. It will not wear out before you use it.
58. Young as he is. he has been chosen as the head of the office.
A. He has been chosen as the head of the office because he is young.
B. Although he is young, he has been chosen as the head of the office.
C. Being chosen as the head of the office, he should be young. D. He is as young as the head of the
59. After posting five letters of application. I realized that I had forgotten to put stamps on them.
A. I had forgotten to post five letters of application though I had stamped them.
B. Only when I had posted five letters of application that I realized that I had forgotten to put stamps on them.
C. Realizing that I had forgotten to put stamps on five letters of application. I posted them.
D. I posted five letters of application, then I realized I had forgotten to put stamps on them.
60. The only thing that makes this job worthwhile is money.
A. This job makes money worthwhile. B. If there is no money, this job is not
C. Were it not for money, the job wouldn't be worthwhile. D. If only this job were worthwhile for money.
61. But for Susan's help, you couldn't have finished the work.
A. Had Susan not helped you, you couldn't have finished the work.
B. You can't finish the work without Susan's help.
C. Susan didn't help you, and you couldn't finish the work.
D. Susan helped you, but you couldn't finish the work.
62. Five years had passed before Maria came back to her hometown.
A. Maria came back to her hometown five years ago.
B. It was five years ago that Maria came back to her hometown.
C. It is five years since Maria came back to her hometown.
D. Maria came back to her hometown after five years.
63. There is no point in asking Dora for help.
A. It is pointless that Dora helps. B. It is no use to ask Dora for help.
C. Dora is not asked for help at any point. D. It is no good asking Dora for help.
64. Fiona goes to the theatre once in a blue moon.
A. Fiona goes to the theatre when the moon is full. B. Fiona goes to the theatre when the blue moon is on.
C. Fiona goes to the theatre only once a month. D. Fiona occasionally goes to the theatre. .
65. Don't get angry! We are just pulling your leg.
A. Don't get angry! We are just teasing you. B. Don't pull your leg when you are angry.
C. Pulling your leg makes you angry. D. Don't get angry because we are having your leg
V. Identify the error in each sentence.
66. Sheep have been domesticated for over 500 years ago.
67. Liquid takes the shape of any container which it is in placed.
68. Automobiles began to equip with built-in radios around 1930.
69. However type of raw materials is used in making paper, the process is essentially the same
70. Needles are simple looking tools, but they are very relatively difficult to make
71. Only by keeping patient you can achieve success.
72. Helen lent me a brochure giving details of trips to South Africa and America, but she soon asked to have
them back. A B C D

73. Ducks are less susceptible to infection than another types of poultry.
74. Could you phone me once you will know the answer to the problem?
75. Mark was cleaning the gun when it went out by chance.
VI. Read the following passage and choose the correct answers.
You have (76)............ heard someone say that the reason you caught a cold was that you were rundown.
People generally accept that if you are under (77)...... or run down, you are more (78) get ill. But is this
really true or is it just an old wives' (79)....... ?The problem (80).......old sayings like this is that it is often
difficult to prove (81).......... they are true or not. If you ask people with colds if they are feeling run down, they
are almost certain (82)............ yes. People without colds are more likely to say no. So, (83)........ you can tell if
it's the cold that is making them feel run down or the fact that they are run down that is making them more
likely to catch a cold? Scientists at the Common Cold Research Centre ran a series of tests. They got (84).....
without colds to attend the centre, (85)........... they were first given a questionnaire to complete. The questions
measured the (86)...... of stress each of them was under. They were then deliberately injected with a cold virus
(87)............. left to see whether they developed a cold. After many people had been tested, the researchers
looked for a link (88)................. the measured stress level and the chances of catching a cold. They found that
(89)........ the stress, the more likely the person more likely to catching a cold. At the moment, it is not known
why stress makes someone more likely to become ill but now that the link has been found, researchers might
be able to investigate (90).................... They may even find different ways of combating diseases.
76. A. ever B. never C. sometime D. physically
77. A. stress B. press C. tension D. intensity
78.A. likely B. able C. capable D. possible
79. A. story B. saying C. tale D. proverb
80. A. with B. for C. in D. of
81. A. that B. whether C. when D. why
82. A. saying B. to be saying C. say D. to say
83. A. why B. whether C. that D. how
84. A. pioneers B. characters C. volunteers D. beginners
85. A. which B. where C. that D. because
86. A. number B. amount C. quantity D. total
87. A. and B. which C. therefore D. but
88. A. for B. between C. from D. with
89. A. the higher B. the highest C. higher D. highly
90. A. mostly B. farther C. better D. further
VII. Read the following passage and choose the correct answers.
Rachel Carson was born in 1907 in Springsdale, Pennsylvania. She studied biology in college and zoology at
Johns Hopkins University, where she received her master’s degree in 1933. In 1936, she was hired by the U.S.
Fish and Wildlife Service, where she worked most of her life.
Carson's book, Under the Sea Wind, was published in 1941. It received excellent reviews, but sales were poor
until it was reissued in 1952. In that year, she published The Sea Around Us, which provided a fascinating look
beneath the ocean's surface emphasizing human history as well as geology and marine biology. He imagery and
language had a poetic quality. Carson consulted no less than 1,000 printed sources. She had voluminous
correspondence and frequent discussions with experts in the fied. However, she always realized the limitations
of her non technical readers.
In 1962. Carson published Silent Spring, a book that sparked considerable controversy. It proved how much
harm was done by the uncontrolled, reckless use of insecticides. She detailed how they poison the food supply
of animals, kill birds and fish, and contaminate human food. At the time, spokesmen for the chemical industry
mounted personal attacks against Carson and issued propaganda to indicate that her finding were flawed.
However, her work was vindicated by a 1963 report of the President’s Science Advisory Committee.
91. The passage mainly discusses Rachel Carson's work..................
A. as a researcher B. at college C. as a writer D. at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
92. According to the passage, what did Carson primarily study at Johns Hopkins University?
A. Oceanography B. History C. Literature D. Zoology
93. When she published her first book, Carson was closest to the age of ……….
A. 26 B. 29 C. 34 D. 45
94. It can be inferred from the passage that in 1952, Carson's book Under The See Wind ........
A. was outdated B. became more popular than her other books
C. was praised by critics D. sold many copies
95. Which of the following was not mentioned as a source of information for The Sea Around Us?
A. Printed matter B. Talks with experts C. A research expedition D. Letters from scientists
96. Which of the following words or phrases is least accurate in describing The Sea Around Us?
A. Highly technical B. Poetic C. Fascinating D. Well-researched
97. The word reckless is closest in meaning to ...................
A. unnecessary B. limited C. continuous D. irresponsible
98. According to the passage, Silent Spring is primarily _________
A. an attack on the use of chemical preservatives in food.
B. a discussion of the hazards insects pose to the food supply.
C. a warning about the dangers of misusing insecticides.
D. an illustration of the benefits of the chemical industry.
99. Which of the following is closest in meaning to the word flawed?
A. faulty B. deceptive C. logical D. offensive
100. Why does the author of the passage mention the report of the President's Science Advisory Committee?
A. To provide an example of government propaganda.
B. To Whom It May Concern: support Carson's ideas.
C. To indicate a growing movement concern with the environment.
D. To validate the chemical industry's claims.
I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.
1. A. place B. face C. baits D. lays
2. A. silly B. mean C. technique D. please
3. A. lamb B. comb C. climb D. double
4. A. color B. flood C. over D. money
5. A. damp B. damage C. dairy D. dad
II. Choose the word whose stressed syllable is different from that of the others.
6. A. cattle B. fashion C. fertile D. informant
7. A. figure B. marvel C. marine D. Marathon
8. A. secretary B. documentary C. difficulty D. intimacy
9. A. inhabit B. climate C. injustice D. monoxide
10. A. prospect B. necklace C. oxygen D. disloyal
III. Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentences.
11. .................... in Shanghai than in any other city in China.
A. More people living B. More people live C. More than people live D. As many people live
12. People should as their desire will allow.
A. as many B. as much C. more D. less
13. I .......... Poland before, so the trip there with Mike was unforgettable.
A. had never visited B. have never visited C. never visited D. was never visiting
14. ................the flowers when Jack came and asked me to go out for a drink.
A. were watering B. watered C. was watering D. watering
15. I ..................... my car serviced at that garage.
A. had never had B. never has C. never having D. have never had
16. While they were working far away from home, their Mrs. Jones
A. looked after B. was being looked after C. is being looked after D. was looking after
17. No soon& had I put down the receiver.................
A. than the phone rang again B. when the phone had rung
C. then the phone rang D. did the phone ring again
18. First I thought Jack was a nice guy............. I found him intolerable.
A. and then B. therefore C. as a result D. but later
19. he more effort you put into you work, ..............
