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Formal Letter (Adv 2) – Test 8 – Page 89

Dear Sir/ Madam Commented [T1]: To whom it may concern?

I am writing to you after reading your article about pop music. I believe you and your readers should
also take into account some positive aspects about this type of music.

In your work, pop music is considered as a mere trend, something that will be forgotten with time. As a
truly music lover, I do not reckon this to be a fact, since bands such as The Beetles, Pink Floyd and
several more have played for more than 30 years with great success. Conversely to your opinion, me and
many people around the world find this music not only peaceful and relaxing, but also inspiring and

What became clear, after decades of such thriving bands, is that pop music is thought to be one of the
best in the world. This can be noticed by paying attention to the number of people attending to Pink pop
festival every year for example. Bands like Coldplay and U2 can really lift your spirits and lower your
stress level in difficult moments. Contrarily to what you have stated in your article, this kind of music can
help some people to focus when working, painting or studying. Furthermore, studies have
demonstrated that people who listen to pop music are generally happier and in better mood than those
who listen to heavy metal.

Considering all that has been mentioned above and the fact that your magazine is read worldwide, is
with all due respect that I ask you to consider my arguments in a further article.

Yours sincerely

Tomas Castagneris.