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ATTN: Juliet Brandolino - PO Box 41903 - Los Angeles CA 90041
( 3 2 3 ) 2 5 9 -5 2 1 5
On the cover: Station Drill - By Trey Glennon, FS 35

Inset LAFD photo by: John Hicks

DTLA - Hope for Firefighters

Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association.
No material may be reproduced without written permission of the publisher.

2 • July 2018
VOL. XCIV JULY 2018 NO. 11

21st Annual Hope for Firefighters
Hundreds of firefighters turned chefs, from dozens of LAFD units
all around the City, served thousands of hungry DTLA office work-
ers, while earning tens of thousands for the Widows, Orphans and
Disabled Firemen’s Fund • .......................................................06

6th Annual Pechanga Reunion

With the sole purpose of advancing camaraderie, the LAFRA spon-
sored SoCal Reunion at Pechanga brought hundreds of active and
retired firefighters together for the sixth year running • ...............12

15th Annual LAPD/LAFRA Car Show

Firefighters joined cops this year in Warner Center to kick a few
tires and raise a few bucks for charity at the “Still Saving Lives” car
show • ....................................................................................15

President’s Message • ............................................................................05
Battalion News • ....................................................................................17
Department in Action • .............................................................................32
Retirement Dinners • ..............................................................................35
Station Fridge • ......................................................................................38
Brother Helping Brother • .......................................................................39
How to escape an Active Shooter
We know you’re ready, but is your family? • .............................................40
Memorials • ...........................................................................................42
Special Commendation
FF/PM Joaquin Lapastora and James Eberle to the rescue • ...................43
Mailbox • ...............................................................................................44
LAFD Golf Club
2017 Golf Club Memorial Championship • ............................................47
Handball Update
LAFD and SCHA fundraiser • ...........................................................49
Firefighters First Credit Union
International travel tips • ......................................................................51
LAFD History
The LAFD Demolition Squad • ...............................................................52
Minutes of the Board of Trustees • .....................................................55
Classifieds • ...........................................................................................58
Fire Station One • ................................................................................61

Notice: Production of The Firemen’s Grapevine magazine is very expensive, and while your dues
serve to underwrite a portion of the magazine’s costs, the bulk of funding comes from advertisers.
Many businesses advertise in the Grapevine. This does not mean that LAFRA endorses these
advertisers. Use of a Grapevine advertiser is at the risk of the member. If you are interested in any
of the advertisements, we urge you to use any and all means at your disposal to investigate them.

July 2018 • 3
owned and published by the
ADVANCED DERMATOLOGY Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association
AND SKIN CANCER INSTITUTE 7470 N Figueroa Street, Los angeles CA 90041


Adjunct Professor of Clinical Medicine, USC Dave Wagner • Managing
Diplomat, American Board of Dermatology John Hicks • Associate
Eric Santiago • Creative
Fellow, American Society for Mohs Surgery
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Steve Gentry, Juan Guerra, Brian Haimer, Ryan Ling, Rick McClure,
• 15477 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 100, Mike Meadows, Lloyd Payne, Jeff Zimmerman, Yvonne Griffin
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
• 416 North Bedford Drive, Suite 100, LOS ANGELES FIREMEN’S RELIEF ASSOCIATION
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Robert Steinbacher................................................President
• 1801 Solar Drive, Suite 150, Oxnard, CA 93030 Jeff Cawdrey ..................................................Vice-President
Andrew Kuljis ........................................................Secretary
Chris Stine Gene Bednarchik Rich Moody
Craig White Henry Gasbarri Rick Godinez
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Frank Aguirre Kenny Breskin Tim Larson
Phone: (818) 906-6900•Fax: (661) 702-1701 Gayle Sonoda Mike Sailhamer Tyler Tomich

To contact a chaplain, please call Senior Chaplain Rick Godinez at (213)
797-2404 or the MFC Floor Captain at (213) 576-8920
Greg W. Gibson...................Chaplain Hershy Z. Ten.......................Chaplain
Danny Leon..........................Chaplain Roger Fowble.....................Chaplain
George A. Negrete...............Chaplain Mark R. Woolf.....................Chaplain
Aquil F. Basheer..................Chaplain Jesus Pasos.........................Chaplain
Tim Werle............................Chaplain

Fire-Relief ...............................................................(323) 259-5200
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Bob Dillon • Operations Manager..............................(323) 259-5233
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259-5200, ext. 231 or 232. All editorial matter must be received by the Editor eight weeks prior to the month of
pub­li­ca­tion. The opin­ions ex­pressed here­in are those of the writ­ers and do not nec­es­sar­i­ly reflect the official
views of the Los An­ge­les City Fire De­part­ment or the Los An­ge­les Firemen’s Relief Association.

4 • July 2018
ot too long ago, I came across a letter written by Grapevine Edi- first prove we really mean it by seeing that our own job is done about as
tor Oscar Malm which appeared in the August 1940 issue. I re- well as we can do it.
alized how words written nearly 80 years ago still apply today
- maybe more now than ever. I am including an excerpt and hope that as On another note, on June 7, 2018, we celebrated the 21st annual
you read it, you reflect on its message of patriotism. From the firefighter Hope for Firefighters in Downtown Los Angeles. This event is not only
on the tailboard, to the men and women wearing the gold badge, this our biggest event of the year for the Relief Association, but also the most
message applies to all of us. Why you ask? Because no matter what your challenging for our dedicated staff of employees and army of volunteers.
politics or beliefs - deep-down inside, we are all the same. We are all Over the past few months they have worked tirelessly readying them-
what I’m proud to call - the LAFD! selves for its flawless execution. I want to take this opportunity to thank
each and every one of the them, especially Juliet Brandolino, our event
coordinator, for their service and commitment in making this yet another
successful year. The members of the Relief Association are very fortu-
The old cliche, “as the poorest cog runs, so runs the machine,” is nate to have such a dedicated and talented staff of individuals caring for
especially true today. Our huge national machine cannot be improved to their needs and well-being!
its point of fullest efficiency unless you and I improve our own particular It is also with great sadness we announce the passing of one of
part, no matter how small that part may be. our own. Pauline Szkolnik succumbed to a long-term illness on April 23,
We can be better neighbors, courteous, sympathetic and cooper- 2018. She was an administrative assistant and a valuable member of the
ative. A little restraint in our driving can help cut down the useless road Relief Association family for 17 years. Though she had been battling her
toll. Our attitude toward law and order, especially before children, can illness for some time, she did so privately, while still assisting members
be improved tremendously. Stating it plainly, we can help by becoming and their families in their times of need. Her work responsibilities in-
the kind of citizen we want the other fellow to be. cluded managing the Life and Accident benefits, donations acceptances,
This doing our job better applies particularly to the members of and countless other matters arising in connection with the Widows, Or-
the firefighting profession. Being one of the branches of a public safety phans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund. Pauline’s hard work and wiliness to
service, a fire department’s efficiency ties in closely with national safety. help others, even in a time of her own crisis, showed the true nature of
And the total efficiency of our department depends in direct proportion her commitment to the Relief Association and its members. She will be
upon our efficiency. It depends upon how well we handle a hoseline and sadly missed but remembered with great fondness.
how well we place a ladder. It depends upon our cooperation with other
men and our respect for authority, our ability to overlook personal dif- Be safe and be kind to each other!
ferences and work for a common good.
Patriotism is best applied at the bottom, it will carry itself through
to the top. Loyalty applied within the small unit of a fire company welds
itself into the strength of this great union of states. Robert D. “Steintalker” Steinbacher
If we are going to wave a flag, and by all means we should, let us / 323.259.5200

A tree was planted at LAFRA in remembrance of Pauline Szkolnik

July 2018 • 5
ome things in life
should be experienced
firsthand — Hope for
Firefighters is one of them.
In the early morning hours
of June 7, 2018, the streets of
downtown Los Angeles came
alive as scores of volunteers, Best Entree
downtown workers, and, of Fire Station 27
course, firefighters began
the momentous task of set-
ting up for a day of fun, food,
and games—all for the benefit
of the Widows, Orphans, &
Disabled Firemen’s Fund.

Best Dessert
Fire Station 21

Best Theme
Fire Station 10
6 • July 2018
July 2018 • 7
This was the 21st year for Hope for Fire-
fighters, an event made possible by the gener-
ous donations of such corporations as Ralph’s,
Food4Less, and U.S. Bank. We also would like
to thank Brookfield Properties, Allied Univer-
sal, and 400 South Hope Street/CBRE for their
long-standing support of the event. Months of
planning by the Relief Association’s own Juliet
Brandolino, along with Co-Chairs, Steve Rob-
inson, Heather Ross, and founder, Paul Linton
made the well-coordinated proceedings a re-
ality once more. This year, more than 25 fire
stations and other fire resources participated as
they planned, cooked, and entertained—with
some even putting on skirts . . . okay kilts . . .
to assure the success of the event.
The talented pilots of Air Operations
opened Hope with a low-level flyby over the ex-
cited crowd, followed by a beautiful rendition
of the National Anthem by Ms. Lea Carranza.
The Master of Ceremonies was none other
than B/C Steve Ruda, who once again kept the
people engaged and entertained throughout the
entire day.
As the morning progressed, the rows
of tents set up on Hope Street soon filled the
air with the scent of their tasty dishes, entic-
ing eager downtown workers to wait in line to
sample the individual station’s culinary treats.
The crew from FS 9 and sponsor Operating
Engineers Local 501 had double duty as they
not only set up multiple aerial ladders to dis-
play the American flag, they also brought their
best chef skills to cook up some fabulous tri-
tip. Although the group from FS 88 and their
sponsor Bay Alarm Company was smaller in
number than their downtown rivals, the brisket
smoked by Mike Finger and his cohorts at their
Flintstone themed booth was no less spectacu-
FS 21 and their sponsor Straussner
Sherman took best dessert while maintaining
“Law and Order” outfitted in their “Cops” mo-
tif. They even went the extra mile setting up
their own temporary jail just in case. Speak-
ing of motifs, FS 10 and Brookfield Proper-
ties received the Best Theme Award for their
“Braveheart” booth. Captain Tom Jaramillo
and his crew showed what is possible with a
little imagination--oh, and a willingness to
show a little leg. Fire Station 27 and Environ-
mental Contracting showed Hollywood was
still glamorous by taking top honors for their
Glazed Chicken wings, while the other Holly-
wood stars from Station 35 and R&R Electric
went native as they brought a taste of the Ha-
waiian Islands to the downtown area. Repre-
senting the eastside was FS 50 and Red Hawk
Fire & Security who brought down “the wall”
by importing some spices for their south of the
border themed menu. The Valley was well rep-
resented by stations such as 78 and their spon-
sor RE Smith that served up a wicked pork
belly dish. Station 98 and 87 also did their part
wowing the crowd with their culinary offer-
8 Fire2018
• July Station 26, 55, 61, 69 and the FPB
July 2018 • 9
cooled the crowd by offering mochas, juices,
and other cold drinks. Let’s not forget FS 64
and their sponsor, Public Safety Financial\Gal-
loway and their representative Brad Standage
for their contributions of ceviche with chips.
Other stations such as 1, 2, 3, 11, and 55 showed
their pride by wearing their individual station’s
shirts while cooking up their best dishes.
Wilshire the Fire Dog won over the
crowd, posing with civilians and fire depart-
ment members alike. Thanks to Station 29 and
especially Captain Penrod for sharing their
mascot for the day. Retired S/A, or EID for you
youngsters, Phil Weireter manned Shop Num-
ber 1058 all morning long, allowing the crowd
to relive some nostalgia of the LAFD. The Fire
Hogs once again showed their support for the
Relief Association as they displayed their mo-
torcycles and cooking skills to the very young,
and even the young at heart, who dream of
one day riding on the open road. Don’t forget
to support the Fire Hogs on July 14, 2018, as
they remember our fallen firefighters during
their 20th Annual Fallen Heroes Memorial.
The event is open to ALL, whether you ride or
not. More details can be found at FIREHOGS.
A special thanks to the band Emerald
City for keeping the crowd entertained with
their musical talents as the group of downtown
workers competed in the traditional fire muster
events. The team from Brookfield Properties
took 1st place in the overall events, followed
by a close 2nd by California Hospitals. Otis El-
evator was able to lift themselves into the 3rd
overall position. Congratulations to all who
participated. Captain Steve Romas, retired
Captain Rick Denning, and that “county guy”
Larry Hoerner, Jim Stiglich and others, kept
the activities flowing and the participants safe
as they showed off their newly acquired fire-
fighting skills. An additional thank you goes
out to all the Relief Association employees and
the army of volunteers who stepped up and did
their part during the festivities and beyond.
Without their help an event of this magnitude
would not be possible. Thank you all again
who participated. We HOPE to see you next
year when we celebrate Hope for Firefighters