A. the better results are B. the better are the results C. the results are better D. the better the results are
20. You must...............your duty; otherwise the boss will get angry.
A. make B. carry C. do D. begin
21. You can buy cheap products from.............shops.
A. duty-freed B. free-duty C. free of duty D. duty-free
22. Our goal was scored in the................... minute of the game.
A. died B. dying C. death D. dead
23. My sister is an ambitious and..................person. She keeps trying all the time.
A. dynamic B. aggressive C. militant D. favorite
24. Sorry, I can't talk now. I am .....................
A. in the nick of time B. on approval C. out of reach D. in a hurry
25. Sue the accident; meanwhile her sister had only minor injuries.
A. badly injure B. seriously ill C. seriously hurt D. bad hurt
26. To..................., every member of our club will be offered an equal chance.
A. my opinion B. my speech C. the best of my knowledge D. what I am concerned
27. The factory has laid ..................... 500 workers due to their lack of material.
A. out B. off C. on D. back
28. He us about his championship last summer.
A. lay B. laid C. lied D. lie
29. It was the Olympic Games that really................Seoul on the map.
A. made B. got C. raised D. put
30. You have had birthmarks on your skin ...............
A. after you were born B. while you were born C. in birth D. since you were born
31. Don't try to bite off more than you can .................! I am afraid you are not so talented.
A. take B. swallow C. hold D. chew
32. My mother knows the traditional ................. of the Southwest.
A. cuisine B. cook C. cooking D. cookery
33. The baby was.........................and shouting for Mom.
A. hovering B. hurling C. stamping D. beating
34. Fifty people .................. will enter the local beauty contest.
A. and so B. or so C. and less D. or that
35. Such ................. that we didn't want to go home.
A. a beautiful flower display B. a beautiful flower display was
C. was a beautiful flower display D. beautiful the flower display was
36. I am trying to.................for sundial in the back garden.
A. make allowance for B. make up C. put up D. make room for
37. The grass will grow again because you haven't .................. it.
A. rooted B. uprooted C. rooted up D. brought roots from
38. Garry is very..............; he gets angry easily.
A. badly-mannered B. hot-temper C. bad-tempered D. quick-mannered
39. That company is a good one with ..............for growth.
A. energy B. potential C. source D. resource
40. Could you please............... me some more coffee?
A. spill B. help C. spray D. pour
41. This kind of insurance will provide lots of advantages................clients.
A. with B. to C. toward D. for
42. His injury ....................him from playing in the last match of the Games.
A. encouraged B. refused C. excluded D. prevented
43. The criminal has fled to a faraway land ............of the authorities.
A. beyond reach B. within reach C. out reach D. in reach
44. Can you..............this skirt for me? It is too short.
A. long B. prolong C. length D. lengthen
45. Optical fiber is a long thin thread of glass or plastic which information can be sent
A. in B. for C. through D. with
IV. Choose the word or phrase which best replaces the underlined part.
46. When the laser strikes the chemicals, it releases a form of oxygen that kills cancer cells.
A. omits B. gives out C. vaporizes D. contains
47. The laser beam can spot one fiftieth the size of a human hair.
A. identify B. gives decorations C. burn D. remove
48. Treating cancer with laser beams is a valuable technique.
A. worthless B. priceless C. difficult D. challenging
49. Cancer cells are killed while healthy neighbors are left unharmed.
A. people B. killers C. cells D. cancer cells
50. Kate was overwhelmed with tension before she entered the contest.
A. high degree B. strength C. eagerness D. nervousness
51. Laser can drill through the most delicate bones in the ears.
A. fragile B. small C. hard D. strong
52. Lee doesn't like conventional dressing. She prefers something modern and shock.
A. social B. new C. old D. create
53. She tried to conceal the truth, but we soon found it out.
A. make up B. hide C. lie D. reveal
54. Plants absorb nutrients from the soil through their roots.
A. take in B. give away C. make through D. traditional
55. She enjoyed the chance to converse with those who speak her language.
A. preserve B. teach C. translate D. have a talk
56. Taking this course or not is up to you. I don't mind.
A. is more difficult than you expect B. depends on you
C. what you can't decide D. supports you
57. Rita's husband has just died. I think I should stay and keep her company.
A. help her run the company B. protect her company
C. be with her D. make friends with her
58. The girl trembled with fear when she saw the strangers coming at her.
A. shouted B. screamed C. stepped back D. shook
59. Have you read the introductory chapter of the book?
A. final B. explanatory C. most important D. beginning
60. The black became more militant after the death of Martin Luther King.
A. determined B. violent C. patient D. frightened
V. Choose the sentence that is similar in meaning to the one given.
61. Paula will never lend you the car if you do not tell her what you use it for.
A. Paula will only lend you the car if you tell her what you use it for.
B. Unless you tell Paula what you use the car for, she will lend it to you .
C Paula will never lend you the car, so you will not tell her what you use it for
D. By telling Paula what you use the car for, Paula will lend it to you.
62. You should have made allowance for her thoughtlessness.
A. You should have allowed her to be thoughtless. B. Her thoughtlessness was allowed to be made.
C. If only you had tolerated her thoughtlessness. D. Her thoughtlessness should be tolerable.
63. I am fed up with your cat's messing around.
A. Your cat should be fed, not messed around. B. Messing around, your cat is not fed.
C. Your cat messes around, though it has been fed. D. I am bored with the fact that your cat messes
64. Lin's success took us all by surprise.
A. We were taken aback by all of Lin's successes. B. Lin's success was surprised to all of us.
C. We took all of Lin's successes surprisingly. D. Lin was successful, which surprised all of us.
65. The new syllabus will the take place of the old one soon.
A. Soon the new syllabus will take place with the old one. B. The old syllabus will give place to the new one
C. Both the new and the old syllabuses will be replaced. D. The old and the new syllabuses will have no place
66. It is no good sending me the brochures; I never travel abroad.
A. I never travel abroad, so sending me the brochures is good.
B. It is not good to send me the brochures of the countries which I have never been to.
C. I never travel abroad, so there is no point in sending me the brochures. D. I never travel without good
67. As far as I am concerned, you can do whatever you like.
A. You can do what you like providing that it is not too far. B. In my opinion, you can do what you like.
C. What you like is not as much as what I am concerned about. D. I am concerned about what you like.
68. Fiona treated us better than her mother.
A. Fiona's mother didn't treat us as badly as Fiona. B. Fiona treated us as badly as her mother.
C. Both Fiona and her mother gave us better treatment. D. Fiona's mother did not treat us as well as
69. if you forget to do your homework, the teacher will get angry.
A.The teacher will get angry only when you forget to do your homework.
B. You forget to do your homework though the teacher gets angry.
C. Unless you don't do your homework, the teacher will not get angry.
D. If you don't remember to do your homework, the teacher will get angry.
70. In order not to be punished by Mom, I got into the house through the backdoor.
A. I got into the house through the back door, which made me punished by Mom.
B. In order that I wouldn't be punished by Mom, I got into the house through the backdoor.
C. I got into the house through the backdoor so as I wouldn't be punished by Mom
D. Getting into the house through the backdoor meant being punished by Mom.
VI. Read the following passage and choose the correct answers.
Carbohydrates, which are sugars, are an essential part of a healthy diet. They prvide the main source of
energy for the body, and they also function to flavor and sweeten food. Carbohydrates range from simple
sugars like glucose to complex sugars such as amylase and amylopectin. Nutritionists estimate that
carbohydrates should make up about one-fourth to one-fifth of a person's diet. This translates to about 75 – 100
grams of carbohydrates per day. A diet that is deficient in carbohydrates can have an adverse effect on a
person’s health. When the body lacks a sufficient amount of carbohydrates it must then use its protein supplies
for energy, a process called gluconeogenesis. This, however, results in a lack of necessary protein, and further
health difficulties may occur. A lack of carbohydrates can also lead to ketosis, a build-up of ketones in the body
that causes fatigue, lethargy, and bad breath.
71 What is the main idea of this passage?
A. Carbohydrates are needed for good health. B. Carbohydrates prevent a build-up of proteins.
C. Carbohydrates can lead to ketosis. D. Carbohydrates are an expendable part of a good
72 The word 'range' is closest in meaning to..............
A. change B. extend C. proceed D. progress
73. According to the passage, what do most nutritionists suggest?
A.Sufficient carbohydrates will prevent gluconeogenesis. B. Carbohydrates are simple sugars called
C. Carbohydrates should make up about a quarter of a person's daily diet.
D. Carbohydrates should be eaten in very small quantities.
74. Which of the following do carbohydrates NOT do?
A. prevent ketosis B. cause gluconeogenesis C. provide energy for the body D. flavor and sweeten food.
75. Which of the following words could best replace 'deficient' as used in the passage?
A. outstanding B. abundant C. insufficient D. unequal
76. What does the word 'this' refer to?
A. using protein supplies for energy B. converting carbohydrates to energy
C. having a deficiency in carbohydrates D. having an insufficient amount of protein
77. According to the passage, which of he following does NOT describe carbohydrates
A. a protein supply B. a necessity C. a range of sugars D. an energy
78. The word 'lack' is most similar to ..............
A. emission B. shortage C. removal D. cutting
79. Which of the following best describes the author's tone?
A. sensitive B. emotional C. informative D. regretful
80. Which of the following best describes the organization of this passage?
A. cause and result B. comparison and contrast C. specific to general D. definition and example
VII. Choose the best answers to fill in the blanks.
If you want to work in advertising, there are three areas you can work in. The first is the Creative
Department, (81)... invents all the advertisements. (82).... in this department are (83).... as `Creatives' and they
always work (84)..... pairs. A creative job, (85)......outsiders, might not sound very stressful, (86).......the
pressure to create (87) is intense. Creatives have to keep up (88) ....with the latest films, cartoons,
videos, books and fashions to discover new techniques that could be used to (89).....a product. The second area
is the Accounts Department. This does not (90).....
with financial accounts but with the companies that the agency produces advertisements (91).....Account
Executives have to (92)....... sure that the Creatives fully understand (93).......the client requires. Account
Executives need to keep both the Creative team and the client happy. It's a job that requires a lot of (94)........ as
well as a (95)........memory and excellent organizational skills. The third area is the media, which (96).............
placing advertisements in magazines, (97).......... radio or TV, or in public areas. The Media Department carries
(98)................ research into people's habits, to find out, for example, (99).......... radio stations long-distance
drivers prefer. Then it advises clients about which medium would be (100)...............appropriate for its
81. A. that B. it C. which D. and
82. A. Workers B. Advertisers C. Managers D. Employers
83. A. considered B. known C. called D. named
84. A. of B. at C. with D. in
85. A. to B. for C. thinking D. as
86. A. and B. because C. but D. even if
87. A. origin B. originated C. original D. originally
88. A. day B. date C. present D. now
89. A. put out B. give away C. show D. sell
90. A. tamper B. interfere C. associate D. deal
91. A. for B. in C. to D. with
92. A. get B. take C. go D. make
93. A. which B. thing C. what D. that
94. A. diplomatic B. diplomas C. diplomats D. diplomacy
95. A. good B. keen C. eager D new
96. A. interferes B. supports C. transfers D involves
97. A. on B. in C. by D with
98. A. on B. out C. of D with
99. A. which B. what C. whether D. if
100. A. most B. enough C. too D so
I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.
1. A. fall B. poverty C. ball D. belong
2. A. below B. beverage C. begin D. beneath
3. A. kicked B. blocked C. naked D. locked
4. A. glove B. go C. glow D. sew
5. A. settle B. said C. negative D. severe
II. Choose the word whose stressed syllable is different from that of the others.
6. A. advantage B. reminders C. crucial D. enough
7. A. hurried B. January C. completed D. recent
8. A. exaggerate B. lengthen C. therapy D. ancestor
9. A. expectancy B humidity C. immodest D. overbearing
10. A. subtitle B. necessary C. triangle D. supervisor
III. Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentences.
11. Many people like to spend their vacations on tropical islands............. the weather is always warm
A. although B. if C. where D. as if
12. keep my................jewels in the bank.
