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Music magazine

pitch of ideas.

Aimee Lynn
 After taking a long time deciding what genre I
wanted to base my magazine on I decided to
base it on the genre of ‘pop’.
 Pop music developed from the mid-1950s as
a softer alternative to rock 'n' roll and later to
rock music. It has a focus on commercial
recording, often oriented towards a youth
 pop music has absorbed influences from most
other forms of popular music, particularly
borrowing from the development of rock
music, and utilizing key technological
innovations to produce new variations on
existing themes.
 I have chosen to use the genre of ‘pop’ as I
wanted to create a light and fun magazine
and I felt that the genre would fit in with my
 My general audience would be for those who have a
keen interest for ‘pop’ music between the ages of 14-
 I have decided to use this specific target audience,
because after further background research I found that
the pop music is mostly enjoyed and listened to by the
youth culture therefore would be more likely to be
attracted to my magazine.
 I feel my magazine would mostly appeal to the female
gender, however may appeal to some males.
Name of magazine
 The name of my magazine will be: ‘The bubble’
 I have chosen this, because of the name of the
genre. As in bubbles ‘pop' ping.
 I like the title as its fun and is relevant to my
magazine theme.
 Choosing the taglines was the hardest
thing to do whilst coming up with ideas for
my magazine cover, as it had to be
specific and relate to my magazine.

 In the end I settled for the tagline: ‘Tasty

tunes’. I liked the use of alliteration, and
the way it sounded. I felt the use of
alliteration made it sound catchy and easy
to remember. Also the word ‘tasty’ makes
it sound good enough to eat therefore
attracting prospective buyers, because of
the thought of high quality music.
Editorial mission statement

 When finished, my magazine will focus

on artists and music from the genre of
music I have chosen. It will also feature
up to date news which will interest the
specific target audience to inform
readers of upcoming events (e.g.
concerts, festivals, new Cd releases
etc.),chart results and news on the
artists. Hopefully this will interest the
target audience and fans of the genre
of ‘pop’.
 For my USP I needed to try and come up with
something that wasn’t normally in music magazine.
This was a hard decisions as there were so many
different kind of magazines.
 My music magazine will also include reviews on not only
Cds but books and films as well, which might interest
my target audience. By doing this I would be adding
different aspects of media to the magazine.
 As the genre of ‘pop’ is short for popular music (it takes
influences from all different types of music therefore,
was called popular music when it first started being
produced in the mid 1950’s) I thought I could also add
popular fashion trends of both male and female attire to
hopefully widen my target audience.
Reader profile
 My readers will be male and
female (however mostly female)
of the age 14 + and will have a
love for ‘pop’ music, and want to
stay up date with current news
and information.
 My readers will also benefit for the
up to date reviews and the fashion
segments shown in my magazine.
Ideas for front cover.

 Brief ideas for front cover:

 Noticeable, big, bold, loud.
 Pastel colours , to go with bubble idea.
However to try and make the pastel
colours bright. Different to other music
magazines where they use dark colours.
 Fun and light.
 Catchy
 Lively picture, of some artist.
Ideas for Double page article.

 Review of pop music in the past

decade for the first edition.
 Maybe timeline
 Interviews with key influences in
pop music from the years 2000-
 Pictures/photographs.
 Public opinion.
 Best songs from the decade
Ideas for Double page continued.
Time Interview
line of with key
pop influence to
music of
the decade.
from the

from past Best songs
decade. of the
Collage decade.
both pages

Public opinion.