10 • July 2018
Straussner Sherman
Red Hawk Fire & Security
Bay Alarm Company
Cooperative of American Physicians
Capital Group 2
Good Samaritan Hospital
Brookfield Properties
O’Melveny & Myers
Operating Engineers Local 501
Capital Group 1
Public Safety Financial
Environmental Contracting
Johnson Controls
R & R Electric
Swinterton OCLA
R.E. Smith
Turner Construction Co.
U.S. Bank
Cooperative of American Physicians
Allied Universal
Transwestern Young Professionals
Muir-Chase Plumbing Co., Inc.
LA Kings
Upright Citizens Brigade
City National Bank
Otis Elevator
Able Engineering
Kone, Inc.
Dignity Health -California Hospital
Downtown Center BID
American Red Cross
Peerless Building Maintenance
Interior Removal Specialist, Inc.
KP Financial SVCS OPS
Industrial Chemicals & Supplies
Stuart Dean Co, Inc.
Los Angeles Downtown News
Go Country
LAFD Fire Apparel
Emerald City Band
Captain Ryan Penrod
Wilshire the Fire Dog
Collective Color, Inc.

July 2018 • 11
n May 21, 2018, more
than 100 LAFD ac-
tive and retired mem-
bers and their family attended
the 6th Annual Los Angeles
Firemen’s Relief Association
Reunion held at the Pechanga
Resort & Casino in Temecula,
California. Each day was filled
with family fun and different
events for all. There was loads
to do at the hotel and RV park,
with tons of delicious food,
evening camp fires, and lots of
laughs and games.
After check-in on Monday, LAFRA
hosted a reception at the RV clubhouse. Snacks
and beverages, along with smiles and hugs
were plentiful. The “Meet n’ Greet” provided a
great first day to catch up with old friends and
The following day, people gathered
for the wine tour. Last year’s tour was a huge
success, with two trollies being pressed into
service to accommodate all participants--this
year a third vehicle, a bus, was needed. Though
the weather was a little cloudy, spirits were
still high for the day of tasting wine, eating
snacks and sandwiches, and even the sharing
of battle stories from days past—fun was had
by all. Wine tasting must make you hungry be-
cause when the group returned from the tour,
pizza was ordered in quantities never seen in
Pechanga history. That night the group slept
Of course, Pechanga wouldn’t be the
same without what is quickly becoming a tradi-
tion at the event—the Maga’s Martini Contest.
12 • July 2018
With a rainbow of different color drinks cover-
ing the tables and a banner proudly displaying
the contest location’s in front of the rows of
RV’s, the choices were many but the judging
difficult. Cheri Turner took the top prize for
her creation, however, I’m not sure there were
any losers. Another beverage of choice for the
time spent was the Bloody Mary, which was
combined with a plethora of different foods,
making for a responsible time. There were no
trips, falls, or injuries of any kind. Plus, it was a
drama-free week. All involved got along fabu-
lously. They even celebrated a birthday. Diane
Freeman, recently retired Captain Tim Free-
man’s better half, turned 29—again! Happy
Birthday, Diane.
A number of members were also
able to get a few games of golf in, including
Relief President Bob Steinbacher, who stated
he had a off day on the greens but still had fun.
Hopefully he and others did better playing the
numerous games of cornhole which was set up
in the RV park for all to enjoy. Not that you
needed a RV to participate in the fun. Pechan-
ga offered first class accommodations in the
hotel for those who weren’t road warriors.
And with the charming town of Temecula just
a short drive a way, there was something for
everyone to enjoy.
Another positive of the reunion was
the participation by a number of different
professional organizations. Representatives
from LAFRA, Pensions, Healthscope, Express
scripts, L.A Retired Fire & Police Association,
Historical Society, and even our long-time
friend, Firefighters First Credit Union were
there in force to answer any questions or con-
cerns our active and retired members had.
Special THANK YOU to the LAFRA orga-
nizers on hand that kept the event running
smoothly: Steve Domanski, Doak Smith, Tim
Larson, Rick Godinez, and other LAFRA
Trustees as well.
Though this year was a great success,
plans are already underway to make next year’s
event even better—so mark your calendars and
hope to see at the Pechanga Reunion 2019.

July 2018 • 13





Dave Moorman & the Crew


AT (805) 717-0618
14 • July 2018
ore than 200 classic, vintage and
antique vehicles rolled into Warner
Center Park during the early morn-
ing hours of Saturday, June 2nd. But there were
plenty of officers from the Valley Traffic Di-
vision on scene to handle the bedlam and the
15th Annual “Still Saving Lives Car Show and
X. Safety Fair” was very soon up and running.
LAFRA Trustee Ken Breskin has been
known for coordinating car shows to benefit
ailing LAFD members in the past, but this is
the first time he’s teamed up with the LAPD.
Under Ken’s direction, the proceeds from this
event were split between the Valley Traffic Ad-
visory Council and the Widows, Orphans &
Disabled Firemen’s Fund.
In addition to the automotive eye candy,
show goers were treated to displays by LAPD’s
Motorcycle Drill Team, Bomb Squad and K9
units. Mark Kriski from KTLA’s Channel 5
News was brought in as the emcee. There was
also live music provided by “The Original
Gumball Factory.”
Valerie Lawrence and her volunteer
cadre provided a raffle with more than 100
items up for bid. Vic Villa from FS 18 also had
a booth selling wares to benefit LAFD member
Henry Munoz, who is working through a seri-
ous illness.
Breskin never shows up alone at these
events. This time he was assisted by Steve Can-
chola and Steve Hall (along with their better-
halves), Steve Ravitz, Mano Gonzalez, Jeff

T Harvey, Fernando Pattison, Steve Perez, Mike

Kammerer and the LAFD Cadets from Posts 81

8 and 87. Rick Godinez was also on hand, repre-

senting LAFRA and the WODFF.
July 2018 • 15
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Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association Medical Plan may cover this examination.
16 • July 2018 Contact your plan provider to verify.
Burger Eating Contest.
LAFD Photo by Alex Gilman

On 5/22/18, Farmer Boys challenged

LAFD firefighters to a burger-eating contest.
For each “Barn Burner” (spicy!!) burger the
firefighters could eat in a 30-minute period,
Farmer Boys donated $100 to the LAFD
Foundation to assist purchasing hydration
backpacks for use during brushfires. To
add to the excitement, two rival companies
teamed up and worked together to raise more
money for the Foundation—Fire Station 9 of
Skid Row and the powerhouse of the east-
side Fire Station 17. The event began with
the two stations paired against one another to
see who would be crowned champions, how-
ever, just as the contest began, 17’s received
a call and had to leave. Now, not saying there
was any collusion occurring, but Captain Jim
Duffy from FS 9 was working sod on E17
that day…..SO! Anyways, the crew from 17
quickly returned and did their best to even
things up. While we are not too sure who ate
the most burgers, 9 or 17, we do know the
true winner was the LAFD Foundation. Con-
gratulations to all who participated. Rolaids
Chief Fligiel with Adam Van Gerpen for all—compliments of the City of course!
who promoted to Captain I at FS 25-C

July 2018 • 17
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18 • July 2018
Air Ops assists Burbank FD on 5/25/18.
Photo by Greg Doyle

DCFD shows some LAFD pride display-

ing 82’s patch on one of their engines.

Engine 39 on the NB 405 at Sherman Way

on 6/8/18. Photo by Kelly Seidel

Truck vs building with extrication in Van

Nuys on 5/21/18. Photo by Leo Kaufman

July 2018 • 19
20 • July 2018
Christopher Divalerio promoted to Captain I at FS 6-B Bryan Newon promoted to Engineer at FS 6-C

Christopher Lavalle promoted to Engineer at FS 6-A Dennis Hong promoted to Engineer at FS 6-B

July 2018 • 21
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22 • July 2018
FF/PM Andrew Corona (FS 13) was selected as paramedic of the year
by California Hospital Medical Center. Photo by Capt Dan Lievense

6/2/18. Battalion 12 and surrounding com-

5-24-18. RFS 91. Three young males were injured when the car panies handle a structure at 9433 Sepulveda.
they were in skidded off Foothill Blvd. Photos by Rick McClure Photo by Rick McClure

An outside fire exposed an apt unit on Vine-

land Ave on 5/25/18. Photo by Rick McClure

July 2018 • 23
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24 • July 2018
Grass fire on the SB 110 Fwy.
Photo by Rick McClure

LF 66 rescues a worker from a Metro construction

trench on 5/7/18. Photo by Yvonne Griffin

Auto fire at 5242 W Washington Blvd

on 6/3/18. Photo by Yvonne Griffin

July 2018 • 25

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Mediator & Legal Document Assistant

WALK through
12521 El Dorado Place, DIVORCE with INTEGRITY and COURAGE
Victorville, CA 92392
Phn: 1-800-971-4808
(310) 441-7555 • (310) 876-1355
Fax: 1-800-971-4809
info@TriStateSigns.comAvenue, Ste 207B, Los Angeles, CA 90064
2999 Overland

26 • July 2018
On 5/18/18 Batt 14 companies battle a SFD well
involved at 4818 Carpenter. Photo by Kelly Seidel

Members of E 70 pose with owner of the cat they helped

rescue out of an air handling system on 5/1/18

July 2018 • 27
FS 18 poses with UFLAC President Tony A group called the Raktivist from Nobel Middle
Gamboa after he called in a still alarm. School perform a random act of kindness at FS 28

A small structure and grass in North 5/26/18. E103 proves our assign-hire
Hills on 6/2/18. Photo by Rick McClure procedures may need some reworking

5/28/18. FF’s from 28’s make their way

along the railroad tracks in Chatsworth FS 28 says goodbye to Engineer Dan
after extinguishing a brush fire Mehterian after 33 yrs. of service

28 • July 2018
A/O Mike Henry and friends celebrate his
last day on the job with a goodbye breakfast

FF’s from 105’s take a shower as they try to shut off a sheared A new plaque will be hung at FS 92 to honor the
hydrant at 21300 Oxnard on 5/12/18. Photo by Rick McClure memory of FF Kelly Wong. Photo by Jason Knight

July 2018 • 29
Sidewalk Hands-Only CPR Day on 6/5/18. Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas takes the lead as he runs with
LAFD Photo by Jorge Arellano recruit class 2017-2A on Terminal Island. Photo by LAFD VVP

On 5/15/18, FF Timothy Saldana was recognized for saving a

life during a psychiatric emergency. Photo by LAFD VVP

5/18/18. More than thirty members attended a

pension seminar at the LAFRA. Photo by John Hicks

30 • July 2018
Capt II Lauro – Legal, Capt II Gatewood – Planning, and
Capt I Lore – Research, having a meeting of the minds

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July 2018 • 31
Photos by Harry Garvin, Peter Sanders, Tim Kelly,
Martin Nate Rawner, Cody Weireter and Yvonne Griffin

It took 118 firefighters just 74 minutes to fully extinguish a pre-dawn conflagration that consumed remnants of a two-story strip mall at 4718 West Fountain Avenue early
Sunday, June 3, 2018. The vacant shopping center, significantly damaged in a previous fire, was fully ablaze when companies arrived. The firefighters successfully protected an adjoining
4-story apartment building, where only eight of the 32 units sustained any degree of fire damage. There were no civilian injuries, and LAFD Canine Search Teams later found no trace of
human remains beneath the tons of smoldering debris from the strip mall, that collapsed at the height of the fire.