A. treasured B. treasure C. treasuring D. treasures
13. It was very .............. to receive letters from all my friends when I was in the hospital.
A. touched B. touching C. moved D. sensitive
14. It is ...................for me to see you go away for a year.
A. intolerant B. unbearable C. undeniable D. incompetent
15. Ghosts and angels are...................... We can little explain what happens with them.
A. unnatural B. natural C. supernatural D. non-nature.
16. In our new house we have a very.................. living-room.
A. giant B. extensive C. oversized D. spacious
17. When my parents are angry with each other, there is a lot of ............. in the house.
A. tension B. intensity C. intensiveness D. tense
18. The first scene of the play .....................before the hero and the heroine have met.
A. exists B. takes place C. occurs D. reaches
19. Fire alarm...............people that something is burning.
A. say. B. announce C. warn D. claim
20. Some prisoners were....................from jail due to the celebration of May Day.
A. emitted B. reformed C. restored D. released
21. After a heavy rainstorm, a river might.....................several feet.
A. raise B. rise C. put up D. heighten
22. It is .............. to dress warmly in cold weather.
A. sensible B. sensitive C. sensational D. senseless
23. We prefer driving our own car to going by train. We can stop and look at the ..........
A. sighting B. scene C. scenery D. look
24. It is ................. nonsense to listen for an echo in a crowded noisy place.
A. total B. complete C. sheer D. whole
25. We save all our old newspapers and take them downtown to be............
A. cycled B. repeated C. restored D. recycled
26. We have...............any money left this month, and the pay day has not come yet.
A. scarcely B. nearly C. mostly D. almost
27. Uncle Harry visited us..................when we were in Boston.
A. now and later B. forever C. here and there D. now and then
28. The..............of getting a new job really excites me. I can't sleep.
A. idol B. prospect C. view D. sight
29. My mistakes and I corrected them right away.
A. pulled out B. drew C. pointed out D. exposed
30. Arguments and fighting between nations world peace.
A. disappointments B. obstacles C. depressions D. blocks
31. The explosion from the bomb caused............... heat for several miles.
A. intense B. tense C. intensive D. extensive
32. A ten-year-old child is not..................enough to leave his family.
A. adult B. mature C. advisable D. witty
33. The police were given .................. information about the crime, and it took them years to find out the truth.
A. misunderstanding B. mistaken C. misbehaving D. misleading
33. My father went without cigarettes and he had a(n).............. desire for candy.
A. unsatisfactory B. unsatisfied C. insatiable D. dissatisfied
34. There is an increase................the number of contestants this year.
A. on B. of C. with D. in
35. Nina has.................among us, so she is always the winner of the stamp collecting club.
A. the most stamps B. most stamps C. more stamps D. many stamps
37. I will have finished college by the time my father.................
A. retires B. will retire C. will have retired D. is retired
38. Those ................outlook on life is positive are always happy.
A. who B. which C. when D. whose
39. the project will have to write a report next week.
A. is involved B. involving C. who involved D. involved
40. Sarah was.................when the doorbell rang.
A. at the time of B. on the point of C. in the process of D. with a view to
41. Despite having a high temperature, Kate.............. at the meeting.
A. came across B. called round C. turned up D. got round
42. I rarely buy hard-back books..............they are expensive.
A. though B. while C. even if D. as
43. All the material................. should not be thrown away all the time.
A. which do not need B. not needed C. which is not needed D. is not needed
44. Lola said that she would give a speech at the meeting, but she went. ........... her promise.
A. on B. back on C. without D. through with
45. As scouts, we learn how to...............a fire and to find ways in the forests.
A. set up B. bring up C. build D. make up
46. Jack always offers ........... my bags when I go shopping, and I always refuse
A. to carry/ to help B. carrying/ helping C. to carry / to be helped D. carrying/ to be helped
47. These instructions are ........... easy for beginners. All you have to do is listen carefully.
A. frequently B. virtually C. hardly C. relatively
48. This article gives young people advice ..............choosing a career and getting a good job.
A. in B. with C. into D. on
49. Whenever I start saying something, Jane finishes it as if mind.
A. could read B. reads C. had read D. have read
50. I am sorry, but we have to ...................the discussion. We have no more time.
A. make room for B. put effort into C. take advantage of D. put an end to
IV. Choose the sentence that is similar in meaning to the one given.
51. If he were to ask me about the result of his exams, I would say nothing about it.
A.. Providing that he asked me about the result of his exams, I would say it.
B. I know nothing about the result of his exams, so I have to ask him.
C. Were he to ask me about the result of his exams, I would say nothing about it.
D. If I were he, I would say nothing about the result of his exams.
52. Even if you had arrived early, you would have had to buy a ticket.
A. You didn't arrive early, so you had to buy a ticket.
B. Whether you came early or late, you had to buy a ticket.
C. Although you had arrived late, you could buy a ticket.
D. Unless you had arrived early, you wouldn't have had to buy a ticket.
53. It was the worst hotel l had ever stayed at.
A. I had never stayed at such a bad hotel. B. I had stayed at a worse hotel before.
C. I had stayed a the worst hotel before. D. The hotel I stayed at was not the worst.
54. You needn't be there at 6 o'clock.
A.It was not necessary for you to be there at 6 o'clock. B. You needn't have been there at 6 o'clock.
C. It is not necessary being there at 6 o'clock. D. You don't have to be there at 6 o'clock.
55. The difficulties were enormous, but he managed to escape.
A.Despite of the enormous difficulties, he managed to escape.
B. He managed to escape no matter how enormous the difficulties were.
C. In spite the enormous difficulties, he managed to escape.
D.Enormous as were the difficulties, he managed to escape.
56. Ian used to work as a reporter.
A. Ian is familiar with working as a reporter. B. Ian frequently works as a reporter.
C. Ian no longer worked as a reporter. D. No longer does Ian work as a reporter.
57. Since we were bored, we decided to leave the party.
A.We decided to leave as the party was boring. B. Bored as we were, we decided to leave the party.
C. The party was boring so that we would leave. D. It was so boring party that we decided to leave.
58. Jenny is so creative that we all can rely on her for original ideas.
A. Being creative, we can all rely on Jenny for original ideas.
B Creative as Jenny is, we can rely on her for original ideas.
C. Jenny is such creative girl that we all can rely on her for original ideas.
D, So creative is Jenny that we all can rely on her for original ideas.
59. A human brain is more complex than a computer.
A. A computer is not as complex as a human brain. B. A computer is less complex as the human brain.
C. Compared to a human brain, a computer is complex. D. A computer is not more complex than a
human brain.
60. What you ask us to do is out of the question.
A. We cannot answer your question. B. It is not in the question that you can find the
C. What you ask us to do is undeniable. D. It is impossible to do what you ask us.
V. Identify the error in each sentence.
61. Certain pollens are likely to cause an allergic reaction than others.
62. Despite the metric system is used throughout the world, it is still not commonly used in the United States.
63. Laundry washed with soap instead of detergent don't need softening.
64. Before the invention of the printing press, books have been all printed by hand.
65. Joe is so nice a friend that everybody wants to work with.
66. Only by reading carefully and slowly that you can understand what the manual says.
67. Should there be any emergency, the tenants would ring me at home.
68. My little daughter is fond of eating raw onions and carrot.
69. How much each dress costs is not mention in the catalogue.
70. The change from date to night results from the rotation of the Earth.
71. A galaxy, where it may include billions of stars, is held together by gravitational attraction.
72. It can sometimes takes several months to sell a house.
73. Even on the most careful prepared trip, problems will sometimes develop.
74. So far there has been no vaccine and cure in sight for the common cold.
75. In Quebec, Canada, the flowing of the maple sap is one of the first sign of spring
VI. Read the following passage and choose the correct answers.
The first question we might ask is: What can you learn in college that will help you in being an employee?
The schools teach a (76)....many things of value to the future accountant, doctor or electrician. Do they also
teach anything of value to the future employee? Yes, they teach the one thing that it is perhaps most valuable
for the future employee to know. But (77)........students bother (78) This basic is the skill ability
to organize and express ideas in writing and in speaking. This means that your success (79)...... an
employee will depend on your ability to communicate, with people and to (80)......... your own
thoughts and ideas to them so they will (81)..... understand what you are driving at and be
persuaded. Of course, skill in _expression is not enough (82).......... itself. You must have something
to say in the first place. The effectiveness of your job depends (83).............. your ability to make other
people understand your work as (84)......... on the quality of the work itself. Expressing one's thoughts is one
skill that the school can (85)........ teach. The foundations for skill in _expression have to be
(86)......... early: an interest in and an ear (87) ........language; experience in organizing ideas and
data, in brushing aside the irrelevant, and (88)........ the habit of verbal_ expression. If you do not lay
these foundations (89)............... your school years, you may never have a(n) (90)............ again.
76. A. lots B. far C. great D. large
77. A. very little B. very few C. a few D. a large number of
78'. A. to learn B. learning C. learn D. with learning
79.. A. like B. being C. to be D. as
80. A. interpret B. transfer C. give out D. present
81. A. either B. not C. as well D. both
82. A. on B. by C. for D. in
83. A. on much B. most on C. much on D. on most
84. A. it does B. they do C. that does D. it is
85. A. quite B. really C. truly D. hardly
86. A. lay B. laid C. lied D. lain
87. A. for B. of C. in D. by
88. A. even though B. not mention C. not at all D. above all
89. A. when B. of C. during D. for
90. A. vacancy B. time C. occasion D. opportunity
VII. Read the following passage and choose the correct answers.
Although they are an inexpensive supplier of vitamins, minerals, and high-quality protein, eggs also contain
a high level of blood cholesterol, one of the major causes of heart diseases. One egg yolk, in fact, contains a
little more than two-thirds of the suggested daily cholesterol limit. This knowledge has caused egg sales to
plummet in recent years, which in turn has Drought about the development of several alternatives to eating
regular eggs. One alternative is to eat substitute eggs. These egg substitutes are not really eggs, but they look
somewhat like eggs when they are cooked.
They have the advantage of having low cholesterol rates, and they can be scrambled or used in baking. One
disadvantage, however, is that they are not good for frying, poaching, or boiling. A second alternative to regular
eggs is anew type of egg, sometimes called 'designer' eggs. These eggs are produced by hens that are fed low-fat
diets consisting of ingredients such as canola oil, flax, and rice bran. In spite of their diets, however, these hens
produce eggs that contain the same amount of cholesterol as regular eggs. Yet, the producers of these eggs
claim that eating their eggs will not raise the blood cholesterol in humans.
Egg producers claim that their product has been portrayed unfairly. They cite scientific studies to back up their
claim. And, in fact. studies on the relationship between eggs and human cholesterol levels have brought mixed
results. It may be that it is not the type of egg that is the main determinant of cholesterol but the person who is
eating the eggs. Some people may be more sensitive to cholesterol derived from food than other people. In fact,
there is evidence that certain dietary fats stimulate the body's production of blood cholesterol. Consequently,
while it still makes sense to limit one's intake of eggs, even designer eggs, it seems that doing this without
regulating dietary fat will probably not help reduce the blood cholesterol level.
91. What is the main purpose of the passage?
A. to inform people about the relationship between eggs and cholesterol.
B. To convince people to eat 'designer' eggs and egg substitutes.
C. To persuade people that eggs are unhealthy and should not be eaten
D. D To introduce the idea that dietary fat increases the blood cholesterol level.
92. According to the passage, which of the following is a cause of heart diseases?
A. minerals B. cholesterol C. vitamins D. canola oil
93. Which of the following could best replace the word 'somewhat'?
A. indefinitely B. in fact C. a little D. a lot
94. What has been the cause for changes in the sale of eggs?
A. dietary changes in hens B. decreased production C. increasing price D. concerns about
95. According to the passage, one yolk contains approximately what fraction of the suggested daily limit for
human consumption of cholesterol?
A. 1/3 B. 1/2 C. 2/3 D. 3/4
96. The word 'portrayed' could best be replaced by which of the following?
A. described B. studied C. destroyed D. tested
97. What is the meaning of 'back up'?
A. reverse B. advance C. support D. block
98. What is meant by the phrase 'mixed results'?
A. The results are blended. B. The results are inconclusive.
C. The results are a composite of things. D. The results are mingled together.
99. According to the passage, egg substitutes cannot be used to make any of following types of eggs except?
A. scrambled B. fried C. poached D. boiled
100. According to the author, which of the following may reduce blood cholesterol?
A. reducing egg intake but not fat intake B. increasing egg intake and fat intake
C. increasing egg intake but not fat intake D. decreasing egg intake and fat intake
I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.
1. A. singer B. younger C. stronger D. single
2. A. surgical B. surround C. surrender D. survival
3. A. opportunity B. menu C. aptitude D. muscular
4. A. enough B. rough C. cough D. though
5. k. nose B. seen C. useful D. bus
II. Choose the word whose stressed syllable is different from that of the others.
6. A. reliable B. adventure C. snowy D. condition
7. A. feature B. scenery C. traveler D. computer
8. A. artificial B. philosophical C. terrific D. irrespective
9. A. leisure B. television C. cartoon D. helmet
10. A. comfortable B. although C. expense D. create
III. Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentences.
11. After my holiday I had to get back to the............ of the daily office routine.
A. realism B. realistic C. realities D. reality
12. The judges were impressed by the.................use of light and shade in the printing.
A. imaginative B. imaginary C. image D. imagination
13. We are identical twins so people have great apart.
A. separating B. making C. telling D. checking
14. All the leading ..........say that this country is heading for a recession
A. economy B. economists C. economical D. economics
15. People ............... have to suffer from their lifetime physical abnormalities.
A. were to B. one C. long ago D. used to
16. He is very generous and everyone admires his............
A. selfishness B. self C. selfless D. selflessness
17. Eating fish and lots of vegetables greatly increases your life ..................
A. expectation B. expecting C. expectations D. expectancy
18. The...............has caused many so-called man-made disasters.
A. forestry B. deforestation C. forest D. forester
19. When I was younger, I never had the same opinions as my father. We were always having ............
A. over-concern B. arguments C. supports D. underachievement
20. They are incredibly wasteful family. You should see ............ food they throw away.
A. what B. how many C. how much D. whose
21. You shouldn't leave .............. things on car seats in full view of people walking past.
A. worthless B. inexpensive C. valuable D. valueless
22. Thomas Johnson, an environment activist, has been working for Green Peace .........
A. since 20 years B. for over 20 years C. 20 years ago D. in 20 years
23. I've taken this watch........... .pieces, and now I can't put it together again.
A. apart B. into C. from D. to
24. It is difficult to............... track of all kinds of plants and animals discovered.
A. keep B. lose C. follow D. maintain
25. I reckon that Martin is............... the verge a nervous breakdown.
A. on/to B. in/of C. in/in D. on/of
26. When some money went....................everyone in the bank was under suspicion.
A. away B. ahead C. missing D. absent
27. Ivan broke the world record.............the third attempt.
A. for B. at C. with D. in
28. Improvements in technology will result .................. more leisure time......... working people.
A. from/for B. in/of C. with/for D. in/for
29. We are.............very good terms...............our next-door neighbor.
A. on/of B. on/with C. in/of D. in/with
30. It was rude..........Jim to shut the face.
A. of/in B. to/at C. for/at D. with /on
31. His computerized mind checked the identity of every person ............. the planet ........ less than
one second.
A. on/of B. in/in C. on/within D. of/with
32. Stanley took a............ job as a chauffeur.
A. temporary B. contemporary C. current D. full
33. She threw herself ............ the river.
A. on B. by C. into D. under
34. The doctor cured me....................insomnia.
A. with B. for C. of D. from
35. Who will .............. the news of the accident to Helen's family?
A. report B. offer C. break D. discover
36. The river has been polluted .............. aluminum.
A. by B. for C. with D. in
37. Can you..............the baby while I am away?
A. keep in touch with B. keep an eye on C. draw attention to D. put effort into
38. It is.............for students in Vietnam to have bank loans.
A. uncommon B. infrequent C. inconsiderable D. unexpected.
39. Undersea cables..............people to telephone friends in other parts of the world.
A. permit B. give rights C. entitle D. enable
40. Ann set................ 10 percent of her paycheck to buy a new car.
A. aside B. side C. out D: apart
41. Humans have made great ............ in technology at the expense 7 government.
A. processes B. prospects C. advances D. promotion
42. The rhinoceros has................natural enemies.
A. little B. a little C. few D. fewest
43. Tropical fish and song birds give................... pleasure to people who need to relax.
A. many B. much C. great deal of D. plenty
44. There are adult literacy classes for the workers, ......... never graduated from high school.
A. most of which B. whom many C. most of who D. many of whom
45. Only if .................... will proper labeling be essential.
A. the law is changed B. is changed the law C. is the law changed D. the law changed
46. Noise pollution receives less attention than ................. air pollution.
A. does B. it does C. is D. it is
47. Not until last summer to swim though he lives near the sea.
A. did Jim learn B. Jim learned C. that Jim learned D. when Jim learned
48. ................. keep the water clear but also prevent the river from overflowing.
A. Not only the hippo's eating habits B. The hippo's eating habits
C. The hippo's eating habits not only D. Not only does the hippo's eating habits
49. Many bacteria, not by genes.
A. caused B. is caused C. causes D. are caused
50. Yesterday the daytime 39 degrees Celsius.
A. was raised B. rose C. was risen D. was rising
51. The nurse....................beside the door gave the file to the doctor.
A. who were standing B. stood C. standing D. was standing
52. Linda the bus stop, but she still missed the last bus.
A. on the way B. whole way C. all the way D. way all
53. I studied very hard, but I was ill on the exam day and got the bad results. I .............better.
A. need have done B. should have done C. could have done D. can't have done
54. We have rung the doorbell so many times and have received no answer. There ....... nobody home.
A. should be B. might be C. are D. must be
55. All rain forests share certain ................. They grow in very wet, humid place.
A. characters B. possessions C. ways D. characteristics
56. As the number of people on Earth increases, it becomes difficult for the population to survive on the....of the
A. sources B. treasures C. belongings D. resources
57. Fruits and vegetables contain many important.................for a healthy body.
A. nutrition B. nutrients C. nourishments D. nurture
58. Wooden furniture is ............... You can paint it, clean it and make it new again.
A. renewable B. being renewed C. renewal D. renew
59. ........... rapid population increases and industrial growth, some groups of people have been able to live in
harmony with the planet.
A. Although B. In spite C. Despite D. While
60. Those young guys did not .............. the "No Smoking" sign. Their smoking annoyed everybody else in the
A. take notes B. pay attendance to C. take notice of D. attend
IV. Choose the sentence that is similar in meaning to the one given.
61. The sea was too rough for the children to swim in.
A. The sea was so rough that the children could swim in.
B. The children couldn't swim because the sea was not rough enough.
C. It was such a rough sea for the children to swim in it.
D. The sea was very rough, and the children could not swim in it.
62. It was wrong of you not to turn off the gas cooker.
A.You should have turned off the gas cooker. B. You were wrong to turn off the gas cooker.
C. You were wrong that you turned the gas cooker off. D. You wrongly turned off the gas cooker.
63. Luckily, it wasn't necessary for us to write a summary of the story.
A. We needn't have written a summary of the story. B. We don't need to write a summary of the story.
C. We didn't need write a summary of the story. D. We didn't have to write a summary of the story.
64. The man didn't ask for a deposit until we signed.
A. Not until we signed that the man asked for a deposit. B. A deposit was asked until we signed.
C. It was the man who asked for a deposit until we signed. D. Not until we signed did the man ask for a
65. Maria keeps spiders as pets and she is a member of the Spider Protection Association.
A. Not only does Maria keep spiders as pets but also is she a member of the Spider Protection Association.
B. Maria not only keeps spiders as pets but also is a member of the Spider Protection Association.
C. Because Maria is a member of the Spider Protection Association, she keeps spiders as pets.
D . Keeping spiders as pets, Maria was a member of the Spider Protection Association.
66. She is in danger of losing her job because of her attitude.
A. She is at risk of losing her job according to her attitude. B. It is dangerous for her to lose her job to her
C. Her attitude puts her job at risk. D. Despite her attitude, she risks losing her job.
67. You should be tolerant of other people's weaknesses.
A. You should make allowances for other people's weaknesses. C. Other people's weaknesses should be tolerant.
B. It should be tolerated of other people's weaknesses. D. You should be tolerable to other people's
68. Bob said that my new hairstyle was nice.
A. Bob thought much of my new hairstyle. B. Bob congratulated me on my new hairstyle.
C. Bob complimented me on my new hairstyle. D. My new hairstyle was nice, said Bob.
69. There is very little chance of them winning the game.
A. It is very likely that they will win the game. B. There is likelihood that they will little win the
C. It is highly likely that they will not win the game. D. They have none chances of winning the game.
70. The bus conductor said, 'What is your name?'
A.The bus conductor said to me what my name was. B. The bus conductor asked me what was my name.
C. The bus conductor asked me what is my name. D. The bus conductor wanted to know my name.
Identify the error in each sentence.
71. Platinum is a rare and value metal, white in color, and easy to work.
72. The Charles Dickens's character Wilkins Micawber lived in optimistic expectation of a best fortune.
73. Many opinions have been voice on the likely effects of the computer.
74. If it had not been my stubbornness, my mother would not have got so angry.
75. Passive smoking is defined as the exposure of nonsmoker to environmental tobacco smoke.
76. Until recently, I have trusted Jim with the most difficult jobs of the company.
77. Most babies will grow up to be as cleverer as their parents.
78. It should not be assumed that lower the price, the happier the buyer.
79. Measles have not yet been eradicated because of controversially concerning immunization.
80. The rings of Saturn are so distant to be seen from the Earth without a telescope.
V. Read the following passage and choose the correct answers.
Over a period of time, many habitats change with respect to the types of plants and animals that live
there. This change is known as succession.