32 • July 2018

Photos by FF Paul Wingate

Crew 3 participated in the LAFD Wildland Fire

Academy. This training was a controled burn out at Camp
Pendleton. The crew learned how to use a drip torch, take
weather and was used as a holding crew for the burn. They
also had a moment of silence in remembrance of FF Kelly
Wong. “Keep One Foot in the Black”

July 2018 • 33

Photos by Tanner Conant, Alex Gillman, Francesca Rueda, Leo

Kaufman, Lissette Kennedy, and Adam VanGerpen

34 • July 2018


Brookside Country Club Fire Station 64

1133 Rosemont Avenue, Pasadena CA 10811 S Main St, Los Angeles CA

Social Hour - 5:00 PM Dinner - 6:00 PM 7:00 AM - 12 PM

Cost $55 - Menu TBD No Cost - BBQ

Fire Station 60 - (818) 756-8660 Call Hunter Tamashiro - (323) 574-6100

Name Assignment Date Retired Date Rank

Glen Miyagishima 04/07/1985 05/31/2018 Battalion Chief
Daniel K. Mehterian 04/07/1985 05/31/2018 Engineer, FS 28-A
Erick C. Lauridsen 04/20/1980 05/31/2018 Captain I, EMS 17
Ronald W. Grote 11/28/1988 05/31/2018 Firefighter III, FS 99-C
Terrence M. Palmer 04/13/1986 06/30/2018 Fire Inspector II, FPB
Donald F. Darby Jr 08/10/1980 08/28/2018 Captain I, FS 24-A

July 2018 • 35
36 • July 2018
The past year has
been a difficult one for Cali-
fornia and the first responders who
are committed to keeping it safe. From San
Diego to Santa Rosa, the devastation was wide-
spread and took its toll on all that were affected.
That’s why, when the people at Disney went out of their
way to show their appreciation for the tireless effort put
forth by California firefighters during the recent fire storms,
it’s only fitting, we return the appreciation with a little bit of
our own--the LAFD Way! So, on behalf of the members of
the Los Angeles City Fire Department and their family and
friends that were able to enjoy the complimentary day at
the Happiest Place on Earth, we would like to extend a
huge LAFD Thank You to all Disneyland employ-
ees for the gift of memory and family fun. He-
roes come in all shapes and sizes--some
even in the shape of a mouse!
July 2018 • 37
38 • July 2018
n order to make friends, you must be to a nearby hospital. There he was examined, the employees of the Canyon Club in setting up
friendly.” A quote from American and a scan confirmed a tumor. the fundraising event benefiting Henry and the
writer Dale Carnegie and a philoso- This is not the end of the story though. Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund.
phy that Firefighter Henry Munoz of Fire Sta- Other plans were already in motion to get him On June 10, 2018, more than 350 peo-
tion 107 has been able to seamlessly apply to the best care possible with a phone call to the ple gathered at the Canyon Club in support of
his own way of life - and I can tell you it works. Relief Association and a series of quick deci- Henry and the Relief Association. They were
When you first meet Henry, you can’t help but sions, Henry was transferred to USC to receive firefighters, friends, family, and ordinary citi-
like him. He has a quiet ease about him that treatment by the country’s top doctors. zens who, up until recently, had no idea who
makes everyone like him, and for Henry this is The help didn’t stop there. Henry’s Henry was. They know who he is now. They
a good thing. Now more than ever he will need friends knew he would need additional sup- have come to know him through the speeches
his friends and family. The reason is one that is port, both emotionally and financially. That’s made, the embrace of friendship shown, and
becoming all too common among the ranks of when fate stepped in. While FF/PM Vic Villa, the overwhelming outpouring of support from
today’s firefighters: cancer. another one of Henry’s friends, was out cel- all who were in attendance. A buffet lunch was
In March of 2018 doctors discovered a ebrating his wife’s birthday at the Canyon Club served, and cold drinks were in abundance as
large tumor deep within Henry’s brain, and he in Santa Clarita, one of the hostesses inquired the crowd of well-wishers enjoyed lunch as
was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lympho- if he needed anything else. She also mentioned they listened to great music provided by the
ma. It all began with a headache, a severe one, additional facts about the venue and that if they band The Brandon Ragan Project. The Fire
but still just that and no more, thought Henry. ever had a need for future events, the Canyon Hogs were there to show their support, along
He and his family still ventured out to have Club was the place. That’s when the real work with Jason Knight of Fire Axe, Inc., who donat-
some fun and participate in the annual Hook started. With the help of his wife, Deanna, Vic ed several of his axes for the raffle held. Even
and Ladder Enduro to benefit the WODFF. called on other friends to help put something local County firefighters showed up in force to
Henry did his best to enjoy the long weekend, together for Henry. Out of his own pocket, Vic show their support.
but life had other plans for him. By the third put up the money to purchase 500 t-shirts that Henry and his family, along with the
day of the event, something was wrong, and were beautifully designed by Dave Finger’s Relief Association, would like to say thank you
his friends and family could sense it. Checked wife, Rachel. Other members stepped up to to all involved--especially people like Vic and
out by the camp medic and doctor, it was de- help too, going station to station selling the t- Deanna Villa, Dave and Rachel Finger, Suey
termined that Henry needed further medical shirts and gathering donations. The response and Kong Tiengerd, Tim Baker, Jason Knight,
care. FF/PM Dave Finger, Henry’s co-worker, was phenomenal. They ended up selling all 500 Kevin Nagel, and the list goes on and on. This
stepped up and, along with Henry’s wife, drove shirts and collecting thousands in donations. also includes the entire staff at the Canyon
his friend to the closest fire station. He was FF/PM Villa stated he couldn’t believe the gen- Club who made this fundraiser an overwhelm-
quickly transferred to an ambulance and taken erosity of the members. He also couldn’t be- ing success for Henry and the WODFF.
lieve the care and assistance he received from

July 2018 • 39
It’s Saturday afternoon. You and
your family are shopping at a local mall
when suddenly you hear gunshots ring HOW TO ESCAPE AND SURVIVE tion away from the assailant, but only if
out. A scary scenario for sure, but one Active shooter events occur it is safe to do so. If you find yourself in
that is also becoming all too really in our quickly and are unpredictable. The need an open area, seek shelter. Be sure to put
daily lives across America. The City of of quick deployment of law enforcement something between you and the assailant,
Los Angeles and the LAFD are no strang- is critical to stop the shooting and miti- but don’t just sit there. If you know where
ers to mass shooting events. As a trained gate harm to victims. The typical active the shooter is, and if you have an escape
first responder, your chances of survival shooter situation lasts up to 15 minutes. route available to you, consider trying to
are better than most, but the real question Because of this, individuals must be pre- escape. If you have doubt that you can
is, are your loved ones just as prepared to pared both mentally and physically to deal make it out, find the safest area available
act if they have to? Knowing what to do, with an active shooter situation. Training and secure it the best way possible.
and when to do it, can be the difference and educating yourself in the following Next, if you can’t get out--HIDE.
between life or death. The term “Active immediate actions will go a long way to Always try to hide but have a plan to exit
Shooter” was born out of the tragedy at increase the odds of surviving an active if possible. Hide out of sight of the assail-
Columbine High in Colorado. There, two shooter incident. ant. Silence your cell phone immediately
teenaged boys carrying a multitude of and try to control your breathing. Secure
weapons walked on campus and killed RUN, HIDE, FIGHT! the immediate area. Whether you are in a
13 people. Since then, similar incidents These three things are essential to classroom, office, dorm room, bathroom,
have occurred all across America. Since survive. Number one is, RUN. I know it or other type of confined space, make
1999, after Columbine, 1500 causalities may be hard to think this way but always sure to quickly lock or barricade the door.
from active shooter events have been re- have an escape route and plan in mind. Block the door using whatever is avail-
corded in places like schools, office build- No matter if you are at the movie theater able: desks, tables, file cabinets, other
ings, government facilities, and most of- or at your locally eatery, be ready to act. furniture, books, etc. After barricading the
ten, the everyday places of business. But, First thing--move away from the assail- door, place yourself behind a solid object
you don’t necessarily have to be a victim. ant immediately. Leave your belongings and as far away from the opening as pos-
Below is information to give you and es- behind, they can be replaced, you can’t. sible. If the assailant enters the room and
pecially your family members a fighting If the assailant is active inside a specific leaves, lock or barricade the door behind
chance to survive. area, move immediately to a safer loca- them. Other things to do include closing

40 • July 2018
visible at all times. Avoid any quick move-
ment. Remember, you know who you are,
the window blinds, turning off any radios, scription of them if able, down to the lan- but they do not. Everyone’s safety should
computers, or televisions operating. Make guage they are speaking, and the type of be considered. Do not carry on a conver-
it seem as if no one is home. Have the be- clothes they are wearing. sation with anyone until asked to do so. In
lief that the assailant may not stop until Last option is to FIGHT. Use this the evacuation area, you will most likely
they have done what he/she has come to as a last resort and only when your life is be searched, cooperate. None of this infor-
do, or until they are neutralized by law in imminent danger, and only if other op- mation guarantees a positive outcome, but
enforcement. Most of all, stay calm and tions have failed or unavailable. This is with practice, practice and more practice,
quiet. Always consider the risk of open- not the time to be timid. Your goal here is along with a cool head, your chances of
ing a door or window. Movement attracts to incapacitate the assailant. Do whatever surviving an active shooter event will rise
attention. Be aware that the assailant may is necessary and act without prejudice in dramatically.
bang on the door, yell for help, or other- your actions. It’s him/her or you. If you Next month we will discuss a sur-
wise attempt to trick you out in the open. are not alone, work as a team to subdue vival program that is sweeping the coun-
If in doubt, stay silent and still. Do so until your attacker. Try and develop a plan be- try. It’s called, “Stop the Bleed.” LAFD
you are 100 percent sure the area is safe. forehand. If you are able, get control of the Captain Patrick Leonard of the Tactical
Along with hiding, consider seek- weapon using whatever actions are neces- EMS Unit states per the national ‘Stop the
ing help via a mobile devices, landline, sary to accomplish your goal. Improvise Bleed’ Program, “No matter how rapid
email, text or radios to get first respond- a weapon of your own with what is around the arrival of professional emergency re-
ers to your location quicker, but use cau- you: bottles, pots, pans, anything hard that sponders, bystanders will always be first
tion. Attempt to provide information in a will inflict pain. When hitting your attack- on the scene. A person who is bleeding
calm and clear manner so that the other er, do so until they stop moving – do not can die from blood loss within five min-
person can understand the situation and stop until then. utes, therefore it is important to quickly
assist quickly with the right kind of re- First Responders will attempt to stop the blood loss. Those nearest to
sponse. Be prepared to provide as much get to you as soon as possible. When they someone with life threatening injuries are
information as possible about the situation do, it is important to remain calm and fol- best positioned to provide first care.”
and assailant(s), including: your situation, low their instructions carefully. Do not
location, name, number of assailants, and attempt to carry anything out. Raise your Source material: LAFD TEMS UNIT and
their location if possible, along with a de- hands and spread your fingers. Keep them

July 2018 • 41
Robert L. Reed, Fire Inspector I.
Appointed April 8, 1961. Retired on a service pension December 4, 1988 from FPB Valley PSU.
Passed away May 5, 2018.

Durwood L. Lewis, Captain II.

Appointed January 15, 1979. Retired on a disability pension February 3, 1987 from FS 37.
Passed away May 10, 2018.

Lex Winter, Engineer.

Appointed December 18, 1951. Retired on a service pension January 1, 1977 from FS 23-C.
Passed away May 14, 2018.