Succession occurs because plants and animals cause a change in the environment in which they live.
The first weeds and grasses that appear on a bare field, for example, change the environment by shielding the
soil from the direct sunlight. As these plants spread, the ground surface becomes cooler and moisture than it was
originally. Thus, the environment at the ground surface has been changed. The new surface conditions favor the
sprouting of shrubs. As shrubs grow, they kill the grasses by preventing light from reaching them and also
build up the soil in the area. In addition, they attract animals that also enhance the soil. Pine seedlings soon take
hold and as they grow, they in turn shade out the shrubs. They are not able to shade out oak and hickory
seedlings, however, they have found the forest floor suitable. These seedlings grow into that eventually shade
out the pines.
81. What is the best title of this passage?
A. The importance of weeds and grasses B. How environmental habitats change
C. The success of oak and hickory D. Animal and plant habitat
82. Which is the correct order of plant succession in the example in the passage?
A.Weeds, pine, shrubs, oak B. Oak, pines, shrubs, weeds
C. Weeds, shrubs, pines, oak D. Shrubs, weeds, pines, oaks
83. According to the passage, how do weeds and grasses affect the soil?
A. They make it cooler and wetter. B. They attract animals to it.
C. They spread seeds on it. D. They add nutrients to it.
84. It can be inferred from the passage that ....................
A. oak and hickory trees grow taller than pines B. weeds and grasses prefer cold climate
C. pines and grasses can exist together D. birds discourage the growth of shrubs
85. Which of the following is a stage of succession as described in the passage?
A. A forest cut down to build an airport. B. A flood washing away a crop of wheat.
C. Wildflowers growing in an unused parking lot. D. Animals being tamed by children.
86. Which of the following encourages the life of animals?
A. large trees B. pine seedlings C. grasses D. shrubs
87. The word 'originally' is closest in meaning to ..........................
A. specially B. at the first source C. in the first place D. for a short time
88. The word 'sprouting' is closest in meaning to ..........................
A. blossoming B. starting to grow C. flourishing D. nourishing
89. The word 'shielding' can be replaced by..............................
A. protecting B. hiding C. exposing D. changing
90. Compared to pines, hickories are ...........................
A. higher B. shorter C. as high D. more suitable for the forest floor
VI. Choose the best word or phrase to fill in each blank
English has for more than a century and a half (91).......... considered a world language. The number of people
who (92)...... it as their mother tongue has been estimated at (93).... 300 million and 400 million. It is (94)...... as
an official language in countries where 1.5 billion people live. In China, the importance of learning English is
(95)............. that a televised teaching course drew audiences up to 100 million. But this spread of English
throughout the world is relatively recent. (96)............. the late 16th century English was spoken by just under 5
million people. The arrival of English in North America was the (97)........... step in its world-wide expansion.
The US is a huge commercial market and this has tended to promote the English language in many other
nations. About 80 percent of the data (98)......... on the world's (99) .......... is believed to be (100)......... English
and nowadays insufficient knowledge of English can be a problem in business.
91. A. to be B. been C. is D. well
92. A. get B. take C. speak D. make
93. A. from B. about C. around D. between
94. A. recognized B. realized C. floured D. received
95. A. so B. now C. such D. the fact
96. A. Of B. When C. In D. But
97. A. personal B. magnificent C. spectacular D. key
98. A. stored B. put C. remained D. controlled
99. A. computers B. computer C. computations D. computing
100. A. by B. of C. with D. in
I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.
1. A. subtle B. climb C. club D. lamb
2. A. bury B. said C. helmet D. helix
3. A. psyche B. poll C. pseudo D. pneumonia
4. A. plus B. stuff C. skull D. full
5. A. karate B. hazard C. glad D. blanket
II. Choose the word whose stressed syllable is different from that of the others.
6. A. chameleon B. recipe C. belong D. together
7. A. enough B. engineering C. laboratory D. photography
8. A. denial B. harvest C. enjoyable D. contribute
9. A. exclusive B. secretary C. harmony D. decade
10. A. dynamic B. geneticist C. police D. television
III. Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentences.
11. A television company is looking for people who would be willing to spend 6 months on a desert island with
A. others B. other C. the others D. more
12. We are producing a ................... of reviews called 'The Funniest Films Ever Made'.
A. group B. sequence C. series D. sequel
13. He was..................urgent need of medical attention.
A. for B. in C. at D. within
14. I think that they may choose me out of the 12 candidates, but I don't............ out much hope.
A. give B. leave C. hold D. make
15. Some people believe that books are..........species, fighting for survival in competition with TV, film, the
Internet and CD.
A. danger B. dangerous C. endangered D. dangerously
16. am asked to give comments.............the activities organized by the Student Social Committee.
A. on B. in C. to D. with
17. Some people removed ........ to illegal dumping rather than pay to have their rubbish removed.
A. succeed B. suppose C. resort D. likely
18. It seems that no matter.................
A. how many possessions B. how much possession C. what many possessions D. what much possession
19. If I had my credit card with me, I ............. the coat.
A. would have bought B. will buy C. would buy D. have to buy
20.Don't believe what John says. He always sets................situations for himself and others
A. imaginative B. imagining C. imagination D. imaginary
21....................., I would try getting up earlier.
A. If you need advice B. Unless I were you C. If I give you advice D. If I were you
22.Tim told me that he..................that afternoon.
A. would leaving B. was leaving C. will leave D. would have let
23.The fields were......................after the river burst its hanks.
A. flooding B. flood C. at flood D. flooded
24.An enormous black spider is ................. its web across the window.
A. knitting B. weaving C. sewing D. spinning
25.There was field after field of golden.................waving in the wind.
A. corn B. bushes C. grass D. herbs
26.In autumn, these paths are ................ in fallen leaves.
A. hidden B. covered C. full D. carpeted
27.Outside the hut, I saw a bird carrying a build its nest.
A. tree B. branch C. trunk D. twig
28.Many people are interested in watching..................
A. wildlife B. wilds C. wildness D. wildly
29.Some wild animals will become..................if they get used to people.
A. tame B. peaceful C. subtle D. delicate
30. We all enjoyed the play so much that we.................for ten minutes
A. booed B. screamed C. handed D. applauded
31. All the members of the............... had a party after the play was over.
A. cast B. drama C. circle D. scene
32. Everyone enjoyed the................ effects in the Star Wars films.
A. side B. reality C. special D. main
33. Unfortunately, the boy upstairs is learning........... guitar and we have to with the noise.
A. electricity B. electric C. electrical D. electrified
34. I've been shopping all morning, and I feel................
A. exhausting B. tiring C. worn-out D. breathlessly
35. The shop opposite my house sells a variety of..............
A. productions B. goods C. objects D. purchases
36. My cousin's car is new. She must have spent a lot of money on it.
A. total B. perfectly C. brand D. trade-mark
37. Diana wants to get to the top in her company: she is very
A. grateful B. ambitious C. tolerant D. proud
38. Our neighbors look down on us; they are a bit
A. stubborn B. determined C. greedy D. snobbish
39. I don't..............your crazy hairstyle, boy. How you work is more important.
A. matter B. member C. gentleman D. pensioner
40. In Asian, children are taught to...............their teachers.
A. give up B. look up to C. take in D. get along
41. My father likes to be called a senior citizen, not an old age.................
A. person B. member C. gentleman D. pensioner
42. The wedding was .................. off when the bride failed to arrive.
A. put B. made C. called D. given
43. The three children .............. after heir father who is very sociable.
A. take B. make C. get D. go
44. Edward ............... after one of his father's distant relatives.
A. names B. is named C. naming D. has named
45. Not until everybody ...........................did he become calm.
A. had been left B. leaves C. did leave D. had left
46................... have come this year's flower display than ever before.
A. Few people B. Less people C. As many people D. More people
47. My parents keep.................... me as a child, but I am already 21.
A. to treat B. being treated C. treating D. treat
48. When I met Jenny, she............ as a waitress at a restaurant.
A. is working B. has been working C. was working D. would work
49. Most famous people behave quite normally ................... private.
A. on B. in C. with D. for
50. Suddenly the referee blew his whistle and pointed to the penalty
A. dot B. stop C. spot D. mark
IV. Choose the sentence that is similar in meaning to the one given.
51. Smoking has been made illegal in public places in some countries.
A. In some countries, smokers have been illegal in public places.
B. It has been made illegal whether to smoke or not in public places in some countries.
C. There has been a ban on smoking in public places in some countries.
D. In some countries, smoking has been ban in public places.
52. Some countries are inhabited by too many people.
A. Too many people are inhabited in some countries. B. The number of inhabitants in some countries are too
C. Some countries have more people to inhabit. D. Some countries are overpopulated.
53. The government does not know what to do with household rubbish in large cities.
A. Little does the government know what to do with household rubbish in large cities
B. It is unknown what to do with household rubbish in large cities by the government
C. Rarely the government knows what to do with household rubbish in large cities.
D. Hardly any government knows what to do with household rubbish in large cities.
54. More and more people go to work by bicycles.
A. There are more and more people go to work by bicycle.
B. The number of people go to work by bicycle is increasing.
C. A greater number of people going to work by bicycle.
D. There is an increased number of people going to work by bicycle.
55. You should have sent me more information for the contest.
A. More information for the contest should be sent to me.
B. You are supposed to send me more information for the contest.
C. It was wrong of you not to send me more information for the contest.
D. You wrongly sent me more information for the contest.
56. Kate works for an organization which collects money to help orphans.
A. The organization where Kate works for collects money to help orphans.
B. Money of orphans is collected in the organization where Kate works.
C. The organization for that Kate works collects money to help orphans.
D. The organization which Kate works for collects money to help orphans.
57. What a pity! He turned down my offer.
A. He pitifully turned down my offer. B. He wrongly rejected my offer.
C. If only he had not rejected my offer. D. I was turned down my offer.
58. I had not expected the trip would be so long.
A. The trip was longer than I had expected. B. The trip turned out to be not so long.
C. The trip was not as long as I had expected. D. The trip would be longer than I expected.
59. I haven't found time to fix your hike yet.
A. Your bike has not been fixed because I don't have enough time.
B. I haven't enough time to have your bike fixed.
C. Your bike has been fixed when I have time. D. Unless I had time, I wouldn't fix your bike.
60. Could you tell me when this train stops at Hatfield?
A. I want to know when does this train stop at Hatfield?
B. When does this train stop at Hatfield is what I want to know.
C. When this train stops at Hatfield, I don't know. D. Excuse me, when does this train stop at Hatfield?
V. Read the following passage and choose the correct answers.
61. Since plowing the field, the farmer uncovered a dinosaur jawbone.
62. The caverns were more exciting before the guides came and took away the adventurously aspect.
63. He had no intention in resigning from the local council.
64. Unlike a tractor, a mule won't turn over on a steep hillside and crushes the driver.
65. During the severe winter. food became too scarce that starvation and famine were widespread.
66. Some 2,300 years ago, Greek philosophers gave the name 'atom' to the smaller particle of matter in nature.
67. Human beings who live longer than one hundred years are a rare.
68. Scientists worry what the continued use of certain pollutants may damage the ozone layer.
69. Small animals can survive the desert hot by finding shade during the daytime.
70 A budget is a plan that estimates how much money will be spent, what it will be spent on, and how much
money is
left over.
VI. Read the following passage and choose the correct answers.
Many rivers and lakes around the world are polluted. The discharge of (71) ...... materials by factories and
households (72)......... pollution to rivers and lakes. The Rhine River in Europe and the Great Lakes in
North America (73)............
good examples of a river and lakes that are polluted. Their water (74)........ The (75)....... thing is happening
to the sea. In (76)........instance, certain refectories in Japan dumped industrial waste (77).......... in the sea.
Many people suffered (78 )......... lead or mercury poisoning after eating fish (79) such polluted
waters. Pollution in certain areas of the sea is now reaching dance.- (80)......... Many ships discharge
their waste materials (81)...........unwanted engine oil into the sea. These wastes (82)........ lead
and mercury which are poisonous. Sometimes, accidents of oil (83).........can cause oil to be
discharged into the sea and (84)........the beach. In (85)............... to discharge from factories and
sewers, pollution can also come about as a (86)........of politics. Individuals (87)........ want power
deliberately place the living in the sea (88)........risk. In a recent, many barrels things of oil were deliberately
(89)..... into the Gulf to (90)......ships and soldiers from attacking the annexed shores of Kuwait.
71. A. exhaust B. waste C. disposal D. rubbish
72. A. leads B. gives C. causes D. subjects
73. A. were B. set C. take D. mention
74. A. cannot be drunk B. cannot drink C. is not to drunk D. is not drunk
75. A. one B. more C. such D. same
76. A. one B. other C. such D. this
77. A. on B. into C. for D. at
78. A. from B. with C. for D. at
79. A. being caught B. catching C. caught D. to be caught
80. A. grades B. ladders C. scales D. levels
81. A. with B. which C. from D. or
82. A. consist B. contain C. compose D. comprise
83. A. tanks B ships C. cruises D. tanker
84. A. into B. even C. for D. to
85. A. respect B stead C. regard D. concern
86. A. means B medium C. way D. method
87. A. whose B which C. who D. to
88. A. in B at C. on D. within
89. A. dumped B threw C. sent D. released
90. A. protect B preserve C. reserve D. prevent
VII. Read the following passage and choose the correct answers.
A pilot cannot fly a plane by sight alone. In many conditions, such as flying at night and landing in dense fog, a
pilot must use radar, an alternative way of navigating. Since human eyes are not very good at determining
speeds of approaching objects, radar can show a pilot how fast nearby planes are moving. The basic principle of
radar is exemplified by what happens when one shouts in a cave. The echo of the sounds against the walls helps
a person determine the size of the cave. With radar, however, the waves are radio waves instead of sound
waves. Radio waves travel at the speed of light, about 300,000 kilometers in one second. A radar sends out a
short burst of radio waves. Then it receives the echoes produced when the waves bounce off the objects. By
determining the time it takes for the echoes to return to the radar set, a trained technician can determine the
distance between the radar set and the objects. The word 'radar', in fact, gets its name from the term 'radio
detection and ranging'. 'Ranging' is the term for detection of the distance between an object and the radar set.
Besides being of critical importance to pilots, radar is essential for air traffic control, tracking ships at sea, and
for tracking weather systems and storms.
91. What is the main topic of the passage?
A. the nature of radar B. types of ranging C. alternatives to radar D. history of radar
92. The word 'dense' could be replaced by...............
A. cold B. thick C. wet D. dark
93. Which of the following best describes the tone of this passage?
A. argumentative B. Imaginative C. explanatory D. humorous
94. The phrase 'a burst' is closest in meaning to..............
A. an attachment B. a discharge C. a stream D. a ray
95. The word 'it' refers to................
A. a radar set B. a short burst C. a radio wave D. light
96. Which types of waves does radar use?
A. sound B. heat C. radio D. light
97. The word 'critical' is closest in meaning to ......................
A. serious B. severe C. heavy D. crucial
98. The way radar works is compared to ....................
A. a burst of the river banks B. the depth of a cave C. the echo of sound against walls D. the eyesight in dense
99. Which may be the topic of the next paragraph?
A. other uses of radar B. uses of sonar technology C. other technology used by pilots D. a history of
100. What might be inferred about radar?
A. It takes the .place of a radio. B. it gave birth to the invention of the airplane.
C. It developed from a study of sound waves. D. It has improved navigational safety.

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.

1. A. debris B. deny C. deter D. demand
2. A. sew B. few C. stew D. steward
3. A. original B. agree C. algebra D. aggressive
4. A. likes B. tightens C. heaps D. fuss
5. A. squash B. assure C. shoulder D. associate
II. Choose the word whose stressed syllable is different from that of the others.
6. A. composition B. anniversary C. celebration D. television
7. A. argue B. cater C. ivory D. severe
8. A. jacket B. ingredient C. favorite D. notice
9. A. relatively B. relevant C. reliance D. reconcile
10. A. notably B. mechanical C. historian D. domestic
III. Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentences.
11. You may be artistic, but I believe you are not cut.............. the job at the theta
A. down for B. in for C. down to D. out for
12. I knew he disagreed with my idea when I saw him...........
A. shake his head B. blink C. comb his hair D. stretch his arm
13. In your revision, you should ............ priority to tenses
A. take B. give C. have D. bring
14. Dora ....................... in university when you come back in three years' time.
A. will be studying B. will have been studied C. is studying D. would study
15. I like babysitting, although the children always................a mess.
A. do B. produce C. make D. take
16. If only we...........a long time ago.
A. met B. did meet C. were meeting D. had met
17. The plants need...........before noon.
A. watering B to water C. be watered D. being waters:
18. The school required that every student........... before September 1st
A. register B. registered C. registers D. was register
19. She resented.........waiting for hours in front of the cinema.
A. to be kept B. keeping C. being kept D. being keeping

20. Doctors always hope that there will be new cures ................. some diseases.
A. to B. of C. in D. for
21. Small pox and diphtheria disappeared in Britain many years ago, cancer, AIDS and ..........heart disease are
now predominant.
A. because B. in the event that C. in case D. whereas
22. We haven't seen .................... for ten years. I did wonder where you were.
A. one other B. each other C. together D. the others
23. In 1997, ................ the noise and pollution of the city, best-selling author Will Smith moved out to
A. tiring with B. tire about C. being tired from D. tired of
24. I'd rather walk................a bus.
A. than catch B. to catch C. to catching D. than catching
25. I ................... three rooms of the house so far today; I'll do the other two this afternoon.
A. has been cleaning B. Cleaned C. are cleaning D. have cleaned
26. Charlie Chaplin was............. of the silent movies.
A. one of the great actor comics B. the greatest comic actors
C. one of the greatest comic actors D. a great comic actor one
27. Although we do not live in the same town, my cousin and I still keep............... and often speak on the phone.
A. up date B. in touch C. in hand D. off work
28. I am looking for a friendly young person to help......... my elderly mother while I go out to work during the
A. take after B. give care of C. put up with D. look after
29. .......... did you see such a good advertisement?
A. In which issue of which newspaper B. In which newspaper of which issue
C. In which issue newspaper D. What is the issue of which newspaper
30. ................. my personal qualities, I have experience of working in a multi-national company for three years.
A. Beside B. In addition C. Instead of D. Apart from
31. I ............... grateful if you could tell me what duties are involved in this job.
A. was B. were to be C. would be D. am
32. Sarah is a young girl with ............... and a straight nose.
A. almond-shaped eyes B. almond-eyed shape C. eyes shaped almond D. almond-shape eyed
33. I have never been windsurfing, but I'd love to it.
A. a trial B. a look C. a taste D. a go
34. I don't think I have the strength to................... this table on my own.
A. rise B. arise C. tow D. lift
35. It's your own fault you've cut yourself: I have no...............for you.
A. word B. sympathy C. way D. feelings
36. Come and have a .................... at this insect. It is strange, isn't it?
A. go B. difficulty C. look D. try
37. Everybody should.............comply this rule. There is no exception, I am afraid.
A. to B. for C. with D. in
38. She worries.............. about details.
A. so many B. so less C. too much D. too many
39. I had.............understanding him. He spoke too fast.
A. difficulty B. problems C. trouble into D. questions of
40. Nowadays, many people .............. going to the cinema to reading the same in a book.
A. would rather B. like C. would prefer D. prefer
41. Traditional celebrations are a...........of great pleasure and interest.
A. source B. C. origin
42. Sport is sometimes controlled by politicians, who use it to make their country look..........others.
A. more than B. less than C. better than D. more worse than
43. I gave up smoking, ............. surprised all other members of my family.
A. this B. that C. it D. which
44. When young Americans first go to university. many of them join a fraternity or sorority, social
organizations for male and female students ...............
A. respectively B. certainly C. orderly D. consequently
45. I am never keen............going out in the snow; I can't understand why people get so excited ......... it.
A. on / in B. on / about C. for / about D. with / of
46. Gale-force winds caused destruction ........... the buildings seafront.
A. to I along B. of / in C. for / by D. with / on
47. Can you give me advice about.............
A. to eat what B. what should I eat C. what for eating D. what to eat
48. .............. my complaint to the manager, the waiter was sacked.
A. Thanks to B. Despite C. Without D. Because of
49. My arm hurt so much I felt sure I ............ it.
A. should have broken B. must have broken C. was breaking D. have broken
50. Parents should not let children.............. whatever they want.
A. to eat B. eat C. eating D. to be eaten
IV. Choose the sentence that is similar in meaning to the one given.
51. He started learning French six years ago.
A.He has learned French for 6 years. B. It was six years ago did he start learning French.
C. He hasn't learnt French for 6 years. D. It is six years since he has learned French.
52. People believe he won a lot of money on the lottery.
A.He is believed that he won a lot of money on the lottery.
B. He won a lot of money on the lottery, it is believed.
C. He is believed to have won a lot of money on the lottery.
D.He was believed to win a lot of money on the lottery.