Kenneth L. Dameron, Battalion Chief.

Appointed March 10, 1962. Retired on a disability pension March 21, 1996 from FPB Public Safety.
Passed away May 16, 2018.

Richard M. Smith, Captain I.

Appointed January 29, 1959. Retired on a disability pension August 9, 1979 from FS 2-A.
Passed away May 19, 2018.

Howard R. Garner, Fire Inspector I.

Appointed April 30, 1966. Retired on a service pension August 30, 1998 from FPB.
Passed away May 24, 2018.

James (Mack) M. Mills, Fireman.

Appointed November 1, 1948. Retired on a service pension June 1, 1978 from FS 40-A.
Passed away May 26, 2018.

Dean E. Cathey, Assistant Chief.

Appointed October 17, 1970. Retired on a service pension January 20, 2004 from Division 3-B.
Passed away May 27, 2018.

Steven R Rodgers, Paramedic.

Appointed April 18, 1977. Retired on a disability pension August 17, 1985 from FS 35-A.
Passed away May 28, 2018.

William R. Switzer, Engineer.

Appointed June 21, 1954. Retired on a service pension July 1, 1974 from FS 24-B.
Passed away June 13, 2018.

Alexander T. De Synadinos, Captain II.

Appointed January 29, 1959. Retired on a disability pension August 16, 1984 from FS 74-B.
Passed away June 15, 2018.

Conrad C. Marcione, Captain I.

Appointed April 30, 1966. Retired on a disability pension September 10, 2000 from FS 90-B.
Passed away June 16, 2018.

Marcia L. Morrow, surviving spouse of Don C. Morrow, passed away May 23, 2018.
Betty F. Paetz, surviving spouse of Lester H. Paetz, passed away May 28, 2018.
Donna J. Rasmussen, spouse of John W. Rasmussen, passed away May 31, 2018.
Anna T. Gordon, surviving spouse of John J. Gordon, passed away June 1, 2018.
Helen C. Judd, surviving spouse of Eugene R. Judd, passed away June 6, 2018.

42 • July 2018
alse alarms are part of a daily routine for
companies of the Los Angeles City Fire
Department. Most pass without conse-
quence and are soon just distant memories jot-
ted down in a station’s journal. However, on
July 13, 2017, E-36 responded on what started
out as such but would quickly turn into an inci-
dent they would not soon forget.
Finishing up an investigation on yet an-
other false alarm at an apartment complex in
San Pedro, the members of Engine 36 were pre-
paring to exit the building. As they did, Captain
Richard Diaz noticed a middle-aged woman
attempting to climb over the railing of a third-
floor balcony in an adjacent apartment com-
plex, presumably with the intent of jumping
off. Captain Diaz immediately sent Firefighter/
PM Joaquin Lapastora and Firefighter James
Eberle to the woman’s apartment in hopes of
preventing her from jumping. Simultaneously,
Captain Diaz witnessed two civilians as they
appeared on the same balcony in an attempt to FF/PM Joaquin Lapastora
help the woman—who by this time was on the
opposite side of the railing. From his vantage
point, he could see them pleading with her to
stop, unfortunately, without success.
Lapastora and Eberle moved as fast as
humanly possible. Entering the building, they
found the woman’s apartment just in time.
Bursting inside, they raced over to the balcony
just as the woman let go of the railing and be-
gan to fall. Quickly reaching out for her, the
two firefighters were able to catch her by the
arms and legs and stop her downward descent
to the ground below. They then pulled her back
over the railing and onto the floor of the apart-
ment. Paramedics from RA-36 assessed her
injuries, finding only minor scratches and abra-
sions from the incident.
For recognizing the direness of the situ-
ation and moving with extreme urgency, Fire-
fighter Eberle and Firefighter/PM Lapastora
demonstrated exemplary action at extreme risk
to their own personal safety. For this, the Los
Angeles Fire Department Foundation honored
the two firefighters with a Special Commenda- FF James Eberle

July 2018 • 43
me about taking the FD test which I eventually
did take and passed the written. He then got me
to come to 100’s and do practice orals and talk
to the Division Chief (Div 3 HQ then). Got on
the job a year later. Never worked directly for
Ken but ran into him throughout my career in
Arson. Lived around the corner from him in
Thousand Oaks until we moved.
A wonderful man, a true gentleman,
and a lifelong friend. He literally changed my
life by taking an interest in me so long ago. I
will always be thankful for meeting him. He
will be missed, especially those whose lives he
touched. RIP my friend.

Your friend,

Terry Depackh
Henderson, Nevada

LAFRA- and he was willing to spend whatever time it

took to teach a rookie the various tasks a truck-
I served the LAFD for 34 years and man may be required to perform. Bob was a
Captain Durwood Lewis was a true
my interest in becoming a firefighter was first quiet guy whose skills and abilities also served
gentleman. He was the chief of the San Fernan-
sparked by talking to Mack Mills. I knew him him well away from the job. He was a very
do Fire Dept and came to the LAFD as a Cap-
as a kid through my dad, David Jones, in the knowledgeable tax consultant and prepared an-
tain I when we took them over. He was humble,
San Fernando Sailing Club. He used to share nual tax returns for a number of people includ-
kind, knew his job and took care of his crew. I
experiences and talk with me. Our conversa- ing LAFD members. I would see Bob periodi-
have many fond memories that I cherish.
tions during sailing club events guided me to cally around Thousand Oaks over the years as
joining the fire department. we went about our daily routine. It was always
Dave Murray
fun to catch up on each other’s lives. I’ll miss
My sincere condolences to you all! those encounters.
Neal Jones Rest in peace my friend.
I worked with Jim [Toon] his last six
Mike Littleton
months on the job at 60’s, and golfed with him
Hi Andy, Westlake Village
many years after he retired. Great guy at the

station and always a pleasure to play with on
In memory of my dear wife, Nina M.
the course. I remember his last shift when his
Clegg, who spent her life giving to others in LAFRA-
wife Ann came to the station for dinner with
need, this last gift, my Relief Association
two great apple pies! He and Ann will always
Death Benefit, will be donated to the LAFRA I met Howard [Garner] when I became
be remembered as a wonderful loving couple to
Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund. a dispatcher with him. What a great gentleman!
be around
Thanks for the memories over the years, in- It was always a pleasure to work with How-
cluding dinners, dancing and entertainment ard. I would run across him years later when he
sponsored by the Relief Assn. The real fun became an inspector and it was always nice to
years included the Grass Valley Reunion (Hello catch up with him.
Ray & Stephanie Donckels
and Goodbye – 30 years), Quartzite, AZ, and
Mexico trips – all are forever memorable. RIP my friend! You will be missed!
Sincerely, Sheldon McKowan
I made captain in 1985 and was as-
Don Clegg
signed to 72’s with a great crew that were out-
St George, UT LAFRA-
standing. Chief Dameron was one of the B/C’s
at Batt. 17 and he worked a lot of SOD on my
I first met Ken [Dameron] in 1967. I
shift because my chief was always off IOD.
LAFRA- got out of the service and was delivering milk
What a pleasure it was to work with him. He
(milkman) at Giacopizza Dairy in Canoga Park.
was one of the good guys who did a great job as
I met Bob [Reed] when I was assigned Ken had worked there as a milkman before he
a B/C and knew how to run a fire. His son grew
as a probationary fireman to Truck 64. He was got on the LAFD and came back on his days
up with my son in-law and was best man at my
the most experienced truckman on the A shift off to fill in for vacations, He started talking to
44 • July 2018
daughter’s wedding. I believe his son is now a
B/C on the job just like his dad.

RIP my friend, we will miss you.

Createaa Legacy
Richard Borowski
Thousand Oaks, CA


I can’t begin to tell you how much re-

spect I have for that man [Dean Cathey]. I first
met him as a 15 year-old fire explorer at FS
66. He was a Captain II there. Dean played a
huge part with me successfully getting hired.
He mentored me and made sure I was doing
all the right things to be successful. Throughout
my career we would cross paths in one way or
another and he was always the same. Always
making sure I was doing good. He’d joke and
always called me son and I’d call him Dad.
I could write all day about how I felt
about this man. Although my heart hurts right
now I am also remembering some really great

RIP Chief

Bubba Willis
The Eternal Flame Society is a special group of firefighters, family, friends and
LAFRA- The supporters who have
Eternal Flame included
Society a gift togroup
is a special the Widows, Orphans &family,
of firefighters, Disabled Firemen’s
friends and
Fund in their Estate Plans.
supporters who have included a gift to the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s
Please accept this donation in memory
of Frank Brown. Frank was a member of OCD FundThey’re
in theirvisionary
Estate Plans.
and uncommonly dedicated. Their kindness has helped our
for many years. He was there from the tran- firefighter families overcome unexpected challenges for more than a century.
sition from the back room to the new floor, a They’re visionary and uncommonly dedicated. Their kindness has helped our
multi-year process. He shared his stories of firefighter families
We invite you toovercome
join theseunexpected challengeshelping
dedicated individuals for more
to than
securea century.
the future of
padlocked refrigerators, candy bars that myste- your firefighter family. With your help, the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s
riously disappeared in the night, and his recipe We invite
for trays of afternoon snacks of caramel corn.
Fund’s you to join
second these
century willdedicated individualsas helping
be as extraordinary its first. to secure the future of
your firefighter family. With your help, the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s
Frank was a quiet man who could always be
Fund’s secondgift arrangements
century will be asinclude:
extraordinary as its first.
counted on to pull more than his share of the
load. When he was on the floor, whether as a • Bequest through a will
call taker or resource controller, you knew not Planned •gift Gift
arrangements include:
through a living trust or other non-charitable trust
to worry. Additionally, Frank had some unique • •Bequest
Gift ofthrough a will real estate or other assets
life insurance,
physical skills while playing handball. He was
once asked how he could hit an overhand fist
• •GiftBeneficiary
through a living trust orin other
designation non-charitable
retirement plans trust
ball from backcourt and have it roll out the • Gift of life insurance, real estate or other assets
front right corner. His reply was simply, “I • Beneficiary designation in retirement plans
don’t know, I just can!”
His retirement dinner speeches where
legendary with the audiences prompting him
on with a resounding, “Fraaank Brooown.”
All of the members of OCD were better from
knowing him.