53. Thieves stole all her priceless jewels.
A. She was stolen all her priceless jewels. B. All her priceless jewels are stolen by thieves.
C. All her priceless jewels were robbed away from her. D. She was robbed of all her priceless jewels.
54. Susan said I ought to lie down for a while.
A. Susan said that I should have lain for a while. B. Susan suggested that I lie down for a while.
C. Susan suggested me to lie down for a while. D. Susan ought to have lain down for a while.
55. My sister worries so much about fitness that she wastes a lot of time and money.
A.My sister wastes a lot of time and money though she worries so much about fitness.
B. My sister worries about fitness so that she wastes a lot of time and money.
C. Worrying too much about fitness, my sister wastes a lot of time and money.
D.Fitness worried, my sister wasted a lot of time and money.
56. I forgot her birthday and she still hasn't forgiven me.
A. She will not forgive me until I forget her birthday. B. She has not forgiven me for having forgotten her
C. Forgetting her birthday, she has not forgiven me. D. She will not forgive me until I remember her
57. The President offered his congratulations to the players when they won the cup.
A. The President congratulated that the players had won the cup.
B. When they won the cup. the players had been offered some congratulations the President.
C. The President would offer the players congratulations if they won the match.
D. The President congratulated the players on their winning the match.
V. Choose the best answer to complete the sentences.
58. Tony asked me _________
A. why I had quit the job. B. that I had quit the job. C. why did you quit your job? D. if I have quit my
59. Thanks to the British Channel, _______
A. they did not invade England for some time. B. England was not invaded for some time.
C. which helped England not to be invaded for some time. D. it saved England from being invaded for some
60. I had a strange haircut, _________
A. this surprised my friends. B. my friends were surprised.
C. but I surprised my friends. D. which surprised my friends.
61. I left all my books at home,________
A so the teacher was very angry with me. B. and I drive my teacher crazy.
C. soon the teacher got angry with me. D. that made the teacher angry.
62. Sarah wore sunglasses________ that she will not be recognized. B. so everybody would not be recognized.
C. so as not to be recognized. D. in order that she would be recognized.
63. If met Jenny more frequently,________
A. I would have been closer to her. B. I would be close to her.
C. We will be close friends. D. We have become close friends.
64. Paula is said________________.
A. to be received an award. B. that she has received a reward.
C. to receiving an award. D. to have received an award.
65. I had no qualifications __________
A. Therefore, they gave me the job. B. That is why they gave me the job.
C. Moreover, they gave me he job. D. However, they gave me the job.
VI. Identify the error in each sentence.
66. My father's been worked as a shop assistant for over 15 years.
67. Peter has gone on a sailing course in spite being unable to swim.
68. The Concord could fly across the Atlantic without refueling and carrying 11 tons of freight.
69. Every country has their own traditions, some of which have existed for centuries.
70. People tend to make a lot of shopping at Xmas time.
71. When collected in large numbers money for charity could be of great use.
72. You have unnecessary sent me the copies of the files which have been sorted out.
73. Though Janet is talented, the boss always finds excuses to say that she does not deserve getting extra pay.
74. Queen Elizabeth prefers what her jewels should be left in their original setting
75. When a human being walks, he or she exerts a certain number of force on the ground.
VII. Read the following passage and choose the correct answers.
In the world today, particularly in the two most industrialized areas, North America and Europe,
recycling is big news. People are talking about it, practicing it, and discover it new ways to be sensitive to the
environment. Recycling means finding ways to use products a second time. The motto of the recycling
movement is "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle".
The first step is to reduce garbage. In stores, a shopper has to buy products in blister packs, boxes and
expensive plastic wrappings. A hamburger from a fast food restaurant comes in lots of packaging: usually
paper, a box, and a bag. All that packaging is wasted resources. People should try to buy things that are wrapped
simply, and to reuse cups and utensils. Another way to reduce waste is to buy high-quality products. When low-
quality appliances break, many customers throw them away and buy new ones –a loss of more resources and
more energy. For example, if a customer buys a high-quality appliance that can be easily repaired, the
manufacturer receives an important message. In the same way, if a customer chooses a product with less
packaging, that customer sends an important message to the manufacturers. To reduce garbage, the throwaway
must stop.
The second step is to reuse. It is better to buy juices and soft drinks in returnable bottles. After customers
empty the bottles, they return them to the store. The manufacturers of the drinks collect the bottles, wash them,
and then fill them again. The energy that is necessary to make new bottles is saved. In some parts of the world
returning bottles for money is a common practice. In those places, the garbage dumps have relatively little
glass and plastic from throwaway bottles.
The third step is being environmentally sensitive is to recycle. Spent motor oil can be cleaned and used
again. Aluminum cans are expensive to make. It takes the same amount of energy to make one aluminum can as
it does to run a color TV set for hours. When people collect and recycle aluminum (for new cans), they help
save one of the world's precious resources.
73. What is the main topic of the passage?
A. how to reduce garbage disposal B. what people often understand about the term 'recycle'
C. what is involved in the recycling movement D. how to live sensitively to the environment.
77. Which is described as one of the most industrialized areas?
A. Europe B. Asia C. Middle East D. South America
78. What does the word 'sensitive' in the phrase 'sensitive to the environment' mean?
A. cautious B. logical C. friendly D. responding
79. People can do the following to reduce waste EXCEPT
A. buy high-quality product B. buy simply-wrapped things C. reuse cups D. buy fewer hamburgers
80. Why is it a waste and customers buy low-quality products?
A. Because people will soon throw them away. B. Because they have to be repaired many times.
C. Because customers change their ideas all the time. D. Because they produce less energy.
81. What does it mean 'Customers can vote with their wallets'?
A. they can choose the cheapest products B. they can cast a lot to praise a producer.
C. they can ask people to choose products with less packaging
D. they can tell the producers which products are good for environment by buying them.
82. The word 'motto' is closest in meaning to ...................
A. meaning B. value C. belief D. reference
83. What best describes the process of reuse?
A. The bottles are collected, washed, returned and filled again.
B. The bottles are filled again after being returned, collected and washed.
C. The bottles are washed, retuned, filled again and collected.
D. The bottles are collected, returned, filled again and washed.
84. The garbage dumps in some areas have relatively little glass and plastic because
A. people are ordered to return bottles. B. returned bottles are few.
C. not many bottles are made of glass or plastic. D. each returned bottles is paid.
85. The word 'practice' is closest in meaning to ...................
A. drill B. exercise C. deed D. belief
86. What are the two things mentioned as examples of recycling?
A. Aluminum cans and plastic wrappings. B. Hamburger wrappings and spent motor oil.
C. Aluminum cans and spent motor oil. D. TV sets and aluminum cans.
87. The energy used to make a can is ............. the energy used to run a color TV set for 3 hours.
A. as much as B. less than C. more than D. not worth being compared
88. The word 'precious' is closest in meaning to .............
A. natural B. substantial C. first D. invaluable
VIII. Choose the best answers to fill in the blanks.
The mathematics of the Mayas of Mexico was (89) ..... when compared to that of (90)...... cultures. They were
(91) ..... with the idea zero near 1,000 years before anyone in Europe had (92)... Arab traders opened up
caravan routes (93)... the desert of the Middle East and brought with them to Europe the (94)....... of zero as a
number. The Greek wrote numbers by using (95)....... of alphabet, and with the Roman number system, it was
difficult to add or subtract (96).... sometimes four figures (for example, VII) were needed to express one number
(for example, 7). Neither the Greeks (97).......... the Romans could (98)....... with large numbers. (99).....
contrast, the Mayas could express any number by using three symbols: the dot, the bar, and the dash. For zero,
they used a shell (100).........
89. A. over B super C. superior D. inferior
90. A. the B others C. another D. other
91. A. famous B familiar C. coincident D. annoyed
92. A. them B done C. it D. ever
93. A. through B throughout C. across D. along
94. A. concept B viewpoint C. understanding D. learning
95. A. characters B. letters C. numbers D. lists
96. A. although B because C. even if D. which
97. A. nor B and C. as well as D. or
98. A. acquaint B. familiarize C. deal D. tamper
99. A. On B. For C. From D. In
100. A. shape B. size C. form D. picture


I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.
1. A. bury B. cleanliness C. plenty D. dean
2. A. challenge B. chameleon C. chewing D. chapter
3. A. blow B. tomb C. sew D. dove
4. A. double B. plough C. tough D. couple
5. A. nose B. please C. toes D. taps
II. Choose the word whose stress is different.
6 A. definite B. belonging C. organic D. alternative
7. A. challenging B. impervious C. acceptable D. advisable
8. A. activity B introduce C. supervisor D. approximate,
9. A. compound B. triangle C. advanced D. pajamas
10. A. agricultural B. propose C. opponent D. conquer
III. Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentences.
11. The teacher asked us .......... the essay we...............the day before.
A. to rewrite/ handed B. rewriting / have handed C. to rewrite / had handed D. rewriting / had handed
12. Have you..............traveled to San Francisco?" – "Yes, ...............
A. once I once B. ever / once C. never / never D. yet / never
13. The government have tried to............... the price of petrol, but they failed.
A. bring on B. put in C. bring down D. get over
14. Sue has put her name............. the course in politics, though her major is fine arts.
A. to B. on with C. in on D. down for
15. Never...........such a magnificent firework display.
A. have I seen before B. have before seen C. have before seen D. before have I seen
16. It appears that we have............
A. no bread left B. no left bread C. left not bread D. bread not left
17. I couldn't...............whether to take the green dress or the yellow one.
A. make a fuss B. give way to C. make a choice D. decide myself
18. Despite his disappointment, he remained ......................
A. cheer B. cheerful C. cheerfully D. cheering
19. The examiner asked me some further questions, ............. led to a more interesting discussion.
A. that B. it then C. which D. so
20. The clear waters here...............some of the world's best divers.
A. draw attention B. attract C. appeal D. provoke
21. The Golden Trident, the underwater equivalent of the Nobel Prizes, has been ........... annually since 1960.
A. represented B. rewarded C. honored D. awarded
22. A lot of people who live in the outskirts have work every day by train or tube.
A. tour B. commute C. travel D. Move
23. Ann was surprised .............. her family's reaction .................. her decision.
A. at Ito B. by / at C. at / for D. with / to
24. We, the local residents were asked to ................ for the best activist of the local council.
A. elect B. shortlist C. support D. vote
25. Van Gogh's Sunflowers ............... 39.9 million dollars, three times the previous record.
A. once sold for B. for sale once C. selling for once D. for once sold
26. About 20 miles from the station, ................ a little inn called Violet which looked nice.
A. had B. there was C. there were D. where was
27. Total weight of all the ants in the world is much greater than ................
A. all human beings B. total human beings C. that of all human beings D. those of all human beings
28. Recent technological ..........such as the Internet are proving very useful for conservationists.
A. advances B. underachievement C. successes D. discoveries
29. You for the damage. I am not responsible for that.
A. apologize B. blame C. ask D. mistake
30. The mother is very.................about the health of her little son.
A. concerned B. confused C. nervous D. careful
31. I will never forget.............. with Janet, who keeps................ all the time.
A. working / to try B. to work /to try C. working / trying D. to work / trying
32. After the accident, a lot of debris.............on the runway.
A. was scattered B. scatters C. were scattered D. were
33. Such...........that we all felt numb.
A. a cold weather was it B. was a cold weather C. cold was the weather D. was cold weather
34. I ............. Katie, an old friend on the way home from the office yesterday.
A. came into B. broke into C. ran into D. went into

35. The man shouted loudly as if we ............. all deaf.

A. were B. had been C. are D. would be
36. They walked along the promenade ............. the waves............ at the rocks.
A. listening / rushed B. to listen / rushing
C. listened / to rush D. listening / rushing
37. These..................sites need restoring and protecting.
A. history B. historical C. historically D. historic
38. When I told her the news, she............. laughing.
A. broke out B. burst out C. burst into D. uttered
39. When will you leave .................. London?
A. in B. at C. to D. for
40. Speak it again ............ I can take notes.
A. in order B. in order that C. in case D. then
41. ............... back to her hometown, Julia found everything new and attractive.
A. When arrived B. As she arrives C. On arriving D. On arrival
42. You..................too much emphasis on your academic success. Be relaxed !
A. offer B. take C. give D. put
43. I have had such important decisions ................... for the last three months.
A. to do B. to make C. to give D. to put
44. By the time you ............ the shopping, I'll be ready.
A. did B. will have done C. have done D. will do
45. Guess who I saw Our old English teacher.
A. next B. last C. very D. other
IV. Choose the word or phrase which best replaces the underlined word.
46. The situation seems to be changing minute by minute.
A. from time to time B. time after time C. again and again D. very rapidly
47. I think we have solved this problem once and for all.
A. in the end B. forever C. temporarily D. for everybody
48. I am looking for a dependable person who can stand out for me at the meeting.
A. dependent B. talented C. energetic D. reliable
49. My little boy Tom never screams though he is scared.
A. in pain B. frightened C. embarrassed D. confused
50. You can do whatever you like, as far as I am concerned.
A. mind out B. actually C. indeed D. in my opinion
51. Sometimes when I hear the news, I feel very miserable.
A. confused B. frightened C. upset D. disappointed
52. Smoking has been banned in public places in some countries.
A. made illegal B. limited C. restricted D. given way
53. I have to take up my dress. I step on it all the time.
A. make it longer B. embellish C. shorten D. try on
54. The film is not worth seeing. The plot is too dull.
A. slow B. simple C. complicated D. boring
55. Maria will take charge of the advertising for the play.
A. spend time B. be responsible for C. account for D. spend money on
56. Many areas in Africa are desperately short of food.
A. unfortunately B. widely C. temporarily D. badly
57. We now can find a wide range of ready-cooked food in supermarkets.
A. variety B. classification C. small number D. popularity
58. I sometimes give my friends a ride in my car.
A. ask my friends drive for me B. let my friends drive my car
C. hitch-hike my friends D. give my friends a lift
59. A woman had a narrow escape when the car came round the corner.
A. was hurt B. was nearly hurt C. ran away D. bumped into the car
60. The old people in the neighborhood are constantly visiting each other.
A. rarely B. occasionally C. continuously D. quite often
V. Choose the sentence that is similar in meaning to the one given.
61. Without your help, l couldn't have finished it on time.
A. I couldn't finish it on time because you helped me. B. I couldn't finish it on time though you helped
C. I could finish it on time because you helped me. D. You helped me finishing it on time.
62. His daydreaming prevented him from becoming a good employee.
A. If he daydreamed, he would become a better employee.
B. He could become a better employee without his daydreaming.
C. He daydreams, which makes him a good employee. D. As a daydreamer, he is a good employee.
63. The children are looking forward to having a holiday on the beach.
A. The children are considering having a holiday on the beach.
B. The children want to put off having a holiday on the beach.
C. Looking forward, the children are having a holiday on the beach.
D. The children really expect to have a holiday on the beach.
64. lan denied stealing the confidential files.
A. Ian said that he had not stolen the confidential files. B. Ian's stealing the confidential files was not true.
C. Ian said, 'I will not steal the confidential files' D. Ian said that he would not steal the confidential
65. I took Janet to the zoo so that she could see how big an elephant is.
A. With a view to see how big an elephant is, I took Janet to the zoo.
B. So as to see the elephant, I took Janet to the big zoo.
C. Because Janet was big enough, I took her to the zoo to see the elephant.
D. I took Janet to the zoo in order for her to see how big an elephant is.
66. Despite his early retirement, he found no peace in life.
A. Although he retired early, but he found no peace in life. B. His early retirement has brought him peace in
C. He found no peace in life because he retired early. D. Early as he retired, he found no peace in life.
67. I love walking in the rain, though it is not good for health.
A. Walking in the rain, I am not healthy. B. It is not good for health to walk in the rain.
C. Walking in the rain is not good for health, but I love it.
D. I love walking in the rain despite of its bad effect on health.
68. 'Please do not touch that wire!' the old man said to me.
A. The old man told me not to touch that wire. B. The old man said that I didn't touch that wire.
C. The old man asked me to not touch that wire. D. The old man said to me not to touch that wire.
69. I remember giving you a five-pound note.
A. Whether I gave you a five-pound note or not, I can remember.
B. I can't remember whether I gave you a five-pound note or not.
C. I did gave you a five-pound note, and I could remember it.
D. I remember I have given you a five-pound note.
70. The next door neighbor is a singer and he often comes home very late at night.
A. The next door neighbor, a singer, come home very late at night.
B. As a singer, next door neighbours often come home late at night.
C. The next door neighbour who is a singer often comes home late at night.
D. The next door neighbour comes home very late at night but he is a singer.
VI. Identify the error in each sentence.
71. She tapped her feet in time when listened to her favorite song broadcast on the radio.
72. It was hot but we decided to walk in the shadow of the long wall.
73. Those who have never been abroad is eager to see how different the other cultures are.
74. Some of these plants are national rarity and should be well protected.
75. I couldn't give the teacher the summary of the lesson until Julia whispered some words into his ears.
76. Believed that Jack had got home safely, we felt relieved.
77. We really enjoyed the children's imaginative and excited play last Saturday.
78. I will have you to know how bad your behavior is.
79. They promised that they would publish my article was sent in last week.
80. Helen as well as her friends have never been out of town since they were five years old
VII. Read the passage and choose the correct answers.
History books recorded that the first film with sound was The Jazz Singer in 1927. But sound films, or
talkies, did not suddenly appear after years of silent screenings. From the earliest public performances in 1896,
films were accompanied by music and sound effects. These were produced by a single pianist, a small band, or
a full-scale orchestra; large movie theatres could buy sound-effect machines. Research into sound that was
reproduced at exactly at the same time as the pictures - called 'synchronized sound’- began soon after the very
first films were shown. With synchronized sound, characters on the movie screen could sing and speak. As early
as 1896, the newly invented gramophone, which played a large disc carrying music and dialogue, was used as a
sound system. The biggest disadvantage was that the sound and pictures could become unsynchronized if, for
example, the gramophone needle jumped or if the speed projector changed. This system was only effective for a
single song or dialogue sequence.
In the 'sound-on-film' system, sound was recorded as a series of marks on celluloid which could be read
by an optical sensor. These signals would be placed on the film alongside the image, guaranteeing
synchronization. Short feature films were produced in this way as early as 1922. This system eventually brought
us 'talking pictures'.
81. The passage is mainly about the ..............
A. history of silent movies B. disadvantages of synchronized sound
C. development of sound with movies D. research into sound reproduction
82. According to the passage, films using sound effects were screened ............
A. before 1896 B. as early as 1896 C. as early as 1922 D. in 1927
83. The word 'screenings' in is closest in meaning to................
A. projections B. revelations C. demonstrations D. diversions
84. Which of the following is not mentioned as a producer of sound to accompany movies?
A. a jazz singer B. a single pianist C. a small band D. a gramophone
85. It can be inferred that ......................
A. most movie theaters had a pianist
B. sound-effects machines were not common because they were expensive
C. orchestras couldn't synchronize sound with the pictures
D. gramophones were developed about the same time as moving pictures.
86. According to the passage, gramophones were ineffective because they ...............
A. got out of synchronization with the picture. B. were too large for most movie theaters.
C. were newly invented and still had imperfections D. changed speeds when the needle jumped.
87. The word 'sequence' is closest in meaning to .............
A. interpretation B. progression C. distribution D. organization
88. The phrase 'these signals' refers to.............
A. sounds B. series C. marks D. sensors
89. According to the passage, sound-on-film guaranteed synchronization because the recording was ...........
A. made during the film of the picture. B. read by an optical sensor
C. inserted beside the image on the film D. marked on the gramophone
90. Short feature films produced as early as 1922 ..........
A. were recorded by optical sensors B. put musicians out of work
C. were only effective for dialogue sequence D. preceding talking pictures
VIII. Choose the best answer to fill in each blank.
From the seeds themselves to the machinery, fertilizers and pesticides - The Green Revolution regimen
depend heavily on technology. One (91) ......, however, depends much (92).... on technology – organic farming.
Many organic farmers use machinery, but (93)......... chemical fertilizers or pesticides. (94)........... chemical soil
enriches, they use animal manure and plant parts not used as food – natural, organic fertilizers that are clearly a
renewable (95)...........
Organic farmers also use alternatives (96).............pesticides; for example they may rely on natural predators of
certain insect pests. (97) ........ the need arises, they can buy the eggs and larvae of these natural predators and
introduce them into their crop fields. They use (98) ..............techniques to control pests as well, like planting
certain crops together because one crop repels the other's pests. Organic farmers do not need a lot of land;
(99).............., organic farming is perfectly (100).... to small farms and is relatively inexpensive. Finally, many
organic farmers' average yields compare favorably with other farmers' yields.
91. A. alteration B. alternate C. alternative D. alternation
92. A. more B. less C. better D. worse
93. A. also B. for C. not D. ail
94. A. In spite of B. On account of C. In favor of D. Instead of
95. A. resource B. source C. matter D. substance
96. A. of B. to C. for D. from
97. A. Then B. If C. Because D. Though
98. A. others B. another C. the others D. other
99. A. instead B. in one way C. on one hand D. in fact
100. A. suitable B. open C. likely D suited