Robert L. Kilpatrick For information call :

Marlene Casillas, Relief Association Development & Marketing Director, at
(323) 259-5217 or email me at
For information call :
Marlene Casillas, Relief Association Development &July 2018
Marketing • 45 at
(323) 259-5217 or email me at
46 • July 2018
e are back at the Westin Mission Hills Resort in Rancho Mi- the “D” Flight, the youngster Dennis Grogan played consistent golf and
rage. We played two courses over three days at the resort, eked out a 7-shot win over 2nd place Will Nevins. Another youngster,
the “Pete Dye Course” on the property and the “Gary Player Jim Johnson, easily cruised to a 11-shot victory in the Net.
Course” just up the street. We played the Pete Dye Course on day one Congratulations to our Low Gross Champion Gary Gatena and
and three and the Gary Player Course on day two. Both courses were Low Net Champion Don Carter. Both will represent our club in the
beautiful and in fantastic shape. “Tournament of Club Champions” sponsored by the Southern California
We had a total 62 of our LAFD Golf Club members competing Golf Association this December.
in four flights, and one guest flight with six players. In the “A” Flight, The LAFD Golf Club would like to thank all of our players and
Gary Gatena, playing in the “feature foursome” with Allan Black, Kelly guests for attending and look forward to seeing you come back to our
Faulkner, and Rex Vilaubi held on to win the Club Championship. The Memorial Club Championship. We’d also like to thank the people at the
Net “A” Flight championship went to Rex by one stroke over Kelly Westin Mission Hills Resort for two great golf courses and the hospital-
Faulkner. ity they showed us. We look forward to returning next year, hopefully
In the “B” Flight, Mickey Diaz got by with a 3-stroke win over 2nd place with a lot more players. This year we had six players in the guest flight
Gordon Wilson. Mike Proffitt, coming back from shoulder surgery, also and would love to have many more next year.
won by 3-strokes over last year’s “C” Flight winner Mike Monroy. In If any Los Angeles City Firefighter, active or retired, is interested in join-
the “C” Flight, Don Carter won in a playoff on the scorecard over Joe ing our club please visit our website at
Zabalza. Lew Dooley won going away with a 7-shot victory in net. In

The following is the final scores in all four Memorial Club Championship member flights and the
guest flight - the names on the left are for gross scores and the names on the right are for net scores:

Net Champions
A Flight Gross and d Rex Vilaubi
Gary Gaten a an

B Flight Gross
with his son Micha Champion Mickey Diaz
el Guest Flight Net

C Flight Gross Cham
Don Carter

D Flight Net and Gr

Jim Johnson and Deoss Champions
nnis Grogan

July 2018 • 47
at beautiful Lake McClure in Snelling CA


Dane Jackson
(805) 341-3614

Gary Maga
(661) 755-6072

Dale Shrode
(661) 713-7664

48 • July 2018
n Saturday, March 19, 2018, the Southern California Handball Association and LAFD Handball sponsored a Handball Fundraiser to support
the upcoming 3-Wall Jr. National Championships. All proceeds from the tournament will be used for Los Angeles area youths. The tourna-
ment was well attended and featured a strong field of eight teams in the “A” Division. 2018 LAFD Doubles champions John Libby and
Frank Lima still sharp after their recent win in the 4-wall championship, took their skills to the 3-Wall courts and put in an impressive performance,
coming from behind 3-8 to win 21-8.
LAFD Handball legend and retired Captain Jesus “Jesse” Pasos is being inducted into the Southern California Handball Hall of Fame. The
ceremony and induction will take place August 5, 2018. Mark the date. Details will be in the August issue of the Grapevine.

John Libby, Sergio Guzman, Roy Harvey, Frank Lima, Colin Smith Eli Barajas, Frank Lima, Rambo, John Libby

What Is The...
Extinguisher Fund?
The brain child of Ted Bailie, retired from the
LAFD and LAFRA, your station’s Extinguisher
Fund is a simple way to collect donations for
the Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemen’s
Fund. Ted saw the accumulation of change
that the cook dumped into the mess fund box
each shift and had a better idea. If this change
was instead collected for the WODFF he fig-
ured it could really add up. With an average
of 50 cents per day per station, in a year there
would be . . . well, you can do the math!
So take your turn in the cooking rotation and
remember to drop all your change into your
station’s extinguisher. There should be one in
every firehouse. And any loose change in your
pockets, any that you find in the TV chairs, or
hoarded in the “ashtray” of your vehicle can be
thrown in for good measure.
The Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund is the
heart of the Relief Association. This fund provides assistance
to our firefighters and families who are faced with personal diffi-
culties and tragedies. Donations are the sole means of support
Paid Advertisement:

for this Fund.

Firefighters risk their lives to protect the community on a
daily basis. Thus, they and their families can be comforted in
knowing that the “Fire Department Family,” supported by the
Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund, is there for them
in times of need.

July 2018 • 49




This event is open to ALL, whether you ride or not! e


LAFD Fire Museum
$40 single / $70 couple 1355 N. Cahuenga Blvd.

INCLUDES: Registration, Luncheon,

Hollywood CA 90028
Raffle Ticket, Ride Shirt
If preregistered by 7/1/18 •

Tickets $40 at the door.
Registration: 8 AM
Luncheon Approx: 1 PM


23527 Calabasas Rd. •

Calabasas CA 91302
$25 per-person (pre-sale) | $30 at the door


50 • July 2018 *
Your trip is booked. Your flight or cruise is set. should be in their original containers. This of fraud, and obtain emergency contact info if
You know where you are staying and what sites serves two purposes: Some countries have cards are lost. If someone who uses the card is
you want to see. However, there are several oth- strict laws, and you have a handy list if the staying home, let the bank know that too. One
er things that you should do to prepare for for- medications get lost. woman told her bank she would be in Paris,
eign trips in order to minimize potential hassles but had her card frozen when her son used
• Notarized written consent or custody docu-
that could take the fun out of your journey. the same card in California. One way to avoid
ments to bring a minor if both parents are
fraud is using the CardValet®* feature with your
Here are some ways to help ensure the biggest not on the trip.
Firefighters First Credit Union card.
issues you encounter outside the U.S. are decid-
Health preparations: Most people know to
ing where to eat and what to buy. Also, protect yourself by leaving unneeded
check to see if any shots are recommended.
cards, such as department store credit cards or
Online searches: Deciding where to go and However, you also need to make sure you have
cards without a microchip at home.
booking the trip is just the start of your research medical insurance that covers you in other
effort. Take time to read up on your destination. countries. Many health insurance plans only of- One advantage to using credit cards in other
Key things to research include: fer emergency coverage and what you consider countries is that you do not have to exchange
an emergency vs. an insurance company may currency and they often have the best ex-
• Visa requirements (more countries have

be different. That is why it often makes sense to change rates. However, many credit cards do
them nowadays) or any other entry/exit
buy travel medical insurance that covers more add a fee per transaction and a conversion fee
rules or fees. Be aware that some visas take
than emergencies and handles the bills for you. as a percentage of the purchase. Firefighters
eum months to obtain.
However, if you have any ongoing health issues, First Credit Union does not add on a foreign

• How to get to your hotel from the airport such as diabetes, look for coverage for pre-ex- transaction fee to credit cards.
as well as procedures and prices for local isting conditions in case you have any issues.
Other tips for your protection include:
0028 public transportation, using ride share and
getting taxis.
Smartphone plans and plugs: Keeping your
• Using a Digital Wallet, such as the one avail-
phone handy and charged gives you access to
able through the Credit Union, adds conve-
• Tipping customs for things such as taxis, others in your party, maps and directions, trans-
nience and helps protect your cards. Howev-
restaurants, and hotel staff in each country. lation apps and more. But international data

er, it may not be accepted everywhere. So,
roaming charges can add up, so you may decide
• Cultural no-nos, such as wearing immodest plastic and cash are still required.
to turn this feature off during the trip. Find out

8 AM
clothing when visiting a church or religious options (and prices) for international calling and • Never have all your forms of identification,
site. Even men should avoid shorts and data usage from your phone company. Some credit cards or cash in the same bag, wallet
9 AM sleeveless tops in many places. carriers enable you to add unlimited calls to an-
other country on a per-day basis. Rates vary by
or pocket. Splitting it between a wallet, a

1 PM
Documents and paperwork: Making sure zippered pocket in a purse and physically on
you have a current passport goes without say- country. you ensures that you will not lose everything
LOW) ing for crossing any borders. But, the passport if something is stolen or lost.
Another concern to address ahead of time
expiration date should be a ways off. Some deals with adapters and converters. You may • Some people carry a “dummy” wallet with
countries require the passport to be valid for at want to stay connected, but the different some inactive credit cards to hand over if
least six months after your expected exit date. shaped outlets and voltage amounts in other robbed.
Make copies of your passport and itinerary, countries present a challenge. Invest in univer-
then leave one set with someone back home sal adapters or converters. • Much like regular checks, traveler’s checks
and keep others in different pieces of luggage. are rarely used these days. They often have
Some people have a copy on their phone or in Protecting your dollars, euros, yen or whatever costly fees, and may not be accepted every-
their email so they can access it on the trip, if where.
International travel offers money challenges.
need be.
You want to make sure you have the right cur- Lastly, most tourists and business travelers do
Other documents to bring include: rency (and figure out what prices would be in not encounter any problems going through
dollars), use your credit card without exorbitant passport control, paying for purchases abroad
• The complete addresses of locations where exchange rates, and minimize any possibility of or with fraud. However, it is better to be fully
you will stay on a paper that you can show fraud and pickpockets. Here are steps to take prepared so you can enjoy the journey. Safe
to a driver. That alleviates the possibility of before and during your trip for your financial Travels!
the driver not understanding where you protection:
want to go.
Credit cards: Before leaving, notify your finan-
• A letter from your doctor (or other evidence) cial institution and credit card issuer of your
for medications you are bringing, which planned travel destinations to avoid suspicion Dixie Abramian
President and CEO

* Download the CardValet® app on your mobile device to receive credit and debit card alerts and notifications. July 2018 • 51
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Submitted by Frank Borden • Director of Operations, LAFDHS

LAFD HISTORY – The LAFD Demolition Squad

One of the strategies used to control THE LAFD DEMOLITION “The members of the Demolition Squad
the enormous fire that occurred after the earth- SQUAD MANUAL are picked for intelligence and good sense, and
quake in San Francisco on April 18, 1906, In 1944, the LAFD published the De- they should understand explosives – what they
was the demolition of buildings in the path of molition Squad Manual compiled from confer- should do with them and what is dangerous – a
the approaching flames. This provided a clear ences of the officers and members of the Los kind of knowledge that can only be gained by
space that prevented the extension of the fire Angeles Fire Dept. Demolition Squad. The experience. Men, who through ignorance, care-
into unburned areas of the city. LAFD Historical Society has two of these rare lessness or bravado, follow unsafe practices,
In the 1920’s, under the direction of documents and the following information is ex- are dangerous to themselves and others. The
LAFD Fire Chief Ralph J. Scott, a Dynamite cerpted from them. Demolition Squad shall follow all safety regu-
Squad, also known as the Demolition Corps, Chief Engineer John H. Alderson wrote lations and observe good practices when called
was developed. It consisted of 64 firefighters. the forward to all members: “Pursuant to the into action.”
They were evenly divided on both platoons and authority vested in the Chief Engineer by the
specially trained in handling explosives stored Rules and Regulations, this Demolition Squad Chapter 1 The Use of Explosives
in strategically located bunkers throughout the Manual is established as part of the practices in Conflagrations
city. The Demolition Corps trained for jobs in- and procedures of the LAFD. It has been com- The use of dynamite to combat confla-
cluding dynamiting of fire-damaged walls and piled as an adjunct to the Rules and Regula- grations has been viewed with misgivings by
smokestacks, preparing firebreaks, clearing tions and shall have equal force and effect in those who have large sums of money at stake
highways of obstructions, combating oil stor- departmental administration. To this extent that in the building that may be involved by the fire.
age and gas well fires, plus a myriad of other all members whether assigned to the Demoli- This has been due to the past records of fire at
tasks. Ironically, the Corps more often than tion Squad or not, are affected, it will be com- which explosives have been used. In the past,
not was called to incidents for which they had plied with.” the use of explosives has developed into the
not been specifically trained. This is where the
LAFD ingenuity came in to solve the problems.
At midnight, February16, 1925, Bat-
talion Chief Wesley H. Augustine and Captain
Forrest W. Moore commanded the Dynamite
Squad when it was called to the Atwater dis-
trict during torrential rains which had over-
flowed the Los Angeles River and washed
away six homes. Veering from the riverbed, the
flood was cutting a channel which threatened to
carry away many more homes between Glen-
dale and Silverlake Blvds. Using three cases
of 100 percent blasting gelatin, the Dynamite
Squad worked for more than eight hours un- LAFD Demolition Corps with their rigs circa 1920’s. Do you know anyone in the picture? If you do, please let us know.
der extremely dangerous conditions amid flood
tossed logs, trees and debris. Eventually they
blasted the river back to its normal channel and
the homes were saved.
During the World War II years, the
members of the Demolition Squad received ad-
ditional training from explosive powder manu-
facturers. Dynamite Squad Officers attended
sabotage training classes offered by the Federal
Bureau of Investigation and the National Board
of Fire Underwriters. The demolition rig was,
for many years, housed at Fire Station 82, and
for lack of use, was deactivated in early 1969. Old FS 6 built in 1928 at 1279 W. Temple St. and moved in 1949 to 534 E. The Hollywood Fire Museum has
Edgeware Rd. to make room for the Hollywood Freeway. The Demolition Squad some rare artifacts on display from
responded from FS 6. New 6’s opened in 1987 at 326 N. Virgil. the Demolition Squad.

52 • July 2018
Chapter 7 – Emergency Operations Battalion Chief Don Cate, LAFD re-
Chief Engineer Ralph Should the Chief Engineer or the Dep- tired has been volunteering at our Harbor Fire
J. Scott circa mid-
uty Chief Engineer consider the use of explo- Museum for several years. He likes working
1920’s in a firefight-
sives at a fire or other emergency he will call on wood. He has not forgotten his roots as a
ing portrait. Chief
Scott was responsible for the chief officer on duty in charge of the fireman. He has restored many of our ladders,
for many innovations Demolition Squad. The chief officer in charge pike poles, chairs, etc., but in May we gave
and improvements of the Squad will notify the Signal Office of him a ladder to restore and found out it was
for the LAFD includ- his destination and proceed immediately in the a very historic one, maybe close to 100 years
ing the Demolition car assigned to his unit to the officer who sum- old. It looked a little different than our stan-
Corps, Fireboat No. moned him. In the event that the chief officer of dard roof ladders and we saw a faint marking
2 (Later named “The the Squad of the On-Duty-Platoon is unavail- of E-15. I thought I would check out Engine
Ralph J. Scott”, The able, a captain of the Squad who is designated 15 on and sure enough this lad-
Fire College and the
as his relief will be called for. Transportation der is shown on the side of Engine 15 in about
manifold-duplex en-
will be sent to him. He will then proceed to the 1925. What a historic find! It gives the ladder
gine companies.”
scene of the emergency and report to the officer a whole new meaning.
spectacular instead of the practical application who called him. Don was so happy to
of explosives. In other words, a sort of mam- Should the Chief Engineer or the Deputy Chief be able to restore such
moth 4th of July celebration. More authorities Engineer decide to use the dynamite at the a rare LAFD piece
can be cited who state that explosives should scene of the emergency, the officer of the On- of equipment. It will
not be used than will condone their use or be- Duty-Platoon in charge of the Squad shall: eventually be on dis-
lieve in the possibilities of their successful ap- 1. Determine the amount of explosives play with the photo of
plication. needed. old Engine 15. Thank
The reason for this bad record is due 2. If the amount of explosives in our you Don for all your
to the fact that cities in which explosives were magazines is inadequate for the situation, order work to preserve our
used did not have a dynamite squad trained in sufficient explosives from the Ford Alexander history.
the use of explosives, did not have a plan of Corporation in Whittier or from the powder
operation or never considered using explosives company that has the contract to furnish ex- Don Cate working on the roof ladder from old Engine 15.

for this purpose. plosives to the department. At the time of or-

One successful operation in stopping a dering, ascertain whether they have immediate
conflagration with dynamite occurred after the transportation facilities available to deliver the
fire consumed 24 city blocks in Colon, Pana- explosives immediately.
ma, in April 1940. Dynamite was used to stop a 3. Arrange with the Platoon Commander
conflagration in the residential area of Atlanta, for the transportation of:
Georgia. The fire department was of the opin- A, All caps, dynamite and equipment from
ion that the dynamiting was of some value but Engine Companies 20, 56 and the department
the Underwriters considered its use in this case magazines (two trucks)
as being questionable. B. The Demolition Squad from Engine Com-
Should this Squad be called into ac- pany 6 to the scene of the emergency, (64 men)
tion to stop a conflagration, its endeavors will C. If necessary, the explosives from the maga-
in all probability be directed towards cutting a zines of the Ford Alexander Corp. or other A photo of Engine 15 taken in 1925. The roof ladder
firebreak across the face of the fire by leveling powder dealers. we are restoring can be seen on the side of the rig.

frame buildings, This firebreak will be as nar-

row as consistent with conditions. George W. LAFDHS Volunteers at Work Retired Fireboat Pilot Frank Baker
Booth, Chief Engineer of the National Board You know from my past articles that we has recently joined us full time on the “Ralph J.
of Fire Underwriters, believes it should have a need more volunteers. I am featuring three of Scott” fireboat restoration project. Frank is no
total width of over 200 feet. our volunteers who have contributed greatly to stranger to the old boat. He was the pilot on it
When called into operation, the Squad our mission to preserve LAFD’s history. for over 20 years. A record! He even taught Pi-
will go far enough ahead of the fire to have Captain Tom Lambert is retired from lot Bill Dahlquist how to operate the boat. Frank
time to load the buildings and just before the Fire Station 112. He has provided the Historical is approaching his 90th birthday. He served in
fire reaches these buildings, the plunger of the Society with some replicas of the commission- the US Navy in WW II and has lived in San
blasting machine will be operated. At any time ing plaque from Old Fireboat 2 “The Ralph J. Pedro all his life. In the past he has contributed
before the fire reaches these loaded buildings, Scott.” Tom has the equipment and materials to a great deal of research information to us about
should the wind change, the blast will not be make these plaques specifically for our Society the boat. The latest was the list of Old Boat 2
fired and no damage will be done by our em- as donor gifts to con- Fireboat Pilots. Now
ployees. tributors to the boat’s he has joined us on
The plan of operation, as developed by restoration. They are Fridays to work on
the officers of the Demolition Squad, consists exact replicas of the the old boat. Thank
of stretching primacord throughout the build- original brass plaque you Frank for your
ings and placing explosives as shown later in that was mounted on service to our coun-
the diagrams of individual buildings. These di- the side of the pilot try, the LAFD and
agrams are floor plans of homes of members of house of the old boat. the LAFD Historical
the Squad and are used to bring out the theory We thank Tom for his Society.
and plan of operation. contribution towards
the history of the boat. Here is Frank working on a wheel from the cart from
the boat that carried the floats for the divers.
Tom Lambert holding the Fireboat 2 commissioning plaque that he made. July 2018 • 53
JULY 2018


(AS WE KNOW IT TODAY) The Hollywood Museum is located in “Old Fire Station 27” at 1355 No.
2018 EVENTS Cahuenga, Hollywood, CA 90028. The Harbor Museum is located in San
Pedro City Hall at 638 S. Beacon St., San Pedro CA 90731.
• U.S. Navy Fleet Week at the Port of LA.
“The Ralph J. Scott” project will be open Anyone interested in joining our great cause by becoming a member, or
to visitors (Labor Day Weekend) Friday
August 31st.
volunteering to work, or make a donation of money or an LAFD item
may contact us by mail:
September LAFDHS Museum & Memorial
• U.S. Navy Fleet Week at the Port of LA.
“The Ralph J. Scott” project will be open to
1355 No. Cahuenga Blvd.
visitors (Labor Day Weekend) Sept. 1, 2, 3 Hollywood, CA 90028
• Annual September 11th Memorial at Phone: 323 464 2727. But remember we are currenly staffed part time, so
LAFD Fallen Firefighters Memorial
Tue. 9/11 at 0700 hrs. leave a message and we will return your call. The fax number is 323-464-
7401. Our E-mail is: Web site at www.lafdmu
October If you want to look at some great LAFD history check www.
• Annual LAFD Memorial at the LAFD
Fallen Firefighters Memorial, Sat. 10/13 at and check the LAFD web site for information and events at
1000 hrs. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you
• Los Angeles Archives Bazaar Saturday,
October USC Doheny Library. TBD
at the Museum.
Fireboat #2, “The Ralph J. Scott” 93rd
Birthday, Sat. 10/20 The Los Angeles Fire Department Historical Society is a non-profit 501
November (C) (3) organization.
• US Marine Corps Birthday at the “PRESERVE, EDUCATE,
Hollywood Museum, Fri... 11/10 MEMORIALIZE”

54 • July 2018
May 9, 2018

CALL TO ORDER AUDIT COMMITTEE REPORT He indicated that once all figures and expenses
have been calculated, he will report the net
Vice President Jeff Cawdrey called the meeting Joe Vigil introduced Carlos Davis from the proceeds.
of the Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles Harrington Group to report on the 2017 audit
Firemen’s Relief Association to order at 10:18 findings. 6) Jeff Cawdrey indicated that they attended a
a.m. meeting with the Family Support Group and
Carlos Davis from the Harrington Group discussed the upcoming Colorado Springs
ROLL CALL presented the findings from the audit report Memorial.
for 2017. He indicated that there were no
MEMBERS PRESENT: significant deficiencies or material weaknesses. 7) Jeff Cawdrey referred to the Policy Book
Jeff Cawdrey, Vice President He stated that they conducted interviews with update and indicated that they need to
Andrew Kuljis, Secretary key personnel regarding fraud prevention and discuss language concerning pregnancy and
Trustee John Jacobsen tested internal control systems. He reviewed the disabilities.
Trustee Tyler Tomich total assets and liabilities of the Association.
Trustee Richard Moody 8) Jeff Cawdrey referred to the upcoming
Trustee Danny Wu The committee recommends and I so move to conferences and deadlines to register for future
Trustee Rick Godinez accept the 2017 Audit report presented by the conferences.
Trustee Joe Vigil Harrington Group. There was no discussion or
Trustee David Peters objections. 9) Jeff Cawdrey referred to the City’s
Trustee Tim Freeman worker’s comp program and indicated that
Trustee Gene Bednarchik Motion carried to accept the 2017 Audit Bob Steinbacher has met with the City’s new
Trustee Steve Berkery report presented by the Harrington Group. workers comp administrator. He indicated
Trustee Mike Sailhamer that they discussed the new medical provider
Trustee Tim Larson – Pension VICE PRESIDENT REPORT network and how claims would be handled.
Trustee Steve Domanski - Pension
Trustee Doak Smith – Pension 1) Jeff Cawdrey provided an update on the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT
Todd Layfer - Executive Director Pension meetings. He reported that the Pension
Liberty Unciano – Controller-Treasurer Board had approved a 3.6% COLA increase. 1) Todd Layfer referred to Hope for Firefighters
He reported that the Pension Board has hired and reported that 25 fire stations have signed
MEMBERS ABSENT: USI Insurance Services as a health benefits up for food booths. He indicated that they are
Trustee Gayle Sonoda consultant. He referred to the contract with in the process of obtaining menu items for
Trustee Craig White the Pension department and indicated that those booths. He reported that so far, we have
Trustee Jim Duffy the agreement is currently being reviewed by about $70K from sponsorship revenue.
Trustee Frank Aguirre the LAFRA attorney. He indicated that the
Trustee Kenneth Breskin Pension Board voted on a 6% increase for the 2) Todd Layfer referred to open enrollment and
Trustee Chris Stine non-Medicare subsidy. reported that 354 people have been added to the
Trustee Henry Gasbarri Medical Plan and 37 have termed. He indicated
Bob Steinbacher, President 2) Jeff Cawdrey referred to the passing of that a few of the key factors for the increase
long time LAFRA employee Pauline Szkolnik were the removal of the 7-year requirement,
GUESTS: and indicated that several staff attended her the addition of the gym membership benefit
Dave Wagner, Grapevine Editor services. He indicated that on May 30th we will and the great value of the overall Medical Plan.
David Jones, Attorney be having a tree planting ceremony in memory
of Pauline and stated that all are welcome. 3) Todd Layfer indicated that the new EOB’s
INVOCATION & Flag Salute are in production and indicated that a sample
3) Jeff Cawdrey informed the Board of the was provided on the website and the Grapevine.
Tim Larson led the invocation. Mike Sailhamer L.A. Retired Fire & Police BBQ on June 6th.
led the flag salute. 4) Todd Layfer informed the Board that there
4) Jeff Cawdrey referred to the Pechanga will be a Pension pre-retirement seminar here
RATIFICATION OF MINUTES Reunion beginning May 21st and indicated at LAFRA on May 18th.
that room and RV reservations should have
Jeff Cawdrey entertained a motion to ratify been made. He asked Trustees to let him know 5) Todd Layfer acknowledged Gene
and approve the Board Minutes of April if they planned on playing golf on May 24th. Bednarchik’s facilitation of a $1,000 donation
11, 2018. Tim Freeman so moved. David Tim Larson indicated that the wine tour will to the WODFF from the Valley Professional
Peters seconded. There was no discussion or be on Tuesday, May 22nd. Network. He also indicated that the Lynwood
objections. Sheriff’s Motorcycle Group donated $3,000 to
5) Jeff Cawdrey referred to the Lane Kemper the WODFF.
Motion carried to approve minutes Board Softball Tournament and indicated that it was
Minutes of April 11, 2018. a great success. Todd Layfer reported that the 6) Todd Layfer referred to the new phone
event raised approximately a gross of $29K. system and indicated that we are currently

July 2018 • 55
going through the punch list of open items. MEDICAL COMMITTEE REPORT ADVANCEMENT COMMITTEE
EXECUTIVE SESSION David Peters presented the following motion.
The committee recommends and I so move to The committee recommends and I so move
The Board entered into Executive Session at accept the applications to the Medical Plan. to advance funds for both active and retired
11:10 a.m. There was no discussion and no objections. members. There was no discussion or
The Board adjourned from Executive Session objections.
at 12:04 p.m. Motion carried to accept all applications to Motion carried to advance funds for both
the Medical Plan. active and retired members.
Member updates and personnel issues were
David Peters motioned to ratify the personnel Steve Berkery presented the following motion.
actions taken in Executive Session. John Rick Godinez reported that they completed
Jacobsen seconded. There was no discussion The committee recommends and I so move to the essay portion of the program. He indicated
or objections. pay: that the essays have been graded with 24
contenders. He stated that they will be giving
Motion carried to ratify the personnel actions The Sick & Injury benefits in the amount of out five scholarships this year. He stated that
taken in Executive Session. $38,192.96 they will present the checks to the winners at
The Estate Planning benefit in the amount of the June 6th Board meeting.
REPORT The Relief Death Benefits in the amount of MARKETING & DEVELOPMENT
Garth Flint presented the Investment portfolio Rick Godinez indicated that the Marketing
performance for the 1st quarter of 2018. There was no discussion or objections. Department is currently working on donation
He reviewed market performance and asset request letters. He indicated that these letters
managers. Motion carried to pay the above Relief ask members to consider contributing to the
benefits. WODFF through Pension and payroll. He
John Jacobsen indicated that the Investment reported on the L.A. Galaxy Firefighter night
Committee met with Steven Marshall who Steve Berkery read the names of members who and indicated that they played the WODFF
is an investment actuarial. He stated that recently passed and asked for a moment of promo video on their big screen which was
Marshall reviewed the LAFRA portfolio based silence from the Board. great exposure. He presented a video featuring
on our investment policies and strategies to Valerie Lawrence discussing the new Widows
make sure that it was optimum for what we are MEMORIALS Support Group and their roll assisting the
looking for. He indicated that there are some Charles S. Combs WODFF and families.
adjustments the committee would like to make Gerald E. Moore
that would give us more returns and minimize George W. Motts SETTING OF DATES
our risks. He indicated that the committee will
further review these changes and report back ASSISTANCE COMMITTEE 1) Pechanga Reunion – May 21st – 25th
by the next Board meeting. 2) Car show June 2nd
Steve Berkery presented the following motions. 3) Hope for Firefighters – June 7th
ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEE 4) Henry Munoz Fundraiser - June 10th
REPORT The committee recommends and I so move 5) IFEBP Annual Conf. – October 14 – 16
to accept the donations in the amount of 6) LAFRA Open House – November 3rd
Tyler Tomich presented the following motions. $33,563.20 to the Widows, Orphans & Disabled
The committee recommends and I so move to Firemen’s Fund. There was no discussion or RETIREMENT DINNERS
pay the usual and customary bills in the amount objections.
of $793,939.22. There was no discussion or 1) Mike Henry – May 9th C @
objections. Motion carried to accept the donations in Fire Station 87 (Breskin)
the amount of $33,563.20 to the Widows, 2) Mark Akahoshi – July 26th B @
Motion carried to pay the usual and Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund. Brookside Golf & Country Club
customary bills in the amount of $793,939.22. (White/Godinez)
The committee recommends and I so move to
The committee recommends and I so move approve the financial assistance applications for ADJOURNMENT
to approve $80K for computer hardware and surviving spouses, active and retired members.
software upgrades. Todd Layfer stated that the There was no discussion or objections. Jeff Cawdrey entertained a motion to adjourn.
current computers are eight years old and need David Peters so moved. Tim Larson seconded.
to be replaced. He also indicated that we will Motion carried to approve the financial There was no discussion and no objections.
be upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10. assistance applications for surviving spouses,
There was no further discussion or objections. active and retired members. Motion carried to adjourn. The Board of
Trustees meeting adjourned at 1:07 p.m.
Motion carried to approve $80K for computer
hardware and software upgrades. Jeff Cawdrey, Vice President

56 • July 2018
Donations to Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund - June 2018

KEN KRUPNIK sales from his song KRISTEN M. LUNDRING in memory of

“Paramedic Rescue 101” Kenneth Dameron


Mike Brumbaugh
MARY JEAN MURPHY in memory of Pat Tierrey
VALERIE J. LAWRENCE Marcia Morrow & Durwood Lewis

ROBERT A. DAVIDOW FIRE STATION NO. 5 from the Fire Extinguisher Fund

KAREN STEVENS in memory of Nick Ling FIRE STATION NO. 7 from the Fire Extinguisher Fund

FIRE STATION NO. 4 from the Fire Extinguisher Fund FIRE STATION NO. 114 from the
Fire Extinguisher Fund
KIRK P. BINGHAM in memory of Ken Dameron
MERYL A. MACKEY in memory of Lee S. Horn
FIRE STATION NO. 41 from the
Fire Extinguisher Fund LARRY A. STEIN in memory of Lee S. Horn

WILLIAM BAMATTRE PETER S. KLEIN, JR. in memory of Ken Dameron

MARAGARET M. KLINGER in memory of LETTY L. MENARD in memory of Ken Dameron

Ronald Piere
DAVID LOGAN in memory of Ken Dameron
KENNETH M. HARMS in memory of
MARK B. STAFFORD Kenneth Dameron

JOHN C. WARE RENEE SHANDLEY in memory of Lee Horn


Fire Extinguisher Fund
FIRE STATION NO. 80 from the
PETER P. PFLEGER in memory of Fire Extinguisher Fund
Doug Cully & Barney Nip
SHARON M. WILMORE in memory of George Motts
DELBERT C. THOMPSON in memory of
Floyd & Charlyn Paine DAVID CINK in memory of Kenneth Dameron


CAROLYN MARTZ in memory of Kenneth L. Dameron CAROL A. DOLL

July 2018 • 57
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CD, Vance & Hines exhaust, ARE YOU LOOKING TO plan strategies which allow the wedding, family, student, life-
highway pegs for both driver BUY, SELL, INVEST IN A public to benefit from competent style, sports or events Serving
and passenger, air cooled 103cc HOME?  Call me, Diana Fuen- and ethical financial planning. Southern Calif and destinations
6-speed transmission. Original tes, Realtor® and wife to Fire We have offices in Palos Verdes beyond. Member of Pro Photog-
owner, excellent condition, low Captain 56A at 661.373.6569, and Simi Valley, California. Call raphers of Calif. Aerial photo and
miles. It’s yours for well below, Todd Ford (424) 772-6050 or fax video also available. FAA certi-
fair market value- $11,499. I also (424) 242-0002 or email: fied.
Call Vinz for additional info and specialize in Probate Sales.  A (800) 448-0788. Tony Senior
pics: (310)905-0766 generous donation, at close of LAFD retired
escrow to Adopt-A-Station. FIRE FAMILY ESTATE SALES
REAL ESTATE Cal-BRE License 01794244. – Call us when a loved one WINDOWS & PATIO DOORS
FOR RENT passes, moves to a nursing facil- - vinyl replacement windows
BUSY BEAVER TREE AND ity or downsizes. Our profession- & Patio doors. I also carry
LANDSCAPE. Tree trimming al staff can handle every aspect aluminum, wood and entry door
and removal, stumpgrinding, and of estate liquidation. We have systems. Rick Brandelli, Capt.
Private Launch Ramp in Gated
firewood sales. Mixed firewood, worked with many fire families LACoFD, FS 8-C (800) 667-
Community for Rent.
eucalyptus and oak. Delivery and are here to help. Rebecca 6676.
available or pick up. Licensed Martin, (818) 216-3637
and insured. Dwayne Kastor, FS www.firefamilyestatesales.
63-B - (818) 535-6368. com
AZ%2086442%2C%20Unit- RENTALS
Weddings, Family, Maternity, PARTNER WITH FIREFIGHT- cabin. 3 bedroom, sleeps 7 , 21/2
PRMc Newborns Lifestyle + Portrait ERS. Have you considered own- bath,forced air, big screen cable
Photography ing a franchise? Most brands T.V. / WIFI, red wood deck , gas
REAL ESTATE CALIHIPHOTOGRAPHY.COM offer 1st Responder and Veteran BBQ, fully furnished except linens,
FOR SALE Contact: discounts. Let me help you sort
walk to marina/pines village.
No smoking or pets. $200/night through the options for free! The +$100 cleaning. 4 night minimum
GORGEOUS LAKE HOME 3 Follow on Instagram: franchisor pays me. I’m the son Larry Harris LAFD retired (805)
BD/3BA 1880 sq ft 2 car plus @ calihi_photography and grandson of LAFD, Army 509-5739
54 foot rv garage, lights to more LAFD FIRE FAMILY veteran and multi-unit franchi-
parking. Model perfect call me at see. andy@thefranchisecon BIG BEAR CABIN. 2 bedroom,
310-890-1562 or email at: CRAIG SANFORD HEATING & 2 bath, 2 story. Sleeps 6-8. AIR - Free estimates, residen- About 6 miles from ski slopes
I can set you up on our MLS to tial, commercial. Great rates for GARAGE DOOR INSTALLA- & lake. Fireplace/wood, cable,
look at all Havasu properties. LAFD and LAPD. Toll free (877) TION & SERVICE. Garage full kitchen - furnished. $100
Georgeann Hoover AZ Broker 891-1414, (661) 298-3070, FAX doors and openers. Need to per night M - Th. $110 per night
(661) 298-3069. State License replace your broken springs? F-Sun. Weekly available. Sheri
UNIQUE 20 ACRE PROPERTY No. 527114 or does your door need repair, (909) 851-1094 or (760) 948-
suited for private estate between even replaced? We do it all from 2844.
Los Angeles and San Diego on DEFERRED COMPENSATION new product to repairing old.
the Reagan Ranch properties. MANAGEMENT: Introducing Call (661) 860-4563 Grassroots BIG BEAR - Beautiful decked
Twenty minutes from Tem- My Deferred Compensation Garage Doors, Inc. Lic# 950020. two story cabin. 2 bedroom, 1
ecula Wine Country, you will find Manager® AL HEWITT, INC., a Son of 35 year veteran fireman. bath. Sleeps six. Pets OK. Near
FEE-ONLY Financial Planning lake, slopes, shopping. Fire-
58 • July 2018
place/wood, cable/WiFi. Fully amenities- Laundry & BBQ. pets, no smoking. $350 Bowen/ No pets, no smoking. Call (310)
furnished except linens. Winter 13,000 sq.ft. lot. 3 car boat-deep Garner email: 540-4648.
$110/$650. Summer $100/$550. garage. 3 miles from launch
2 night minimum. ramp. Close to downtown shops MAMMOTH CONDO NEXT TO & restaurants. View of the lake. LAKE MOHAVE / BULLHEAD THE GONDOLA VILLAGE –
Call Donna/Beep (760)723- Quiet street in good neighbor- CITY. 4 bedroom, 3 full bathroom, Fully furnished, three bedroom,
1475. hood. No pets. No smoking. 2200 sq/ft Located in private two bath with towels and linens,
Snowbird rates. Call Mike (661) community w/ private marina and internet cable TV, pool and
BIG BEAR LAKE’S FINEST- 510-6246 launch ramp. Directly across from Jacuzzi. Walk to the gondola,
Deluxe lakeside townhouse, the river, backs to large park with shops, restaurants and ski in on
2 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 cable LAKE HAVASU LANDING- grass. Fully equipped kitchen, the new comeback trail. Park-
TVs, HBO, DVD, WiFi, 2 wood WATERFRONT, steps to the BBQ, Washer/Dryer, TV/DVD. No ing at the front door. 2018/19
burning fireplaces, laundry room, water. Boat mooring out front, cable. No pets, No Smoking. Call RATES: Winter: $275/night.
tennis court, indoor pool, sauna, off-road desert behind house. Kevin (805) 279-2430 Summer $175/night. Holidays
spa, boat dock. Fully equipped, 3 bed/3 bath, fully furnished w/ LAKE NACIMIENTO. Oak $325/night. Cleaning is included.
including all linens. Sleeps 6. linens. Direct TV/DVR, BBQ, Shores gated community. 3 Mike Whitehouse, Retired,
310-541-8311 or nmbigbear@ Casino, Grocery/Meat Market, bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, large loft. email: or Launch Ramp, Marina with Boat 3minute drive to main marina in Bruce Galien, Retired, 661-645-
House, Gated Community. No Oak Shores. Large flat driveway. 7448, email:
CATALINA BEACH COTTAGE pets/smoking. $350 Dan Cook Fully equipped kitchen, BBQ,
- 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, one block (310) 418-1577. washer/dryer, TV/DVD. No MAMMOTH CONDO AT MAM-
to beach, view, fully equipped cable. No pets/smoking. $225/ MOTH ESTATES, 4BR/3BA,
housekeeping unit. Marci (818) LAKE HAVASU HOME FOR night. $150 cleaning fee. 3 night sleeps 10, fully furnished, 2
347-6783 or Clarence (310) 510- RENT- 3 BED/2 BATH, Fur- minimum. Call Ben (805) 444- TVs, DVDs, WiFi, towels/linens,
2721. nished Modern Home, Sleeps 9. 2264. fireplace. Full kitchen. Walk to
2 Car Garage, Covered Boat Gondola Village and shuttle.
CATALINA CONDO - HAM- Parking . Laundry, BBQ, TVs, MAMMOTH - 1 bedroom Sum- Complex has pool, spa, sauna,
ILTON COVE. Ocean front, 1 Cable. Quiet Cul-De-Sac Street. mit condo, sleeps 6. Convenient laundry. Winter $335/night, Sum-
bed, 1 1/2 bath, sleeps 4. Steps 3 miles to London Bridge, underground garage parking. Ja- mer $215/night, plus cleaning.
to beach, pool, gym, putting located near Golf Course. Lake cuzzis, gym (pool/tennis in sum- Includes city bed tax. No pets,
course, tennis and more. Newly View. No pets, No Smoking. mertime), shuttle right outside! no smoking. Dory Jones (310)
refurbished, fully equipped. Summer/Winter/Snowbird/ Across from Eagle Lodge, Win- 918-0631 or Kelly Corcoran
Includes golf cart, WiFi. Contact Holiday Rates. Cleaning Fee in- ter $110 per night, Summer $80 (310) 619-5355
Bart @ (310) 510-0190. Ham- cluded. Call John (323)449-4473 per night plus $65 cleaning fee Ask for “LAFD and 13% tax. All linens included. MAMMOTH CONDO. 2 bed-
8-89” discount. Owner active LAKE HAVASU LANDING Drew or Nancy Oliphant (661) room & large loft, 3 full baths,
LAFD. RESORT. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 513-2000 or mammoth241@ sleeps 8. 5 minute walk to Can-
waterfront house, boat, moor- yon Lodge. Fully furnished, TVs,
COEUR D’ALENE IDAHO ing out front, fully furnished, VCR/DVD, pool, spa, rec room,
Lakeside Resort Town. 1909 laundry, gas BBQ, launch ramp, MAMMOTH CONDO - 2 bdrm, sauna, linens included. Winter
Vintage Vacation Home walking gated community, grocery 2 bath, 2 TV’s, phone, garage, $175 weekdays, $195-week-
distance to lake and downtown store, hardware store. No pets, pool, jacuzzi, fully furnished - ex- ends/holidays; summer $125,
entertainment. Sleeps 12 with no smoking. Email Kathy at ept linens. Near shuttle/chair 15. plus cleaning. No smoking; no
5 Bed-2 Ba, 3000 sq ft Fully or call Winter $125/night. Weekends pets. Craig Yoder (909) 948-
Furnished including Hot Tub. (760) 858-4470 and Holidays $110 midweek. 3659.
Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall Summer $95/night. $495/week.
easily accessible from Spokane LARGE LAKE HAVASU HOME No smoking. No pets. Jim John- MAMMOTH LAKES - One
Airport. FOR RENT – 5 bedroom, 3 son (818) 992-7564, FS 80C. bedroom, extremely charming
php?UnitID=11928 bath, 2900 sqft home with ame- wildflower condo. Full amenities, nities & pool that easily sleeps MAMMOTH CONDO- SEA- close to shuttle. Antiques, art,
php?UnitID=11928 14+ people. Centrally located, SONS FOUR RESORT. satellite TV, fireplace. Sleeps 4.
LAFD Family Owned 1 mile from the lake, close to Charming and cozy furnished Winter $110, Summer $85 plus
downtown shops and restau- 1 Bedroom sleeps 5. Updated cleaning fees. Call Bill Clark
JUNE LAKE CABIN - 2BR/2BA rants. Check out home at unit with amenities including (818) 371-6722
cabin with Carson Peak https://www.vrbo. wifi, sauna, jacuzzi, phone, Email:
view. Close to fishing & ski- com/4648549ha rec room, 2 flat screens , DVD
ing. Furnished, wood deck, Call Julie 818-268-7906 for spe- players. W/D on site. Shuttle MAMMOTH SKI & RACQUET:
equipped kitchen, wood burning cial firefighter family rates. stop. Walking distance to village. Studio/loft, 2 bath, king bed,
stove, tree swing, cable /DVD/ $120/night + $80 Cleaning fee sleeps 4. Full kitchen, TV, VCR,
phone. Garage/ample parking. LAKE HAVASU LANDING RE- Bobby@310-350-5552. DVD. Garage parking. Walk to
$100/night plus cleaning fee. SORT BEACHFRONT HOME Canyon Lodge. Ski back trail.
Email for pictures. Jeff Easton with boat mooring. Swim, ski MAMMOTH CONDO Cozy 2 2 night minimum. Winter $100/
LAFD retired (805) 217-5602. or fish from front yard. 4 bed/2 bedrooms, 2 bath. Fully fur- nite, $125 Fri, Sat & Holidays. bath, fully furnished. DirectTV/ nished, WIFI, 3 TV’s, pool, spa, Summer $60/nite. Plus $120
DVD/WiFi, pool table, laundry, walk to shuttle, Old Mammoth cleaning & linens. Jeff & Lisa
LAKE HAVASU BEAUTY FOR BBQ. Gated community with ca- area. Winter $115, Summer Moir (661) 254-5788.
RENT - 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1600 sino, groceries, marina, launch $90, plus cleaning fee $139 and
sq.ft. Fully furnished with all ramp and off-road trails. No 14% city tax. Includes linens.
July 2018 • 59
MAMMOTH SKI & RACQUET: furnished condo that sleeps 4. PALM SPRINGS- 3Bdr/3Ba Pool accommodates large groups.
Walk to Canyon Lodge. Studio Lanai/balcony, full kitchen, king home with great back yard to Amenities: pool, AC, billards,
loft sleeps 4. Queen beds, full bed, flat screen TV’s/DVD, AC’s BBQ. Fully furnished w/WiFi, Big TV, fishing, pet friendly. Nearby
kitchen, 2 baths, garage parking, free WiFi (internet), complimen- screen Cable TV and Pool Table. golf, casinos, ATV riding. Also,
TV, VCR, DVD. Winter Sun- tary maid service, complimen- Pets Ok on gated property. Premier lodging for Coachella
Thurs $100.nite; Fri & Sat $115/ tary coffee every morning and Close to Palm Springs Aerial music festivals. *Seasonal duck
nite plus cleaning fee $100. Non breakfast on Fridays. Special Tramway,Casino and Down hunting club. See website for
smoking complex. Joel Parker, firefighters’ discount - Best value Town. Call property manager for rates and info:
LAFD retired. in West Maui! Nice pool & BBQ DESERT SUNSHINE house and
email: area - Close to beach! ask for seasonal pricing. or call Nick Davidson
or (213) 399-6534. (800) 336-2185 (800) 215-9880 (424) 237-4121
ON NAPILI BAY - 50’ from (949) 929-0989 mantic Chalet Family getaway.
water. Studios and 1 bedroom. 3 bed/2 bath plus loft. Sleeps
Luxury furnishings + full kitchen. PALM DESERT - Gated mini 8–10. Cable TV, washer/dryer,
All the amenities! Maui’s best estate on half acre. Multi-family microwave, woodburning stove.
Several Class C’s & Class A’s for
snorkeling/beach. All island friendly. Spacious 4 bedrooms 7 minutes to casinos and Heav-
rent. Serving family and friends
activities & Kapalua within 4 min- with game room. Come relax enly. Located in Tahoe Paradise.
for over 15 years. LAFD, LASD,
utes. 5-day minimum, from $150 and enjoy the large pool with $115 per night plus cleaning.
per night (regularly $310/night). jacuzzi and built-in BBQ. Game Call Shawn or Rose Agnew at
Call Sherrie or Bill for info/reser- room has a pool table, ping pong (661) 250-9907 or (661) 476-
Visit us at
vations (805) 530-0007 or email: table, pinball machine and bar. 6288.
or call 661-297-2398 as for Jeff. or visit: Patio areas with seating for all.
Make money with your mo- Walk to “El Paseo” dining and SUNSET RANCH ­PALM
torhomes to offset your payment.
stores. Pet friendly. No smoking. DESERT. 163 acre ranch
We sub-lease RV’s.
MAUI’S MOST BEAUTIFUL Email: lilinoecastro@yahoo. private ski lake. Perfect for
BEACH - Napili Bay. Beautiful com or text (562) 895-8263. Family vacations. Ranch house

Deal direct with authorized Factory Dealers

Offering members of the Los Angeles Fire Department
Courteous, Ethical, and Special Consideration in the purchase of your new car.


“#1 Volume Ford Dealer in the world for 20 Camry / Celica / Corolla / Tundra Honda - Sales and Leasing
consecutive years!” Tacoma / Sienna / Supra / Solara Large Selection of Used Vehicles
Lincoln / Mercury / Honda / Mazda / 11041 Sepulveda Blvd 6511 Santa Monica Blvd
Volvo / Ford / Jaguar / Lotus / Aston Mission Hills CA Hollywood CA
Martin / Spyker / Galpin Auto Sports Ask for Steve Denson—Fleet Mgr Ask for Dave Erickson­­­­­­­­­
For special pricing contact 323-466-3251 l Fax: 323-462-0187
Terry Miller—Fleet Sales & Leasing 818-365-9621
15505 Roscoe Blvd “Specializing in hassle-free car buying”
North Hills CA 91343
818-797-3800 l

60 • July 2018
Truck Company No. 1 - March 16, 1946
Captain Billingsley, A. T. Fowler, J. C. Wise, W. H. Phelps,
G. W. Nairn, C. H. Alderman

Fire Station 1

Fire Station 1 is one of the oldest City fire stations still in operation. It was
opened on March 6, 1941 and is still located at 2230 Pasadena Avenue.
The original building cost, including the land purchase, was $71,030.

July 2018 • 61
Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association
7470 N Figueroa Street
Los Angeles CA 90041-1725

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